Coronavirus Update XXIV: Why Did We Panic?

Coronavirus Update XXIV: Why Did We Panic?

The Unmasked Bandit!

I originally started this article with an imaginary dialog between myself and a Karen. Then I got kicked out of mass Sunday for not wearing a mask by an altar Karen. I was sitting far from anybody, do not have the bug, don’t care if I get it since I am in full manly vigor, and thus am of no viral danger to anybody.

Got booted right as the First Reading started. It was not worth making a fuss, since I am still on my tour Up North. Besides, as I walking out, a nice lady came out to apologize.

It struck me how apt lack of masks are as a visible symbol to trigger peoples’ inner bureaucrat. Busybodies, Karens, bureaucrats, propagandists and other leeches on society need some indication their diabolical services are needed. Masks are prefect for this.

What a precedent we set with this bug! As regular readers know, we get this kind of virus every ten to twenty years, interspersed with bad flu years. Bugs are everywhere all the time. Nothing can or will ever change this.

Even stranger, this bug, coronadoom, will not even make the Virus Hall Of Fame. In the past century, we have had much worse. We will have worse again.

For this routine, not-at-all-unexpected or unusual virus, we have allowed governments the world over to arrogate to themselves too much power. All in the name of safety.

People demanded the government act—and the government did. Its efforts have largely been ineffectual, and even harmful when they were not asinine or evil. None of this mattered. The majority supported and welcomed each new intervention. They didn’t care one whit about whether mask mandates, lockdowns, and other restrictions worked. It was enough they might work to be sufficient and irrefutable proof that they did.

In many locales, it is now a crime not to wear a mask. A criminal offense! As if you were a bad person, a common criminal. Here’s two fellows arrested for operating their business, now judged a criminal enterprise. Indiana is the latest state to criminalize masklessness.

Some complain about wearing masks, but few have realized the real import is making masklessness a crime. A brand new kind of crime. An anti-health crime. How many more of these “crimes” will be discovered? Meanwhile fat Jerry Nadler, echoing every propaganda outlet in the country, says the riots in Portland and elsewhere are a “myth“. The inversion of all things continues.

We have two main questions: why the usurpation of powers and panic now, and how long and how often will the precedents set in the hyper-overreaction be invoked?

Why Now?

We didn’t go full panic in 2009 for Swine flu, despite having similar death counts. We didn’t for Asian flu or Hong Kong Kung Fluy, and they had much higher body counts.

There is nothing special about coronadoom, except that it is different. But all bugs are different by definition. Others are starting to say the same thing: Bernard-Henri Lévy interview: coronavirus has sent the world into ‘psychotic delirium’. “‘People keep saying this is an unprecedented pandemic,’ says Bernard-Henri Lévy, France’s rock-star philosopher. ‘It is not true. Humanity has had to deal with many pandemics, often more grave than this one. There seems to be an intention, a collective desire, to panic. It is not as big a disaster as we think.'”

It’s plain in reading about older outbreaks the impulse to panic was always there, especially among the usual suspects. But their pleas to embrace mindless gibbering frenzy weren’t heeded. They were this time. Why?

One thing that changed, discussed at length in this book, is the rise of social media. Twitter existed in 2009, but it didn’t have the reach or importance it did this year (though with their constant purges, it’s now becoming less relevant). Same with Facebook, Instagram, and so on, some of which were new by 2020.

Don’t forget, even frog Twitter was freaking out over images coming out of Wuhan. It was a post by an otherwise reliable fellow about Wu flu “going exponential!” that set me off doing the modeling. We all know how easy it is to ratchet up fear on social media.

Another aspect is the marriage between globalization (a.k.a. the enrichment of the oligarchs) and the inexorable—and exponential!—growth of the managerial state, enhanced by a constant loud barrage of propaganda by what people used to call “media”. Experts, as propagandists and government call these curious people, rule over us with a velvet-gloved iron grip that is ever increasing in strength. It’s hard to ignore experts. Not for loyal readers of this blog, of course, since they daily see how monstrous expert over-certainty is.

Still, many can’t see past the credential. We know the evils of Harvard, but we still bow to it. Even our own Moldbug squealed like a little girl after he heard—and believed—experts say everybody and his brother would die of coronadoom.

Politics played a role. The prospect of the re-election of Trump sent many, already mad over his existence, into full barking insanity. Many of the measures taken to “protect” us were there to instead cause pain, to lessen the chance of Trump staying in power. And keeping them out of it.

Which brings us to precedence.

What Next?

Some of the lockdowns had lessened in intensity in late June, before testing went amok and convinced the weak minded we were in a deadlier “second wave.” How many predictions did we track from “experts” who said we hadn’t even seen the worst yet?

But, that lockdowns did ease, because government ceded back some powers it took, it’s within the bounds of possibility that mask madness will lessen when testing finally lets up. See below about testing.

Still, it is as certain as any empirical fact that we will experience “third waves” of coronadoom, and other waves of endless other bugs, at least beginning every fall, if not at other times. None of the bugs from the other, deadlier pandemics ever went away. No bug ever does. Yet we survive.

We—we, not the government—let the government know how easy it was to take total control. Most of us demanded it. It matters not that propagandists and government agents so addled our minds that we made these demands. We let ourselves be fooled. Push back and protests were minimal. Our fear of death and illness is too strong.

Globalization is likely to strengthen, the managerial state will only grow. The purges at universities are almost complete in non-STEM areas, and are accelerating in STEM. The election in the States, and things like Brexit overseas, will continue to rile our oligarchs and discontented rioters.

The push to vaccinate won’t end. We’ve never had a common cold vaccine in humans, but the push to inject people with one for coronadoom—perhaps many times, as dear computer programmer Bill Gates threatened—will only increase. Much of the cheering will come from common people, who we already know will do anything (except pray) in the name of “safety”.

Will this coming flu year see the government begin restrictions again? Lockdowns have been a terrific way, with all the business closings, to funnel money from the middle class to oligarchs, and thus to strengthen government. Why wouldn’t they want to renew restrictions? In any collapsing society, it eventually becomes every man for himself with little thought given to the future. Our elites want to get what they can while the gettin’s good.

Or will we calm down—only to focus more on riots and Black Lunatics Matter to signal displeasure with Trump winning reelection? Or, if he loses, will the governors rub their hands together and cackle at the first report in rise of flu deaths?

Don’t think you can get away without answering. Even now “experts” are banding together can calling for the lockdowns to begin again: “Shut it down, start over, do it right“.

(Some, at least, have kept their sense of humor about all this. Covid Blues.)

Assorted Nitwittery


Sodomy is back on in (the appropriately nicknamed) Sodom-on-Sea. Yes, the city’s leaders say “Restrictions Relaxed for Gay Bathhouses, Sex Venues“. Spreading COVID via glory holes is not a worry anymore, not in San Francisco. (Spreading HIV is no longer seen as entirely undesirable.)

This is not a joke about glory holes. The Canadian government, led perhaps by a past-practitioner of the sport, authorized glory holes as a way to “that [will] allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact.” To avoid spreading COVID.

You can’t get into to see granny on her 103rd birthday—as a man running a small shop told me about his experience with this aged relative—but at least you can sodomize a man through a hole in the wall.

Oops: Health company apologizes for falsely telling 600,000 US military members they were infected with coronavirus.

Oops again: Coronavirus Surge Narrative Cast into Doubt After Antigen Tests Result in 73 Percent False Positive Rate in Just One Small Vermont Town. Many such cases.

This stuff goes on an on. None of it matters. The public only hears about spikes and surges in “new” “cases” from propagandists, and they believe. And go to get tested, even if they experience no symptoms. The testing reveals infections, past or present, real or false positive, which propagandists report as “new” “cases”, which drives more people to get tested, which et cetera until the Trump of doom.

A Taste Of Reality

We need only three pictures to prove the madness, plus an understanding of some terms.

Daily coronadoom tests. Daily as in the number of reported tests over each twenty-four hour period.

Remember how last week I predicted we’d soon be at 900 thousand tests a day? On Friday we hit 930 thousand. If the trend continues, and there’s no reason to suppose it won’t, we’ll be at a million, more or less, by this Friday.

One million tests a day. A million. Every single day. One million tests, and growing, each and every day. One million. A bit number. A growing number.

An appalling number. I’m sick of saying it, and you are sick of hearing it, but if you are not astounded by this picture, you have not understood it. This one picture alone explains the continuing madness.

This ridiculous level of testing is what is causing propagandists to report records, surges, and spikes in “new” “cases”. They are not. The tests are revealing infections, past and present. Cases are infections requiring official treatment.

