Government By The Damned

Government By The Damned

Almost all of those who have managed to put themselves in charge of us are bad people. They are right about only a few things, wrong about most. They sometimes do the right thing, but usually not. They are best when they are indifferent to us. They are not often indifferent.

The charity of our leaders has grown cold. They have no compassion for their charges. They love themselves alone.

They know what we know: that the country, or regime, or whatever you want to call the system in which we live, is dying. Whether it can be saved or transformed into something good is an open question. What is certain, though, is that our leaders have seen the disintegration and are using and creating chaos to enrich themselves.

There are two systems of law, one for them, a pay-as-you-go negotiation with other leaders for indiscretions that can’t be kept quiet, and one for us, a capricious dictatorial set of ever-expanding impossible-to-follow rules.

Examples of the duality, not just in law but in every aspect of life, abound. There are too many to list. Here is one: “LA Teachers Union Demands Defunding Of Police, Medicare-For-All And Ban On New Charter Schools As Conditions For Reopening Schools”.

Here is another:

Seems small, but, no. Notice they use “vandal” for this one man who did the right thing. They used “peaceful protesters” for the tens of thousands who rioted, looted, burned, vandalized, and murdered.

Angelo Codevilla has cast his keen eye on the land. He calls our system a “Scamocracy“. His better article is the excuse for this lesser one.

Notice how the stock market has done well in the midst of unnecessary lockdowns? Funny how Amazon and other big companies benefited while ordinary people took it in the gut. The same guy who owns Amazon owns the Washington Post, a propaganda sheet which praised, and praises still, the immoral removal of liberty of millions.

And did you also notice how every “solution” to every “problem” for at least the last two decades involved sending more of your own money and wealth to the rich?


Our ruling class transformed America’s regime by instituting a succession of scams, each of which transferred power and wealth to themselves. These scams’ blending into one another compel us to recognize them, individually and jointly, as the kind of governance that Augustine called “magnum latrocinium,” thievery writ large. Thievery of power even more than of money—colloquially, scamocracy.

My Latin is rusty, so I don’t know the right replacement, but magnum is inadequate.

…Consider: Does the ruling class’s shutdown of America, supposedly to save us from Covid-19, have anything in common with its campaign for all manner of racial preferences in the name of racial equality? How about with its campaign against fossil fuels to save us from Global Warming? What does it have in common with establishing the proper relationship between the sexes by promoting divorce and abortion, by presuming men guilty of sexual assault, and by redefining sex? Does it resemble in any way the dumbing down of American education that resulted from the manifold increases in educational spending that promised the opposite? And could any of these ever-so-diverse campaigns possibly be related to the War on Poverty that swelled America’s underclass, or to the post-1945 wars that produced defeat upon defeat but filled corporate boards with retired generals?

What do all these preoccupations that have dominated American life the last half century have in common? All…have been ginned up by the same people, America’s bipartisan ruling class. All have been based on propositions touted as scientific truth by the most highly credentialed persons in America—experts certified by the U.S government, enshrined by academia as science’s spokesmen, and fawned upon by the media working in concert to forbid any disagreement on the matter whatsoever. Yet virtually all their propositions have turned out to be false, and indeed have produced effects opposite to those claimed.

Long-time readers will know how thin the clay of experts’ feet is. The good ones sell out or are cowards, the bad ones swell the ranks.

Not incidentally, somehow, all these scams ended up putting more power and money into the very same hands—their hands—while diminishing the rest of Americans’ freedoms and prospects. Accident, comrade? No. Taking valuable things under false pretenses for the falsifiers’ benefit is the very definition of fraud, of scam. The scams that have flowed from society’s commanding heights are products of our ruling class’s ever-growing internal solidarity, of confidence in its own superiority and entitlement to rule. They are the other side of its intellectual/moral isolation, and of its co-option of ever-less competent members—hence of its corruption. Whenever you hear someone claiming to speak on behalf of the scamocracy, you may be sure that person is a fraud.

Look, friends, there’s only one major (earthly) thing we can do about this, and that is ensure Donald Trump is reelected. If he is not, we are lost. It is not that we are saved if he is elected. But his election is at least a chance for moments of sanity.

You have to put aside disappointments you had in the man. There is no other choice. Biden is an empty vessel, the diversity hire VP that will replace him a token. Giving power to Biden is to give power to the oligarchs directly.

You might not think the rich have much left to steal, but they surely do. An oligarch considering stealing ten dollars from every citizen has over three billion reasons to convince him.

