Open Fire

Open Fire

The title of today’s essay is the answer to the pressing question, “What would you do were you Trump?”

Of course, the act of putting down the rabid mob would be—rather, would have been, since I-as-Trump would have given the relevant orders in Minneapolis—the act would be the end of the beginning of such acts. For once you open fire you are left with the consequences, all of which require further acts, and those future acts require considerable advanced planning.

We covered all those plans in detail in the article about a Trump autocoup. All the obvious measures: ensure backing of sufficient numbers of the military, seizing control of broadcast facilities and the internet, etc., etc. There is no need to repeat them here. Except to say my dictatorship—there’s no point in euphemism—is going to need a lot of rope.

(Before you continue, recall there is absolutely no reason to take anything I say with any degree of seriousness. I am one man in a dark corner of the internet, in charge of nothing and nobody, belonging to no organization, wielding no influence and having no official relevance. Not a single soul in all the world is required to heed a single word from me. So if you come here just to be upset and work yourself into a lather, well, it’s time to consider a new hobby.)

Opening fire is what I would do if I were in charge. What you are I ourselves should do is a difficult question, when even self defense against the mob is a crime. (If you’re white or unwoke.) But that it is such a difficult question is why I, if I were in charge, would open fire.

Now it is not legal to riot, burn, loot, pillage, commit mayhem and murder, even if done in the name of “anti-racism” or whatever other slogan the rabble uses to justify their rapine. It is, however, legal to use force, even deadly force, to quell riots. Further, everybody knows all these things and the reasons behind them. So opening fire is justified, though perhaps not prudent. I say it is prudent, and hope to convince you of that.

Everybody also knows progressive mayors, governors and most of our oligarchs are encouraging the riots, asking their own people, as it were, to shit in their own backyards and then light themselves on fire. These rulers have no love for their peoples, and are acting immorally to increase their own power. These rulers thus have no moral authority and can and must be usurped by higher authority. Part of “opening fire” would include the arrest, trial, and hanging of those mayors, governors, and oligarchs convicted of treason and dereliction of sacred duty.

Opening fire might indeed lose Trump the election, because propagandists would scream “Literally Hitler!” with demonic fury—well, with increased demonic fury. These propagandists would be believed by a sufficient number of the easily persuaded. If Trump loses because of opening fire, right wing purges would begin in earnest next January, and our approach toward the leftist singularity would accelerate.

But don’t forget we accelerate if Trump loses even without opening fire. The perplexed, unbelieving looks on the faces of aging right wing boomers gripping their yellowed copies of the Constitution as new “laws” are passed to confiscate guns, limit speech, and ban “hate” might even be worth seeing. If you can’t have a sense of humor as the world burns, then you will never learn to laugh.

It is clear the left—the forces behind Forgetful Joe—will do all they can to steal the election. It takes less effort than you think to get away it, too. There’s no need to cheat in, say, California and New York. These are going blue no matter what. Have free elections there, and tout how honest they were! But states like Michigan might go red, and tip the balance. The left only has to cheat in progressive controlled Detroit and Ann Arbor and leave the rest alone to win.

So part of my if-I-were-Trump plan is to declare the election invalid, if I lose. Then implement the soft coup. Announce a temporary suspension of the Constitution and rule directly. With the able assistance of what is left of the military (that I spent the last four years prepping for action). Spend what’s left of my time before my (ahem) removal in restoring Reality and Tradition, and giving people the separation they call for. (By far the leading cause of death of the Caesars was by slipping and falling on the swords of the Praetorian guards or of their own men.) Pass the torch to Baron. Never was there an apter name.

The left is only going to get lefter. And lefter. And lefter. The cliff cannot be avoided. There is no going back from whence we came. The old ways are done. What will voting mean when Democrats own everything? They are, even now, advocating looting on the snooty NPR. (I’ll return to that Thursday.)

We have only two choices: a woke oligarchy or a right-wing restoration. Trump not opening fire is a vote for the first, but for a delay. The delay is still better than allowing the oligarchs immediate power.

