Biden Cancels Debates — — Soon

Biden Cancels Debates — — Soon

Wait a second. “Biden Cancels Debates” won’t be the headline. Instead, it will be “Biden’s Forced To Cancel Debate Amidst Corondoom Fears.”

Or “Credible Security Threats Forces Debates Cancellation”.

Or “Citing Trump’s Inherent Dishonesty, Democrats Recommend Biden Bow Out”.

Maybe, “Debates Move On-Line”.

One of these, or something similar, will appear maybe this week, but likely in two, closer to the scheduled debates.

Biden will appear to go down swinging. They’ll let us hear how anxious he is to do the debates so that he can smear or cream or whip Trump, but because of X, they’re forcing him to stay in his mother’s basement.

At the end of June I predicted (this was not a difficult forecast):

My suspicion is that Biden won’t be allowed to face Trump in a debate. Biden’s dementia, or mental incapacity, is already obvious for all those who allow themselves to see it. Letting him go up against Trump in even one two-hour debate would force those who won’t see to acknowledge Biden’s limitations. Quietly, to themselves, of course.

Coronadoom might be their excuse, as Biden is still hiding in his mother’s basement [and he hasn’t left yet]. But the numbers just aren’t there to make this plausible, even though the media is trying their best. They might use coronadoom to modify the “debate”, by insisting on pre-recorded answers to softball media questions. Safety first!

They might say a debate is impossible because of Trump’s irredeemable “racism”, and so he is not deserving of respect…

Nothing has changed to modify this.

Now we all know the reason why they have to cancel live, in-person, technology-free debates. Biden is losing his grasp on Reality. He slurs his words, forgets where he is, forgets what he was about to say, even forgets who he is, at times. At this point, he might not even remember who he groped and who he didn’t.

He’s already been busted reading the teleprompter to answer questions from friendly propagandists. Incidentally, how do his handlers get answers up quickly enough? Voice to text software? Fast typists? Anyway, it’s clear the Ron Burgundy of politics will read anything showing on screen, even the bits that say “DO NOT READ THIS PART ALOUD”.

If he were forced to stand on a stage with Trump for two hours, the platform would have to be ringed with black-clad workers ready to shove Biden back to center stage whenever he begins to wander off.

That’s a joke, son, so laugh. But it is seriously serious that Biden would embarrass himself out of the election if he entered the ring with Trump. Further, everybody knows this.

There are only two unknowns, both of which will provide hours of fun. The first is the exact excuse they’ll use, and the second is how NPR listeners will attempt to square the circle.

Which Excuse

I mentioned all this elsewhere, and a fellow named Bogus Bones responded “The most popular excuse, at least on twitter, seems to be ‘Trump will constantly lie during a debate, why should we let a lying liar lie to people constantly in a debate'”.

That has legs, and belongs to the Orange Man Bad species of excuses. I don’t discount it, but it has the stink of finality about it.

My idea is they have to cancel debates while claiming not to have canceled them. They’ll try one of two things: (1) canned answers to prepared questions, which they’d even let Biden read on camera. They can do as many retakes as necessary. Or (2) they’ll say Biden will debate from his mother’s basement. He’ll use the teleprompter gag if so.

The second strikes me as less likely, because it’s obvious that many things can do wrong. Have you seen people trying to set up a PowerPoint presentation under pressure?

Some are suggesting President Kamala will be offered up instead of Biden, to show how ready she is and how womyn are empowered or whatever. But that is an open admission that Biden will let himself be replaced, and keeps the Biden-has-dementia angle wide open.

Stroking Out

While it’s fun to speculate about the excuse they’ll use, it will be pure pleasure watching Biden’s handlers and propagandists squirm like eels poked with sharp sticks. One handler’s strategy is to claim all questions that are difficult are beneath him. Look for more of that.

But by far, the most hilarity will come from NPR listeners, people who know Biden has floated over the edge, but who also know they aren’t allowed to admit it, even to themselves. To justify this paradox, they’ll pick out some obscure or arcane facet which they will, more adroitly than the most battle hardened conspiracy theorist, twist into an argument why Biden is ackshually the superior man.

In 2016 we had the Meme Wars. In 2020 we will see the left stroke out and eat their own dead.

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  1. Your crystal ball is clear more often than not, Matt! My money is on your prediction–unless they can find a way to swap Kamala Harris for Biden before the debates. That’s probably as likely.

    In the meantime, highly recommend The More You Joe’s C’mon Man! videos:

  2. jay retlew

    My prediction:
    The hosting university(ies) will declare, preferably hours to days before the scheduled date, that due to “rising” “cases” among the students, they can’t possibly provide a “safe” environment for the debates…
    Problem solved.

  3. Jerry

    I see Jay Retlew’s excuse as number one. Tried and true excuse.

  4. Ann Cherry

    Joe Biden, dim bulb that he is, was chosen by the DNC because he can be all things to all Dims.

    To the global mega-billionaires, he’s accessible, manageable, highly corruptible, and in full accord with them on China and so much more.

    To those “moderates” who’ve “always voted Democrat” he’ll float in on his little raft, white flag in view, and say all the right moderate things (Jobs! Healthcare!), basically adopting Trump’s platform as his own.

    To those commie pukes who make up the Sandy Cortez/Ilhan Omar/(fill in the blank), Bernie Sanders wing of the Dim party, which is rapidly becoming the whole cuckoo bird…..well, they know he’ll soon be gone, replaced by Heels-up Harris, who will be their happy standard-bearer, while checking the “woman of color” box (because they can’t say “colored woman” anymore).

    So as to the debates, how can they bend, flake, fold, and mutilate these events, so that SloJo will appear to be a “safe moderate” to those who still don’t know for whom they’re voting (they exist?). Unfortunately for SloJo, Trump is in his element during debates, speeches, and any other occasion where he isn’t filtered by “The Press”.

