There Is No Such Thing As “Systemic Racism” Against Blacks

There Is No Such Thing As “Systemic Racism” Against Blacks

Every major corporation, celebrity, university, politician, association, and even the American Meteorological Society, which just started a Culture and Inclusion Cabinet, issued statements professing their solidarity with blacks and lamenting with them the “systemic racism” they experience. (I challenge you to find a large professional organization that hasn’t.) This “systemic racism” was the natural and understandable justification for the looting, pillaging, violence, and mayhem the rabble engaged in for more than a week.

There is no such thing as “systemic racism” against blacks. The statements from every entity in the Cathedral—the web of elites who rule us—-proves it. If there was “systemic racism” emanating from the system, which is comprised of corporations, celebrities, universities, the bureaucracy, professional associations, and even weathermen, the system could never have issued all those statements condemning it. And supporting the riots.

Instead, whatever is the most orthogonal extreme opposite of “systemic racism” for blacks exists.

Every corporation, as far as I know without exception, have a plethora of diversity officers on staff, whose singular purpose is to ensure blacks are given positions, even to the extent of weakening job requirements. Success is measured by quota. Enough diversity is never sufficient, either. Routine HR announcements swearing fealty to Diversity and condemning “systemic racism” are issued. Virtue signaling by officers and HR is omnipresent.

Every university, college, seminary, and academy hungers for greater “diversity”, which everybody knows means more blacks, fewer whites, fewer Asians, and more people who embrace various sexual perversions. Students are labeled “diverse” is they are not white or Asian. The amounts of money spent to ensure greater positions for blacks is vast. Blacks score less well than any other group on SATs, ACTs, MCATs, GREs, and other tests, yet are allowed lower scores for matriculation and graduation. Indoctrination of all students against racism, systemic or otherwise, is mandatory.

Every academician proclaims “systemic racism”, and holds the theory that only whites can be racist, because (presumably) whites have mysterious powers.

Every political organization goes out of its way to ensure blacks are “visible”. Appointments to committees, the judiciary, boards, and on and on have quotas, stated and unstated. The military is open about its quotas, and has been for a long time.

Every media and Big Teach organization regularly and routinely and as a matter of strict policy shades coverage and searches in favor of blacks, either by not reporting black crime, especially against whites (black crimes against whites is larger than whites against blacks), or by repeating endlessly the fiction that “systemic racism” is pervasive. The “1619 Project” from the New York Times stating that America’s founding purpose is racism is bad historical fiction, filled with purposeful lies and disinformation. It won the Pulitzer prize, the highest journalistic honor.

Even the least of us, Hollywood celebrities, chant endlessly about the evils of “systemic racism.” These negligible thinkers have fully assimilated the propaganda that it is impossible to be racist against whites. Movies and TV go out of their way to disproportionately feature blacks. Critics compete to praise, or overlook flaws, in projects predominately featuring blacks.

And did I mention Affirmative Action and the loss of Freedom of Assembly?

The entire culture is saturated with the idea that racism against blacks is everywhere, constant, and debilitating.

Now, if “systemic racism” is so pervasive and obvious and constant, where is it? Where—exactly where?

Is it in business? No. Is it in schools? No. The military? No. On TV? No. Is it in any official organization of any kind? No. It is nowhere to be found, yet it is everywhere. That is what systemic means. We are told it is everywhere. People believe it is everywhere. It therefore must be everywhere. But nobody can find it.

Except, perhaps, among the police. We have already seen blacks commit 6-10 times more criminal acts than whites, including murder. That’s 600% to 1,000% more. This explains the greater black prison population.

Greater criminality brings greater police scrutiny. And greater police scrutiny engenders more distrust and greater animosity between the groups. This is a natural, if lamentable, outcome. Everybody agrees that police abuse should not exist. People march, demonstrate, and, if the media is to be believed, steal shoes and set fire to things and kill people to show their dislike of police injustices.

Yet nobody asks blacks to stop acting badly. If blacks don’t want so much police scrutiny they should stop committing so many crimes. How about a march against “systemic criminality“?

As Charles Murray tweeted “It’s not as if no one has studied racial bias in policing. Here’s @HMDatMI for the negative, with references. If anyone has links to studies for the affirmative, I’ll be happy to retweet them. Studies, not rants.” This is Heather Mac Donald’s “The Myth of Systemic Police Racism“, in which she concludes what we already know, that “there’s no evidence of widespread racial bias”. (Also this.)

It is true some whites hate blacks, but that is matched by some blacks hating whites, though the latter cannot officially be called “racism”, because “systemic racism” allows that only whites can be racist. Strangely, this hatred where it exists between the groups is everywhere encouraged, most especially by those professing “systemic racism”.

