Coronavirus Update XXIII: Yes, More Testing Leads to More “New” “Cases”

Coronavirus Update XXIII:  Yes, More Testing Leads to More “New” “Cases”

The numbers, the only important part of this article, are in the last section. I heard on the radio the analysis I present is a “lie”. Reason? Trump said more testing lead to more “new” “cases” and our propagandists can’t bear agreeing with Trump on anything.

The Path of Panic

The beginning of the panic in the US saw politicians elbowing each other out of the way to be first to the microphone to condemn citizens for “racism” for refusing to order General Tso’s takeout. “Get to Chinatown!” they declared, “Where the fortune cookies are always good news.”

The next phase, and each subsequent phase thereafter, began with the stark denial there was any previous phase, and that the current proscriptions and prescriptions were always the same. We were always at war with Eastasia. Of course you shouldn’t go to Chinatown and have a meal! In fact, you should not have meals out anywhere. Don’t bother with masks, though. They do nothing, Frauduci told us.

Then the run on toilet paper and bottled water happened.

Panicked populants, loyal news-watchers all, got into fist fights at Costco over the last 1000-count roll of single-ply. Shelves were stripped bare of canned goods as if the zombie apocalypse had already happened and the survivors were starving.

General Motors was ordered to cease making cars and being producing ventilators. There weren’t enough. More would never be enough!

Then people started being “detained” or, in various locales, arrested for walking outside a second time in one day. Neighbors ratted out neighbors. Many never went outside, for the air could kill you faster than CNN could deny Joe Biden said what he just said. Hardened criminals dared stroll alone on beaches, or they sat in parks on the grass in the sun. Some, emulating the worst excesses of Hitler, reopened their businesses and gave haircuts.

Then the panic began to ebb. A bit. Nothing dramatic. Reported deaths, the metric of choice by leaders and propagandists everywhere, were down. Leaders who insisted the only solution to this unique never-before-seen unheard-of utterly brand-new there-were-no-such-things-as-viruses-before-2020-and-if-there-were-nobody-ever-died-from-them crisis was to lockdown “non essential” workers, decided to ease off a bit.

And all was well. For a week.

Then somebody, perhaps a woke intern at the New York Times, had the brilliant idea of calling infections, past or present, of this or any other coronavirus, “new cases“. Since the previous metric was death, and only those that were cases died, this switch in definition ratcheted up fear to acceptable levels again. “Flattening the curve” was forgotten, illnesses were forgotten, deaths were forgotten. “New cases” become all. Grateful leaders re-instituted controls.

All propaganda agencies immediately switched to reporting “new cases”. “New cases” were everywhere. People rushed to get tested. They could be a “new case”! “New cases” were surging, spiking, setting records! Sure, most who tested positive weren’t sick and had no symptoms. But they were a “new case” and everybody knew being a “new case” was one step from death.

That’s when the mask mandates began. One leader began them, then the other leaders, fearing they could be blamed for increases in “new cases” if they didn’t “do something”, required them, too. First people only had to wear masks inside businesses and buildings. Then they had to wear them in their own homes. Then they had to wear them everywhere, in or out. Masks quickly became political and a sublime excuse to vice signal (the goofier the protection, the purer the soul).

Then those who did not wear a mask were called criminals. It became a crime, a real genuine official crime, a mark on your permanent record, to not wear a mask. How easy it was for government to create a new crime! This new crime—punishing the new criminals, rather—would save lives.

What a wonderful newfound power! Why, there are many ways to save lives. Each could require its own new crime. What a glorious future we are entering.

Anyway, that’s where we are now. The question before us is: (1) When, if ever, will the panic finally end, and (2) given the panic extends at least into the new future, what new forms will it take? Answer below in the comments, but only after you read the numbers section.

Assorted Nitwittery

Coronavirus crisis may get “worse and worse and worse”, warns WHO

Winter wave of coronavirus ‘could be worse than first’

The UK could see about 120,000 new coronavirus deaths in a second wave of infections this winter, scientists say.

Asked to model a “reasonable” worst-case scenario, they suggest a range between 24,500 and 251,000 of virus-related deaths in hospitals alone, peaking in January and February.

To date, there have been 44,830 official deaths in the UK, but this has slowed with 1,100 in July.

The estimate does not take into account any lockdowns, treatments or vaccines.

And the scientists say: “The risk… could be reduced if we take action immediately”.

They will never give up. The control they have won is too precious. People, most of them, are happy to be protected from this virus (and, as above, there were no viruses ever before 2020).

Reader Mike Henderson sent in this order from a Maryland county.

Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks announced today that she has created a COVID-19 Ambassador Compliance Team, consisting of more than 70 inspectors from multiple County agencies, who will begin conducting inspections at restaurants, retail establishments and businesses across the County. The inspections, which will begin this weekend, will ensure that establishments are adhering to COVID-19 protocols such as facial covering requirements and social distancing. The announcement comes as the County has seen slight increases in some coronavirus data points.

An army of Karens created! (Incidentally, the male version is also called Karen.)

It’s not just me saying this. See The COVID Coup by Angelo Codevilla, a lovely summary of the panic. And see this book, for a terrific tale of the whole thing.

Reasons to be Serene

CDC data updated 17 July (the most current data available Monday morning). “New cases” and tests from the COVID Tracking Project, current as of Monday morning 8 AM.

Here are the number of daily coronadoom reported tests.

Last Friday, there were over 850 thousand reported tests. 850 thousand! On one day! The number goes up and up and up and up some more. It shows no sign of stopping or slowing. If the current trend does not change, on or about 1 August we will be at one million tests per day.

A million a day!

I’ve said it for three weeks now, and I’ll say it again. If this graph does not amaze and appall you, you have not understood it. This one picture explains the current levels of madness.

Look at this, the weekly reported official coronadoom deaths, from the CDC:

Mask mandates began around 1 July for most places, a point at which reported deaths had already dropped to low levels. It was last week or so that not wearing a mask became a criminal offence in some localities. If masks are our salvation, why were they not required back in April and May, when reported deaths were rising or peaking?

Masks for people who were symptomatic, or fat, old, and sick, made some kind of sense then. They make little sense now, and make less sense as each day passes. Yet the mania for them increases in direct inverse proportion to the number of reported deaths. Madness.

Since we cannot trust reported coronadoom deaths, especially from propaganda sources, the safest best, as we’ve said all along, is to look at all cause deaths. Here are the weekly deaths from all causes, per capita, according to the CDC (second source).

Since the CDC is always behind in reporting these, the last three weeks (from the first source) have been marked with dots. These numbers will almost surely rise, as will, to a much lesser degree, the numbers up until about 8 weeks ago (usually, the bulk of the adjusting lag is in over the last two weeks).

There is no sense in this picture, none whatsoever, not even for the allowance in late reporting, that we are still in any kind of crisis.

Here are the actual counts (not per capita), focusing on the last year or so.

The dashed line are the all cause deaths minus official reported coronadoom deaths. Again, there is no sense in this at all that we are in any kind of crisis. We have plotted this same graph for months now, and we have never seen a huge increase in late reported deaths for the third week; only minor adjustments are seen.

The point is that deaths are not at unusual levels, and will likely stay that way. The people who died from flu, pneumonia, this bug and other “seasonal” causes are gone on to their reward.

So why the “spike” in “new cases”, and hospitalizations and even in media reported coronadoom deaths?

All that damned testing.

We already know that this bug, like others, is much more widespread than testing indicates. Testing is revealing asymptomatic infections, past or present, as “new cases” (a whopper of a mistake). Hospitals are testing everybody—multiple times!—and when they get a positive, the patient is labeled a “COVID hospitalization”. Since there are huge numbers of tests and “new cases”, many in the hospital “dying with” or “dying with suspected” are classed as “dying from” (another mistake, which many are finally noticing; same thing in the UK).

Meanwhile—and I know I sound like a sperg—the media screeches “new cases”, which produces new fear, which causes people to get tests, which causes “new cases”, which produces more media reports and new fear, which causes people to get tests, which causes “new cases”, which etc. etc. etc.

This will not stop until (1) the public or media is distracted by some new thing, or (2) most people have been tested at least once. The “new thing” might be the election, and even testing a million a day would take a year to get most.

Update The Godmother shows how far from rational thought we have gone.

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  1. John B()

    Since last weeks discussions of “new cases”, I’ve been following “closed cases”.

    Closed cases have been increasing enough to the point where closed cases now exceed active case (a week ago closed cases were lagging active cases by a thousand or more).

