Just upgraded. Anything unusual?

Joy noticed that my older version of WordPress was once again hacked to insert a list of drug names into the theme header.php file.

So, I upgraded. When I did, I noticed 24 comments that were made over a long course of time, all marked as Spam, but all not. Some of these were duplicates that I removed, and I approved the rest. I have no idea where these came from, because I could not see them before. Strange.

Took a look at the theme, which looks the same, but if anybody notices anything weird, please let me know by comments here, or by email at matt@wmbriggs.com

Thanks, all.


  1. Did you upgrade to 2.7.0 or 2.7.1? I found 2.7.1 had issues on the admin side, so I’m waiting. (Also, some plugins exist to detect hack attempts. However, I think 2.7.0 seems to protect to a large extent. I’ll let you know if I learn more.)

  2. Briggs

    Oh, the later. Seems to be fine. I am still a naive user: write something and post it and that’s about it. Nothing fancy, so I don’t notice the niceties.

  3. bill r

    Well my RSS feed stopped working (Live Bookmarks). the last one is the “You’re welcome” post

  4. Briggs


    Thanks. I wonder if you could try resubscribing and let me know if that works. I know I had to rebuild the database and that might have changed the RSS parameters.

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