The Horrors That Await If They Get Away With Stealing The Election

The Horrors That Await If They Get Away With Stealing The Election


I predicted that unless there was wholesale cheating Trump would win.

There was, is, wholesale cheating. There isn’t an educated soul anywhere that doesn’t know that ballot stuffing is the normal Democrat ploy. In Wisconsin, more votes were found than registered voters, the late “discovered” ones going to Team Biden. We saw crowds for Trump in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and elsewhere that dwarfed those for Team Biden—elephants versus ants weren’t in it—yet, somehow, Team Biden had more votes. But only after the counts were stopped to see how many more votes were needed.

The panic over the coronadoom, a crisis that did not go to waste, contributed mightily to this. Readers here cannot say they weren’t warned. Over and over and over again some more, until we are now all sick unto death talking about it.

Ask any Team Biden voter who Tony Bobulinski is, or about Joe Biden’s treason. The media’s and Democrats strategy to remain utterly mute on this subject, a clear admission they believed Bobulinski, paid off.

There is any number of stories of how the cheating happens, and is happening: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, dot-dot-dot, here, here, here, and this.

However, since the end is not yet, and we don’t yet know with certainty what will happen, let’s assume the worst, that they get away with it and Trump is defeated. Call this is post-Halloween horror story. At the worst, if and when Trump marches to victory, this article will serve as a reminder of the dark fate we escaped.

Trump victory? I tell you what. I lost count of the times these last 4+ years we read that Trump was buried in a deep hole with no hope of escape, yet this famous sentence always ended these stories: “With a mighty leap Jack was free!”


Now all my tweets die after 7 days of coronavirus, so if you want a copy of this, screenshot it.

It reads, If Team Biden manages to swipe the election, how many months until Kamala? The first choice “0 – Biden gone by January” got the most votes, with the voting dropping off from 1-4, 5-9, and 10-14.

There isn’t anybody, except strict TV watchers, who believes Biden will be the actual ruler, which is why I have been emphasizing Team Biden. Normies buy Biden’s little-guy schtick, but everybody else knows his true state.

The oligarchic elite running Team Biden are happy to have him as a figurehead, but they’d be just as satisfied with Kamala, who they could tout as the “First BLACK! Female President”, as if that were good news. It would be, too, for many addled people, who would forgive the cheating just because of that. If Biden’s treason does pop back up somehow, they won’t care if they have to sacrifice him.

In any case, Biden’s health won’t allow him to finish the term. It is President Kamala at some point. The only question is when.

I’ve quoted Parkinson so often on how democracies end that I know we’re tired of hearing it. Historically, every one of them ended in one of two ways: oligarchy or dictatorship. Dictatorship seemed the livelier possibility, or perhaps that was only wishcasting on my part. The oligarchy won.

In considering the question of how long a democratic phase of government may be expected to last, we can appeal to reason, to history and to recent experience. Merely theoretical discussion would lead us to expect one of two things. Either the proletariat would establish a socialist state or it would fail as against middle-class opposition.

If it succeeded, the State would acquire such an accumulation of centralised power — political, economic, religious and cultural — that some of the former upper class would be goaded into revolt. Supposing the conspiracy or rising should attract any measure of support, in the name of freedom, the strongest personality in the government would make himself dictator during the emergency: thereafter, the rising crushed, he would remain dictator as a precaution against any future threat of the same kind.

There was one too many deplorable for our credentialed betters to take. And so here, hypothetically as of this writing, we are.


There will be peace upon the land for a short period. Riots and looting won’t be necessary, at first, and so the masters of Black Lunatic Marauders and Auntyfags will have them stand down. Which they’ll do, more or less.

There needs to be time for those aware of the cheating to say, “I guess this isn’t so bad after all.” Anybody who brings it up six months from now will be called a conspiracy theorist and dismissed. The honeymoon will be the phase the oligarchs divvy up their territories. This won’t be a conspiracy, per se, just the united action of like minded elites. They’ll begin fighting amongst themselves soon enough.