    Despite the question of dying attribution, I “trust” the CDC will “revisit/remodel” these deaths like they did for the 2017/2018 flu where the numbers went from 80000 to 61000.

  2. John B()

    RE: (a week ago closed cases were lagging active cases by a thousand or more).

    correction :: a hundred thousand (maybe two?)

  3. Mike Henderson

    Thanks for the shout out, Matt. I thought the Ambassadors! trope was pretty grotesque, but it probably won’t be the worst we see.

    In re data, the controllers can be pretty free with the numbers now, since the overarching theme of their propaganda has become ‘racism’. To wit: if you vote for Trump, or don’t hate Trump, you are a ‘racist’ and thus an unperson. When disease and the fear of disease exhaust people’s credulity, ostracism and destitution will become the cultural-Marxist weapon of choice.

  4. Sheri

    Now the anointed and badly failing Trump is saying wearing a mask is “patriotic” (so much for being an American and standing up to the press) and restarting the Covid scare with briefings which are hopefully shorter than TWO hours. Trump REIGNITES THE FEAR. Go America……The Dems finally found the kryptonite they were looking for. Trump is utterly helpless and clueless. Actually, the Chinese figured it out, so go China.

    P T Barnum would be amazed at the gullibility of Americans. He never would have believed stupid could be ensconced so firmly. However, being the economic opportunist he was, Barnum would be on the board of CEOs who decided you will wear the communist emblem of a mask if you want to shop at their stores. You owe them. You are not the supreme reason for a store to exist. Control of the population is. So, enjoy your next trip to Communist Walmart, Comrade. You’re the slave, they are the master.

    You know, this looks EXACTLY like the Communist Russia I was told of in my youth—bread lines, or TP lines, kids ratting out their parents, government control of everything. So tell me again, who was helped by Russia????

    Eventually, people have no work, followed by no food or TP or stores, etc and voila! We are Venezuela, just like MOST Americans prayed for and wanted. Your rational reasoned statistics mean ZERO because Americans want to be screwed over and terrified. It’s nice to see the graphs, but useless.

    You are saying that LYING WITH STATISTICS is the problem. You realize that, right?

    The CEO Cabal and the media do not care about the election. It’s 100% irrelevant. THEY RUN THIS COUNTRY fully and completely. So something else will have to happen and short of an asteroid strike, there’s little hope.

    Oh, I realized this morning that the brown and black people in the Southern Hemisphere, plus the Iranians, are dropping like flies from this virus. I guess it is racist virus after all. Thank you, China. (Really, the Chinese are brilliant warriors, destroying the world with a virus that barely exceeded the flu. The art of warfare will certainly need to be rewritten in honor of the their massively clever and highly successful destruction of much of the world. And only a few had to leave home to spread it. Brilliant!)

  5. Michael Dowd

    Yes, we need a new narrative. Someone needs to “discover” that 80-90% of Virus deaths were by those who wore masks and practiced social distancing.

  6. Paul Jackson

    “The point is that deaths are not at usual levels, and will likely stay that way.”

    Top of second paragraph below fourth chart.

    Should that not be “not at unusual levels”?

  7. Briggs


    Another typo slipped in by my enemies. Fixed, thanks.

  8. John B()


    I see that it also has a 20% False Negative

    New process – go to testing center – shake some dice (based on current rates of infection) – flip a coin (change dice value or not) – the administrator marks down whether you’re positive or negative and save the lab fee

  9. Dennis

    What I don’t understand is why info like this is not getting through to politicians, health bureaucrats, etc. It’s utter madness. The truth is out there, and has been for months for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. Yet, the madness continues, and just gets worse in many ways, long after we should be back to basically normal life. I think they don’t want to know or accept the truth because it’s all about politics and power at this point. Increasing social, political, and economic control of everyone and everything is the real agenda. It stopped being about health around mid-April at the latest (if it ever was).

    I will not submit. And it is driving me absolutely mad with rage. I am on the brink of suicide because I simply cannot live and work in an insane world run by absolute incompetent and/or corrupt scum ruining everything and seemingly hell-bent on making life miserable form now until the end of time . I even get groceries delivered now because I will not submit to the mask-nazi regime. I can’t go anywhere but the park, and even there I see some morons there wearing masks while out walking, hiking, and even bikeriding (even with no one around them within 50 feet at times)! I have lost one secondary professional license already because I refuse to submit (can’t get in the govt. building without a corona muzzle), and may very well lose another (a probate case I took in early May thinking things would be back to normal by mid-August when they put it on the docket is something I can’t get really out of now, and the courthouse’s mask-nazi regime will likely send me into apoplectic rage while there and get me disbarred when I go off. I plan to take a flimsy piece of cloth, wrap it around my face and write “FARCE” in sharpie across the front). I don’t even care anymore. I’m tired and fed up, and it would be better just to end it and check out of this insane stupid sickening world run by scum.

  10. Joy

    As said a long while back. Although testing in an epidemic like this is essential for scientific reasons. Allowing media to weaponise the numbers for what they are not, is the downside of having so many tests performed, as America Did.

    (According to Matt Hancock about an hour ago, being interrogated again by Jeremy Hunt, I think):
    The UK was the first country in the world to develop a test back in January of this year and we were involved in identifying the genetic code of the virus in February.

    Then, the Chinese government closed the institution which supplied the information for our benefit. The last sentence was not Matt Hancock’s words, but Chinese ambassador in a discussion with Sky News interviewer.

    UK had to invent the test, make the test, test the test manufacture at scale, the test, roll out the test and administer the test results all from a standing start.
    Someone likened this operation to going into a shed and emerging with a jet aeroplane.
    Countries with similar capabilities were in the same position and some relied upon China for dodgy gear. Some of it did not work and was substandard or was just empty boxes in at least one case.
    Given that some of the tests were not so accurate, rubbish, in fact, it was a shame that they were allowed to be administered through shops in the US because that added to the confusion and non accurate information.

    Public demand / market forces, were allowed to rule the official scientific testing process.
    That experiment never ends well. business and healthcare.
    Briggs, about calling ‘new cases’ what they are.
    If they have “a hint of. virus” they are a “positive case”, not necessarily a “new case”.

    Many are false because of lack of accuracy, some are duplicates.
    My argument is that if they’re ALL reliably accurate, it still isn’t a thing to be surprised about.
    If we were omniscient and knew where they all were in the beginning, we’d have been horrified and relieved all at once:
    Since it would have been shown to be widespread in the community in the hundreds of thousands, maybe even a million, but the clinical cases would have been, for certain, nearer the known estimates for mortality and illness. Better still, we would have known the size and shape, name and address of the monster.

    It was partly that uncertainty with which the media and the others made most hay.
    1. the truth wasn’t repeated enough.
    2. The virus IS a deadly threat from a public health perspective. Individuals are a separate consideration, by definition. That was the other area which was worried at and made less clear by all the heat and food fighting

    Trump’s message must be getting through since they’ve started on Fox news now with preposterous smear claims. Sure sign the left is losing.
    Jerry Hongkong James Hotdog and Jesica Hotofthepress tried the same ploy, almost the same thing…
    The cookie monster who tell fortunes is a lame duck

  11. Joy

    Don’t check out until you’ve asked me first.

    Wear a mask and write something funny on it
    If you think of them as some kind of nazi regime, if you were part of the resistance you’d need to fit in with your fellow inmates
    That way you can recover your permit.

    All this making a stand about masks, is fighting the wrong battle.

  12. Dennis

    There is nothing funny about it and it is not the “wrong battle”. The ever growing mask tyranny (some county dictator health officials are now telling poeple to wear masks inside at home!!!!!!) is the most visible public indicator of abject mass surrender to dictatorial and arbitrary decrees, and nothing more than a form of signalling one’s virtue and submission. It is both literally and figuratively sickening. Already, three weeks and two days away, I am filled with anxiety and rage at the thought of being forced to wear one to court. The best hope it that something will occur in the meantime to make attending court a moot point. It is clear at this point that nothing will ever get better, and the world just gets worse and worse every day in every possible way.

    I re-watched Lars von Trier’s “Melancholia” the other night. Oh, how I pray for a rogue planet to just crash into us!

  13. Rudolph Harrier

    In Minnesota the number of tests already is about a sixth of the total population.

    Some numbers of note:

    About 5% of people in MN who were tested tested positive.
    About 10% of those who tested positive were hospitalized.
    The current number of hospitalized patients account for about 2.5% of the hospital beds across the state.
    About 87% of those who tested positive are now closed cases.
    Deaths are about 3% of the positive tests, which doesn’t mean that 3% of those who tested positive died because many of these deaths were determined to be COVID-19 related despite the deceased not having a test.
    Over 3/4 of the deaths were from patients in long term care facilities.

