Coronavirus Update XXXI: THE Science Cannot Be Questioned, Denier!

Coronavirus Update XXXI: THE Science Cannot Be Questioned, Denier!

THE Science

All governments cracking down and removing liberties from citizens over coronadoom say they do so because of “THE science”. Not because of just-plain science, or even evidence, but because THE science says so.

THE science is, of course, whatever government dictates it should be. Government takes a line and declares it to be uncrossable, permanent, and guaranteed gold-clad capital-S Science. Give any skepticism, including true disproving evidence, about THE science, and one is labeled a “denier”.

Now where have we heard that before? And isn’t it curious that the solution THE science dictates is always the same whenever THE science is invoked? Greater restrictions on your liberties, greater progressive government control, in all perpetuity.

Take the state of Victoria in Australia, which is cracking down on deniers. It’s worth thinking about them because this is the direction all progressive governments are going. This will happen wherever progressives take over. Here is the state of crisis in all of Australia, not just Victoria.

That’s a 6 at the end: in attributed deaths, which are greater than actual deaths—in their normal cold and flu-death season. There is no crisis in Australia. How are politicians reacting to this non-crisis?

THE science states that you are allowed to be outside for one hour every day. At 61 minutes, THE science says coronadoom will get you. If you sit during the corona-free hour, the coronadoom will also get you. The just-following-orders police nabbed a pregnant woman for her crime of Sitting During A Declared Crisis.

Also in Australia, THE science says just-following-orders police should stomp on those violating curfew. They put one man in a coma. At least this man won’t die of coronadoom! Strangely, somebody in the just-following-orders police department thought The science said to “paint” a radar-trace hexagram over the city using a plane.

In Quebec, THE science says even cars can’t come within so many feet of each other. Excuse me: meters.

In the UK, THE science says if you gather in groups of 6 or fewer, coronadoom can’t get you. Have 7, and everybody surely dies. Boris Johnson, the “conservative” leader wants COVID Marshals to enforce the Rule of Six. But we wonder whether the presence of these just-following-orders police count toward group totals?

Boris also thinks THE science will tell us who gets a “freedom pass” and who doesn’t.

Also in the UK, THE science says deaths of any cause within 28 days of a positive coronadoom test must be counted as coronadoom deaths. (Follow Christopher Snowdon on the British situation.)

In the USA, THE science says if you stand up in a restaurant unmasked, the coronadoom will get you. But if you sit unmasked smacking your lips, belching, scratching, farting and sharing food, it can’t get you.

On and on and on it goes, with contradictory rules everywhere. THE science says one thing at A, which THE science at B says is false. And vice versa. But it’s all THE science! And THE science cannot be questioned.

It’s well to do one case study. I pick my favorite state.

Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, perhaps still stinging from being passed over as VP, awarded herself a continuation of dictatorial powers until 1 October, her previous power grab ending on 4 September.

Here is the state of coronadoom in Michigan:

There is no emergency in Michigan, and hasn’t been for months.

These, don’t forget, are attributed deaths, meaning the actual count is lower. But even using these juiced figures, there is no crisis. Yet the Governor can say there is. And all it takes is her word.

Whitmer is using THE science arguments based on “new” “cases”, by which she means positives on coronadoom tests, whether or not these tests reveal actual illness, or symptoms, or anything at all. These “new” “cases” are being driven by her policy to test like crazy. Here are the number of daily tests in Michigan:

Like in the whole USA (see below), testing is negatively correlated with attributed deaths. When the virus was at its peak and it made sense to test, testing was low. When deaths dropped to the “noise level”, and it made no sense to test, testing was high.

It can continue for many months like this. A wholly manufactured crisis using ridiculous measurements. I believe Whitmer is up for re-election in two years, so Michiganders might have to wait until then to rediscover their liberties.

What’s strange is that no one in the state, especially those in supposed opposition to the Governor, are making the arguments we make here. They are not difficult arguments, and the evidence is easy to find—and free! What is happening?

THE Numbers

Sources: daily tests, CDC official toll number one, number two (CDC has two official sources that have differences). The media reports are always greater than CDC numbers. Yes, these are the sources, which is why I call them “sources”, for the data. The other is the Goolge: type [LOCATION] coronavirus deaths. So when you email or comment asking for the sources, here they are.

The number of daily coronadoom tests:

A very minor drop. Recall the reason this graph is so important: testing is revealing past and present infections, and even false infections, which the media and government and even to our dismay many scientists, are calling “new” “cases”. (Everybody screws this up.)

