Theory Versus Reality: Black & Antifa Violence Versus The Threat Of White Supremacy

Theory Versus Reality: Black & Antifa Violence Versus The Threat Of White Supremacy

The distinguishing, even diagnostic, criterion that separates left from right is commitment to theory or to Reality. Theory is of the left, Reality of the right. The more someone believes in theory, the lefter they are. The more someone embraces Reality, the righter they are.

Take Equality, the theory that people are born equal but are everywhere in chains, that sameness of outcome would obtain if only its obstacles were removed, that we are blank slates and all our characteristics are learned.

Reality is the precise opposite of this. The reason the theory of Equality is false is simple enough. There has never, not anywhere, not for a moment, even in highly controlled circumstances, been any evidence for Equality. The man of the right concludes it therefore doesn’t and can’t exist. The man of the left says we haven’t tried hard enough.

Reality is driven by observation, theory is based on desire. Desire, though, is often stronger than observation. It’s not that theory-lovers do not see the same observations as Reality-lovers, but it’s that all observations are taken as proof the theory is true but not yet realized, because it is being held back by nefarious forces. Observations, while seeming to contradict theory, ackshually support it.

Now there are all kinds of niceties to this, to include definitions of theory, deductions made from Reality, what counts as observation, the differences between political and scientific theories, and so on. But we needn’t go into those here. The distinction—which I do not elevate to a theory in itself!—is plain and clearly has utility.

Coronadoom is the latest example. The mass panic and government tyranny began with theory, which is to say models, which were eagerly welcomed by our rulers—and even, sadly, by most people. Each time observation crept in, showing the virus was far less worse than theory insisted, new theories, i.e. new model projections, were issued to say “It’s Worse Than What You See”. The UK, for example, led by a “conservative”, is cracking down again based on these new theories, which are in direct contradiction to observation.

Theory is winning everywhere, politically. We have seen Black Lunatic Marauders sack, loot, and burn city and after city, and engage in widespread violence hand in hand with an army of perverts and malcontents calling themselves Antifa. There were so many of these observed horrors, propagandists had to counter with an attempt at theory. They put out a map of hundreds of incidents and, referring to it, said the sackings and violence were “mostly peaceful”.

This attempt at explaining away the observations was embedded in a larger theory that explained these incidents would have been completely peaceful if it were not for—and you saw this coming—white supremacists. To quote one of our leading propaganda organs: “White supremacy is ‘most lethal threat’ to the US, DHS draft assessment says“.

All observation says blacks and sick-in-the-head leftist whites are running amok, the leftist rulers in charge of cities and states under siege being too frightened of being called “racists”, or whatever, to stop the mobs. Theory insists these mobs are comprised of our finest people, and thus the observed violence must have been instigated, exacerbated, or caused by outside evil forces. And the only eligible group this could be are right whites.

Maybe we already forgot, but after the thug George Floyd overdosed in May, and Little Somalia began to burn, propagandists and government officials stated publicly the violence was caused by white supremacists. This wasn’t just gas lighting, though there was an element of that. Theory demanded it be true, therefore it was announced true.

The Deep State really is insisting, via the Department of Homeland Security (remember how that agency was created?), that the most “persistent and lethal threat”, indeed the “deadliest” threat, are white supremacists. According to our very own government:

We judge that ideologically-motivated lone offenders and small groups will pose the greatest terrorist threat to the Homeland through 2021, with white supremacist extremists presenting the most lethal threat.

It’s not that these government employees, in charge of your “security”, don’t see the black murders and thuggery and Antifa mayhem. To them, that violence doesn’t really count. It wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for “systemic racism” (another theory), and it can’t possibly be there in the future if “white supremacists” are eliminated, therefore it’s not really there.

Of course, it is also true that they don’t see black and Antifa violence as a threat to themselves. They do see the white right as the only possible challenge to their rule, and being timid themselves, they exaggerate the threat.

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  1. Michael Dowd

    Theory vs Reality. Thanks William for an easy way to distinguish between Liberals (psychotic) and Conservative (sane).

  2. Sheri

    We live in the Matrix. We have for decades….