Actual cases are rising, but mostly because of hospital protocols. Everybody walking in (with some exceptions) is getting coronadoom tests, often more than one. Any positive test is labeled a COVID “hospitalization”, even if people came in with another complaint. They will, of course, also be labeled “Other complaint hospitalization”, but nobody cares about that.

All that, plus the over-ascription of death—dying with instead of dying from—accounts at least for the bulk of measured infections, hospitalizations, and deaths found because of ridiculous levels of testing.

Here are the official weekly CDC coronadoom deaths—which are about 10% lower than propaganda reported figures.

That little bump at the end is perfectly consistent with the insane levels of testing we’re now seeing, and not direct evidence of a genuine “second wave”. Sure, some are still getting the COVID, and some are even still dying from it. But everybody dies of something, sunshine. Where did we get the idea we had to shut everything down, disrupt all our lives, until no one “officially” dies from this one damned bug? See above for that discussion.

How do we know if this is a genuine second wave or a testing artifact? The best evidence comes from looking at all cause deaths. Here’s the weekly count from the CDC.

The dashed line is all cause deaths minus official coronadoom deaths—the same bump in the dashed line is evidence the panic and lockdowns killed people.

The three dots are the last three weeks. Again, the CDC says it takes up to eight weeks to get full counts of all deaths. Three is usually enough to get most. But, we will have to wait a few months to get the final count on all this.

It even appears, though this may be the result of under-counting, there are fewer deaths this time of year than we usually see (don’t forget population increase). If that signal is real, then the most likely explanation is that the bug helped killed people earlier who would have died just a little while later than they did. For example, a stage 4 lung cancer guy sucking for breath got the COVID and succumbed. He would have died a couple of weeks from now, but instead died now. Does that count as a coronadoom death? Or lung cancer?

There is no satisfactory answer to that question. He died, and we can count that. In any case, there is no indication in the total counts were are having anything like a “second wave”.

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  1. John B()

    Re: In many locales, it is now a crime not to wear a mask. A criminal offense!
    Re: Then I got kicked out of mass Sunday for not wearing a mask by an altar Karen.

    Read BETWEEN THE LINES, dude … It’s a SIN not to wear a mask … obviously a MORTAL sin!


  2. Michael Dowd

    Wonder how many deaths will result from government’s Covid actions to save (destroy?) lives? How many economic impoverishments? Overall, what is cost to the government resulting from actions taken? 10+ trillion and counting. We really can’t afford a next time.

    IMO we should have accepted the collateral deaths due to keeping the economy completely open as we have done in all other serious flu epidemics. Since most of the deaths were older people deaths in the working population would have been relatively minimal.

  3. Joy

    “Why did we panic”
    Did you?
    That’s not what you said before

  4. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    It sounds like you went to Mass in the dead diocese of Portland, Maine

    That diocese encompasses the entire state of no faith Maine

  5. Wilt Alston

    The thing that has troubled me almost from the beginning–and apparently troubled you as well–is WHY? Why is the panic so strong this time, relative to other, worse cases of similar disease? I realize that the Fear Genie is hard to get back into the bottle once he escapes, but the acquiescence of people to asinine mandates has been breathtaking. (On the other hand, it is embarrassing to realize that not wearing your mask has become a sign of civil disobedience. Talk about a low bar!) As far as I can tell, the mask mandates STARTED after the death curves were well into decay. If that is true, then WTF? Anyway, my point–and I do have one–is simply this. Mankind has long known that mobs tend to be illogical. Mob rule is fraught with the danger of stupid and/or evil outcomes, like lynchings and witch burning. Has the rise of Twitter specifically, and social media generally, led to a society-wide manifestation of what Charles Mackay examined and wrote about? Apparently so. Welcome to a worldwide episode of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, 2020.

  6. Mike H

    One might consider eschewing The Church Of The Altar Karens and fulfilling one’s Sunday obligation at a house of worship not run by the zombie cult, as for example a chapel of the SSPX.

  7. JR Ewing

    I live in one of those counties in Texas that has a pocket tyrant County Judge (executive) who has decided that opening schools is too dangerous. Not so much dangerous for the kids but for the politicians who need the panic to keep going a few more months.

    Interestingly enough, school districts in Texas are independent government bodies, so the county and city politicians do not have direct control of the schools. School boards answer only to the governor. Other politicians can “order” them to do something, but they don’t directly control the schools short of sending a sheriff to block the schoolhouse door.

    Well, unlike other school districts in our county who just rolled over to avoid a fight, my local school district is asserting its independence, or at least trying to. Rather than just obey the County Judge and go to 100% virtual, they’ve called a special meeting tonight to ostensibly “discuss” the judge’s “order” and it’s not set in stone that they will accede to his “order”.

    Lots of neighbors and citizens are planning on attending this meeting tonight. Here is hoping that they will convince the school board of their desire to open the schools and send the judge packing. The board has the power to ignore him, let’s hope they have the courage.

  8. Sheri

    I said from the start that without the very questionable “testing”, it’s just a respiratory illness. The test MAKES it terrifying, deadly and spreading.

    I decided to go with “Government Muzzle” for labeling the masks I may be forced to wear.

    Amazing how many Karens (Previously scorned as busybodies and buttinskies) there are. Maybe it’s time to pass out Valium like the 60’s and find something for these hollow women to do. Mandating they STAY HOME comes to mind as the first step. At least she didn’t mace you. That’s becoming the new thing, especially outdoors where a mask is a really, really stupid thing.

    Ever notice China shut down ONE city, not it’s whole country???? My friend said the pictures when Covid began looked like a movie set. The Chinese took the world without a shot, courtesy of stupidity and fear.

    As I noted before, if anything like the Spanish Flu returns, the snowflakes will go crazy and commit suicide or mass homicide or both. Does that count as a flu death or death by insanity?

  9. JohnK

    Re Masks at Mass. The ‘Karen” Matt encountered was protecting the ability to have Mass at all. The people who mandate masks at Mass don’t want us going to Mass in the first place. If we don’t knuckle under, they will shut the Mass down completely, and don’t think they won’t. How many pics, or even just ‘reports’, of ‘dangerous Catholics spreading coronadoom’ would it take for them to make Mass illegal? One? Two? Matt was jeopardizing the future spiritual health of everyone. Pick your spot, friend; that wasn’t the one. Besides, you missed Mass; not good.

  10. Jerry

    I belong to a neighborhood email group. One of the hottest topics is the breathless reporting of which local business has been spotted with an employee not wearing a mask. I call them the local “Mrs. Kravitz”, the term now is “Karen”. It’s quite unnerving to witness the obvious glee these snitches have in nailing a Covid perpetrator who has been caught ignoring The State and making us all Unsafe.
    It is their finest hour…..

  11. It cannot logically or legally be a crime to not wear a mask.
    Governors cannot make law.
    Governors have no power outside of an emergency.
    The emergence, such as it was, is long over.

    I will not obey the unlawful orders of nitwits and Karens.

  12. JohnK – To people like you, no hill is the right one to die on. You and your ilk have given up every single hill in the country. Our backs are no to the sea, with only small dunes behind us. Yet you still demand that we retreat without fighting.

    Yet more proof that the “moderates” always shoot right.

  13. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear JohnK. Most Bishops have dispensed with the Sunday Obligation.

    Obviously it is never right to miss Mass but ABS suspects poor Mr. Briggs had to go to the Lil’ Licit Liturgy and not The Holy Holocaust of Catholic Tradition.

    ABS goes to an SSPX Chapel in Florida where the priests are friendly with Governor Desantis (Desantis is latin for holy/devout) and ABS has never worn a mask nor do any of the other regulars.

    The Priest, a real masculine priest, unlike so many others of his ilk who were trained to be social workers, never wears a mask either.

    Since the election of Pope Francis (the best SSPX recruiter since Mons Lefebvre) and the pandemic fears, the SSPX has seen a growth of communicants.

    Real Catholic men will discover The Holy Holocaust and assist at it owing to the work of The Holy Ghost.

    O, and “them” can’t shut down Mass. It is owing to the secularized AmBishops that real men can’t assist at The Holy Holocaust. The who go to the Lil Licit Liturgy prolly do not even know that the revolutionaries who wrote it ditched The Offertory and replaces it with a Jewish Meal Prayer because that is what most folks (including the Hierarchy) thinks the service is – a meal, not a sacrifice

    ABS went to The Holy Holocaust in Sarasota, Florida at Christ the King Catholic Church, an apostolate of The FSSP and ABS was required to call before going to Mass so he could get approval for he and his wife to go.