If there is genuine systemic racism, it is against another race. Three headlines from an endless and growing supply (and we only need the headlines):

One: “Dr. Kate Marvel links ‘climate change’ to ‘white supremacy’ — ‘We’ll never head off climate catastrophe without dismantling white supremacy’ — Calls for climate & racial ‘justice'”.

Two (NPR): “Dozens of public health and disease experts have signed an open letter in support of the nationwide anti-racism protests. ‘White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19,’ they wrote.”

Three: NBA announcer Grant Napear fired over ‘All Lives Matter’ comment

This isn’t an article about a “solution”. But if there is one, it is that blacks—and whites—should stop listening to and following the advice of progressives and the Cathedral. It has done them, and no one else, no good at all.

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Update This video in which a white Karen tries to explain to the black lady why she is wrong sums up our entire problem.


  1. White privilege is knowing who both of your parents are.
    Real white privilege is being taught the golden rule, and living it.

  2. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    The disappearance of official systemic racism has led progressives to adopt what could be construed aspolitical homeopathy.

    One remembers that in homeopathy the increased dilutions of a substance dispensed to a patient resulted, it is claimed, in an increased effectiveness – the law of infinitesimals.

    In political progressivism the elimination of racism from the system has increased the the presence and power of racism.

  3. Gary

    Have you noticed that in the last year 99 percent of television commercials show at least one non-white person? Often what appear to be married couples are mixed-race. It was not this way even 3 years ago. The structure seems to be changing in subtle ways.

  4. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear McChuck. White privilege is a commie slur invented by The Weatherman.

    It is intended to denigrate the intellect and industry of any white man who has worked hard, studied hard, and built a life the commies hate.

    As a general rule, any one who says you have white privilege hates you and all that you have accomplished.

    Tell them to F off and do not use their language.

    White built this country and if there commies hate that fact – Hooray!!!

  5. Leo

    “This isn’t an article about a “solution”. But if there is one, it is that blacks—and whites—should stop listening to and following the advice of progressives and the Cathedral. It has done them, and no one, any good at all.”

    Perhaps the progressives and the Cathedral benefit if the rest of follow their advice.

  6. Maixiu

    Gary, we all notice these things. It started with the beer commercials many years ago, which invariably depicted a group of bros watching football or something, mostly white, but always with one black friend mixed in. It blossomed from there to what you describe today. The race-mixing of couples took off about 5 years ago and continues to become more ubiquitous. Why? Even if you have no particular beef with the concept, you can’t help but ask yourself why this is pushed so hard? To what end?

    But it doesn’t stop there; commercial after commercial shows whites as awkward, neurotic, and incompetent, while blacks are cool, collected, and sagacious. Not to mention that blacks are severely over-represented in terms of depiction.

    It’s impossible not to notice these things, but our privilege forbids us from speaking of it.

  7. c matt

    Systemic racism does exist, but as you say, it is against Whites and Asians.

  8. D

    You might have a look at that last sentence and re-word it.

  9. Fredo

    White America has been systematically programmed to be self hating
    going back to the 1930’s. Like Marshal McLuhan said “1984 happened
    in 1930 and nobody knew it.” You can trace this through the entire
    genera of Western films so endemic to the culture. Their evolution
    from simple good guy bad guy interaction, keep it simple stupid, to
    the exploitation of the natives in films of the 60’s and 70’s, white man
    bad Indian good, themes has programmed entire generations of Americans. These films were designed to have zero intellectual content or context much
    less historical accuracy. Their main element is always the hapless town
    taken over by the bad guys saved by the good guy ‘star’ stranger. There
    is always the crowd scene or lynch mob standing around inaccurately
    assessing the situation making ignorant comments to one another to be
    saved or stopped by the ‘star’ stranger. This is high level intentional mass programming that nobody appreciates much less even notices. It’s the
    wholesale denigration of culture under the guise of entertainment the
    formula of which continues to date. Just who is that ‘star’ stranger who
    like an all seeing eye always tells you what you need know and do?

  10. Uche

    I can think of only one place that systemic racism exists: Planned Parenthood.

    It was set up precisely to cut down the black population by killing their babies, and it continues to do just that even though the men and women staffing and supporting it don’t have an explicit understanding of its mission.

    But I would agree that PP is not properly part of ‘The Cathedral.’ At least not yet.

  11. Ken

    Re “where…?”

    Are you looking?

    Consider the Grand Rapids, MI traffic stop studies.

    And a myriad of similar examples all over the country. This sort of thing is too common, if not always quantifiable. Using macro extreme data (national level homicide data) ensures such subtleties go comfortably unnoticed.

    Who believes that ex-officer Chauvin & his ex-officer compadres would have been so defiantly brazen in daylight, public and on camera if they’d been doing what they did instead to a white person?

