What Isn’t Racist?

What Isn’t Racist?

I did not do an exhaustive search, which I will leave to readers, but all indications are that everything, with rare exceptions, is racist.

This is strange because all education—from kindergarten to PhD—revolves around teaching Racism Is Bad. Indeed, we could cut the formal aspects of school entirely and just remind everybody all the time that racism is bad. Maybe we could make people wear pins that say so. Make it a crime not to wear them in public.

Hey, racism kills. Wearing these pins will save lives.

This logic has been used before, and it’s time we use it again.

With that, here first are examples of racist items you might not have known were racist.

Racist! CDC Employees Call Out Agency’s ‘Toxic Culture Of Racial Aggressions’ (NPR)

More than 1,200 current employees at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have signed a letter calling for the federal agency to address “ongoing and recurring acts of racism and discrimination” against Black employees, NPR has learned.

“[A]gainst Black employees”? How? Incidentally, The Associated Press says they will capitalize “Blacks” but not “whites”, because “white people in general have much less shared history and culture”, whereas all of Africa was utterly uniform and all Black people everywhere are the same.

Anyway, Black Big-B, capital-B, livin’ large B, Big B Blacks are sacred creatures. Never mind how. If Blacks—or BLACKS, which is orthographically least racist—complain that something is racist, then that thing is certainly racist. Because feelings are lived experiences, and lived experiences are objective facts; thus feelings prove racism.

Racist! Smithsonian-approved list of evil-whiteness racism (from Matt Taibbi, a raving leftist): “the scientific method,” “rational, linear thinking,” “the nuclear family,” “children should have their own rooms,” “hard work is the key to success,” “be polite,” “written tradition,” and “self-reliance.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m willing to give up politeness.


To begin, the trainers set the ground rules: they claim that “virtually all White people contribute to racism” and insist that white employees must “struggle to own their racism” and accept their “unconscious bias, White privilege, and White fragility.”

This is all true, of course, but does not go far enough. It is clearly racist to use capital letters for of-no-color bodies.

Racist! Perspective: That sound you’re hearing is classical music’s long overdue reckoning with racism (Washington Post)

Apparently, classical music is racist because it is beautiful, a glory and gift to the world, a pinnacle of Western civilization. Just think: we never read “he was an aspiring cellist.”

This is why the NYT advocates the removal of blind auditions. Not seeing the aspiring cellists are BLACK is causing orchestras to hire insufficient numbers of BLACKS (not a joke).

Racist! This environmental justice activist breaks down deep ties between racism and climate change (PBS)

This is an article about how global warming is racist. How does the science work?

The killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police and the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans have cast stark new light on the racism that remains deeply embedded in U.S. society. It is as present in matters of the environment as in other aspects of life: Both historical and present-day injustices have left people of color exposed to far greater environmental health hazards than whites.

It appears carbon dioxide menaces of-colors, but somehow of-no-colors are immune. Maybe because of-no-colors drink more beer, which exposes them to greater concentrations of CO2, whereas of-colors drink malt liquor, which, studies surely must show, has fewer bubbles.

Racist! A recent US Army diversity training claimed certain phrases — including “Make America Great Again” — are evidence of “Covert White Supremacy” that is lamentably “social accetable [sic].” (NY Post)

But apparently, someone in the US Army’s Equity and Inclusion Agency has forgotten the rules. With a course titled “Operation Inclusion,” the agency is promoting the line that if you support enforcing immigration law, or say things like “all lives matter,” then you’re a white supremacist.

All lives? I, for one, am willing to say Equity and Inclusion Agency trainer lives don’t matter. The article continues:

Indeed, according to the graphic, you are a racist if you discuss any of these ideas or use any of the following phrases:

  • All Lives Matter
  • Denial of White Privilege
  • Inequitable Health Care
  • Anti-Immigration Policies
  • English-Only Initiatives
  • Celebration of Columbus Day
  • American Exceptionalism
  • Claiming Reverse Racism
  • There is Only One Human Race

The last phrase implies there is more than one human race, which, history shows, is not an unusual theory. This makes it easier to decide which lives matter, and which don’t.

Racist! At this point I thought it would be fun to type random words into the Google followed by “is racist” or “are racist”. Try it yourself!

French fries, as far as I could discover, aren’t racist. But you won’t be able to enjoy them with vinegar or ketchup, which are racist. Mayonnaise is merely homophobic, so buy it while you still can.

Now I have had time to consider it, any spelling other than “BLACKS!” (including the racially affirming exclamation point) will be considered racist. Be careful in your comments.

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  1. Sheri

    “and accept their “unconscious bias” What a communist, politically useful phrase. You will accept what the government decrees you are. So next, the caste system is instituted, clans, people who think evil thoughts? After all, unconscious bias” covers literally EVERYTHING. Thought crimes 101.

    “I, for one, am willing to say Equity and Inclusion Agency trainer lives don’t matter.” I would love to seem some terribly brave person say that to a white Equity and Inclusion trainer. I’d pay to see it.

