Coronavirus Update XXXII — Melbourne: The Guntowers Are There For Your Protection. UK’s Re-Panic, USA Deaths, More!

Coronavirus Update XXXII — Melbourne: The Guntowers Are There For Your Protection. UK’s Re-Panic, USA Deaths, More!

We have reached the point most authorities are pretending to forget the difference between infections, “cases”, and deaths. Deaths have dropped to bottom levels, but because of huge increases in testing, positive tests are up, causing new panic. The hunger to lock back down is great.

It’s A Crime To Maybe Be Sick

The state of Victoria is and has been run by progressives (i.e. “labour”) for some time. Its government has moved to the concentration-camp phase of its “battle” against a typical, not-at-all-unexpected-or-unusual disease.

Before we detail this and answer why, here is state of the coronadoom crisis in all Australia (I took this snapshot from Google Saturday night).

There is no crisis in Australia. None at all. There is no crisis in Victoria, either. About a quarter of all Australians live in the state, so assuming the deaths are more or less uniform, coronadoom attributed deaths in Victoria are about 1 to 2 a day—with considerable variability, of course.

According to one source from 2019, all Australia saw an average 3.3 traffic deaths a day. So coronadoom is roughly on par with driving. Funnily enough, driving has not been outlawed.

Here are details of the COVID camps from one news source:

The Victorian government will debate a new bill in the State Parliament this week which would hand authorities the power to forcibly detain “conspiracy theorists” and people suspected to likely spread coronavirus, such as anti-lockdown protesters and their close contacts.

If passed, the Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill will allow the state to detain anyone they suspect of being “high risk” or likely to negligently spread COVID-19, either if they have the virus or have been in contact with an infected person.

According to The Age, a state government spokesman said the rule could be applied to “conspiracy theorists who refuse to self-isolate or severely drug-affected or mentally impaired people who do not have the capacity to quarantine.”

Those detained could then be placed in quarantine facilities, such as hotels, where they can be monitored by authorities.

I wonder if people who show actual data might be labeled “conspiracy theorists”. The data imply government is not needed, and this is a hateful message. Not only to those in charge, but to, it must be admitted, the majority of the population.

It’s not only these COVID camps, but the government is also creating an army of State Truth And Secrets Inspectors, or STASI. This new internal security forces corps “would allow people to be detained indefinitely and give sweeping powers to untrained people to become ‘authorised officers’ with sweeping powers to arrest and detain fellow Victorians.”

The best news, for those most terrified of the non-crisis, is that “Once detained you have no rights under law and can be detained for an indefinite period”. Also, “There is no provision whatsoever for a review of the detention.”

These harsh actions will keep the terrified safe from infection, or so the terrified believe, so the costs will be worth it. To them.

One more data point, this time form New York. Here is the state of the coronadoom crisis in NY state.

About 95% of people now wear masks outdoors in NYC, many even while jogging or far from any people. Most are more terrified now of the long-past crisis then they were during the actual crisis (when mask wearing was maybe a third or less).

Showing pictures like the above to the terrified does not bring them relief. Indeed, the only emotion they are likely to show is anger. At you. For showing them that their fear has no justification.

Like Melbourne, New York City is a progressive enclave. The citizens elect progressives to watch over themselves. The elected politicians promise to keep them safe from disease (and deny other threats, like riots). The people believe.

The citizens in these cities search for authority, as is proper, but since they value their own skin above all other things, they turn to false gods. All that matters is staying alive, never mind the quality, until such time as they tire of life, upon which they declare a “right” to death.

Did you notice that the people calling for the most punitive restrictions are strongest in support of this “right”? They haven’t been cackling about it at the moment, true, but the observation holds.

The Tongue Shakespeare Spake

Been a while since we did England, but given the UK is experiencing a second wave of freaking out, it’s time for a revisit.

That graph is criminal. But it was taken seriously. That’s how bad things have become.

Neil Ferguson is being trotted again. He is one man who proves you can’t be fired for being wrong in the right direction.

Headline: England-wide Covid lockdown needed ‘sooner rather than later’, says former adviser.

Prof Neil Ferguson, who resigned from the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said the country was facing a “perfect storm” after controls were eased over summer.