    Consider the deceased’s family motivation for the independent autopsy — to prevent a coverup based the perceived Past behavior in that regard (the “Blue Wall”) in related (?) precedents.

    RE not “systemic”
    Why doesn’t unacceptable behavior, by a single system, a single police Dept., qualify to have the term “systemic racism,” applied when that behavior is race-based?

  12. Sheri

    Gary–that’s the systemic racism. OVERREPRESENTATION of a race to pretend to care. There are a lot of mixed race people and mixed race couples, but TV goes so far overboard, just as they do with promoting sexual perverts. It’s who they are.

    Fredo–I do think it began in 1930, but because crybaby Americans were incapable and unwilling to deal with a market crash. They had become extremely spoiled and privileged. When that collapsed, the socialist FDR immediately enslaved thousands with government handouts. It was downhill from there. I truly believe that was why Kennedy had to die–he preached too much self-reliance and the Dems could never tolerate destroying FDR’s legacy of dependency and helplessness.

    Every black person should know they were hired ONLY FOR THEIR SKIN COLOR and they have no merit beyond that. It is important people understand this. Blacks are valuable only because of their color, not because they have any intrinsic value.

    LOL. “It won the Pulitzer prize, the highest journalistic honor.” That’s like saying the Nobel Peace prize has any honor. Only to LIttle Kim, Vlad and Xi Jinping who embrace and love those who win these Marxist prizes.

    No one asks blacks to behave well because they know blacks are just animals and cannot control themselves. One only asks good behavior in human beings. The lack of the this expectation tells us blacks are just animals. (If you find this offensive, reality can be that way.)

    Forget the solution. The stupid “supreme whites” sold out the entire world, sent everyone straight to hell on earth and are soooooo proud of themselves. The DeBlasios, Zuckerbergs, Soros, Bloomberg all win, just as Hitler did because people are flaming morons, lazy, stupid and apathetic. There’s no one to stop Hitler this time, so you, your kids, and you grandkids will get the hell on Earth you so begged for with your inaction and apathy. Be happy. It’s what you wanted.

  13. CorkyAgain

    I’m sure this article will be taken as proof that racism still exists.

  14. Valeriu

    I generally agree, but “orthogonal extreme opposite”? Isn’t that a self-contradictory phrase?

  15. Bnon

    Racism is just a fancy word for judgement based on skin color. Eyes can be called racist because when one looks at someone of African descent, they see the color of that person’s skin. Must be everyone’s fault for having eyes.

    Most people think it’s a skin color issue. If so, ask this: Can you tell if someone is of African descent when talking on the phone?

    Whether it be the way the person speaks due to their upbringing or the genetics of their vocal cords/throat shape which influences the sound of their voice, there are more than just skin color factors that distinguish a person. It seems not many
    people think about that.

    When one sees someone who has dark skin whom they’ve never met, automatic judgement tells one they are most likely of African descent, or from the middle east, or any other region where those skin pigmentations originate.

    Ask this question: Is that racist?

    Should one’s brain be empty and wonder if that person is European or Asian or not knowing any information at all? (I’m speaking of actual DNA origin, not culture. Yes, there can be black people with European culture who were born in England or France, etc. I’m talking about descent.)

    One who is educated would know they are not European or Asian without asking. Is it racist to use one’s educational knowledge?

    If people of African descent do actually commit more crime, is it reasonable to expect a police officer to disregard his/her knowledge because of the skin color they see before them? It seems THAT is more racist than using general knowledge and experience-based factors in choosing how to treat a situation. Aren’t we taught all the time to be educated and use our knowledge? Yet when that knowledge turns out bad for a certain race group, those groups call for a shuttering of intellect because they don’t want to do better. They are asking for an intellectual handout which the majority is guilted into.

    There is also the factor that many minorities grow up with poor influence from their environment due to poverty and other factors. While this is true, it would be racist to look at the skin color of those in poverty, wouldn’t it?

    Now it’s time for the final question.

    Would it be racist to boost the quality of life for minorities without justification based solely on skin color at the cost of forcing sacrifices of the majority that are

    It seems to be the very definition of racism that people who scream racism are asking for.

    If one complains they have it tough because they are African or another minority, it’s not because of their skin.

    It’s because of their attitude and their upbringing. The fact that most people having a hard life are of African descent does not mean it is purposely happening to them because of their skin color. The only non-racist standpoint is to treat them like they are people with no skin color, a poor upbringing, and a bad attitude and I bet they wouldn’t like that either.

    Side note: There are also very successful minorities today.

    In fact, they are just poor people with a bad attitude asking for a handout.

    Getting to the quotas part: If the population of the USA consist of 12.6% African-Americans, true equality would show that only 12.6% of people seen on TV should be black or hired for a company, etc. Of course it wouldn’t be exactly 12.6% because that’s now how averages work, but the point is clear.