Our leaders have no ideology except rapine. All the causes they embrace are cover for their theft, and nothing more. Sure, they’re pleased they have so many useful idiots and true believers willing to slit their own throats (metaphorically). But once these people have outlived their usefulness, they’ll be tossed on the pile without ceremony.

At least, that’s their plan. Or their hubris. Mobs aren’t so easy to steer once they taste blood.

You might not be enthusiastic about Trump now, but you had better get that way fast.

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  1. Peter

    This is what Hayek wrote in 1944 about governments. Reasons why a numerous and strong group is more likely to be formed by the worst rather the best elements of society: 1. The higher their intelligence, the less likely people agree. 2. the negative principle of selection: he will be able to obtain the support of all the docile and gullible, who have no strong convictions of their own but are prepared to accept a ready-made system of value if it is only drummed into their ears sufficiently loudly and frequently. 3. it is easier for people to agree on a negative program (hate for some particular person or group of people) than on any positive task.

  2. awildgoose

    Trump is the only choice if we want four more all too short years of prep time for what comes next.

    If they mail fraud Biden into the White House, all bets are off on Day One.

  3. Michael Dowd

    100% true. Delay the deluge, vote for Trump.

  4. Shecky R

    Achtung! So entertaining to watch Matt & his merry band of cultists rapidly descend deeper & deeper into psychopathy, self-delusion, bogus science, & utter hubris…

  5. Gary Boyd

    “There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.” – Daniel Webster

  6. Sheri

    IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO YOU ELECT. I am amazed there are those stupid enough to still believe the lie. All you get is FOUR MORE YEARS of media tantrums, burning cities, etc and then everything goes to hell assuming there is anything left to do so. Since Americans thought it was not worth doing squat to save their country, they are getting what they want now in the destruction of it. Failure to act is actually approval or at best, surrender. If America wasn’t worth saving before, it was so easy to pay the government to indoctrinate your brats to Marxism, stare for hours at the TV or internet and get all your news from a news feed, it’s not happening now. America is getting EXACTLY what it demanded and supported.

    Yes, the rich are the problem. It’s in the Bible, it’s all through history. Most men who attain extreme wealth care only for money. Not their wives, not their kids, not any other human. Humans are just a means to an end. How we fix this? Too late. Went out the window with Eve and the apple. We lust, we covet. We are little pathetic wannabes. We will prostitute our souls to try and be like the rich and all the while they hate us. Seriously, humans should be extinct.

    I am very tired of people treating Trump like the Second Coming. He’s ONE man (not the son of God) and the rest of America sits on its backside and hopes Trump will save their lazy backsides. This is un-American, un-Christian, and very, very stupid. The outcome will be very, very bad.

  7. Bnon

    Indeed the lesser of two evils is Trump. At least he wants law and order, instead of chaos. He hasn’t always done things that turned out well, but nobody ever does and cannot always be perfect. At least he wants to maintain structure and discipline. He’s the only one who wanted to punish people for destroying government property (monuments/statues) that have been there for a LONG time. Only now, the destructive people who did those thing are doing it because it’s an opportunity to, not because they believe they should for a moral reason. Owning slaves at the time those men did was common. They were ignorant. Just because they were ignorant, doesn’t mean they didn’t do extraordinarily good things. The monument doesn’t represent the bad only, just like it doesn’t represent the good only. It’s just a symbol for the impacts the person depicted as the statue has made. They know this deep down, but the vandalizers needed to express their pent up energy. Because they believe they are perfect and never express their struggles or concern, even though they know they have them. So they give those angry expressions out to irrelevant situations when the opportunity comes, because they’ve bottled up so much hate. At least Trump expresses a lot of his good and bad so that we know a little more about who we’re dealing with as our leader.

  8. c matt

    So I guess the difference between a mafia and the government is the quantity and quality of weapons they possess.

  9. Fredo

    My greatest fear with Trump is that he could be the greatest
    controlled opposition candidate of all time. I mean if you look at the
    Democratic platform what else could they promote that is so outlandish
    it pretty much guarantees his reelection. That and the three plus years
    of the sh_t-show that has indited no one and sucked all the air from relevant
    news events. He also recently endorsed GAVI and gave them the WHO
    funding, this is the vaccine alliance that wants to vaccinate everyone
    on the planet. They are the brainchild of none other than Bill Gates and
    joined at the hip with the WHO. So I don’t know given the binary political
    flytrap we’re in he seems like the lesser of two evils but he did just
    superintend the faux-demic and biggest heist in US history. He talks a
    good game but his results keep coming up short, you know like 200 miles
    of a 3000 mile border wall. The old Roman adage of caveat emptor is
    as always eternally relevant. He’s looking more and more like a master of
    ceremonies Asimov’s mule as it were. Don’t get me wrong given the
    the mildewed political weeds running for office he’s a stand up daisy,
    and we might be forgiven for confusing him with a rose.