When people hear “new” “cases” they assume the virus is still spreading like mad, when in reality the tests are largely revealing infections already present. The news reports drive more people to get tested, which leads to more reports of “new” “cases”, which etc. etc.

The down slope of this is smaller than the up slope, which is no surprise. The hope was the summer heat—the sun kills viruses and fresh air is germicidal—would lead to fewer people seeking out testing. Didn’t happen. Governments stepped in and made testing easier. Many got tested in spite of being without symptoms.

We are a nervous people, though, and love to “screen” ourselves for all kinds of disease that “might” be present. It’s almost fun. And taking drugs for being “pre-” this or “border-line” that is routine. Working on preventing disease is just that: work.

Anyway, here are the official CDC attributed coronadoom weekly deaths in the good old USA.

Week ending the 12th saw 93 attributed deaths. These numbers will rise somewhat in the next three weeks as late counts come in.

Did you know about 746 die in car crashes every week?

Coronadoom is now less deadly than driving (even considering the late counting). We’ve asked this before, but coronadoom lovers have not yet answered. Should we ban driving? It will save lives, especially young lives. Anybody? Anybody?

Here are the official CDC all-cause deaths. As always, last three weeks are dots, it takes up to eight weeks to get all counts, but most are in by three.

Dashed line is all cause minus attributed coronadoom.

Now unless the CDC has missed a lot of dead bodies, we’re at a low for the year. Which might even be a low less than we normally see. If that’s the case, then the earlier guess that both government overreaction and coronadoom itself killed people a little early. Which is to say, these sick and old folks would have died this year anyway, they just exited a bit early. Maybe some of them killed by government overreaction (hello, NY nursing homes!) would have lived even much longer.

I stress this is if. We won’t know for many weeks whether this is true. At least 8 weeks, if not until the end of the year. On the other hand, it is clearly now a live possibility.

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  1. John Garrett

    Briggs is a national treasure.

  2. HBG

    Unfortunately Matt nobody is listening to us – except maybe Scott Adams who nails it daily!!

  3. Sheri

    Sure it can be questioned and the IDIOT who spoke the garbage can be called an idiot. IF you work in blue collar occupations. They don’t fire garbage collectors or masons over this. So stay away from the conclave of idiots, and you’ll be fine. Finer than fine. Better yet, you can leave the idiot with a clogged toilet for days, laughing the whole time.

    Government agencies are the ENEMY. Whatever they remove or oppose, find a copy and hide it from the ENEMY. Print it out if possible. The ENEMY may send out that EM yet. (Easier than Mueller’s individual phone erases……)

    Africans come out looking like the smartest people on the planet. They used hydroxycloroquine, zinc, etc and had much, much lower death rates. Modern hospitals and drugs allowed many other governments to kill at will with this, and will they did. (I thought Africa would be hard hit, until politics came into this. They don’t care about “Orange Man Bad”, they’re busy surviving. And survive they did.)

    “Denier” means “very smart individual who knows the speaker is WRONG and must be labelled in an attempt to protect the stupidity of the speaker”.

    I believe Hitler was NOT a denier, so that makes him a good guy. So calling Trump “Hitler” is really a complement.

    Progressive=oppressive, communist dictatorship supporter

    Covid is the world’s smartest virus that KNOWS if you are a SJW or a slimy Trump supporter and it KNOWS which businesses to attack for the governor of the state. A miraculous virus, to say the least. It’s a new frontier for “THE SCIENCE”.

    It’s NOT the virus that’s the problem, obviously. Sheep people standing in a fence corner in a blizzard, just slowly freezing to death. I guess people want to be dead…..We live in the Dark Ages and soon total eclipses will cause mass suicides. Death, the new life.

    I told you testing was bad, evil and you’d come to regret it….

  4. Michael Dowd

    Excellent post William. Check ‘Convergence of Quandaries’ by James Howard Kunstler for his latest doomsday scenario. Opening paragraph:

    “And so, America has a new manufactured crisis, ElectionGate, as if all the other troubles piling up like tropical depressions marching across the September seas were not enough. Let me remind you what else is going on. The Wuhan pandemic is still on the scene, the economy is collapsing, a domestic race-war is escalating, the whole west coast is burning, and US oil production is crashing. Oh… and slow-moving tropical storm Sally is forecast to come ashore as a hurricane on the Gulf Coast today, dumping up to two feet of rain.”

