Election Chaos: Open Thread

Election Chaos: Open Thread

I was watching all this through until just a little while ago. Except to say we warned you about them using coronadoom, and that it’s strange all these D states stopped counting so early, I’ll let you guys do the talking. Too tired.

I still say Trump takes it.



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We all knew and predicted they’d cheat with mail in ballots. But, dude…

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  1. Sheri

    I’m proud to live in a country where fully HALF the population would elect “The Turnip in the Basement”. Congratulations, America, no matter what the final outcome, you live in a THIRD WORLD HELLHOLE (followed by a Communist dictatorship and hellhole when the Turnip is cooked for lunch) and you asked for it. The stupid, it burns.

  2. Chris

    Is it over? Biden has won?

  3. John B()

    1) Trump is a very strong favorite to win. He’s just too far ahead in PA/WI/MI, and what happened in OH suggests those leads will hold up.

    GOOGLE has WI leaning Biden!!!!

    It looks like an above tweet got “moderated” by Twitter

    Here we go. Suddenly tallying and reporting stop in urban precincts. And magically more Biden votes are conjured in the coming hours and days.
    >>> Learn about US 2020 election security efforts <<<

  4. Sheri

    Chris: He’s “leading”, whatever the heck that means. It won’t be over for months. Welcome to Insanity. States stopped counting the mail-in ballots and some states are taking mail-in ballots for up to 7 days after the election. Then there are the boxes of ballots in car trunks and mail dropboxes that no one emptied and had thousands of ballots that will be found and must be counted, etc. Russian and Chinese elections are more honest.

    Interesting to note that once again we are to ignore reality and believe a guy that could not get 500 people to come to a rally is winning. We live in a lie. We will continue to live in a lie unless Americans really do care and there is an uprising. This kind of fiction can only be cured with appropriate force. There is no other way. It may not be curable since no one has the courage to defend America and do what must be done. I personally think everyone just wants to live in hell and that’s that. All evidence points that way. Electing a turnip……followed closely by a full-blown communist is a real possibility. Embrace the lie.

  5. Emmett DeMundi

    As Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg said (I’m paraphrasing but not distorting):

    “We Important People must make Americans understand that there’s nothing abnormal or illegitimate about our counting the votes until we get the result that we want.”

  6. Hun

    If they are confident they can announce a Biden win, it will be over very soon. Trump will complain for a while and then get out of the way. MAGA-types will not do anything or at least nothing remotely comparable to what Dems have been doing for the past 4 years. Conservatives are pathological rule followers, even if they believe that the other side has cheated.

  7. Bruce

    Voted for Trump of course, but it’s hard to tell what long term difference it will make. If he loses, it will be payback time for the left. They’ll push all sorts of hard left stuff like anti-2nd amendment, shutdown mandate, etc. which I think will result in nullification by various states. This puts us one step closer to secession/breakup of the U.S. which is a good thing. We need to get away from them as soon as possible – divorce so we can minimize the damage they do.

  8. Sheri

    Bruce: Agreed. We need to split into the west states (CA, OR, WA, AZ, NM, CO), the lake states (MI, WI, IL, etc) and the northeast. What’s left can keep the USA name. The others can go with names like Westcoastistan, etc. Whatever they want. It’s really the only way. We do have irreconcilable differences and a divorce is the only way out, short of “spousicide” (yes, I made that word up).

  9. John B()

    Now Google (NYT) has MI leaning Biden

    “The Turnip in the Basement”

    You know what else grows in the basement?

    Brad Tittle referenced it yesterday

  10. awildgoose

    We’re looking at a contested election, yet markets are way up and volatility has vanished.


  11. awildgoose

    People really seem to want enslavement, hand-outs, higher taxes, and idleness rather than liberty, industry, and limited government.

    It’s going to be mandatory mask and vaccines all the way down.

    Embarrassed to share a country with these types.

  12. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    ABS finds the commentary on FOX (no longer an alternative news org) risible.

    One Expert (He became an expert upon his hiring) claimed that Americans want divided govt which is why The Senate will remain under the control of The Turtle.

    Yes, the expert thinks such a calculation is part of a voter deciding to who vote for as his Senator.

    As usual, the big winner of the American election will be Israel

    O, and the POTUS declaring his own self a winner last night was just fantastic!!