    When they arrived at the Church they were met with a man holding a clipboard. He checked them off and let them inside where the putative pestilential pews (every other one) was covered with yellow warning tape and The Priest and the Altar boys wore masks.

    Entirely unacceptable and humiliating but it does well to remember that The FSSP, after more than thirty years of existence, do not have their own Bishop(s) – THEY NEVER WILL BE ALLOWED ONE – and so they are dependent on their local (very) Ordinary who rush to do the bidding of their governmental masters.

    Have men neglected to notice the many many years of the AmBishops publicly praising and celebrating Religious Liberty?

    The indifference has become institutionalized in America – except for the SSPX, who have their own Bishops.

    The increasing secular darkness will reveal where real light lives.

  14. john b()

    JohnK – valid point but I just took the tact of accusing our host of a mortal sin.
    Disobeying our (God ordained) leaders is a sin, is it not? I remember in Corrie ten Boom’s the Hiding Place, that even the Nazi knew the verse “Obey your leaders and submit to them” … [of course he left off] for they keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account.
    Corrie’s father answered him well

    Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God
    When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer
    Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden
    Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future. I know that the experiences of our lives, when we let God use them, become the mysterious and perfect preparation for the work He will give us to do
    Happiness isn’t something that depends on our surroundings; it’s something we make inside ourselves
    Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?
    In darkness God’s truth shines most clear
    Faith is like radar that sees through the fog—to the reality of things at a distance that the human eye cannot see
    The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation
    There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still

  15. john b()

    Those were all from Corrie ten Boom

    I believe papa ten Boom answered the Nazi that he loves God and those whom God loves

    Been awhile since I read the Hiding Place or listened to the “audio” dramatization but the answer is close enough

  16. Brad Tittle

    I disagree with one thing. Swine flu was remarkable for the opposite of what we have now. Hospitals were getting full and we were counting diligently the deaths and at the end we had a number closer to 8,000 than 180,000.

    What was remarkable about the Swine Flu was that it had ICUs on the edge of having to make ugly decisions regarding ventilators. It is because of the swine flu that I was at first keying on ventilator availability.

    180,000 is probably way too high. We have gunshot wounds to the head attributed to Covid-19.

    There is a remarkable side effect of this kerfuffle for me.

    My sister, my wife, my father, his liberal friends, and most of the people I know are all shaking their heads at the idiocy we are watching. My father keeps muttering “Is it going to be the Cockroach or the Earwig?”

    Cockroach wins if it is a chemical war. Earwig wins if it is a nuclear war.

    I am not as pessimistic as he is. What I see is most people complying to keep the peace rather than start stabbing each other because we are or are not wearing a mask.

  17. john b()

    Wilt Alston Re: Panic

    Thanks for reminding me! I was going to comment last night, didn’t, but what you said reminded me that maybe I should here. Why panic?

    A War of the Worlds radio drama was broadcast on Buffalo, New York radio station WKBW 1520 on October 31, 1968. It was a modernized version of the original radio drama aired 30 years earlier by CBS on October 31, 1938.

    EVERY Body has heard of Orson Welles’ famous Halloween broadcast of The War of the Worlds, and the panic that ensued – there have been MOVIES about it. Yet despite months of announcements, batches of information mailed out to state and county officials, panic did ensue. (Nobody shot a water tower, but panic did ensue)

    Panic comes from real, serious and trusted sources

    Its Or[son]Wellian (very few people remember the lesson of Chicken Little – and it’s not appropriate if you consider the source)

    Or(son)Wellian has a nice ring

  18. Jim Fedako

    Wilt –

    I believe the genie gained strength over the past few decades of pending doom (global warming and the imminent end to the world as an example). The MSM lives on this stiff. Then with covid, the full-strength genie exploded from its bottle. And it might never return.

  19. Aaron Glover

    Try asking these questions. I’ve not received a reply from reporters, City council or local public health authority:
    A) what condition (s) indicate that the curve had been flattened and so restrictions were warranted
    B) what factors determine when the masks are no longer mandatory

    Indefinite, seems to be the answer.
    Aaron Glover, Peterborough ON
    (Nova Scotia for the summer though…clean disinfecting salt air)

  20. Dennis

    I had to take my car in to a repair shop yesterday and was actually worried whether they would be mask-Nazis, since I haven’t tried to go anywhere other than the park and the chinese takeout – not even the grocery – for over 2 weeks now (and only the grocery for several months before, even before our pantywaist family-legacy governor elected on the basis of daddy’s name decided two weeks ago, long after it could have had even the slightest effect on the spread of a virus, to issue a sterner mask mandate). Happy to report that when I walked in there were 4 guys hanging around the office and no masks to be seen anywhere, no plexiglass shielding me from interacting with the guy at the desk, no “distancing” markers on the floor, etc. People need to just refuse to obey, refuse to close businesses again, refuse to give in to fearmongering and panic – they can’t arrest or fine everyone. Stop kowtowing to illegal, unconstitutional, and unjust “mandates” that serve no purpose but to stoke fear and paranoia in order to serve the ends of the oligarchs. Just refuse.

    I’ve been wondering too a lot about why there were not similar mass panics, shutdowns of all life and commerce, and the destruction of basic liberties during the Hong Kong Flu outbreak of 1969, or Asian Flu of 1959, and others. The rise of social media (and in general the all pervasive 24/7 news cycles with numerous news channels and internet outlets all vying for ratings one-upping each other with fearmongering, etc.) have all played a huge part. Back then there were basically 3 channels, and even they went off the air around midnight, and didn’t do all-news-all-the-time with endless “breaking” coverage of “the virus” etc. Hell, even Woodstock went ahead in 1969 – nowadays people are afraid to have a gathering of more than 10 people anywhere.

    But, I think in general people were made of sterner stuff back then. The people who were adults in 1959 and 1969 had all experienced WWII, even those who weren’t direct participants themselves, and had a keener understanding of the vicissitudes of life, and the price they had paid for their freedoms, and weren’t going to let some virus be used as an excuse to cede dictatorial control of life to petty bureaucrats and elected scumbags.

    The general civilizational decline that has continued apace in the last 5 decades or so, increasing moral and intellectual flabbiness (and quite literal flabbiness as well in the case of America’s ever-expanding average waistline), has made people weak and lazy and fearful of life itself, and thus too willing to rely on alleged “experts” to keep them “safe” from the ordinary everyday vagaries of life. Our modern world is full of Nietzschean Last Men – bored, apathetic, overstuffed, bourgeois nihilists who desire nothing but a risk-free life (what Agamben calls “bare life”) guaranteed by bureaucrats and technocrats, happy to wallow in meaningless bovine contentment – dead in mind and soul – so long as they have good wi-fi, daily Amazon deliveries to the house, and junk Hollywood movies available to stream 24/7 on Netflix.

  21. Joy

    JohnK is right but still paranoid about what ‘they’ want to stop you doing.

    What occurred to me reading this post before anybody commented was how little faith Briggs and his supporters appear to have left.

    However then JohnK says “missed Mass” not good. What’s that about?

    Then McChuck, who doesn’t go to mass says JohnK is a quitter not a fighter.

    I go to Mass on Christmas Eve at midnight. It’s not Roman Catholic though, so I’m not going to see any of those where I’m going when I die.

    It would be for the best because we’d never be finished. I’m going to a happier and warmer place where people tell the truth and don’t let their petty competitions take over what little time they have

    Nor conclude that old people are worth spending in support of the economy…very Christian

  22. Dennis

    Also, does anyone have any similar data about testing in other countries? Is out-of-control mass testing of asymptomatic people going on in other places, or is America uniquely absurd in this “we just need more and more testing even of non-sick people” response

  23. Johnno

    America’s Frontline Doctors are getting censored fast and hard.

    Spread this information, because the powers that shouldn’t be really really don’t want it getting out there!

    Check out this excellent video before they inevitably come after it too.

  24. Joy

    Unguided testing is of very little use.
    Testing is supposed to be accompanied with a reason for testing. Whether it be to use large quantities of data, for which some tests are used or for individual information. There are tests which are not considered accurate enough for individual use. Early on, the US took a market forces approach to testing, rather like some say let nature take its course across the country. Sometimes it is wise to intervene. As the prayer goes, the wisdom is to know the difference.

  25. Joy

    Regarding the R number again, this disease has an R number of around 3 if left alone.

    If you still have ears:
    At 8:00 a small explanation or the thinking. This video is now not recent but the explanation doesn’t have a best before date.

