Trump Or Death

Trump Or Death

My suspicion is that Biden won’t be allowed to face Trump in a debate. Biden’s dementia, or mental incapacity, is already obvious for all those who allow themselves to see it. Letting him go up against Trump in even one two-hour debate would force those who won’t see to acknowledge Biden’s limitations. Quietly, to themselves, of course.

Coronadoom might be their excuse, as Biden is still hiding in his mother’s basement. But the numbers just aren’t there to make this plausible, even though the media is trying their best. They might use coronadoom to modify the “debate”, by insisting on pre-recorded answers to softball media questions. Safety first!

They might say a debate is impossible because of Trump’s irredeemable “racism”, and so he is not deserving of respect. This charge of “racism” would hinge on a BLM terrorist meeting his just desserts in some criminal act, but in a way that can be blamed on Trump.

Or the debate happens, Biden fumbles, mumbles, and stumbles, which will give rise to the headline “Biden Wins Debate”. These headlines, like that Hillary Wins headline, are already written anyway. The media-Democrat complex would rely on TV, media and celebrities to get them through. This might be hubris, but it’s not a crazy strategy to lean on spin. Spin works.

That’s prediction one. Prediction two is it’s Trump or death.

No one was screaming LAW & ORDER! louder than I when packs of feral thugs looted, pillaged, burned, and robbed their way trough Democrat-controlled cities. If I were in charge, I would have had the moral courage to open fire, the election be damned. I too was frustrated and wanted more action from the top. But I understand (but don’t agree with) the counter-argument against force.

Prog mayors and governors in riot areas were either cowards or were complicit. They wanted the bloodshed to come from cops or from federalized National Guard, blood which they could pin on Trump. Whether Trump understood this or not, he did not open fire. The left did not get what they wanted. Statues are still being criminally destroyed, but these are point events, and any blood spilled is likely to be by patriots (they’ll call them “vigilantes”). This could still be blamed on Trump.

Whether Trump followed the best strategy is no longer interesting, or important. What matters now is only the election.

Yes, there were the excrescences of Roberts and Gorsuch, cucks who were (it turns out) known to be cucks before the Federal Society recommended them to Trump. There is the lack of a hard border policy. And so on.

There is no point listing all that went wrong or didn’t go as right as we would have liked. We always knew (as I said four years ago) that Trump was a respite, a slow down of the leftist spiral into insanity.

Trump was hampered, perhaps by inclination, but certainly by the oligarchs pursuing every semi-legal and outright illegal move against him. There is no law at the top. This is war. And it says something good about Trump that he beat back all attacks, almost single-handedly. Has any president had this many traitors and spies working in the White House?

Forget all that. Put it out of your mind. None of it makes any difference any longer. It’s Trump or death.

Consider first what a Trump victory would do. Trump winning would send the left into a gibbering frenzy. Why, the number of strokes on the left might outnumber coronadoom cases! That is a most pleasant thought. Perhaps a few would move to much more open violence (BLM terrorists are already doing this). And then—another perhaps—Trump would have no compunction against using force to quell the insurrection and riots.

There are all the judges to be appointed. Sure, many will be cucks. Some won’t. There will be a host of other small victories, and at least another slowing of our spiral of doom. Plus, there is then at least a chance of major victories. With Biden that chance is exactly epsilon (miracles do happen).

Still not convinced? Then consider the oligarchs are scared to death of Trump. All the major ones are boycotting Facebook, pulling their ad money, because Zuckerberg made the mistake of allowing Reality speech.

This should be huge news, but doesn’t seem to be. The oligarchs remember the Meme Wars of 2016. They are doing all they can to prevent a recurrence. But we are, too, when we give in to despair.

All that is to one side. We have to consider what happens if Biden wins. Could anything good come out of it?


Here is one set of predictions, on the gloomier side.

Even now Biden is poring over BLM membership lists to find a Black (we now have to capitalize dark skins) female VP. Because the best way to move to a post-racial future is ensuring everywhere has hard Black quotas. Quotas will become institutionalized to the nth degree. My guess is Biden won’t finish his term (strokes out, retires, disappears), or that he publicly cedes certain powers to his Black.

The only possible sliver of light I can see (and I’m willing to be taught here) is that the oligarchs and loony left calms themselves with a Biden win. Biden, as everybody knows, is an empty vessel who will do whatever he is told. He would be a federal Bill de Blasio. A Biden wins might mean less open violence by BLM and antifa terrorists would be needed.

But it would be the beginning of the systematic destruction of every other Reality-based law, institution, and practice. There would be an increase in federalization of everything, including the police (which is what “abolish” the police means). RBG would retire, and we’d have another Diversity hire. Perhaps a Black man pretending to be a woman.