    Yet the news outlets find every chance they can get to suggest that we might be days away from having thousands of teenagers and college students die.

  14. John B()


    Yes – give it at least a week

    I’m hoping to see Karel Zeman’s Na Komete’ (On the Comet) when I can get a copy – based on Jules Verne’s Hector Servadac. (The comet envisioned by Verne manages to suck people on board instead of killing them all – what did Jule’s know?)

    I saw the US version of Journey to the Beginning of Time (Czech: Zeman) when I was a kid in the 60’s – Saw that it and two other Zeman films were available this year and bought them. The Czech and the US Version of the Journey to the Beginning of Time were a complete blast from the past.

    Later I shared the movie with my neighbor and his 5-year old son. The 5-year old did seem and act a bit bored; but later the boy recounted (excitedly) to his mother every prehistoric animal encountered in the film. I guess the movie reached him on the cerebral level if not an entertainment level. (He loves dinosaurs.)

    The other two movies Invention for Destruction and The Outrageous Baron Munchausen were incredible feats of work from a man trapped under the tyranny of Czech Communism and later Soviet crack down of Czrchoslavakia during which time Zeman was completing On the Comet.

    Ask for help Dennis – Joy – Myself …

  15. Dennis

    There is no help or hope. Not in this world. Those birds have flown the coop.

  16. Maixiu

    Dennis, do your best to step back, exhale, and reset. If it helps you feel any better, there are millions of us out there that are likewise incandescent at the predations of the ruling class and its indoctrinated foot soldiers. You are not alone. Find someone with whom you can blow off steam about this, or keep venting here. Don’t let it consume you, direct it toward something productive. The minute you abandon your reason, they’ve won.

    It might be beneficial for you to just unplug for a few days. No TV, no internet, no media at all. Stay home with a good book and some classical music or a lighthearted movie of the past, cook something nice for yourself, find somewhere secluded to go for walks, anything to bring down your fever.

    We are out here too. At some point, this will likely be looked back on as the moment in time when the tide began to reverse. Do your part to write the next chapter.

  17. Uncle Mike

    Suicide is nothing to joke about. It is deadly and sometimes worse. By worse I mean that 9 out of 10 suicide attempts fail but leave the victim with horrendous scars, disabilities, trauma, and suffering much greater than before the attempt.

    Suicide is an act of aggression. It is a displaced attack on other people whom the attacker wishes to hurt but cannot find the courage or means so they hurt themselves.

    Suicidal people need to come to grips with their anger and aggression before they act. Depression (a general term for this condition) is fully curable with prescription drugs and other healthy therapies.

    Full on FEAR of the consequences of attempted suicide is good starting place. Nothing is solved but massive harm to the victim is certain. It will HURT you very badly. SEEK HELP NOW! Call your doctor, minister, therapist, or other help advisor IMMEDIATELY! Do NOT delay. Call the Suicide Hotline if you have no other options.

    Threatening suicide on a blog is not the answer to your problems. We can’t help you. You need to HELP yourself. Now!

  18. John Andra

    Dennis, I’m a lawyer and understand the tremendous responsibility you accept when you take a case. I’m teaching high school now and have lost that job over my unwillingness to wear a mask. My impression is that those in the bar who support impaired lawyers might be able to help. You could tell them of your conflict and see if they could help with the representation. Even if they construe the refusal to wear a mask as a mental problem (instead of a legitimate objection, which it is), this could allow you to help your client without being a part of the degredation the culture is forcing upon us. I’m praying for you.

  19. Nate

    “Someone needs to “discover” that 80-90% of Virus deaths were by those who wore masks and practiced social distancing.”

    So much this. I am now seeing people say things like “so and so got it after he went to a party and didn’t wear a mask!” I want to shout back, thousands of people that *wore* masks got the damn thing too!

    All of this goes to show just how absolutely innumerate humans are, and how for nearly everyone, anecdotes always trump data.

  20. Nate

    @Uncle Mike

    Depression, anxiety, and personality disorders are *not* fully curable with drugs and therapy. At best they can be managed, and the drugs have *awful* side effects. “Just Get Treatment” is not an answer for thousands who have tried tons of drug cocktails and been through CBT, DBT, EMDR, etc etc.

    Psychiatry fails to treat people as people and instead as biological systems to pump the latest fad drug into.

  21. Johnno

    Something interesting from twitter:

    “This made my heart sink. A lady wearing a mask cooing at her baby on her lap. Instead of seeing the baby smile which usually happens when you’re engaging playfully with a baby, the baby’s face was just emotionless. This is by no means good for any child’s development in early yrs”


    “Look up STILL FACE experiment on YouTube … it will answer all your questions”

    “This is incredibly disturbing. Every parent should see this to understand what social nteraction does to emotional development of infants.”

    I would say it’s not just about infants, but even us adults, as some here attest, the sight of other people in masks is also a very psychologically discomforting sight.

    Anyone seen the movie Jacob’s Ladder, or played games like Silent Hill? Basically where the idea of monster designs are essentially what appear to be humans, but trapped, faceless within objects and strictures.

  22. Sheri

    Dennis: I decided there was a better way than writing on the mask. I dumped food all over the fabric, spray paint and the spice tumeric (works as a great yellow dye). It pretty much looks like someone threw up on it. I figure if I have to wear a stupid mask, people will really enjoy looking at it that way.

    I will be doing grocery pickup and ordering off the internet as much as possible. A coworker of my husband’s went to the courthouse to get tags for his motorcycle and put on the obligatory mask. When he got to the proper department, NO ONE WAS WEARING A MASK while working there. Cute…..

    Yes, we are totally and unequivocally screwed by our own citizens’ apathy as this was unfolding. However, you can find ways of messing with the system, avoiding it as much as possible, etc. It has been a long time coming and there’s little one can do besides avoid their fellow idiots and evil creatures as much as possible. Try to be creative. I’m sure you can find a way to even the score for your country being sold out by it’s own inhabitants—you’re a lawyer!
    (My motto is “if you can’t win, screw with them mercilessly”)

  23. Uncle Mike


    If you can possibly find it within you to discourage people, strangers even, from committing suicide, then you will be doing a great service to your fellow man and to God.

    It’s not a joke, Nate. You could save someone’s life. Please try not to egg on suicidal folks, or discourage them from seeking help. For once in your life, do not be an a$$hole.

    Depression can be fatal to the patient and/or those close to him or her. Many many people are helped by drugs and other therapies. You, Nate, might be someone who hasn’t been helped, at least in your opinion. But you are still alive, so maybe efforts to save you worked to some degree.

    In any case, try not to promote suicide. Bad form there, Nate. Mortal sin.

  24. John Garrett

    I consider you a national treasure. Please imagine me running or cycling on trails out in the woods and cackling insanely every time I encounter another runner or cyclist desperately struggling to pull up their mask or scurrying off into the bushes when they see mask-less me approaching. It makes my day.

    Thanks to the incomparable Mencken, I’ve long been acutely aware that I live in “a commonwealth of morons.”

  25. Joy

    Hope hasn’t flown anywhere. Forget Twitter talk of virtue signalling it’s BS
    People are just children in the playground pretending to be grown ups most of the time.
    Some of them are better at it than others

    Uncle Mike is right. When John B says leave it for a while, it is actually true that Chrises last for a matter of hours, up to twenty-four, commonly. If you want to talk to a stranger, which can help, I’m sure William Briggs would oblige and give you details of one of the male readers on here, since that would be appropriate

    Nobody and nothing is worth taking your life for.
    There are only things worth loosing your life for and there are precious few of those.
    Someone took their life when they were twenty one and mine was never the same again. So if you want to cause permanent harm that you know you would regret then it isn’t worth it.

    An old friend trained in psychology. She explained that so many of the patients who were admitted as inpatients for looking after while they were feeling suicidal, even who were sectioned, would leave the hospital eternally grateful.
    I’m guessing most of them didn’t have your intellect. Intellect is often a block for seeking help, too. Thinking that every body else is too dim to be able to help.
    That’s because it isn’t a thinking problem, it’s a physical problem first, which is affecting how fairly you think.
    Medicine will do most of the heavy lifting for you.

    You’re not alone and there is always hope. That is how hope is defined
    BE PROACTIVE. the pandemic is enervating there is so much help out there, even more so during this time

  26. David B.

    You all see the price of silver today? Don’t get upset folks, get rich.

