Michigan Criminal Misdemeanor Fear Face Fiat: $500 Fine

Michigan Criminal Misdemeanor Fear Face Fiat: $500 Fine

The Godmother (Cuomo) has the worst record as far as caused deaths go—how about that nursing home debacle?—and California’s Gavin Newsome is the most oleaginous “leader”, but Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer is the dumbest and most dictatorial coronadoom overseer.

Her leadership style is best described as vindictive. She never passes up an opportunity to let her subjects know how disappointed in them she is. She awarded herself “emergency powers”, and then extended those powers, under which she made criminals out of citizens who behaved normally.

Yes, really. As of 13 July, not wearing a mask is a criminal misdemeanor, subject to a $500 fine. Whitmer graciously did not impose any prison sentence for a “willful violation” of her dictate.

Technically, the GOP-led legislature can revoke Whitmer’s self-awarded powers, but like all GOP, they are cucks and cowards. Politics here is as in DC, and is like wrestling. Every week, the “two” parties gather and decide who will take the fall and who gets to “win”.

Not everybody has lost their sense of humor about the insanity. Cops & Donuts, makers of the “Don’t Glaze Me, Bro” coffee cup, are selling a t-shirt with a picture of the UP and the words “Social Distancing since 1837”.

I’m happy to report some are ignoring the Fear Face fiat. In certain places and by certain people, anyway. I won’t say who or where because of the chance Karens would step up patrols of these areas.

Many do wear the masks, though. And not just because they fear arrest and being labeled a criminal on their permanent record. No, they are frightened of the bug. This can only be because they have absorbed and believed the constant—this word is not hyperbole: I mean constant—propaganda about how dangerous the now almost disappeared bug is. The news is of little else, and every named person is vice signaling “Wear a mask!”

Just yesterday, Whitmer extended her term of dictator until August 11, because, she said, of the “spike” in new coronadoom cases. So I thought it would be of interest to do our normal analysis just on Michigan.

Here are the number of daily tests (source).

The arrow shows the criminal mask mandate date. Yesterday, there were 34,133 reported tests, the highest ever. Again, these are the daily reported tests. As with the national numbers, this plot should amaze and appall you. If it does not, you have not understood it.

The testing is being driven by constant propaganda and by hospital protocols. Naturally, all this testing is causing “new” “cases” to be discovered. Panicked people are rushing to get tested. Which increases “new” “cases”, which etc. etc.

By “cases” I mean what the media and government means: new or old infections, symptomatic or not. That is not what doctors used to call “cases”, which were symptomatic infections requiring treatment. But these days everything is political.

Daily reported deaths:

As you can see, the testing has nothing to do with the number of reported deaths. When these were at their peak, testing was low. Now that reported deaths are in the “noise” (I use this word with scare quotes carefully), testing has gone insane, like everywhere else.

Again, the point at which citizens are turned into criminals is noted.

No Fear Face fiat when deaths were at their peak, when it might have made some kind of sense to wear a mask in certain situations, if you were in a high-risk group (old, fat, and sick). Whitmer, like others, waited until the crisis was over to issue her dictate.

Look at the deaths, starting early June. These numbers resemble a sort of steady background, i.e. noise, like radio static. Yet all reported numbers have causes: what might they be here?

Whitmer, in her pique, issued one of the most dramatic statewide lockdowns (even though most deaths were in the Detroit metro area, and the population in the north is low and spread out), which she gradually began lifting on and around June first (update first, then downstate). About a week later, the reported deaths ticked up slightly, and have remained at that level ever since.

The best explanation for this is that people, especially downstate, began to return to the doctors and hospitals for illnesses they put off treating during the lockdowns, when fear was at its peak. Hospital and medical protocols kicked in, everybody was tested, testing increased, “new” “cases” rose, and attributed deaths upticked.

Attributed, not necessarily caused. There is a world of difference in dying with or with suspicion to dying from (one example).