Meanwhile, Team Biden will move:

Those expecting a fading piece of parchment to stop the left’s excesses will learn soon enough of the power of paper against steel. Remember what happened to freedom of association? And speech?

Some little person on the left called for a Truth and Reconciliation Committee, at which deplorables would be asked to confess their sins of racism and Trump support. This will happen.

Woke politics will be everywhere. Don’t expect a law saying all whites are evil, but do look for critical race theory to be restored to government training. The FBI et al will be more aggressive in going after “white supremacy”. President Kamala has already been tweeting about how Equality is not enough and we need Equity, which is to say, equality of outcome. Hard quotas, excepting white men, will grow. The propaganda against whites, already high, would hit fever pitch. Woke politics is, after all, identity politics.

Watching shows like this might become mandatory.

The Senate was retained by the Grand Cucked Party, so there will be some measure of resistance to the most outrageous forays of Team Kamala (I’m assuming we’re some six months in at this point). But they’ll surrender on most things.

Big Tech will start cracking down in earnest. They were only warming up before. Dissident opinion will become rare on major sites. One tactic they only flirted with before will be juiced: bank deplatforming. Hard to buy and sell without the woke mark.

Biden promised a national mask mandate. The legality of this is suspect, but it’s also illegal to stuff ballot boxes. The actual state of the waning epidemic will be meaningless. Obeying is what’s important.

Global cooling will be a thing again. The Senate would likely bend over for this, because the left really learned how to sell fear in the coronadoom panic. Panic is a wonderful motivator. Look for new “discoveries” in how global cooling will kill you.

The court, which is now more centrist, will be less relevant, because of Executive Orders.

Which country will be the first to be bombed? Taiwan, as a favor to China? Russia? The Maldives? I’m not good at guessing this, but that the missiles will fly is certain.

The Great Reset will be pushed with increasing vigor by propagandists. The oligarchs make a lot of money pushing these schemes to “save us”, mostly from bleeding the middle class.

“But Briggs. It was bad under Obama, but not that bad. Why isn’t this just more of the same?”

Because we’re a lot woker now than then. Because the left will be out for revenge because of Trump. Because knowing they stole the election, and got away with it, will embolden them to future feats of felony. Because “immigration” will turn from flood to tsunami.

Perhaps worst is that there won’t be any elections in the future that can be trusted, not fully. America will be open game. Because, of course, every elite everywhere the globe over will know what has happened.

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  1. Sheri

    1-4 months, though Kamala’s handlers will be running the country. Kamala is like Obama–a face with a desirable race.

    All of this was made clear when Trump was elected in 2016 and the REPUBLICANS sat on their backsides and did ZILCH. Republicans WANT Biden to win. They hate us as much as the media does. We gave the country away and now some are complaining. Sorry, stupid is often terminal. Now will probably be that time.

    No, rioting and looting will start immediately or within the week (already started in Portland–Wheeler is not crazy enough and the anarchists are mad). These are ANARCHISTS. They don’t care about government, just violence. They hate everyone and destroy as much as possible. Since there will be little opposition, the riots will increase.

    Worst result: MILLIONS of Mexicans and Central Americans invading CA and AZ. Mexico and Central Americans NEVER became civilized and they won’t become so now. Over a thousand years of being violent hellholes. Only a war will stop this. Learn to speak Spanish, save to buy your own island and flee quickly. America just voted to become the twin sister of Central America and Mexico. Congrats, y’all. Enjoy your trash dumpster meals.

    “Which country will be the first to be bombed?“ You left out America.

  2. Trump won the vote. The Democrats are winning the counting.

    There is no law, only Zuul.
    There will be war.

  3. 2016 was the last free and reasonably fair election in the USA. The Democrats have made sure we, the people, will never be allowed to make that sort of mistake ever again.

    After Trump, the deluge.

