Stop Using The Enemy’s Language: Reality Dictionary

Stop Using The Enemy’s Language: Reality Dictionary

My dear friends, please stop using the enemy’s language. When you do, they win.

The most egregious mistake is to say protesters in place of murderer or thug, vandal, rioter, looter, savage, and so on.

Here’s an example from the Daily Caller, a Fox News-like “right” site: “BLM Protester Kills Photographer Who Supported The Movement“.

The photographer was BLMed, which is to say, murdered. Not by a protester, but by a murderer. Why would anyone say protester here?

Here’s another, again from a “conservative” site: “Black Lives Matter Protester Shot Driver In Provo, Utah.” No! Not protester! Killer, thug, or (best) terrorist.

Why say protester? A protester is a person who, in accord with civil behavior, provides his voice to redress some wrong, without intimidation, by receiving the proper permits, without resort to violence or intimidation.

Almost none of the people illegally disrupting traffic, illegally strong arming and frightening neighbors, illegally tearing down statues, illegally trespassing, illegally rioting, illegally looting, illegally pillaging, illegally forming an insurrection and illegally seizing territory are protesters.

Please do not say protester ever again unless the person so described is a genuine protester. Especially do not say peaceful protester when the thug you are describing has just broken several laws and is attempting to effect change through the use of violence.

Further, every time you see this asinine and most harmful mistake, point it out. Tell the propagandist who tweeted peaceful protester he should have said criminal.

We expect the media to lie, but that doesn’t mean we should not be tireless in pointing out their lies. Here’s a CNN tweet: “The video, filmed by a protester, shows a Detroit Police Department SUV drive through a crowd of protesters after some climbed onto the vehicle’s hood. After a few seconds, the car speeds up, knocking some protesters back and flinging others onto the hood.”

The criminals were illegally blocking traffic, and threatened the police in the car with violence. The criminals then acted on those threats. The thugs broke the cops’ window, a clear violent act. The cops should have run the criminals and thugs down, but they instead drove off as carefully as possible, only slightly wounding one or two.

Some, women in particular, scream at police at the top of their lungs. The content of these harangues are meaningless. These women are not protesters, they are foul-mouthed harridans, addled blue-haired cat women, unhinged females, and the like. But not protester.

It’s time we make a Reality Dictionary. Here is a start, and only a start. Let’s share this as widely as we can, and I’ll update it and make it a permanent feature.

On the left we have Media Words, and on the right Reality Words. There is often more than one option for a Reality word because the media often uses catchalls. You have to select the proper one depending on the context. Note that Media Words only apply to when the media, the government, progressives of all kinds, use them, and not when a Realist uses them, as a Realist will use the word properly.

Media Word Reality Word
BLM terrorist group BLM, BLM terrorist
cis-gender normal person, man, woman
far-right centrist, right-wing, person
hate normal reaction
hate crime crime, legal act
hate speech words, quote, speech
homophobe man, woman
journalist propagandist
LGBT(Q+++) pervert
liberal progressive, far-leftist
media propaganda outlet
noose hoax
pride sin, perversion, sodomy
problematic fine, normal, expected, harmless
pro-choice pro-killing (the lives inside would-be mothers)
protest riot, illegal gathering
protester thug, criminal, vandal, rioter, looter, thief, insurrectionist, murderer, arsonist, rabble-rouser
racist white person, person, man, woman
systemic racism the absence of racism
transsexual man woman
transsexual woman man
transphobe man, woman
vile banal, harmless
white supremacist white person, person, man, woman

Add yours to the comments, and I’ll periodically include the good ones above.

Update Twitter engineer = moron.

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  1. Dr. Bruce A. Wineman

    Democratic Party…………….Democrat Party (there is nothing Democratic about it and to be so would require we call the members “Democratics”!

  2. John B()

    Listening to a 1938 Dick Tracy broadcast last night and Dick Tracy dressed down Dick Tracy Junior for using the slang “on the lam”.

    Using any slang instead of real words shows low education

  3. Racist … Person, opponent
    Progressive … Commie pinko liberal scum, traitor, Marxist revolutionary
    Republican Politician … Quisling, spineless shrimp
    Alt-right … Opponent, active opposition
    Far right … not far left, opponent, person

  4. JR Ewing

    The one that gets me right now is, “safe,” as in, “It it safe for me to go into that restaurant or will I catch Covid and die a horrible painful death?” or, “Is it safe for kids to go to school or will they catch Covid there and bring it home and give it to me so I will die a horrible painful death?” or, “Wearing a mask helps keep those around you safe and prevents both them and you from dying a horrible painful death,” and so on and so on.