    Gonna miss that bastid

  13. Dennis

    Suddenly at around 5AM WI dumped 138K votes for Biden, none for Trump. The only reason to stop the counts, and stop releasing new numbers (NV says now no new numbers until tomorrow!), is precisely to do phantom dumps like this, sow chaos, pretend the election night note wasn’t clear, and suddenly “find” Biden votes wherever they think they need them, then complain that Trump “suppressing” votes. Utterly sickening fraud. It was always in the works – the Covid plan to go to “mail-in” (but hey, in some states your “mail-in” can be counted without a postmark!) was designed to facilitate fraud, no other reason. US vote counting process is an absolute disgrace. Absolutely insane if this country elects a decrepit dementia-addled fool who is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CCP. What a sick country.

  14. John B()

    ABS is calling Joe Biden

  15. Guest

    They just stole it. MI just went Blue. PA will go blue later today. And once these states go Blue they are not switching back to Red. It’s over. The AP will call the election for Biden and he will declare victory by this afternoon. Trump will be forced to concede by tomorrow. The Republican Establishment will do nothing.

    Before the election I said that Trump needed to send the national guard in to secure the ballots in WI, MI, and PA at midnight if he wanted to prevent ballot fraud from costing him the election. It was his mistake for failing to do so.

    The brazenness of the steal in Michigan is astounding. Michigan law prohibits a recount in precincts in which ballot counts don’t reconcile with ballot books. In the primary over 70% of Detroit’s precincts were off and could not be recounted. A similar failure rate will be announced in this election, thereby preventing a recount.

  16. John B()

    The Republican Establishment will do nothing.

    Screw that … have you no faith in Donald … he’s fought tougher fights

  17. awildgoose

    Pay attention to what McConnell and Graham do in the next 24 to 36 hours to get a sense of where things go.

    Don’t count on ACB at all. She already squished by recusing herself.

    I told people ACB peaked with the blank notepad.

  18. Dennis

    Sorry MI was the phantom 5AM 138k dump for Biden.

    The US is now a third world country. The introduction of early and mail-in voting was always designed for maximum chaos and fraud. No greater proof needed of the need to break up this country. It no longer works, and will not work ever again.

  19. C.A.

    All of these horribly wrong polls were an out right lie by the media to legitimize what is going on right now.

    I’m reluctant, but it appears that Trump won this thing last night. I’m not surprised by all this. Look how far the establishment has gone to oust him.

    If the right had the same fight in them as the left does we’d be in a lead up to a civil war.

  20. Uncle Mike

    Trump won, but it remains to be seen whether the Radical Left will steal the election through fraud and deceit. In any case, the war is not over. Don’t give up. Goodness will triumph in the end. Doom is temporary.

  21. Rudolph Harrier

    However the election ends, no one believes in the legitimacy of elections anymore.

    Trump supporters (correctly) see blatant fraud efforts. It doesn’t matter what happens in the end in terms of the legitimacy, we’ve all seen how blatant the fraud is getting.

    Biden supporters are already pissed that he didn’t win in a landslide. If he loses at this point now that the “leading” count (at this moment) puts him ahead (in a 270-268 count) they will make the 2016 freakout look like nothing. Even if Biden loses because it is shown that Milwaukee or Detroit officials literally just made up votes, they will still say that Republican stole the election, because they were “ahead.” But even if they win with a 270-268 count they will only change to saying that Republicans almost stole the election. Obviously they will be more mad if Biden loses, but they won’t trust the process either way.

    So we’re now in a Democracy where no one believes that votes mean anything. Should be interesting where things go from here.

  22. 3 United States Code
    § 1. Time of appointing electors
    The electors of President and Vice President shall be appointed, in each
    State, on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November, in every
    fourth year succeeding every election of a President and Vice President.
    § 2. Failure to make choice on prescribed day
    Whenever any State has held an election for the purpose of choosing
    electors, and has failed to make a choice on the day prescribed by law, the
    electors may be appointed on a subsequent day in such a manner as the
    legislature of such State may direct.

  23. Rudolph Harrier

    The good news though is that “polling” has been discredited as much as such a thing can be. Even if Biden wins, it won’t be in a scenario even remotely close to what the polls said.

    Not that they’ll admit this in 4 years.

  24. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    ABS is shocked to read claims of cheating/lying by Liberals.

    If the Liberals were believable when they investigated Trump for Russian collusion…

    If the Liberals were believable when they impeached Trump…

    If the Liberals were believable when they demanded America be shuttered owing to Coronadoom…

    If the Liberals were believable when they said riots by BLM and ANTIFA were largely peaceful…

    They why, suddenly, are they not to be believed when Liberals have been unjustly accused of rigging the vote count?

