The Week In Doom: Systemic Black Criminality

The Week In Doom: Systemic Black Criminality


Black Vs White Violence: Or, Why Cops & Blacks Have No Love For One Another

We saw before that blacks commit about 10 times as many crimes as whites, per capita, including violent crimes like homicide. There is some plus-and-minus and variability to this figure depending on the crime, place, and time, but it’s in the ballpark, and it’s never low. There is a steady and consistent difference, at least since The Great Society, and it lately is on the way up.

The reaction to these numbers is usually indignation. Not because blacks can’t seem to control themselves, but that the numbers are mentioned. They are hate facts. Hate facts are akin to “hate speech”, and “hate speech” is, or seems to be, a federal crime. When facts go against blacks, of course.

The cause of the difference in crime rate is said officially to be caused by “racism”, or “systemic racism”, which is odd because there is no such thing against blacks. Before the insurrection, this was the least-racist, pro-black mixed-race country perhaps ever.

On the other hand, there are innumerable videos of blacks attacking whites since the insurrection began, this being the time of revenge for “racism”. The definition of “racism”, as near as anybody can figure, is “white” or “whiteness”. Perhaps this is why complaining about these attacks is also “racist”.

So far, there has been no reaction against the surge in crime (looting etc.). This is in part because of the speed of events, which leaves many breathless. It’s also because blacks have largely, except for active rioting, largely stayed in cities. There were some threats to move into (largely armed) suburbs, but nothing happened. However, it’s also true many whites suspect that successfully defending themselves against attacks rightly will themselves be charged with a crime.

More segregation is coming. Some of it is called for by blacks, especially on campuses and other soy-drenched environments. But some will be from those fleeing crime-ridden neighborhoods. For instance, this Item: NYC Criminal Justice System ‘Imploding,’ NYPD Boss Says as Homicides Hit 5-Year High. Communist mayor de Blasio’s solution? “Substantial” cuts to the NYPD.

There’s more: An appalling Assistant Brox DA condemned NYC’s police, blaming them, and not blacks, for violence.

This is far from unusual. Nobody wants to blame blacks for their own behavior. Nobody wants to be called a “witch!” I mean “racist”.

The point of all this, is that increased crime will cause growing “disparities” in things like jobs, home values, health, and so forth. These woes will be blamed on “racism”. Companies, government, universities, and on and on, fearing lawsuits and the mob, will institute stronger quotas, meaning the hiring and promotion of blacks without regard to ability. Since it’s always obvious to everybody what is going on, these quotas will lead to greater animosity. And more charges of “racism”.


NYT’s 1619 Project Founder Calls ‘White Race’ ‘Barbaric Devils,’ ‘Bloodsuckers,’ Columbus ‘No Different Than Hitler’

The propagandist who works at the nation’s leading propaganda sheet looks like a transexual Bozo the Clown, which makes one think that Steve Sailer’s idea that the revolution exists in good part to convince society that hideous women like this are actually beautiful. Was she spurned by a white man once?


The Election

The most interesting thing about this starts at 7 minutes. A woman is driving her car in a pandering Democrat city. She is surrounded by criminals and thugs, several of whom jump on her car. She calls 911 and the dispatcher tells the panicked woman that this was a “sanctioned event” and that if she is displeased she had best call city hall.

Given there is no protection from government, stepping on the gas is the best solution, even thought protecting yourself will be called “racist.”


BLM, incidentally, are terrorists. The government officials who condone and encourage BLM’s actions are traitors, their acts treasonous.


This self-debasing APPEASEMENT will end badly. The #BLM terrorists will keep going “until white prople don’t exist” [sic]

This is old, I believe, but still of interest.

Here’s another, of a legion of similar examples:

Idiot propagandists at universities have taught us that only blacks ever suffered, that only blacks were slaves, that there is no worse state than being black. That anything bad that happens to blacks, including their own criminal acts, is not their fault.