  5. awildgoose

    There has been so much junk science around Beer flu that I’m not convinced that it exists.

    Western MSM has convienently found a “refugee virologist” who knows all about how Beer flu was made.

    By now it should be clear Whitmer uses the “kick the dog” model of governance. Sadly there are a huge number of morons that think she is just great.

  6. Anon

    As seen on twitter from an email: No one should be allowed to drive again until there are no auto accidents for 14 consecutive days. Then we can slowly phase in certain classes of people who begin driving again, but at only half the posted speed limit. #safety

  7. The fatality rate from all causes, the all-important absolute fatalities, is likely unaffected by Coronavirus, lost in statistical “noise” or variation. Since COVID primarily affects the elderly and the infirm, many people are just dying a few months early. This total mortality increased for months, but in some places, such as the USA, it is 19 percent below the usual number by now. The following URL shows the above graph relative to a baseline mortality expressed as a percentage .

  8. woke will continue until morale improves


  9. Hun

    My brother believes everything the authorities say about coronadoom and is permanently scared. I tried to use the car crashed argument on him and his response was “That is the stupidest thing I ever heard.” Showing him the official statistics was met with “Stupid stupid stupid…”

    It’s a psychosis. Mass psychosis, unfortunately. Reasonable arguments don’t work. Time to start trying something else.

  10. Sylvain Allard

    I highly support Trump doing indoor rallies in filled to capacities venues.

  11. john b()


    Re: Whitmer uses the “kick the dog” model of governance. Sadly there are a huge number of morons that think she is just great.
    Reminiscent of Stalin denuding a goose … I mean chicken 😉

    On one occasion, so it was narrated, Stalin called for a live chicken.

    Forcefully clutching the chicken in one hand, with the other he began to systematically pluck out its feathers. As the chicken struggled in vain to escape, he continued with the painful denuding until the bird was completely stripped.

    “Now you watch,” Stalin said as he placed the chicken on the floor and walked away with some bread crumbs in his hand. Incredibly, the fear-crazed chicken hobbled toward him and clung to the legs of his trousers.

    Stalin threw a handful of grain to the bird, and it began to follow him around the room, he turned to his dumbfounded colleagues and said quietly, “This is the way to rule the people. Did you see how that chicken followed me for food, even though I had caused it such torture? People are like that chicken. If you inflict inordinate pain on them they will follow you for food the rest of their lives.”

    In a related story: A new poll of potential Democrat candidates for president in 2024 has New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo leading the field

  12. Gail Finke

    I keep being told that if I “accept” 190,000 American deaths, I’m an awful person. As if anyone could have prevented the vast majority of them — and the people who say these things honestly seem to think we should be preventing all deaths from the virus from now on. Every. Single. One.

    It’s the weirdest delusion I’ve ever seen, because none of the people I’ve talked to or corresponded with on social media (admittedly, where the wackos feel free to come out and play) express any concern at all about deaths from any other cause. More than 7700 people die every day, all the time, in our country. But “we” should not be preventing deaths from heart disease, TB, or even AIDS by any draconian measures. “Saving just one life” is not important for any other disease, just this one. It’s the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen. People truly, truly seem to have gone mad and to think that all other deaths can be borne, but a death from THIS is JUST TOO MUCH. It’s much like the BLM phenomenon — horrific murders, gang murders, etc. never get mentioned, but THIS IS TOO MUCH (even though “this” is hugely exaggerated –ALL police killings have fallen dramatically for years, and more white men are killed by police every year).

    Is there a name for the “this is too much” phenomenon, when one thing that objectively doesn’t merit it becomes exaggerated over all actual things that are demonstrably far worse? I’m sure there must be. It happens. People become fanatically incensed by something that is obviously symbolic of a fear that can’t be expressed (I’ll take a stab at both I just mentioned: for the BLM hysteria, the fear is that all African Americans will be eradicated from without because others decide the very worst among are too bad to be allowed to live, and everyone is either terrified they’ll be victims or anxious to show they would never do such a terrible thing; and for coronavirus, death from disease we don’t “deserve” can’t be borne when we work so hard to stave off death and social consequences from all the diseases and conditions we voluntarily bring on ourselves)?

  13. Rudolph Harrier

    Early on testing was phrased as a preventative measure. We need more tests, or people will die! It was never really explained how mass testing would save lives beyond some vague sense of having more information would lead to better decisions.