Since we have only two choices, we have one hope: That a man from the right arrests the leftward slide into the abyss. If not, as the oligarchs continue their squeeze, which they foolishly believe they can control, a man of the left will. There will, as all history teaches, be less bloodshed and a quicker restoration if the coup comes from the right.

A coup from the right is based on a forecast, a guess of what the future holds, and all forecasts have uncertainty. Maybe it isn’t a bad as we think—though if you think I’m gloomy, gaze upon the blighted future Anton predicts (do not comment on this piece without reading his, which I only read after writing this).

It doesn’t seem “that bad” in many places right now, especially rural places, where many people are still nice. If we’re wrong about the coming singularity, then the coup was not only not needed, it might even be wrong. That is a risk I-as-Trump am willing to take.

Alas, it does not seem a risk the real Trump will take. Yet I-as-Trump would strike now, where there is still strength, still enough cohesion, still enough sense. Before it is too late.

Update On the cheating is easy angle.

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  1. Sheri

    “So if you come here just to be upset and work yourself into a lather, well, it’s time to consider a new hobby.” For Karens, it’s not a hobby, it’s a way of life.

    You write much like I do. Claiming an election matters is insane when the entire freaking country is OWNED by the Nazis (left, for any readers still laboring under the insane belief Trump is a Nazi) from Amazon, to major networks, to newspapers to sports teams, courts, schools. You cannot buy anything without somehow supporting the totalitarian behavior. You indoctrinate your kids to be good little commies. And it’s so very much like Hitler’s regime one believes the activists actually were read Hitler’s history (the stupid minions can’t read…) Just as Germany did ZIP to stop Hitler until suddenly they are living in hell and decide maybe they don’t like it so well, Americans did nothing to stop any of the insanity. As I say, as long as there is beer and football….Okay, we’ll have to up the beer and use OLD football reels to avoid the evil woke culture. Assuming any Americans gives a crap that their “favorite” sport is now a violent, dictatorial entity that HATES their very existence. They can ignore the propaganda in the end zones and on the helmets so they can feed that footbal addiction. No biggie. Okay, we use old games till the Covid lie runs out, then you can watch your evil masters and cheer them on. America BEGGED for this and now they have it.

    Trump doing nothing does not speak well for a leader. He’s doing the Obama “I’ll have more freedom after the election” crap, which is a LIE every time it’s told. Trump did NOTHING to stop any of this because he appears to believe that letting states destroy themselves is A-OKAY and a great way to avoid any blame for not defending the country. If Trump were in when Lincoln was, we’d be TWO countries, not one, because we all have to “play nice” and let the people do what they chose. That’s what leaders do, you know. Stand back and fiddle while Rome burns.

    Rural areas are not in any way “safe”. ALL the news is left-wing, and people don’t shut their damn TVs off. Actually, most don’t think at all, but that’s another story. NO, the morons go right along. Rural America has no right to be free any more than any other place and will not stay that way. They elect lying, graft-grabbing politicians and repeat the mistake until someone resigns or dies. Rural America sucks just as bad as cities. It’s just not burning, yet.

    Oh, and it’s already too late. You snooze and stuff your head in the sand for 40 plus years, you wake up in Communist Hell.

  2. Mike H

    . . . propagandists would scream “Literally Hitler!” with demonic fury—well, with increased demonic fury.

    “Lit’rally!”: that and “full stop” and “I get to” and “The Science!” and scores of other endearing gobbets of Infant Newspeak which belch forth from the mouths of shrieking little girls of either sex and any age. One imagines myriad skirmishes between grown-ups and the little girls when the grown-ups have finally had enough, which might not have the entertainment value (or the edification) of a coup but would nonetheless be small steps toward the restoration of order. Rifle butts will get the job done; no need for bullets except, perhaps, against the most patently demonic of the little girls.

  3. Civil War 2.0 begins in earnest next year. Nothing and nobody is going to stop it, because the Left earnestly desires it, and the Right requires it for survival.

    Mountains of skulls and rivers of blood. Get used to the concept, people. This is our future, one way or another.