  4. Carl

    It’s not true that there were more votes than registered voters in Wisconsins. Mike Coudrey posted that on twitter, but I think even he took down the post. He mentioned that registered voters are 3.129.00 but they are actually 3.684.726 aw you can see here:

  5. Shecky R

    Like last time, Russian-tool Trumpsky again lost the real election (i.e., the vote) by a long shot; only selected rigged machines, flipping every 19th Dem. vote to Rep. allowed him to take the Electoral College farce previously.
    But go ahead and keep aligning yourselves with the Nazis, KKKers, yokels, brain-dead misanthropes, QAnon-dupes, sociopaths, traitors, tax-evaders, money-launderers, & GOP (but I repeat myself).

  6. John B()

    Michael – Amen

    Lots of Job level despair … Coronadoom AND Government response … now the election

    It’\ was almost divinely orchestrated that Biden’s “path” takes him to 270 (who TRULY thought that was possible?)

    However Biden’s path intersects Trump’s path … Nevada

    Suddenly, yesterday, I discover that ARIZONA is now up for grabs … and Trump is threatening Michigan and Wisconsin with lawsuits

    Biden has one more path than Hillary did … but it looks to me like the seas are parting elsewhere

    Don’t count God out

    I’m going through channels last night and PBS says “Trump falsely accuses Democrats of election fraud”
    The WAPO has a similar headline
    Where were the “Trump falsely accused of Russian Collusion” headlines EVEN after it was all said and done

    Keep Praying … God’s in this … even IF Biden wins … God’s in this (look at the Senate and the House … remember 1992 then 1994?)

  7. Michael Dowd

    John B()–Well said. Agree 100%. Game On!

  8. Anon

    Dems thought they had 2016 in the bag with the cheating apparatus. She was confident and as cool as a cucumber. If she had a worry she would have campaigned with more vigor. Dems were gobsmacked that the people came out and voted for Trump. Hillary couldn’t even show her face election night but sent out Podesta to mollify the faithful. When she did show up, she was wearing shades of purple, foreshadowing the “Color Revolution” that was planned for the US and is evidently unrolling now.

    I will add to this that every single attempt to get Trump out of office has failed miserably. Pre-November 2016 was the infamous pussy tape with Billy Bush (yes, a relation, coincidentally). That’ll get him, and for about a day or two it seemed that way. Trump did apologize, which who knows what happened behind the scenes, but it seemed to have been a bit forced and insincere. The ticket was not changed to a Pence/Ryan, altho that was clearly in the minds of some.

    After that, there was the famous Russian or pee-pee dossier that alleged Trump’s ties with Russia. Dems and media are still pushing this even though is demonstrably false (have not checked Snopes for CIA line on this one). There was impeachment fiasco. There was the Mueller investigation, which was the classic definition of the nothing burger, but Dems were panting about that for ages. There is Trump’s tax returns, which even what was leaked to NYTimes shows… a business man doing business. Did the Dems think that Trump does not have a platoon of lawyers? What were they expecting? COVID could be a similar ploy, altho it is suspect to suggest this. COVID took the roaring Trump economy off the rails. Coincidence? Perhaps.

    This is not even to suggest the plethora of assassination attempts, but history will have tell us the scope of the devious nature of the Dems. (And by Dems, include the unrepentant Never-Trumpers into the mix).

    Since the enemy has failed so many times to bring down Trump, would they fail now? Is Trump not aware of the shenanigans? Does Trump not have the power to counter? Does he not have Homeland Security, Military Intelligence, the full force of patriots in place?

    So much time has been lost for the good of our country on Dem games. So much of Trump’s attention has been drawn into these petty battles, preventing him from doing more. But he has done a lot. Just a catalogue of his executive orders shows his true interest, his true nature, his true love of our country. Trump has said himself” “I will gladly take the will take the slings and arrows gladly for you.” For you–he means us, he means not only the Deplorables, but patriots everywhere.

    The rot of the unelected and sometimes elected elite is not only in the US, but it worldwide. Many around the world are watching and waiting and hoping and praying for the US, not only for our good, but for the good of their own country, their own failed states. It is a tough job and Trump is one man.

