Why Rat Virtue Signaling Is Evil

Why Rat Virtue Signaling Is Evil

Blackmail is a terrible crime. Blackmailers are rightfully seen as loathsome because not only does the blackmailer use the original crime, making it as if he participated in it, but the blackmailer adds extortion to it.

Blackmailers are like those disfigured creatures who live at the bottom of the sea, feeding on refuse. Nobody grieves to hear a blackmailer got it in the neck by his blackmailee.

If blackmailers are low, there is a class of villain lower still, and that is the virtue signaler. Not just any virtue signaler, not the kind that chirrups during meetings to say how grand BLM is, or who adds a pride-in-sodomy signature to their emails in June. Not the Rod Dreher squish who never misses an opportunity to signal left, so that he doesn’t lose his journalistic bona fides.

I mean the rat signaler. The one who call out individuals or organizations by name hoping to gain from his ratting.

Rashaad Thomas is an instance of a low-level rat signaler. He had an op-ed in which he wrote, “Phoenix restaurant says this is a photo of coal miners. But I see offensive blackface.

There are only two possible interpretations. One is that Thomas is a man of below average intellect, proved by his becoming upset over an ancient photograph of working men. If low intelligence is the explanation, then it’s likely he got his article into a major newspaper because of his race, which makes him stupid and a grifter.

Or he lied. That is, he rat signaled to gain himself attention at the expense of the restaurant.

Here’s a prime example of a rat signaler who doesn’t believe what he’s saying. This person writes, “Tearing down of the statue of Junipero Serra in solidarity with #BLMprotest #BlackLivesMatter. But what about the Christian churches? They are responsible for the murder of millions of natives. Tear down all Christian churches!”

This rat signaler doesn’t want to tear down all Christian churches, not that he cares if they close, either. But he says these violent illegal acts would be a good thing hoping to attract attention and gain materially from his signaling.

Another rat signaler is Shaun King, a man who drank so deeply from the Springs of Propaganda that he permanently donned a new skin color. He said,

Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down.

They are a form of white supremacy.

Always have been.

In the Bible, when the family of Jesus wanted to hide, and blend in, guess where they went?


Not Denmark.

Tear them down.

He doesn’t believe this. He couldn’t care whether the statues stayed or went, but his black-like-me act was growing cold, and he needed to find a way to elevate himself in the public’s eye again. So he came up with this outrage, knowing it would get him some publicity. And line his pockets. Inciting riots, open calls for criminal acts, is the new grift.

Not all virtue signaling is rat signaling. Take nitwit Rod Parker, who writes “We’ve Lived with ‘The Masters’ Name Long Enough”. He means the golf tournament, whose title shocks this man of little brain.

We know this isn’t rat signaling and plain stupidity because we find Parker writing, “Even at dictionary.com, one of the definitions you get for ‘master’ is ‘owner of a slave.'” This is like the gender theory professor who fainted after learning what electricians mean by “male” and “female”.

Parker is black—or Black, as we now must write—and so his opinion, which we’re forced to listen to because of his race, can’t be questioned. Even if it is gaspingly asinine.

I can be difficult to distinguish between plain virtue signaling and rat signaling because the motivations of the signaler need to be understood. But it’s easy enough to see why rat signalers are detestable botches of nature and lower than blackmailers.

Rat signalers are like blackmailers. They call for crime—they themselves are cowards—from which they hope to gain materially for their virtue. But they’re worse because their crime is treason. Rat signalers sell out their neighbors, country, and culture to gain a dime. They are traitors, and deserve to be treated like traitors.

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  1. NIdahoCatholic

    I worked in the Eielson AFB coal fired power plant in ’04 as an ash puller. At the end of a twelve hour shift in deep winter, I resembled Governor “Blackface” Northham. Does this mean I should run for office as a Democrat?

  2. We should have been hanging these people for the last century.
    We’re going to run out of lamp posts and rope when we finally get around to it. Which we must, soon, lest they move first and have us dig our own ditches to be executed in.

    It may take two to tango, but it only takes one side to start a war. And the ill wind has already begun to blow from the Left.