On Friday, Boris Johnson admitted in a speech that Britain was entering a second wave of coronavirus. It is understood he is preparing to impose nationwide measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.


Here is the true state of the coronadoom crisis in England, from their own official ONS.

Interestingly, the ONS says somewhere between 51 and 54 thousand attributed COVID deaths as of 4 September (they have various ways of counting). But I see World Meter and others have 10 thousand fewer than this, as of 20 September. Hilarious, and proof much of what you see in nonsense.

Anyway, do you see the second wave there? Maybe a wee blip at the end? No? It has to be!
Their Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) prepared COVID-19 the new death forecasts. The media reported a “leak” on 29 August 2020 saying that as many as 85,000 additional people could die in a “second wave” through the fall of 2020 and winter 2021.

In other words, there will be an 60%+ increase of deaths in the second wave. I mean, the bump you see above will be repeated and magnified by 1.6+! Wow! Models says so! Ferguson says so.

Sigh again.

What they’re seeing in the UK is the same thing we’re seeing in the USA. Massive, humongous increases in testing.

Here are the DAILY number of tests made available across all of UK (and not just England and Wales, but the signals and shape there are the same; from this official source, summing across all “pillars”; last date available is 20 August, so ignore drop off at end).

There’s a max of 338,212—with the numbers only going up, Up, UP! Again, ignore the drop off at end; they’ve only released data through 20 August so far.

The second wave is a wave of testing! They’re seeing old and new infections, mostly asymptomatic, and so on, just like in the analysis of the USA below. Their first clue that this is so is the falling and disappearing coronadoom-attributed deaths. This should have been their last clue, too.

Worse—much, much worse—is that all this should be obvious to England’s decision makers. They must know what we know. But they choose to ignore it and go by the same failed models that led to all their troubles in the first place. The Deadly Sin of Reification has turned deadly in fact.

Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, was interviewed recently again. We only need this excerpt.

As Tegnell has just told Spectator TV:

“We looked at the [Imperial] model and we could see that the variables put into the model were quite extreme.. Why did they choose variables that gave extreme results? So we were always quite doubtful. We did some work on our own that pointed in quite a different direction. In the end, it proved that our prognosis was much closer to the real situation. Probably because we used data that was coming from the actual situation, and not from some kind of theoretical model.”

Andrew asked Tegnell if he’s saying of the Imperial model: rubbish in, rubbish out. He replied

Whenever you mention Sweden to coronadoom fanatic they change the subject. Same with Japan, or Taiwan, or South Dakota, or North Dakota, or etc. etc.

Jay Bhattacharya, the director of Stanford’s Program on Medical Outcomes as well as the director of the school’s Center on the Demography and Economics of Health and Aging, was interviewed.

The professor said the global community largely abandoned the playbooks followed during earlier pandemics, instead “jump[ing] to a global lockdown.”…

“We essentially, in effect, exposed people who were at high risk in nursing homes, in assisted care facilities, elderly populations,” Bhattacharya said. “We essentially, in the early days of the epidemic, did the inverse of the right policy.”

“We quarantined the healthy, and we exposed the sick,” he added.

This is the same policy England, and now other countries, hit upon again.


We have more entries in the most idiotic response to coronadoom. Why Speaking English May Spread More Coronavirus Than Some Other Languages. In their “study”, they even admit not getting wee p-values, but say they could have been, or whatever.

We’ve all seen this headline by now: Emails Reveal Nashville Mayor’s Office Colluded with Metro Health to Hide Actual COVID Numbers from Citizens-Business Owners because They Were So Low!

Remember back when it was a “conspiracy theory” to suggest prog rulers were making it painful on purpose for political reasons? Good days, good days.

Argentinians have been under house arrest for five and a half months (thanks to BAP for reminding us): Coronavirus: Argentina’s never-ending quarantine. “People across Argentina have begun speaking of “quaranternity” while enduring the world’s longest lockdown.”

Has it helped? Nope. Deaths (shape) there look like any Southern Hemisphere country. But it doesn’t matter. Its government—many governments—have discovered newfound powers, which populations begged them to have.

