Looting As Reparations Is A Good Idea

Looting As Reparations Is A Good Idea

Even though riots, looting, pillaging, murder and mayhem and treason are illegal, immoral, and unethical, and that putting them down through the use of violence is historically validated, legal, moral, and ethical, we all know violence is wrong. So, even though I advocated opening fire on the lawless rabble two days ago, I now see no good Christian can advocate fighting the lawless takeover of our cities. I therefore embrace looting as a means to redress in social inequities.

In this, I follow California in saying we need to “Consider Needs Of Looters Before Charging Them“. Looting can be a positive good.

The theory how looting is good insists only BLACKS!—this spelling is racism-free—were ever slaves, and only whites their masters. All whites share in the guilt of slavery, because they are white and whites share in all evils because they are white. Every BLACK! was beaten, raped, tortured and killed daily while a slave, which traumatized the genetics of their descendants. (Yes.)

This genetic change causes modern new BLACKS! to do poorly in things like achievement and remaining out of prison. That in turn causes the peoples of this most noble and, yes, sacred race, to have less money. This missing money is therefore owed to them in the form of “reparations”.

All BLACKS! are to receive these awards, regardless of whether they were descended from American slaves, regardless of their station in life now, regardless whether these stations had anything to do with their own choices, and regardless if their relatives were slave owners themselves. And all whites are to pay, because whites inherit guilt through their race, even though almost all whites are not descended from slave owners.

Because they happen to be taxpayers, Asians, Hispanics and the happy peoples from other races must also pay reparations, for reparations will come from taxes.

The idea is that all these other races, like whites, must pony up because they have benefited from the labors of the slaves. The reasoning goes like this: sewers, corn off the cob in cans, electricity, and other whatnots are here and being used, and slaves were once here and were made to do work. Therefore, all are beneficiaries of slavery, and so all must pay.

Of course, modern BLACKS! also benefit and use these same services and infrastructures like everybody else, and have done so for a long time. These usages would have done some good to BLACKS!, like they have to other races, but because of thing called systemic racism, the good didn’t stick in BLACKS!

Systemic racism is officially defined as the racism that remains once racism has been removed.

So it’s reparations. New reparations, that is. The older reparations, such as sixty-some years of Affirmative Action, quotas in hiring and matriculation, set asides in contracts, endless woke corporate donations and pandering, an official History Month and federal holiday, accelerated promotions, the worship of the BLACK! bodies and BLACK! culture, and so on and so on and so on were not really reparations because they were not called reparations. Words matter.

Reparations called reparations are thus needed.

California, as it does in so many other areas having nothing to do with Reality, leads the way. According to one report, the proposed “reparations could take the form of cash, housing assistance, lower tuition, forgiving student loans, job training or community investments”.

The difficulty with these ideas, as you will doubtless have seen for yourself, is their inadequacy. Not all BLACKS! will have student loans needing forgiveness. And so on. One BLM female suggests whites give BLACKS! their houses, though perhaps she forgot whites will still be needing them. Better ideas are needed.

When this season’s round of looting, pillage, rioting, and general mayhem began in Little Somalia, the thought from BLM ran that looting should be considered reparations. What faster and more efficient way to pay than to have major retailers stock their stores with desirable theft-worthy goods, and then let BLACKS! turn savage for a day or two, steal everything in sight, and then light the stores on fire? The blazes make the whole thing festive.

While this was being pondered, a white man in a dress came on NPR to say that, yes, looting was a fine thing. This man even wrote a book, In Defense of Looting.

Well, you know how it goes. NPR is the favorite radio station of our great nation’s academics, our brightest class. Looting thus now has the official imprimatur it needs. We need just pick the dates and towns, and mark off areas to be looted—this allows crucial advance planning so that people aren’t stuck having to loot unwanted goods.

The whole thing could be televised. There could even be prizes to see who could loot the most in the shortest time. Nike could hide a gold sticker inside a pair of sneakers (apt name!) and give its thief a lifetime’s supply of laces. Have contests between cities! (I’d never root against my hometown of Detroit.) These contests could replace sports, which has gone political anyway.