  4. awildgoose

    Eh, all the popping off by the flag level officers and Dem pols about following Trump’s orders and making sure the election results are upheld make me wonder what percentage of the military would support Trump were he to follow the plan outlined above.

  5. John B()

    Briggs : You’ve got some “enemies” that truly hate you
    ” What you are I ourselves should do is a difficult question, ” [huh?] … ” But that it is such a difficult question is why I, if I were in charge, would open fire. … [kinda makes sense, but…]

    Sheri: “They can ignore the propaganda in the end zones and on the helmets so they can feed that football addiction.”

    I believe ratings have been generally mixed. If you add in (or subtract out) the in-person fan, it’s not good at all.

    What with MLB having BLM rallies, baseball probably would have done even better. [Just noticed the MLB/BLM relation – what an opportunity for a logo]

    And the joke of basketball players boycotting their own games … it’s to laugh

  6. Jim Fedako

    Sheri –

    “Just as Germany did ZIP to stop Hitler … ”

    Keep in mind the radical left believes — believes — Trump is Hitler.

  7. Maureen Martin

    In July, the DNC hired 600 lawyers to litigate the outcome of the November election should Trump win. The deluge is coming. There is nothing to support trust that things will work out well—that what is left of constitutional governance will survive an increasingly debased electorate. At best, we are one election away from the end of the republic.

  8. JR Ewing

    That Anton essay gives voice to exactly what I’ve been thinking lately. Short of a coup or a violent separation, the left will eventually get total power and hegemony over the rest of us and then they’ll proceed to make up for lost time.

    And what gets me is that there are some well-intentioned normal people (I’d say “white people” but it’s not intended as a racialist observation) who just look at elections as a choice between two equal alternatives: “Trump is embarrassing, therefore I’m obligated to pick Biden.”

    It’s not that the republicans are so much better than the dems, but they are at least less actively malicious. Neglect (or self interested distraction) is not the same thing as intentional aggression.

    The problem is that there are no common ideals. No common creeds. None. No one agrees on what it means to be “American”, therefore no one can agree on how to live together.

  9. Michael Dowd

    Open fire? Good idea. Would the military follow? Highly questionable. Trump does need to warn the country what is store for us if he loses and suggest we act accordingly. But also here less that half the voters will believe it. Anyway, more strategic thinking needs to done along these lines.

  10. Dean Ericson

    “Shoot to kill” — that’s what stops a riot. And you can’t stop with the pawns in the streets. American restoration requires taking out the top levels of the traitor left in media, academia, government, business, et cetera. Those are the people who produce the zombie hordes rioting in the streets. Taking out the top leftists would require a right with moral clarity acting with decisive vigor in coordinated purpose. I don’t see the right at that point yet. It may take more leftist chaos before the right shakes off its demoralized stupor and gets to work. The upcoming election promises the right opportunity.

    If we don’t defeat the left they will defeat us. A left victory would be like living in a country run by Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and Jeffery Dahmer. It would really ruin your day.

  11. Dean Ericson

    Anton wrote the “Flight 93 Election”. We had to break in to the cockpit and elect Trump or the USA plane would crash in a murder-suicide ball of fire. So we elected Trump and Trump tweeted, “You men in the cockpit, stop crashing the plane!” But the men in the cockpit screamed, “Death to racist Hitler!”, and kept on crashing the plane. If a tweet didn’t stop those bad guys, I don’t know what will.

  12. Sheri

    Kamala Harris has already made it clear the riots WILL continue no matter what. So, if Trump would not invoke the Insurrection Act (when clearly treasonous statements and behavior are occuring) before the election, I don’t think he will after either. And if Joe wins, the riots continue. Again, head in the sand for 40 years has bad outcomes. Elections make zero difference at this point.

    Jim: I’m not sure these people believe Trump is Hitler, but even if they do, they are fighting the historically inaccurate Hitler they were taught about in the Woke history of school. Smoke and mirrors. Behave like Hitler while calling Trump Hitler. They are fighting a figment of their imagination, not the real enemy. Much as Hitler made Jews the enemy to take away from his God complex, ruler of the world. I do see what you mean and my choice of not fighting Hitler was probably not my best example. The Germans did not fight the proper enemy might have been a better statement. The Jews were not the enemy, but the Germans fell for the deception.