    Here’s how I structure my portfolio:
    1. I take the biggest lefty woke marxist kiss ass I know, and I think to myself what does that guy think will happen with the market, and especially with the dollar?
    2. I then take every position that I can think of which is opposite of that.
    3. I then leverage the shit out of it where I can (with long term options using money I don’t need today.)

    Whose side do you think is winning right now? Again, check the silver price.

    Happy hunting.

  27. David B.

    Let me be less cavilier and more serious, especially as I have struggled with this and I know others currently struggling.

    1. The main reason this hysteria makes us angry is because we view it as a threat to destroy all that we have worked so hard for in our life.

    However, this is not assured. And you can find ways to thrive and even widen the skills/value/talent and wealth gap between you and the hysterical idiots that are ruining everythjng. Contemplate this carefully.

    2. The other main source of frustration seems to come from worrying about what others think of you. As in will others hate and persecute you? Will you be rejected by the tribe?

    But you can control that too. Take the time to focus on your spiritual growth. Learn that the only status that matters is your own self evaluation.

    To some extent you must be wary of the mob. Don’t get in its path. You will be run over. But work around it when you can. And improve yourself so you can be as detached from it as possible.

    And prepare for escape if necessary.

  28. Nate

    You cause more harm more than you know when you make claims that psychiatric drugs will make things for someone better. Giving poison to someone who is already in trouble is not an answer. Primum non nocere. Psychiatry is full of real harm done, including *increases* in suicide among people. You think you are helping by telling someone to go take drugs. You are not. Advocating for getting help, yes. But making the claim that such things can be ‘cured’ by the poisons that called ‘antidepressants’, that I have seen lead to suicide attempts in my immediate family is not good, it is evil.

  29. Dennis

    Thanks for the concern from everyone above.

    I am not impaired or mentally I’ll, I am fricking angry and pissed-off. I see info like what Briggs posts here and similar info at numerous other places, and it drives me bonkers that nothing seems to be getting through to the people in charge anywhere, who are hell-bent on basically destroying everything and following obviously flawed models and advice (much of it I think willfully deceptive to suit certain socio-political goals, not simply mistaken in good faith). And the majority of sheeple just say, oh well…put my Covid muzzle on and keep my head down…gotta accept the “new normal” and everything in life from now on has to revolve around Covid fear, “social distance,” etc.

    I can’t afford right now to get out of that one case, so I will have to find a way to get through it. I’m tired of law anyway, and things hadn’t been going well for a while even before all this corona stuff. Long story, but I never really wanted to practice law, other things I explored didn’t work out, so ended up practicing by default. With a mountain of debt still, and a job I hate, and feeling like there are no other viable options left at this point, I’m ready to give up, and this corona stuff might be the tipping point. I’ll just muddle through for a few months on what money I have left and take stock of things around the end of the year.

    Strangely, when the corona stuff and the full shutdowns first happened, I was actually in a rather good mood for a couple months. I still thought the political response exaggerated and wrong, but figured it would be limited to a month or two (but it’s gone from “flatten the curve” to basically, “we must impose massive restrictions on all of life until no one anywhere ever is at risk of getting this one particular virus”), and the fact that basically everything was shutdown made it somehow easier to deal with. My general melancholy abated somewhat, I felt more energetic, slept better, and actually enjoyed being able to go basically go nowhere but the park (fortunately we have some great public park systems nearby with lots of trails, places to stop and read, etc. – actually privately run but open to public. If the city really ran them I’m sure they’d be crap), and treat it like a semi-vacation. But now, these pseudo-“re-opens” designed to mimic normal life, but with heavy arbitrary restrictions still in place (especially mask regimes ramping up their strictness while deaths fall and it’s long been clear this is no new Black Death), have me feeling more like a prisoner than when the full shutdowns were in place and everything but grocery stores and a few other places were simply closed full stop. It’s this pseudo-back-to-normal limbo state that is driving me crazy.

  30. Dennis

    P?S. re. drugs: I’ve taken Zoloft and other things in the past. They don’t work. At best marginal help for a short while, but it wears off and ultimately just not the solution.

  31. Nate

    To be clear – I do not and never advocate suicide. Get help from a priest or pastor. Pray. Talk to a friend, or call the hotlines if you can’t find someone to talk to. These are all things that can help. But be very, very wary of the drugs. They can, and often will, make things much worse.

  32. Minuteman

    @Uncle Mike

    Psychiatric drugs do not and cannot heal anything. Nobody even knows the causes of psychiatric illnesses. Drug treatments are psychological equivalent to treatment with leeches in physiology. It is all based on humor theory, except here humors are neurotransmitters. And dirty little secret is that prescription medications are MUCH worse than street drugs (except they are chemically pure, whereas street drugs are low on actual drug content, full of impurities and cut-in substances which is what does most of the damage to junkies). E.g. you can get off of heroin and in about week or two and be like new, whereas “minor” tranqulizers require 6-18 months of horrible withdrawal after months or years of tapering. Major tranquilizers are, as one can imagine much, much worse. Antidepressants are like stimulant drugs (heck, some antidepressants are snorted or injected as poor-man’s cocaine), but again worse, because street drugs, e.g. cocaine act directly upon monoamine transporters, whereas antidepressants alter your DNA expression of monoamine transporters, which is why cocaine acts immediately, and antidepressants take months to start working (and can screw you up permanently).

  33. Uncle Mike

    Satan is a trickster. He seeks your sympathy and your surrender as the Pit opens and the demons pour forth.

    When the odds are against you and defeat seems certain, when there is no escape and all hope is lost, there still remains one answer, one seemingly hopeless course of action left to the fallen warrior. It is not suicide; just the opposite.

    Addendum: in honor of Briggs return to former haunts:

  34. Sheri

    Minuteman: The drugs do EXACTLY what they were designed to do. Straightjackets were too visible and looked too cruel. So, pharmaceutical straightjackets were developed. Then, to sell them, the LIE about treating anything. The drugs are nothing but invisible straightjackets. (I got this from my psych degree learning 40 years ago, when honesty was still a virtue.)

    Women: Stock up on scarves, because it’s masks today, burkas tomorrow. Crazy Joe is pushing teaching Islam in schools. If you’re too stupid to see what’s coming, I’m sorry for you.

  35. Sheri

    Oh, and I have difficulty breathing, especially with a mask. I figure my gasping and wheezing in the grocery store, mask and all, should keep everyone away from me and terrified.

    Anyone know how to fit one of those oxygen tubes under a mask???? I’m just wondering how that works.

  36. Minuteman


    Psychotropic medications are cruel and unusual punishment inflicted upon the innocent people. Narco Cartels and Drug Dealers aren’t even a blip on the radar compared to the evils commited by collusion of Big Pharma and Medical Establishment. They should be tried for crimes against humanity.

  37. It’s all in your mind! Positive thinking overcomes all barriers.

    If you need help in thinking positive, there’s another blog/commentator/activist you might be interested to follow.

    The blog is called The Conservative Treehouse. The blogger goes by Sundance.

    He is the absolute best at deep political/social/legal analysis of the slow destruction of Normal America.

    He has produced the best quality evidence-based analysis of the intelligence coup against Trump (SpyGate), the Flynn persecution, and the other connected FBI/CIA/DOJ operations to overthrow the elected government. Of course, the panic over cold/flu infections is just another tactic in that strategy.

    In the last week, Sundance hints that he is involved in something that will produce positive results in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

    If you have trouble shifting from negative thoughts to positive thoughts on your own, it might be worth adding TCTH to your reading list.

    Here’s what Sundance posted today:

    “Lift your spirits. I cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes right now; not only to this internet community but to our nation as a whole. Choose to be optimistic. Live your best life, RIGHT NOW, there are people working furiously and with great purpose. Remember, this is the only life we have – so seize this day, and then the next, and then keep going.

    We live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth. We are the people of that nation, with boundless opportunities most of the world can only dream of. Our opposition has nothing but false witness, fear and lies. Push on them, they are weak and shallow.

    We are Americans…. Those who are working against our interests thrive in an atmosphere of despair and disenfranchisement – do not give it to them. Carry an optimistic spirit, regardless of how challenging. I cannot explain it, but that makes success more certain.

    Do not fuel our opposition with the power of fear. Be strong right now; be happy right now; even if you have to fake it. Demand action. You are worth it. Do not give evil elements an inch of space within your heart. Expect and demand accountability. Do not worry about being perceived as an a**hole about it.

