1968 Then And Now — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

1968 Then And Now — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Welcome home, neighbor. Welcome to our past. Welcome to our future. Most of all, welcome back to Hué. The scene of America’s last great military victory. A hard-fought victory against a savage and well-armed enemy. A battle begun by an un-anticipated sneak attack. Not some desert-storm slaughter of some sand-rat ‘army’ that didn’t really want to fight.

No, at Hué (and everywhere else throughout South ‘Nam), the enemy truly wanted to fight. And fight they did, beginning on the same day (Jan. 31) Donald banned flights from China, exactly 52 years later. That’s a magick number, you know. And the secret of magick, if you really want to know, lies in the use (and disguise) of patterns. Hué was just the beginning of the pattern. But the Tarot deck’s been shuffled. Why? To obscure the pattern, of course.

I’ve said it many times before, if you can’t spot patterns, you’re toast. That’s true for any sentient being. But so many people are so easily fooled by an enemy masking its real intent. How? By using mirror-opposite images of something from the past. It looks different. But it’s really the same pattern, if you look at it in the mirror.

That is what I think we are seeing today. 1968 is unfolding before us. Again. What was it about 1968 that reminds me of this? It was our last American holiday in Asia. The Asian Lunar New Year celebration that went bad and became the Tet Offensive. An offensive that ruined us, Imperially speaking, but maybe saved us, nationally. And it all began in beautiful downtown Hué. The city survived, but the beauty is now gone. Gone, with the winds of war. Now we are fighting the next war. And have been, for almost four years. But not the one you think.

It was late January, 1968. The overall war effort was going well, or so it seemed. The Lunar New Year had just begun, and no one on the American side of that war was expecting anything out of the ordinary. Everyone that spoke English expected that this most august Asian holiday would be respected by all sides. Everything seemed to be humming along, in spite of the war. (Just as in early January, 2020; ‘the markets are up, employment is up, wages are up…’)

Then all Hell broke loose. The enemy obviously hadn’t gotten the memo. In fact, in hindsight, it seems that they wrote the memo, and the only idiots who believed it were the dolts on the American General Staff, and their toady politician friends. They’d been whistling past the graveyard for quite some time. Then it happened. Savage assault, from within and without. The attacks from within were the most stunning. And bloody. The city of Hué was overrun, and the GI’s fell back into pockets of resistance. Somehow, many survived, and then re-grouped. And then advanced. Like typical Americans. Bring it on, dude. Hold my beer.

Eventually, after a month-long siege, the literal fireworks of that Lunar New Year celebration died out. The city seemed deserted, except for the dead. The invaders had faded away. Minus a lot of their own dead. If you’re old enough, you remember all this. This was simply the beginning of the story. The beginning of the present-day pattern.

The Battle of Hué was over, but the overall Tet Offensive continued throughout South ‘Nam till August of that year. Just as our current battle is still raging, in its various locations. Locations that are here, not in Asia. Over here, the attack continues in meat-packing plants, prisons and especially, in the assisted-living death-camps. And in the implied (but empty) threat that schools and stadiums are next. All of which has produced the desired effect—irrational fear. Designed to defeat the weak. Designed to keep us from re-grouping.

When I talk about our current siege, you might have thought I must be talking about the state of war and riot gripping our Blue Cities for the past two months. But I’m not. No, that is not the assault on our own Hué I’m referring to here. It is true that there is also a parallel for that riotous carnage from 1968. But we’re not there yet. We’re still at the initial assault. And the mirror-opposite image of 1968, in Hué. Here’s what I mean.

First, let’s begin by noting all of the past, so we can see things more clearly today. Because it’s happening again, today. Look at that picture above. That could be anywhere in a major northern city in America today. And, in fact, it is. That’s the battle our minders want you to see. They don’t want you to see the real battle. The one that has been raging since Donald won in 2016.

He understood that we were succumbing to a gradual defeat at the hands of China, courtesy of our WTO-Globalist traitors (including the EU). Donald launched his own offensive, the Trade Offensive. It rattled cages around the world. Especially in China. For the past four years, it was taking a huge toll on our enemies. And in late January 2020, Donald began preparing for the counter-attack attack he alone seemed to sense was imminent. He must have understood that we had just entered the new Asian Lunar New Year. When he stopped the in-bound flights from China, he must have sensed a coming ‘celebration’ of the new Chinese Year of the Rat. A celebratory assault designed to cripple America from within. Assisted by our own sleeper-cells of American traitors.