    If the Liberal Institutions of America- Academy, Entertainment, Usurious Banking, Establishment Politicians, Media, Investigative Agencies, and even Scientists – are not trustworthy then welcome to The Soviet Union circa 1966.

    The fun part may only be beginning. Imagine what Trump might do until the peaceful transition.

    ABS would love to see Trump, arrayed in knightly armor, make an appearance on the White House lawn, sitting on a yuge white horse, carrying a spear and challenging Biden to come out of his basement and fight like a man.

  25. Rudolph Harrier

    Twitter is really going all in on their censorship efforts, though I understand why. They’ve already done enough that if President Trump is reelected, they’re going to face legal action. So might as well put everything on the line so that Biden might get in and ignore their crimes.

  26. DavidCH1

    Ah, there seemed to be a ray of hope that Trump win would ripple through other parts of the world and the resistance against this insanity would taper.

    I even hoped a Biden win might mean they will either give up continuing to demonize everyone and covid magically disappears. Though he would pave a path for further lunacy, at least the covid paranoia has a chance of ending.

    Third hope was a Biden win with his ever disastrous policies put more of the population against the extremist socialist/communist/liberal policies and “wake” some up.

    Most of the hopes from all 3 scenarios were dashed when they announced they’d halt and go fight at the court. Not sure if it matters at all anymore. I knew it mattered not in the long run, but considering how frustrated I am, I hoped for some short term relief. Now I’m doubtful.

    The world is entering a point of No Return. Enough of the population has been brainwashed, manipulated, forced, and nurtured in this way. Even the adults with their endless addiction to pornography, drug usage of countless kinds, and hedonistic lifestyles.

    No wonder science is no longer science and insanity prevails over reason. The so-called Transgender people, the homosexuals and the overall irrational thought that dominates our society today is likely a result of absolutely unhindered/undisciplined lifestyles, along with fall in spiritual values(and I mean by organized religion and adherence to biblical principles, not Yoga, and Fortune Tellers).

    I read somewhere that after about 30 sex partners, a man is unable to ever be in a loving, committed, long term relationship. We’re way past that now. The evidence exists the pursuit for pleasure rewires the brain in a way so the person turns irrational, angry and unable to function normal. That’s why the society has to collapse.

  27. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Prediction. This will be Trump’s concession speech.

    I just set the all time record for votes garnered by a losing POTUS candidate.

    It wasn’t even close and I wasn’t even trying my hardest.

    I thank all of the beautiful people who helped me set this gigantic record that will never be broken

  28. Anon

    Imagine you are a Democrat operative, and you wanted to steal the election. Would you:
    1. Force lockdowns to make a portion of the population too scared to leave their homes?
    2. Institute mail-in voting?
    3. Force colleges to close or have a semi opening, depressing the youth vote?
    4. Force school closings, making untenable situations for moms and dad who also have to “work at home”–and showing that there will be no end in sight with your candidate?
    5. Create ballots of thin air so the vote totals are more than the # of registered voters in a given state?
    6. Find a dementia patient to be the candidate?
    7. Not to mention one with questionable character and has who has the appearance of profiting from business deals brokered by his troubled son?
    8. And with an undisputed record of plagiarism and lying?
    9. Encourage a “summer of love” which resulted in loss of life and destruction across the country?
    10. Openly double-down on mask mandates, loudly proclaim an increase in taxes, support your elementary aged kid to be trans, and the end to fossil fuels?

  29. Dennis

    Whatever there outcome, it is clear the US is broken beyond repair and has no sustainable future as currently configured. It is so broken that half the country will see the result as utterly illegitimate no matter what at this point, and for the foreseeable future in subsequent elections. This is third-world, banana republic levels of corruption and incompetence in handling elections (mostly the former). We need a “velvet divorce,” à la Czechoslovkia in 1993, to break up the Leviathan and allow new institutions to be developed that better reflect the wishes of the various populations that make up the agglomeration known as the USA now, which is a phony nation comprised of nothing but competing and mutually exclusive interest groups who despise one another.

    God help us if that dementia-addled, wholly-owned subsidiary of the CCP and Woke Capital in Silicon Valley and Wall Street is ever allowed to occupy the Oval Office (and he’ll soon be shunted aside anyway for the even more terrifying Harris).

  30. Hun

    Dennis, a velvet divorce is only possible if the elites want it and agree on the terms, like in Czechoslovakia. Chances of that happening in the US are nil.

  31. John B()

    Last Hope:


  32. Dennis

    Hun: Yes, I was being optimistic perhaps. In reality our future may be more Yugoslavia-esque.