What’s the catch? It’s seem some BLACKS! have developed bad habits, as demonstrated below, a sampling of many such cases. If BLACKS! have to be paid for slavery, then they’re going to have to pay whites for fresh assaults. Fair is fair. We’ll let our benevolent politicians—people who love us and only want what is best for us—settle the exact tariffs, but, say, for every brick to the head, the official looting time is cut by one hour.



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  1. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    STOP USING RACIAL LANGUAGE. When you say blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc., you lost, you in enemy’s territory, you are a prisoner, my friend. What is, racially speaking, a “Hispanic”? Shakira or Sammy Sosa, one of the blondie’s that are Venezuelan miss universes or Miguel Cabrera, Many Ginobili or Fernando Valenzuela? It makes no sense. When Hutus kill Tutsis by the hundred of thousands or Book Haran or Fulani herders kill christian peasants in Nigeria, what “races” are involved. Refuse to portray the issue in racial terms, they will be disarmed with no answer whatsoever. Say it: “I’m not white (of eight great grand parents, one was German, one was French, one was Italian, the rest came from Spain), I’m Venezuelan, Catholic, etc. BUT NOT WHITE”… They will tell that you are, the discussion will be lost for the thugs… AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    One more thing: when they tell you that your country or your civilization is this and that, tell them of Rwanda of Nigeria of Idi Amin and Uganda, etc…. And, then, tell them about the university, law, the calendar, science and technology, the distinction public-private, the pentagram, the marionettes, the thermometer, and keep on going… Don’t defend yourself, the best defense is an aggressive attack (in arguing, especially)….

    Bonus: that racial nonsense is exclusive of the US, get out of the bubble and there’s another world, where that’s very alien…

  3. Sheri

    Carlos: Your idea has never worked for me. I have written many times about how “race” is a political term, one used to divide, not grounded in reality, but the moron (in many cases those “kind, understanding rich white Trump supporters”) just say “BUT HE’S BLACK”. People who are racist don’t care about any of this. They see BLACK or WHITE or whatever and there is no intelligence or thought involved. I just keep telling them they are racists over and over again and they deny what is completely obvious to a three year old, the obsession with race. There is no counter-argument to racism. It’s EMOTIONS, it’s HATRED, and it is definitely ingrained. Few true racists ever develop anything more than very shallow thoughts. They emote their way through life. One can try, but success is rare. (What countries don’t have racist problems? As far as I know many, many do.)

    Looting would work out well as reparations if we started with say Bezos, Zuckerberg, Cuomo, and other wealthy person’s homes. Why limit looting to stores? Those evil RICH WHITE GUYS have three or four great homes and lots of really good stuff in them. Plus, they ADORE BLM, etc. Let them lead the way. I suggest we set up times, so things don’t get crowded. Have CNN over to film and to praise the homeowners and their generousity. If one finds the white guys are cheating and removing “the good stuff”, we increase the number of lootings of their homes until it’s been made fair and they have paid for their great, great, great, great second cousin on their stepfather’s side owning slaves. I would estimate at least five years of such “reparations” before we move on to Amazon warehouse looting, Facebook office looting, vacation house looting. That should satisfy the race baiters and the socialists, as the net worth of the RICH will decline by being shared with those oppressed three or more generations back. Now, when can we white folks loot England for keeping us slaves to their government and forcing us into a war to have our own country and not just serve as little slaves for England’s needs????

  4. JC

    Where does Irish Catholic fit in the mix? Do I get free stuff? Will there be lunch provided?

  5. Dean Ericson

    Where is the head of this snake, hissing, “racism!”? It’s coming from somewhere in the grass but I can’t quite make it out. If I could I’d send in Uncle Mike to cut off its hideous, hissing head. Problem solved.

  6. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    OK, suppose saying the truth don’t work, then start a fresh campaign: the “we saved you” campaign. “You think you had a tough lot? See your guys in Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia Uganda… WE SAVED YOU… YOU’RE WELCOME!!!!!!”. Start it now, make it relentless. They scream, scream harder (it seems impossible, with their media and stuff, but you have no choice)…

    I learned one thing of being oppressed by communists: they take you to a place where you just don’t have anything left to lose, you have to fight, and the truth, portrayed with intelligence, is the best weapon

    Note: no, you don’t see what you are seeing in the US in other countries with many blacks: Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, BRAZIL, etc. We have social integration problems, but they’re NOT racial. For instance, that “cultural appropriation” bullsheet is unheard of, unique, amazing, MIRABILIS ET MIRIFICA…. It’s kabala (harris), magic, only Hermes Trismegistos, the demon himself, could device something so stupid and yet effective, by the inability to respond of those directed to…

  7. Michael Dowd

    Do a survey among Blacks: How many would agree with this statement:

    I would prefer that my ancestors never became slaves and had remained in Africa.