To understand anything about today’s actual war, you must understand the following statement. To the globalists, both East and West (who are joined at the wallet) it’s not about stopping Donald. It’s about the agenda, and their timetable. Donald’s totally screwed it up! In their inscrutable minds, Donald is the only thing that has stood in their way, for almost four years. Defeating Donald is not the ultimate goal. Enslaving us is. That is the whole point of Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s not really about Donald. It’s about the global agenda of global enslavement. Donald is simply the only impediment left in their way.

Here is where the confusion reigns, for most people. The Tet Offensive of today isn’t really about the carnage that nightly afflicts our major cities. The death toll from these news riots is miniscule compared to the Tet Offensive of 1968, or even the city of Hué itself. No, the real source of casualties in our current version of Tet has come from the hidden enemy—the Chinese Virus Battalions. And their VC sleeper-cells. Cells headed by the progressive governors, mayors and bureaucrats who have facilitated the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans by infiltrating our assisted living communities. The places where your grandparents lived. Past tense.

Many people don’t remember that the greatest portion of the 10,000+ killed in the battle of Hué were civilians executed by the VC death squads. Civilians and their entire families who had been targeted for their past co-operation with the government. Many were slaughtered the very first night of the attack. In other words, there were already lists of targets. Secret cells already within the walls were ready to harvest their targets, immediately.

Now, fast-forward 52 magick years. What do you see? I’ll tell you what I see. I see scores of thousands of Americans who are dead because of an enemy sneak-attack. You can say whatever you want, but that’s what I see. Most of the dead were the elderly and infirm, who had no one to defend them. Those who should have been defending them (by restricting access) made sure that the gates were open to the enemy. And only to the enemy. The only way you could get in to see your parent was if you had the virus yourself, and your governor said you couldn’t be denied access!

Am I saying all of this was deliberate? Absolutely. Don’t be an idiot. You think China is interested in playing nice? Playing by Hoyle? Is that the hallmark of Chinese history, from any period? Let me ask you something, Pilgrim. Have you ever read anything about China? Anything at all? From any period of history? If you say ‘yes’, but persist in believing the China of today is any different from the past, you’re simply a useful idiot. I’m sorry, but that is the only kind-but-logical conclusion. Assuming, of course, you’re not just another member of their Fifth Column. Which is far worse than idiocy. It’s treason. Pure and simple, treason.

Next question: Do you think that there’s no one in America (or anywhere in the West) that hasn’t been recruited (or worse, bought-off) by China today? I could cite thousands of stories that say this is true, in science, industry, education, the media and the military and yes, in government itself today. Including, but certainly not limited to, Joe Biden. So, I won’t bother. If you won’t believe it, you won’t believe it. Period. Why try and educate you? You’re willfully ignorant. But very useful, to someone. To those engaged in the struggle for global power. Useful to those who despise the American nation. Which, by the way, is the only thing that props up the Empire. Which, also by the way, is what they seek to master. And rule.

Let me be clear. That picture above of Hué, showing a shattered city, the burned-out shells of buildings, simply represents the actual human death-toll. There’s no dead bodies in the picture above. But you know instinctively what the picture represents. It is a picture of Death. The parallel picture today would be the pristine image of an assisted living facility in America. Show any American a picture of an assisted-living facility, and ask them what thought pops into their head. See what I mean? Hué Gardens Retirement Village is where grandma lived. And died. At the hands of the Viet-Cuomo’s that rule us.

Now let’s shift into second gear, before I red-line your mind. If the outward image of the Tet Offensive seems opposed to the usual image we see of any assisted living death-camp, what does the nightly-news images of the ongoing Blue-State riots really mean? Simple. It is the same rage we saw in the late summer of ’68, after the January-February Battle of Hué leading up to the coming election. The point of those riots was to get America to back off in its war in ‘Nam. A country which, you might recall, was simply the proxy of China. Just like North Korea was in ’51. Things don’t change in Asia. They only get worse. And now they’re grown closer.