Don’t think so? Here are Michigan “experts” last week arguing that everybody should remain in their homes. Because coronadoom? No, because of Eastern equine encephalitis, which was found in some horses.

“MDHHS continues to encourage local officials in the affected counties to consider postponing, rescheduling or canceling outdoor activities occurring at or after dusk, particularly those involving children, to reduce the potential for people to be bitten by mosquitoes,” said Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive and chief deputy for health at the MDHHS, in a statement, according to USA Today.

We haven’t reached the level of hersteria in Michigan where enough are panicked about this. But it only takes a signature from the Governor to create an uncontestable “state of emergency”. It’s for your own good.


The CDC, as of Sunday night, had just over 184 thousand attributed official coronadoom deaths. The media (Google etc.) had over 202 thousand. As I have told you from the beginning, medical data is always a mess, but the media was always higher than CDC. Golly.

Sources: daily tests, CDC official toll number one, number two (CDC has two official sources that have differences). The media reports are always greater than CDC numbers. Yes, these are the sources, which is why I call them “sources”, for the data. The other is the Goolge: type [LOCATION] coronavirus deaths. So when you email or comment asking for the sources, here they are.

Here’s the worst news of the week. Daily coronadoom tests:

There were over ONE MILLION TESTS last Friday. Tests, and I’m sick of saying this, reveal old and new infections, even no infections, even other coronavirus infections, and are not necessarily indicative of any open disease. Positive tests are not cases. Cases are active infections in people needing treatment. Positive tests aren’t even all infections.

That nobody gets this right, even the people in charge of getting it right, the same people who know the right answer, is telling.

Here are the official attributed deaths from the CDC, which of course include all deaths with, and not necessarily from, coronadoom. Or, that is to say, with positive tests.

This is hopeful, because even with the massive increase in testing, death attributions are still on the way down. Way down. But if you look close, you can see the inflection where the testing re-increased and the slope of the death attributions nudged up.

Here are the official CDC all-cause deaths. As always, last three weeks are dots, it takes up to eight weeks to get all counts, but most are in by three.

Dashed line is all cause minus attributed coronadoom.

Nothing to change the interpretation from last week. We’re at the year’s low. We still need wait another 7-8 weeks to get a full picture.

This year will likely be a low flu-death year, because many most susceptible have already succumbed. But I repeat my fear that they might class flu and other respiratory deaths this fall and winter as coronadoom to keep the “crisis” going.

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  1. Mike H

    Are the propaganda walls starting to crack in these USA? A spokesman for one of the nation’s leading banks admits what everyone knows (but has been intimidated by the media into not saying), which is that the increase in the number of “cases” is directly attributable to the increase in the number of tests.

  2. Sheri

    Let’s make a test for people exposed to flu and any other disease we can manufacture a test for. Then publish the results as “cases” as more and more are tested. Should cause the progressive heads to explode, thus removing most of the problem. Plus, it removes the stupid, the hopeless and the forever losers from the gene pool.

    You should have seen this coming when 8 measles cases were an “OUTBREAK”. Same for whooping cough. It worked to terrify the stupid into believing we were all going to die. I doubt it increased vaccinations like it was hoped, but hey, terrifying the stupid is an okay outcome if you’re a dictatorial human-hating progressive.

    Science is dead. One should laugh anytime they hear “the science says…….” and tell the speaker what their personal psychic said last week, since psychics are now far more accurate than science. “The science says…..” is a JOKE and should be laughed at.

    As far as Australia and England and their hateful, horrible dictatorships–it’s what the residents PLEADED for in their crybaby “mommy government will take care of us” way of running their country. I don’t care that they are now under evil dictators. It’s what they wanted and they should be thanking fate for it being delivered so quickly and completely.

    Americans want a “mommy” government, and Crazy Joe wearing a mask (which appears to be put on wrong side out) in his basement while running for highest office in the land seems to indicate that’s where we are heading. Here’s hoping Americans get what they, too, pleaded for: locked-down, depressed, starving and knowing “mommy government” will fix this, hopefully before they starve to death or are killed in a driveby shooting.

  3. Michael Dowd

    There’s been 180 degree reversal since the days of Patrick Henry. Loss of common sense comes with loss of belief in God.