  13. James

    Even if Trump wins, he will lead as he has–with a mixture of good policy and idiocy, achieving essentially nothing. But there are good reasons why many Marxists are voting for Trump: accelerationism. They believe, reasonably, that Trump will only further embolden the left, leading not only to massive riots but to a sweeping of the presidency, during the next election, by a hardcore socialist. Mark my words: AOC will be the first female president of the U.S., and she will be elected after Trump. Destiny has marked her. Once elected, she will destroy the country by debasing the constitution: disfiguring the 2nd amendment; implementing, at the government level, Ibram X. Kendi’s totalitarian anti-racist ideas (i.e., and I lightly paraphrase, “All disparate outcomes are due to racism,” etc., etc.); and wrecking the economy by creating one of the most bloated socialist bureaucracies in the world.

  14. Johnno

    I personally would wait. I know that sucks, but waiting would be the prudent thing to do because this is as much an information and propaganda war as it is live on the streets.

    There are other options – such as seeking a way to bypass the local government and appeal directly to the people.

    So perhaps seek an online way to get the vote of locals in each problematic state to vote on whether they want Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act.

    Use some innovation, and get a team of people to set up an online forum that allows locals in the State to vote. Make this simple and easy, just requiring name, e-mail, address information.

    And this is also key – ALLOW even illegals in that state to vote in this poll. I know this seems counter-intuitive, but hear me out…

    1. No doubt there are illegals who also don’t want the violence. Trump can appeal to the fact that he is going to protect both citizens and illegals from violent mobs.

    2. This would tie the Democrats in knots to explain and those idiots may even find themselves advocating against what they were advocating for. The hypocrisy will be palpable!

    3. If the poll is in favor of Trump intervening, then that’s all he needs to give himself leverage to justify his actions, as the citizens themselves asked.

    4. If the poll is not in favor of Trump intervening, then c’est la vie, leave them to their own devices. The record will show that the citizens themselves rejected the offer. Then it’s on them.

    5. If the Democrats try to fix the polls in any way, either way, this will work in Trump’s favor, because he would just essentially say he was following what the people wanted.

    6. Democrats trying to fix the polls, and they will, should therefore be monitored heavily. This is much easier to do when it’s totally online and trackable. And evidence of Democrat complicity can be leveraged by Trump when time comes around for the actual election. So when they attempt to fix and contest that election too, Trump will have ample evidence from this mini trial to show that the Democrats can’t be trusted, and that leverage will work.

    7. Only complication is the Democrats using their operatives in the Intelligence Services to try and fabricate more ‘Russian interference’ in the poll, and suggest that Russian operatives are using Trump to pull off an insurrection to vote in favor of yes, and they will naturally try and set this up using servers and hackers in the Ukraine to discredit the polls.

    8. The other complication is that Facebook and Twitter will attempt to prevent the government from promoting these polls, labeling them as calling for ‘acts of violence’ of some such stupidity. Little doubt that Google and Apple may also prevent such an app from being installed on their phone, so it will have to be a secure web forum from the browser through the White House.

    9. With regards to the big tech censorship, Trump will first need to wage a propaganda war before the polls are introduced, by framing the big tech corps as being uncommitted to ending violence, and getting them to talk themselves into a corner to support the polls.

    10. With regards to ‘Russia! Russia!’ or ‘China! China!’ put the onus on the Big Tech companies for the failure to secure it. In fact, better idea, have them run the polls! Force Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter to agree to coordinate to set up and host the polls along with the White House website, where the tallys will all be shared, and have them frame it any which way they like! In fact, even have mail-in ballots able to be printed out, for those without internet.

    11. Remember, that it doesn’t matter to Trump whether the polls are in favor of him intervening or not. If they want him to, he does. If they don’t want him to, he won’t. It will be on the people. Naturally common sense suggests that people will want him to intervene. And if the vote is no, then the local people will know something is obviously wrong, and that there is real vote fraud! This in itself will give Trump leverage to fight back when the real election comes around.