Since “cases” are now infections, old or new, and attribution of death is loose but steady, even in the face of enormous increases in tests, this crisis will not end. This man-made crisis, I should say. If the hyper-increased testing was revealing largely genuine new cases, the deaths should be rising accordingly; since they’re not, we know these attributions are “extra vigilant”, shall we say.

Masks at this point do nothing. Yet they are being painted as utterly crucial to everybody’s survival. Ordinary people believe this. Since the numbers and analysis shown here is not difficult, either Michigan’s health officials and Governor are ignorant (a genuine possibility) or they know what they are doing, and are doing it for purely political reasons.

Bonus The CDC’s weekly COVID deaths, updated on 15 July.

The CDC Director yesterday said: “COVID-19 could be controlled in 1-2 months if people wear masks.” Control what? Not deaths; those are controlled. Why now are we being asked to put on Fear Faces?

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  1. Michael Dowd

    One interesting aspect of this faux crisis is that it is bought and paid for by the Federal Government with borrowed money created out of thin air. If the government was serious about its finances this would have never happened. But since it all worked so well this time we should expect this to continue until the full Communist take over or we go bankrupt.

  2. Sheri

    If you can’t move out of Michigan, the ideal solution is to wear a paper bag with eye holes and write “Michigan victim” on it. You can use different colored bags for each day of the week, just to add variety. Better yet, join the recall effort. Or the armed protesters (YES! actual America-loving protesters!!) that surrounded the capital to show their hatred of the witch in office. Now, if only they had been so ambitious in keeping the witch from being elected.

    I was always told conservatives didn’t protest due to jobs. They don’t have jobs now, yet they are still sitting on their wide backsides supporting the NFL trashing the country. Covid has shown us the truth—people elect the cowards in DC and do nothing to save their country. Americans do not deserve freedom. Anyone who believes a piece of cloth can save you from a virus deserves burnt cities and dictators.

    There is an interesting idea being tossed around that these mask orders violate HIPPA laws because if you cannot wear a mask, you have to share confidential medical information basically to an audience or complete strangers. Not wearing a mask says “I have a medical condition” broadcast to the whole world. It’s like making you reveal your HIV status when you can sign up for a dating site, including it in the write-up.

  3. Kathleen

    This is Witchmer pulling YET again her:

    “Look what you’ve made me do you miserable pleebs! You dared to stick your heads up and celebrate the launch of a recall attempt on ME on July 4th! Now you’ve MADE me kick you in the teeth again!”

    EVERY time Michiganers protest her tyranny she pulls this. It is like clockwork.

    It is also a group effort in response to the economy looking a like it was rebounding a bit. They can’t have that. They intend to drag it down again because of November.

  4. awildgoose


    I agree the Marxists are going for the whole enchilada this time.

    They are loving how panicked 95% of the population is over nothing but hot air.

  5. John B()


    (I was gonna say: “huh, this is a lame study”, but this goes deeper)
    From the piece: There was one variable that did correlate strongly to urban violence: a city’s percentage of vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. The more a city voted for Clinton, the more violence it saw in conjunction with the protests. (For the statisticians, the regression provides a significance of 0.0019 with the 2016 vote variable yielding a P-value of 0.003). The greater percentage of support for Clinton in 2016, the more likely a city was to suffer wanton destruction in connection with the “mostly peaceful” protests.”

    I would call that 3-1/2 years steeped in TRUMP Hatred

  6. Fredo

    As has been observed previously this is a virus with a lot of PR. What
    freaked everyone out when all this started was the over the top Chinese
    reaction quarantining entire cities and then provinces.. Almost every
    flu and cold virus originates in China a recognized fact for over a century
    now. This over reaction had never been seen before indicating that this
    virus was was something completely different and an almost immediate
    connection was made with the P-4 lab in Wuhan. A relationship with
    UNC at Chapel Hill and enhanced function research funded at the Wuhan
    lab by our own Dr. Faust of the NIH, (the first to state that masks were
    useless), was revealed early on and largely ignored by the MSN.