    The theory “white supremacists caused it” clearly says blacks and liberals are MUCH LESS INTELLIGENT than the white supremacists. White supremacists are the STRONGEST, SMARTEST AND BEST PEOPLE on the planet and can win against anything. I hope that was the idea.

    Interesting thing about blaming other people: it clearly indicates that the speaker is weaker and stupider than whomever he/she/it blames. It is an admission of weakness and helplessness. Sometimes others are to blame, but doing nothing to stop them indicates weakness on the part of the speaker. Plus, blaming others makes you 100% OWNED by these people as you begin to believe they control your life. You become nothing. There’s a lot of that going around.

  3. Dean Ericson

    The entire white population of America is white supremacist. Every last man jack of ‘em. Even the goodwhites who riot with blacks are white supremacist racists. It’s inborn. The stain cannot be washed away, neither by diversity training struggle sessions, nor negro foot washing, nor adopting African babies, nor nothing. White privilege may be atoned for, temporarily, but it’s always there, in your hideous white bowels, lurking, stewing, rotting, just waiting for the chance to escape, to erupt in steaming geysers of heil hitlers and jackboots and pointy white hoods. This is why all whites, everywhere, must be suppressed, subjugated, enslaved, and ultimately destroyed. They are the enemy of all men.

    That’s the plain theory of the cabal of… Supremacists, running this shitshow. For surely they consider themselves to be morally supreme and worthy of running the entire world, by virtue of their spotless visions of utopia, their special ordainment by that… higher power, and of course their billions of dollars. And you’re in the way of their vision, you piece of white trash. Now, roll over and obey Master!

  4. Dean Ericson

    Sheri, the people at the top of the revolutionary cabal, who invented and are deploying the term “White Supremacy”, do not actually believe it. They deploy it as a weapon of war for its demoralizing effect on whites. The effect is to take a normal and healthy thing, a love of one’s own, and turn it into its opposite, a hatred for one’s own. The resulting demoralized society may be more easily conquered. It is a technique of psychological warfare.

  5. Kenan Meyer

    There is a reason why the left are by far the worst mass murderers in the history of mankind

  6. “Of course, it is also true that they don’t see black and Antifa violence as a threat to themselves. They do see the white right as the only possible challenge to their rule, and being timid themselves, they exaggerate the threat.”

    The threat is potential, but unrealized. When Civil War 2.0 kicks off in earnest next year, we’ll see the power of this fully operational pisstivity. Mountains of skulls, rivers of blood, and oceans of tears. CW2 will most likely have a death count similar to all of WWII, and will probably take a similar amount of time to resolve. (That’s 80 million dead over 6 years for those unfamiliar with history.) And it will be that low only if we win.

  7. jwm

    I posted this over at Fran Porretto’s site yesterday, but it is germane to this discussion as well. We are told repeatedly that white supremacy is the cause of black dysfunction. So what happens when there are no white supremacists to blame?
    I recently watched a documentary from the “Vice” channel entitled “The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia”. It is every bit as horrifying as the title implies. In one segment, the film makers visited West Point, which is one of the worst slums in Africa. Open sewers ran down the streets. The locals’ toilet of choice was the beach. I recall the sight of what could have been a beautiful stretch of coastline that was peppered with human feces. I doubt anyone could cross it without stepping into a pile.
    In the midst of this disgusting squalor they filmed an emaciated wretch of a woman, Her plaintive moan was, “Nobody will help us here”. My thought was, “Help you?” How much help do you need to dig a hole in the ground for an outhouse? How much help do you need to use a chamber pot, and bury your own shit? Apparently the locals could not grasp the technology.


  8. Sheri

    Dean: I’m not sure how many of those discussing “white supremacy” actually believe it. Those at the top probably do not, but those forced to proclaim their belief do not believe either. I guess “white supremacy” is a way to demoralize, but I’m sure there are other better ways. Attacking a MAJORITY is aways risky. The demoralizing has to come first. Actually, what pulls us down is affluence. Rich people are often stupid and privileged and start to gain control. Poverty does the same thing. I’m not sure one can fix this—only God can fix humans and this is part and parcel of what humans are. (If you believe there is no God, then it cannot be fixed in any way. It is what it is.) It repeats throughout history, as a small group grows into an empire and the empire’s power and wealth destroy it.