    Truth is, it’s just as “safe” to do anything now as it was before the Great Covid Panic of 2020. The risk of anyone dying from Covid is very low except for the very old and very sick, and is much lower than dying in a car accident on the way to the restaurant, or getting food poisoning there, or the building catching on fire while you eat dinner.

    I don’t know what an alternative would necessarily be for the word “safe” is, but I will say that using it in those terms and arguing whether something is “safe” or not due to Covid is nothing more than accepting the enemy’s premise that there is a special risk to most people from Covid. It’s just as “safe” as it ever was to do whatever normal things we normally do in our normal lives, and saying that those things now could be “unsafe” is exactly the thought process that the tyrants and their propagandists want us to go through.

  5. DAV

    The thugs broke the cops’ window, a clear violent act. The cops should have run the criminals and thugs down, but they instead drove off as carefully as possible, only slightly wounding one or two.

    Can you blame them?

    In Georgia the cop who shot an “unarmed man” armed with a deadly (as defined by Georgia law) weapon and using it is now facing murder charges.

    So my vote is: unarmed = armed.

    Virginia now has pending legislation to make assaulting a cop a misdemeanor instead of the felony it currently is.

    Eventually there will be a backlash just to have any police at all and qualified immunity will morph into unqualified immunity.

  6. Michael Dowd

    And turnabout is fair play:

    Democrat Party/Communist Front Organization

    Joe Biden/mentally challenged geriatric.

    Progressive politics/veiled Communism.

    Elite universities/Communist fomenters of anarchy.

  7. Impressor

    Media — Reality
    bigot — person
    antifa — communist
    fascist, neoliberal — non-communist, anti-communist
    emancipated — arrogant
    empowered — conceited
    oppression — natural law
    rape — regretted sexual intercourse
    right — privilege
    equality, justice, equity — privilege for favored groups
    privilege — merit
    gender — sex
    discrimination — reason
    good boy — violent criminal
    immigrant — criminal alien
    truth, science, logic, reason — lie(s)

  8. Sheri

    “Why would anyone say protester here?” Stupidity, congenital liar, propagandist. The list is long.

    All of this is because emotionally Americans have the emotional maturity of a three year old. They lose their binky, they bawl. They can’t have candy instead of lunch, they bawl. Toddlers rename things to avoid guilt, just as the non-adults do now.

    Not all protesters are thugs. Those in Michigan that protested the lockdown were not thugs. Be careful you don’t use the words in an improper way.

    JR: The only truly “safe” state is death. Nothing more can ever happen, nothing changes it.

  9. Thanks, Matt. This is something that has long been needed, and some have advocated. “Conservatives” are hard-headed realists, but most believe that logic and reason are all that’s needed to win over the opponents of Reality. Many Normals seem to believe that if you just show one more chart that demonstrates unadjusted temperatures are falling, then Climate Cultists will all “get it” and join Reality. They think that just one more fact illustrating Republicans freed the slaves, and PC-Progs will stop calling them racist. They’re wrong. They’re playing tiddly winks while our opponents are playing a deadly game of slaughter your neighbor.

    Our opponents have been waging a skillful, focused, well-planned information war against us for nearly 100 years. Language and its manipulation are at the heart of their strategy and tactics.

    This video explains the entire operation–for the gist see Muenzenberg’s Creed at 7:30.

    PC-Prog is the strategy and tactics of the anti-Normal front organization operation. It’s all the same–from Teachers for Sacco and Vanzetti in 1923 to BLM in 2020. Once you know the strategy and tactics, you can begin to be effective in countering them. Otherwise you’re pissing upwind.


    Politically Correct Progressive (PC-Prog): follower of the anti-Normal America belief system. Six tenets of belief and the action corollary: America is a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, imperialist, capitalist hellhole. And it must be changed. No connection to Marxism, Communism, Socialism except as talismans to indicate anti-Normal beliefs. Absolute acceptance of the PC-Prog belief system is required for membership in the Democrat Party, and many professions–academia, media, education.