    This is very much like a parent who beats their child to obtain “obedience”. The beatings soon have no real effect and the child turns feral. Creating a monster means creating something you, by definition, do not control. The only way to control is then mass murder of people, beatings, torture and so forth until all are totally disheartened or give in to your demands. We are 3/4 of the way to communism and said outcome. Learn to love it. (Yes, it’s depressing. However, instead of reacting to those 1000 road signs saying “slow down, sharp curve ahead”, Americans chose to text while driving, speed up to hurry home and watch the game, claim they had to get to work, etc. Now you’ve cleared the cliff and short of God suspending gravity for your car, you’re dead. No do-overs. Inattention and denial have consequences and they have arrived.)

  2. JR Ewing

    12 years ago I quit my last corporate job to start my own company and I haven’t looked back, even when my income went from 6 figures to 4 during the first year.

    Literally, when people ask me what my “greatest accomplishment” was at the old job, I tell them that it was being able to avoid Diversity Training for the whole year before I quit. I probably postponed it 6 or 7 times.

    If I thought it was bad then, I cannot imagine how awful it would be now.

    And all joking aside, this is a problem with having a corporate workforce in America. Many people will do ANYTHING to keep their job, including rank and file employees who just want to pay the rent and corporate executives who never want the stock price to be in the news for bad reasons. Racialist activists know this, so they introduce their vile ideology through employee training.

    They convince the executives that it will be bad for the company if the company doesn’t prove it’s not racist by giving the captive employees up for struggle sessions that promote this nonsense.

    More independent types tend not to play by these rules, which is part of the reason why governments are increasingly trying to crack down on contractors and entrepreneurs in favor of large companies. Large companies are easier to regulate and deputize in the pursuit of politics.

  3. Bob Mounger

    I don’t agree with a lot of the ideas on this website, but I think they have done a pretty good job ridiculing the white fragility cult:

  4. Mike H

    It’s not quite that EVERYTHING is racist; it’s that ‘racism’ is a stifling trope that can be stretched with impunity by cultural Marxists to cover anything and anyone that inconveniences their narrative. Since that narrative is in constant flux, ANYTHING can be ‘racist’ and sooner or later will be.

    Eradicating cultural Marxism from civilized societies will take generations. In the meantime many will be crushed by the cultural Marxists’ witch hunts. But they cannot take away anyone’s intellectual or spiritual integrity. Nor can they rob us completely of our ability to call BS on their game. That should be our first tactic and a frequent one.

  5. Bnon

    Is racism about the person or the actions? If I do something that looks racist, but I had not intended to harm anyone of another race and also thought I wasn’t being racist, is that racist? Or if I know inside that I don’t like other races and think I am better than other races, but on the outside I do things that don’t look racist and treat people as if I am not so as to hide it, am I racist?

    I think the definition of racist is too loose and people like to use it very loosely to fit their agendas.

    Too much emphasis on words. What about actions and outcomes? Just think without language and know what is right to do, without having to turn it into words. Words and definitions are too confusing for most people.

  6. Kenan Meyer

    There is no point in argueing with amoeba brains IMHO. You can only make them look ever more ridiculous to everyone by creating the most outragious phrases with ‘is racist’ in it.

  7. Dean Ericson

    Bnon asks,
    ”Is racism about the person or the actions?”

    It’s about a people— ALL white people are targets, not for anything they do, but for who they are (or were): Christians. Satan, and Satan’s earthly thralls, hate Christ and Christ’s people, the European Christians and Western Civilization — Christiandom, and wage perpetual revolution to overturn it.

    The word “racist” is a recent invention. It was designed to bind to certain receptors found only in white brains, and that causes only white people to roll over and wet themselves. The enemy who invented it laugh themselves silly watching whites grovel before their absurd word, especially since they themselves are the greatest racial superiors who ever slithered the earth.

  8. Fredo

    The real victims in all of this are the black community at large, people are
    starting to cross the road to avoid any interaction. This stigma, all part
    of the divide and conquer strategy, could last for generations. Many
    in the black community are calling this nonsense out for the real harm
    to racial relations it’s doing. Inflicted for nothing more than vapid political
    expediency their voices stifled in the woke media bubble. The irony, this
    could deliver a lions share of the black vote to Trump come November.

  9. JTLiuzza

    “The real victims in all of this are the black community at large…”

    I could not possibly give less of a ch!t about that anymore. I’ve had it to the eyes with it.

  10. Peter

    People will always discriminate, if not for their color, it will be for their age, their nationality, their accent, their job status, which side of the river they live or whatever. It is how unintelligent people cluster in groups for safety and marginalise others to feel better about themselves.

  11. Dean Ericson

    Peter, for a man of your superior intelligence, that’s just dumb.

  12. Ou jebiga

    BLACKS! are racist.

    F***, I failed, didn’t I?

  13. Dean Ericson

    Yup, sorry.

  14. Rudolph Harrier

    We’re getting a mask mandate, but every store within driving distance to me already required masks as a store policy. Most people have followed the signs. I’ve seen many people walk up to the doors, see the “no admittance without face covering” sign, and go back to the car to get a mask to wear, so it’s clearly not just being followed by people who would be wearing masks anyway.