The size of these lies is what makes them so welcome. Black American slave owners are forgotten, whites who were lynched are forgotten. White slaves are forgotten. That slavery is not that unusual in history, forgotten. We allow ourselves to believe the supreme idiocy that showing a black man a noose is a “hate crime”.

Nitwit whites are just as much a cause of systemic black criminality as blacks. If you, a white man, saw blacks leading a march down Broadway in irons, the purpose of which is apology of their long history of systemic criminality, what would you think?

Perhaps a little pleasure that they were admitting errors. But maybe you’d also think these black people are absorbing the crimes of other blacks through their skins. Because, of course, the people that marched would not be the criminals, just those apologizing for them. Meaning all blacks must share blame for what any blacks do.

The next emotion would be contempt. Look at these sniveling, groveling contemptible weaklings! They deserve no respect. They deserve whatever happens to them.

It’s no different for the whites who accept blame for slavery, as if these whites are guilty because they are white. (And forget the black slavers in Africa and black slave owners in the US.) Some blacks are grateful for an apology for something they themselves never suffered. But then comes the contempt. And everything that flows from it.

Speaking of contempt.


Archbishop of Canterbury says Church must think again about portraying Jesus as white and reveals plan to look ‘very carefully’ at whether statues in Canterbury Cathedral ‘should be there’

The Archbishop of Canterbury has urged the West to reconsider its prevailing mindset that Jesus was white – as he revealed a review into religious statues.

Justin Welby said monuments in Canterbury Cathedral are going to be looked at ‘very carefully’ to see if they ‘should be there’.



It’s hard not to sympathize with the good sergeant here.

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  1. Michael Dowd

    Democrats love this sort of stuff. They backed slavery from the start and they have continued to enslave blacks by treating them as children via intentional bad education, welfare, and making excuses for their crimes.

  2. Blacks attacking whites is nothing new.

    Every year, over 19,000 white women are raped by black men.
    Every year, fewer than 10 black women are raped by white men.
    And this doesn’t include the homo-rape gangs that exist in our prisons. (You do know that is the root cause of blacks wearing their pants below their butts, don’t you?)

  3. Sheri

    Now that Hawaiian shirts are on the list of white supremacist items, white or whiteness is not a definition. Actually, it’s defined as anything the evil, vile communists want it to be at this particular location at this particular time. Seriously, that’s the definition.

    More victims of this stupidity see this as war and not as defending themselves. That takes some of the fear of prison away because war always involves prisoners and is messy. To avoid punishment in war, one must WIN, fight harder and longer, which is not a good thing for the Thug Nations.

    NYC is Hell now and ruled by Satan. (I’m still waiting for God to apologize to Sodom and Gomorra.)

    As for the witch reference, stop listening to the historical stupid little girls and grow up. If that doesn’t work, tie some weight on the hysterical little girls and toss them in the lake. Maybe get out of and STAY OUT OF NEW YORK and pandering Democratic cities.

    So who cares about treason? Seriously, it’s a stupid thing to say. NO ONE CARES.

    There are 13% black, over 70% white and some of the whites helping the blacks loot, burn and murder will then have to be killed, seems mathematically unlikely.

    I am assuming that biracial will be deemed white and Keyne West’s kids will have to die. Obama too. Polluting the race, you know.

    Jesus was Middle Eastern, whatever idiot race designation that is now. We have ZERO idea of what these people looked like. Using Jesus to promote race is EVIL and you’re all going to Hell for that. But feel free to pick your future destination. That will always be a free choice, no matter what humans do.

  4. Kip Hansen

    Jesus . . . . . it is an open question whether Jesus was “white”. His body was almost certainly the same as his mother, who we would call today “Arabic” or “Middle Eastern” or “Palestinian”. His body was that of a Hebrew of his time and place. Skin color for such peoples is generally what many call today in America: “brown”, as in Latinx. If Los Angeles’ Latinos are “brown”, then Jesus probably would be called “brown” today.

    Religious art has always and everywhere portrayed Diety to look like those making the art — models for the art — whether paintings or statues — were local people, often relatives of the artist.