    This is not what they want. They are already getting plenty of benefits that the majority doesn’t get. They are still using the same race card to ask for more.

    It’s the fact that many poor people are of African descent that they are even able to be pointed out and gifted these benefits. The skin color that they have that they wish wasn’t being used against them is also the thing that we are able to use to point them out to give them the extra benefits they ask for.

    In most cases, what we are seeing is actually just very poor people with poor self esteem asking for an advantage they did not earn.

  16. Bruce

    “Systemic racism”, “structural racism”, the idea is to put a long adjective before “racism” so that it sounds academic and the speaker sounds smart.

  17. Sheri

    Even stupid Casper had a vigil for this crap. Welcome to liberal land and do not buy the lies about conservatism. Actually, conservatism may be extinct at this point.
    *Yes, it’s bad the person died, lousy police work but dead is dead whether you’re killed by a cop or a “peaceful protester” as at least four innocent black and mixed-race people were. Progressives just HATE everyone and care about no one.

  18. laffo

    Acknowledging that anecdote/=data, let me share a story.

    As a man of middling years of Celtic ancestry, I was cited, twice, by officers of 2 different law enforcement agencies for…jaywalking in a crosswalk – which in California is self contradictory.
    My interactions with the officers were loud enough to attract stares, extended & profane. A vulgarity for the sexual act was used in almost every conceivable grammatical category.
    And they each gave me a ticket. Which the court dismissed in one case, and the officer conceded was incorrectly issued in the other.

    Now do what Einstein suggested..a little thought experiment.

    For this part, you need to clear your mind and listen to your conscience.

    Were I black, would I have dared to confront cops this way?

    Had I foolishly chosen to do so, would my fate have been facing a magistrate in Beverly Hills traffic court? Especially considering that 4 other officers rolled up while I was insisting, profanely, that the officer check the relevant code section.

    Be honest with don’t need to confess in public. You KNOW that, if lucky, I would have spent half a day at a police station while they drew up resisting arrest charges.

    If unlucky, well, see George Floyd.

    “Love that neighbor as thyself.”

    At least acknowledge – to yourself – that American race relations have never been based on Jesus’ injunction. True 400 years ago, true in 1776, true in 1861, true in 1950s Kansas. True today.

    It may not be “institutional”, but it sure is pervasive – both temporally & geographically.

    And, honestly, why are you lying to yourself with sophistry?

  19. Tom

    I’d call it “pattern recognition” rather than “systemic racism”.
    If you are a cop and you just arrested 9 criminals committing actual crimes who fit a certain pattern (skin color, clothing, behavior, gender, age etc.), how would you deal with a 10th person fitting that pattern?
    Solution for an individual, as Chris Rock said “don’t do that &*^%”.
    Solution for a group of people, force members of your group to not “do that &*^%”….

  20. Dean Ericson

    The word, “racism” was invented as a modern weapon of psychological warfare. It isn’t in the Bible, Shakespeare, or Dickens. A Google Ngram search for that word in English books between 1500 and 2008 shows it popping out of nothing in the 1900s, then spreading like toe nail fungus. Here’s a writer attributing its popularization to Trotsky, a man who looks like the human personification of toe nail fungus”.

    The word was formulated as a kind of linguistic virus, by hostile revolutionary Word Wizards, to cast a spell on white people that would cause them to roll over and wet themselves. Its enormous success inspired derivative weapons such as, “sexist”, “homophobe”, “anti-Semite”, et cetera. These weapons only work on white people. No other race or ethnicity are effected by them. Immunity is conferred by recognizing their malicious origins, and rejecting them as the confabulation of a vicious enemy.

    So the next time some Marxist revolutionary, or one of their useful idiots, calls you a racist, just look at them with pity and say, I’m so sorry you have toenail fungus, Ken, but pray God for a cure.”

  21. roberto

    Laffo, It’s actually just the opposite of what you’re saying. Just because you once got away with raising your voice and arguing with cops doesn’t change the fact that blacks as a group frequently interact with cops in a way that most whites wouldn’t dare and usually get away with it unless there is some obvious criminal behavior going on and in many cases cops bend over backwards to avoid arresting or ticketing them. Just watch a few episodes of cops to prove it to yourself.

  22. laffo

    Your cite is a 30 year old “reality” show?
    Are you trying to make a statistcal argument?
    Our host might have some thoughts on your methodology.

  23. DAV


    Were I black, would I have dared to confront cops this way? … Be honest with don’t need to confess in public. You KNOW that, if lucky, I would have spent half a day at a police station while they drew up resisting arrest charges. If unlucky, well, see George Floyd.

    Please explain how you KNOW this.
    Just a gut feel or do you have actual data?
    If it’s a gut feel, what do you think is the cause?