    At minute 11:56 regarding testing and its usefulness or otherwise in changing outcomes:

    Germany has, during select committee, said that they did not know why they ‘did better’. Chris Whitty makes the point that the Italians have said the same. Apparently they don’t know but CNN, CNBC, CBS, Twitter, Sky, Shadow politicians, BBC, CBB’ies, the Disney channel, and various other internet outlets do!

    There are some sane voices out there.

  26. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    What occurred to me reading this post before anybody commented was how little faith Briggs and his supporters appear to have left.

    Jesus did not have faith

  27. Xens

    I had the same objection as Brad on Swine Flu. We can use CDC all-cause mortality to see that there was an event of at least ~100K excess deaths in US concentrated in April.

    Assuming that US isn’t going to have another peak like April, Covid-19 seems to be about 12 Swine Flues, 3 Normal Flus, or 1/15th of a Spanish Flu. Of course, Covid-19 has to be discounted beyond this due to the age of those most affected.

  28. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    It would be for the best because we’d never be finished. I’m going to a happier and warmer place where people tell the truth and don’t let their petty competitions take over what little time they have

    Dear Joy. Do you think you are going to Hell?

    There is no possibility of any happiness in Hell. Every person there will hate every other person there and also hate themselves with an unimaginable intensity.

  29. Rudolph Harrier

    Reports that I have seen on masks have advocated for putting masks on younger and younger children and for longer and longer periods of time. It started with advice for putting masks on children 12 or older, but the purity spiral drove the age down. Now most reports say that masks should be worn by all children 2 and older. There are also many people saying that children should be forced to wear masks for hours at home, since they will have to wear them in public and they need to get used to them.

    The reason that no one has advocated forcing masks for children younger than 2 it that there is a worry that children that they will be a choking hazard for children that young. But reports generally gloss over that, instead stressing how important it is for even very young children to wear masks. So it’s certain that well-meaning but dim parents are going to put masks on their newborns. There are also reports of parents leaving children in cars when they go into stores because they are worried about their children being exposed to the Wuhan Flu. Thus we will definitely have children die from their parents’ panic over the disease. Probably some have died already, though this isn’t something that news agencies are likely to report on.

    In contrast, children have practically no risk of death from the Wuhan flu itself. Here in Minnesota there has been a single death in the younger than 20 bracket. And with the reporting practices of MN it is likely that this was a “died with” COVID-19, not “died of.”

  30. Dennis

    The ever shifting age recommendations re. just more evidence that it is all political and about control. There is no objective standard or actual scientific justification for nay of it.

    What I don’t get is why the extreme mask mandates have only come after things were starting to get back to normal open up again. From March through the first week of July I went to the grocery and Target with no problem with not wearing a mask. No one ever bothered me or even gave me the evil eye or other looks. Now, over 4 months after this all began, long after it could have the slightest actual effect on the general spread of the virus (and at a point where some say we have already technically reached herd immunity), the mask mandates are getting more extreme and there is no end in sight for the general societal disruptions for everything from school to sports to concerts, etc. It’s all political, all guided by extreme social-political agenda. Nothing to do with public health or safety.

  31. Joy

    48: minute questions regarding the decision to switch from test, track and trace to stay at home/shut down,
    (Sounds like the situation some states have been at recently)

    Minute 50:18 face mask questions.

    …and Robert Fuller’s on the One Show at 7:00 GMT

  32. Joy

    Very cowboy brain surgeon,
    No, YOU think I am though, clearly

    What I think is not none of your business

  33. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Joy. If you truly think your thoughts are not the business of others then why do you post your thoughts here?

    As for what will happen to you after you die, that is up to Jesus for after you die you will appear before His judgment seat to account for all that you have thought, said and done.

  34. Joy

    As for “Jesus didn’t have Faith” what an illogical thing to say, given my remark
    Jesus is God incarnate. Briggs is not, nor are you, presumably

  35. Dennis

    “What occurred to me reading this post before anybody commented was how little faith Briggs and his supporters appear to have left.”

    What is this actually supposed to mean? In what or whom are you accusing Briggs and many of us of having little faith? In God? In Jesus? In the elected nincompoops and government bureaucrats and technocrats who imagine they know better and want to force us all to wear face diapers to suite their political agendas? What does faith even have to do with public policy arguments over the efficacy and legality of attempts at forced face muzzling and other gross over-reactions to this virus?

  36. Joy

    If you think you have the right to know what I think on such matters by default, then you’re quite a unique character

  37. Joy

    How did you get on listening to Chris Whitty? Are you a good judge of character?

  38. Dennis

    Nothing to do with any “right to know what (you) think…by default”. If you don’t care to elaborate or clarify then don’t bother publishing the remark in the first place. Absurd.

  39. Dennis

    I don’t know what video you are referring to or who Chris Whitty is

  40. David

    I have acquired, mangaged, and analyzed my mask data. These are my conclusions:

    1. When I wear a mask I am less likely to infect someone else.
    2. My personal handmade silk mask is both a fashion statement and an act of civil disobedience.
    3. Hanging an N95 respirator from my rearview mirror is a preventive action and an effective reminder.
    4. Maintain social distancing from all Karens. Be on the lookout for Beckys without masks.
    5. Read “The Sneetches and Other Stories” to my grandchildren.

  41. john b()


    I was going to ask what video you were referring to as well … did you fail to attach it?
    Or are you referring to the previous post’s video on frontline doctors?

    Briggs’ new look makes finding links excruciating (almost need to procede them and end them with ellipses or something

    Warm and happy as in Happiness is a warm puppy or that joke where the cow pat falls on a half frozen bird

  42. Joy

    Dennis Do I see a different page from you? That’s happened in the past with fake pages, I believe.

    I linked a video in my comment.

    I’m happy enough *if I thought you generally interested, to elaborate about what or why I think you might lack faith, or have little left. You said as much yourself that hope had gone and flown the coup. Christianity is about hope, not law.

    What ABS said was something rather starkly different and lacking insight. Perhaps go back and read the discussions of old to find out a little more, I note you’re not listening to anyone who disagrees with you at the moment. Not a great start for reciprocal discussion. The only element of my faith which has altered since returning to this site is that I know a lot more about catholics and know that God’;s house has many mansions. I won’t be seeing people who think the way catholics so. Perhaps we’ll both be going through a lesson, but don’t be so sure it isn’t those who see fit to tell others they’re going to hell.

    I thought you were here to shout and fire arrows over the battlements.
    That bores me when there’s no good humour about it.
    I don’t have to share your negative dark world view. Nor does anybody else have to share my world view

  43. Joy

    What happened with the cowpat and the frozen bird? Any I’ll go and find Chris Hero Whitty’s video.

  44. JTLiuzza

    Joy: “However then JohnK says “missed Mass” not good. What’s that about?”

    The third commandment and the Bread of Life (Eucharist) discourse in John 6 off the top of my head.

  45. Joy

    Dennis and John B, I can’t see my previous comment with the video either, so I apologise for the confusion.
    I don’t think I’ve got the comment now to mark the minute, see if I can remember.

  46. John B()


    You know I thought much of our communication issues in the past have been about King’s English and American English. But it goes farther than that.

    There’s an old Star Trek The Next Generation episode called Darmok where Picard is captured, then trapped on a planet with an alien captain who speaks a metaphorical language based solely on symbolism incompatible with the universal translator. They have to become allies but their words get in the way of revealing their thoughts.

    I’m surprised that I didn’t see that, it’s one of the few Next Generation episodes that outshine some of the better Originals

    I’ll see if I can find the bird in the cowpat

  47. Joy

    Regarding the R number again, this disease has an R number of around 3 if left alone.

    If you still have ears:
    At 8:00 a small explanation or the thinking. This video is now not recent but the explanation doesn’t have a best before date.

    At minute 11:56 regarding testing and its usefulness or otherwise in changing outcomes:

    Germany has, during select committee, said that they did not know why they ‘did better’. Chris Whitty makes the point that the Italians have said the same. Apparently they don’t know but CNN, CNBC, CBS, Twitter, Sky, Shadow politicians, BBC, CBB’ies, the Disney channel, and various other internet outlets do!

    There are some sane voices out there.

  48. Dennis


    I don’t know about seeing a different page. The only links above are Johnno’s ones to the Frontline Doctors, but none in your posts.

    The theological virtues of Faith and Hope have nothing to do with hope in this world, or with some opposition to “law” in the way you present it. It simply makes no sense to say Christianity is not about “law” in response to a question about public policy matter regarding the efficacy and legality of forced muzzle wearing. These are this worldly matters about which the theological virtues of Faith and Hope are irrelevant.