    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”
    Joshua 1:9

    Quit listening to those who say “can’t” and “won’t”…

    If some feel comfortable sitting in their socially distant box and bitching about all things that are not right, or might be not be right…. Or, if they prefer to allow themselves to be overcome with dark imaginings simply because what cannot be done is more comfortable than the effort to oversee what needs to be done…. well, that’s okay.

    They can do that.

    And when they are done doing that they’ll still be in the same place.”

  38. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Men can choose to not participate in this insanity by not expecting any rational actions on the part of those they voted for.

    Voting is a joke…look at he who is supposed to save us, Trump.

    As belief in God has decreased fear of the invisible has increased and so men now are fearful of many things and those fears (real and imagined) have replaced the Fear of The Lord.

    I have known for a very long time that I have been on my own, ever since I believed Time magazine about Jimmy Carter and voted for him and then discovering who he really was and what he did -that for me was the wake-up call.

    Up until then I had felt sorry for the Russians who got their propaganda from Izvestia and Pravda until I realised that I was a poor Russian living in America with my own Izvestias and Pravdas trying to propagandise me.

    C’est la vie.

    I live in Florida and notice how many here still believe in the rule of law and that the pols they vote for have their interest at heart and then I watch men aghast at the no prosecution deal Alan Dershbag and others got for Epstein.

    There is no justice in America. Lady Justice was paid scores of millions for her unveiling and she is happy with the arrangement- she is the bitch for the wealthyand powerful now (OK, she has always been their bitch).

    The creep Alan Acosta who signed off on the deal was attorney for the Justice Dept whose boss was Eric Holder whose boss was Obama.

    Is there any sentient man who thinks one of these creeps gives a damn for any of the poor white girls (50 or more of them whose lives have been ruined) sexually assaulted by the wealthy criminal Epstein?

    One of the girls, underage at the time, gave the cops very particular dates – times and places – where Alan Dershbag had sex with her in America and foreign countries. The transcripts are in the book, Filthy Rich, by James Patterson.

    Ol Dershie is a sex trafficking rapist

    Dershbag responded to these facts by accusing the investigating lawyer and the DA as having conspired against him by encouraging the girl to bear false witnesses and Dershag kept suing the truth tellers.

    He skated, and now Dershbag appears on Tucker Carlson as an “expert” on civil liberties.

    C’est la vie

  39. Dennis

    “Positive thinking overcomes all barriers;” “Life your best life now;” etc.

    Mindless pap spouted by prosperity gospel shysters (in this case Peale and Osteen, but their name is Legion), but typical of the shallow drivel most Americans seem think passes for wisdom.

    “2. The other main source of frustration seems to come from worrying about what others think of you. As in will others hate and persecute you? Will you be rejected by the tribe?”

    Not sure who this was is directed at, but I’ve no “tribe” to be rejected from, and I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks of me about anything, and certainly not what they think of me for refusing to capitulate to mass hysteria and not wearing a Covid face diaper. I just want to be left alone and not be treated like a mindless robot under dictatorial control of elected morons in order to go about my daily business.

  40. “Mindless pap spouted by prosperity gospel shysters (in this case Peale and Osteen, but their name is Legion), but typical of the shallow drivel most Americans seem think passes for wisdom.”

    Well, then, wallow in the power of negative thinking, why don’t you?

    For negative attitudes and negative thinking are surely as powerful as positive thinking.

    I don’t know any of the names you mention, however, after many, many years of being stuck in negativity and destructive attitudes, I discovered for myself the power of clearing my life and mind of negativity, negative people, negative thinking, negative cultural artifacts (movies, music, literature, etc.).

    Focusing on solutions instead of problems. Devising alternatives instead of bemoaning obstacles.

    This attitude goes hand in hand with gratitude and awareness. No matter how bad you’ve got it, there’s someone much worse off than you who is persevering and making the best of a bad situation.

    It’s all in your attitude.

    Thank God for another day. You can overcome whatever obstacle you encounter–even if that means going around it and finding another path.

  41. Ganderson

    I posted this over at Hail To You:

    Went to my local franchise-type gym yesterday. I’ve been out of town and while vacationing have used this franchise’s facilities in MN, WI, and OH. None of those required masks, although the staffs were required to wear them. Every other machine was closed, but the showers were still open.
    Here in Herr Charlie Baker’s Massachusetts, only FOUR of the thirty ellipticals were available, other machines were similarly blocked off- AND to use the weights one had to be masked- I kid you not. Oh, and no showers. Apparently, as one of the attendants related to me, they were set up in a similar fashion to their other clubs across the country, but some Karen came in with a ruler, and called the health department. Unfortunately the only elliptical that was available was right in front of a TV with CNN. They are deranged! Cases = illness; all deaths are Covid deaths, the Spike (TM) is going to kill us all. I renew my prediction that schools will not open in person in the fall, at least here in MA, because many staff, who are completely in thrall to the Great Corona Chan Cult, will not report. TWO HUNDRED QUATLOOS ON THE NEWCOMERS! If schools open I may have to come out of retirement.

    Oh, and as an aside, the TV next to CNN had “the Five”- my observation is that if I were as stupid as Juan Williams (and I’m not that bright) I don’t think I’d advertise it on national TV.

  42. Dennis

    I find it hard to believe that one who borrows lines about the power of “positive thinking” and “living your best life now” doesn’t know who Norman Vincent Peale and Joel Osteen are. Two of the most successful American prosperity gospel shysters in history (Osteen has the mega mansion, cars with 6 figure price tags to prove it. Apparently he missed the part in the Gospel where Jesus tells the young man to give away his riches if he wants to inherit the Kingdom).

  43. Don’t really care what you find hard to believe, buddy.

    Try reading carefully. I inserted a quote from The Conservative Treehouse. Your beef is with the writer there.

    Your negativity clearly clouds your judgement, and much else.

    The power of negative thinking is quite strong. As is the allure.

    “Everything sucks! And I’m a victim!” is a powerful lure. Passive rage and general malaise are a lot easier than hiking up your britches and figuring out how to overcome obstacles.

    Think positive! If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

  44. Dennis

    Then go play in your Treehouse.

  45. Ken

    Why no analysis of the rising Covid-19 hospitalizations?
    That data is readily available from CDC (which provides updated summaries of that trend), and, from other reputable sources.

    Early on, deaths trended as a rough percentage of infections and hospitalizations — no more … these diverge! Deaths are no longer a proxy. Deaths continue to go down, hospitalizations are high and rising. Some hospitals in many areas are at, or nearly at, ICU saturation. Many of those hospitalized might never get full lung function back, some certainly will not.

    Most of us recognize the risk of death by Covid-19 as very tiny.

    Most of us probably have no clear inkling of the risk of significant health impacts, including permanent lung damage, from Covid-19. Again, the data is readily available.

    Those non-death costs are real and very significant societal impacts on both the infected, and, broader health care costs we all pay via insurance, and, other opportunity costs — if an ICU is filled by Covid-19 patients, patients suffering from non-Covid-19 issues needing those facility spaces have sub-optimal options when they have to be routed elsewhere. Why is this being ignored and decreasing deaths touted as a fair indicator of the totality of risk?

    Withholding ALL the relevant data by focusing solely on death counts does a disservice. Understanding the full breadth of ALL health impacts would, perhaps (likely?, certainly??) lead the likes of Dennis, etc., to appreciate the value in masks and distancing, and, recognize that the perceived political brinksmanship isn’t really as bad, or might not even be, the brinksmanship as thought.

    Put another way, truth sans ‘whole truth’ isn’t necessarily ‘The Truth.’

  46. Ken,

    You say:
    “…hospitalizations are high and rising.”
    “That data is readily available from CDC (which provides updated summaries of that trend), and, from other reputable sources.”

    Then why don’t you actually cite that data instead of making an assertion?

    Here’s the link to the actual data:
    “Laboratory-Confirmed COVID-19-Associated Hospitalizations
    Preliminary weekly rates as of Jul 11, 2020”

    What it shows is NOT what you claim as “high and rising hospitalizations.”

    What the data shows is LOW and FALLING covid hospitalizations. In every single age group. And overall.

    Might want to check your sources before making an assertion and casting aspersions.

    What was your source?

    “Put another way, truth sans ‘whole truth’ isn’t necessarily ‘The Truth.’”

    Yeah, that’s right. Maybe you could make “The Truth” your goal?


