Prediction: Biden’s Minders Won’t Let Him Debate

Prediction: Biden’s Minders Won’t Let Him Debate

It’s cheating to start with this clip of Biden’s mental f— Biden’s mental f— Biden’s mental fitness, but politics is war.

My favorite part, incidentally, is around 45 seconds when Biden must have seen someone off camera frantically waving and his manic laughing ceased.

At the end of June, I said this:

My suspicion is that Biden won’t be allowed to face Trump in a debate. Biden’s dementia, or mental incapacity, is already obvious for all those who allow themselves to see it. Letting him go up against Trump in even one two-hour debate would force those who won’t see to acknowledge Biden’s limitations. Quietly, to themselves, of course.

Coronadoom might be their excuse, as Biden is still hiding in his mother’s basement [and he hasn’t left yet]. But the numbers just aren’t there to make this plausible, even though the media is trying their best. They might use coronadoom to modify the “debate”, by insisting on pre-recorded answers to softball media questions. Safety first!

They might say a debate is impossible because of Trump’s irredeemable “racism”, and so he is not deserving of respect…

I stand by this prediction, which I now believe is more probable (but not certain) than it was six weeks ago. Here’s why.

Propaganda outlets and the Deep State have already begun signaling the debates can, and should, be canceled. They haven’t received much, if any, push-back on these trial lead balloons, which will encourage them.

Here’s the leading prog yellow sheet: “Let’s Scrap the Presidential Debates“.

Nervous managers of the scheduled 2020 presidential debates are shuffling the logistics and locations to deal with the threat of the coronavirus. But here’s a better idea: Scrap them altogether. And not for health reasons.

Their excuse is that debates aren’t serious enough. Other propaganda outlets are dutifully forwarding this line.

Right now, there are three debates scheduled where, as Biden said in the clip he will sit, and possibly even stand, against Trump: 29 September, 15 October, and 22 October.

The first date is eight weeks off, which makes now just the right time to start the push for cancellation. They couldn’t announce a week before, for instance, that Gropin’ Joe wouldn’t be available, because it would look to everybody (except NPR listeners) that Biden was fleeing. They start now, and in, say, three to four weeks they announce the debates are off. Lots of time, then, to spin the cancellation as a “success”.

They’ll need an excuse, though.

Coronadoom will be an increasingly tough sell. Attributed deaths are falling fast, and even the over-zealous “new” “cases” (mostly mild to no symptom infections) are dropping. They’ll need to sell the public some aspect other than reality to keep the panic going. Perhaps “totals”, which only ever go up.

This sell job isn’t an inconceivable task. They have already so agitated the easily led that a majority now support nation-wide stay-at-home orders! For two weeks. It’s always just two more weeks. Then two more. Then two more. Then, et cetera, until Biden can skate.

Black Lunatic Marxists is still a possibility, but weaker than when the riots were nationwide. It will be hard—I do not say impossible—to convince the public that Portland can be blamed on Trump.

What’s left? It doesn’t have to be one thing. It can be a bit of coronadoom, a bit of Antifa terrorism, and a mixture of other excuses. Most of these revolve around the supposed unseriousness of Trump, pace:

Democrat strategist Joe Lockhart also thinks skipping the debate is in Biden’s best interest. He alleged:

“It is a fool’s errand to enter the ring with someone who can’t follow the rules or the truth.”

Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart and other Biden supporters have been telling Biden for months to not debate Trump. They have said that doing so would give Trump more steam, just as it did in 2016.

Don’t scoff at these maneuvers, which are to us obvious and absurd dodges. Yet they work. Trump has driven the left nuts, so much so that many on the left are not able to think straight. I don’t mean this an insult or gibe, but as an observation. Many really do believe Trump is “literally” Hitler, times two.

Neo-Conman Bill Kristol has already started covering for the Con-servative Inc. He tweeted on 3 August, “If early voting is underway before the scheduled debates, then it seems unfair to early voters to have those debates as scheduled. But so much work went in to the schedule that it seems unfair to change it. So I guess the fairest thing might be to skip the debates this year.”

Watch for this “pragmatic” excuse to be echoed by the other cruise-ship think-tank grifters, neo-Conmen, and Never Trumpers.

If the debates are cancelled, watch, too, for the slick set to turn on real conservatives and rightists who deduce from the cancellation Biden’s mental incapacity. Calling out dementia will be worse than the “n-word”, at least for a little while.

What say you? Give an indication of the chances they continue to hide Biden until the election. Note that calling for “pre-written” responses, which I predicted in June would be their “solution”, is not an official debate.

Late addition I wrote all this Wednesday morning, after which I discovered they won’t even let Biden go to his own convention “because” of coronadoom! So if anybody is interested in betting about the debates, just let me know.

Update Biden’s handler speaks.