  24. Brad Tittle

    Is this Rodney King? Were bullets fired? Were batons used? I have heard suggestions that a taser should have been used. How would that taser have reacted with the Fetanyl that is being discussed…

    I feel like I am in an extreme minority position wondering how a counterfeit bill arrest escalates to what we see in the video.

    With Rodney King, I was angry. The video from that was distressing. But now I watch cops doing everything they can do to not hurt a guy who just needs to take a trip to the station. The person they are trying to put in their police vehicle is resisting just enough to make it awkward…

  25. laffo


    I hope Mr Chauvin’s lawyer reads your post. I think the defense “He was resisting just enough to be awkward” will be a winning defense for an 8 minute strangulation.

  26. DAV

    I feel like I am in an extreme minority position wondering how a counterfeit bill arrest escalates to what we see in the video. … I watch cops doing everything they can do to not hurt a guy who just needs to take a trip to the station.

    Minority yes but alone no.

    I have yet to hear from anyone what the cops should have done differently.

    Maybe they should just yell at him. Tell him he’s going to be grounded for a month if he doesn’t behave.

    What should they do when he says “Make me get in the car”? Spank him with a rolled up newspaper? Give him a good finger wagging?

    But won’t any of those hurt his feelings? We all know how important feelings are. Think of the psychological damage!

  27. DAV

    So now if seems merely dying in custody is grounds for a homicide.

    “He walked up to the Tacoma Police Officers and said, ‘I have warrants, I need to talk.’ As soon as the police officer got out of the car, he assaulted one of them and slam dunked him into the ground.” Ellis was handcuffed and restrained at the scene. He was still breathing when paramedics arrived and was removed from handcuffs while being worked on for about 40 minutes, but was pronounced dead, according to Detective Troyer. Paramedics arrived minutes later, but he died while handcuffed to the ground. Investigators with the sheriff’s office insist officers did not pin him down with a knee on his neck as was the case with the Floyd death.

  28. Grandpa Ron

    Only the first two volumes of Solzhenitsyn’s March, 1917 have been translated into English but it’s enough to show the same tacics that overthrew the Tsar are being played out here, too, by the leftist scum. Then much of the army joinded the leftist goons, too, as Briggs suggests they may very well be doing here.

  29. laffo


    No, you’re right of course, my mistake:

    “What should they do when he says “Make me get in the car”? Spank him with a rolled up newspaper? Give him a good finger wagging? ”

    Obviously, the correct answer to your question is “strangle him.” Thank God their training wasn’t wasted.

    I’m passing this tip on to my Border Collie: “Babe, they’re so much easier to herd when they’re dead.”

  30. DAV

    Obviously, the correct answer to your question is “strangle him.” Thank God their training wasn’t wasted.

    Complaining might make you feel better but is rather useless in the long run. You’re just pointlessly repeating yourself.

    What should have been done instead?
    Don’t you have any useful suggestions or do they merely amount to “something/anything else”?

  31. laffo

    Something other than an extra-judicial killing?
    Mr Ianto Watt seemed to think that the murder of 4 protesters at Kent State was a signifier of a corrupt state. One of the few things he says with which I agree.

  32. Iaffo,

    “Your cite is a 30 year old “reality” show?”

    This is your characterization of live airing of actual beats from cops? He gave more to back up his opinion than you; unlike us reading your mind, you can turn on Cops any time.

    Face it, you didn’t get the soul-searching responses you wanted and your original response was a cringey appeal to emotion nobody bought.

  33. laffo

    Malcolm the Gullible:

    I find it revealing that what you want from “Cops” is a “live airing of actual beats.” Of course there’s nothing live about the show. Though the “beats” may be real enough.

    I’ve been in the film & tv industry for longer than Briggs has had his doctorate.

    What is the network’s directive to the production company? Truth or good television?

    Since the network & production company are dependent on law enforcement agencies, how does this affect the coverage of said agencies’ operations?

    If the show covers an LEA’s conduct negatively, how will that affect the LEA’s relationship to the producing entity? And that of other agencies considering cooperation with the show?
    Would diminished access from dissatisfied LEAs have a negative financial impact on the producing entities?

    What relationships does the production co have with LEAs? What relationships does it have with citizens who come into contact with LEAs? Are they comparable? Would a citizen dissatisfied with the coverage have the same influence as a government organization that can withdraw its support and has the resources to engage in extensive legal disputes?

    If they’re different relationships, does that affect how LEAs are treated?

    Who chooses the stories to shoot?
    Do the LEAs have input into what areas/officers to cover?

    Who decides which stories to air? Based on principles of equity or of commerce? Do LEAs have veto power?

    How does the field producer cover the action? Where does she place the cameras? What biases does said producer bring to her job?

    The officers involved are aware from start of shift that they are being recorded. Does that affect their behavior?

