Death Of A Thousand Cuts — Guest Post by GG

There are 1000 different things going on, and which threads are relevant? Which aren’t?

Who are the players? Let’s start with the far left, the so-called progressive wing. These are not necessarily people in Congress, but they are found in every industry. Jack Dorsey is one example of a far-left, progressive, yet very corporate, player. Most are white.

The overarching aim is to politicize every move that the average person makes. Are you wearing the wrong sneakers with the wrong message? Well, you must be a racist. Are you eating at the wrong fast-food restaurant? Homophobe! Does your coffee have the right progressive views? If not, then woe to you.

To be honest, most people don’t think when they are tying up their Nikes that there is a political message, but the political message is there, and other people see it. So, even if you have no intention of virtue signaling by the type of clothes you wear or the type of latte you drink, you are, passively. So you are a slave to the system—maybe unwilling or unknowingly, but you are still a slave.

Many of the BLM activists are white progressives, and there are videos on twitter of black girls saying, “Hey, we didn’t ask you do that” when they see white girls putting up BLM graffiti. It is not a one-off, but the BLM movement is hierarchical and the divisions, ironically, are by race. Any black person who supports BLM in its current state needs to look around at the destruction of primarily black neighborhoods and have a deep moment of reflection.

Did they want to burn down the store where granny gets her essential items? Did they want to destroy single-owner businesses who were trying to contribute to the community? Did they want to create a situation where police officers were no longer duty bound to protect and serve? Was a new pair of shoes or a shirt worth $2 after production costs looted from H&M worth it? Really?

BLM has corporate supporters who emblazen BLM logos on their websites and in their shop windows. Do Blacks Lives Really Matter when those same corporations (who are very proud of their “diversity offices”) are overcharging blacks interest? This is probably the most accurate example of systematic racism—that the companies pretend they are the “friend” of the black community while picking their pockets.

Do Black Lives Matter to Planned Parenthood? Do Black Lives Matter to mayors who do everything in their power to stamp out charter schools or cap their enrollment? These are the more relevant questions, and ones that aren’t entering the public debate. So, yes, there are very serious matters to be resolved, but no progressive wants to pick a moral fight with the baby killers at Planned Parenthood or get in a brawl with the teachers’ union.

In the current moment, police brutality against blacks has taken center stage. Many young black men report that they are pulled over more, or questioned on the street. This is anecdotal, to be sure, but are there other factors? Was there some other “tell” on vehicle that the officer was looking out for? Was the young man’s fashion choices raising the cop’s eyebrows? The stories are traded, but no one ever knows the details, or takes in the view of law enforcement.

The idea that more blacks than whites have been killed by cops has been debunked. But even in reporting as of June 4, 2020, has been politicized: “Sadly, the trend of fatal police shootings in the United States seems to only be increasing, with a total 429 civilians having been shot, 88 of whom were Black, as of June 4, 2020.” Apparently it is immaterial that 172 of those killed were white.

The thornier problem is not how to improve not race relations, but relations between the cops and the communities they police. The wag would say that the first step is not to burn down your neighborhood. In the meantime, cops are racing to “bend the knee” to the protesters. What good is this theater? Handshakes and hugs are great—it shows a recognition of common humanity, but kneeling sends a disturbing message—and implies that there are those who kneel and those who are kneeled to. Is this the ideal to strive for?

Complicating BLM is Antifa, who are largely disaffected white males who have lost the “American dream.” They harbor a diminishing hope of meeting a good girl and marrying her and having and providing for a family. In the intersectionality game, the average white boy has the shortest end of the shortest stick. Antifa is usually more violent than BLM. Antifa think of themselves as “organic” but that snake has a head, and it is funded by non-profits who have a global agenda.

Speaking of global agendas, why are there spontaneous George Floyd marches in Madrid and Berlin? London, Paris, Copenhagen? Did these countries fight bloody civil wars over the abolition of slavery? Was a great civil rights leader murdered at dinnertime in their country? What is the international appeal of someone who appears from press accounts to be a thug on the make? Or was he this wonderful humanitarian who brought peace to the world? This more than anything speaks to the organized nature of the “protests” and the gunning for a larger agenda. Of course George Floyd should not have died under the circumstances he did, but does anyone cry out for the remaining 428 of the 429 who have been also killed in unfortunate circumstances with police so far this year?