    Godspeed, Mr. President. We love you.

  9. BGC

    Strong evidence of fake ballots in Milwaukee

    The Milwaukee City Wire is reporting that Seven Milwaukee wards report more 2020 presidential votes than registered voters. The story has details about the number of registered voters, and of recorded votes for Trump and Biden, in each of Milwaukee’s 327 voting wards. Of these wards, 90 reported voter turnout higher than 90%, seven higher than 100%, and one a whopping 202%!

  10. Sheri

    As one of our radio talk show hosts said, you could have elected a hard-boiled egg for president. This was about hatred and how far can the fraud go. There was a lot of hate and the Dems are pros at election fraud, having been given a pass for decades. Remember how people used to laugh at the dead voting in Chicago? Yep, really funny now, isn’t it?

    As for Wisconsin, how did they get an 80% turnout? That would be what we call a “miracle” or very, very big fraud. Virtually no US elections ever have that kind of turnout. Magic runs elections now.

  11. Bruce

    “Dissident opinion will become rare on major sites.”

    Well that might be good because then normie cons won’t have that outlet and will be driven to naughty sites like this one (and even worse ones).

  12. Guest

    The Republican legislatures in WI, MI, and PA can and should disregard the election results and appoint a slate of Republican electors. The simple fact that the Executive branch in all three states disregarded state law to mass mail absentee ballots is a sufficient breach of procedural law to render the election unreliable. Stack on top of that the widespread irregularities and credible allegations of massive electoral fraud and there’s more than enough evidence to support the legislatures taking action.

    My former home state of Colorado was a pioneer in the use of automatic registrations plus 100% mailed ballots. These systems are designed specifically to prevent detection of voter fraud. Anyone can register to vote in Colorado by simply filling out a form and mailing it into the state. There are no identification requirements or proof of eligibility to vote. Here’s a link to the form:

    Simply fill out this form and a ballot will be mailed to the address provided. As long as the signature on the completed ballot matches the signature on this form the ballot is counted. No verification of identity or eligibility is ever performed. There’s nothing to stop a person from registering to vote under 5, 10, or even 100 different names, and there’s no way to detect such fraud in the system. It’s not a coincidence that Colorado went from reliably Red to deep Blue after mail-in voting was implemented.

  13. Paul M

    As for the number of votes cast vs registered voters in WI. The number of registered voters is inflated due to the fact there is no procedure to purge from the roll voters who have moved either in state or out of state. Purging of voter rolls is left to local officials who are their own as far as procedures. For example, my daughter moved from WI to NJ ten years ago and her name still appears on the list next to mine . As recently as last month 130,000 voters who were flagged as most likely not living at the listed address are still registered ( Just one feature of our elections that is open to fraud. Then add all the mail in crap and it is near impossible to trust the results.

  14. Anon

    There was cheating in 2016. There just wasn’t enough cheating. Recall how calm, cool and collected Mrs. Clinton was before the vote. She had it in the bag. The Dems in their wildest dreams did not think there would be turnout for Trump. And there was turnout, and they found out too late. She couldn’t face the faithful on election night and sent out Podesta to mollify the crowds. When she did show up for the cameras, she was wearing shades of purple, foreshadowing the “Color Revolution” which is now unrolling before our very eyes.

    Recall that Trump was the “pied-piper” candidate favored by the Dems. They thought, put up Trump, mock him mercilessly, and then watch him lose the election. In the Wikileaks (before it was compromised) drops there are emails referred to this strategy. It was alarming to Dems that he had the popularity, etc., so enter the pussy tape interview with Billy Bush (coincidentally, a relation). That will get him, for sure. It was so dicey that there was talk of a Pence/Ryan ticket in the waning days of October 2016.

    Side note: Pence is the deep state “safety Dan” candidate, much like GHWB was to Reagan. Jury is still out on how firmly he is in Trump’s court.