Yes, here we go again, as we listen to the tiresome whine of those who would differentiate between Uncle Ho and Chairman Mao. And all the Kims. And Uncle Joe. All I can say is this: Ho couldn’t have withstood South Vietnam (let alone the Empire) for more than a week without the ever-present economic and military assistance of China (and Russia too, of course).

The summer of 1968 was the story of domestic political pressure (a.k.a. riots) against American resolve to win the Asian war. It was conducted on two fronts, in the streets and on the Tube. They worked in tandem lock-step. This co-operative assault, being repeated today, produced the short-term desired effect—public dis-affection for the war. Once Uncle Walter told us the war was un-winnable, we began to waver, and then ultimately we caved in. Even though from a military standpoint, the VC/NVA machine had been dealt a crippling and crushing blow. An Asian war machine that was later on the brink of capitulating when Nixon-the-Idiot called off the Christmas bombing campaign.

Let’s get back to the pattern. It’s the same, again. The supposed purpose of the 1968 riots was an eclectic mix of Civil Rights and an ‘unjust’ war. Nightly outrages of violence, covered deceitfully by the ever-willing media. The media couldn’t disguise it as completely as they’re doing today, but it didn’t have to, because there were so many fewer sources of news back then. And we tended to trust them. So, when Cronkite said ‘no mas‘, we bought it. It took a few more years to back out of the Civil Rights quagmire over here, but over there, in Asia, the military-political retreat had already begun.

While the Weathermen and the SDS were the home-grown Fifth Column of the Vietnam Era, the BLM-ANTIFA and the Green Weenies are their counterparts today. Each seeks to grab political advantage from the paralyzed electorate that has suffered a stunning event (the ‘pandemic’) that is seemingly unrelated. But no one sees the reality that these movements are simply the front-men for those who are trying to stop any resistance to their Globalist Agenda.

In 1968, the threat to the globalists was an imminent American victory in China’s backyard. Today, the threat to Globalism comes from Donald’s rallying of the national spirit of America. Both of these threats were rightly perceived as mortal threats in their respective times. Globalism wears many masks (and masks are their symbol today), but their goal is always the same, global enslavement. Anything that furthers that goal in any locale must rightly be suspected as being part of the overall plan. Regardless of whether or not the local useful idiots perceive it as such.

You might think this equative comparison of the Tet Offensive and the Corona Offensive is confusing. It is. It’s designed to confuse. I use the term ‘designed’ purposefully. My brother Angor has argued that he doesn’t think the Globalists (both East and West) intended to launch a Corona Offensive at this time. He thinks things got out of control at the labs, but once it accidentally happened, well, why let a good crisis go to waste, to quote another great Commie. Get the most out of it while you can, right?

I argue something similar, but entirely different. I too think that the Globalists had every intent to create a faceless, non-human enemy that could cause the public to immediately acquiesce to a Medical Dictatorship, all in the name of public safety. But I don’t think they were prepared to use it just yet. Things were going on swimmingly before Donald, and the need to use it was not really present. The public was already succumbing, one Fahrenheit at a time, to their Fabian tactics of continual mental assault. The frog was starting to boil nicely. Why use a nuke when a grenade will do?

In other words, I don’t think the bio weapon somehow leaked or escaped from their labs. I think they had to move up their timetable for using it because of the mortal threat that Donald presented to them. Another Donald victory would mean, at the very least, another four-year hiccup in their plans. They were more worried that another four years of Donald’s assaults on the Globalists (especially those in China) could also be, at the worst, a Waterloo for their ultimate design. They sensed a jailbreak was possible, if not in fact, imminent.

So they had to move up the D-Day schedule. It was now or never, in their minds. There’s way too much nationalistic sentiment swirling around the globe, and another win by Donald could spell a huge setback. Just like what occurred when Napoleon hijacked the French Revolution. It took the Revolution another 120 years to recover before they could finally annihilate the monarchies of Europe, and finally ‘free the people’. We know where that has led.

Meanwhile, over here, another pattern is emerging. I’ll sum it up in one word. Excess. The typical revolutionary trait. They can’t help themselves. They can’t stop themselves. They aren’t just passionate about their political beliefs. They are actually possessed by them. In the fullest sense of the word. Likewise, the demons that motivate these politically-possessed people can never restrain themselves either. Human carnage is so much fun! I’m dead serious here. We can talk all we want about human failings throughout time. But humans cannot naturally become in-human by themselves.