    Whenever we are confronted with issues of law and policy, shall we just throw up our hands and say, “Well, Christianity is about Hope, not law, so just go along with whatever our worldly masters say, sit quietly and accept it?” Such passive quietism may work for Quakers and such, but that is not what normative historical Christianity has ever seen as the proper way to engage with the world in which we live.

  49. John B()


    The Frozen Bird

    A little bird was flying south for the Winter. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground into a large field.

    While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him.
    As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to realize how warm he was.

    The dung was actually thawing him out!
    He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy.

    A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him.

    Morals of the story:
    (1) Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.
    (2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.
    (3) And when you’re in deep shit, it’s best to keep your mouth shut!

  50. Joy

    So now john B, it’s time to ask:
    Are you projecting again?

  51. Joy

    “The written law kills,
    The spirit makes alive”.
    St Paul.
    “God gave you a spirit not of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”
    St Paul.
    See Matthew Chapter 25 and see the sermon on the mount.
    blessed are the angry doesn’t appear. That’s worldly power or ‘sarx’

  52. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    As for “Jesus didn’t have Faith” what an illogical thing to say, given my remark

    It wasn’t illogical. It was shocking.

    Jesus is God incarnate. Briggs is not, nor are you, presumably

    Briggs does not have faith in man, nor does ABS.

    Adios Joy. To me you are only sorrow – reference to a song by Harry Nilsson

  53. Dennis

    You’re just throwing out non sequiturs – appeals to Faith and Hope stripped of proper theological context and attempting to apply them in wholly inapplicable situations. Whether the imposition of mandatory mask regimes by law (or dictatorial fiat actually) is a good thing or not isn’t a question to be decided by vague appeals to Faith and Hope supplemented by a few out of context bible quotes.

    Yes, we see every day how the written law kills. All the more reason to oppose unjust laws and diktats.

  54. Rudolph Harrier


    You’ve been lecturing us all about Christianity for some time now.

    Would you confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior?

  55. John B()


    My original question about your wishing to be warm and happy in your mansion:

    Warm and happy as in Happiness is a warm puppy or that joke where the cow pat falls on a half frozen bird

    I did say it was a joke … you asked … no projection

  56. Rudolph Harrier


    Is that a no in response to my question then?

  57. DauntlessThree

    No, it is not a mortal sin! That is ludicrous. I would argue it is more of a sin to stand on the altar or God (where there should be no Karen’s and by that I mean women) with a mask! Facing Our Lord with a mask as if you have no faith is sacrilege.
    This is an unjust law. It needs to be fought tooth and nail every step of the way.
    Think you’re susceptible then you’ve probably been dispensed so stay home and let the rest of us keep our freedom.

  58. Why did we panic?

    The original panic was driven by intelligence reports that the disease was 100% fatal – all of the people affected by the original leak died. Of course the Chinese government didn’t know this because these were nobodies – cleaners and a junior tech – so by the time senior people were getting involved the thing was in its third generation and “only” about 16% fatal.

    Now, however, most of the new cases in either major strain represent somewhere between the 10th and 20 generations, and the case fatality rate is, on average, down to about 0.01%. The reason the lockdowns and rules seem out of proportion is that they are now, but they were not in January. The real question, therefore, is not why the panic happened, but why leftist government and media won’t let go of it.

    The answer, of course, is multiple competing agendas: just as the Chinese central government decided that the confusion and general cluster* leading to the shutdown of internal traffic without a matching shutdown of external traffic had its upside, so too have democrats in the U.S. seen and grabbed an upside to economic and cultural disaster.

  59. David B


    On the CDC all deaths graph from 2017-2020, can you do more weekly plot dots than just the last 3? I would like to see how many weeks back we have been near normal seasonal levels. Seems lile 6-8…

    It would also be good to assign an adjustment factor for reporting delays, if possible. That would help smooth the ends out. Maybe that would be for a second graph if you dont want to sully the raw data graph.

    The reporting lag is way stronger (i.e. more bureaucratically inept) than I thought it was. 3 weeks is a pretty strong effect. Only around 8 weeks after do we get reliable numbers. Think about how pathetically inept that is. But also you have to account for that as you read the data.

    You should have taken my silver options advice 🙂

    Thanks for your hard work.

  60. Eric

    Could you provide links for the three graphs, Briggs?

  61. garden girl

    I am sad about lumping all older women into being called “Karens.” It’s dehumanizing, and will make it much easier to forgive killing them off in the near future, along with all the other unproductive old people whose medical care becomes so expensive.

  62. John B()

    Garden Girl

    You misunderstand the term “Karen”

    The POST starts out with:
    Are you the type of gal who demands to speak to the manager when you feel you’ve been wronged? You just might be a “Karen.”
    The term has morphed to have a racial component, but not singling out old ladies (if age is a factor, it would be middle age – 30 to 45?)

  63. Jerry

    I use the term”Karen” for busybodies who love to get into other peoples business and tattle on them to anyone who will listen, because it gives them a sense of importance and power. Probably an expansion of the original meaning but that’s language for you.

  64. Dennis

    It shouldn’t be used at all. Probably the stupidest abuse of a name I’ve ever heard. Just another social-media induced fad that is designed to dehumanize white women.

    I think I’ll to start a fad of calling men who annoy me “Jerries.”

  65. Joy

    John B,
    Sorry for suggesting such a thing, I got the joke. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, it’s hard to know who to trust. I don’t agree with your depiction of warm and happy meaning sht. The truth about heaven, if it exists, is not cold and unhappy. For information about hell ask Mel Gibson.

    Which part is shocking? That just comes over as fake given the quality of your comment regarding Jesus. As to sorrow? That is your projection, perhaps how you really feel when you learn the truth?

    It WAS illogical and non relevant to the comment. Who cares? normally, but since it was about something quite starkly untrue and based on your own invention, it warranted a reply. In any event, it seems that you do indeed have little ‘faith left’. You admitted it. Jesus wasted his time evidently, it’s tacit in your assertion about loss of faith in humanity. You don’t believe in the truth, big or little t. Did God fail?

    As to the pettier and pettier mask rule defiance: You think God needs your outrage?
    No you need his help with your rage. You have your doctrine backwards. That way you might be able to fight the corner you think needs fighting, otherwise you’ll be in contempt of court as Briggs was in contempt of his neighbours.

    The Universe and all of creation is about whether or not YOU have to wear a mask while there’s an airborne infection risk? See the part in the New Testament where Jesus said that the buildings of the church, the material, is God’s footstool. Why would He be offended by your facial garb or your general attire, fo that matter. It is for your neighbour that you don’t go out naked, or wear a kipper tie, or otherwise frighten the horses. It is because you RESPECT others that you ‘go with the flow’. If you think that’s synonymous with going to hell, then you’re either exaggerating for effect or in some kind of a pickle.

    The law is too slow to be of any use in this masquerade. It’ll all be over, lawyers will likely still be squabbling and thinking of ways to litigate authorities THEY dislike from both sides of politics.

    What a petty subject to focus your legal mind upon.
    The only thing between mankind and doom is the lawyer! If I thought that I would be afraid!

    Rudolph H
    I haven’t lectured you.
    Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!

    Garden Girl,
    Not only that, it shows the mentality of the people who use the word.
    It’s right out of the playground of Twitter and disciples of it

  66. John B()

    He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for Joy.

    One bird’s heaven.

    Put’s me in mind of a 1975 MASH Episode:
    Col. Sherman T. Potter: [tearfully accepts Radar’s gift of a horse, then slips on something]
    Maj. Frank Burns looks down: That’s disgusting!
    Col. Sherman T. Potter : Son, to me that’s a tip-toe through the tulips.

    Another man’s tulips

  67. Dennis

    Defying unjustified, arbitrary, and useless rules is not “petty.” Standing up for truth and justice is never “petty.” That you think so is indicative of the moral, ethical, and cultural rot so pervasive in this country today. Just go along with what some mindless bureaucrats and elect scumbags decree, is that what you want? Abject submission, and then pretend it’s what “God needs”?

    And your every attempt to make the discussion about your determination of what God “wants” or “needs” is just treacly nonsense. What “God needs” has nothing to do with mask rules or defiance thereof. Cut the faux-pious Church Lady schtick.

    I also don’t know what you’re referring to as Brigg’s “contempt of his neighbors.” Not submitting to mask-Nazi coercion is “un-neighborly” now? Ok, Mrs. Rogers.

  68. Ray

    Garden Girl,
    I thought that Governor Cuomo sent the infected people into the nursing homes to kill all the old people and reduce Medicaid expenses.

    “It struck me how apt lack of masks are as a visible symbol to trigger peoples’ inner bureaucrat.”
    The epidemic allowed the politicians to get in touch with their inner commissar.

