New York City’s New Truth and Reconciliation Commission

New York City’s New Truth and Reconciliation Commission

This last Sunday there appeared this headline: “Three men, including employees of a sheriff’s office and district attorney’s office, have been arrested for vandalizing a Black Lives Matter sign in Thousand Oaks.”

It was a big story. It made CBS radio news that night. There was no detail in the radio story, other than that three people were arrested for “defacing” a BLM sign. There was no commentary, either; only the plain fact.

That plain fact is this: Black Lies Matter is in charge. Rather, Black Lives Matter’s masters are.

Defacing is not a crime when done by BLM. Don’t believe it? “DA declines to prosecute man arrested in St. Patrick’s Cathedral vandalism“.

Seattle’s “gay district” (a haunt of Gorsuch’s?) has been repainted entirely by BLM—and most still do not know! The media, one of BLM’s masters, lies about CHOP, the name the insurrectionists gave to their seized territory. Territory ceded by the once official government.

BLM, and their masters, tear down statues and deface them all over the country. They burn, loot, pillage. They menace and use physical intimidation and violence against their enemies. Which is to say, you.

Who gets arrested? The three guys defacing the terrorists’ sign. And an Atlanta cop doing his job is charged with murder.

NPR submitted their entry for this year’s Goebbels award: “Right-wing extremists are turning cars into weapons, with reports of at least 50 vehicle-ramming incidents since protests erupted nationwide in late May.”

BLM are stopping cars, beating up drivers. Some of these drivers see what’s coming, and blow past the illegal checkpoints. NPR excuses the violence on the part of BLM, and condemns the self defense. (The hilarious part of the story was that NPR first used a pic of one of these attempted beatings; turns out the driver in that pic was a black female. The lesson is: don’t slow down: step on the gas.)

These are only a few tidbits from a ocean of state-allowed and state-condoned violence.

We saw earlier that there is no such thing as “systemic racism” against blacks. I quote myself, “Every major corporation, celebrity, university, politician, association, and even the American Meteorological Society…issued statements professing their solidarity with blacks and lamenting with them the ‘systemic racism’ they experience”.

We instead have whatever the opposite of “systemic racism” is.

Which doesn’t matter, because our leaders insist racism against blacks is not only true but so pervasive it has to be rooted out with extreme prejudice. (That’s a joke, son.)

Enter the knob Bill de Blasio who, says the New York Daily News, “looks to South Africa for inspiration for new racial justice commission”.

A new city commission on racial justice will be “just like” South Africa’s famous Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Mayor de Blasio said Sunday.

“We are naming a city commission, a Racial Justice and Reconciliation — just like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa,” Hizzoner said. “That got to the whole impact that apartheid had on that society, and then talked about everything and acted on everything that needed to be different. Well, that’s what we are going to do here in New York City.”

Just like South Africa?

“President Cyril Ramaphosa backs land expropriation,” says the BBC, “which is popular with the black majority.”

You bet it is! Blacks are given land taken from whites, who get…themselves shot and stabbed, mostly. But they had it coming, right? I mean, apartheid, racism, mean looks. Same thing is said about whites in the old old USA.

The WP said in February “South Africa’s ruling party is forging ahead with plans to change the constitution to make it easier for the government to expropriate land without paying for it.”

There are scattered reports of people warning about what happened in Zimbabwe when “reparations”—no, that’s not the right word; wait, I have it—“redistribution” was performed. But these voices are drowned out by the frenzied joy of those who can’t wait to get free stuff.

Some can’t wait so much that farm murders of whites in South Africa is now a thing. Vanity Fair calls these near daily tortures and slaughters a “right-wing conspiracy theory”, which is how you know they are true.

If you choose not to believe our propaganda masters, you can go right to the source. A whole web site which lists and categorizes the horrors.

It’s obvious the land grabs and murders will be short-term phenomena. There are only a few white farmers left, and many, many blacks.

In NYC, whites are about 43% and blacks 25%. Under de Blasio’s plan, only every other white would have to cede his apartment to a black. Murders are coming along nicely since the riots. Haven’t match South Africa yet, but with just a little effort and American know how, I know it can be done.

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  1. Michael Dowd

    White Liberals will be getting a taste of their own medicine. Hopefully, it will help.

  2. Murray

    “The lesson is: don’t slow down: step on the gas.”

    Reminder that there’s a young man in jail for something like 400 years for doing exactly this. James Fields attended the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, which was shut down by a violent Antifa mob while the police stood by and refused to protect the legally permitted rallygoers.