    But I’ve noticed that in stores the vast majority of Mexicans and Somalis do not wear masks. It’s maybe 1 in 10 for both groups. And they never get called on it. Even in stores where employees will gently remind people walking in to wear a mask, or will note that a mask isn’t properly fastened, Mexicans and Somalis get a free pass. I guess it would be racist to expect them to follow the same rules as everyone else.

  15. Doug M

    The definition of “racist” has changed. The old definition was focused on actions. You had to so something to do something offensive or discriminatory to be a racist.

    In the new model, “the system” is inherently racist. Anyone who participates in the system is thereby a racist. In fact, if you are not actively working to overthrow the systems of oppression, you are a racist.

    Now, if just about everything and everyone is a racist under this new definition, does the word “racist” have any bite behind it? It seems to me that this severely dilutes any real meaning the word once had.

  16. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    trope (n.)
    1530s, from Latin tropus “a figure of speech,” from Greek tropos “a turn, direction, course, way; manner, fashion,” in rhetoric, “turn or figure of speech,” related to trope “a turning” and trepein “to turn,” from PIE root *trep- “to turn.” Technically, in rhetoric, “a figure of speech which consists in the use of a word or phrase in a sense other than that which is proper to it” [OED], “as when we call a stupid fellow an ass, or a shrewd man a fox” [Century Dictionary].


    This who use “trope” are, obviously, racists because word origin

  17. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Drunks figured-out they could escape culpability for their behavior by convincing the medical world their vice was a disease.

    Druggies figured-out they could escape culpability for their behavior by convincing the medical world their vice was a disease.

    Fornictaors figured-out they could escape culpability for their behavior by convincing the medical world their vice was a disease.

    Why are racists so slow to figure-out what they must do to escape culpability?

    Racism is a disease and one ought not be criticised, punished or fired for a genetic predisposition to certain behaviors that is racists are victims

  18. Johnno

    Racism is much like COVID. It can be found everywhere you look if you just tested hard enough to discover it. Even if you’re completely racist-asymptomatic in your daily life. This is therefore why you need to put me in power to over-regulate everything you say and do.

  19. Emergent One

    I noticed something today and worry that my induction is racist. Last year a Boeing 767 on a clear day flew into Trinity Bay east of Houston killing all 3 aboard. There was considerable coverage initially but soon it faded away. For whatever reason I thought about it a few minutes ago and decided to look into it. Though the NTSB issued its final report 10 days ago there’s been no coverage. Curious I tracked down that report. https://ntsb.gov/news/press-releases/Pages/NR20200714.aspx

    The first officer panicked and flew the plane into the mud. “The first officer’s response was contrary to standard procedures and training for responding to a [perceived] stall [it never stalled].” Reading further, the first officer had a “long history of training performance deficiencies.” And, there had been a failure “to flag significant concerns … and to evaluate the first officer’s unsuccessful attempt to upgrade to captain at his previous employer.” Hmmmm.

    So why would a big company keep trying to teach someone to fly a very expensive plane with souls aboard when he’d been serially noted for flight deficiencies and his prior employers never advanced him to being in charge of a plane? “The documents also show that Atlas [think Amazon Airways] hired Aska despite his training failures at other airlines.” What a mystery. Anyway, I looked up Conrad Jules Aska and now am having very un-PC thoughts about the matter – something to do with lowering standards until we start killing people. What should my penance be?

  20. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Emergent. While public confession is good for the polls, you are not responsible for your thoughts because you have a disease. Your genetic make-up is such that those thoughts you are having are not controllable unless you enter R.A. and begin treatment for your disease.

    Racist Anonymous Groups (RAGs) will soon be forming once the next meeting of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manualists (The committee of the malign) identify your disease (ok, virtually nothing in any DSM is a disease; it is just a bunch of observable symptoms of social freaks noticed by putative doctors) as a legitimate disease.

    Just like those who actualise the deadly sin of gluttony (Drunks and Dopers) and just like those who actualise the deadly sin of Lust (Fornicators/Sex addicts) it is only a matter of time before the genetic victims of racism are accorded the respect of suffering from a medical condition and not seen as weak men anxious to surrender to concupiscence.

    Racist Anonymous Groups (RAGS) will help steer genetic victims towards a rich and rewarding life (RAGS to RICHES, Racist Inclinations Completely Hexed so Emotionally Stabilised) by the consumption of massive amounts of coffee and doughnuts and repeatedly bellyaching about your parents, church and/or crummy spouse.

    O, and you’ll have to successfully complete some dozen or so steps before you are healed, receive a token of appreciation from the Medical Maoists and you may have to send Al Sharpton some flowers and/or pomade along with a big smiley face with a Yuge “Sorry” caption.

    One wonders when a real disease, like cancer, will be successfully treated by a CA Anonymous group and control the symptoms if not cure it?

  21. Rob Wenger

    I love BLACKS!

    Because any other comment would have been racist.

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