  3. Sylvain Allard

    Interesting how in none of your examples were there any examples of white folks calling the police on black peoples for the only reason they were black.

    You didn’t use the example of a Starbucks employee calling the police on two black man waiting for a friend. Result black man put in cuffs

    You didn’t use the example of Walmart customers calling the police on a black man for buying a baby gun. Result black man killed.

    There are countless such events. Yet you complain about a photo.

  4. Sheri

    The LOWEST semi-human is the personal injury vampire thing that advertises on TV. Lower by far than the virtue signaler, but similar in they lie to steal money and buy souls for Satan based on nothing but greed and lies. They cause death indirectly so they can buy a new boat or island, while saying they “care”. Sorry, but there none lower.

    Went to order from Walmart yesterday. I can’t repeat what I said when I pulled up their page, but I would hope that Sam Walton would have burned that first Walmart down if he had known what horrible toads and devils his business and children would become.

    Remember when “snitches get snitches” and not an interview on CNN????

    Thomas is an example of walking brain death or a horrible demon sent to earth to collect souls for Satan. Either is equally possible. I can’t wait until pictures of animals are labelled “black-faced” and the animals shamed for their lack of sensitivity.

    Just paint Christ green in all the photos and shut up. No one has the faintest idea what he looked like and with any luck the Vulcans will show up and slap humanity into getting over itself.

    I want to go with the “change the language” idea. It didn’t go over well because these virtue signalers are too stupid to learn a new language. I say, FORCE THEM TO. SHAME THEM. Go for it. Speaking of language, all romance languages must go because of that male/female thing, as must plumbing.

    Treason stopped being a crime at least four years ago and won’t be again ever. Selling out America is now virtuous. Leakers are the new saviors of the country.

    Wow, Sylvain is back and no brighter than ever. Thanks for dropping in and illustrating perfectly the point of the piece.

  5. DAV

    Question: if a water gun shoots water and a squirrel gun shoots squirrels what does a baby gun shoot?

    Sheri, he (she? it?) has trouble determining the topic of posts so frequently makes tangential comparisons between apples and oranges.

  6. Michael 2

    Sylvain complains “There are countless such events.”
    Yes indeed; and countless web pages where countless events can be argued.
    To make an example only one event is needed. On your own page you will choose an event more to your liking.
    Here, the point to be illustrated is that many events are mere circumstance, nothing over which a reasonable person would take offense or give it a moment’s thought, but which an unreasonable person may try to use for his virtue signaling which in turn exists to boost one’s social status among a crowd where that sort of thing seems to be important (the Twitter crowd for instance).

  7. Sheri

    DAV: You may use “it”. The topic was rat virtue signaling, not to be confused with the Ratt problem in the Geico commercial. It’s right in the title.

    (You flunk both language and logic in your first question, so please be cautious in claiming others do not understand the topic.)

  8. “He doesn’t believe this. He couldn’t care whether the statues stayed or went, but his black-like-me act was growing cold, and he needed to find a way to elevate himself in the public’s eye again. ”

    Oh, Matt, you are very likely wrongly interpreting these rats’ motivations/beliefs. For rats they are, but do not under-estimate their ability/desire to believe such things.

    They surely do believe exactly what they say. And they surely are willing to participate in the destruction, to the best of their abilities.

    This misunderstanding is quite common among Normals. For years, clueless Normals have giggled about “snowflakes” and their fragility. As I’ve been warning for years, PC-Progressivism is not based on “fragility” or highly-tuned sensitivity to others’ feelings. PC-Progs hate. PC-Progs long for the day they can act on their hatred to “change” Normal America. Some of them may not be capable of the actual physical act of destruction, but they are totally, 100% committed to supporting those who can carry out the act.

    We under-estimate the power of this hatred at our own risk. As we are now witnessing.

    Yes, they DO believe what they’re saying.

  9. Sylvain –
    Yes, indeed. Many, many instances per day of blacks behaving badly.

    Each year, over 18,000 white women are raped by black men. Each year, fewer than ten (normally zero) black women are raped by white men. And there are 6 times as many whites as blacks.