The left would take a month to celebrate and the, with gleeful abandon, would tighten the screws. Not at the border, which would be opened long enough to ensure voters have no possibility of ever making another mistake.

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  1. JR Ewing

    This is what I don’t understand about anyone who would be inclined to vote Republican but for whatever reason doesn’t want to vote for Trump:

    Don’t they know what the alternative is?

  2. Michael Dowd

    Yes, a Democrat President mean death. Death to America welcome Venezuela.

    Only folks in on the Democrat deal would vote for Biden plus those who don’t know good from bad, i.e, idiots. Unfortunately, we have them in abundance.

    Let us ask God to give enough of our population enough sense to at least know what’s in their best interests by voting for Trump.

  3. Coronadoom might be their excuse, as Biden is still hiding in his mother’s basement. But the numbers just aren’t there to make this plausible, even though the media is trying their best.

    You underestimate how terrified people are of the “rising cases”; places are even reinstituting lockdowns again. My Priest – a good man – gave a homily admonishing people for going to parties and blamed them for extending the crisis.

    This ends when and only when there is a vaccine, which will conveniently be after the election.

    But this is why I appreciate your posts.

  4. Death comes for us all. America is a walking corpse.
    Vote for Trump to delay the inevitable. Vote for Biden to accelerate the boiling of the pot, in the hopes that the frogs will jump before it’s too late.

    Every year that passes by, they get stronger, and we get weaker. Self-declaring Liberals used to be 10%. Now they are 30%. Latinos used to be 1% of the population. Now they are over 20%. What percentage of the USA is noticeably American now?

  5. Sheri

    McChuck–yes, I agree as my comment will attest! Glad to see someone else can see where this goes.
    If Biden weren’t a tech idiot and his whole party too stupid to understand tech (note Hillary smashing hard drives—too stupid to actually remove the data. Had to go old school. Guess the drive won’t go through the shredder) there could be a live debate over the magical space of zeros and ones. Of course, there won’t be, but at least some will understand how stupid the Dems are and what liars. Not enough….but some.

    Vigilantes tend to spill less blood. They are sneakier and better trained than the mob. They can operate in silence, without recognition. The mob cannot. The mob needs BLOOD and has no problem killing its own to get it.

    No, again, the election DOES NOT MATTER. The president and Congress DO NOT RUN THE COUNTRY. The media, judiciary and tech do. Until you come in from the fantasy of “we elect our government”, I guess you’ll live happily in that delusion…..

    Wasn’t Roberts Bush’s gift to us?

    It’s death. Give it up. You already cleared air over the cliff. Became aware waaayyyyy too late for redemption. Gravity will not be mocked. It’s over, done, toast, trashed, etc. Probably should have cared a lot more a couple of decades ago.

    The question here is: Do you rip the bandaid slowly or quickly? A quick decent into the communism and stupidity the public PLEADED for, BEGGED for and made sure happened, or four more years for the “enemy” to be better funded, better organized and the fall of America further, harder and bloodier. That’s your choice. Electing Trump does NOT NOT NOT NOT change the outcome after four years are up. So, slow pull or rip?

  6. “Has any president had this many traitors and spies working in the White House?”

    Probably not.

  7. Anon

    Is Biden really slipping in the old noggin department? Or is it a cover for when his criminality in Ukraine is uncovered? Will “because dementia” save him from prosecution? Will the Dems continue to keep him on the ticket when even some of them have to admit in whispers to each other that the old man isn’t up to snuff? That he has not chosen a VP–or at least have a reliable frontrunner in the public mind–is telling. Anyone whom he would pick would have a parcel of baggage that the Trump campaign would gleefully and publicly unpack (as media is generally in cover-up mode when it comes to any Democrat and refuses to do any real reporting). Every day without a VP is a save for the Dems. Will the Dems try the old switcheroo? Will August dawn and they will say to themselves, why, look at the the cut of Hillary’s jib? How did we miss this superstar in our midst? Some say that Mrs. Obama will the nominee or VP pick for her perceived ability to “unify” because of her skin color. Those who say that may not have seen some of her more trenchant comments vis a vis shows of patriotism. Since her personal achievements are not very impressive, it may be difficult pill for some to swallow. It is a little early to foretell what August will hold, let alone November, but any traction of the left certainly spells doom for the spirit of freedom.

  8. Fredo

    People people people you need to relax Trump is playing 5D chess here.
    They’re already arresting the pilferers and vandals of the past five
    weeks. These fools don’t get it everything you do on social media and
    the internet leads right to your doorstep. Deep blue cities are in full panic
    mode and the governors, mayors, and legislators, know they will be flushed
    after this debacle. There is no way they recover from this.