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  1. Sheri

    Come on, predict something difficult.

    Trump is not going to his own convention……He’s giving the his speech from “home”. Joe can broadcast from the basement, with competent tech assistance.

    I fully believe a man suffering from dementia, hiding in his basement, can win an election. It’s a bit different, but FDR won FOUR elections, in spite of his using a wheelchair. This was hidden quite well from the public. It’s a bit harder with Biden, but I can’t see that a significant portion of American democratic voters think Biden’s dementia is a problem. Heck, a large percentage probably have no idea he’s not making sense since their education is about kindergarten level or less and they were not taught to think. Debate or no, he can still win.

  2. Sheri

    I would also note FDR got in after a world war, the Spanish flu epidemic, and the stock market crash. We had the housing crash, the economic downturn and now a pandemic illness. The timing is perfect to run in Biden. Terrified people want a change, even if it means jumping off the cliff to see if that’s better than the top. It’s an historical fact.

  3. DAV

    Biden might be a senior fool but those who would vote for him doubly so. No debate will fix that.

  4. Joy

    All they ever talk about on CNN is Trump and it’s all bad bad bad.

    Only the who have already made up their minds will take any notice.
    Some will marvel at the real ‘unfairness’ of how Trump’s been treated and vote for him out of that principle.
    The hags in Parliament helped elect Boris Johnson. So dreadful was the behaviour.

    Result? History was made and records broken.
    I hope the same thing happens for Trump. He’s not been allowed a true presidency time frame.
    If it were a game, they’d let him have another go.

    I take it from CNN’s videos above that they are more embarrassed by Biden than they are about Trump. As you write your article they are working on getting ahead of the ‘narrative’.

    He hasn’t been treated fairly or like a president should be since the beginning and that means others who follow will also suffer similar treatment. Respect has gone.

  5. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    ABS went for a routine check-up a few days ago and his female doc, a very intelligent woman, asked if he’d seen “The Handmaid Tale” series.

    Doc said she is convinced that Trump will not leave office after his election defeat and, thus, that TV series is prescient. She said that Trump is dying to declare his own self a Dictator.

    Many men think much, or even most, of this talk is rhetorical. Sadly, it ain’t.

    The left has no religion other than politics and it thinks they are the righteous ones defending the true political creed (of the moment) against the racist barbarians who hate liberty

  6. Michael Dowd

    My prediction: Hillary appointed VP. Biden gets the Virus with a forecast long recovery. Hillary debates Trump. During the debate Biden interrupts from his bedroom claiming he is recovering but says he is not well enough to campaign and asks Hillary if she would be willing to do this for him. Great theater. Love and compassion all the way. Biden hits it big with Blacks and Females. Biden wins. Hillary runs the joint. Trump form a 3rd Party. Enough for now.

  7. Dean Ericson

    ”They’ll need an excuse, though. […] It can be a bit of coronadoom, a bit of Antifa terrorism, and a mixture of other excuses.”

    How about a cruise missile attack on the White House. Or a nuke fries New York City. Or they start a war with Russia. Think chutzpah.

  8. Jerry

    I think Michael Dowd nailed it.

    Folks, at this point I believe the American public is dumber than a sack of hammers. But until I see it with my own eyes, I can’t believe they would elect Joe Biden.

    A Trump dictatorship sounds more appealing.

  9. BAS

    ”They’ll need an excuse, though. […] It can be a bit of coronadoom, a bit of Antifa terrorism, and a mixture of other excuses.”

    Don’t forget the Russians! And I’m sure Trump said the n-word at one point in his life that somebody will finally remember! And some other delusional woman will come out and claim Trump abused her! Every trick in the tired old bag is worth pulling out again for old time’s sake.

  10. Praenestrian

    If it were a clean & fair election, Trump wins hands down despite MSM encouraging folks to vote for anything “not Trump”. Dems are far too desperate to trust the outcome without their stacking the deck. We ought to publically plan for a post-election recount/investigation now since the Dems are projecting Trump’s unwillingness to concede defeat.

  11. Dennis

    It’s been clear for while that Biden’s handlers are looking for a way out. Anything that involves Biden speaking risk s disaster (though he can always rely on the mainstream media to run cover for him – that’s why it’s necessary for him to be forced into public forums where large numbers of people will see his cognitive issues in full view . Trump should hammer the debate theme constantly, talk it up, say how excited he is to debate, set the stage for painting Biden as fearful and having something to hide.

    I think Trump’s alleged “debate” skills highly over-rated – and he’s not the sharpest tool in the box himself – and American “debates” have always been largely a joke. But we need Biden to be put on the spot in full public glare.

  12. Praenestrian

    Votes not subject to a recount due to no paper trail and/or without possibility of verification of voter eligibility ought to be discarded.

