The Mass Mask — Guest Post by Uncle Mike & Rebuttal by Briggs

The Mass Mask — Guest Post by Uncle Mike & Rebuttal by Briggs

Uncle Mike Speaks

Following this piece is a rebuttal by Yours Truly

It has come to my attention that some people resent having to wear a face mask when attending a Catholic Mass. I have little (some but not much) sympathy for these complainers.

When I was a wee lad my (blessed) mother would dress all the kids up for Mass. I has to wear a tiny suit with a vest, a starched white shirt buttoned to the collar, and a clip-on bow tie! I also had to wear hard shoes that hurt my feet and which I had to shine myself!

At church many of the old ladies wore all black even though they were not nuns. Many wore veils as well as scarves over their heads. Any woman without a head covering was considered an apostate harlot (this was before the Mary Magdalene cult).

I can remember in later years the first time I attended a Mass where the priest wore jeans and played a guitar! The times had certainly changed.

Some folks today are grumpy about wearing a face mask to church. I get it; the masks have little prophylactic value and are largely symbolic of submission to a Godless authority. That grates on freedom-loving Americans who value their liberty, rights, and independence from tyranny. People like me. Grrrr!

But let us recall that your ancestors and mine probably lived under far worse repression. From the 14th to the early 20th Centuries Catholics in eastern Europe were ruled by Ottoman Turks who sold them into slavery. Masses were held in secret in sheds and wine cellars — discovery meant death or worse. And yet the religion survived. The Faithful remained so under extreme duress.

More recently behind the Iron Curtain Catholicism was banned by the Communist dictators who destroyed churches and persecuted Christians (as well as other religious adherents). Marxism is diametrically opposed to Christianity — Karl Marx infamously wrote “Religion is the opium of the people”, and Lenin/Stalin murdered millions of Catholics (Eastern Orthodox and Roman).

Who can then forget June 2, 1979 when a defiant Pope (now Saint) John Paul II celebrated Mass in Victory Square in Warsaw and over a million repressed yet still faithful Catholics attended chanting “We want God”. Ten years later the Wall fell, ending Communist rule. That one Mass, one church service, changed the world.

It is very troubling to see Catholics today embrace Marxism, as is the case with Bishops who gladly suspended Masses and the sacraments while endorsing the (self-avowed Marxist) BLM movement. I shake my head. How shameful, how cowardly, how blind to history.

But Masses are still being held in public, in churches, and perhaps in secret — I am not going to reveal anything more.

So let’s try not to get in a twist over the face mask thing. It’s minor. There are some far more serious issues. And trust this: the Faithful will not falter despite oppression. God is all-powerful, man is but an ant. Lucky for us God loves us. Hang on to that. And go to Mass even if you have to wear the silly mask. You owe it to yourself, to the Faithful, to all who came before you, and to your Savior.

Briggs Speaks

This is a small rebuttal by Yours Truly

Here’s Australia—which we can admit is not the USA:

This tyrant boasts about smashing windows and pulling people out, presumably across the shattered glass, so that Coronadoom Patrols can demand to see their papers. He said he was following the orders of, not a law exactly, but the dictates of some Health Commissar, or whatever.

You will be made to be healthy—by the butt of a gun. It’s for your own good.

Uncle Mike’s point that it was elsewhere and elsewhen worse is true. It is also true that the physical burden and expense of wearing masks is small. But then it is also true that elsewhere and elsewhen it was better. It is bad now, and sinking fast.

Governments the world over have arrogated to themselves powers they have no right to. They are not slowing their power grabs, even as this virus, as all viruses do, ebbs. They have treated this bug as if it was unprecedented and unique in its destructive power, which is false. Not just false, but obviously false. Also, we have seen more than enough evidence that government efforts at “safety” have made things worse, and contributed to, and even caused, deaths.

They don’t care. They just want you to understand that you must follow orders. Put on the mask. Even if your own homes. It’s for your own good. So what if there is no evidence of efficacy, and much evidence against it? Do what you’re told.