  8. john b()


    well said

    Say it: “I’m not white (of eight great grand parents, one was German, one was French, one was Italian, the rest came from Spain), I’m Venezuelan, Catholic, etc. BUT NOT WHITE”

    I’m not even B(), both of my grandparents on my father’s side were “illegitimate” (wonder why they ended up together), I guess I am “little” b() – third generation


  9. Dean Ericson

    Briggs does a good job swatting stupids but it seems for every one downed a dozen more spring to life. A Sorcerer’s Apprentice mindless army bringing buckets of sloshing stupid. A bubonic plague of dim-bulbery. A five-alarm blaze of brainlessness. Formerly sensible people suddenly up and start shouting gibberish, jumping about flapping their arms, all foamy-mouthed, bug-eyed and brainless. Maybe it’s just a fad, like streaking. Maybe it will burn itself out, like the flu. But maybe it won’t let up until we raise up an army of Uncle Mikes armed with shovels and send them off through the tall grass chopping hideous hissing stupid snake heads.

  10. c matt

    Better ideas are needed.

    How about this: Along with the reparational looting, those who participate get a free “winner’s ribbon” in the form of a one-way ticket to Africa, and are unburdened of their racist US citizenship.

  11. Rudolph Harrier

    Since we’re doing a good job handing out reparations through these riots, the debt is paid. Anytime reparations are requested in the future we can just say that they were already given out.

  12. Dennis

    Some people commenting above seem to have no sense of satire.

    And also confuse ethnicity with race. And pretend race doesn’t exist. These people will not help us in the battle in which we are engaged to save civilization.

  13. c matt

    I have written many times about how “race” is a political term . . . not grounded in reality

    Race is a biological term that has been politicized. It is grounded in reality (genetics). But like many biological terms, “race” is the tip of the iceberg. Race is further subdivided in what is commonly referred to as ethnicity. All beagles are dogs, but not all dogs are beagles. Or do you deny this reality?

  14. Zundfolge

    Nothing will quash white racism against blacks like allowing blacks to burn and steal from whites with impunity and then claim its a good thing and whites deserve it.

    Surely that will cause whites to see the error of their ways and learn to love, cherish and support the black community and treat them more fair.

  15. Bob Mounger

    If you look here @ about 6:30


    Bp. Kelly, having previously defined racism(including ethnicity) as a sin, goes on to say that if it weren’t for white people, racism would have ceased to exist long ago.

    Given the ethnicity inclusion, the aforementioned words “Rwandan genocide”, seem to make this preposterous on its face. Beyond that, the twitter feed “things China doesn’t want you to know”, shows recent examples of Chinese people calling Kenyans “monkeys”, to their faces, and numerous similar examples.

    Furthermore, the Christology of the Church Fathers asserts that what has not been assumed has not been healed. Does Jesus Christ, a 1st century Palestinian, participate in “whiteness”? If a pale complexion is inevitably linked to a particular moral fault then if Jesus was white, he is a sinner & cannot save anyone. If he is not white, can white people be saved?

    How many kinds of human being are there?

  16. Sheri

    If you look up the scientific definition of race, some allow for four races, some three and many don’t allow for any race under science. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2018/04/race-genetics-science-africa/ (Yes, it’s National Geographic, but you’d think they would be on the “race is real side)

    Race is a political construct. If one does not use race, religion is often substituted. People have always needed ways to create “lesser” humans, castes, etc. It’s part of who humans are. However, genetically, as far as I can tell, race is just various genetics that developed from where one lived, due to external adaptations. As I have noted before, I had no idea that Megan Markle was mixed race until she flaunted it. Michael Jackson’s kids looks absolutely white, right down to the blue eyes. My niece is as dark as her mother and looks completely out of place with my blue-eyed, Scandinavian brother. Obama pretended to be black, even though he was not. He simply passed as black, not mixed race. It’s just Mendel’s genetics–nothing more.

