Science Says: Treat Women Differently Than Men

Science Says: Treat Women Differently Than Men

Men and women are different, a fact known to all throughout all history, until recently. Sort of. We know the fact now, too, but some pretend not to know it while also admitting they know. This only sounds confusing, as we’ll see.

Peter Boghossian tweeted:

There are sex differences between men’s and women’s brains, and those are tied to sex chromosomes.

This study—from the National Academy of Sciences—has received almost no national media attention because it runs counter to the dominant narrative.

A reminder that should not have to be stated—this does not justify treating people differently on the basis of an immutable characteristic.

The reminder that does have to be stated is amusing because it is the dominant narrative to treat the unequal as equal. Which is absurd, especially after admitting the unsame aren’t the same. When differences matter, the different should be treated differently.

The paper Boghossian references is Integrative structural, functional, and transcriptomic analyses of sex-biased brain organization in humans by Lui et al. in PNAS. Full of ripe information on the innards of brains in ladies and men.

Good stuff, and interesting. But here, if we’re not careful, is where another error can be read into Boghossian’s comment. We didn’t need science to “confirm” there were differences between the way men and women think or behave. Everybody always knew these differences existed. It’s fine to point to particular bits of biology to say “Here’s why the ladies like to coddle their kids and go shopping, whereas this is why men like to crush their enemies, see them driven before them, and hear the lamentations of their women.”

But if we never knew the whatsit on the limberosis of the particulratum glowed differently under the fMRIs os men and women, we still would know that men and women thought and acted differently. We don’t need—we never need—to say how to say that. If we allow the how to replace the that, we commit the Deadly Sin of Reification, where the theory becomes more important than the fact. To say that science is needed to finally “confirm” this, or any other known truth, is to display scientism of the first kind.

The authors of the paper skirt this error. Here’s the opening of the Abstract:

Humans display reproducible sex differences in cognition and behavior, which may partly reflect intrinsic sex differences in regional brain organization. However, the consistency, causes and consequences of sex differences in the human brain are poorly characterized and hotly debated.

The “reproducible” is there only to make the sentence sound like careful empirical measurements under strict scientific supervision were taken. They could have began “Everybody knows men and women think and act differently…”, but that would have induced in readers the very kind of hyperventilating reaction they were hoping to avoid and clearly anticipated.

They go on about regional gray matter volume, imaging-transcriptomic analyses and suchlike jollities. All written in fine, rich prose. Whether what they say about male and female brains is true, I’ll let others decide. It’s not interesting for us today.

The “hotly debated” part concerns us. Men’s and women’s bodies differ in myriad observable ways. These scientists claim male and females bodies also differ in invisible, or rather difficult to see, ways. Well, this should not be a surprise to anybody. Surprised is often feigned, though.

That women have innies and men outties, and the plumbing associated with each, was enough give at least a hint why women and men act and think differently. But some of us thought those visible differences could be ignored, perhaps through familiarity, or that they could be disguised through mutilation or cross-dressing. The brain, though, especially because of a philosophical materialism, seems a special organ. Saying there are differences there implies those differences are, in a way left unsaid, ineradicable.

Those under the sway of Equality (and materialism) cannot bear this, because brains unlike genitals are serious, so they fight the idea and evidence. Yet even if these equalitarians can refute these scientists’ findings, it doesn’t matter. There are still innumerable ineradicable differences between the sexes, and always will be.

Here’s the strange part. It is clear even to equalitarians that Equality is false. To say “women must be treated the same as men” is to admit that men and women are different. And, as said, when differences matter, the different should be treated differently. Thus the demand for equal treatment is self negating.

If men and women were equal, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. We wouldn’t even have words to distinguish between them. We’d only have human. The demand would then be “humans must be treated the same as humans”, which is a valid request but empty.

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  1. Cognitive dissonance so loud it rings like a bell.

    Women are just the same as men but need special privileges because they are identical but men are oppressors and women are victims but women are powerful and need to be protected.

  2. Cats and dogs can tell men and women apart.
    Now scientists can, too!

  3. Sheri

    “Here’s why the ladies like to coddle their kids and go shopping, whereas this is why men like to crush their enemies, see them driven before them, and hear the lamentations of their women.” Oh, no, I’m MALE!!!!