    Trump did muster up an apology, and many were upset that it looked like he caved to the mob. In any case, he was able to retain his position on the ballot. From before day one, there were murmuring of impeaching, applying the 25th amendment to remove, etc. The media did their best to paint Trump as doing little more than watching Fox news in his underwear, swigging Diet Coke and eating Big Macs. Any remark that Trump made, was dissected and shown to be “wrong.” Trump suggested that the Obama administration/campaign had been “wiretapping” him. What a knee-slapper, doesn’t Trump know that wiretapping is an artifact of an ancient time? Turns out there was “electronic surveillance” on the Trump campaign, and while perhaps not technically “wiretapping” amounts to the same thing.

    There was the Russian or pee-pee dossier that was pushed by the Hillary Clinton/John McCain alliance–patently false and fabricated. The misstep that Buzzfeed did was to print the whole damn thing, which put the media in a bind. They could not drip-drip-drip the revelations–which each claim for salacious than the next–over the course of years–to keep the public in a constant state of panic/horror. So they did the next best thing–talk about it nonstop for three years. If TV time could be measured in spilled ink, there would have been enough to fill an ocean.

    The Mueller investigation resulted in the classic nothingburger, but it did not stop the continual what-if reporting. There was the impeachment, again, a waste of time, but gave media something to report on. There was COVID–which derailed the roaring Trump economy. Ha, they probably thought to themselves, this will get him–people will blame the lockdowns instituted by Dem governors on Trump, and Biden will be handily elected.

    This is not even to touch on the many actual assassination attempts on Trump’s life. Trump, unlike JFK, does not rely only on Secret Service. Enough said, but history will have to tell the tale of all he had to endure.

    Trump has done a remarkable job in light of the opposition, not only from the Dems but the unrepentant Never-Trumpers. He could have accomplished more if his attention was not drawn into petty battles. That said, a scan of his executive orders shows where his true interest and true love of this nation lies.

    Trump has said, “I will gladly take all these slings and arrows for you.” The “you” is us, the Deplorables, the People, the ones who have not been served well by the Government (aka unelected bureaucrats and elected officials). Trump has been through hell for us. Do you think he will stop now? Do you think he will look at the obvious fraud that took place during the count (not voter fraud per se; but this election fraud)? Do you think that Homeland Security and Military Intel are not in place? Do not think this will all be revealed.

    Joe and Hillary like to say the hackneyed line, “I have come too far to stop now…” And yes, Trump has come too far, traveled too long and too hard just to pack up his tent.

    Godspeed, Mr. President. We love you.

  15. Anon

    Test: This is a test. I submitted two comments about election and not sure if they are in moderation. Cheers everyone! Trump has this.

  16. Zundfolge

    Michael (and others) are right, God is in control.

    Just keep in mind that he was also in control when the Israelites were hauled off to Egypt for 400 years of slavery.

    I guess we get to find out once and for all if America is still on God’s side.

    (and “Guest”, as another Colorado refugee (now living in Kansas), I can attest to the damage that mail in voting and marijuana legalization did there)

  17. awildgoose

    Praying for Trump to pull this out.

    That said, the Beer Flu hoax was clearly a cudgel to implement cheat-by-mail.

    The GOP should be shrieking about Chicom election interference, but they won’t.

    Lots of rumors flying the GOP cut a deal with the Left to hang on to the Senate.

    Note how stacks of pro-Dem ballots are NOT mysteriously appearing.

  18. John B()

    Turnip from the basement
    hard-boiled egg that was missed from Easter hunt … eh

    80%? … almost 85% if what Carl has informed us is correct

    So the over voting is by wards

    BGC should have at least referenced Carl

    There’s his answer

  19. John B()

    Wisconsin like Minnesota DOES have same day voter registration, but 202%?