People do. Though some have kept their sense of humor about this—Masked bank robbers take advantage of COVID-19 face-covering rules—most have not. The fear in the eyes of the masked as the unmasked approaches them is real, and terrible. It is self-perpetuating. Many—too many—are sure they’re going to get sick unless you were a mask. And if they get sick, they will likely die. I’ve had people step off the sidewalk into the street as I approach, hugging children close to them. Clam, rational thought is pushed away, with vigor.

We don’t know when the mask mandates, and other restrictions on liberty will end. Our leaders haven’t bothered to tell us.

They could have got away with merely recommending masks. Most would have worn them, for the fear of many is strong. But governors made it a brand new crime not to wear one, just as it was a crime in many locales to go outside more than once a day during the lockdowns. At least the lockdowns were when the virus was raging. Mask criminalizations happened largely after it was fading.

You are now a criminal for not surrendering to irrational fear. We agreed, most of us, to these new lasting restrictions. (Remember how we created the TSA and Homeland Security in our fear?)

Where in the law did this crime come from? How many new crimes, like in Australia, will be discovered? Will we recover from this madness, or will we become worse? Like this:

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  1. DAV

    Clam, rational thought

    Does clam imply closed-minded?

  2. Sheri

    Briggs_your spelling enemies are strong today.

    As for a mask worn to mass–while it true that God is not that concerned about your attire, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t approve of a Nazi uniform with a swastika face mask (even Walmart vetoed the swastika face mask). It’s not the mask, it’s worshipping the government (Fauci, to be exact) that violates “Though shall have no other God before me”. The masks are nothing more than symbols of faith in the God called government. Would mask-demanding women switch to a burka and not complain? It’s not like the burka is anything more than a face covering, right?

    This will go on until rational people fight back, or people are driven insane (there’s a lot of evidence we’re at that point judging from the assaults and murders over minor things–evidence of locking people down too long) and chaos ensues. I lean in the direction of the latter, but several officials have backed down, including opening schools where previously it was said they would not and a mayor finally calling riots “riots” out of fear Trump was benefitting from burned out cities the Dems were helping burn out so I wouldn’t bet on chaos 100%.

  3. I will not obey unlawful orders.
    I will not be bullied “for grandma”.
    I can still think. I can still remember. I recognize “arbitrary and capricious” when I smell it.
    If they want my freedom, they will have to physically take it from me. I will not voluntarily bow down to the tyrant.
    God bless the USA.

  4. Dean Ericson

    I see what Uncle means, go to mass, no matter mask. It’s not unreasonable. And Briggs is right about the importance of crushing the sinister mask serpent. The mask is ritual humiliation intended to demoralize so the Master Class can better crush the Deplorables. Those Master bastards can go mask themselves.

    The USA Today opinion piece reveals the Sanhedrin’s sick plan; go read it if you want a distaste of their Totalitarian, Orwellian, Brave New Leninist/Stalinist Shithole America. Here’s a sample piece of their poop:

    ”The only legal limitation on government or private action is that it not be discriminatory…

    These people are not Americans.

  5. If young folk want to know what it was like to live in the Jim Crow Era (*NOT* just the South!), this is today’s version. While technically not as bad as things were in openly fascist or communist countries, it is logically of a similar nature.

    And yes, government is *not* God. The corporation known as government is just another organized set of humans. We give it power and we can take it away.

  6. John B()

    Briggs – I thought of this question the day after your post and felt it too late to ask

    Did Altar Karen offer you a mask?

    You didn’t say – but I thought because of the (mind you suspended) obligation, the church has to expect the occasional visitor, and would have masks available for less informed people? …

    If she did in fact offer you a mask, why was that detail left out?
    Karen or Curmudgeon? You’ve always freely acceded a curmudgeon status in the past?

    If no mask was offered, question withdrawn.

    Yes, I heard yesterday things were nuts in Melbourne

    $1000 fines for masks, unnecessary trips … no farther than 3 miles? (Sounds like Sabbath every day)
    Only one person may leave their domicile at a time (maybe per day)
    Outside exercise limited to an hour per week?!

    The host asked any Melbourne listener what they could confirm

  7. John B()

    Just finished listening to that Melbourne piece.