    Each year, more blacks shoot other blacks than whites shoot anybody. And there are 6 times as many whites as blacks.

    Blacks (1/8 of the population) commit 5/8 of all crime in America. Latinos, 2/8 of the population, commit 2/8 of the crime. Whites, 5/8 of the population, commit 1/8 of the crime.

    As for your specific examples,
    1. Two black men loitered in a busy establishment (Starbucks), were asked to leave, refused and became hostile. When the police showed up, the black men attacked the police. Fortunately, the black aggressors were killed during the fight.

    2. A black man in a Walmart shoplifted a BB gun that was a very realistic copy of a firearm. He then threatened to shoot various people in the store for several minutes. When the police showed up (what, you wouldn’t want police to respond to an active shooter situation?), he pointed the gun at them. As a result, he was killed. I would call that death by natural causes (stupidity) or perhaps suicide by cop.

    I’ll add a news article with video to the sweeten the pot. https://www.foxnews.com/us/harrowing-video-shows-roadside-gun-battle-between-pennsylvania-police-man-pulled-over-for-traffic-stop

  10. Uncle Mike

    I catch your drift and agree in principle, but I question your terminology. For full clarity consider the following word definitions:

    Extortion is the wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence or intimidation to gain money or property from an individual or entity.

    Blackmail is an act of coercion using the threat of revealing or publicizing either substantially true or false information about a person or people unless certain demands are met.

    Blackmail is thus a form of extortion. It isn’t a greater or lesser offense; it is a subset.

    Larceny is the taking and removal of the personal property of another by an individual who intends to permanently deprive the owner of it; a crime against the right of possession. Larceny generally refers to nonviolent theft.

    Armed robbery is an aggravated form of theft that involves the use of a lethal weapon to perpetrate violence or the threat of violence (intimidation) against a victim.

    There are plenty of all of these crimes being committed by the Democrats very publicly right now.

    Vice is a practice, behavior, or habit generally considered immoral, sinful, criminal, rude, taboo, depraved, or degrading.

    Advocating crimes such as extortion, armed robbery, larceny, looting, arson, rioting, tearing down churches and/or statues is vice signalling not virtue signalling or “rat virtue signalling”. Vice is the opposite of virtue.

    Better use of language might be helpful in combating criminal behaviors. Distortion of language is a vice, and one used by tyrants throughout history. Tyranny is also a vice, one of the worst.

  11. DAV

    You flunk both language and logic in your first question

    LOL! Didn’t realize this is a test! What I said a paraphrase of a George Carlin joke.

  12. Rudolph Harrier

    Recently there was a scare of “nooses” on a tree in a public park. It turned out that the nooses were exercises equipment, that the loop at the end were handholds complete with plastic grips, and that the residents of the park had been using them for exercise for some time.

    In response an official said that the intention for hanging the “nooses” didn’t matter, since they still caused panic in the public. But note that the only reason that there was panic is that the media reported on the incident and universally used the language of “noose.” Even after everyone agreed that they were in fact exercise equipment the media still made sure to say that they highly resembled nooses (even though they didn’t).

    But no one would ever dream of prosecuting the media for causing panic. No, better to blame the guy that wanted to help his neighbors exercise.

  13. Fredo

    Students are now taught to question everything they are never taught
    how to answer anything. When a bandwagon goes by they’re on it.
    Reason, logic, judgement, and common sense have been extinguished
    by design, it’s a multi generational process. The Frankfort School model
    of contemporary education who by the way told you exactly what they
    were up to but no no one paid attention. Eyes glazed over at the mention
    of the process the results of which we are enjoying today. Welcome to
    the ‘New Normal’ crafted to disarm you both literally and intellectually over
    the course of generations. No one seems to know what to do and just
    can’t understand why all of this is happening. Media’s been on point and
    building to start a race war for sometime now but not out of any love for
    blaxk people. Quite the opposite they will be the real losers in all this.

  14. Sheri

    DAV: Yeah, I caught that. Just being grumpy today!
    (But you really can refer to me as “it” because I’m not like other girls–I’m meaner!)