Having the demonstrations/riots at the (what appears now to be) tail-end of Covid is a useful distraction for the “politics” being played out in Washington; the hearings, the supoenas, and so forth. There are a great many of people who have been playing the politics game quite profitably (oh, say money laundering, kickbacks, that sort of thing), and if things continue on this track, the same great many stand to lose a great deal. (Quick question: Why is congress interested in passing an anti-lynching bill at a time when there is not an epidemic of lynching passing over the country? Hint: What is the penalty for treason?)

There is a lot going on behind the proverbial curtain that it is a convenience to have the public’s attention be swallowed up with the protesters, who are popping in every little town across America, and even in towns with a very, very low minority population. Why is there such a thrust to keep people divided? These artificial divisions are part of the problem. When a white person sees a black man, or a black man sees a white man, they should not be seeing color, but a fellow human being.

“Dehumanizing” whites or blacks or just anybody is wrong, and once someone is “dehumanized” it is easy to throw them away. The enforced mask-wearing for people who are not sick and who are not likely to get sick is also dehumanizing. It’s the flag of our submission, a sign of our willing slavery, just as much as our Nike shoes and cup of Starbucks coffee.

Oh no.

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  1. Enjoy the tremendous power of the phrases “No!” and “I don’t care.”
    Think upon the power of the phrase embodied by “BFYTW!”

    Never retreat. Never surrender. Never apologize.

  2. “When a white person sees a black man, or a black man sees a white man, they should not be seeing color, but a fellow human being.”

    That’s it, right there. Thank you.

  3. [i]What is the international appeal of someone who appears from press accounts to be a thug on the make? Or was he this wonderful humanitarian who brought peace to the world? [/i]

    Why do blacks [i]here[/i] hold up thugs as martyrs?
    Candace Owens on the uniqueness of martyring black criminals:

    Candace Owens on Kaepernick’s trip to Africa regain his “independence”

    Watch them while you can.

  4. At this point, short of a mass growing of spines (never recorded in all of history and God watched us throw him out for decades, so a miracle is probably not happening any time), we’re going down the rabbit hole where the majority of Americans begged to go.

    It’s illegal to run about naked, so a slave one will be, irregardless. Those unbranded, cheap shoes are Chinese. Even the “Made in America” ones are only partly made here. Sorry, but it’s jail or passive virtue signaling.

    Yes, they wanted to do all those things. Because they are anarchists and that’s what anarchists do. REALLY.

    Only Politically Useful Black LIves Matter—OPUBLM.

    Virtually no conservative wants/wanted to pick a fight with the progressives. That’s how we got to where we are. Give credit where credit is due.

    One cannot improve ANY relations unless one first attacks the lie of systemic racism and restores understanding of the need for laws and law and order, and actually enforces said law. A century or so should do, if any cared to do it. Plus, cops would need a spine, and obviously, based on the past month, they are now groveling invertebrates.

    Why are there spontaneous marches in other countries? Do you not understand “solidarity” and “globalization”???

    There is no penalty for treason. That’s the problem.

    Casper, Wyoming (yes, grab those maps and verify Wyoming really exists), had to have a stupid march then the LIBERAL LIBERAL LIBERAL news and newspaper had to shove it down our throats. A cashier at a grocery store asked if we wanted to buy a paper—with the fanny-kissing marchers on the front. NO NO NO NO. I already avoid shopping or supporting Casper as much as possible. If they ever figure out a way to ship milk and ice cream, I’m never leaving home.

    (For those who want brevity: “We destroyed our own lives and now it’s going to be a long, cruel, crappy life. We asked for it and it’s here.”
    What is it with this brevity, anyway? Can no one read more than a couple of sentences, or are sound bites now typing bytes?)

  5. Costco CEO just said race and injustice caused the riots. Want to bet a million bucks the Costco addicts will go right on shopping there. Of course they will. Americans asked for this–the ARMY, THE POLICE AND VIRTUALLY ALL CORPORATIONS are on the side of evil. Too late, no one is coming to save you anymore. People apologized for walking to a torched church with Trump–high ups sold their souls and booked a trip to Hell. You think it’s not over??????