    I’m thinking back on that now that tests have been negatively correlated with deaths. We all know that while everyone says that the accept that correlation is not causation, the second it becomes convenient to conflate them they will. So I imagine that the current situation is going to be used as proof that testing actually did save lives. After all, deaths were much higher when we had less tests. Thus we will never be able to decrease our testing rates, since doing so will (somehow) cause the death rates to return to their former levels.

    Of course, eventually you’ll get to the point where you can’t test anymore without making things up. In MN there have been over 1.2 million people tested, in a state of about 5.6 million people. That’s over 1 in 5 people. This is fast approaching the point where everyone willing to be tested has been tested. To go further will require mandatory testing, but even with that you will run out of people to test. You can test people multiple times, but that just makes the sham more obvious than it already is.

  14. john b()


    You mentioned MN testing before, I was going to ask?

    Were there repeat testers … people who tested positive and then tested again to see if they were clear? and then maybe again if they weren’t clear the second time?

    Did people get tested more than once convinced that they had the virus?

    You MIGHT get your ration down to 1 in 8?

  15. Dennis

    And it s only going to get worse as fall flu season deaths get swept into “Covid deaths.” Fraudci and others are already doing the groundwork for a “second” (or is it third or fourth now?….I’ve lost count) wave right around election time.

    And there seems no end in sight for the mask tyranny still ravaging the world. Not sure how much longer I can hold out, I’m tired of it all. Life just gets worse and worse every day in this stupid world run by and for absolute morons.

  16. Deplorable D

    The CDC does not even hide the fake death numbers anymore. You can look up the ICD numbers off listed for various Covid deaths (confirmed or presumed). One is for “intentional poisoning”. Another is for “foreign object penetrating body.” etc. But people believe what they want to believe. When I show these numbers to people I am told, “You must have a lot of free time. I do not have time to look stuff like that up.” Implying they just believe what the NYT or CNN or Fox tells them. Another response I have been receiving lately is, “You cannot trust the CDC numbers. They are controlled by Trump.” Of course, the conversation ender is when I reply, “If you cannot trust the CDC, then why do you wear a mask or support lockdowns?”
    On testing we have even the NYT running a story about how inaccurate the testing is. It is not new information. Those who have been following this closely knew in late March/early April the tests were creating a lot of false positives. One of the manufacturers [the name escapes me at the moment] wrote a letter to Fauci in late March warning of the high number of false positives. Dr Drosten remarked the tests were only 30-50% accurate at that time.
    Of course, most Americans receive their news from Facebook or Twitter, so they are largely uninformed idiots. When Twitter censors people for posting a link to the CDC’s web-pages, then you know they have a bias. But Orange Man Bad is the prevailing trend today. As another post mentions, the public are largely sheep huddled in a corner.

  17. Rudolph Harrier

    The 1.2 million number is an estimate from the department of health of separate people tested. Actual testing is above 1.7 million. So about a third of all tests are repeats. Currently 7 day average is about 14 thousand tests per day.

    Certainly repeat tests can be used to drive up the testing, and hence also the “cases”, but there’s a limit to how much you can do that. You have to have someone pretty paranoid in order to have a fourth or fifth test.

    Of course, you can always make testing mandatory (either by a hard law or by having employers require it to continue working). But if everyone is getting tested every week or so, it becomes too obvious what it is going on to all but the most dimwitted. (There are sadly a large number of people in that category, but not enough to keep the support of the public at large).

  18. Deplorable D

    Much of the fear of SARS-CoV-2 is the purposeful misuse of terms. “Cases” are really “positive test results”. They are not actually cases. “COVID-19” is transposed with “SARS-CoV-2”, or even worse, the more generic “coronavirus”. There is no distinction between the two. A “COVID death” is not actually someone who died of COVID. A SARS death has always required pneumonia as one of the conditions, but that is no longer the case. The WHO coding U07.1 has always required confirmation of a disease, but now doctors are allowed to “presume” a disease. “Case fatality rate” and “Infection fatality rate” are mixed up, even by Dr Fauci. Then there is the further confusion by implying either of these terms means the death rate versus the entire population. People believe 1-3% of the entire population is going to die. “Flatten the curve” is replaced by “Slow the spread”, which is in turn replaced by “Stop the spread”.

    We must be precise in our wording.