    12. If ‘Russia! Russia!’ happens, or evidence of any fraud, then blame the Tech Companies for being completely incompetent. Give them the rope to hang themselves. Same for any other fraud by mail-in of hackable websites.

    13. Use those failures to highlight that nothing other than paper ballots and voting in person matters when election time comes around, covid-hoax be damned. And depending on the yes/no vote. If fraud was in favor of ‘no’, highlight how this is democrat/antifa/Chinese interference. Naturally, those idiots aren’t going to fix the polls in favor of ‘yes.’ They might scream ‘Russia! Russia!’ about a ‘yes’ vote, but where’s the evidence? And if Russia did hypothetically pull it off, then the problems are naturally that Big Tech was incompetent, online voting doesn’t work, mail-in ballots don’t work, and thus to prevent ‘Russia! Russia!’ next time, we only need emphasis on the physical paper ballot box that people walk their ass to. In fact, get rid of the Diebold machines, maybe Russia tinkered with those too. Let the Democrats waste time with their lawyers post-election results, Trump can either leverage the ‘no’ votes as Democrat fraud prior to the election to show they are dishonest, or the ‘yes’ vote to show the people in their own states aligned with him stepping in.

  15. Fredo

    Amazing how the riots and discontent distract from the corona torpedo the economy
    took below the waterline. Almost like flipping a light switch. We can only hope order
    is restored by the time they ramp up for door to door contact tracing.

    The BLM riots prevent what we should all be doing in the streets protesting
    tax payer funded bio-terrorism.
    Stay asleep.
    LIVE aus Berlin: Protest gegen die Corona-Politik

  16. Anon

    Johnno is correct. Wait. There will be gifts for waiting. It is Satan who beckons to fire. This battle is not Dems vs. GOP, not BLM vs. Trumpers, not Antifa vs. Proud Boys. It is Good vs. Evil.

  17. Dennis

    Right now the riots are working in Trump’s favor in polls, despite the Democrats attempts to blame them on Trump and mythical white nationalist agents provocateurs. So, let the Lefty nutjobs in cities like Portland carry on making a mess of things and turning the general public against them. Especially after their pissy mayor’s attempt to curry favor with the mob and reject federal help (and they are even turning on him now as not being radical enough). If Trump moves in forcefully now without cooperation from state and local officials, that will just give the Left another opportunity to paint him as the “authoritarian” they’ve always claimed, and blame him further if more things go wrong in the handling of it.

    If he wins, then take the gloves off (or maybe even if he loses as well, since there will still be over 2 months until Jan 20). Declare BLM and Antifa domestic terrorist groups (since they operate through interstate networks, and core agitators often travel form place to place, that makes an easy case for treating handling of them as a federal matter) and treat their leaders and supporters as enemy combatants.

  18. Maus

    From your lips to God’s ears. I have only one word for Portland, the current epicenter of toxic wokeness, “Guernica!” Let’s get the luau rollin’ on the Big Aloha.

  19. Lan

    The communists is plain view, telling you their plans and not fearing the consequences. The game is already over.

  20. I hope I would do pretty much what the administration seems to be doing: arrest the ringleaders, trust that the rule of law will re-assert itself, and campaign for America rather than merely against leftist hate.

    On the other hand.. I’d go all out on any and all possible means of ensuring that the fall election is as close to fairly counted as possible, push videos like the compendium of hate above into the public eye, and push to have Barr et al arrest Comey, Brennan, Clinton et al as soon and as publicly as possible.

  21. Sander van der Wal

    Another vote for waiting. Even from Europe you can see that Trump is going to win. The local MSM over here is starting to talk about how the riots are helping Trump.

    Besides, I understand that dead Americans are Democrats by definition, and you don’t want to happen.

  22. MikeJ

    The normal population of this country has come to the decision point; fight or submit. If you aren’t willing to fight, then you’d better learn to recite your two minutes of hate, because in this conflict there is no middle ground.