    Liberal –meaningless term. Nothing liberal about anti-Normal beliefs. PC-Prog.

    Democrat–meaningless term. The political party now has a 100% requirement to believe in, follow, and espouse the anti-Normal PC-Prog belief system.

    Left vs. Right– meaningless dichotomy in the USA. The only clear dichotomy is PC-Prog Globalist vs. Normal Americans. See the Libya/Syria vile lash-up between PC-Progs and neoconservatives for an international example. See the “Right” Supreme Court ruling on abortion for a domestic example.

    Conservative–nearly meaningless. Neoconservatives, who share fealty to a hostile foreign power with nearly all PC-Progs, and Globalist Corporatists have seized control of the Republican Party. They’ve waged a quite successful influence operation that has many/most Normals believing that war! war! war! now and forever in the Middle East is good, right, and desired. Add to that open borders, floods of immigration, and foreign trade open to totalitarian communist manipulation to destroy American industry. None of those policies are Conservative in any way. The only remnant of Conservatism in America is best termed Normal Americans. We’ve seen them standing up to the mobs in several places in the last few weeks. We saw them ride motorcycles into Fredericksburg, VA this week. They’re out there. “Conservative” though, they ain’t. They are Normals.

    Communist/Marxist–in the American political environment these are meaningless. Even the pitiful BLM founder who called herself a “trained Marxist” is clueless. She has nothing to do with Marxism. Both of these are just hip terms for the PC-Prog belief system. Actual Marxism is a complex and complicated economic and social theory–pretty much color-blind–that is focused on class struggle and an anti-human belief in a natural evolution of economic systems that, in the end, results in a dictatorship of the proletariat. Today, in America, our opponents don’t even know what Marxism is, much less believe in it. Their belief system is 100% pure PC-Prog.

    Socialist–okay, many PC-Progs do believe in some sort of perverted twist of Socialism (of course always tinged with their PC-Prog belief system–that is a Socialism that favors their hallowed victim groups). Generally speaking, though, Socialism in the USA is just another term easily replaced by PC-Prog.

    Snowflakes–somebody (Jordan Peterson?) made a ludicrous assumption that the PC-Progs weeping and knashing their teeth because of some micro-aggression were “sensitive snowflakes” who were constantly on the verge of a hysterical collapse. A horribly misguided conclusion. These PC-Prog hysterics were just an acting out of their rage against and deep hatred of Normal Americans. They appeared helpless at the time because the environment was not conducive to acting on their rage and hatred. The PC-Prog operation has advanced to the stage that they are now able to act on their rage and hatred–attacking, killing, raping, robbing, terrorizing, destroying, pillaging, looting. This bad “snowflake” analysis by Normals is not just wrong, it is dangerous. Your “Snowflakes” would slit the throats of you and your family and watch you die, if you give them half a chance. Better terms? PC-Prog. Jacobin, Shock Troop, .

    Stupid/Dumb/Insane/Democrap/Libtard/etc/etc–Schoolyard trash talk that totally misunderstands the genius (at least the originators of the operation) of the influence operation that has destroyed Normal America. Today’s PC-Progs continue to apply the tenets of Muenzenberg’s covert influence strategy/tactics–demonize Normals, create front organizations, nurture the “specialness” of being a PC-Prog, the in-group, better-than-you vibe. PC-Progs are NOT by definition, stupid. As a group, their intelligence and sanity vary just like Normals.

  10. These are good.

    Critical Theory: Marxist propaganda
    Critical ____ Theory: Marxist propaganda about _____
    – Same goes for Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, _____ Studies in general.

    Capitalism: Markets. This is more important than it looks. The enemy wants us to think in terms of vast implacable forces – gods, as more clear-thinking people would put it – who control everything, and who alone have agency. Capital is such a god; Capitalism is that god’s curse upon innocent, helpless people. Therefore, the solution to any economic problem can only be to kill the god – not get off your butt and DO something for yourself, which is, in these terms, impossible. What people of good will support, on the other hand, is the freedom to buy and sell what they want, at prices they find acceptable – markets.

    Academic Freedom: totalitarian control of education

    Regressive: reasonable

    On the Right Side of History: Marxist

    Shaming: pointing out reality

    Speaking Truth to Power: Grandstanding for the applause of your peers

  11. Sheri

    Just found this one: Media–large gathering Reality–any large crowd except a protest/anarchist mob
    Large groups being shut down is being protested by thousands at a “protest” which is not a large group. Confused?