  6. It’s a distraction from other news.
    And an attempt to sway an election while ignoring the malfeasance (a mild term) of the previous administration, the enablers of those causing the current chaos.
    Covid, unemployment, Mueller, impeachment, disgruntled generals (ignore the ungruntled generals), illegal lockdowns.
    Sensory overload.

  7. ‘Why is congress interested in passing an anti-lynching bill at a time when there is not an epidemic of lynching passing over the country? Hint: What is the penalty for treason?)’…..Good one.

    News cycle conceals more than is ever revealed. These riots sucked the air
    out of every other issue great cover for treason and the possible release of a

  8. This article was written by some generic Republican, who thinks that there actually is “systematic racism” against blacks and who proudly proclaims “I don’t see color”.

  9. Good article there GG! I hold similar views as you do on the crazy events going on!

  10. Hun—what is systemic racism? Other than an excuse to behave like anarchist animals, I can’t see it. Also, no one believes a person doesn’t see color.* One always sees it, just like height, hair color (or lack of hair), weight. No one is blind to a trait another or they themselves have. Some see color but make nothing of it, though the anarchists will not accept that reality.

    *When my biracial niece, who was very dark, was out with my very white husband, he was very aware of how people looked at this. One realizes that others may have less than pure and kind thoughts about the situation. My niece did not notice it at age 5, but by 12, she was very cognizant of it. She had never gone to school with other black/biracial children until she came to live with us. She saw it as she got older. People look different and are treated differently. Most people adored my niece, however, even those that were bigoted.

    All of this is natural and not “curable”. People who look alike or think alike stick together. It’s now racist. It’s called “Being human”.

  11. The real racists are the ones who point out the differences in statistics. “429 civilians having been shot, 88 of whom were black.”

    They should not be separated. That last part, the “88 of whom were black.” statement is actually the racist statement, calling attention to the difference.

    Do those 88 black people not have credit for doing their own bad deeds? That’s not fair to those 88 black people if they really did do something that led them to being shot. If people have free will, why wouldn’t they have free will to be a more major part of the statistic? It’s as if some people think it’s impossible. People are just people. If 88 of 429 happened to be black, there’s no reason to point that out. It’s just pure people. And they may have exhibited behaviors that put them in that statistic.

    THAT is racist. The people who are claiming racism exists are the ones wanting it to continue. Which is also why it’s ever so present in their mind all the time. It’s not in mine. I’m a white man. I’m never thinking about calling out racism. And I treat all people the same.

  12. Complicating BLM is Antifa, who are largely disaffected white males who have lost the “American dream.” They harbor a diminishing hope of meeting a good girl and marrying her and having and providing for a family.

    Nah, they don’t want a good girl, they don’t want to marry, they don’t want to provide for a family. Legally, scientifically, they are males, yes.

  13. “The other day, ABS referenced two flags – Confederate Battle Flag, Stars & Stripes – and asked which of them had flown the longest over states with legalised slavery?

    Obvious answer, Stars and Stripes.”

    I agree A. Brain Surgeon! Good question by the way!

    It’s sad that it’s easier to get a communist red flag than a Confederate flag online these days thanks to the influence of the left and political correctness even though the communists killed a lot more people under their red flags. But then again, much of the ideas of the left come from the Marxists which manifests what they’re all about.

    Aside from all that, one thing I like about the Confederate flag, is that it has that St. Andrew cross or “X” on it and it’s based on the St. Andrew flag of Scotland – the blue flag with the white “X” on it. Yeah, that Confederate flag has some interesting roots to it.

  14. There’s an old tradition in making your enemies larger than life. It makes your victories more heroic. The Roman did it. As did the Vikings, the Greeks, the Persians and all peoples throughout history.

    Belittle your enemies and you belittle yourself.

    The confederate statues were erected to heal the effects of the civil war. Confederate soldiers are buried alongside Union soldiers. The message is clear: we are all Americans now; let’s move on together.

    The attempts to stir racial division and promote tribalism are tearing down this country.

    Yesterday the statue of a staunch abolitionist was torn down. Why? Because it was there? Are statues of MLK next?

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