    The radio host should have heard that!

    We HOPE? (IS that the right word in this context?) that after they smashed the window, they unlocked the door … but hey it IS Safe-T Glass isn’t it?

    No! This is absolute insanity but also keep the Lord’s Day Holy

  8. Fredo

    ‘Brave New Leninist/Stalinist Shithole America’…How could you say all that and leave
    out the Nazis??? You will be tasked for reprogramming with additional iterations.

    Don’t worry about the masks brace yourselves for the injections!

  9. Rudolph Harrier

    I’m seeing a big push to requiring smart phones because of this. My company requires filling out a health survey every day and showing the result upon arriving there on your smart phone. This despite the survey results being stored in their database that they could access. Currently they are allowing people to print out or hand write answers to the survey, but it’s clear that this was only done grudgingly.

    Parking meters are being removed and the only way to pay for public parking is now to use a smart phone app. This was done to “improve social distancing” though I don’t see how parking meters were possibly causing a problem in that regard. They also did not install a central hub to pay at like other cities have. If you don’t have a smart phone you can’t use pay parking.

    Similarly stores are advising against using cash due to it being a vector for diseases, but they have a new smartphone app that you can use to pay.

    I’m sure that all of this is unrelated to wanting to track people for “contact tracing” purposes.

  10. Fredo

    Don’t worry about the masks brace yourselves for the injections! You will have
    a choice standing or sitting…

  11. Uncle Mike

    I apologize for sounding too preachy. Maybe that was the wrong approach. What I wished to get at is this:

    We are engaged in a struggle for freedom, liberty, and the salvation of our nation and it’s founding Judeo-Christian principles. Everywhere you look destruction, violence, and authoritarian bullying are tearing apart the fabric of society. Churches and Bibles (as well as statues, courthouses and businesses) are being burned by hate-filled rioters bent on Marxist revolution.

    It is not enough to squawk and fulminate, to beat one’s chest and issue empty threats. Voting, no matter who wins, will not abate the Satanic forces attacking us. Resignation and I-told-you-so does not help.

    A little bit of strategic thinking is necessary. What methods might counter the madness? Please consider all possibilities with awareness that the means do not always justify the ends, and if those proposed means would even work.

    I submit that if tens of millions of people attended church this Sunday (and the next and the next after that) spilling out of the sacred sanctuaries in crowds so large that traffic is jammed and the police are powerless to control it, worshippers praying for peace in voices united, that it just might have an effect. With or without face masks, but might as well be as considerate as possible. That’s the message, isn’t it?

    Other strategies may also be worthy. Give it some thought and expression. We are listening.

  12. David

    I’m in Canada and I’m completely sick of what’s going on. Plus majority of the people here just comply. The brain washing is so strong that data just passes over their heads!

    In BC the number of cases are low yet they want to have mandatory face masks later this month! The second day I watched the news(back in February) when we had no community cases and it was all from outside, I said about restricting travel to those countries, and now they want to pull this crap?!?

    The first cases for many countries report as far back as November related to the military games in Wuhan. How can people pretend they can have control of a microorganism after 5 months of not doing anything? Even in severely restricted countries like North Korea people manage to escape, and they expect idiocy such as “social distancing” and masks will control it?

    I’m sick of human beings. I’m ashamed of being one. I now avoid everyone because of this. I’d like to live in quiet and peace and are against protests but this is just becoming ridiculous. It’s seriously making me suicidal.

    Thanks for the regular updates William. Seeing the society unfold in front of our very eyes.

  13. Milton Hathaway

    I have to go with Uncle Mike on this one. As Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar the personal protective equipment mandated by Caesar, and unto God the things that are God’s”.

  14. Fredo

    No you’re not being too preachy Mike I’m inclined to agree with you. Masks
    early on might have kept the society open and the economy intact but we were so ill
    prepared by our ‘expert class’ that there were less than thirty million in the CDC inventory.
    Ill prepared to the point of lying about the efficacy of masks for general public use.
    We then learned that there was no PPE manufactured in the US and we were completely
    dependent on imports for not only PPE but 90% of our drugs. It truly was the perfect storm
    and if you didn’t know better you might swear the NEW NORMAL had been meticulously
    concocted. The mask controversy is just more divide and conquer skulduggery, it’s skin deep,
    the totalitarian impulse is an intramuscular injection at the preferred infection site. Buttocks
    or arm who said we didn’t have choices?