  12. I agree with the above commentator that to protest is the right of all Americans when there is an injusctice. To riot, loot, etc. is no longer protest and should not be allowed.

  13. the woodsman

    Diversity = White Genocide

  14. DMA

    This concept applies to lots of other areas as well:
    carbon—-CO2, denier—realist, settled science—falsified hypothesis, climate crisis—normal weather,— ocean acidification— neutralization , debate—censorship

  15. Rudolph Harrier

    A big blind spot for many conservatives is that in an attempt to maintain consistent definitions they will defer to those given by authority, and those authorities will almost always be leftist and capricious in nature.

  16. GamecockJerry

    Diversity – fewer whites.
    Inclusion – no whites.

  17. John B()

    pro-choice pro-killing (the lives inside would-be mothers)

    should be

    pro-choice pro-killing (the lives inside – in some states, outside or almost outside would-be mothers)

    Abortionist – would-be doctors who have discarded or never took the Hippocratic Oath

  18. vince

    denier — fact stater

    “Reality is that which,
    when you stop believing in it,
    does not go away.”
    ~Philip K. Dick

  19. AntiCulture

    I’d recommend this link:



    The fundamental trick [technique] of anti-culture is to blur or reverse meanings of terms fixed in culture’s language. Culture and anti-culture have entirely different meaning of terms like freedom, equality, justice, tolerance, property, work, entertainment, art, culture, welfare, democracy or capitalism, thus when culture and anti-culture use the same words, they mean completely different things. Any discussion between them, on the intuitive language’s level, is therefore impossible. That’s why presenting mechanisms and the history behind anti-culture requires stipulating what is the actual content of terms it’s using. And what matters here are not philosophical definitions – since ideology is not a philosophy, but a tool for obtaining the power – but practical meanings.


    Tolerance shouldn’t be confused with approval, though, because that’s simply against logic. Somebody who agrees with, approves and even more, praises the contrary views or behaviors of others, doesn’t really perceive those views as contrary at all. He or she should simply consider those as their own. Tolerance can’t apply here. A person should tolerate certain ideas for the very reason they don’t agree with them but respect others, and their own right to have them.

    Tolerance shouldn’t be idealized [or absolutized ] either because it is supposed to serve people, not the other way around.

    Also it is necessary to distinguish between tolerance for views/ beliefs that are a wholly private matter of individuals and the internal matter of the community, from behaviors that usually have a practical impact on the lives of other people.

    As long as tolerating others views/beliefs seems obvious, tolerating all kinds of behaviors isn’t right.

    Everybody has the right to think that private property should be abolished and everything should be common, but there are no grounds to tolerate theft. Nobody can forbid someone from hating a particular person, but there are no grounds for tolerating murder. Everybody has the right to use in a private space such language as he deems appropriate, but there is no basis for tolerating rudeness in public space.

    This type of tolerance will surely be demanded by thieves, murderers, and oiks.

    In brief – tolerance is justified only for such behaviors which bring profits to one, but don’t cause any harm to others. Otherwise, we could assume that a person who’s being stolen from, murdered or offended doesn’t have the right to protect or defend themselves. It’s absurd.


  20. Uncle Mike

    Orwell beat you to it, but here are a few modern Newspeaks with actual meanings.

    virtue signalling – vice signalling
    progressive – regressive
    liberal – anti-American
    politician – mob-pandering authoritarian grafter sleezebag
    united – at odds
    peaceful – at war
    justice – injustice
    Democrat – Communist
    Pro choice – pro murder of innocents

    Some background music for this post:

  21. Dean Ericson

    My first impulse was a funny:
    Protester = Protestant
    Protestant = Jew

    But a serious question for Kent:

    How does PC-Prog relate to globalist strategery? I mean the CFR/WEF/ Davoisie/Bankster One World project. Is PC merely a contemporary demoralization tactic or do the globalist elite consider it a viable ruling program?

  22. Dean,

    “How does PC-Prog relate to globalist strategery? I mean the CFR/WEF/ Davoisie/Bankster One World project. Is PC merely a contemporary demoralization tactic or do the globalist elite consider it a viable ruling program?”