  33. Dennis

    John B(): Not sure if NV will be needed. AZ is trending Trump (and some previously uncounted votes because of precincts in heavy Trump areas using Sharpies that won’t scan will be added as well – amazing how every “error,” “technical problem,” etc. always favors Biden!), and with PA (still a huge lead, beyond plausible stealing I think), and GA & NC (which networks are still refusing to call because they always wait as long as can be to put anything in Trump column), that puts Trump over the top even without WI, MI, and NV.

    If Biden had the huge lead Trump had last night in GA, PA, WI, and MI, does anyone doubt they’d have been called for Biden to establish the Narrative in people’s minds of presumptive President-elect?

    The fraud and BS going on in MI and WI is indisputibile at this point. 90% alleged turnouts in places (for Biden of course), counties that were 2/3 Trump in 2016 suddenly 2/3 Biden, boxes of votes found whose names don’t match anyone on voter rolls, sudden vertical leaps of 100k+ Biden votes on the count progress charts, etc. Utter joke. I just hope the SCOTUS does its job properly when needed (shouldn’t have taken on pass on a more substantive PA ruling last week).

  34. John B()

    I HEARD Arizona was still in play … WT….

  35. Dennis

    How about this recent vote dump for Biden in PA: https://twitter.com/Vermeullarmine/status/1324107129905647624

    23,277 all at once for Biden in Philly – amazing turnout! Trump literally outperforming 2016 almost everywhere in the country (even flipped some previously Clinton counties in upstate rust-belt NY – and Biden’s overall margin in NY was 10pts below Hillary’s – flipped Hispanic counties throughout the country, etc.), won by 8 pts in OH…but we’re supposed to believe people elsewhere in midwest in WI, MI, and in Philly are just turning out in record numbers for Biden?

  36. Rudolph Harrier

    Things you suddenly aren’t allowed to say on Twitter:

    That incoming votes look fishy in any way.
    That there is any reason whatsoever to investigate the election results.
    That Donald Trump had a sizable lead in states now listed as “blue”.
    That votes should not be cast after polls close.
    That there are reported cases of fraud.

    They really don’t care at this point. Either Biden wins, and they have full crony protection, or Trump wins, and they’re screwed regardless of what they do.

  37. Trebitsch

    The President is an eminently decent man. Unfortunately, lawyers will be of no help. David had Joab…

  38. Sheri

    Anon: Sure, since your audience is 100% insane and you are allowing early voting and mail-in fake voting. It seems to have worked well.

  39. Ann Cherry

    Gosh everyone is so darned negative. Has the fat lady sung just yet? We think not! Why did Fox News call Arizona so darned early?

    This was recently recently posted on Twitter, re: Arizona Update:

    Trump picked up ~90k overnight. Needs another ~100k to win.

    There are ~600k ballots left which are:
    ~400k Maricopa, ~100k Pima, ~100k Rural.

    Trump needs 58% of those votes to lock AZ. These are all late mail, provisional, & drop-off ballots. Odds are good if… if all of the legitimate ballots are counted. The election day vote went 65:35 for Trump.

    Many people also think Trump will win PA, in which case, if he keeps GA and NC, which he likely will, doesn’t that win Trump the election?

  40. Jerry

    Ann Cherry – I pray you are right and Trump pulls this out. But my cynicism is screaming that it’s going to be too little, too late.
    I think we all underestimated the opposition. They were caught with their pants down in 2016, they refused to believe Trump had the ability to win. This time they were ready and threw everything they had at us. The MSM lied 24/7/365 for Trump’s entire Presidency. It’s just hard to overcome that. Relatively intelligent folks that I know, who only listen to Network News, were brainwashed, plain and simple.
    “Trump’s a racist!” “He’s a liar!” And so on, ad infinitum.
    Then throw in the Last Great Hope of the Holy Covid…….
    Again, I hope there is a way. I pray there is.

  41. Ann Cherry

    The computer ate my comment again. But the Deep State called AZ way too early, with over half a million votes still out. Why? Because they know that AZ + PA = MAGA. Stay tuned!

    Meanwhile, we kept the U.S. Senate, gained about five congressional seats, and Trump is still our President, and Biden still doesn’t have a clue what day it is.

    I think people are starting to notice Trump had a big lead in WI and MI, before they started finding boxes of Biden votes, in some cases more ballots than registered voters. The courts will end up deciding this election, likely in favor of Trump.

    In any case, the pollsters were, once again, wrong, wrong, wrong. The left did not get anti-Trump mandate they were expecting.