  15. LS5

    So Obama sitting next to Biden calling people out because he knows the most, if while doing that he knew Biden has mental limitations, he wins the biggest piece of cheese.

  16. Joy

    Read Sylvain’s comment

  17. Joy

    I’ve always disliked the term “virtue signalling” . Whoever coined it is a strange individual.
    I agree with Uncle Mike.
    There are plenty of more accurate and descriptive, less clumsy and awkward phrases.
    It must have been born on the internet.

  18. DAV


    I dunno. “Virtual signalling” is speech or actions meant to declare self virtue and “pureness” of heart. What would be a more appropriate term?

  19. Nate

    It’s not ‘virtue’ in the traditional sense. It’s the “virtue” of the moral zealot who has determined that their feelings right in all things. The evolution of the churchlady who is a gossip and social shamer, who never looks to the log in her own eye, because she is perfect in her mind.

  20. Joy

    Eschew virtual signalling:

    The problem is with the two words and then that they’re combined. It’s loaded.

    Virtue is subjective in days where countries are so divided.
    It depends on the culture and politics. Virtue didn’t used to have a political element. With or without a belief in God, I would say.

    Traditionally virtues are based on something truthful and something that most people do agree. So even if people don’t do as they should, they know what virtue is. Now, more than ever people don’t even agree about what it is.

    Matters of politics can’t be matters of generally accepted facts of life, or everybody would agree.

    When it is used by those on the right for example, it is intended sarcastically. I’m sure that’s lost on many on the left.

    That then reinforces the opposite notion that the user intends.
    So it’s just mixed up and clumsy.

    What they really mean is “right on”.
    In a religious sense the word sanctimonious would be better. Or puritanical.

    At school we said “goodie two shoes”.
    “Displaying political correctness” would also be more accurate. Since virtue rarely comes into it at all.

    I got in serious trouble and was sent to hell for all the gays and the abortions once on here for which I will have to pay for in the here after, apparently, for saying that preaching to the choir against gay pride was virtue signalling.

    “signalling”. What’s with the signpost thing? Is that another internet obsession? Or just another secret society?

    The ‘rewards’ for virtue, in reality, are internal, if they exist at all. Not for public display. Since it’s a virtue to be modest, so that’s another reason why it’s a tautology.

    Then there’s the outward false modesty! That’s virtue signalling too.
    I think it’s too phsychobabble a word for my liking.

  21. Joy

    …then add a “rat’ to the beginning and it’s just too much quantum psychology

  22. DAV


    Virtue is subjective in days where countries are so divided.
    It depends on the culture and politics.

    Yes! Those practicing political correctness don’t think of it as such. They think they are being virtuous. And display it ostentatiously. They are proclaiming their virtue without actually saying so. IOW: they signal it.

    sanctimonious would be better.
    Precisely. Holier than Thou.

  23. Joy

    The words are around the wrong way! It took three or four days to work that out. It was partly nothing to do with what it’s supposed to mean.

    “signalling virtue” would be the neater way to make the case. There’s always the Bard’s licence.

    In Walmart’s case, or any company doing similar, it would be called “peddling cheap virtue.”

    Maybe it’s supposed to be poetic, in the sloppy modern sense

  24. DAV

    “virtue signalling” is the thing you do when “signalling virtue”.

    The first is using “signalling” as a noun (with an adjective) similar in nature to “cake baking” and the other as a verb. Maybe it should be “virtue-signalling” to emphasize its use as a noun?

    Otherwise, they seem to say the same thing.

  25. Joy

    Maybe it should be “virtue-signalling” to emphasize its use as a noun?
    I think you won.
    It also occurred that in maximum impact internet terms, it works.

    The fact that it is both a contradiction in terms and written as an emphatic phrase, as you say, is why it’s used I suppose, it grates

    blacker than though humour

  26. Ray

    Dr. Briggs evidently has a bad case of Pharisee phobia.
    Luke 18:11 “The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican(tax collector).”
    Instead of using the term virtue signaling we could use the word Phariseeing.

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