  17. Dennis

    Michael Jackson’s “kids” look white because they are. They have no Jackson DNA.

    Obama was black under the old “one-drop” rule, so half was more than enough.

  18. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    Well, of course race is “something”, especially when you are dealing with men, that are weak minded; and it gets terrible in people like English colonialist darwinists. Differences, when they are obvious can constitute walls of separation. But skin color is only an accident, while cultural spirit us not. Whites are those f..ing up whiteness in the US; Idi Amin was black; hutus and tutsis are black; Manu Ginobili is white, Sammy Sosa is black as ebony, and they both are Hispanics. See? It’s not necessarily a division, only in the perception. Larry Elder a great “right wing” black man is opposed to BLM and is defending whites, like Candace Owen… So, the importance of this issue is a cultural thing, and many “whites” in the US are as prisoners of the issue as so many blacks are…

    Finally, one can see the humor in a writing and go to the bottom of the issue, from where the humor stems, humor is a very serious thing. And we are in a dire situation and have to to our best to save the US

  19. Dennis

    “The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this book without permission is theft.”

    Just tell he-she it’s cyber-looting.

    But really, is it any surprise these people don’t want the rules and principles they espouse to actually be applied to them or their property? The rules are only for the peons (See also Pelosi).

  20. Dennis

    “And we are in a dire situation and have to to our best to save the US”

    It’s beyond saving at this point. Like the Big Tech behemoths, it needs to be broken up. Best solution is to try to find a way off this sinking ship before it is too late.

  21. Johnno

    Well I guess that means that every looting war the West has conducted in the Middle East is now justifiable… after all the Mohammedans kept plenty of whites as slaves. So now these are Wars of Reparation or something… And giving Halliburton exclusive reconstruction contracts paid back with oil revenue is sort of like affirmative action… And the Europeans can just start looting each other for reparations via the EU. And Indians can loot at will over the caste system. I’m starting to see the light!

    But if anyone wants diplomatic immunity, just go ahead and get Baptized. God guarantees the washing away of all accumulated responsibility for inherited ancestral guilt. If they don’t like it, they can then take it up with Him when they meet Him.

  22. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    The “Law of infinitesimals” in Homeopathy claims the fewer the number of atoms of some substance in water used to treat a targeted disease renders the virtually substance free water puissant

    There is a similar effect existing amongst blacks and their “Law of infinitesimals” is that the absence of systemic racism means that racism today is more puissant than ever

    Blacks will not be satisfied no matter how much of white wealth and property is transferred to them

    Even if all white wealth and property was transferred to blacks they would not be satisfied

    Blacks have been taught that their problems were caused by whites and if all whites died and blacks inherited all of their wealth and property blacks would still not be happy

    How this insane situation came to be is, of course, the fault of whites

  23. Dennis

    “How this insane situation came to be is, of course, the fault of whites”

    Indeed. If not for the self-hating whites and useful idiots of the Left peddling “critical race theory” and other noxious ideologies (esp. race grifters like Robin DiAngelo, etc. and their political acolytes) in order to pander to blacks, none of this would be happening. An entire society in being undermined and held hostage to the pathologies and demands of 13% of the population.

  24. john_b()

    …and less than 1% of those I would warrant

  25. Sheri

    Dennis: There is no proof either way on Jackson’s kids so far as I know. I guess we could OJ’s daughter as an example, or is she not his either? The point was genetics can give a mixed-race couple what looks like a white child as can two black parents. Light-skinned blacks took advantage of that in the pre-civil rights era.

    Obama would have been black under some census rules, white under others. It’s always been very fluid as to how the count was done. No science involved at all.

    If not for pandering to blacks, we could be pandering to Chinese or Irish or First Americans. Pick one, they all work very, very well.

  26. C-Marie

    Let is give thanks to God,for the following truth being told,clearly, with no equivocation:

    Kanye West accuses Planned Parenthood of using abortion to carry out ‘black genocide’…

    All thanks be to God and all thanks that President Trump has said that he will defund Planned Parenthood if he is re-elected.

    God bless, C-Marie

  27. David

    Europeans were fighting against each other for racial differences. Asians were doing the same. Africans were fighting for racial and cultural differences. America was fighting for a different reason against the British.

    Either way we always find a reason to fight. Now Europe is fighting against the muslim immigrants(caused by forced, mass immigration which is NEVER a good idea, since cultures are drastically different).