  20. Dennis

    Amazing that turnout in WI (based on the phony numbers anyway) was almost 90%…5 standard deviations above their mean turnout average in elections going back to 1960, and about 17% above the turnout for Obama in 2008! Who knew the inner cities were so much more excited and mobilized for Sleepy Joe than for Obama!
    Trump literally outperformed 2016 almost everywhere – won huge in Ohio, Western PA, even flipped some parts of upstate NY that had gone for Hilary in 2016, many house seats flipping, etc…yet we’re supposed to believe that supposedly off the charts turnout in WI and MI was overwhelmingly pro Biden? And when turnout everywhere else was relatively flat?

    What a sick joke. The blatant stealing in WI, and MI, and the efforts to do the same in PA are obvious to anyone with a brain and eyes to see. But I fear the powers that be and the media will attempt to gaslight everyone and pretend it’s just GOP sour grapes and force it through anyway (Twitter and NYT have already started this process – NYT, for example, says it is “misinformation” to claim there is evidence of widespread voter fraud. Glad they determined this – despite copious evidence – less than a day after the election, after a thorough investigation no doubt!). If Biden is installed, he will be the most illegitimate and compromised President ever.

    If they don’t get proper redress through courts (I’m nervous about Barret and Roberts) , GOP should go straight to state legislatures in WI, MI, PA, and lobby them override the election results based on fraud, and then elect their own slate of electors to send to the EV. It’s entirely withing the right of state legislatures to do so under the Constitution, and the clear evidence of fraud here (and the bias and corruption of certain state officials who should be the ones in charge of redressing it) may make it imperative to ensure an outcome that truly reflects the will of the people.

    I saw something yesterday also that Briggs would probably be interested in as a stats guy. Some people on Twitter were analyzing wards – I think in Milwaukee – using something called Benson’s Law. In any case, they determined that the most frequent final two digits on reported returns for Biden was 00, which they said is so highly unlikely statistically that it is clear evidence of fraud (as if the reporters, for example, were just routinely rounding up Biden’s numbers to the nearest whole 00 number. 1747 for Biden?…yeah, just call it 1800, or even 1900, etc.).

  21. Rudolph Harrier


    While it is not true that the total voter turnout was higher than the total registration for the entire state, the voter turnout did exceed registration in certain precincts, with some turnout exceeding 200% of the registration. All of these were in Milwaukee, which was suspicious generally. 16 more precincts exceeded 95%. See here:

  22. Ken

    I dumped my Twitter account in February so didn’t vote in the poll. My choice wasn’t there anyway. Jill Biden wants desperately to be First Lady…and not just any old First Lady, but Edith Wilson. She’ll do everything possible to drag him through the midterms.

    On the other hand, if Pelosi manages to “25th Amendment” Sundown McBadtouch, President Harris better have a food taster and watch her back. I am not more than half joking that it might be the Biden-Harris administration in January 2021, but by January 2024 it will be the Pelosi-Newsom administration, with Idiot Nephew as Lao Donk the standard-bearer in 2024.

  23. John B()


    Totally agree with Dennis

    But also Reiterating above

    Wisconsin like Minnesota DOES have same day voter registration, but 202%?

  24. Dean Ericson

    Briggs wrote;

    “I lost count of the times these last 4+ years we read that Trump was buried in a deep hole with no hope of escape, yet this famous sentence always ended these stories: “With a mighty leap Jack was free!””

    Goes for Americans, too. Yeah, we’re in the doo-doo, but the game is on, and Americans love to win, and hate a quitter. But we’ll have to make the mighty leaps.

    Gregory Hood on potential positives of a Biden “win”:

    “Out of cold calculation, I think President Trump losing a narrow, contested contest may be best for us. Repudiation would have been a disaster, but that didn’t happen. He and his movement may become stronger after a defeat of this kind, much as Andrew Jackson became stronger after John Quincy Adams won a pyrrhic victory with the “Corrupt Bargain of 1824.””