  69. Rudolph Harrier


    That is a confirmed “no” then.

    My God is Jesus Christ. I don’t know who yours is.

  70. Dennis


    I’ve seen reports before of people who were never tested being told they were positive. As disgraceful as that is, and indicative of massive problems with the whole testing process, record-keeping & quality control, etc., what I don’t get is why these people are going to testing centers and signing up in the first place, and then leaving when the line is too long. You must not actually be sick if you are prepared to just leave because the line is long. The biggest pandemic we have right now is mass over-testing of asymptomatic people who aren’t sick and not in need to testing for anything in the first place.

    Given how unreliable the test is anyway, if you don’t have any symptoms why worry about getting tested? You may as well just save yourself the trouble and flip a coin – heads I have corona, tails I don’t. There, problem solved – we can all give ourselves a 25 cent covid test, and then go about our lives. This insanity must end.

    Saw a lovely picture on today’s update of people in The Hague last weekend enjoying life like normal people. It must be nice to live in a beautiful and sane country.

  71. John B()

    Bluish font for links

    Thank you, Matt

  72. Joy

    We don’t have shtick in England Dennis

    Your argument appears to rely heavily on the ad hominem.
    Try that with the judge. Or take up male cheer leading or boxing.

    You haven’t yet made the case that you’re in the right. You have just asserted it over and over again. Like I said earlier you don’t want a discussion you want a shout. I’m glad I gave you the opportunity. When I want to argue about something important nobody disagrees!

    “Standing up for truth and justice is never “petty.”
    Tell that to the judge. He’s going to want to hear a proper argument though. Not silly Godwin talk.

    “That you think so is indicative of the moral, ethical, and cultural rot so pervasive in this country today. “
    I don’t live in your country and my moral compass is fine, without a lawyer, even an angry one, to help keep right and wrong clearly in focus. Supporting and electing mafioso types has something to do with the material decline, I would say. As in England, for years nobody was interested in politics so it became easy to vote muppets into power. What you will find, as has happened here, is the really capable people roll up their sleeves and gradually make it back into the game. Then slowly, sanity is restored. It partly happened because politicians got such a bad rep in the first place.

    “Just go along with what some mindless bureaucrats and elect scumbags decree, is that what you want? “ Is it the scum bagginess or the mindlessness that upsets you? Or just the mask thing might make you look a bit silly? They could be asking you to wear a divers suit, think yourself lucky. Maybe that’s the answer for you to go to court dressed as a frogman. Put it on YouTube, you’ll go viral and never need to work again!

    “Abject submission, and then pretend it’s what “God needs”?”
    I never said that but you’ve invented a bad argument and actually twisted what I said about your rage which you describe in noble terms. See scientologists if you want to learn how to do righteous anger.

    And your every attempt to make the discussion about your determination of what God “wants” or “needs” is just treacly nonsense. “
    And your every attempt to make the discussion about scumbag authorities which inevitably have power over you …
    Jesus did give us one commandment. You have to admit. It’s not convenient for me either.

    “What “God needs” has nothing to do with mask rules or defiance thereof. “
    Do you know what God really needs? God doesn’t strike me as needy. It’s human kind that needs answers and reassurance, peace, salvation.

    “Cut the faux-pious Church Lady schtick.”
    I’ve just said I’m not a church lady. I am putting forward arguments which seem to make you think I am pious? Yet I said I don’t go to mass? I’d say there are half a dozen remarks above in this discussion exuding piety but they have escaped your antipathy.

    Did you listen to the proof I provided about the thoughtfulness and good faith of medical officers helping make decisions in government? You asked for information about other countries. You didn’t bother with it when it was provided. So I see you’re not interested in learning or discussion.
    Especially if you might have to back off a little.
    Check out the ONS data. It’s the best source in the world, according to Patrick valance and several others, friends and foe.

    “I also don’t know what you’re referring to as Brigg’s “contempt of his neighbors.” Not submitting to mask-Nazi coercion is “un-neighborly” now? Ok, Mrs. Rogers.”
    Your contempt is towards your neighbours who want to get on with life. If it takes wearing a mask then so be it for many, you’re not fighting for truth and justice, just causing a scene, to them.

    Others stand for something else which they value. Do you have so little understanding or regard for others out in public? The case for boycotting masks is still not made but you’re still free to boycott them and put up with the flack. After all, you said it was a worthy fight.

    Your argument appears to rely heavily on the ad hominem.
    Try that with the judge.

    It WAS Godwin’s law, ages ago:

  73. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    In any event, it seems that you do indeed have little ‘faith left’. You admitted it. Jesus wasted his time evidently, it’s tacit in your assertion about loss of faith in humanity. You don’t believe in the truth, big or little t. Did God fail?

    IF you think Jesus had Faith then you are constrained to think He was not God.

    Do you know the definition of Faith?

    Because Jesus is fully God and fully man (Hypostatic union) it is literally impossible for Him to have faith.

    Do you understand that?

    No. You. Don’t.

    As for ABS and his assertion he has no faith in man see Psalm CXLV

    …Put not your trust in Princes; in the children of men, in whom there is no salvation

  74. Dennis

    “You haven’t yet made the case that you’re in the right.” There is plenty of readily available info on the ineffectiveness of generalized public mask wearing, Joy (here at Briggs’ and elsewhere. I do not have the time or inclination to simply re-post everything and go into great endless detail to satisfy you in a comment box. Do your own damn research). There is no credible evidence to favor those who would deprive us of basic freedoms, shut down economies, destroy jobs, increase social anxiety, anger, suicide, etc., and make life a goddamn living hell for everyone by forcing us to obey nasty, stupid, meaningless, ineffective, arbitrary rules. THE BURDEN OF PROOF IS ON THEM (but its clear it’s not about health anyway, so “proof” is not really the issue – it’s all arbitrary and political. Church out, Gay bath house yes. Trump rally bad, BLM riots good, 2 meters “social distance” in some countries, 1m in objective “proof” just make it up, etc..).

    As for judges and anyone else, I’ll deal with them myself in my own way. I really don’t give a damn at this point. I don’t need your advice, thanks.

    As for the neighbors and “understanding of others” bs – I and others like me ARE the ones TRYING TO GET ON WITH LIFE. If you and other fearful busybodies and self-appointed social nannies are paranoid about a virus then wear a mask or just stay home, but don’t try to force your goddamn sick paranoia on everyone else. If people want to act like robotic morons obeying idiot commands, then to hell with them. I will not run around with a muzzle on my face just because some ignorant and paranoid fools thing it’s the “nice” and “neighborly” thing to do to signal that “I care.” They need psychological help, not reinforcement of their ignorance and paranoia.

    As for other countries, I asked for similar DATA about testing and deaths, not an hour long video of some UK govt shill (their version of Fraudci I guess) droning on and giving the party line. Peter Hitchens and Toby Young seem to be among the few sane people left in Britain.

    I hope you and others like you all choke on your covid muzzles.

  75. Joy

    ABS said,

    “IF you think Jesus had Faith then you are constrained to think He was not God.”
    So you DO know why what you said was illogical!

    YOU are the one who asked the daft question, “Did Jesus had faith”, not me! For reasons best known to you which aren’t looking honourable.

    I said it was an irrational thing to ask given who He is! and you’ve just provided a statement that makes the same point. So it was a deliberate schoolboy remark?

    Why do you think I called it irrational and illogical? Just something to say?

    That’s before getting on to the differences in the gospels of what Jesus is remembered to have actually said. The so called “Messianic secret”.
    No, ABS you have been mistaken all along in your assumptions about me.

  76. Joy

    I can tell you didn’t listen to the points about undirected testing or you wouldn’t be erupting and ranting about Chris Witty who makes the point which I made about the usefulness of massive unguided or undirected tests.
    It refutes your blanket claim about all people in power and their motives etc. It also contradicts your claim in the last comment, too! and you then quote Mr Hitchens! The staunch atheist!

  77. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Joy. I made the mistake of directing any responses to you.

    The link to the explanation of the fact that Jesus could not have had Faith is for the benefit of others.

    Somebody, somewhere, sometime convinced you your rhetorical gambits are cute

    You never should have listed to them .

    ABS will not ever again make the mistake of responding to you.

  78. Dennis

    I did not quote PETER Hitchens, I made a reference to him as one of the few prominent dissenters from the mask ideology infecting Britain and the US. Peter is a Anglican (a few years ago when I had a Twitter account I had a several back and forth exchanges with him on Hank VIII, whom he insists remained a true “Catholic” even after the schism, which Peter claims was all the Pope’s fault for not just agreeing to annul Horny Hank’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon…but I digress). You are clearly thinking of Peter’s deceased brother, Christopher, who was an atheist.