  4. This is how democracy and the Republic die. The sheeple demand an all powerful state to protect them from the fear the all powerful state created out of nothing.

    Every. Single. Time.

  5. DavidCH1


    It’s so frustrating, there’s no word for it. I’m dreading this winter, because I don’t know what they’ll do with the flu season. Its hard to look at the picture of that Australian dictator Daniel Andrews. He looks like a smart, healthy, normal human being, but is acting like a monster!

    That graph of all-deaths seem a bit higher than last year, but can be explained by lockdown deaths.

    When will this lunacy end? Will it ever end?

  6. Ganderson

    No sign of the lunacy ending in New England.

  7. Gail Finke

    People become angry when you show them the graphs because, in my experience, they conclude that wearing masks is what caused the decrease and here you are wanting people to stop wearing them. They do not tend to conclude that the deaths were decreasing steadily and wearing masks does nothing. Now, this is an understandable (but wrong) conclusion… from people who have never looked at the facts. The people pushing this have no such excuse, and however cynical they say they are, most people really do trust “experts” to be telling them the truth. So they look at the diagram and the “experts,” and decide that WE are the ones telling lies.

  8. “But I repeat my fear that they might class flu and other respiratory deaths this fall and winter as coronadoom to keep the “crisis” going.”

    This may be the first “pandemic” in history whose severity is determined by political issues. The results of our elections in November will be the main factor to determine the “crisis” level of the “pandemic.”

    Has there ever been another pandemic bug that relied on an election to determine who/how/when/if to continue its ravages?

  9. Dean Ericson

    ”But I repeat my fear that they might class flu and other respiratory deaths this fall and winter as coronadoom to keep the “crisis” going.”

    Yep. Or maybe release the new, improved Coronadoom 2.0 – it’s got electrolytes – from Wuhan Labs. Only way to defeat it is for everyone to wear women’s underwear on their heads and walk backwards while doing the funky chicken. Picture the videos. This virus business has sure shown up the global warmdoomers for the bumbling amateurs they are. Team Coronadoom has managed, in a single play, to spike the turd in the end zone — something Team Warmdoom never managed in twenty years of taking the field.

    A bit surprising to see the Aussies succumbing to totalitarian lunacy so easily. As inheritors of Magna Carta and the inherent rights of Englishmen and Crocodile Dundee he-man bravado one might have expected them not to wilt like pusillanimous pink pussie pansies. Same goes for us. Buck up, me hearties!

  10. awildgoose

    Normal flu season is almost here.

    Get ready for insane levels of pro-flu Vax propaganda.

    Get ready for at least half a dozen employers that force employees to choose the jab or unemployment.

    Get ready for at least one case of vax at gunpoint.

    Remember – in the USSA disease is a crime!

  11. Dean Ericson

    Kent, ”Has there ever been another pandemic bug that relied on an election to determine who/how/when/if to continue its ravages?”

    Fascinating website chronicling the 1918-1919 Spanish flu pandemic. Reading accounts of the experiences of various American cities dealing with the crisis, you see the usual conflicting ideas of what to do, but no clear-cut ideological or political divide. Especially notable how decision making was all on local level; city and county with some state level advice. No national mandates.

    The obviously political nature of the current pandemic should have anyone, right or left, scratching their heads. But it never seems to occur to Lefty. A neighbor, seeing me unmasked, asks, where’s your mask? I say I’m not wearing one because… — his eyes bug out and he bellows, “you’re a Trumpista! horrified, like he’s within spitting distance of a leper. Weird days, weird people.

  12. Rudolph Harrier

    From a tweet in response to that “doubling” graph:

    “basically this graph shows what happens if people do not Socially distance. Wear a mask. Wash their hands. Pretty basic stuff really not difficult to understand.”

    This is a perfect example of how most people process outrageous claims. They will recognize that they are outrageous, but then immediately find some way to rationalize them in a way which furthers their agenda. Even in cases like this where the chart itself does not call itself any sort of prediction, much less a condition specifically about what happens when people don’t wear masks.