    Citizens approached by officers are placed in a stressful situation, only to discover that cameras are recording them. How sophisticated are they in understanding that they stand a good chance of having one of the worst days of their lives broadcast nationally.. perhaps internationally? What releases/contracts are signed? What about officers’ contracts & releases?

    Is the incident played on television in full, or is it edited? (It’s edited.) Does that enhance or diminish your confidence in the veracity of what’s presented?

    How does the editor shape the story?
    Which interactions does the editor think are good television?

    How sophisticated a viewer are you? Are you alert to the ways in which editors focus your attention, reframe images to exclude “distractions”, use reaction shots, pacing, sound effects & B-roll to control your emotions? They’ve spent years perfecting the art of manipulation, can you spot their tricks?

    Is the show-runner’s duty to sell commercials & protect his job, or to fairly represent the actions of those who appear before his cameras?

    What changes does the network require after the production co submits its cut? Are they for clarity, for equity or for drama?

    Drama demands conflict. Does this influence how production entities look for stories and how they present them?

    If the show’s ratings fall, does the network have a financial incentive to tell the production company to get stories with more conflict?

    Are the stories the network chooses to air representative of everyday policing?

    Your criticism is quite naive if you think “Reality Television” has any relationship to reality. I’d suggest a viewing of the show “Unreal” before repeating that error.

    PS A friend of mine was a regular on the show in the 80s as an LA County Sheriff working West Hollywood & the Sunset Strip.

  34. DAV

    Something other than an extra-judicial killing?
    Sh*t happens. That doesn’t make it an intended killing.

    You can punch someone and kill them.
    Seat belts can actually be harmful at times.
    Even drinking water can kill you.
    Nothing is 100% safe.

    How obvious was it that Floyd was about to die?
    Because he said so? Really?
    It’s not like they were beating him.

    You never have said how the cops should have acted differently.
    What would you have done?
    Keep in mind that if he got away, some bystander could have been hurt and you would still be in trouble.

    Nor have you provided anything to back up your claim that you KNOW how blacks are treated differently than whites.

    Malcolms right. All you’ve done is made emotional appeals and you clearly aren’t getting the response you expected.

    Face it. Only a stupid person would want to be a cop anymore. It’s a lose-lose job. There are too many such as yourself where feeling are more important than anything else.

    The officers involved are aware from start of shift that they are being recorded. Does that affect their behavior? … PS A friend of mine was a regular on the show in the 80s as an LA County Sheriff working West Hollywood & the Sunset Strip

    You seem to be implying that your friend would have acted very differently when there was no camera. Is he the source of your conviction about cops?

    Do body cameras have the same effect?

  35. Iaffo,

    You know, you didn’t need to write an entire book to prove me to me that you deliberately missed the point of what I said. You could have just called me a racist and the effect would have been the same.

    The point is that us actually pointing to actual footage is actually MORE proof, however poor proof it is, than you telling us how you really FEEL like things would have gone worse if you were black, or telling us that we really FEEL like things would be worse if we were black.

    You know this, of course, or I suspect you do: You’re just being dishonest.

  36. iconoclast


    Systemic black racism.
    Looking at the facts, it would appear that blacks are systemically racist.
    After all, look at the roster of any NFL OR NBA team. They are 65% and 80% black respectively, yet blacks are only 13% of the population. Whites are 60% of the population. Since attributing that disparity to genetics would be politically incorrect, it must be due to systemic racism against whites.
    There are over 200 black organizations encompassing about every social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, and professional category there is. Such organizations, by definition, are racist.
    Blacks kill 12 times more whites than whites kill blacks. Blacks commit twice as many crimes against whites, as the other way around. Blacks, in a form of self-loathing racism, are responsible for 94% of all black murders.
    Black officers in Philadelphia were found to be 67% more likely than a white officer to kill a black person.
    In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Heather MacDonald provides data showing that there is no systemic racism against blacks by police. Of 1000 killings by police officers, 25% were black. One would expect that percentage to be much larger since 53% of the murders and 63% of the robberies in the country were by blacks. More contact with the police should result in a larger number of killings.
    Blacks account for 40% of the killings of police officers. A police officer is 18½ times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer.
    A black retired police officer, David Dorn, was shot and killed trying to prevent looting during the recent riots. These riots are supposedly about black lives mattering, but evidently black lives only matter if a white person kills a black. The media and politicians who are ignoring these facts are complicit. They are aiding and abetting the thugs who are stealing, assaulting, and killing.
    These facts all lead to the conclusion that there is systemic racism by blacks against both whites and blacks.
    On the other hand, there is no current evidence of systemic racism against blacks by whites. Nevertheless, that’s the politically correct agenda that is now endemic in politics, entertainment, education, and the media.
    A black man, George Floyd, was killed by a white police officer and it is a justified cause to burn America down for being a dystopian racist society against blacks. At the same time, an 85 and 86-year-old white couple visiting the grave of their son, was shot and killed by a black man. Not a word from the media. Not one protest.
    Black racism is not confined to America. The black government in S. Africa, as a matter of policy, is practicing economic and social genocide against whites there. That does not fit the American media narrative so we don’t hear about that.