    The young man in Kenosha had the right idea. His mistake was in surrendering to the authorities. Maybe he will get a “fair” trial, followed by a first class hanging, Meanwhile, the commie whom he shot in the arm, a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, is still at last report free of any charges either federal or local. Justice; not so much. “Just Us” is a better description.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

  23. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Briggs. What is happening in and to America was baked into the Constitutional cake lo these many years ago because the Calvinists and Deists desired a government free from the constraints of religion which is why they put all religions- the one true and the many false ones- on the same level.

    What we have in Americas is what Bishop Joseph Fessler, the secretary general of Vatican I, labeled Heathen Caesarism” because the American Government failed to establish The Catholic Church as the one true church and refused to offer public worship of Jesus Christ The King and legislated contrary to His commandments.

    The natural result of Religious Liberty is worse than indifference, it is atheism.

    From the get-go, America was doomed (See “Liberty the God that failed” by Chris Ferrara).

    Also, consider the observations of the great Italian, Amintore Fanfani, who noted that Messrs Paine, Madison, and Smith conceived of government as merely a referee amongst private competing economic interests with no positive duty to promote justice or virtue.

    Liberalism and the putative enlightenment promoted liberty as the primary value which served to create the capitalist spirit and the long essay could be summarized by acknowledging that capitalism has trumped uber alles.

    Fanfani notes that the truncated and malign idea of society (ABS words not his) produced conditions of an atomized society in which the monied interests would predominate, to ever increase their power, and to use the levers of government for their own ends – that too, is the invisibilium subtext of the essay.

    Of course what is to come will be worse than what exists today but ABS does not understand the repeated appeal to the Constitution as the tyrants in black eviscerated it long ago and there remains the malign fact that The Four Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance and the subject of positive law and support in America.

    America has been over for a long time and it is never coming back whether or not Trump decides to become a dictator or not.

  24. DrDog

    I would suggest one thing that says not to what this piece suggests — Don’t give the Left a martyr.

  25. Uncle Mike

    Totally pathetic. Wrong approach, wrong strategy, wrong targets, wrong methods, wrong outcomes.

    I imagine you all as tinpot field marshals overlooking the trenches from your hilltop with your monocle and tea, ordering your pawns to slaughter the enemy’s pawns by the tens of thousands.

    And I am struck by how easy it has been for Satan to rob you all of your intelligence and common sense, your dignity and honor, your courage and convictions, and especially of your Faith. Hats off to Lucifer!

  26. c matt

    I wonder if one reason Trump has not done more on the riots is because to do so, he (or some branch of the government) would have to declare an insurrection or some such thing. Being a businessman, he may be aware that some insurance policies exclude from coverage damages caused by insurrection. By holding back, he may be allowing some of the looted/burned businesses a shot at some recovery.

  27. Dean Ericson

    So then, Uncle Mike, what is to be done?

  28. Anon

    Dear Uncle Mike,
    Never fear, Briggs is not Trump, and a brain/body exchange is unlikely to happen in the near future… So the more dire consequences of “shooting on the crowd” have been averted for the moment.

  29. Dean Ericson

    And what of the “more dire consequences” of allowing unchecked leftist riots?

    Or, more accurately, unchecked Bolshevik revolution.

    Leftists must be stopped. Somehow. At some point.

    Or Western Civilization ends.

  30. Bobcat

    I agree with Dennis and to some extent with Johnno; just wait and give the illiberal leftists enough rope to hang themselves and have them lose more credibility to the people.

  31. No one

    Dudes, you better read up on April 19, 1775. Learn from history. Back then the British Empire was THE One World Power.

  32. Uncle Mike

    Dear Dean,

    A week ago Ianto Watt suggested that we do nothing. You congratulated him on his perspicacity. Now you want a counter-revolutionary war. That’s inconsistent on your part.

    I suggested then and repeat now:

    1. Go to church.

    2. Fly the flag and put up a Trump sign.

    3. Sign the petitions to recall your governor, senator, and mayor.

    4. Lead by Christian example. You know, love thy neighbor. Do not open fire on him or her. Do not let the Devil get your goat. Anger and violence is not the answer, no matter how provoked you might feel.