    Back when that “98% of all Catholic women regularly use contraceptives” statistic was popular, I spent a lot of time debunking it and showing why it did not show anything remotely like that conclusion (for the record, the number was obtained by taking the number of women who self-identified as Catholic in a study of women who were sexually active and trying to avoid prengancy, and subtracting the number that used natural family planning. While restricting to that population obviously creates issues in discussing “all Catholic women” an even bigger problem was that women who explicitly used no form of contraception whatsoever were included in the 98%). But I found that it really did not matter how thoroughly I debunked every aspect of the statistic. People would always say something like “oh, but if it’s what Catholic women are doing now, it must be how likely it is for a Catholic women to use contraception at least once during her life.” They would say that even in response to direct evidence about what the statistic was measuring, and how it was most certainly not that.

    This current “doubling” chart proves that you could just draw a graph free hand and say “this isn’t based off anything but imagine if it were accurate” and people would still find ways to justify your data.

  13. Nate

    Are we seriously at Update #32. This hersteria has gone on too long.

  14. Dennis

    Yes they will label many ordinary flu cases this fall as Covid, most without test confirmation. and this will again be used as more “evidence” to keep insane restrictions on life in place. It’s all a scam, and apparently the majority of people are too stupid or too ignorant to care.

    ” And why is it that the fear of death was a fairly recent phenomenon, unknown or little known before the 19th century? Did people fear death only since they had ceased to believe in God?”
    – Henry de Montherlant, “Chaos and Night”

    When most people are materialists by default, and think we are just globs of random molecules that accidentally coalesced in an indifferent universe, then anything that seems to threaten existence, however small the actual risk and irrational the fear, will cause people to do anything at all, however pointless, to cling to bare life and convince themselves they are being “humanitarian” in their actions.

  15. DAV

    The media reports are always greater than CDC numbers

    FWIW: the reports of 200,000 deaths matches the CDC number in source #2. It’s the sum of weekly pneumonia (191,838) and influenza deaths (8495) for 2020 (comes to 200,333) as if all pneumonia deaths were influenza caused and COVID is the only influenza strain.

  16. Jimbo

    One reason that might help explain the recent uptick in daily tests is that many schools, as a condition of participating in “in-person” instruction are now requiring weekly tests of all students on campus regardless of symptoms. I know this for a fact at the post-secondary level (where all the students are over 18), but it may also be true at the K-12 levels as well. If so, and if national in practice, this could help account for the recent increase in testing.

  17. Fredo

    Dr. David Martin discusses the irrefutable paper trail that shows C0R0NAVlRUS was manipulated by DARPA, the NIH and Chinese Labs. Nothing in this report is “theory”, it is all documented fact

  18. jwm

    I’ve noticed a not-too-subtle ramping up of the mask fetish as part of “the new normal” that we all must celebrate. Have you all noticed how many ads appearing in both print and electronic media now feature maskatroons happily going about their lives behind the veil? Mom and kids all muzzled up. Politicians all muzzled up. Celebrities all muzzled up, same as it ever was. Soon we’ll be told that masking has been going on for years, and only racists refused to comply.


  19. Dennis

    JWM: I find the ad stuff quite horrifying. The extent to which an industry already predicated on both overt and subliminal manipulation of peoples’ minds, desires, worldview, etc. has pivoted to presenting everyone in their ads with masks, and treating it as something fun and fashionable to show “we’re all in this together,” is just sickening and quite damaging to society.

    Something that was supposedly a health temporary measure (though in fact adopted too late in most places to have even a marginal real benefit if it could be proven masks actually worked at all) is now treated as a fashion accessory to be just a never-ending part of “the new normal.” Non serviam.

  20. Dennis

    Fredo: Yes, lost of bizarre evidence of long-term “coronavirus research” on vaccines, patents, etc., that belies the Narrative that this was just a random “novel” virus that came from a bat in a wet market. Plandemic 2 had a lot of background info on this.

  21. Stolas

    On a positive note: legal resistance to the coronadoom nightmare mounts up.
    A jury-requesting trial has been filed in Ohio by Attorney Thomas Renz. See at about 20 min into the video below on his planning to do DISCOVERY this week.
    If the trial is to be public, that’ll be the day!