    The PC-Progressive belief system resulted from the Comintern’s operation to destroy Normal-American culture. They believed the op would take a few years–that the American proletariat would rise up and sweep away the American culture and political system. When that happened, the Comintern was prepared to step in and install a Bolshevik ruler.

    Well, their miscalculation in timing was their only mistake. Instead of 4 years, their op took 100 years to bear ripe fruit. Their calculation was so wrong, the Bolsheviks, Comintern, and USSR were gone for 30 years by the time of the successful destruction of Normal American culture.

    It’s sort of like a massive landmine exploding 100 years after the war is over, and everyone’s forgotten what the war was about. Someone will step in and exploit the damage caused.

    That’s exactly what we see now. The delayed destruction of Normal America provides an opportunity for exploitation. We’ve yet to see who will have the gumption and wherewithal to take advantage of the vacuum.

    Will the Globalist neocons lash-up with the PC-Progs for a vile anti-Normal coalition of hatred and forever war for their foreign masters?

    Will a Normal American Boudicca rise up to lead Normals in a rout of the anti-Normals?

    Will Normals sink into a morass of self-hatred and continue the slow cultural suicide PC-Prog messaging began?

    Will a new Jim Jones emerge, preaching some version of “Love All,” and create a new Jonestown?

    Will Globalists and PC-Progs lash up with another foreign power for fun and profit? China?

    There’s lots of ways this could go. America’s cultural body is like a human body ravaged by AIDS–our immune system has turned against itself. It’s being destroyed from within. Without a Normal immune system, of pride in heritage and tradition, the body is susceptible to opportunistic infections. Many sick and demented infections spread through the body, ravaging it, attacking normal culture, heritage, and tradition.

    On the other hand, it is possible for our cultural immune system to cleanse itself of the auto-immune suicidal infection. That would take a wide-spread recognition of what PC-Progism is, where it came from, and its beliefs. If that light were to be illuminated, wiping out the infection would be pretty easy.

    So…bottom line? No telling. As I’ve been saying since the first PC-Prog president–gird your loins, this ain’t gonna be quick or easy.

  23. Facecrime

    I had to put my panty mask on to read this wrongthink thoughtcrime!
    Cultural Marxism or PC is part of the Long March Through the Institutions.
    It is now complete which is why they longer hide the burn it all down plan.
    The obedience masks are part of Ritual Public Humiliation right out of the dunce caps playbook under Chairman Mao.

  24. Ralph

    Diversity – Divisiveness
    Inclusion – Intrusion
    Gun Control – Firearms Confiscation
    Felony Menacing – Self Defense
    Teen – Any non-white, or group of non-whites, under the age of twenty involved in a violent criminal act

  25. Ned Crabb

    RACIST = Person who opposes Leon Trotsky and all other marxists. Trotsky coined the word “racist” around 1930.

  26. Dean Ericson

    ”… this ain’t gonna be quick or easy.”

    St. Breivik pegged 2083 as the date for a “European Declaration of Independence”.

  27. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    The news readers and celebrities of FOX TV routinely describe the rioting and felonious crimes of criminals as “Cancel Culture.”

    Dana Perrino who uses that phrase about as often as Biden enters a fugue state, would prolly call it “Cancel Culture” if a criminal burned down her house.

    Affirmative Action = Anti White Discrimination

  28. Zorklat

    I offered Jane the Actuary’s definition of systemic racism to a nursing professor, who found herself shocked and appalled that anyone would deny endocrine derangement and/or mutilation to either “trans men” (that is, women who say they are men) or “trans women” (that is, men who say they are women).
    It would never have occurred to her that these patients are rejecting and denying their own bodies, and seeking to do themselves harm in pursuit of their self-rejection.

  29. Zorklat

    should have actually INCLUDED Jane the Actuary’s definition of systemic racism:
    “Any system in which disparities of outcome are observed along racial lines.”
    That this means we must not admit that behavior affects outcome, or that culture affects behavior, or that race is strongly correlated with culture.

  30. Roman

    I feel super triggered.

  31. Sheri

    This the opposite order:
    Right: Attempting to take over
    Left: We have your damn news, your kids, your social media and coorporations. What the hell does mean “attempting” mean?????

  32. Sheri

    The right: Second Amendment
    The left: A stupid joke the right uses to try and bluff

  33. Veronica

    Debunked = we refuse to give this any consideration because it might be right.

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