    On the other hand, what with “mail-in ballots” in our most populace and Dim states, “what difference, really, does it make” whether or not Trump faces an empty chair? No matter who wins, they’ll have Benghazi, further riots will ensue, and ultimately, they’ll get their police state, which was the plan all along. We live in opposite-world now, and “Defund the Police” is the opposite of what they want; they just want “the police” belong to them.

  5. Sheri

    If there are no debates, Joe hides in the basement and Kamala is never heard from yet they win, it is proven that you can indeed elect a turnip as president in the Idiot States of America.

  6. Pk

    Sheri I agree. There is no one in either party that can hold a candle to Trump. The Dems must be laughing at us as they run their Turnip for president. The strategy must be to run the worst candidate in history and steal the election. Am I missing something?

  7. Rudolph Harrier

    The only trouble I see for the democrats is that they not only have to cancel in person debates, but also online debates. Biden is barely coherent when drugged up for short periods of time and given prepared remarks on teleprompter or note cards. How will he be able to react to President Trump’s rejoinders in an online debate format, even if someone else is in the room feeding him the answers? Best case scenario there’s a long delay before all of his responses, which the president will call him on. And keep in mind that dementia is degenerative, so it’s only going to get worse.

    They can easily shut down physical debates due to nebulous “health concerns.” But what about online debates? They really can’t say that they aren’t feasible with how much telecommunication has been pushed recently. And there’s no conceivable health risk, so they can’t go that way either.

    I can see two possibilities:

    1.) They shamelessly reject the possibility of online debates without giving a reason. If pressed, they go into hysterics about how only the Trump campaign wants online debates and how we shouldn’t give into their demands. This is how Biden’s campaign manager has responded to basically any question even remotely hostile, so this is a real possibility. It also lines up with Pelosi’s recent rhetoric.

    2.) If they absolutely have to give a real reason for not doing online debates, they will probably have to attack telecommunication services as being insecure. And since many are insecure to some degree, they could get traction in doing this. “We can’t risk someone unauthorized accessing such an important event!” they will cry. But this comes at the cost of making their audience less trusting in such services, which in turn limits their ability to work from home and which forces more people back to work. So this would interfere with their other plans for a continued shutdown.

    1.) is the more likely route.

  8. Rudolph Harrier

    Or I suppose they could go route 3.):

    They agree to an online debate, but there are mysterious “technical difficulties” just before the debate which prevent video feed from coming through. So the debate is handled in a text-only format where we will be assured that Biden is entering the text. Later debates are canceled due to how badly the format of the first went.

    The only problem is that even Biden’s handlers have trouble answering question, since not only is Biden not mentally there, but he also has no campaign platform or coherent policies.

  9. Dennis

    This has been obvious for a while. In fact, I think protecting Biden form having to be on the campaign trail, micro-managing every appearance, and limiting anything not read form a teleprompter is a big reason the coronadoom farce continues. They need it as an excuse to protect Joe, who is clearly going more mentally incompetent by the day.

    There was an interesting report on 4chan a few days ago by someone purporting to be an ex-Biden campaign staffer about Biden’s use of dementia meds and incontinence (take the source with whatever skepticism you want, but it rings true, and 4chan has been right about much).

    Even Harris more or less spilled the beans on the real plan the other day when she made a statement about a “Harris administration, with the assistance of Biden” What kind of VP candidate speaks like that? Unless the plan is for Joe to either resign early on, or to be nothing more than a puppet from the get go, with Harris and others really calling the shots?

  10. What’s the old saying? “In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve.” (de Tocqueville?) Well, this is a republic, not a democracy and, what’s more, I don’t deserve Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and the useful idiots supporting them.

  11. Hun

    In 2016, there were rumors that Bill Clinton’s wife was critically ill, there were videos showing her unable to walk, or behaving strangely “out of it”, almost like possessed. Many were sure she has Parkinson’s, others though she may have had a stroke. Etc. etc. Today, none of that is relevant anymore. She is still her old “normal”, probably thinking about another run in 2024.

    In 2008, John McCain looked like a frail old man ready to croak. Yet, he was still around 2016 to try for presidency again…

    Joe Biden seems to be suffering from a serious cognitive decline. Or is he? I am wondering if this is real or just a meme. I have seen the videos, but then again, I have also seen videos of frail McCain and crazy Bill Clinton’s wife.

    It’s becoming difficult to be sure what is real (aside of the things I can confirm myself, in person).

  12. Brian (bulaoren)

    Biden will try to cancel debates… Well; Duh! Dementia Joe is not controlling the switches.
    Biden has always been a fair wind pimp, but at one time he had a functioning wind vane.
    Now, he’s a mere zombie.
    The Biden hand-off to dreadful Harris is now out in the open. A creepy “Sleep your way to the top” (See Willy Brown) prostitute pol, without public support, may take over the presidency?…!…
    Goodbye America

  13. Looking at the evidence and the correlation of forces objectively, one would be tempted to say there’s no way Biden and the Lao Donk can win…

    …on the other hand, remember that in July 1917, Lenin (according to Trotsky in Lenin: Notes for a Biographer) was hiding in a hayloft, expecting to be arrested and shot at any moment.

  14. My take is slightly different in the process even though I agree with most of the article and comments. I see his handlers attempting to change the rules of the debate is such a fashion that they know the Trump team would never accept. Probably topics in advance and in a certain order, limits on time for comments, ear pieces, etc. After they are rejected, some lame statement that the parties could not agree to the ground rules. However it is handled will be transparent but the Biden team probably feels that the mainstream press will provide some cover and that any protests or unfavorable comment from voters can be managed.

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