  22. BGC

    Let’s be clear – this is not stupidity, nor is it insanity – it is evil.

    This world is ruled by Satan and his demons, the demonically posessed and the willing servants of evil – plus an army of dupes. They had staged a silent coup by the start of 2020.

    The top level purpose and motivation behind global and national policies are evil. They know what they are doing, and they are doing it very effectively.

    And the reason why the masses are gullible, incoherent and pathologically-obedient – is that they are, overwhelmingly, God-rejecting collaborators with the demonic agenda.

  23. Rudolph Harrier

    Local news is still pounding the drum about how having open schools is going to kill all of our children, though lately their ire is mainly directed at Iowa.

    If we take compare the number of “attributed deaths” for COVID-19 in ages 0-29 for MN (where I have the best data) to the number of “cases” in that age range, we get a ratio of about .02%. That is, about 1 in 5,000. If we drop out the 20-29 age range, it becomes literally 1 in 14,904 (as in, we’ve only had 1 death in that age range) or about .008%. And of course there’s always the issue of “asymptotic carriers” and falsely attributed deaths, which can push the true death rates even lower. Majority of deaths are still in the 80+ range, but don’t let little Timmy go to elementary school or he’s a goner.

  24. Dennis

    Rudolph: I saw a report a week or two ago (don’t know if it’s changed any now) that despite mass testing (mostly asymptomatic), and thousands of positive tests, not a single college student has even been hospitalized for Covid (never mind died). Elementary and high school students are in an even lower risk group.

    No sound reason for schools not be open and conducting in-person classes like normal. All politically driven to keep the fear going and keep up the notion that we are in the midst of a grave civilizational crisis (we are actually, but not because of the virus itself)…at least until the election.

  25. Dean Ericson

    BGC, that was so good let’s read it again:

    ” Let’s be clear – this is not stupidity, nor is it insanity – it is evil.

    This world is ruled by Satan and his demons, the demonically posessed and the willing servants of evil – plus an army of dupes. They had staged a silent coup by the start of 2020.

    The top level purpose and motivation behind global and national policies are evil. They know what they are doing, and they are doing it very effectively.

    And the reason why the masses are gullible, incoherent and pathologically-obedient – is that they are, overwhelmingly, God-rejecting collaborators with the demonic agenda.”

  26. jwm

    Those who impose these mandates are not scientists, or doctors, or experts in anything. They are politicians, who have no better access to the truth than anyone with an internet connection. How many of them read this site or anyone else in the blogosphere? They are the glorified editions of the snippy “Karens” who covet the power that being on the HOA grants them. These are the folks who delight in the power to force you to change the color of your drapes, or punish you for a bicycle in the front yard. Now, informed by MSNBC, & CNN, et al, they have just enough information that wearing a mask seems like a good idea. How could they possibly resist compelling the unenlightened to go along? Those who won’t comply? Well, we can easily let them know who’s boss. After all, it’s for their own good, right?

    This old family story came to mind:
    My family was from Michigan. They often rented a lakeside cabin for summer vacations. My grandmother told about a cat who lived in the park around the cabins, one of those friendly creatures who was everyone’s, and no one’s pet. One of her sisters was holding the animal. Another visitor had caught a water snake. He figured the snake was harmless, and decided to show the snake to the kitty to see what would happen. The terrified cat clawed the living hell out the poor woman holding it. Did her some serious injury.
    Now, this individual snake was not poisonous, and posed little danger to the man holding it. The cat responded from pure instinct that recognized the snake only as “snake”: a mortal threat.

    Similarly, to many people out there, our reaction to masking seems wildly disproportionate to the seemingly minor inconvenience of wearing one. But we, like the cat, instinctively see this as a primal threat to our freedom, our individuality, and to our very personhood. We instinctively recognize that these mandates belong to a deadly specie.

    Just wear your mask. It’s not that big of a deal, right? saluting a hat on a flagpole is a tiny inconvenience, is it not? A pinch of incense is a little thing. Do we venerate those who saluted the hat, or gave their harmless pinch? They’re out there right now, masked up in the hot sun alone on the bike path. The blade of a wedge is slim and fits effortlessly into the crack.

