The Rape Of America

The Rape Of America

Screw the coronavirus update. It’s dead anyway (I’ll do it next week, if anything is left standing). Instead, I bring you the Rape of America, orchestrated, cheered, supported, endorsed and funded by our leaders, academics, media, and so-called elites.

These looters now believe it is their right to be able to steal. And why shouldn’t they believe that? Haven’t most authorities told them this very thing, implicitly or explicitly?

Andrew Cuomo, a traitor, called these “peaceful protesters”. He lies knowing his lies will foment rebellion, which he wants to further his political goals. He therefore is sacrificing his own citizens. This is treason.

At least they seem to have abandoned the “white supremacists” did this, and are coalescing on “peaceful protesters.”

They didn’t abandon us. Well, they did, but it was intentional.

The palettes of bricks have been “mysteriously” showing up everywhere.

Don’t forget, as all academics and politicians tell us, that only whites can be racist.

Hollywood is the enemy. If you are giving them your money, you are part of the problem.

Failure? Did he say failure? Failure would imply they didn’t know, and didn’t encourage, and possibly even assist, what was coming.

The FBI has not covered themselves with glory since their attempt to overthrow a sitting president.

One of other videos showing the thugs have increased the use of violence. In Cuomo’s “peaceful protest” New York.

For those who wanted some stats.

Inciting to riot used to be a crime.

This is by far the best short speech (Carlson’s wins top overall honors) on the mayhem yet.

It is time to open fire. Past time.

How many more nights?

How many more bodies?

For those who do not support the use of deadly force to stop the mayhem, and given the strategy of allowing the murderous thugs to continues their spree until they exhaust themselves isn’t working, how many more nights should we allow the country to burn before using deadly force? Serious question. One night? Three? A week? Forever? Answer the damn question.

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  1. Shoot them all. Don’t bother trying to arrest them.
    This is war.

  2. Michael Dowd

    McChuck is right. Waste the wasters.

  3. Sheri

    No need to “shoot them all”. Take out the front line. People paid to riot are not willing to chance dying. Also, running over the idiots that don’t know what roads are for is usually instructive, though you do have to run over the idiot “lawless guy in a police uniform” that tries to arrest you in addition to the protestor.

    Again, the delicious irony is that this is white supremacists according to many (yes, there are still many out there saying this) and Hollywood NOW SUPPORTS WHITE SUPREMACISTS (and Russia, if you believe Susan Rice). I find that makes a marvelous little diddy to sing when the news makes you sad. Hollywood loves white supremacists.

    Of course it’s their right to steal—it’s insured, isn’t it? I would remind them that lives may also be insured, so hey……You get the picture.

    Calling a Democrat a “traitor” is redundant. So is using “treason” to describe them and what they say and do.

    We do not live in reality, so the asking of why do we believe more black people are killed by cops is just stupid and out of touch.

    Inciting a riot was a crime until a huge percentage of this country became animals, NOT HUMANS. We live under jungle law because we are too weak and stupid to fight back. We have huge “we surrender to evil and violence and hatred” tatooed letters on our foreheads. Our forefathers HATE us from the grave for our cowardice and supporting of EVIL. We are a heathen nation, bound for hell. By choice.

    NEVER do you allow riots and this crap to go on if you have ANY humanity at all. This says “I don’t give a damn about humanity. I hate, I support hate, I want anarchy. I hate my wife, my children, my dog.” Failure to protect and to stop evil makes YOU EVIL. Yes, hopefully citizens will at least give enough of a damn about their kids and maybe their “significant other” (that they shacked up with, so probably the “significant: is not really significant and is not worth defending) but I would not count on it. AMERICANS ARE STUPID, IGNORANT, APATHETIC COWARDS. That is the way it is and Americans CHOSE this.

  4. Ye Olde Statistician

    What is the source for these statistics?

    For every 10,000 black people arrested for violent crime, 3 are killed
    For every 10,000 white people arrested for violent crime, 4 are killed
    Only nine such shootings and 19 of unarmed whites in 2019.

  5. LF

    Once again – thank you for your research and post.

  6. Gail Finke

    Pretty sure the Dallas guy is NOT dead. I saw that earlier and have checked some Dallas media and not seen it. If false that part makes this unshareable.

  7. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Wasn’t it Governor Cuomo who said If shooting a few rioters will save the life of just one cop…

  8. Dean Ericson

    Let the blue cities burn. It’s their problem. This is what they wanted, let them have it good and hard. Let commie de Blasio deal with his glorious revolution. Let Killer Cuomo quell his own riots. Not our problem. We’re out in the suburbs and sticks, peaceful, prepared, and well armed. You try that riot stuff out here — they won’t of course — but if they did it would not go well at all for them.

    As with the scamdemic this is mainly a media magnifying glass/man behind the curtain psyop. Make it look like the entire country is up in flames. PANIC EVERYONE! No, stay calm, and let the blue mob burn their house down. They want us to come in, guns blazing, and take the blame for starting a civil war igniting atrocity. Don’t take the bait. Stay cool, and let the blue guys burn and scream and panic. They’ll have to give it up after a while. Every two-year-old’s tantrum has to end, and without them winning a thing, while licking their self-inflicted wounds. The only way they learn.

  9. Ken

    Movie: Gentleman’s Agreement
    1947, starred Gregory Peck

    All about prejudice/racism as was common then AND all white-on-white demographics. Worth watching. Shatters the notion of “white privilege” by reminding us that “white” has (and continues in some minds & places) to still be stratified. And there was (is) more such white-on-white prejudice/bias/racism.