    All isms are here to stay

    All of us want to be treated decently and justly. Not only that, but we also have this utopian idea that all bias can be removed.

    But there is not a person on the face of the Earth that is absent bias. Consider these ignored isms that are smothered by a focus on racism, sexism, LGBTism.

    For example:

    Looksism–bias against those considered uncomely.

    Hairism–bias against those with no hair or hair we don’t like.

    Heightism–bias against those not of our preferred height.

    Familyism–bias against those not of our close blood.

    Fatism–bias against the obese.

    Smartism–bias against those not as smart as or smarter than us.

    People have a bias against those not of their school, absent of or with certain degrees, of different language, with more or less money, bigger or smaller homes, cooler or cheaper cars, better or worse clothes, those with disease, a different political view or religion, and on and on.

    The most ubiquitous ism of all is selfism. Every one of us prefers ourselves to anyone else. That’s biologically built into us as a survival mechanism.

    Humans are riddled with bias and preferences, and it has been that way forever.

    No matter where on Earth you look, people prefer the company of people most like them, since we all like ourselves most of all. Racial, men’s, women’s, LGBT, senior, occupational, and other groups and organizations abound. They are exclusive and thus, by definition, prejudicial. If you Internet search: How many (take your pick) women’s, black, Muslim, Jewish, Italian . . . organizations are there, thousands will turn up.

    Even if all bias was outlawed, it would remain, if not overt, at least in thought.

    That’s because it’s in our nature as it is within the entire biological world. Birds of a feather flock together.

    Isms other than those currently popularized are not petty and inconsequential. They affect hiring, firing, wages, promotions, public attitudes, shunning, derision, and even violence. All of us can remember the cruel cliques from our school days.

    But isms other than those capturing the politically correct limelight are countenanced, ignored, and even capitalized upon in entertainment. For example, think about how the elderly, nerdy, homely, and obese are caricaturized in movies and in comedy. Everyone interviewed for a job is silently scrutinized by isms held by the interviewer. Dating sites abound where you can select others based upon preferences. Preference is another word for bias and discrimination.

    It is irrational to think all social biases can be removed. Imagine if all isms received the same degree of public and governmental attention as do racism and sexism. We wouldn’t dare step out of our homes or open our mouths for fear of retaliation from one of the ism groups.

    Personal preferences cannot be purged from society any more than thought can be policed or we can force birds not of a feather to flock together.

    Moreover, some bias only makes sense. For example, if a person drives through a high-crime area and tells the kids to lock the doors and roll up the windows, that’s prudent, not prejudice against all in that neighborhood. If a religion teaches that all unbelievers are deserving of death (as in the Bible and Qur’an), would we not view with caution those of that religion? If men enter a weight lifting contest against women, would we not bet on the men?

    If you identify with any group that is notorious for certain behavior, expect to be viewed prejudicially until you prove yourself an exception or the group changes its behavior. It’s only reasonable that this would be the case.

    It’s unrealistic to expect a utopia in which every person will view every other person–regardless of their looks, behavior, or beliefs–exactly the same. Yet that is what appears to be the agenda in today’s nonsensical politically correct racism movement.

    To one degree or another, isms will remain for each of us as both agents and recipients. We survive this by recognizing the bias implicit in human nature and in the natural world.

    As long as we are decent to one another and treat others as we can realistically expect them to treat us, there can be fairness and peace in a world where bias can never be removed.

    Yes, each of us could spend our lives seeking affliction and trying to elevate our aggrieved victim status. But if we seek to be good people, as is our purpose in life, we should not only try to not offend anybody but try even harder not to be offended.

  37. PB

    For those who say what happened to Floyd could never happen to a white man, Google Tony Timpa. And then ask yourself why your mind is so closed.

  38. laffo


    “Something other than an extra-judicial killing?
    Sh*t happens. That doesn’t make it an intended killing.”

    8 minutes does, however.

    “All you’ve done is made emotional appeals and you clearly aren’t getting the response you expected.”

    On the contrary, you’re providing exactly the response I expected.
    When Jesus said “This is my commandment, that you love one another, even as I have loved you” he was addressing all Christians – not just the 12 in attendance.

    However, too many of the denizens here who lambaste the gummint for its oppressive response to CoVid, seem not only comfortable with a government agent under color of law kneeling on a citizen’s neck for 8 minutes till he expired, they seem to actually welcome it.

