Today’s groaner

How many bishops does it take to celebrate Earth Hour?


(….pause for laughter….)

Those wrestling guys at the WWF have been sending me emails touting earth hour again.

Spokesman Dan Forman says they’re pretty happy to have enlisted Bishop Desmond Tutu who, presumably along with Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and some of those other steroidal creations, will switch off their lights for an hour, starting at 8:30 pm on Saturday March 28.

This is to make the Earth happy.

I’ll be with them. My lights will be out as I listen to the Vicar of Vintage Vinyl, Danny Stiles, whose show is on every Saturday night. 820 AM in New York City.

Go Earth!


  1. JH


    How many men does it take to celebrate Earth Hour? Forman.&

    Wait a minute… isn’t TuTu equal to Forman? Vow, I can do multiplication without a calculator. I deserve a piece of candy. Oh, maybe just one piece of pink strawberry flavored Laffy Taffy candy.

  2. Skeptic

    Hey Mr Briggs,
    For Mirth Hour, you’re supposed to be turning off all unecessary electrical appliances, so how come you’re able to listen to this Danny Stiles?

  3. Briggs


    I’m going to hook up a long wire to my fillings.

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