  19. Nate

    It looks like the radar trace hexagram was a incredibly coincidental artifact of bad software. It ‘predicted’ the route between two points when it didn’t have all the data.

  20. jwm

    It was just after nine at night, and I was out front looking for my cat. I saw a middle aged guy walking alone on the empty street. He was masked up alone in the dark. I couldn’t stop myself.
    “Why are you wearing that thing?” I asked
    “Just in case.” he answered,
    “In case of what? What do you think is going to get you out here?”
    “I don’t have to explain myself to you, sir.”

    Anne Barnhardt has the right of it. We are witnessing the birth of a religious cult. The maskatroons are impervious to facts. The elect wear the mask of compliance.


  21. awildgoose

    John b() –

    Thank you for the illuminating story.


    Totally agree that our great new world is extremely tiresome. I’m tired of the idiot mask rules at work, the meaningless online daily health quiz the guards harass us about completing, and the flaky iPad thermometer that reads our temperature prior to entering the building.

    I really hope we go back to near normal. I am not well prepared for any civil war scenarios.

  22. awildgoose


    Agree we are seeing a global cult form.

    It’s ironic because it is the product of allegedly sophisticated liberals who think Christianity is for rubes.

    I find their St. Floyd and Corona-chan to be pitiful substitutes.

  23. Deborah Fried

    Gail Finke: People, and governments especially, react by draconian measures to things they think they can control or that they can blame on the behavior of others. You can’t prevent yourself from getting diabetes or heart disease by telling other people how to behave. And you can’t blame others if you develop such conditions. And with these diseases genetics play a factor, which takes away some of the illusion of control. But Coronavirus: you get to police others, make them wear masks, keep their distance, shelter in place. Make business owners close their doors altogether or invest a fortune in plexiglass dividers and allow not more than half capacity in their stores. And until there is either a vaccine or a revolt, our freedoms will continue to be eroded, whether these measures actually help or not.

  24. don

    thank you so very much for all you do

  25. Dennis

    JWN: All too common a sight these days. Same with people alone in a car wearing masks. They are indeed cultists

    Deplorable: “Another response I have been receiving lately is, ‘You cannot trust the CDC numbers. They are controlled by Trump.’ Of course, the conversation ender is when I reply, ‘If you cannot trust the CDC, then why do you wear a mask or support lockdowns?'”

    Yes, they probably twist it in their minds in such a way as to convince themselves “Trump’s CDC” is actually greatly under-reporting cases and deaths, and that really we are all going to die, and it’s Trump’s fault we didn’t “do more” sooner with masks, shutdowns, etc (of course when Trump tried to “do more sooner,” such as cut off air travel from certain places, he was accused of racism and fear-mongering by the same people now criticizing his alleged “inaction” – no matter what he does, he is wrong all the time in some minds). Too many people these days are impervious to actual facts and info, simply swallow whatever the mass media feeds them, and yet are the same people who most stridently claim to be following “the science.”

  26. Brad Tittle

    People wearing masks in cars: Apologies to those folks who want to see them as cultists, I suspect most of them are people who have forgotten they have it on. I am inclined to take it off as soon as I get out of the building, but some folks have to wear it 8+ hours a day and some of them will grow used to it and forget.

    Habits do that.

  27. Rudolph Harrier

    I think that there are generally four types of people who wear masks in cars:

    -Those that forget they are wearing it. I doubt that this is the largest group, but certainly they exist.

    -The people who are terrified of everything to the point that they think that they will die if they don’t wear a mask in the car. These people probably wear a mask when they are alone at home too, maybe even when they are sleeping.

    -The people who think it’s too much of a hassle to put on the mask when going into a store, or who are worried about not putting it on when going through a drive through.

    -The people who want to virtue signal. They are the type of people who might respond to the question of “do you really think it helps anyone when you wear a mask alone in a car?” with “it might not directly prevent disease, but it shows that we are all in this together!” or “if I didn’t wear a mask I might lead people to believe it’s okay to not wear masks in situations where it does matter.” This is probably the largest group.

  28. KG

    I would be interested to get your take on the issue of asymptomatic transmission. Thanks.

  29. DrDon Malnati

    (Dr) 1 of very few physicians + chem Phd). Help, sick all day – no mask. Happy denier of POLITICAL SCIENCE! Asymptomatic transmission impossible, Symptoms = Body in a fight.