    Barr’s and Durham’s investigations will come to a head late Summer early
    Fall just in time for the election. The most blatant insidious coup in U.S.
    history will be exposed and the rats will turn on each other as they always
    do. Bereft as they are of honor and decency the snake will consume itself
    tail first. From corona doom to the riots this perfidy marks the low ebb of
    grasping desperation. Already the clarion call for sanity can be heard and
    with time and patience will grow louder as the blue scourge circles the drain.
    Calls for a third term do over will be floated the first having been sabotaged
    with lies and deception.

    Trump’s singular and most important achievement is the destruction of the
    Chi-com State overlooked amidst the banter.

  9. Sander van der Wal

    Compared to four years ago, things are much better, as more and more people are seeing things as they are.

    First, Democrats have nobody stupid enough to go against Trump, the only guy willing to do so is the one forgetting his own name, let alone who Trump is. Last time everybody really believed Clinton would win, this time people are going through the motions only.

    Secondly, the Democrats are shown to be horrible at governing. Cannot keep the peace, cannot protect the population against a pandemic. That movie earlier today of the couple defending their “palace” will get plenty of Democrats to see what is going to happen to them. Antifa punching MAGA hatted Republican blue collar workers they are happy with, but these people are them.

    Just plain 2D Chess. Defending a bad position by throwing all your bishops, rooks and pawns into the fray.

  10. c matt

    Vote for Trump to delay the inevitable. Vote for Biden to accelerate the boiling of the pot,

    Not really sure who is the accelerationist candidate. An argument can be made for either. I lean toward Trump being the accelerationist candidate – his election seems to make the Left heads explode, more engineered riots, disruption, etc. Biden will placate the Left and suddenly Wuhan Flu will no longer be a threat, hopenchange 2.0 etc. Right heads will explode, but that takes the form of strongly worded comments on dissident blogs.

  11. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    People people people you need to relax Trump is playing 5D chess here.

    No he isn’t. He plays golf, not chess, and The Trump Chumps have awakened to the fact he doesn’t reward his voters, he takes them for granted.

    Trump’s singular and most important achievement is the destruction of the
    Chi-com State overlooked amidst the banter.

    What are you using that generates such delusions/hallucinations? China has been routinely stealing our industries, companies , and technologies for decades.

    My brother-in-law was an executive for General Electric and he went China to oversee the installation of some huge turbines and even though GE was told by the Chinese that GE would have to turn over all of its plans, blueprints etc for the turbines and would not be called back to service them, GE took the huge short term profit and China got the turbines and they profited on their ability to reverse engineer etc.

    Don’t vote in national elections

    St Augustine : “there is no justice save in that commonwealth whose founder and ruler is Christ” and “kingdoms without justice are but criminal gangs”.

    Thus, any country (like our American Empire) that legislates contrary to the commandments of Jesus Christ, King of Heaven and Earth, is aught but a criminal gang.

    America, is the biggest baddest ass alpha dog gang ever.

    Remember when Trump was gonna end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?


    So what sentient man wants to vote for the Political Crips, the Stupid Party (Republicans) or vote for the Political Bloods, the Evil Party (Democrats) and continue to validate the baddest ass gang ever?

    Gangs are violent, lawless, vicious, and always striving to conquer the territory of other gangs.

    And Amateur Brain Surgeon is not going to vote for a gang.
    Don’t vote in national elections

    Reasons to Quit Voting

    There are four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance and all four sins are the public policy of America, and all four sins are the favored objects of positive law in America.

    Remind me which one of the four Trump is against…

    Willful Murder  (Abortion, Unjust Wars, Drones, Assassinations)

    The Sin of Sodom (So-called Gay marriage, the acceptance of sodomy as permissible and praise worthy)

    Oppression of the Poor (Usury, which is state-sponsored theft of labor).

    Defrauding Laborers of their Wages (Mass immigration which undermines the wage scale, closing manufacturing in America and relocating it overseas to be done by slaves)

    So, go ahead, vote, but you are voting in favor of the status quo because Trump will not lift one of his stumpy fingers to oppose the four sins and so what difference does your vote make when you are voting in support for a politician whose support of the public policy in support of the four sins is unquestioned?

    Tell your own self you are discharging you civic duty because you are. As a subject of America, it is your duty to vote to legitimise these institutionalised evils which call to Heaven for God to destroy America.

    As for ABS, he ain’t voting. He’ll stay home and not participate in these evil elections. He’ll stay home, drink some quality cabernet and listen to Mozart, Vivaldi, or Beethoven.

    O, and don’t be blind to the truth that those we oppose – BLM, Liberals, Democrats – are aught but instruments of Gods Divine Justice because of what America has become. Trump is an instrument also, especially is one is to think of Trump as a morally probative man and if he isn’t elected we are screwed.

    If you are not convinced, go back and read the Books of Kings and see how the happiness of a nation depended on the holiness of its leaders.