    McChuck: I think I’ll mark a copy of this for future reference. You are committing the biggest sin of all for “prophecy”, that being way, way too specific and designating the start time of the prophecy. Don’t quit your day job.

  9. I get what McChuck is saying. The “Civil War” hot phase was just that. A hot phase in a war that started decades before the shooting started. America’s counter-revolution began, in earnest, after most of the founding generation was dead, in the 1820s. The “communists” are just the extension of that from the 1840s through today. As said earlier, the long march has been mostly done, as far as the tyrannical left is concerned (and tyrannies are always left). My political spectrum goes from no individual liberty to maximum individual liberty, which is bounded by rules that come from God. Those on the right want maximum individual liberty under God. Equality under God and before His law is the only equality man has. We are born equal in the eyes of God. We are equal in His judgment for our own actions. We can have no relationship with Him without His only Begotten Son, who paid the price for Adam’s, and thus our, sin by rejecting God. That we are all individuals mean that we are similar, but not equal.

  10. c matt

    Black and Antifa riots can’t be a threat to the USG – the USG is the one supporting them. The USG can stop them at any time, therefore they are not a threat.

    Now, they are a threat to normal American citizens, but none of these agencies exist to protect such persons; they exist to protect the USG.

  11. Sheri

    Speaking of theory over reality, just saw another **** Biden commercial with a horrible person pimping out her children and lying about Trump and Biden, saying they would lose their health care. If they haven’t lost it in the last three years, the woman’s a damn liar (Dems never let that stop them) and her kids will only be better off if she simply drops dead and they get a REAL parent. What horrible, horrible creatures these are. That’s the reality here.

  12. C-Marie

    ?With all that is going on in our country, I have taken the time, due to one of my seven sisters’ recommendation to watch the PBS Reconstruction videos on Youtube, to find out much more thoroughly, the plight of the black citizens here in the United States.
    Much has nearly,shocked me.

    Having been raised with no prejudice towards people of other colours, am white, having gone to a Catholic Academy where there was a predominance of white students, but students of all other colours were welcomed, somehow, I overall had the presumption that our government had worked continuously for the helps of the former slaves. I graduated from high school, in 1961, just one hundred years after the start of the Civil War.

    Doing an indepth study, using the resources of the internet, I was surprised over and over again, at the so much lack of helping the former slaves. I also read what the “rules” of Jim Crow were. I remember Secretary Carson a sad look, just shaking his head, maybe a year ago, when someone asked him about the time of Jim Crow. Then, I only knew that it was some kind of racism, but I had no idea that which it encompassed.

    Below are some sites if anyone is interested.
    Yes, PBS can be very biased, but these youtube videos are amazingly unbiased, until the fourth part when Booker T. Washington is rather quickly introduced and then passed by. Maybe posted these before, but truly they fit this discussion.

    PBS videos on RECONSTRUCTION (after ?the Civil War)
    Parts 1 and 2

    Parts 3 and 4.

    Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington … available at
    Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe … available at

    All about Jim Crow …

    Also see the following which depict just some of the waiting time that black people in the U.S. have spent, awaiting the fullness of the use of citizenship in the U.S. And still, schools had to be fairly desegregated.
    Democrat President Truman signs in 1948, desegregation of U.S.Armed Forces .
    (see picture below with info . much more was covered)
    ? . July 1948
    Made by Democrat President Truman … fully enforced by Republican President Eisenhower …
    Signed by Republican President Eisenhower .
    Democrat President Johnson . the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act .
    Republcan and Democrat many move in humanity . much moves to gain political power and votes .

    God bless, C-Marie

  13. DAV

    If you’re interested in DNC history you should see “Hillary’s America” available from Amazon Prime.

  14. Sheri

    Kind of a late comment, but I see Tinkerbell is now black. That’s called “living in theory” to the max. What a horrible bunch of people destroying the societies of the world. I hope they enjoy Hell.

  15. Joy

    There’s only one Tinkerbell anything else is bad casting.
    She’s white and blonde with a green? costume.
    Given to mischief and fiercely loyal to Peter. She won’t take kindly to being misrepresented.
    Hell hath no fury like Tinkerbell scorned.

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