  10. john b()

    So that would be:

    Of the Damned?, By The Damned?, For the Damned?

    I don’t choose to be Damned (No one else here should be either)

  11. awildgoose

    Unfortunately, Trump and Biden’s are the only Presidential candidates we will be offered this fall.

    I agree that the only difference is solely one of velocity. A significant change in direction is not possible under the current paradigm.

  12. “Our leaders have no ideology except rapine. All the causes they embrace are cover for their theft, and nothing more.” Says this Briggs fellow. I assumed he was against the theft and the rapine, but then he recommends Trump.

    So I guess he’s for it:

    (In case you’re not aware, it is illegal for a federal employee to use his office to promote a product. Not much of a “law and order” president, obviously.)

  13. C-Marie

    Actually, The main reason as to why President Trump has succeeded so well, prior to the Covid-19, is because he was chosen by God to be our President at this time. President Trump has accomplished more than any pther President that the United States has had, but President Lincoln…freed the slaves, and President Reagan….President Gorbachev, tear down that wall!”

    No one, but perhaps those behind the release of Covid-19 knew what would be needed to bring people back to health from it and what the medical needs would be which would arise. God’s mercy is at work in the midst of all of this.

    That Biden is the candidate for the left shows how serious those behind him are. They know clearly just what they would be able to accomplish if Biden is elected.
    Americans have this choice before them. Remember that Hillary won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college votes. That means that more Americans voted for the murder of the unborn and just born children, for Hillary was very clear about her
    stance for the killing of those children.

    When we the people of the United States receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and God, repeal the law allowing the murder of unborn and just born children, and repeal the law allowing “marriage” contracts between same sex people, protect the sanctity of education for children, the santity of God ordained marriage, the sanctity of life, then our country will be renewed.

    This will come to pass a time from now, but there will be much in the way of extreme difficulties and more, When scared, ask Jesus for His peace and He will give it to you. We are praying for all who have hearts for God and for those who will have hearts for Him.

    I am still amazed at the times in which we are living, but God chose for us to live in these times. All thanks be to Him! Like, sort of, Gandalf and Frodo in the mountain, it is what we do with the times we are given. Ask God. and do as He shows you to do.

    Look to Jesus and He will keep you.

    God bless, C-Marie

  14. David B.

    I will vote for Trump if he does one thing:
    Sign an executive order banning any government official from enforcing mask mandate – however that needs to be worded I don’t care, just so it makes them all toothless – and banning any further covid related “safety measures” by mandate.

    If he does that, I would freaking campaign for Trump. I would post daily Facebook updates to my stunned family and colleagues. I would go door to door. You tell me how many MAGA hats to buy and I will buy them all.

    Do it, Trump. Win.

  15. john b()


    I don’t see a nameplate “office of the president” or a clear presidential seal anywhere in the picture – I thought it was an SNL bit

    Besides maybe these products have electrolytes?
    You didn’t think of that, did ya?

    Trump’s just cancelling cancel culture – it’s political – nothing else

  16. Kathleen

    Look, friends, there’s only one major (earthly) thing we can do about this, and that is ensure Donald Trump is reelected. If he is not, we are lost.

    That needs to be highlighted.


    Some perspective is needed here.

    Specifically about what we’re on the brink of. And how the very high the odds are stacked against us avoiding or even delaying it.

    Catholics here need to be placing Trump and our country on the Paten in their intentions during every Offertory united to the Grace of the Perfect Sacrifice.

    All of us need to stop whining about our personal irritations and focus on the real.

    A timely reminder the fast track we’re on:

  17. Fredo

    I completely agree Kathleen…he may be an idiot but he’s our idiot.
    He does have a human spark and energy lacking across the political
    spectrum. I just hope he’s genuine and I do tend to over analyze; he has
    done many great things despite the forces arrayed against him.

  18. Kathleen

    Yep, Fredo, Trump has done a lot of good.

    God likes taking people that everyone looks at and says, “no way!” and using them to kick old Mr. Stinky, our enemy, in the teeth.

    It’s like the motley group I am BLESSED to work with on trying to save poor souls at the abortion mill in the worst Michigan weather. BOY are we a pathetic looking bunch! Especially bundled up for Michigan winter! It is to laugh!

    But God uses us!

  19. Fredo

    Well God bless you Kathleen and your group! Never lose heart!

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