This is the explanation that logically answers the question of ‘is there an actual conspiracy’? Of course there is. But it’s not among men. Fallen men are just the tools of the real conspirators. There isn’t some magick fax that gets sent out every morning at 3 AM, to every Narodnik and every Pravda-franchise channel. There’s no need for that, Komrade. Humans are already connected to our spiritual fax-line. The number of that line, of course, is 1-800-666-HATE.

These ANTIFA-BLM ‘demonstrators’ are already addicted to hate. The most powerful drug there is, surpassing even adrenochrome. Those addicted to hate can all be expected to parrot the party line as soon as they hear it. As we have seen, in every revolution since the French, they will ultimately consume themselves. And a lot of innocents along the way.

Actually, the longer this excess of street violence goes on here, the easier it is to stop it. Why? Because they are busy destroying their own base. Yes, they are busy spreading fear amongst those who aren’t under their thumb (yet). But they are also spreading disgust amongst those they do rule (by increasingly obvious force). As long as elections are allowed, this will produce exactly the same long-term result in the end. The same pattern of 1968 emerges. A pattern the Globalists don’t want to appear. Violence designed to produce fear will turn the populace against the mob. It’s already happening. Yes, the Globalists are riding a tiger too.

Short-term, the VC/NVA lost the battle of Hué, but won their long-term battle against America, but only because of their Fifth Columns here. Long-term, we won by extracting ourselves from a war we shouldn’t have been in (at least from the Imperial motivational point-of-view). By rejecting the street violence of 1968 in the election of that same year, we gained the political antibodies we’ll need this Fall. Antibodies produced in abundant reaction to the excesses of the political hate-storm that uses the medical and antifa masks as their tools of assault. Those are the only real antibodies that can defeat the Chinese Virus Battalions. And their Fifth Column Cuomo’s amongst us. The secret ballot is the only human ammo we have left.

So listen up, Grunts. It’s the same drill as in Hué. Fall back. Re-group. Then advance. Humanely speaking, it’s the only way out. It’s the only way home. But you’d better be praying the whole time.


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  1. Michael Dowd

    Outstanding article Ianto Watt. Man up America–the life you save may be your own.

  2. Mike H

    The supernatural forces of evil have the Vatican on their side. According to Team Bergoglio, “those who best realize the social doctrine of the Church”—including forced abortions and closing churches?—”are the Chinese.”

    Another of the myriad reasons why Catholics must steer clear of the Vatican 2 Church.

  3. Jerry

    Great article. Fascinating as always.
    I’m praying that it works out in the end as you have written.

  4. And you do know the Vatican gets paid 2 billion dollars a year by China, right? …
    I pray President Trump is in the know … he has to be …
    spread this article everywhere … I will

  5. Sheri

    A lot of words for a relatively straightforward pattern. I am also confused by the pattern “began” in 1968. I guess looking before that would have meant more would have meant more words…..Or you missed the pattern.

    I don’t believe the virus was released “on purpose” now. I think it just happened and the Chinese cashed in on it. While the crazy did occur when Trump was elected, the crazy is just a cover for taking EVERYTHING in this country except the elections. Who needs elections???? People are stupid enough to wear useless masks on command. We have teachers telling kids we’re all going to die from Covid and making out “living wills”. Teachers are violent, cruel people in many cases, yet we obediently beg to send our kids into that hell. Immorality is preached in every classroom. Better we cancel schools and the kids might have a chance. Tech controls everything and people “believe” in that tech. The food and fuel sources are controlled by those who want America destroyed. They have won. A Trump win actually just allows them to further cement their hold. They can burn cities, close schools and Trump does NOTHING. You see Trump as “winning”, I see a basically impotent person when it comes to protection against domestic enemies. He fiddles, Rome burns. Who cares if he is elected again? The battle is already won by the enemy. Sane Americans lost a lot longer ago than 1968. Freedom was “too darn much work” and still is. (One must see patterns and most did not.)

  6. Chad Jessup

    There is another similarity to the Vietnam War. Here, the leftist/liberal loonies control the cities but not the rural areas, the vast majority of the country. Hopefully, that results in a victory for Trump.