    Oddly, my grandchild, brought up without religious training, could identify a picture of Jesus — any picture — despite all being quite different representations. Some looking like English men, some like Arabs, some like Russian Jews, etc. Jesus, afterall, was not his Body.

  5. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    It may be the case that ABS’s opinion is a minority one but very day he thanks the good Lord for our military heroes who gave their lives in Europe, Asia, North Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq so that Black Lives Matter and Antifa have the liberty and freedom to burn down businesses, loot stores and wreck statues and statutes in America.

  6. Paul Jackson

    Another very important point is relative size of Islamic slave trade and Atlantic slave trade.
    Just taking 650AD to 1900AD, total Islamic slave trade is estimated at 17.0 million; total Atlantic slave trade at 11.7 million.
    In the first few minutes of this video, Dr Jay Smith discusses this:
    More importantly, of the estimated 40.3 million in various forms of modern slavery, 24.99 million or 62% were in Asia Pacific, and 9.24 million in Africa, with India, China, Pakistan, North Korea and Nigeria having the largest total populations of enslaved people.
    Source: 05 Regional Findings download at:

  7. Hun

    Michael Dowd, “Democrats are the real racists!” is a line of argument that sets you up for failure.

  8. Fredo

    Let the blue cities burn they will stew and fester in their own juices. They are
    not the real threat they are mere pawns in an ideological war that’s
    being waged on the middle class by the plutocracy of 1% capital, media,
    and deep state intelligence services. This is color revolution 101 which has
    been perfected from Chile to to Serbia. The worst thing Trump could do
    would be to intervene just sit back and watch the counter reaction set in.
    It already has people are leaving these cities and the Democratic Party in
    droves. U-Haul stock rising is the clarion call, these cities will be hollowed
    our just like Detroit and LA as cops abandon their posts. I see NYC on
    life support don’t interrupt their self inflicted downward trajectory, it’s
    the only way they seem to learn. Four more years of Trump is a sweet
    enough victory and all of this just plays into his hands. Ironic in a way lets
    just hope he’s not Asimov’s mule.

  9. Bruce

    Interacial crime is overwhelmingly skewed towards black on white (and brown, yellow). Blacks reguarly commit horrific crimes against white, particurly elderly whites who are often tortured, raped, bludgeoned ,etc. Couples who have been married for 60 years get to have their final memories be watching Shitavious raping your wife while you’re beat to death or having your head blown off while visiting the grave of your dead son. You have to read white nationalist sites to even know about these cases. These cases are only covered by local news and without emphasizing or even stating the perps race (beyond mugshots which are increasingly being ommited).

    We need to seperate. Whites are so horribly racist. Blacks will do so much better when they aren’t exposed to us, our racism, our white Jesus pictures. Just give them all the confederate states as reparations. New Wakanda. I hate hot weather anyway.

  10. Michael Dowd, “Democrats are the real racists!” is a line of argument that sets you up for failure.

    Matt asks: How so?

    I remember asking that. Why not apply Rules for Radicals and force them to live up to their own values?

    Answer: When it still had meaning (use “race-hatred” or “race-based-bigotry” now) it referred to the USAn taboo Thou shalt not have contempt for Blacks. Democrats, and progressives generally, glorify “transgressive” choices. Subversive chic is a Thing for them. Do you really think that the people who believe the solution to sex-trafficking is to lower the age of consent will be moved by being exposed as race-based-bigots?

    “Racism” is a stick used to beat decent people with. Why would you imagine indecent people will care?

    You’re welcome.

  11. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Mr. Jackson. Interesting links. Thank you

  12. Nonviolent resistance only works against those with a conscience and moral principles. People whom you can shame. Imagine how China or Russia would have responded to Gandhi’s campaign.

    That’s why you can’t argue moral principles with a Leftist. They have no shame.
    Their only guiding principle is power.

  13. c matt

    If you, a white man, saw blacks leading a march down Broadway in irons, the purpose of which is apology of their long history of systemic criminality, what would you think?

    Hell hath frozen over? Pigeths fly?

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