  30. DavidCH1


    For average people fear has to be the biggest reason. I’m just sick of all this. I want it to be over. And I don’t mean masking/”social distancing”, I want it how it was in 2019. Previous to this we had serious issues. Now Covid makes people ignore the rest. Who cares about geoengineering of the biosphere, human sexual trafficking, poverty, and crimes right?

    Off topic. Does anyone know how to subscribe and log into WordPress so I can log in when I post? It works from the WordPress site, but the login button below this one doesn’t work. It says e-mail address not recognized and I don’t see a way to subscribe. It pisses me off actually. Very unintuitive.

  31. Briggs


    No login is needed. Just use the same name/email combo every time, no changes in spelling, and all comments will show (subject of course to the spam filter). It’s only first time commenters (i.e. name/email combos) that need to be approved.

  32. NIdahoCatholic


    It will never return to 2019. The Great Reset PanicDemic has been planned for a long time, and they have had too much success with the face diaper mandate and “lockdowns” to ever let go. Vaccine mandate next.

  33. Ron

    The ultimate update on our viral issue, bar none – Sept 8th 2020 . Get educated guys and gals – or keep your head in the sand while your errant leaders destroy society around you..

  34. Jerry

    In other news, The “Scientific American” magazine endorsed Sleepy Joe Biden – their first such endorsement in 175 years. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

    Tells me all I need to know about the “Scientific American”.

  35. DavidCH1


    How do you change the profile pic? Or add details? I used DavidC then I noticed someone having the same name. That’s why I wanted to log in.

  36. Rudolph Harrier

    They are starting to push the line that masks may be more effective than vaccines!

    I’m sure that they are just doing that because President Trump has been pro-vaccine and hence they need to find a way to be anti-vax.

    But I wonder if this is going to be the thing that pushes the narrative too far. The public has largely accepted the mandates because they’ve been (in theory) temporary. Of course, the goalposts continually shift so mandates that were supposed to have expired are still with us. But I think this has only worked since there is always something in the future for the public to look forward to and say “once we do this, it will all be over.”

    Vaccines have been that goal for a while. Without the promise of vaccines, there’s no way that the transition form “we need to slow the spread so that hospitals don’t get overrun” to the current situation would have been impossible. If they simply say that masks are even better than vaccines without putting anything else to replace vaccines as a way to end things for good, then it’s easy for even the dullest onlooker to realize that masks are here literally forever.

  37. DavidCH1

    NZ Doctor on PCR testing and Vaccines

    -PCR testing only tests for genetic material, not for a virus. Dead or alive, its detected basically
    -It’s only for diagnostic, not for confirming whether you have the illness or not
    -Fastest vaccine to be approved took 4 years
    -Vaccines do not protect the vulnerable, the elderly and infirm.

  38. DAV

    “Vaccines do not protect the vulnerable, the elderly and infirm.”

    So why do doctors push flu shots?
    Walmart was giving them for free last year.


    Getting a flu vaccine during 2020-2021 is more important than ever because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Flu vaccination is especially important for adults 65 years and older, who account for most hospitalizations and deaths from flu and from COVID-19.


  39. I know for a fact that flu shots do protect the vulnerable, the elderly and the infirm. What they don’t do is protect 100%. Main thing a flu shot does is make any flu you really get exposed to be less of an issue, whether from outright immunity or making the immune system able to mount a response quicker. Even more so, it reduces the probability of you getting a secondary bacterial pneumonia from the influenza, where that is the more deadly situation. That said, influenza is not the only way to get a bacterial pneumonia; thus the pneumovax, too.

  40. John B()

    NZ Doctor

    If he’s discussing the failure of the 2017/2018 flu season, less than 40% (37%?) of the USA was vaccinated

    If he’s talking about side effects, that’s true about every medication the elderly take
    (I’ve known people who take drugs to counteract other drugs they take)
    My wife had an injection site reaction back in the day so she counts on me and my daughter to have our flu shot (remember herd immunity?)

    Kind of disappointing claim – I guess I’d have to see the video

  41. DavidCH1

    Sorry, you are right. I rushed to make a conclusion. Damnit I must have been excited.

    It says,
    Among 45-75 vaccines provide no mortality benefits beyond natural immunization acquired.

    Then the actual conclusion is that vaccines would provide lower mortality rates until immunization occurs. There are people saying that natural immunization is better and more reliable compared to vaccine acquired immunization, but overall her claim does taint the video.

    The main issue is forced immunization and it’ll take years to create a safe vaccine.