    Fields appears to be a troubled young man, perhaps with a mental disability of some sort, but he was trying to get out of Charlottesville on that day, when he turned down the wrong street and found himself back in the middle of the mob, who set about smashing his car windows. Fields responded in the same way as all the other drivers we’ve seen recently: he accelerated and rammed some stopped cars in front of him which he probably hadn’t seen due to all the people around him. Off to the side, untouched by the car accident, Heather Heyer suffered a heart attack in the commotion and died.

    Fields was convicted of the first-degree murder of Heyer, though there was no evidence whatsoever of intent, and plenty of evidence that he’d simply taken a wrong turn and panicked when his car was attacked, just as in these more recent incidents. He was demonized and railroaded, and it looks like his defense essentially threw the case.

    If there’s any justice in this world, the recent copycat events may influence his appeal, but that’s probably to much to hope for.

  3. Becky

    For the last 20, 30 years, all these big companies have hot shot HR departments that were supposed to deal with systemic racism, and it appears they haven’t according to their own admissions recently. Why would I listen or care what a big company has to say, when they don’t say what they mean. They send me emails telling me how important diversity yada yada yad is to them, but they really tell me they know I am a basically good tolerant person who will accept their crap writing to keep the real racists off their backs. The failure of political leaders is matched only by the hypocrisy and anything for a buck big shots.

  4. DAV

    Yesterday (or was it Monday? Hard to keep up) the DC non-voting Dem rep to Congress was hassled during an interview and was heard to say “where are the police when you need them?” while standing on a very large “Defund the Police” slogan painted on the street — completely oblivious to the irony.

  5. Spetzer86

    @Becky The HR departments were supposed to take care of sexual bias as well, but we still hear about the male:female salary difference. I’ve always been amazing at how an HR department that is over 98% female can’t influence the salary bias.

  6. Joy

    Bless Dav,
    “Yesterday (or was it Monday? “
    That made me laugh.
    Not so long ago, I admitted to my Gp who is also my friend, that I forgot what year it was. For real, I panicked and think that’s why it took even longer to work it out.
    He reassured me that I wasn’t going mad.
    Everybody knows the feeling of forgetting the day or even missing the month when it changes, or perhaps the year when January comes around.
    I’m talking about a serious blank, had to work it out from first principles! I hadn’t had cause to formally write the date for so long, which is my excuse and I’m sticking to it…they didn’t notice.

    Not until you have experienced the thing first hand do you really have empathy fo all the others.

  7. Uncle Mike

    Dear New Yorkers,

    Perhaps you can explain to me why NYC is such a rotten mess? I live thousands of miles away, have never been there, and don’t wish to visit. People where I live are mostly normal. Where you live people are commutard nutty fruit cakes, apparently. You elected your idiot mayor, governor, reps and counciloafs. Why? And why should I care? What do you expect me to do about it? (Hint: don’t get your hopes up.)

  8. LS5

    What are the requirements necessary that an act can be understood as to “vandalize”?

  9. Sheri

    Uncle Mike: You should care because the people fleeing the crazy places come to where you are and take over, turning your life and home into a crazy place.

  10. Uncle Mike

    Dear Sheri,

    We assimilate them. Yes, they are annoying at first. Sore thumb standouts. Eventually though, they get absorbed into our culture, not the other way around. Especially the children.

    All our (boy) children start out as anarchists, but by age ten they get tamed, somewhat. By age 20 or so they become civilized. It’s a remarkable thing.

    I feel your pain, however. The transitional period is tough. Many social emigrants get jobs as journalists for the local paper. They are paid peanuts and are subject to public derision, so they give it up pretty quickly.

  11. Sheri

    Uncle Mike: You must live in a fantasyland. Interesting.

  12. Johnno

    You know how I know all this ‘RACISM-CONCERN!!!’ is B.S.?

    Because none of these protesters and statue vandals have bothered going after one of the TRUEST sources of real Systemic Racism…

    Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution, the descent of man and favoured races.

    When will the useful idiots finally realize that this nonsense is being indoctrinated into children for years by real actual racist scientists who lack any evidence for it?

    When will we finally see the busts and statues of Charles Darwin and Charles Lyell and others of their racist ilk being torn down, removed from the universities and erased from the curriculum?

    Given they’re not going to stop, I say we try and get something out of it. Return the Origin of Man back to Genesis and the Church.



  13. LS5

    Been thinking the same thing. Since Margaret Sanger was big time into eugenics and wanted to eradicate the earth of black people and thus we have abortion centers located in large minority population areas, that she is considered the founder of Planned Parenthood, when is the national burn everyone of them down day so we can watch it broadcast?

  14. Winston Smith

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

    George Orwell, 1984

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