The High Cost of Becoming a Trans Female — Guest Post by Gaudia Certaminis

The High Cost of Becoming a Trans Female — Guest Post by Gaudia Certaminis

The larger culture has gone to ridiculous lengths to affirm and validate trans women (for the unenlightened: trans women are men, but strive for an outward appearance of female). Trans women are continuously lauded on social media for their “courage” to deny reality and ability to spend obscene amounts of money in their pursuit of their “true self” which generally involves changes one’s body and appearance into something that is deeply inauthentic.

The medical “professionals” who support the trans journey are little more than quacks. But who can blame them entirely when a walking checkbook comes into their offices and asks for “validation,” for a scrip for estrogen, for breast and hair implants, and for facial reconstruction. What are they going to say? “No, I cannot possibly take your money for a fool’s errand. Please look in the mirror a be true to yourself.”? More often than not, these practitioners will say, “Step right up and sign here on the dotted line. Of course you can use your new name.”

The journey to trans is not without risk. Trans is sold by the propaganda peddled by educational authorities, TV, the media, social media as a lifestyle option—and not as a disruption of mental health. So, why not be trans? It seems fun to be the cute girl, even when you are 6’4″. It is fun to go shopping and buy makeup and hang out with friends of a similar political bent (and yes, in many cases, trans is political).

Otherwise sane people who have the sense to see that trans is an inversion of reality, are forced to say that trans is just one of the LGBTQ choices, just another color of the rainbow, can’t we all just be friends? Some try to buck the trend, like JK Rowling and Graham Linehan, and suggest that trans women are actually men, but are attacked. Rowling seems to have softened her comments, but not her view, and Linehan has been canceled and kicked off Twitter, making the world a poorer place. Hopefully they both have enough in savings to keep them in marmalade and clean underwear until they are called into the next world.

While trans is marketed as enjoyable and fun, the trans journey to eternal coolness is not without risk. There are very real dangers to the estrogen patches that are favored by many in the trans community. Doctors are obligated to tell patients of the risks of treatment, but it is unclear if the doctors live up to their oath, and it is unknown if their patients are too caught up of the heady experience of becoming a girl to listen.

And if anyone in the trans woman’s circle of family or friends tries to bring up the research that estrogen can cause brittle bones (in as little time as one year!), cardiovascular events, or brain tumors, they are snorted at for being bigoted rubes, and not as people who genuinely love them and care about their health.

Hard reality will not hit the trans patient until they have a serious injury. Who knew that doubling on estrogen patches would cause a catastrophic loss of bone density? For starters, the medical establishment. One serious injury can begat further injuries. A broken leg can lead to a broken arm from falling off the toilet or out of bed. Brittle bones have a harder time healing. It is imperative that a trans patient suffering from broken bones stop the estrogen and start a protein-rich diet immediately (which, should have been doctor’s recommendation from the outset; patients depending on a prescription mill might not have a full consult).

The cost of being trans is high. It is not just measured in terms of surgeries, wardrobe, massages, facials, meds, hair removal, makeup, tattoo re-gendering (making a typical “male” tattoo into one that is more feminine). It is measured in poor health and the need for continuous medical supervision.

Any doctor who has a trans patient with a broken bone needs to wake them up and get them off estrogen. Any doctor consulting with a wanna-be trans patient needs to give them the truth—that continued good health is not guaranteed. This may be a difficult task, as the trans community has brainwashed newcomers into buying into their preferred narrative and steering them to trans-friendly doctors. Many pre-trans individuals are told not to do their own research, and are warned against from looking into cases of detrans (where the trans person decides to re-identify themselves with their actual sex.)

If you are trans-curious, please look behind the curtain. Please read the medical literature. Friends in the trans movement will libel legitimate scientists who genuinely seek truth because they don’t like the results. It is worth your future health to embark on a risky path?

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  1. Yes, I agree with most of this post. However, the health issues quoted without reference above are likely incorrect. First, the studies are observational (garbage) and they tend to show no adverse effects:
    Second, supplemental testosterone in men raises estrogen tremendously and this is mostly favorable for health. I’ve examined this literature and have written an unpublished book about it. For those who are interested, I’ll give it to you.

  2. awildgoose

    Transhumanism is clearly a core component of the Great Reset, but only for the Cloud People, not the Dirt People.

  3. Sheri

    Rob: I love meta analyses. They are the best way to reach any conclusion you want. A very powerful propaganda tool. I’m curious why you examined it–to see just how far down science has fallen or what?

    Since Covid and the trans garbage, I have decided to deny being a scientist and instead claim to be shaman. I watch doctors LIE about Covid (presumably because the Dems paid them millions and the Drs. are human trash), scientists falsify data for cash, etc. Science is the new word for “horrible lying creatures” and whatever it is they do in those overfunded labs. Science is garbage. It should be eliminated. Return to magic and spells. It’s more honest.