    Vote for Trump because of his holiness or vote for Biden because of his holiness because all life is spiritual warfare. That’s the faux choice the voters are given every year

    Judges XXI The last verse in the book…. ..But everyone did that which seemed right to himself.

    This is America and the natural result of a country which rejected The Kingship of Christ and the fact it took so long to arrive at the point we are at is prolly attributable to the patience and mercy of God.

    But now, it seems the Justice of God will be applied to us and woe betide the man who thinks politics is a substitute for salvation and sanctification.

    Now, if Trump were to appear in public in sackcloth, covered in ashes, and announce a month of national prayer and fasting…

  12. Fredo

    ABS…. Und so weiter….Don’t you wanna come in for the big win? Trump
    may be an imperfect instrument but he seems to have uncanny judgement
    and has dealt with the crap heaped upon him masterfully. I really don’t
    see him as much of a Republican but more as a force of nature. And despite
    all he has suffered he’s still got humor as he pisses on the deep state and
    says, “You like that”?

  13. Rudolph Harrier

    I agree with c matt; Trump is the accelerationist candidate.

    Look at all that the left has done to try to stop President Trump. They just tried to make DC a state in a blatant attempt to get more senators, they’ve made it their life work to screw over General Flynn as hard as possible, they’ve openly embraced out and out doublethink with their rapid vacillation between saying that any reopening will cause deaths from Wuflu but that protests have no effect (or maybe even lower infection rates?). They are quadrupling down at this point.

    Why would they stop any of this after Trump secures his second term? They’ll have the “legal efforts have failed, our democracy is fundamentally broken” card to play.

    In contrast Biden (or rather his puppetmasters) would of course push the progressive agenda hard, but since the establishment GOP would not even object the average person would not notice most of it happening until it is too late.

    But on top of the accelerationism, there’s no doubt that President Trump would be the only candidate to do any sort of good for the nation. So if you think that the country is inevitably headed for conflict and that it would be better to have it sooner, President Trump is the only choice. If you think that conflict can be avoided and we need to improve the country as much as possible, President Trump is the only choice.

  14. Johnno

    Another possibility –

    Ensure that Vote Fraud is RAMPANT.

    And I don’t mean that Vote Fraud should determine the election for the Dem candidate. They don’t need to do that. They only need to ensure it occurs on a large enough scale to cast doubt on the election, whether by an overbundance of Trump or Biden votes in this or that contentious state.

    Then instead of redoing or recounting any vote (because COVID), they will just have the Courts decide who won the election.

    The courts will then just look at all the precious MSM polls showing Biden in the lead or getting the ‘popular vote’ and hand it to Biden.

    The Dems scream victory and the ‘triumph’ of the system. The RINOs tell Trump to accept the decision and not fight it and not divide the country because ‘togetherness’ and ‘order’ and ‘respect the courts.’

    In some House of Cards turn, Biden drops dead or retires and the Veep takes over, whoever that is.

  15. Rick Clayderman

    To Amateur Brain Surgeon: I am asking this question quite genuinely, I am interested in your thoughts.

    Your post above refers to: “The Sin of Sodom (So-called Gay marriage, the acceptance of sodomy as permissible and praise worthy)” as a sin that calls out for God’s vengeance.

    I have my own reasons for thinking your point is correct, but could you elaborate upon the reasons you believe that sexual conduct between same-sex people rises to this high level of sinfulness?

    This issue is worth getting clarity. Thanks in advance.

  16. C-Marie

    To Amateur Brain Surgeon comment:
    Of these four, following:
    “Remind me which one of the four Trump is against…
    1.Willful Murder (Abortion, Unjust Wars, Drones, Assassinations)
    2.The Sin of Sodom (So-called Gay marriage, the acceptance of sodomy as permissible and praise worthy)
    3.Oppression of the Poor (Usury, which is state-sponsored theft of labor).
    4.Defrauding Laborers of their Wages (Mass immigration which undermines the wage scale, closing manufacturing in America and relocating it overseas to be done by slaves)”

    President Trump has actively shown that he is against numbers one, three, and four.
    As for number two, he appears to still believe that persons can be or are “that way”, which appears to also be the stand of official Catholicism….see JP II’s catechism.

    And that is sad for the Bible clearly states that God created human sexuality male and female, and that is born out by scientific fact, let alone God’s own Word. The Bishops who have received Jesus Christ’s power and authority, ought to be healing people and freeing people from the falslehoods they are believing. Think of the responsibility the Bishops have to do this!! Think of the children being exposed to these falsehoods that are being allowed to continue without visible moves against them by the Bishops!!

    Definitely do pray for daily, and vote for President Trump who is very fallible as we all are, and who is cooperating with God’s Holy Spirit in many ways.

    God bless, C-Marie

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