    And let me add a #5. If you want to kill a snake, cut off its head. The addled children in the riot mobs are paid to be there. Defund them, not the police. Seize the assets of the people bankrolling the terrorism.

    What if you are right, and there is an “unchecked Bolshevik revolution” in the USA? And as you put it, “Western Civilization ends”? These unlikely outcomes must by absolute necessity be countered with the Truth, and there is only one Truth, one Way, even if that countering takes a thousand years.

  33. Fredo

    The real joke is that there are probably less than ten thousand nationwide involved
    in the riots and the damage they’ve done is minimal when compared to the 1960’s.
    Trump’s playing his hand close to his vest wait till after November the left and media
    are trying hard to gin things up to insurrection proportions. Let the blue cities self
    destruct and live with the damage. Some of the businesses that were destroyed are probably
    thanking their lucky stars because they were already bankrupt from the lock-downs.

  34. Dean Ericson

    Uncle Mike, that’s a fine response, thank you.

  35. Dennis

    “Of course what is to come will be worse than what exists today but ABS does not understand the repeated appeal to the Constitution as the tyrants in black eviscerated it long ago…”

    Indeed, this is why sensible people in the right are moving in a “post-liberal” direction. Establishment Conservative Inc., with its Neo-Conmen and its appeals to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, Frenchism, and fusionism, have failed. Despite numerous election victories and opportunities over the past 40 years, they’ve conserved nothing, and state and culture are in worse shape than ever.

    “America has been over for a long time and it is never coming back whether or not Trump decides to become a dictator or not.”

    This is very true.

  36. Johnno

    No surprise to see Unkie Mike continuing to make an A of himself in the comments.

    When he’s not busy misreading Ianto Watt, he’s busy virtue signalling his ‘Do something little’ strategy against the rest of us.

    Gotta love all that ‘ unlikely outcome’ talk… If we were discussing such things a decade ago, would Mikey be pooh-poohing the warnings of Our Lady of Fatima, and waving his USA! USA! flag and telling us that things like sodomite marriage, trans-rights and massive youth socialist movements in the West would never happen because they are ‘unlikely outcomes’?

    I’m totally on board with not shooting first and unnecessarily escalating, which is also Ianto Watt’s point in his article that unckie Mike pretended he read, or pretended he understood… But at the end of the day, when it comes down to it, you have every right to defend yourself and as Augustine outlined, even pull off a just war and a just rebellion.

    Perhaps unckie Mike would like to flip open the Bible to the Apocalypse and then try to convince us that such ‘unlikely outcomes’ will never happen, or that the Anti-Christ can be countered with the Truth that he already obviously knows. As important as it is to preach it, there are some reprobates to whom the truth has just the opposite effect of hardening their hearts and ratcheting up their rebellion. Perhaps Unckie Mike should remind himself of Whom the 4th horseman is.

  37. Uncle Mike

    What a jerk. Johnno the Troll. Did your jammies get in a twist when Mommie kicked you out of her basement?

    The sad thing about the Internet is the large number of young men who will never get laid because they are repulsive to women. Fat and blobby, jobless, without any hope of even getting a date, frustrated, impotent, on a cocktail of drugs, unable to be civil or even civilized, stewing in their own sour juices, without merit, voiceless, friendless, and lost. They are the real victims, and will always be so, no matter what happens to the rest of society.

  38. Uncle Mike

    An imp, a tormentor, a little devil in poor disguise. Yearning for a biblical war. A moron — he sold his soul to Satan and didn’t get squat for it. Living in squalor, huddled in his own refuse. Will never know true love. Such pain; it makes one weep.

    I’ve been around a long time, and I know all the signs. Tragic case. I wish I could help him, but Jesus saves, not me. I live in the rain; grace falls on me without my bidding. If I could send some his way I would, but I’m not in charge of the rain.

  39. Steven M Wright

    “It’s not who votes that counts-it’s who counts the votes!” Attributed to J Stalin

  40. Fred Bloggs

    What you are I ourselves should do is a difficult question (and doesn’t even make sense – you are I)?

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