  47. John B()


    When you said Peale and Osteen in conjunction with Prosperity Gospel Shysters my mind did not immediately go to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. But yeah, I see that, Peale had been criticized in his day but was quite popular otherwise. The place that I looked him up says Schuler, Osteen and Jakes were heavily influenced by him. (Seriously Peale started Guideposts?)

    He really was a big thing in the fifties, but I THINK I remember a radio commercial for a sermon series “Is God Dead?”, developed in response to the NY Times begging the question. Can’t find anything about that online. But I remember his booming voice on the radio asking “Is God Dead?” (don’t think it was Billy Graham but Graham was quoted in the article, I guess.). Had his book “The Power of Positive Thinking”, but couldn’t get started.

    Re: Thanks for the concern from everyone above.

    Hope this isn’t too trite, but an attitude of gratitude is a good start!

    Re: Thank God for another day.


  48. Stella de Wyatt

    If forced to wear a mask, buy some very open mesh fabric and wear that (only when enforcers are around). Masks are very dangerous to anyone with a skin condition on their face, including acne, or even with a shaving cut, because they will cause staph infections. Most people carry staph in their nose and breathing into an airtight mask distributes the staph bacteria across one’s face, thus infecting any break in the skin. The worst thing to do for one’s health is to wear a mask. The second worst thing is to stay indoors.

  49. Joy

    You know when people say a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Well it’s like that with medical matters. Interestingly, particularly amongst the zealots of various flavours. I wonder why? If I didn’t know better….

    Medicine is a vital part of the scope of management and treatment of psychological illness of a host of different types. Don’t be fooled by the dumb false dichotomy argument that seeks to further narrow your horizon. Particularly at the moment for you. Where numbskulls masquerading as intellectuals make you think you have to choose between God and ‘drugs’ in some strange paranoid psychodramatic warning poster it’s time to question their judgement.

    “you must choose between God and science”!
    God created the place were science is made possible, if you believe in God.

    There are no magic bullets but nobody claimed there were. What Uncle Mike said in his first argument is absolutely true

    Any thinking person, let alone a priest, who you’d hope would be a deep thinker, wouldn’t argue against medical management and would have no excuse for persuading you in his Church capacity NOT to take medication if indicated. Only lay people do that with impunity. It’s a two way street, science and faithfulness or it isn’t the Truth at all. It’s a cult, a club or a gang of miseries

    Regarding your work I had guessed you weren’t enjoying it to start with and maybe that’s the point about all of this. Getting through the mask situation to move to a situation where you can be more free to do as you want. It’s a necessary evil.
    Claims that masks are dangerous to health is just false.
    It’s another false dichotomy of your own creation if that’s the mantra people are repeating to themselves. A self made rap

    Someone quoted an article about measuring oxygen saturation after wearing a mask but they omit to inform people that 100% saturation (blood gas measurement) is not desirable. 98% is fine. Lower than that is well tolerated and for short periods very low levels are tolerated, think (CPR).

    As for skin infections, Good hygiene and skin care will prevent ‘nappy rash’.
    You should be using cotton wool or tissue as well in the mask to soak up moisture after long wear. If you’re not wearing it properly as so many are boasting, then there’s not a problem since your breath will dissipate over a wider surface and through the mesh.

    Going shopping isn’t enough time to cause you nappy rash. Keep clean and use a skin toner without alcohol or use one of the many products available to help keep your skin’s biome in tact.
    The skin is a wash with a garden of microbes all the time. It’s not an excuse. Creams and emollients used in winter are more than adequate.

    People have lost the mask debate. Most people are doing it anyway regardless of how they feel because they are keeping a perspective

  50. Dennis

    Please spare me the pharmacological and mask apologist lectures. Thanks.

  51. Stella de Wyatt

    You have no idea about skin fungal infections. I am NOT talking about minor irritation. I am talking about skin fungal infections (caused by doctors over-prescribing antibiotics) which thrive on moisture such as occurs when wearing masks. And, any skin lesion is likely to become infected with staph if moisture from one’s nose touches it. Masks cause moisture from one’s nose to accumulate on one’s skin.
    Masks are not necessary and they cause major respiratory and skin problems.

  52. john b()

    Don’t look now:
    As I’ve been noting WorldOMeters has been hinting at a “bump” in Covid deaths for July. (The week ENDING July 4 has now surpassed June 27 and is still counting!)
    6/6/2020 ….. 4,843 56,398 108
    6/13/2020 … 4,017 54,315 105
    6/20/2020 … 3,522 52,933 102
    6/27/2020 … 3,230 51,448 100
    7/4/2020 ….. 3,276 48,439 93
    7/11/2020 … 2,531 40,259 78
    7/18/2020 … 690. 16,321 32
    However keeping an eye on new cases in WoM, continued increases are not sustainable, however, there is no hint of a decline either.
    The other positive (nationwide that is) closed cases are well past active cases and even better recovered cases are inching closer to active cases
    One more bit of bad news – critical/serious are up

    Mike – i agree

  53. Dennis

    And, Joy, if you think my objection to arbitrary mask-wearing and decrees without any legal or constitutional justification (never mind scientific or health justification) by power-drunk politicians and health bureaucrats (many, like Fraudci, up to their ears in personal and financial conflicts of interest, or in some cases, like those of state and county health commissioners, etc. simply unqualified morons) depends on some argument about whether they cause skin rashes or oxygen blood gas levels of 98% vs. 100%, etc., then you are looking at this from the wrong perspective altogether, and neglecting and misunderstanding the real principles at stake.

    “Most people are doing it anyway regardless of how they feel because they are keeping a perspective”. Because most people everywhere have always been mindless sheep. If “perspective” means capitulating to arbitrary tyranny and the whims of petty, ignorant bureaucrats and assorted scumbag politicians put in charge of things, abdicating one’s liberty and human dignity, then f*ck perspective.

  54. Georgiaboy61

    The Covid-19 “pandemic” ranks as one of the greatest hoaxes in human history. Why? Because the authorities trumped-up and exaggerated a disease no more lethal than the annual flu outbreak into a pathogenic monster which was going to end civilization “if something wasn’t done.” Covid can kill, it is true, but apart from specific and well-defined at-risk populations – residents of LTC facilities, nursing homes and hospitals, the elderly, and those with severe pre-existing conditions – the risks are minor and require nothing even remotely approaching the draconian and tyrannical measures which been enacted.

    The whole official response to the virus drips with dishonesty and political and economic gamesmanship. The deep-state is using the virus as a pretext by which to seize more power, power that the globalist oligarchs want for themselves.

    The preferred method of the deep-state is “manufactured crisis,” i.e., the old tried-and-true Hegelian dialectic. Crisis > Reaction > Solution.

    Right now, the billionaires (Gates, Soros, Buffett, et. al.) are cranking up the pain and suffering to such as extent that they will either provoke violence, chaos, and massive unrest (which serve their ends), or will leave the people suffering and in such hardship that they will “welcome” the aid the elites are sure to offer sooner or later – in return for a few things in return, such as your privacy, your prosperity, the use of physical currency, and your freedom to live as you once did. Oh, and even more wealth, power and privilege for the globalist overlords. Can’t forget about that!

    The other backdrop for this crisis, so-called, is the need for what the elites euphemistically term “a global economic reset.” After living way beyond their (and our) means, and having looted and plundered all that they could from the common people, the big-shots now fear that the long post-WWII era of economic prosperity and growth are ending, and the regime of the dollar with it.

    If one looks at the balance sheets of governments around the world, one sees debts on the books which cannot be paid, promises that cannot be kept. If the present system, which is rigged to funnel wealth to them, cannot be saved by the oligarchs, they figure a controlled demolition of the whole rotting edifice is the next-best choice. It’s not a heck of a lot different than the mob, when they have their hooks into some nightclub owner. After the wise-guys extract all of the wealth from the guy’s business that they can, they light a match and burn it down. That’s why the globalist oligarchs are planning to do – burn it all down. Oh, and that tactic has the benefit of destroying and/or hiding the evidence of the enormity of their financial crimes from scrutiny until it is way past too late.

    If covid-19 doesn’t work, they’ll foment riots (BLM, Antifa, etc.), and if that doesn’t work, they’ll provoke someone into a war. A major war would hit that reset button just fine, thank you. That’s their attitude. It won’t be their sons and daughters being fed into the meat grinder!