    Undirected mass testing for Covid wasn’t the issue at hand (though it is bad and is what is driving the alleged “spike” in the US and consequent increasing paranoia – driven also by mass media), but rather the alleged effectiveness of generalized public mask wearing in preventing virus spread (for which there is no evidence whatsoever – especially for reusable cloth masks). It’s nothing but virtue signalling one’s submission to mass paranoia and insanity.

    In early March some restrictions and shutdowns may have been warranted because of unknowns about the virus. But we know enough now to know that this virus is nowhere near as deadly as we were told at first (not even as bad as Hong Kong Flu of 1969 or Asian Flu of 1959, for which no mass restrictions or shutdowns were ever instituted or contemplated), and that further tightening of restrictions, re-instituting shutdowns (as some cities and states have done) over 4 months later is utterly unwarranted, and at this point will have no effect on the natural spread of the virus (since we are at or near herd immunity already). It’s all political and all (including BLM and the media’s stoking of race war) driven by agendas aimed at November 3. When we wake up November 4, I guarantee you the media and politicians will have discovered that the virus threat has magically receded.

    It’s a shame Britain has fallen for the same BS as most US pols and health bureaucrats, while the rest of Europe seems to be moving along nicely.

  79. C-Marie

    “It’s hard to ignore experts. Not for loyal readers of this blog, of course, since they daily see how monstrous expert over-certainty is.”

    Definitely not us!

    Found this:

    Were we told that a different Mass was not attended afterwards???

    The Hiding Place….I love the scene in the movie…very well done….when the child answers the gestapo that yes they were hiding Jews under the kitchen table…which table was sitting upon a rug under which was the trap door which was the entrance to the hiding place!!

    How much is talked about, concerning another’s faith, when little is known, as attention has not been paid, by those critiqueing another’s faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

    See John 6: 66 where Jesus says that we must receive the gift from the Father so as to be able to receive Jesus…the vest translation is The Holy Bible by Ronald Knox.

    God bless, C-Marie

  80. Joy

    Strangely enough ABS I don’t seek your approval because I know your thoughts.
    It would be nice if you would be straight forward. You must have taken offence at my comment about heaven. That’s really what this is about but you don’t want to admit your response was off colour.

    “I made the mistake of directing any responses to you.” Yes, I’m sorry about that too.

    You asked a loaded question which was clearly not intended to be light hearted in any way shape or form. Judging from your initial reaction. You took the idea of “many mansions” and ‘heaven’ ran with it, along with John B. Informing me of what will be happening as if you were condescending to speak at all. That wasn’t intended to be in any way helpful or pleasant, I concluded.

    Then expected your interlocutor to defend the position you invented.
    Straight out of Alice In Wonderland.

    It’s a common problem in arguments with supercilious sectarians.
    I’m not sectarian, but it’s hard not to be when you’re surrounded by people who are! God is the final judge of EVERYBODY.

    Here’s why people turn away from faith in God, however you claim to think it’s defined. If faith is real it doesn’t need a definition to be true.

    So many wolves, so many sheepish people.

  81. Johnno

    Dennis –

    I think the reason some people are getting tested despite not being sick is either –

    a) They’re the over-cautious/paranoid type.

    b) Maybe they felt a little ill before and got worried, but then recovered.

    c) Some may be required to take a test to prove they don’t have it to return to work/go somewhere/go for an appointment (This is of course stupid because you could catch it the day after submitting yourself for a test and have a report a week later showing you’re clean despite having it, but we are in stupid times).

    d) Mere morbid curiosity, or feeling like they’re being good citizens by doing so, or just to virtue-signal.

    e) Peer pressure.

    I have a feeling it’s more reason c) and d)

    But the main point of the video is that people who never went for any test at all are getting calls saying they did. There’s something screwed up going on.

  82. CuriosGiorgos

    A question for Briggs.

    In your previous post on Corona you showed the upper estimate of infections at the 60 million range.

    That is 20% of the US population, and within the range I have seen some claim as the herd immunity threshold.

    If the number of infections is indeed so high, then surely in 3 weeks time the US will have achieved herd immunity (barring some small pockets) and their tests will start delivering diminishing returns?

    The virus isn’t playing their games. At some point it will be less widespread and testing will become pointless.

    Or am I missing something?

  83. Joy

    “There’s only one thing worse than no tests and that is bad tests.”

    Said in February by our chief medical advisor.
    Quality counts in medicine. Not for market forces. “Cheap as chips is fine and dandy, give the people what they want. ”
    The business approach to medicine, all out for profit is over and over found to be probelematic.
    The nationalised system is over and over found to have a tendency, Like all public sector to become too tied to the political, which usually means left wing, or worse.

  84. John B()

    On July 28 2020 3:57 pm, Joy wrote: God’;s house has many mansions. I won’t be seeing people who think the way catholics so.

    On another post Joy told a joke about being quiet near the “Catholic” door …

    You [ABS] took the idea of “many mansions” and ‘heaven’ ran with it, along with John B.

    ABS did not do that. When you said you were “going to a happier and warmer place…”, ABS only saw “warmer” place … he thought of the warmest place there could be and asked if you thouught you were going there.

    Based on your original joke on another post and the comment above, I explained “happier warmer” was your concept of heaven [Forgive me but I’ll assume “warmer” is the state of one’s heart being warm rather than other’s cold, cold hearts.)

    ABS asked: Dear Joy. Do you think you are going to Hell?

    Yeah Sectarianism, as a former (also read fallen) Catholic, I’ve seen it from both sides.

    I really tried to become agnostic/atheist in my twenties and thirties, but God wouldn’t have it

    Peace and Joy

  85. Dennis


    Yes, I agree, but all those reasons are bad ones, since none included, “I’m really feeling terrible and seriously ill” which should be the only reason to get tested for a flu-like virus. If everyone went around curiosity testing over regular flu or any number of other viruses all the time we’d be in permanent crisis mode every year (which may be what the powers that be want). It just makes no sense why for this one virus there has been such panic over-testing of largely healthy people.

    My mom fell into category “c” (and is still the only person I personally know who has been tested; I’ve not known anyone who’s actually had it). She had a minor outpatient procedure scheduled in March which was postponed to June when all this blew up. They called her 2 days before the procedure in June to tell her she first needed a Covid test (despite having no symptoms of anything and never having been ill) and told her where to go. Fortunately it came back negative the next day so the procedure could go ahead, otherwise it would have been postponed again).

  86. Joy

    I am sorryI was impatient with you John B was right with his interpretation of my mistake.
    I did mean warm heart as opposed to temperature…actually like the cold weather.

    I am sincerely sorry if my remarks cause such as a moment’s discomfort. YOU, ABS, cannot be held to account for what other people think or believe, catholic or protestant.
    Thank you John B, for taking the time for a clarification. That was kind.

    I also noticed this morning your comment about Star Trek the Next Generation along with a couple of other reader’s comments which did not appear yesterday, possibly in a queue or else my eyes just didn’t see them. I think you’re on to something with the language idea. Michael 2 said something vaguely similar about language although not re Star Trek or in terms of imagery.

    Your experience sounds somewhat similar to me at a similar age. Probably similar kinds of reasons. In some way’s you’re a joy too. I have often’ told’ God in desperation and irritation to let me know properly so I can make a better assessment! It never seems to draw a blank and I’ve hoped it would very often. thee’s always some kind of reply. Still can’t convince my DAd.

  87. Johnno

    Dennis –

    As you said, there’s really no good reason. But I do believe that not as many people are complying as they hoped, hence the talk going around of untested people getting results, and even some being counted multiple times, so the same idiot who is going back constantly due to paranoia is being counted as a new case each time, and someone claimed that they are even paying homeless people to get tested.

    I suspect that this is overall to contribute to the system that intends to control our movements and set up the spy grid. I don’t think they plan to perpetually test people forever. Once the main goal is achieved they’ll scale back.

    Then again, testing and testing kits are also a money-making racket, so they will keep it going as long as possible, much like shoving people on unnecessary ventilator equipment.

  88. Dennis

    Yes, never under-estimate the money-making racket part of it. How much do the Coronovirus tests (my understanding was that most are being done free to consumers, though I assume they are still essentially paying for them through taxes if governments are subsidizing the costs and paying the test-makers/sellers)? Money-making racket is also why Big Pharma flogs a new flu vaccine every year, even though it is only about 50% effective – it’s cheap to make and easy to sell (I’ve never had one and haven’t had a serious cold or seeming “flu” for a good 15 years, but know some who get them every year and invariably end up feeling like crap for a few days afterwards). I think that’s also a big reason why readily available and cheaper potential treatments for Covid, such as HCQ & Zinc, etc. are being denigrated, so that Big Pharma can push the need for an expensive new vaccine that can rake in billions instead.