  4. Emmett DeMundi

    No joke, every time I see the phrase “trans woman” or “trans man,” I have to stop and think: Is this a woman pretending to be a man, or a man pretending to be a woman?

    Of course, such confusion is the intended result of the “trans” nonsense, so it’s working as advertised in that respect. One might say the same thing about the Cult of Covid.

  5. John B()

    Last month there was this from CNN:

    The US plans to execute a man for a crime he committed at 19. Scientists say the research on brain development makes that wrong

    How is it that a seven year-old boy decides he’s a girl and “decides” to transition a good thing?
    Why then is 16 year-olds voting a good thing?

  6. Dodgy Geezer

    “…What are they going to say? “No, I cannot possibly take your money for a fool’s errand. Please look in the mirror a be true to yourself.”?…”

    It’s about a lot more that that patient’s money. If a doctor were foolish enough to say that he would not support a ‘trans patient’ in their attempt to be something that they were not, the following things are likely to occur:

    1 – his surgery would be covered in protestors
    2 – his management would be informed that he ‘was a bigot’
    3 – his management would fire him
    4 – his professional body would strike him off
    5 – the local police would arrest him
    6 – he would be fined, or imprisioned, or both.

    That is why no one is that interested in speaking out…

  7. DavidCH1

    Whether it’ll cause physical issues or not it doesn’t matter.

    It’s the deranged mental state that’s the issue. You could look totally healthy, but is worthless if the brain leading it can’t make sound decisions.

    It’s all moot anyways. Abandoning the fundamentals of being a human being appears at the very end of societal decay.

    ~3 generations(~33 years each) after degenerative habits are popularized the society will fall. Unlike any previous point in history, it’s happening around the world.

    I wonder if some males that are pretending to be a woman do so for attention? Everyone knows its much easier for a woman to get attention than males, even if the males are reasonably attractive? Maybe some are indulging in some sick fantasies with this? Or twisted logic that they are “female” which conceals their lust towards their own sex?

  8. JH

    I’d think that transgender people have been informed of and considered risks associated with treatments and procedures.

    Realizing that I am the only person who should live my life by my standards and that my words can kill or heal, I try to take people around me, especially family members, as they are. When there are fewer judgments, everyone is happier and feels more open to communicating. It is evident life is cleaner if there are less trashing of and condescending toward others. Just a slight twist of Confucius’s wisdom I’d like to adhere to as I am heading into my 60’s.

    Mr. Briggs, my comment may sound like unsolicited advice. There are different ways to fight a battle (if you want to see it as a battle). I don’t think you intend to kill, please tread carefully.

  9. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    If the 300 pound or so Minister of Health of Belgium, Maggie De Block (Dutch for Maggie is as big as a housing unit) can lead a campaign against obesity there is no scientific reason why Lady G, Lindsey Graham. can’t be an effective leader of some Senate Committee for Republicans.

    It also should not go unnoticed that Mr. Jim Goad describes Chris Hayes of CNN as lesbian-faced.

    In any event, this is about science and so we must be quite serious about all of this, although ABS does like Sheri’s idea of becoming a shaman.

    Sheri the Shaman does have a nice ring to it and if she advertised in “People” or some other crummy rag, like The Washington Post, she’d prolly become more popular than Carlos Castaneda, whose name also benefitted from aliteration.

  10. Dean Ericson

    ”Mr. Briggs […] I don’t think you intend to kill, please tread carefully.”

    You know, JH, when you make fewer judgments, everyone is happier and feels more open to communicating. And also, life would be cleaner if you spent less time at Briggs trashing and condescending toward others.

  11. JH

    Dean Ericson, point taken. I do try to spend little time here. If you knew what I know, perhaps you would see my comments in a different light. My hearts go out to Mr. Briggs.

  12. Brad Tittle

    A friend of mine led men and women into combat. His primary goal before leading them into combat was to make sure they were as ready as possible to get back. He didn’t give a hoot about whether or how to treat all of the letters of the rainbow. What he did give a hoot about was getting his people back. Writing letters to loved ones about people not coming back is permanently no fun.

    What is more important? A person being able to express themselves however they want wherever they want?


    You don’t worry about the color of the cover (OMG, that white sand offends me. That white sand is a form of cover than repairs itself. Anyone fixating on the color of the sand and not its amazing effectiveness in absorbing energy needs to be escorted back to the states, but then I suddenly have visions of Clinger and the leader on the battlefield is doing everything he can to keep the personell he needs and keep them alive).

    We don’t hear the stories of the LGBTQ folks in the military who were exposed during “Don’t ask don’t tell” and whose paperwork for getting booted from the military kept getting lost in the stacks of paper on commanders desks. The rules were defined imperfectly. As all rules are. We get to the end and we make the world work. Most of us don’t care what anyone decides they identify as.

    There is always a borderland where stuff does matter. That bullet flying at your head doesn’t care what you identify as. LISTEN to the Drill Sergeant when he/she/it says GTF Down.

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