    There’s no difference in sexes unless you’re a trans, unless you’re a drag queen, unless you’re looking for a “black, female VP dumb enough to run with the old guy in the basement”, unless HR is involved, unless we’re talking filling university positions, etc. Sure, just like Covid knows the difference between a “peaceful protest, congressional Democrat or governor” and a nasty group of church goers or salon/gym owners. Biology is SOOOOOO hard now….

  4. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    Well, you have scientism and materialism, at the heart of this problem, but you have, also, nominalism, gnosticism and Cartesian dualism, so a great contradiction at the heart of it all. Nominalism, along with materialism, is the basis for treating reality as an indifferent play dough. Gnosticism, along with scientism (and technologism and progressivism), takes that dough and deems it a sin -in its very being- that needs to be reformed and saved, according to the arcane, secret knowledge, the “model”. Cartesian dualism takes the conscience out of the material world, makes it independent of it, and makes the world into the field of the conscience domination, without hindrance. So, science can say Mass (as they say in my homeland), they still can do whatever they want. Ask a radical pro abortion, they will tell you, women have to have the power. It’s radical revolution, baby, reality has to be put upsidedown. As Marx said: either God has the power or we have the power…

  5. Jerry

    Breaking News from Science – and this is a Bombshell: The Sky is Blue.

    This has been going on for years from our Scientist friends – “studies” no doubt funded by government grants, to tell us what we already know. Eating fast food every day will make you fat. Too much caffeine makes you edgy. Common sense knowledge that someone decided needed to be scientifically verified.

    In this age, Science is God. God is an archaic notion that can’t be scientifically verified.

    I need a nap.

  6. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    The trinity of truths of our times:

    Men are the cause of the problems that women have.

    Whites are the cause of the problems blacks have.

    Catholics are the cause of the problems the orthodox have.

  7. Dean Ericson

    The root of equality — Satan wants us to think he’s equal to God.

    Not buying it, S’tan.

  8. Dean Ericson

    “because brains, unlike genitals, are serious…”


    Lots of evidence those two are equal, Sarge.

  9. Kathleen

    Preach it, brother!

    And the sick, twisted, demonic joke is that Christian women traded away their privileged position for demeaning slavery.

    Which is why they’re so nuts. Natural law is written on every soul and much of this is simply a matter of natural law. Defy it, try to ignore it, and you get pill popping nutcases.

    In contrast, among PRACTICING Christians, the wife and mother while sacrificing and working her tail off, in HER carefully tended, comforting home, for her loving family was the cherished queen and put on a pedestal by her loving brood.

    In trade she gets to be a wage slave and used as an object to be exploited for base sex. Then she pays others to raise her offspring. And in her final days her offspring will likely be tempted to off old mom and call it compassion when she becomes a burden in their eyes.

    What a deal!

  10. Rudolph Harrier

    Academia can only acknowledge differences between men and women if it thinks that they can be used to argue that some men are actually women.

  11. Uncle Mike

    It’s not just men and women who are fundamentally different in morphology, physiology, function, and behavior. It’s also:

    hens and roosters, ducks and drakes, geese and ganders, does and bucks, cows and bulls, mares and stallions, hinds and stags, jennies and jacks, queens and toms, sows and boars, workers and drones, jills and hobs, vixens and reynards, dams and sires, nannies and billies, ewes and rams, roos and boomers, lionesses and lions, peahens and peacocks, shes and hes, and etc. etc. etc.

    Biology is not a new science. In fact, it may be the oldest.

  12. Maixiu

    The root of equality — Satan wants us to think he’s equal to God.

    Satan wants us to think we’re equal to God.

  13. JTLiuzza

    Two enthusiastic thumbs up for the Conan the Barbarian quote.

  14. Michael 2

    “Satan wants us to think we’re equal to God.” As, apparently, so does God; who created man in his image. Just not equal right now, today. It will be a long road. Jesus said to become perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect. When you’ve achieved that perfection think about what it means.

  15. Peter

    Surely, their probability distributions must overlap. Whilst men may think differently from women “on average”, not all do. The statistical law does not apply to all individuals.

  16. Ray

    I always found it amusing that the feminists claimed there was no difference between males and females and then they continually complained about male behavior and how they were oppressed by the evil male patriarchy.

  17. Anne Asgard

    Science says treat men differently than women.

  18. GRA

    You don’t need to be a physician, let alone have an interest in basic/hard science, to come to the conclusion – which is truth – that men and women are different. Sometime the non-woke and the uneducated masses are right more than twice a day, and may even finish first, beating the Woke and the (formally) educated to the finish line.

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