  15. “Render unto Caesar the personal protective equipment mandated by Caesar, and unto God the things that are God’s”.
    The people in this country are Caesar. We are represented in government by those we elect.
    They are to make legislation limited by our charter, The Constitution.
    When they don’t, THEY are not rendering unto Caesar. Us.

  16. Dean Ericson

    Uncle Mike, no apology needed, you’re a good preacher, we listen. Briggs rebuttal isn’t a rebuke, just addressing another aspect of the situation, as you well know.

    David, the Enemy is pushing your buttons; don’t let them. They want you dead. Don’t give those rat bastards the satisfaction. People have always been sheep. We depend on good shepherds, and the Good Shepherd. Resolve to be one of the good shepherds and help the poor misled fools. They need you.

  17. Briggs


    Certainly not. We all love Uncle Mike.

  18. John B()

    Wasn’t there a line Only in America

    A dark comedy novel was first published in 1968 with suicide as a central theme
    In 1970 a dark comedy movie was produced with suicide as a central theme
    (the same included a theme song with suicide as the central theme)
    Although the 1972 television show did not revolve around suicide they kept the instrumental version of the suicide song for the theme.

    Interestingly the suicide was unrelated to the Korean War

  19. john b()

    America – What a Country!

  20. Dean Ericson

    OT: If you aren’t following “Sundance”, at the Conservative Treehouse, you should be. The man is an absolute Rottweiler for truth, digging up the facts behind the “Russia collusion” coup attempt. Go read his latest assault on the Deepstate Dipsticks. We need to get behind this man.

  21. Kathleen

    The CovidMasks are demonically inspired and intended to dehumanize all parties involved.

    That is why they should be opposed by Catholics.

    The degrade and dehumanize the wearer robbing him/her of the vital human facial elements involved in communication. And harm the resulting communication.

    As a result people are sinking into a demonically planned abyss of suspicion and hostility towards their fellow men.

    Where one used to go into the local store and smile and get smiles back one sees nothing but dreadful eyes that express things one would rather not contimplate.

    It. is. demonic.

  22. john b()

    I am reminded of Harlan Ellison’s I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

  23. Joy

    Too proud to speak,
    Too proud to wave.
    Too distracted by your demons!

    When one actually shows up resembling one? tumbleweed…
    Actions speak louder than words

  24. Anon

    What is wrong with… Wear a mask if you want to. Don’t wear one if you don’t want to. And in church… Non mask wearers can be segregated if that mask mask hounds “feel better.” One has to remove mask for communion anyway so the whole exercise of wearing a dirty mask is little more than theatre signifying nothing. To my knowledge, the Vatican is not conducting research on how to accomplish the transmission of the Eucharist intervenously, but this may be something of interest to Dr. Fauci and Mr. Gates.

  25. Dennis

    The mask issue is not minor. It is emblematic of larger issues and is the most visible aspect of the mass tyranny under which we are now living. It sign a sign of abject submission that advertises one’s mindless conformity, irrational fear, and willingness to obey illegal, immoral, and wholly unjustified orders. That things were worse under communism or National Socialism (or apparently, according to Uncle Mike, under the pre-Vatican II Church as well) is no justification for submitting to this mass brainwashing nonsense.

    And the worst aspect as it relates to the Church is the milquetoast bishops and priests who go along with such mindless submission to irrational and illegal secular decrees which infringes upon the Church’s worship. Dante would know were to put these priests and bishops.

    Kathleen is right that this mass de-facement of humanity is demonic.

  26. Joy

    Uncle Mike made the point. Briggs did not bother to rebut. He changed the subject to Australia and goodness knows what else.
    Then proceeded to present the paranoia argument.
    Argumentam paranoyam’itibus
    AKA the thin end of the wedge fallacy.

