Scholars & Writers Speak Up For Trump

Scholars & Writers Speak Up For Trump

The Scholars and Writers for Trump site is simple. Hereis the entire text:

Statement of Unity

Given the astonishing success of his first term, we believe that Donald J. Trump is the candidate most likely to foster the promise and prosperity of America. We urge you to support him as we do.

What else, really, is there to say?

When the site launched on Tuesday night, there were about fifty names. There are likely to be more. You will recognize, I hope, most of them. Some converts, some originalists.

There were similar efforts in the last run. One was Scholars and Writers for America. I went to remind myself to compare old and new signers, but the original website is now defunct. However, thanks to the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, we have a backup. I’ll let you guys contrast the names. It is gratifying, of course, to see the many repeats. Of course, some of the names are no longer with us.

Another 0216 list was Scientists for Trump, of which I was one. I was even interviewed by Nature which was mystified, then as now, that there still some out there who accepted evidence over theory.

We saw just a week or two back Nature insisting science was properly a branch of politics, and since progressives hold most political offices, science therefore must become woke. The unwoke, therefore, just could not claim the mantle of scientist.

It was in 2016 difficult for citizens in certain positions to say out loud that they’d vote for Trump. It’s both more and less so now.

For those who spoke up back then, and stuck with the program, it’s simplicity itself to show continued support today. Whatever price was paid to defect from the mono-party to Trump has long since been amortized. I, for instance, didn’t like being booted from academia at first, but now can’t see why I ever would have wanted it.

Newcomers to the list might find it heavy going. But probably not. Anybody who has the cojones to come out for Trump now knows what he’s in for. The move has not been made lightly.

But, in a way, it’s also much easier now. The Undead Woke Army was on the march in 2016, but they had not then the numbers they have now, nor were they as violent. Anybody who cares to consider it, and is himself not woke, can see what is ahead, whether or not Trump wins.

A Biden victory might calm the Undead for a romantic fortnight come the inauguration, as some are saying. But in February, with nothing to stop them except the natural inertia of bureaucracy, they will begin eliminating their enemies. True, the first victims will be those of the considered insufficiently left—revolutions always eat their own—and those closest to power centers.

The purges will expand, though. How far and how fast can be debated. That they’ll happen seems all but certain.

Trump is a respite from the worst of this. There is still the FBI, CIA, IRS, all the Deep State, along with academia, the media, Big Tech, the oligarchs, and all the rest, all of which will continue its inexorable move toward the cliff. Trump buys time to figure out what to do about this.

Which is maybe nothing. But just because none of us can see a way out doesn’t mean there isn’t one. If we haven’t at this late date learned the central lesson of history, which is that Shit Happens, we surely must believe today. I did not see anybody, not a soul, in November 2019 predict the mass insanity that was just over the horizon and that eventually consumed the entire globe.

Trump is, at the very least, a chance to escape the worst of the Woke plague. Or to delay it. A chance is enough.

The option is Biden, whose corruption is beyond all doubt. His masters will allow him to be a bumbling figurehead, for how long? A month? Six? One day we’d wake up and see President Kamala announce Old Joe is gone. There isn’t any honest person who knows what the media is who believes Biden will be our leader if elected.

If he won, we would move into direct Oligarchic rule, albeit with a cackling mouthpiece after Joe’s disppaearence.

If that isn’t a scary enough Halloween story for you, I don’t know what is. I was therefore happy to put my signature to this open letter.

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  1. Sheri

    “I, for instance, didn’t like being booted from academia at first, but now can’t see why I ever would have wanted it.” Now that is being “woke” in the truest sense.

    Can’t see the violent, angry, anarchists waiting until after the inauguration. Come on. Kamala LOVES AND SUPPORTS THESE PEOPLE. She gives them money. There is no reason to stop. They may even increase the violence with Kammie as president.

    This can be ended by:
    Shutting down all media and forcing a restart. Toss the media personnel on an island and let them play “survivor”. You get a bonus TV program that way.
    Shutting down all public school and ALL universities and end ALL federal funding of any type. Require that all personal be removed and sent to their own island.
    Now, schools will have to find their own sources of income. Parents will either have to homeschool or create schools. The government is forbidden from participation. Same for the news media. Oh, and anyone who EVER worked even as a janitor for the media is OUT. Mark them so they can never work in media again. These two actions will afford us a reset and maybe we won’t be so stupid and apathetic the second time around.