  7. Rpt

    Let’s hope your Trump is not Napoleon of the current Revolution because Napoleon helped the new order to settle down rather then to postpone it. I still don’t know what to think of Trump but I am closer to Sheri’s view above. OTOH, if I were American I would probably cast my vote for him.

    Ianto’s stories are not very likely to be true but they are entertaining.

  8. Uncle Mike

    Surprisingly on the mark for Ianto. Among the China-connected traitors: Fauci, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Gates, Google, Yahoo, CNN, MSNBC, much of Silicon Valley, the telecom industry, numerous defense contractors, a goodly portion of the military-industrial complex, many unions including SEIU, most of academia, the UN and the EU, numerous 3rd world governments, and of course the Democrat Party.

    I especially agree with his summary of hate as the driver. I would cite methamphetamine as the model drug, though. Meth heads not only hate everything passionately, they have delusions of grandeur. It is the supreme egotist drug. It is also Satan’s favorite. Meth steals your soul. The Meth epidemic also vastly out kills the CCP virus.

    The ballot won’t defeat this enemy. Nor will an excess of backlash anger. That’s the poison, not the antidote. Goodness is the only weapon we have against evil. It might not seem very powerful, and maybe it isn’t. But it’s all we’ve got.

  9. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    There isn’t some magick fax that gets sent out every morning at 3 AM, to every Narodnik and every Pravda-franchise channel. There’s no need for that, Komrade. Humans are already connected to our spiritual fax-line. The number of that line, of course, is 1-800-666-HATE.

    Joe Sobran and Tom Bethell called the phenomena The Hive


  10. Fredo

    Major ditto here Watt in order to fight the enemy you have to know the enemy
    this is a global project called ‘Lockstep’. By all means read it nothing is hidden.

    Weak beer:
    VERIFY: Rockefeller document doesn’t prove theory coronavirus pandemic was planned in 2010

  11. C-Marie

    The One World Government and the One World Religion are coming, and I am sorry to say that Bergoglio is assisting, knowingly??.

    For us, even if, which I do believe will occur, President Trump is re-elected, who will be elected next? Take a good look at the popular vote tally when it is provided, and see how many Americans voted for the murder of the unborn and just born boys and girls.

    Judgment is here. Willful sin by Americans has given the occasion for it. The years of mercy, especially since Roe v. Wade, have not been accepted as mercy with repentance for the rejection of Jesus Christ and the millions of killed boys and girls, just in our country alone. These are forgivable sins, but one must ask Him Whose Son has been rejected, and Whose children they are, for forgiveness.

    So, yes, there is a plan by the “theys” who have the majority of the world’s riches, and they are being allowed to carry their plan out at a pace allowed by God, but He will step in as He wills, and His Son Jesus Christ is truly coming again. Do be one of us who are praying for His return and who will rejoice at His coming again, just as He said that He would do. Life will not be as it was. Value your heart and mind unto Jesus and be His. God,our Father has the gift of Faith in His Son for you. Receive the gift of faith and then receive His Son.

    God bless, C-Marie

  12. Bobcat

    Oh number 31 is a magic number alright Ianto. It’s 3 and 1 connected together. And where have we’ve heard of 3 and 1? Oh the Trinity! 3 Divine Persons in 1 Deity! Yep the best holiday of the year, Halloween is on a 31st of the month of October. Have a good, happy 31st of July there!

  13. C-Marie

    And from wikipedia: Halloween or Hallowe’en (a contraction of Hallows’ Even or Hallows’ Evening),[5] also known as Allhalloween,[6] All Hallows’ Eve,[7] or All Saints’ Eve,[8] is a celebration observed in many countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. It begins the three-day observance of Allhallowtide,[9] the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed.[10][11

    God bless, C-Marie

  14. Fredo

    Excellent essay and I’m half way through the book which is hilarious.

  15. Ken Oath

    We see the same mistakes in comments here as we do elsewhere, being an assumption that Trump is doing nothing because they don’t SEE him doing anything. It’s like saying radio is fake because you can’t see it. X-rays first proved that things unseeable CAN exist.

    He’s a duck, casually floating on a pond, but furiously paddling underneath.

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