  13. Sheri

    The statements that Trump won’t leave are the same tactic Hillary used when she asked if Trump would accept the results if he lost. She would NOT accept the results but had already set Trump up as the bad guy who wouldn’t accept results. She was guiltless. The news is telling you if Trump wins, THE DEMOCRATS WILL NOT ACCEPT THE RESULTS. He won’t leave the White House because he obviously lost the election even if he won. It’s convoluted, but trust me, if Trump wins, the Dems will say he actually lost and won’t leave the White House. They will make their prediciton real no matter what.

  14. Uncle Mike

    Joe Dementia needs to answer some real questions from the public whether he debates or not. For instance, how does he feel about his supporters burning Bibles while destroying cities? Is Joe a satanic monster too? Does he condone devil worship?

    Burning Bibles is kind of in-your-face societal annihilation. Is the New Left channeling Charlie Manson? Is Ozone Joe leading that charge or too afraid to confront it? Is he even aware of what is going on?

  15. MikeJ

    If the debates mean nothing, why are the communists trying to cancel them? I think maybe the swing voters are more influenced by these debates than many want to believe.

    The communists will never acknowledge anyone other than their chosen candidate in any election, at any level. They have a long history of trying to steal elections, from local dogcatcher to President. After all, their entire game plan before elections, and after them, is to lie, cheat, and steal, all in the name of moving their revolution forward. They are just like their patron demon, who was a liar and a murder from the beginning. There is no compromise with evil.

    Our problem is that half of the country is in agreement with them, and all of the institutions, including the NGO that calls itself the Church of the New Advent, and masquerades as the Catholic Church.

    Sancta Pia Decima, ora pro nobis.

  16. Uncle Mike

    Dear MikeJ,

    I agree. One point worth emphasizing: this struggle is not just a political one, it is also (and even more so) a spiritual one. People who openly, knowingly, and with malice burn the Word of God, the teachings of Jesus Christ, are challenging much more than the political order.

    People of Faith need to recognize that and reaffirm their faith publicly with absence of malice. That’s a tricky thing because the Satanists desire as much hatred and anger as they can provoke. Christians must rise above that and profess the teachings using their foundational beliefs. The means are the end result.

  17. Grima Squeakersen

    As I said the last time you raised the issue of Biden’s mental competence, his prospective refusal to debate easily could be a positive for Trump’s reelection. As soon as Biden selects a running mate, Trump needs to jump all over this issue, and hammer home the idea that anyone who casts a vote for Biden, is actually voting for that vice-presidential candidate to be POTUS. With Biden ducking debates and with his dementia pretty well established, that should be a saleable proposition, and, IMO, a winning one. Progressives are making a big stink at the moment, but there have to be a shit-ton of voters who dislike Trump enough to consider voting for Biden, but who do not in any way, shape or form want Stacey Abrams, Susan Rice, Karen Bass, or Kamala Harris to be running the show in 2021.

  18. Ganderson

    Off topic, but kinda relevant: there will be no in person college this fall, and in all likelihood K-12 schools will be remote as well. Smith College and UMASS just announced that their fall semesters will be 100% remote- expect Williams, Amherst, the Ivies, etc to follow.

    Colleges are now being run by crazy people, most of whom vote. Bad omen for November, although I’m not really holding out hope that a Trump victory will arrest out descent into the abyss. I’m beginning to wonder if my Fundamentalist friends are right about the apocalypse being right around the corner.

  19. S. F. Griffin

    If early voting is underway before some of Bill Kristol’s election content is published, then it seems unfair to early voters to have that content published. But so much work went in to the schedule that it seems unfair to change it. So I guess the fairest thing might be to skip publishing some of Bill Kristol’s content.

  20. Grima Squeakersen

    @ganderson: Possibly no student will physically attend college in the Masshole Republic, with possible copycatechism in PRNJ, etc., but I’m skepical this will pertain everywhere else. The good news is that the colleges inplementing this policy this are the worst hotbeds of proggaganda, so they are to an extent shooting themselves in the foot (for all of the yammering on fecal media, rabble-rousing is most effective when done in person).

    @S. F. Griffin: excellent, but one thought needs amending: “the fairest thing might be to skip publishing ANY of Bill Kristol’s content”. Starve the bastard.

  21. S. F. Griffin

    @Grima Squeakersen, I always thought of it as a lower bound.

  22. Sylvain Allard

    « Coronadoom will be an increasingly tough sell. Attributed deaths are falling fast »

    They are not falling, they are rising since July 8. They are above 1000 for the last 2 weeks.

  23. C-Marie

    Absolutely, the one chose for VP as running mate, will be chosen for the ability to carry out the presidency according to the “theys” wishes. There will b no debates. They cannot chance it. The clarity of President Trump the debates would give, would give many of those now against President Trump, much to consider.
    God bless, C-Marie

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