    Signatures are great, but the majority of those causing problems are virtually illiterate. If Bing didn’t say it on the news feed (with pictures, of course), it did not happen. We must destroy Social Media and all news feeds on the internet to save ourselves. (Where’s an EMP when you need one?)

  2. Dean Ericson

    ”A Biden victory might calm the Undead for a romantic fortnight come the inauguration, as some are saying. But in February, with nothing to stop them except the natural inertia of bureaucracy, they will begin eliminating their enemies.”

    Absolutely. Elimination of hated enemies is the entire soul of the revolution. They hide it under a germy mask of pious do-good, but that’s dog-doo. The real motive is the lust to fold, staple, and mutilate enemies. And since all mankind is their enemy the terror never ends.

  3. vince

    arguably some bad karma-la

  4. Shecky R

    “Given the astonishing success of his first term, we believe that Donald J. Trump is the candidate most likely to foster the promise and prosperity of America.”

    …why yes, IF by success you mean harboring more Russians, sluts, Neo-Nazis, floozies, money-launderers, traitors, dummkopfs, and devil-worshippers in the White House than any president since…. well…. EVER.

  5. Dean Ericson

    And bad ju-ju.

  6. Uncle Mike

    If the Kamala gets her nose under the tent, the rest of her is soon to follow.

  7. John B()



    Kamala reminds me of Janice from Friends

    How does she sound like a New Yorker when she has lived in California?

  8. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    I don’t know if it’s widely known, but the other day I read a brief (3 pages) biography of qué-mala: she is really mala, evil, wicked, bad person. She rose to power as the lover of a California king/queen maker, a married with three childre, 31 years her senior, man, named Brown (if I remember it correctly). It’s a story of some kind of nepotism, influence peddling, abuse of power. After that, you have the Deleiden-Planned Parenthood, selling of baby parts story. ETC. A very bad woman… I hope she never wins

  9. Fredo

    Kamala comes from a very wealthy family of slave owners in
    Jamaica. Her husband works for a law firm that does PR work for
    the CCP. She’s the perfect Democratic candidate to follow in the
    turkey tracks and scat droppings of Obama.

    Kamala Harris’s Ancestors Owned Slaves, Her Father Says

    Kamala Harris’ Husband Works for CCP-Tied Firm

  10. Fredo

    Here’a bit of fun Halloween party in Wuhan China. Halloween has been introduced
    by the CCP under a program called ‘Stimulate Internal Economy’. All State owned firms
    provide the costumes and collect the fees for the party. China has never had a tradition of
    celebrating Halloween, their economy has for all practical purposes collapsed due to the
    virus so anything goes for a buck. Rumor has it that though Christmas was banned several
    years ago the party may bring it back this year.

  11. Uncle Mike

    Thank you, Fredo, for that bit of weirdness.

    The adoption of western culture in China is an interesting phenomenon. The citizenry seems anxious to join the Decadent West, perhaps from seeing all the useless junk they make in their factories for export. At the same time the CCP desires to destroy the Decadent West, largely due to out decadence (or so they say). The tension is evident.

    Meanwhile, the Decadent West is self-imploding while our decadent elites offer economic collapse and authoritarian punishments for our citizens. Halloween, for instance, is mostly banned here, not because it is devil worship but for prophylactic purposes. Prophylactics are the new American Dream possession, replacing boats and cars.

    The Global Passion Play is off kilter. History cannot be said to be repeating itself, can it? Any historical parallels don’t quite fit.

  12. spudjr60

    This scenario is not far-fetched but possible given recent trends.
    Trump re-elected with more electoral votes, R’s gain at least one seat in the Senate, R’s re-take the House. And the R’s gain seats in most state legislatures.

    What will happen to the Demon-Rat party? The reason they lost will be because of the riots, looting, and white privilege struggle sessions. But, the “Justice” Democrats won’t see it that way because they won more seats this election. They will blame the Corporate Democrats who have served for 20 years as not being marxist enough. With a D minority in the US House, Pelosi and Hoyer are out, Ayanna Pressley is in. Schumer will stay as minority leader in the US Senate; still too many old white D Senators. In nearly all state houses where the D’s are in the minority, there will be tremendous pressure to elevate “Justice” democrats to leadership.

  13. Fredo

    Yea Mike mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery and a sure sign
    the West is winning the cultural and ideological war on the street in China.
    Here the woke-tards want to see everyone in Mao jackets.

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