  27. C-Marie

    Read Rudolph Herrier’s comment above. It is a perfect description of the moves by those who are working to fully establish the One World Government….alongside which will be the One World Religion. Genuine Catholicism will continue though in places, martyrdom may well be close at hand as God will allow, for we are His witnesses to His Son Jesus Christ, that He truly arose from the dead!! Following is a poem written by me way back in 2009 entitled:


    I am in Heaven now, and all is so beautiful here.
    I wanted so much to tell my story to help others be strong.
    So I asked our Father, and He said I may.
    And here it is. So worth it!!!

    “You will deny your Lord”, in anger he said,
    “That I will not”, said I with firmness,
    Again, he said, “You will deny the One you say you love”,
    At just that moment I was looking at the heavens above.

    Gently the clouds parted in a wonderful way,
    And I saw Him, my Saving Lord that day.
    The government shouted more harshly than before,
    “You will deny Him, we say, or you die.”

    I was in a moment of silent meditation with God,
    He was loving me so, I must have given a nod.
    “At last!” they cried with a jubilant shout,
    “We have! We have, turned her about!”

    I realized then their huge mistake,
    They thought they’d got me to declare disbelief,.
    “Oh no!”, I said filled with Christ’s grace and joy,
    “Is it you think my faith in Him just a toy?”

    I turned and looked straight into their faces,
    And then I said, “I pity you in your high places.”
    “Do you or do you not deny Him”, they demanded,
    I was fast learning the cost of not looking back.

    “I tell you the truth”, said I in a firm loud voice,
    “My God Himself has said there is nary a choice,
    For one lays down one’s life when one chooses Him,
    And there is no road back if later one truly denies Him.”

    They appeared mystified, but their anger was growing,
    Questions abounded, “What does she mean?”, they said.
    I took a moment then to quiet myself in Christ’s presence,
    The murmurings and shoutings, and turmoils ceased.

    They all turned round and looked and stared at me more,
    I gently lowered my eyes and beheld the floor,
    Jesus stood at my side, I could plainly see His feet,
    My judges were aware that my assurance was strong.

    I knew it was time, the final cost had come,
    In Jesus Christ Himself, I knew the victory was won.
    I answered clearly and loudly, “It is true. It is so..
    Jesus is my Lord, and I am ready to go.

    I stood and looked at them, all so very lost,
    I prayed to God to save them, as could be done.
    The shook their heads and mused, “What a waste, a shame.
    And she dies for this? For that terrible Name?”

    I said, “Yes, I die for Him”, and I knew Jesus’ loving hand,
    Was holding mine within His, His eyes upon me,
    His heart holding mine.
    “For Him, i die.”

    “Who will join me?”

    God bless, C-Marie

  28. Michael Ozanne

    “Ten years later the Wall fell, ending Communist rule. That one Mass, one church service, changed the world.”

    Well no.. Increased NATO defence spending, losing the Afghan war and a collapsing oil price did for the Soviet Union… the secular Solidarity trade union pushed back oppression in Poland…

  29. buddhaha

    Real masks (N95, fitted correctly, and discarded for new after at most 4 hours) probably help prevent viral transmission. A bandana over the nose and face is useless to prevent viral transmission, and probably increases the risk of bacterial incection.
    Given this, why is the mask mandate allowing, nay encouraging the latter?

    Because some (a majority) government authorities want power, and training the populace to respond to arbitrary orders cloaked in “health” is a simple way to get it.

    Militaries around the world have known this for centuries. It covers the spectrum from “left oblique, march!” to “front leaning rest” for an hour, but it’s how recruits are trained into charging machine guns. Follow orders, citizen.

    The lady who yelled at me from 20 feet away to put on my mask in a perking lot was shocked speechless when I answered with “Sod off, swampy.” Resist in all legal ways – and illegal ones when you can get away with it. Maybe that way we can keep this in Claire Wolfe’s “too early” time.

  30. Cary Cotterman

    I’m making a bumper sticker of buddhaha’s “resist in all legal ways–and illegal ones when you can get away with it”.

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