    I still would like to see similar charts for testing (both raw numbers and per capita) for other countries like the ones Briggs has posted here for the US. Anyone know if there are any readily available? It would be interesting to see to what extent the US is just going haywire with testing compared to others, which contributes to the inflated myth of a massive “second wave” (further distorted by high rates of false positives, flawed media reporting of positive tests as “cases” when the majority are asymptomatic, double counting people tested multiple times, etc.). I think alleged “Covid deaths” are being massively inflated as well, many being given that attribution based on vague symptoms (some perhaps for nefarious reasons to do with increased hospital funding and reimbursement) without any reliable test verification.

    I look at pictures like the one LockdownSceptics had yesterday of people last weekend around the canals in The Hague enjoying normal life, and much of the rest of the world getting back to normal (except the UK which seems also to have some of the panic-mode problems of the US – especially with the recently imposed draconian mask regime. No wonder, since Toby Young reported yesterday that polls show a majority of people in parts of Britain think about 8-10% of the population has died of Covid – which would be about 7 million people! Talk about getting a distorted picture of reality from media!) and compare that with today’s top Drudge Report headline claiming yesterday set a record for “Covid deaths” in the US, and it just doesn’t compute. I find it hard to believe that the virus has followed a pretty consistent trajectory pretty much everywhere in the world over a 3-4 month stretch (even in places like Sweden which never implemented draconian lockdowns and oppressive mask regimes), and is basically receding now, reaching herd immunity, with deaths dramatically falling, yet we’re supposed to believe the virus is somehow still particularly deadly and virulent in the US and shows no signs of letting-up 4 months in, and may actually be getting worse? The media and Democrat politicians would like to just pretend it’s somehow Trump’s fault and if only Hilary or Biden were President we’d be like the Netherlands or elsewhere by now, but I think there is something far more nefarious going on here.

  89. Johnno

    Well, looks like Halloween is going to be in full swing much earlier this year folks…

    Dr. Fauci recommends wearing goggles to prevent catching the coronavirus

    Get those Simpsons images of Radioactive Man saying, “My Eyes, the Goggles do Nothing!” ready…

    What I especially love is how all the official ‘fact-checkers’ are trying to downplay the actual science of viruses by claiming that “THIS COVID VIRUS IS NOT THE SAME! IT’S NOVEL! NEW! WE DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS ONE! IT COMES FROM AN ALIEN PLANET! THEREFORE THE OLD SCIENCE DOESN’T APPLY!”

    Well if the dumbos don’t understand this one at all because its so very very bizarre, then what criteria are those desk-jockeys using to ‘fact-check’ the actual doctors with data fresh from the field?

  90. Dennis

    Good God…Fauci is a sick joke.

    Compare him with the Norwegian health minister who did an interview recently with UnHerd’s LockdownTV. She was asked why she is not pushing mask mandates in Norway. Quite sanely and sensibly, she simply said there is not enough compelling evidence of their effectiveness to warrant such a drastic measure.

    I just got off the phone a while ago with a friend of mine who has family in Italy, a cousin who is a retired doctor there. He said they are only testing people in Italy now who have serious symptoms and who come into the hospital or doctor’s office seeking care, not mass testing of vast numbers of asymptomatic people as in the US for whom tests aren’t medically indicated, which numbers are then reported out of context and exaggerated for effect by media to keep up hysteria.

    Why is everything in America always handled in the most stupid and absurd manner and taken to grotesque extremes? Must be nice to live somewhere lovely and sane. I need to find a way out of this sinking craphole.

  91. PaulH

    Speaking of false positives, here is a portion of a news conference where the Ontario Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health says that CV-19 tests can result in false positives half of the time. Fifty percent false positives! And yet, she thinks testing is important.

  92. Patrick Healy

    Well Professor Briggs,
    At least you were only unMASSked.
    Over here in the Marxist outpost of Scotland all of us (at least the men) have been enMASKulated by a little power mad woman called Nicola Sturgeon – and no she does not give us any caviar.
    I for one have told our Bishop that I refuse to attend Mass looking like a bank robber.

  93. Cameron Deale

    Maybe a quick glance at the collective balance sheet of U.S. banks just prior the CV-19 omni-pervasiveness would reveal that some 40% of these institutions were insolvent or on the brink of defaulting. Government hand(bail)outs came along just in time to defer the inevitable collapse of the greenback a little longer and enrich the new-world bank robbers. Want the truth, follow the money.

  94. Sylvain Allard

    In March, I suggested that there would be a lot less Republicans voting for Trump in the next election because of us inept response to the virus.

    Turns out that I was right.

    Officially, the USA have over 150,000 COVID-19 deaths.

    About 50% of these deaths are white older whit which vote at about an 85% rate for Trump and Republicans. Example: Herman Kane, one of the few blacks voting Reps.

    So this means that Trump lost at least 70,000 voters for the next election.

    Sure Democrat’s did lose voter too, but at a much lower rate than republicans because so many person of colour have been disenfranchised from voting and there vote are concentrated in fewer districts.

    So Briggs continue to misinform people.

    Please do a mega convention inside with no mask as soon a possible.

    Briggs don’t forget to tell the democrat where to send the check after you hand them victory in November.

    Fix news is also secretly working for Democrat.

  95. C-Marie

    Actually, no, President Trump has not lost any voters, rather he has gained due to his decisiveness, seeking out the best in medicine, giving to all the states who have asked for help, his wonderful candidness, his mighty strength in standing against all of the fake news, his continual thanks to God, his straight talk, his handling and answering every question asked of him…Chris Wallace comes to mind, his deep concern and care for all regardless of race..colour…creed…religion…., his speaking the truth of the origin of the virus, his calling out the anarchists and looters, and so on. So, no matter the polls, remember the polls when Hillary ran against our President……..

    God bless, C-Marie

  96. Sylvain Allard


    Please I implore you to continue in this line of thought.

    If reality has no hold on you. Please continue to act as you are now.

    Hillary Clinton never had a 2 digit lead and had was negative in the favorable numbers

  97. Andy

    Makes no difference to me. Haven’t been wearing them and nor will I. To the bed wetters mommas boys who this statement will upset: f*ck you!

  98. Sylvain Allard


    Please do not wear them and spend as much time as you can indoor in room filled with people like you.

    Good riddance

  99. Dennis

    Both Sylvain and C-Marie are utterly delusional and apparently living in an alternate universe where fact don’t matter. Les extrêmes se touchent.

  100. C-Marie

    Well, we will see what comes to pass. The days are coming when you will so very much desire to have back the days when President Trump was our President. In the meantime, as needed, if needed, work on belonging completely to Christ. I am doing so, daily.

    God bless, C-Marie

  101. Dennis

    Trump is a moron and a fool, and a thoroughly loathsome person (and he is no Christian, despite what you seem to believe about his playacting). That he was actually the less evil option in 2016 and 2020 (though I could never in good conscience vote for either him or his chief opponent) is an indicator of just how grotesque the American political system, and indeed American culture in general, have become.

  102. Anton

    Once again a great great summary. But let us not be satisfied with “click-democracy” and virtual “click-actions” limited to online debates (with a feeling of having done our part). This would make us further victims of modern electronic media’s contraceptive eco-system. It is time to burrow out of our online forums (even good ones) and a time for incarnate action and protests. It is time to give birth to an authentic resistance.

    I wonder though if people have the stomach for magnanimity and heroic virtue, to stand up against machination and deceit?

    It is apparent even here in Justin Trudeau-Castro’s Canada that democratic process has been bypassed by un-elected agents and high priests of scientism; so-called medical officials such as Dr. Theresa Tam receiving their marching orders from the UN/WHO. Perhaps the white mask (or in Hitchens’ Brit-lingo, “nappies”, aka diapers) has been removed from the current state of representative government to reveal a truly crappy autocracy? Perhaps it is time to admit that we no longer live in the age of nation-states?

    The only way out seems to be the “solidarity solution” — to fight the agents of fear (it is the controlling currency of all totalitarian regimes) through a mass movement of non-fear, and peaceful non compliance. Songs would help. Demons hate the joy of song. Songs of praise especially are the holy water of the commonweal and the first step in reclaiming our inheritance of a free land, and free non-state churches.

    My two coppers.

  103. Joy

    Anton, good idea.
    Start with Quebec!

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