  42. Dennis

    Fox called Arizona early because the guy in charge of making their call decisions is a deeply biased 2016 never-Trumper and Democrat donor. He wanted to pull the trigger early to help craft an election night narrative of Biden basically in control. The same reason they all refrain from calling states for Trump as long as possible so as to not give impression he has any traction. And shortly after that call is when MI, WI, and PA started pausing their counts, only to start again with sudden Biden batches in the wee hours.

    Good article here by Michael Anton: “Game-On for the Coup?” https://americanmind.org/post/game-on-for-the-coup/

    As Anton indicates, the playbook really is just like 1960 in Chicago. Only I think Deep State and mass media are probably even more in the tank for Biden now than JFK then. Biden will be the most compromised and illegitimate President ever – so the Deep State and globalistS pushing the Great Reset and Agenda21 will have him right where they want him. He will be nothing but a puppet. The future is a globalist boot smashing a Covid muzzle in your face forever.

  43. Ann Cherry

    Trump tweeted, about three hours ago:
    “We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which won’t allow legal observers) the State of Georgia, and the State of North Carolina, each one of which has a BIG Trump lead. Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan if, in fact,…..

    ….there was a large number of secretly dumped ballots as has been widely reported!

    Twitter flagged this tweet.


    Think about this: They are literally refusing to call the states he’s clearly won, such as NC and GA, the Deep State media has prematurely called AZ for Biden, while hiding Trump’s win in PA, while they scramble to harvest Biden ballots. They won’t even call Alaska, and Trump took over 60% of the vote there!

    Nobody said this would be easy….but Team Trump has already filed suit in two states. Maybe “national election standards” will be another agenda item for Trump’s next four years. MAGA!

  44. john b()

    don’t lose track of the third wave

  45. Milton Hathaway

    One aspect of mail-in voting that doesn’t seem to get talked about much is household or acquaintance voting. This is where one member of a household is really into politics, and others, perhaps a spouse or an elderly parent, not so much. The political junkie votes the ballots and the less interested sign them. Yeah, so what, you say, they all likely would have voted the same way anyway. True, I think, but there’s more to it. The bigger question is, if it weren’t for mail-in voting, would the disinterested have even made the effort to vote?

    The Demoncrats in particular have a hard time motivating certain of their constituency to vote. The same personal attributes that make a good Demoncrat, specifically a lack of personal responsibility, makes them an unreliable voter. In contrast, even disinterested Republicans typically feel obligated to make the effort to vote.

    So it doesn’t surprise me at all that the turn-out this year was record-breaking. The media hypes this as intense interest, but I think its really just the opposite, a huge number of disinterested people voted this year, either because it was trivially easy, or, more likely, I think, someone else filled out their ballot for them.

  46. There is no law, only Zuul.
    There will be war.

  47. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Having stolen the election fair and square the establishment prolly thinks Well, we are finally rid of that meddlesome bastid but barring an announcement that Tucker will enter the Republican primaries as the GOP POTUS candidate in the next election season (It begins 13 minutes after the inauguration of Biden) can we expect am orange-tanned and rested Donald J. Trump to heave has hair into the ring?

  48. Dennis

    Milton: Nigel Farage mentioned similar concerns about mail-in voting yesterday on Bannon’s show based on his experience in the UK. Because there is less surety that one will be able to vote in secret, family or other peer pressure could help sway voters once they arrive. Farage mentions ballot harvesting in tight-knit ethnic/minority communities, where some “community organizer” type will come around collecting ballots as soon as they arrive and make sure people vote the way the self-anointed “community leaders” want.

    I’ve even seen women on Twitter, so take the anecdote for what you will considering the source, say they are glad mail-in voting will keep their husbands from telling them they’ll vote Biden then secretly voting Trump, because they can keep an eye on them once the ballots arrive at the house. Perhaps something like this explains why white males were the only demographic for which Trump’s % fell.

    The whole vote -by-mail system is designed to enable fraud and peer pressure. The first move was weaponizing and politicizing Covid, then rushing through the most untested and unsecure voting process ever. The democrats always push for the most lax and least secure voting methods (ID? How dare you that’s probably rayciss!) to enable greater fraud, all while pretending it’s about “making every vote count.”

  49. DJ Rtump

    Should Multi-Ballot Voters be PARDONED if they swear affidavit of VOTER FRAUD?

    Should President Trump ask multi-voters to come forth and swear an affidavit
    of having voted multiple times. – PARDONING THEM FOR THEIR FELONY?

    (Could provide Voter Fraud Evidence in order to strengthen his court cases.)

    PLEASE SHARE (via email?), and MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

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