  27. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Voters are asking for the govt (no matter in what country) to protect them from any number of putative threats and the govt is doing just what the citizens ask.

    O, and the way for the bureaucrats to gain even greater powers is to frighten the citizens into asking the govt to have even more control over them.

    To speed up the centralisation of power and control it is of help to the govt to let crime increase because then citizens will ask for more help from the govt which will be happy to provide that help just as long as Kevin and Cammie Civilian is wiling to pay for bigger govt and to give up more of their liberties.

    It’s a heck of a racket, Brownie.

    ABS sees no way this ends well – even if Trump is elected; the bureaucrats in the many Washington agencies will remain in the swamp to launch new initiatives and scare stats to control Kevin and Cammie.

    Like rust, Commie Libs near sleep.

  28. For influenza, there are outbreaks throughout the year. The epidemic phase is seasonal and “follows the sun”, so to speak; so it is indeed beginning now. Where I am, if we have an influenza epidemic, it’ll be roughly late December through March. Our coronavirus season is summer (June through August), because coronaviruses are a cause of summer cold syndromes. Where I am goldenrod allergy season is starting, so I guess the overlap of symptoms of that will be used by panic mongers.

    You can also have more than one viral epidemic happening at the same time, though we mostly don’t look for that. Susceptibility to any one infectious agent is not homogeneous even if the population is relatively homogeneous; for there are multiple factors involved in it. That’s more true for a melting pot population that the US has.

  29. Rudolph Harrier

    The CDC has put up “official guidelines” for Halloween:

    (as well as Thanksgiving, though they aren’t annoying enough to have put up Christmas guidelines yet.)

    What I found interesting were some of the “lower risk” activities, such as:

    -“Carving or decorating pumpkins with members of your household and displaying them”

    -“Decorating your house, apartment, or living space”

    -“Having a scavenger hunt-style trick-or-treat search with your household members in or around your home rather than going house to house”

    Shouldn’t these be no risk? If I put up a pictures of a witch on my window, in what way can that even conceivably make me catch the Wuhan Flu? Is it something that I am at a risk for any time I enjoy myself to even the slightest extent?

    They are also obsessed with stopping screaming, since that will surely kill us all. I don’t know of any studies that show that occasional screams are more likely to spread airborne diseases than talking or just normal breathing. But the CDC imagines they might and thus THE SCIENCE says that screaming will kill us all.

  30. Bob

    First they take your guns, then they take you. If you will remember, Australians lost their right to bear arms about 10 years ago.

  31. randya

    Now I know how the jews got put into ovens. Everybody went along & did what they were told. They want you to wear masks to separate the wolves from the sheep. Im sure they will be coming for us.

  32. Rock Halverson

    Are the people all BLIND and STUPID, What a crock of shit. First who has the right to force me to eat drink or do anything they want? No One! If I want to eat dirt I will not your call or anyone else. Freedom first everything else get behind including government, church, even DEATH. Anything else always will be SLAVERY.

  33. Rudolph Harrier

    Found this posted recently by the CDC:

    Notably, here are their best estimates for Infection Fatality Ratios:

    0-19: .003%
    20-49: .02%
    50-69: .5%
    70+: 5.4%

    Rough if you’re over 70 (though so is the regular flu at that age). Slight concern if you are over 50. Completely negligible otherwise.

  34. Damon

    Amusing to compare the compulsion to wear masks with the fuss over the Muslim niqab.

  35. bram

    I’m in the UK.

    Just recently i heard of a group of young men who signed up to get tested for COVID. When they arrived at the testing facility the queue was enormous, so after waiting for ages they decided to leave without having been seen. About a week later they all received test results saying that they had come up positive for the virus.

    Take this with a pinch of salt as you will, but i believe the source.

  36. KNK

    Thank you all for your comments as it gives me small relief that I am not in this alone and that there are others out there critically thinking. I agree with you all and just want to leave you with my own slogan, “Your mask doesn’t protect me, my immune system does”. Put it on a t-shirt and wear it everywhere you go! Get me out of this insane hell! Oh, and read this, Keep “spreading” the information about the reality that this is all a huge farce. Kindest regards to my fellow intelligent humans.

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