    There are many individual pieces of evidence which point to the manufactured nature of covid-19, but some of the most-glaringly obvious have to do with Bill Gates himself. Gates has bought off the WHO and the UN, which now do his biding for him. Pretty much the same at the CDC, too. If covid-19 was a spontaneous event, how come Gates and company were “war-gaming” pandemic scenarios years ago? And it is Gates pushing for vaccines, when there are effective cures already at hand in hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and other established agents. Don’t take Gate’s vaccine; it will contain nanotechnology taggants which will label/tag you like a piece of livestock, which is pretty much how Gates and friends see ordinary people.

    Another bit of change is the sudden “shortage” of coins in the system, along with charges that physical currency is dangerous as a “vector of disease.” Rubbish. The shortage is manufactured, and so too the bit about currency being a vector. Yes, inanimate objects can act as fomites or vectors for contagious illness, but why the sudden concern now? The 1918-1919 Spanish Flu pandemic – a genuine pandemic which killed millions worldwide – did not necessitate the abolishment of coins and paper currency, so why now?

    The answer is that the globalist elites very badly want a cashless society, one is which no business is transacted except via electronic currency, which they will control. Privacy during an economic transaction will become a thing of the past, and what you purchase – or fail to purchase – will become a part of that social credit score system they are also constructing. If you dissent or cause trouble for them, the big-shots will simply have to “zero out” your account to bring you into line. No fuss, no muss, neat and clean… just the way they like it.

    “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – This quote is widely-attributed to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who may have stated it or not, but the basic thought applies in spades to covid-19, Antifa/BLM and the social unrest around us, and so much more. Although a great deal of effort has been made to make it all look spontaneous, it is anything but that. The events unfolding before us have been years in the making, decades in fact.

  55. Dean Ericson

    This is a great thread, and Dennis your contributions catalyzed the discussion. So I’m going to unload. Yeah, the COVID insanity is crazy making — that’s what they want! It’s intended to make us all angry and despairing and depressed. Resist! Like today, I come in from a nice walk in the woods, and what do I find? — a tick on my dick! A DAMN TICK WAS SUCKING MY DICK! Sorry to be so explicit but that was the literal fact, and that is just so wrong! But that’s the sort of world we live in since Eve ate the damned apple, or whatever the hell fruit it was, probably it was a kiwi, anyway the world has been all sucky since then, and it’s all Sheri’s fault, I mean, Eve’s, well, okay, Adam was pretty sucky, too, but the point is, to make a run-on sentence run on even longer, everything has been haywire since then, and crazy making, and we’re all in the same boat, and we need to help each other out, so when one of us goes nuts and wants to jump out and get eaten by sharks we need to grab him until the fit passes and he comes to his senses, because we need all hands at the oars, and fits pass, and sanity returns, and lovely spring days with flowered lasses and singing larks… and perdition to dick-suck-tick!

    Dik Suk Tik was a Chinese movie detective, by the way.

    As you were.

  56. C-Marie

    Dear Dennis,
    God loves you. He made you. He loves you. His arch enemy would love for you to do yourself in over all of this. That is the point. The “theys” are working to destroy America. Don’t give in to them. Wear the mask for the comfort of others who are concerned about maybe you might cough or sneeze, etc. in their air space. Your mind and heart are your own. That is why I wear one.
    God bless you dearly, C-Marie

  57. Uncle Mike

    …that’s what they want! It’s intended to make us all angry and despairing and depressed.

    Yes indeed. Anger is the new fad, the go-to emotion of today. Righteous anger! From the Left, from the Right, from every direction. Rage, rage, rage. Psychotic apoplexy is in.

    My dad warned me 60 years ago, “The madder you get, the madder you get.” Towards others, towards yourself, towards the Machine, towards God.

    So if you meet me,
    Have some courtesy,
    Have some sympathy and some taste.
    Use all your well-learned politeness,
    Or I’ll lay your soul to waste.
    Pleased to meet you,
    Hope you guessed my name.

  58. Beercan
  59. Joy

    Dennis a man with your principles is a rare beast

    You are exaggerating when you say that Acne is dangerous

    You are thinking of ACME, an easy mistake

    As far as what I know, you have no idea what I know and it just so happens in this example, your’e mistaken about that, too. I’m not as green as I am cabbage looking.

  60. Joy

    Swim in the sea and get the sun on your face, but you know that. Its a separate discussion from the mask wearing hysteria from both sides. Try Australian T Tree. Steroids are a bad ida

    Acne Vulgaris caused by multiple factors are a bacteria infection, fungal infections are also eminently treatable. For patients with terminal illness or severe chronic immune system problems, management is complex but if this is the case, such an individual is also not necessarily so ill informed that they are going around to the shops with their severely immunocompromised condition and also know that the virus DOES INDEED pose them a threat. Those which occur commonly for women following antibiotic treatment can be managed by oral anti fungal medicines depending on the cause. I am not in any way diminishing whatever complaint you are speaking of but stating what is fact. Every individual’s medical case is as different as every grain of sand on the beach. The same is true in mental illness or psychiatry. Luckily enough, most people actually working in healthcare aren’t so defeatist just because a field is difficult.

    There are always perspex shields instead of masks. The type that hairdressers and shop assistants are wearing

    Regarding the shinannagins over people ‘still catching the bug even while wearing a mask”!!!!!!

    The eyes are a common entry point for colds and flus and in this case the lurgy which dare not speak its name. I rub my eyes quite a lot and you have to learn to do it with your arm. Wait until you’re all masked up and ready and your nose starts itching, It used to happen on the bike too, happens when mixing sticky ingredients by hand, carrying something in both hands, getting knighted, Sod’s law.

    Your nose knows you know, when to itch and when to twitch

  61. Joy

    To all bears like Robert fuller:
    Hare Care secrets are leaked by a farmer
    Other farmers and wise owls might be interested but it’s on a need to know basis.

    He raised two orphaned baby hedgehogs and called them pins and needles.
    An owl called solo. See him on the signpost and the elephant pointing with his trunk. No giraffes in Yorkshire though, shame

  62. Dennis

    Right on, Georgiaboy61.

    As for C-Marie: “The ‘theys’ are working to destroy America. Don’t give in to them. Wear the mask for the comfort of others who are concerned about maybe you might cough or sneeze, etc. in their air space. Your mind and heart are your own. That is why I wear one.”

    You say don’t give in to those working to destroy America, then you advocate Covid Muzzle wearing, which is exactly “giving in” to the mindless insanity and paranoia working to destroy America and the world (and then have the gall to couch this abjection in altruist terms as “comforting others…in their space.” Yes, really show “them” by craven capitulation to nonsense and feeding the paranoia of others…”for their comfort,” of course. I will not abase myself to feed the irrational delusions of others.

    “The dignity of Man must be more sacred to us than life itself.”
    “The more the panic grows, the more uplifting the image of the man who refuses to bow to the terror”
    -Ernst Jünger

  63. Nate

    “Going shopping isn’t enough time to cause you nappy rash. Keep clean and use a skin toner without alcohol or use one of the many products available to help keep your skin’s biome in tact.”

    And all of those employees being forced to wear them at 8-12 hour stretches by their employers?

  64. John B()

    Unbelievable! From:

    We know of workplaces in which employees are told they cannot wear respirators for the hazardous environments they work in, but instead need to wear a cloth mask or face covering. These are dangerous and inappropriate applications that greatly exceed the initial purpose of a cloth mask. We are concerned that many people do not understand the very limited degree of protection a cloth mask or face covering likely offers as source control for people located nearby.

    Follow the EXPERTS (into hell)

  65. John B()

    Regarding the above (I think I read this last month (maybe in May) – it goes back to April, so I didn’t notice the July 16 update:

    Editor’s Note: The authors added the following statement on Jul 16.

    The authors and CIDRAP have received requests in recent weeks to remove this article from the CIDRAP website. Reasons have included: (1) we don’t truly know that cloth masks (face coverings) are not effective, since the data are so limited, (2) wearing a cloth mask or face covering is better than doing nothing, (3) the article is being used by individuals and groups to support non-mask wearing where mandated and (4) there are now many modeling studies suggesting that cloth masks or face coverings could be effective at flattening the curve and preventing many cases of infection.

    The EXPERTS don’t want you to know stuff that might question their EXPERT opinion (Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get you)

  66. Joy

    Cloth Masks are not dangerous full stop.
    Nobody’s yet made a case that they are.

    People who require excusing for not wearing one have such provisions.
    Take up doesn’t actually have to be a hundred percent. people just have to think it will be enforced to encourage wear’age.