    As luck would have it the virus had likely spread earlier in the Fall of
    2019 than we’ve been told, and with the belated testing we are now
    finding millions have already been infected with little or no sequela.
    Testament to the phenomenal resiliency of the human immune system
    that has functioned without intervention for hundreds of thousands of years.
    The long and short of it is that quarantines, masks, and millions of gallons
    of hand sanitizer will not stop this until some level of ‘herd immunity’ is
    reached. That is what the high case numbers are now demonstrating,
    high case numbers and low death rates are great news.

    Once again the public is being massaged by inconsequential data with the
    daily shrill announcements of rising case numbers. The really big news is
    that the human biosphere has not only survived but basically shrugged off
    a lab concocted pathogen. This of course is lost in the chatter. The focus
    should be on shutting down these bio-weapons labs which serve no earthly
    function having become nothing more than the playrooms of an
    international psychopathic cult bent on population control and eugenics.
    As usual we’re being led by the nose and distracted.

    The MIHOP LIHOP Conundrum:
    Scientists from the Wuhan virus lab have ‘defected’ to the West, reveals senior Trump ally Steve Bannon – as FBI gathers evidence that coronavirus pandemic was caused by an accidental leak

  7. Ken

    Re “…Control what? Not deaths…”

    Control serious illness and need for hospitalizations. Lung damage of varying severity, much never healing to pre-infection capacity, is a problem. This IS spiking again.

    Check Briggs’ 20 June article, Coronavirus update XX, there, locate the COVID-19 Tracking Project link well into that essay. You can download the data into a spreadsheet and plot, or, see the trend scrolling thru the numbers: The hospitalization rate is increasing significantly – now to a point similar to the peak when deaths were also high.

    Deaths are not the only significant metric with Covid-19. Hospitalizations and related outpatient care are significant $$ costs we who pay insurance premiums will bear. Not to mention the longer term economic costs by those handicapped survivors.

    ‘Course, that doesn’t mean what the MI governor and like-minded politicians are doing is either sensible or compatible with a free society, much less both.

  8. Fredo

    How right you are and the riots serve as perfect cover for the morons
    that have driven the economy into the ditch. I marvel at the symbolic
    parallels, all completely coincidental of course, of ‘taking a knee and I can’t
    breath’. The NFL and corona-doom wrapped up in one neat little outrageous
    package blasted around the world at light speed. Events are seamless one dovetailing into the next, there’s a certain malign elegance to the choreography.
    Break out the tinfoil hats you’re gonna need em for the 5G roll-out. I’m only
    joking just a little thing I read.

  9. Nate

    I am getting really upset.

    PA issued this evil statement today.

    “? make safe choices: leave places where people aren’t wearing masks; don’t hang out w/people not changing lifestyle to protect against #COVID19 or who refuse to wear a mask”

  10. Uncle Mike

    Of the 83 counties in MI, only 17 (20%) voted for Whitless. Those were the urban counties with the big cities like Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Flint. The less populated regions voted for her opponent, Rick Snyder. Whitsend was elected with 53.3% of the vote (the Upper Peninsula contains 29% of the land area of Michigan but Yoopers are just 3% of MI’s total population).

    This year’s riots in MI were in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and Lansing, i.e. Whitlash’s base. The people who voted her in are the same people who lost their minds and looted, burned, and mob-trashed their own cities.

    The radical commies own the vote. They also own the riots and the Goober. Their cities are smoking ruins now, unsafe for children and other living things. Of course, Detroit has been disaster for decades, and in Flint lead poisoning has caused the residents to go full moron.

    But the rest of MI is still green and safe for families. The people who voted against The Witch have not lost their minds. Yet. They certainly have been provoked.

  11. Steve

    I guess she also took her husband’s boat keys away from him.

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