    To understand recent events, Eric Hoffer’s, The True Believer, offers a lot of insight, as do his other books (all are succinct). They are all good reads and among those worth the time for a considered (not casual) read.

    Rioting – Consider what a charismatic gang leader might do if the mob got organized, a plan, and real wherewithal aka Cyrus’ speech from the ‘79 movie, The Warriors. Could happen, conceivably, Revolutionary change if do. Are we seeing an undercurrent of support for that? Maybe, and that no doubt fueled by mainstream media propagandists hell bent for some flimsy concept of an ideology regarding which they & deluded minions refuse to see (much less ponder) conflicting facts.

  10. Hun

    Their narrative doesn’t care about your facts. When will the right get it?

  11. Fredo

    I’m with Dean let em burn baby burn. After the Watt’s riots of 65 all the
    neighborhood stores were burned and guess what they never came back.
    People in those neighborhoods still have to drive or take a bus to find a
    grocery store. Granted it’s not fair to the good honest people in those areas
    but I guess a lack of social responsibility does have consequences. Businesses
    outside of the zone will be rebuilt and provide many much needed jobs.

    Where’s that all pervasive eye of Sauron FBI/NSA? they had to have see this
    coming a mile off.

  12. There’s commentary going around on Twitter that the beaten Dallas man is C.A. Shoultz (@HarrierMagnus), who ostensibly admitted it before deactivating his account. If true, this is an interesting coincidence — he used to write for Thermidor Magazine a few years ago, so he was rather adjacent to our scene. Used to chat with him alongside other Thermidor authors.

  13. Ye Olde Statistician

    Josh: The WaPo links are dead and the fbi links don’t seem to have the relevant data.

  14. NIdahoCatholic

    Yesterday while in town (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) there were two groups of people along a main thoroughfare. The first were “protestors” shouting canned slogans like “I can’t breathe” and “No justice, no peace.” There were about three dozen of them. The second group, about a dozen in number, had AR-15’s, and American flags. No violence on the part of the “protestors.” I heard today that multiple patriots were guarding stores in downtown Coeur d’Alene

  15. Mocheirge

    Just to play devil’s advocate, but the WUWT article skirts the edge of the epidemiologist fallacy ( ): “Since 97% of these deaths are occurring in the context of people violently resisting arrest, they are best compared to the corresponding number of arrests for violent crimes.”

    The author is comparing all resisting-arrest deaths vs. only “violent crimes”. It’s probably a pretty good assumption, but George Floyd does show its weakness — unless “assault with deadly counterfeit bills” is a thing now.

    We really need the demographics of all arrest resisters for an accurate comparison.

  16. C-Marie

    Yay for Coeur d’Alene!! And pray, people pray, asking God for His mercy as He wills.

    God bless, C-Marie

  17. Ye Olde Statistician

    Kent: Thanks.

    News clips showed bands of protestors standing guard at stores lest rioters sack them. They would be no more likely to enjoy their anger being hijacked by rioters who are only seizing an opportunity than were demonstrators earlier in Charlottesville.

  18. Uncle Mike

    And you all spent so much time and effort being AGHAST at the knee on the neck, and if the vic could breathe or not, and maybe it was the artery, and oh! the humanity. And the GUILT at being white, and sympathies for the poor beset blacks, and what a raw deal they get for being descended from SLAVES!

    Meanwhile the Commie Youth led by Comrade Cha Ching and Georgie Soreass and hopped up on meth, crack, hash oil, and ludes are BURNING the flag, the stores, the police stations, and next YOUR neighborhood and you wring your hands with guilt over the dead vic and wonder if he could breathe or not while reeking smoke fouls the air you are trying to breathe.

    But you are dutiful. You’ve been trained. You cower inside waiting for ALL CLEAR so you can put on your mask and hurry down to the store to see if there is any FOOD left let alone toilet paper, except the store is a charred broken glass ruin and the ANITIFA thugs are waiting for you with clubs and mace in your face so you scurry on back and turn on the telly to find out when the MOURNING will be over and all the MOURNERS will be gone, only to hear that WHITE SUPREMACISTS are behind the riots and your WHITE PRIVILEGES are over, Rover. No food for you, Whitey! And it’s all TRUMP’s fault because he’s a DICTATOR!

    It’s all pretty pathetic. The Democrats are now Shining Path Maoist revolutionaries hell bent on destroying America because Twitter, Facebook, and Google told them to do it. The Coup didn’t work, the Impeachment didn’t work, the Fake Pandemic didn’t work, so let’s just burn the whole country down. And blame it on Old White Male Republicans. Hahahaha. Here’s some mace in your face.

  19. Fredo

    Yea Hannity’s gone absolutely mental over that knee on the neck. He
    was always kind of hard to take without this shtick.

  20. Kathleen

    Dean Ericson
    June 2, 2020 at 10:21 am
    Let the blue cities burn. It’s their problem. This is what they wanted, let them have it good and hard. . . .No, stay calm, and let the blue mob burn their house down. They want us to come in, guns blazing, and take the blame for starting a civil war igniting atrocity. Don’t take the bait.


    AND we need to push and push and push for arrests.

    SERIOUS Hard Time in Prison arrests.

    There have to be EXAMPLES made of as many of the soy latte sipping, vicious in packs, girlie boy commies as possible.

    Lock them up with the hard case felons. With just what that means. It would be especially useful to lock up some like the 350k rolls suv driving looter. And the lawyers out for their antifa frolics. And the brick pile suppliers. If they crossed state lines bring em up on Fed charges.

    Round. Them. Up.

    Lock Them Up. Hard. Long. Time.

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