    The government, by which I mean Trump, is dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn’t and sadly, by his own side so often. It was the same last election with own goals everywhere and he still won
    He’s the best chance you’ve got don’t blow it

  67. Shadowfax


    Whether people want to believe it or not, God is trying to shout to us through this madness. We have been telling Him truth doesn’t matter, we like lies better, and we don’t want Him telling us how to live. So, now that our institutions–even the churches–have told Him to take a hike and take His commandments with Him, He, being the gentleman He is, has stepped back.

    We rejected His truth and are choking on the lies we prefer, and they are killing us–our jobs, our society, our law and order, our mental health, and our very lives. This is driven by his long-time enemy, and ours, and those demonic forces are trying to drive us to despair. I struggle with this all day, too, and actually have earlier than you, as I saw the whole picture back in mid-March, not just a month ago.
    It does not look like it AT ALL, but God is there behind the scenes and will let this go only so far, though we humans don’t what that limit is. He is shouting at us to acknowledge how far we have strayed from Him, to turn back to Him, and to start living how He wants us to. When you ignore the instructions given by the inventor (God), you’re going to break the machine (us.) We humans have smashed everything to bits in our insistence on doing things our way. He has to fix this, but will do it only when we turn back to Him–and the sooner the better!

    Please pray and ask Him for help through this. Know you are far from the only one who sees that the path we are currently on can only lead to hell on earth, but do not despair that God is ultimately in control. Do not make a permanent “solution” for a temporary problem, even if the problem lasts long and is terribly difficult. I will remember you in prayer.

  68. Nate

    “Cloth Masks are not dangerous full stop. Nobody’s yet made a case that they are.”

    Just one example – You don’t believe that the inability to see facial cues is dangerous? That, in the aggregate, more miscommunication, distrust, and outright hostility will exist in the world because of these insane edicts?

  69. hmdantas

    Can you make a post about GPT-3? Thanks!

  70. John B()

    Nate – Not to mention people who have speech impediments as well as lip readers

    Was it you who mentioned the mother trying to interact with her baby while masked?

  71. John B()

    Nate – Not to mention people who have speech impediments as well as lip readers

    Was it you who mentioned the mother trying to interact with her baby while masked?

    (Screw up my email?)

  72. Ken

    For those wishing to see the hospitalization data for patients afflicted with COVID-19, see Briggs essay of July 7, 2020; there visit the Covid-Tracking-Project via the link Briggs provided. One can plot the data, or merely scroll thru to see the recent increases – the trend is unmistakable. Here are data points for the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations on the given dates:

    6-15-2020 27,867
    7-01-2020 36,405
    7-12-2020 52,727
    7-23-2020 59,846

    The mid-June value is roughly a bottom, and the rebound started after precautions were relaxed. That’s well over a 100 percent increase, more than a doubling, of Covid-19 hospitalizations in a month and a half. So much for “flattening the curve.”

    As Briggs himself used the above data source we can be confident of its credibility (see his comments, that blog post; even if that source’s numbers are 10% high, the trend is still significant).

    Aggregated trend data (e.g., multi-day/week moving averages, cumulative trend data and so forth) obscure shorter term activity – that is very significant when the short term activity is itself also significant.

    One would think, wrongly it turns out, that even a casual observer would recognize that when a cumulative trend is increasing, the incremental inputs are progressively smaller proportions of the total and therefore must be increasing to create an accelerating (vs linear) cumulative trend increase. Thus, after the cumulative measure is much larger than the incremental input, a very small accelerating increase in a cumulative trend must necessarily reflect accelerating increases in the incremental inputs – which is exactly what we observe upon actually examine the data. When the incremental inputs are small or tiny relative to the magnitude of the cumulative figure, being able to perceive what’s really occurring in the most recent data can be entirely obscured (leading, for example, to someone citing such macro-level data as evidence of exactly the opposite of what’s really happening).

    Briggs has provided a number essays addressing the foibles associated with using such rolling measures, if some years ago, in far greater detail. Readers interested enough to read this much are encouraged to study this (that includes you, KC).

  73. Dean Ericson

    Shadowfax — well said.

    This madness we’re suffering is what it looks like when, following the Serpent’s bad advice, we become, “as gods”.

  74. Ken

    About the CDC hospitalization data cited by KC:

    Readers will note the CDC macro charts present per capita RATES of Hospitalizations [# per 100,000] — that’s the rate at which patients are being admitted. That’s all.

    This says nothing about the rate they are released. Or, Does not say anything about in-patient headcount at any point in time. The Covid Tracking Project gives data for actual patient counts at points in time.

    When one enters the CDC site and queries into the hospitalization rate data (this is easy to click into the detail page) we observe that rates peaked at about 20 hospitalizations per 100K population on about 18 April. Bottomed at about 4 per 100K between 13-20 June, and have since rebounded to close to 5 per 100K on July 4th. More current RATE data from CDC is pending and the most recent data may change.

    CDC has a simple graph showing this clearly.

    Regardless, while deaths continue to decrease the RATE of hospitalizations has turned and is increasing. Per CDC data.

    Corollary data indicates actual patient head counts are saturating or threatening to saturate available resources in many locales. This means patient discharges are taking longer than the admission trends.

    Given that the period of the macro rate trends is less than a common recovery period for hospitalized patients, one ought to recognize that even as inbound RATES decline over a few weeks, patient discharges lag MUCH slower, often by many weeks. Thus, a slight increase in admission RATES can-and has-resulted in many hospitals approaching ICU saturation due to Covid-19.

    Again, Corollary data shows that the in-patient headcount is increasing significantly. This IS happening and is a metric illustrating the severity of the illness (and associated lung damage) is also very significant.

    Death trends simply do not portray the severity of this disease, and in fact present a false guide. Analogous to another’s remark about failed suicide – survival can be worse than death, at least for weeks of hospitalization, perhaps months more of ongoing recovery … that for many will never return full lung function. This is trending the wrong way.

    The data makes this very clear – IF you actually analyze it. If your skill is to look up a single graph, and misinterpret it, you will never see it. Why Briggs is not presenting this is curious…@

  75. C-Marie

    Did the print get tiny because of so many responses??

    Well said, Shadowfax!! My son said that name is the name of Gandalf’s white horse!! Love those movies! And especially when in the cave, Gandalf tells Frodo that it is what we do with the times we are given that matters, even though we would rather be in other times.
    God bless, C-Marie

  76. John B()


    See my earlier posts that WorldoMeters has been showing a rise in deaths,
    CDC is catching up with that fact.
    Briggs will be faced with that fact on his next update.
    You can rejoinder with him then.

    As for hospitalizations, is that for Covid or with Covid.

    doubling in a month and a half is pretty darn flat compared to doubling in a week or less.

  77. John B()


    No it’s a new look
    (I think he was worried about WUWT coming back to WordPress but that didn’t happen)

    My poor old eyes as well

  78. C-Marie

    Thank you John B()!! Permanent?? Mine eyes too, but we can zoom….more experience on the Ipad and computer…not doing too badly for an old 76 year oldster!!
    God bless, C-Marie

  79. Joy

    Dean, there is no “we” when it comes to God’s judgement.

    Were you aware that there are exemptions? People with good reasons may be allowed to go without a mask into shops.

    Children below a certain age are exempt so somebody’s got their facts wrong in telling horror mask stories for repetition on the gossip chain internet of facts.

    I’m blind and conclude that cloth masks are not dangerous socially: Can’t judge others facial expressions; don’t receive or give normal eye contact. look normal, see others but they don’t know how or when I see them, just imagine the entanglements, accusations, rudeness! Not to mention all the head turns I’ve apparently missed.

    Driving, reading, eye contact. The most precious is eye contact. Dangerous is not the word though and I can read in the dark but the materials limited

    Try a mask and a blind fold all at once
    I’ve acquired one covered in English woodland animals. Probably meant for a five year old. My charge has downs syndrome and she has one with rainbows. So many people don’t know they’re born, truly.

    However you or Dennis or the rest here cook it, it isn’t the end of the world and only in a paranoiac legalistic framework would this situation be being misconstrued as the beginning of the end in some way. Always ignoring the reality outside of the court room. Everybody has the option to disobey and at any time, now or in the future. Everything I sup for argument in law. It’s a strength and a weakness, just depends which side you’re on at the time.

    I admit my reaction initially to masks was very anti and I wasn’t going to wear one in ordinary scenarios but listening to all the BS, I realise I don’t actually care that much. There are more important things to me
    John B, it wasn’t a non sequitur it was a sequester.
    I thought Uncle Mike would like to see Robert Fuller’s set up, that’s all
    Every home looks like it needs one of those well behaved things in your video

    Check out Stuart and Whisper!

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