    “You know, you didn’t need to write an entire book”

    Now I have more time, I’ll be briefer. Tho verbosity does seem a feature here rather than a bug (see above.)

    “The point is that us actually pointing to actual footage is actually MORE proof, however poor proof it is, than you telling us how you really FEEL like things would have gone worse if you were black, or telling us that we really FEEL like things would be worse if we were black.”

    Proof – a little more than “Cops” level. This image was taken well into my father’s lifetime.×475.jpg

    Briggs’ message to the CAGW crowd is “be humble & don’t exaggerate your certainty.” (My paraphrase) A laudable message to all who use statistics.

    But when it comes to the ineffable, Briggs, and most everyone I read here, professes an utter certitude toward that which is beyond measurement, an overweening arrogance towards all who express doubt and a fervent belief that a multi year exegesis of Thomism is going to “prove” that which is accessible by Faith alone.

    “In climate research and modeling, we should recognize that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore that the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.” As we should when dealing with social systems. So when you crush one segment of society for 400 years, the response is likely not proportionate to the most recent input. Vide England 1765 & France 1789.

    Being blind to that reality is un-American, and blaming the victim is un-christian and un-productive.

    “You’re just being dishonest.”
    Save the ad homs.

    In this little corner of the inter-webs, Pius X was the last “real” Pope, Vatican 2 was a capitulation to Modernism, and Francis is a fellow traveller in Relativism, while the current occupant of the White House (see 2 Thessalonians 2:10) is made an icon of competence & probity – all facts aside.

    Sadly, the world has passed you by, and what you take for persecution is more like indifference as this generation fades into demographic irrelevance.

  39. Iaffo,

    Calling you dishonest is not an ad hominem, as that wasn’t a part of my argument. I made my point and then pointed out that you were being dishonest, since you were and still are.

    Nice try, though.

    Oh wait, no it wasn’t.

  40. DAV


    Well, thanks for the examples of non sequiturs and text devoid of substance. You should apply for a job as Biden’s speech writer. You clearly have the aptitude. Great imitation! I guess you can attribute your expertise to your years of experience in the film & tv industry.

  41. Sheri

    Laffo: “ When Jesus said “This is my commandment, that you love one another, even as I have loved you” he was addressing all Christians – not just the 12 in attendance.” Yes, REAL Christians, not liars and demons in hiding. Note how the money changers were treated. A label does not make one Christian and those demons among the flock must be removed. Read the Bible instead of using it to push cruel lies and a demonic, communistic behavior. (Which is why the film and entertainment industries are abject FAILURES unless selling sin, hatred, and lies. They are simply tools of Satan, nothing more. So maybe don’t read that Bible–might go up in flames…..)

    I would note that both blacks and women rose to the dictatorial, hateful, ungrateful entitled positions they now hold because of WHITE MEN. Ungrateful, greedy, evil people should be enslaved. Without white males, the angry, mean women would be scrubbing dirt floors in a third world country, and the blacks would be still be slaves. Neither group pulled itself up. It was the very, very foolish while males who actually thought that helping blacks and women would make society better. Instead, these two groups are hellbent on revenge and destruction of society. They hate those who helped them win. Maybe it reminds them of how weak they really are. When they lose the gains they have, they can live as they should have been living all along—as slaves and underlings. Obviously, they are not capable of gratitude or understanding, just HATE HATE HATE. They deserve no standing in society and the hell they are bringing forth will give them none. Yes, there were real injustices, but none of that matters when the hate and contempt is personified by burning down cities, killing blacks that disagree (it fascinates me that blacks can kill other blacks with absolutely no consequence—they kill each other, but no one else can), burning down black’s businesses, all the things that only a black can do to a black. It’s only wrong if whites do it. So let them kill and destroy each other—cops go home and let the animals fight it out. The real injustice is the contempt and evil of those who were helped to rise up and now want to destroy those who helped them. Ungrateful, evil, contemptible creatures.

  42. Joy

    When Jesus said “This is my commandment, that you love one another, even as I have loved you” he was addressing all Christians – not just the 12 in attendance.”
    That alone is a true statement.
    It’s not relevant to arguments about racism in a variety of ways.
    It is relevant to a Christian. To those who truly believe.
    When push comes to shove, people learn what they truly believe.

  43. Shack Toms

    One math quibble. A factor of 6-10x is an increase of 500%-900%, not 600%-1000%. Maybe this is easiest to see when considering that a doubling is an increase of 100%, and a factor of 0.8x is a decrease of 20%, rather than an increase of 80%. You have to subtract 100% from the factor value. But I am sure you know all this far better than I do, and it was just a mistake.

  44. John Smith

    Systemic racism is a worthless theory that holds no water. Whites have been trying to civilize impulsive races for the past 300 years. It’s extremely hard work.

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