  42. DavidCH1

    Quotes from the study:
    -“Our findings indicate that the mortality benefits of influenza vaccination may be substantially less than previously thought but for different reasons among different age groups.”
    -“Unlike among the younger elderly, influenza-related
    mortality among the very elderly did not increase markedly during or immediately after the 1968-1969 pandemic, probably because of persistent immunity acquired through exposure to influenza A(H3) viruses thatcirculated before 1892”
    -“If vaccination reduces influenza-related mortality by 70% to 80%, then the 50-percentage-point increase in vaccination coverage among the elderly after 1980 should have reduced both excess P&I and excess all-cause mortality by about 35% to 40%. We found no evidence to indicate that such a reduction had occurred in excess P&I or excess all-cause mortality in any elderly age group (Table 2).

    Another sentence says that observational studies overstate the mortality benefits of the vaccine.

    Yes, so for 45-75 it can be effective, but for the very elderly the efficacy of the vaccine possibly falls off rapidly.

    Since for covid its not deadly for people under 65, the effectiveness of the vaccine cannot be high.

  43. Hugh Martin

    Yes the deaths are miniscule so what , the elephant in the room are those
    individuals ( roughly 10 to 15% of cases as I understand it ) who become seriously
    ill . Why , well because a significant percentage ( size unknown to me ) remain
    permanently damaged after their illness ( strokes , kidney failure etc ) .
    So apart from having an absolutely dreadful experience while ill they
    then go on to live a life of disability and most likely shortened life expectancy .

    Say this aloud and slowly to yourself …… ”I have no clue how many millions
    of my fellow Americans will be permanently damaged by this disease ” .
    Now say it again but louder .

    Disclosure …. I am a 72 yr old man who believes strongly in free markets ,
    free speech , lives in Melbourne/Australia and arguably does not have
    quite enough respect for individual freedoms during a pandemic .

  44. Briggs


    Thanks for writing. It is of course a fallacy to start from “I have no clue how many millions of my fellow Americans will be permanently damaged by this disease”, no matter how loudly said, to “It will be awful for millions.”

    It could just as well be fine for millions. As it appears to be.

    Plus, don’t forget that the sequelae to this are not dissimilar to flu. Which we never lock down for, nor should. This is not the first disease to cause effects.

  45. Kneel

    “…lives in Melbourne/Australia …”

    Have they changed the rules for releasing you from lockdown yet?
    Last I heard, Dear Leader Dan Xi of Viktoriastan was requiring less than zero “cases” of “community transmission” before he would let you out at night at all, and let you out during the day for more than 1 hour.
    Not a typo – “less than zero”. Dan the all wise, saving you from yourself.
    Oh, around 600 attributed deaths from a population of how many millions? 4M just in Melbourne, yeah? And most of those because of the Cuomo-style “send them to nursing homes” strategy and refusing the armies help and relying on private security firms with no training, who had sex with “cases”, then went to guard someone/something else.
    But it’s worse than that – they can now “detain” you indefinately if they have “reasonable grounds” to believe you might not follow their orders to stay inside at home after you test positive, even where you are asymptomatic. So it’s not just pregnant women sitting down to rest and people posting to facebook about wearing masks and social distancing for a protest they want to organise that get nabbed. Now you don’t actually have to do anything – they just need “reasonable grounds” to “presume” you will “break quarantine”.

    For US readers, the current Vic Gov is “progressive” – surprised? No, thought not.

  46. Hugh Martin

    ”Have they changed the rules for releasing you from lockdown yet?”

    Our situation ….
    – 2 hrs exercise away from home per day allowed .
    – care visits to those in need allowed
    – Masks required when away from home
    – All businesses closed except those defined as essential
    – Social gatherings and protests not allowed except apparently BLM ( snort )
    – travel more than 5km away from home not allowed and only for exercise
    or to buy food .

    New draconian laws introduced
    – police can now detain ( arrest ) on the likelyhood ( not evidence ) that you may
    endanger the public
    – very severe fines may be imposed ( $4900 )
    – restrictions on social media activity
    – New laws restricting freedom of speech , including ”conspiracy theories ” .
    Yes that last one ”conspiracy theories ” reeeeeeelly gets up my nose .

    If I hear of a new protest I will be there . Not all that bothered by the lockdown rules
    but that attack on freedom of speech cannot pass . If I attend it will be without
    any identification at all because I refuse to play this game .


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