    Stereotypes seems to be amplified and turned into a problem by prejudice? I don’t know. I’m sick of all this. Plandemics, racedemics. I want peace and quiet without needing to protest for basic rights.

  28. Dennis

    Sheri: Deborah Rowe has admitted she never had sex with Jackson and that she war artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor (given his lifelong obsession with lightening his own skin, it’s unlikely Jackson chose a black donor, which is clear form pics of the kids). The third child was also the son of a surrogate who’s identity has never been released. He bought them at a marketplace form willing heifers on the make for big bucks, like they were cattle. But, if you wish to disbelieve your lying eyes, go ahead. You can believe Jackson is the real father if that suits your Neverland fantasy, just as you’re free to disbelieve the abundant evidence that he was a child molester if you wish.

    Those who could “pass” in the “pre-civil rights era” were generally quadroons or octoroons, not those who were half ‘n half (who are rarely so light as to have it be un-noticable). There is no place where Obama would have been classed as “white” (“colored” perhaps in some places, but never “white”). Obama may be the “whitest” black guy since Tiger Woods, but no one would ever call him simply “white.”

  29. Dennis

    David: “Europeans were fighting against each other for racial differences” (I assume you meant “over” racial differences). Where, and when? Europeans are all of the same race. Intra-European wars were over many things, race was not one.

    Interesting then that the next line you describe intra-African fighting as “racial and cultural.” Why is the latter denied to Europe, whose wars were apparently all “racial”? Of course, intra-African wars between native Africans weren’t racial either, but ethnic/cultural (see Hutus v. Tutsis, Zulus v. Xhosas, etc.).

    Race war may be coming to Europe (and the US as well), but as a result of the mass immigration and “great replacement being foisted upon the native Europeans by globalist mass immigration lovers like Merkel and other Eurocrats (And just look at how the UK – despite leaving the EU – refuses to protect its borders from the daily flotillas of third world migrants – who are then put up in 4 and 5 star hotels by the supposedly “conservative” government – invading its shores as we speak. The recently deceased Jean Raspail’s “Camp of the Saints” was perhaps the most prophetic novel of the last 50 years).

  30. Sheri

    Sorry, Dennis, but the census did go by MOTHER’s Race. “In 1980 and 1990, if a respondent marked more than one race category, the Census Bureau re-categorized the person to a single race, usually using the race of the respondent’s mother, if available.” Pewsocialtrends.org I can’t find my other sources at the moment.

    You can believe whatever extremely nasty racist things you want about Michael Jackson. You really are a hateful person. (Who ignored the OJ question, I note.)

    As for passing, tell me you knew Megan Markle was half black by looking at her. Maybe you did, seeing those horrible blacks in everyone around you. I’m going to believe my eyes, not a racist commenter on the internet. I would bet you would take one look at my niece and claim my sister-in-law was having an affair because she “couldn’t belong to a Scandinavian father”. Race obsessed people are totally irrational.

    Here’s one great example in the opposite direction:

  31. Dennis

    Talk about irrational!

    I defy you or anyone to point to any “extremely nasty racist things” I’ve said about Jackson (or anyone for that matter). I’ve pointed out well known facts. You must be one of those delusional Jackson fans who think he actually fathered his alleged children and also wasn’t a serial child molester. Keep living in Never Never Land.

    As for OJ, you mean this daughter: https://radaronline.com/photos/oj-simpson-trial-daughter-sydney-simpson-florida-tv-show-pics/? Yeah, really hard to tell…she looks the spitting image of her mother! Very “passable” indeed.

    As for the 1980 Census, all you’ve pointed to is a flawed bureaucratic bean-counting process, which bears no relation to real life in terms of how people categorize themselves (you even said this was done when people chose two races, so apparently there was no simple “mixed” category on the census at the time) or how they are perceived and treated by others.

    Nothing I’ve said here or above has anything to do with alleged “hatred” or “obsessions with race” or calling anyone “horrible”. You are projecting sweetie.

  32. GRA

    I did a quick Google search on the vid that showed the white man getting hit with a brick by a black man in order get more context. In my search only local media and some social media platforms (reddit, twitter) have reported and discussed it. CNN has not. MSNBC has not. Fox News has.

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