  25. John B()

    Dean Erickson


    As Sean Hannity says,
    Donald J Trump – Worst White Nationalist ever

  26. John B()

    Wait a minute – that might’ve been Dan Bongino

    Donald J Trump – Worst White Nationalist ever

    Maybe both

  27. Uncle Mike

    Examine the county-by-county election return map. The rural-urban political divide is starkly obvious. No rural county voted for Biden nationwide. Hardly any urban county voted for Trump. The division is primarily cultural: the cultural divide drives the political divide.

    Rural people produce all the food, fiber, minerals, shelter, and energy. No urban area is self-sufficient or even comes close. Urbanites are totally dependent on rural America for everything they need and consume. Without rural production, urban areas would die off in a matter of weeks. Conversely, rural areas do not need the cities for anything and would survive quite nicely if the cities disappeared entirely.

    Urban people live in a fabricated world disconnected from plants, animals, soil, water, weather, and other fundamental natural phenomena. Conversely, rural people are deeply connected to the real world.

    The urban leftist political takeover is a house of cards. If and when the real push back happens, it will not be by armies or militias. It will be done with boycotts: rural boycotts of cities. It has already started. The cities are failing and rotting from within. Rural America is not coming to their rescue. Rural America has turned away from cities, been turned away and repulsed. So be it. Death by many small cuts. Death for urban areas — rural areas will persist regardless.

  28. Michael Dowd

    Uncle Mike–

    Yes, rural people know how to survive and urban folks generally don’t. What we are getting now–as seen in your analysis–is a peasant rebellion at the polls. If could become a real one soon if Democrats gain control. My bet is on the peasants.

  29. Rudolph Harrier

    Nate Silver’s already saying that his predictions were correct (but reality was wrong). His defense is that he thought Biden would win in a landslide, but there was a massive “polling error” and so Biden still winning despite this proves that Silver’s model was correct. Of course, that just means that his model was working on garbage input by his own admission and could only be “correct” coincidentally.

  30. Sheri

    Uncle Mike: Yes, the peasants produce. In North Korea, in China, in Russia, in Africa. They do so for decades, surviving in abject poverty. Peasants can only be drawn into a revolution by a leader. That was the danger with Trump. He does not walk on water and if the peasants won’t fight, it’s over. Historically, it rarely works out. America left England to start a new way. England is what England was 200 years ago. Changes come from finding a new place to start over.

  31. Johnno

    After all the turmoil and angst and uprisings, all God has to do is provide an opportune moment where Biden has one of his senior moments at the most critical time before the cameras to forget where he is or what he’s doing and simply say the opposite of what he was supposed to, that he concedes the election.

    But do we deserve it?

  32. Dan Hughes

    If (shudder) Sloe Joe should be declared winner, he has promised to immediately begin acting “presidential” by appointing Executive Branch personnel, &etc. I think President Trump should then outsource the virus job to them so we can get some idea of what’s in store for us.

  33. Uncle Mike

    Dear JB,

    Most Oregonians don’t give a hangnail about Portland. Rural Oregon voted overwhelmingly for Trump. Our votes were cancelled out and then some by urban liberal revolutionary wannabes. Those leftists have burned our forests, shut down our farms, and given us the finger more times than I can count.

    Rural Oregon is done with Portland. That ridiculous city can go ahead and burn itself to the ground. We’re not going to save it; we’re not going to have anything to do with it. Bye bye, sayonara, ta ta. The rest of Oregon has been boycotting Portland for a year or more. The dipsh*ts in Portland haven’t noticed yet, but they will, maybe. By then it will be too late. They will have cooked in their own juices.

    Rural Oregon “peasants” will never be serfs. We are far wealthier than you might suspect. We have already weathered the worst. We will persist and remain free. Nobody out here wears a mask. We home school and have for years. Our cops are on our side, and we are on theirs. We go to church despite the bans. We may be a minority, but we hold all the cards. The anger is palpable, and the resolve is strong. In the end the consequences will be far worse for Portland than for us.

  34. John B()

    Good to hear Mike

    My only other contact with an Oregon person was from Portland and a Fake Book Friend of another Fake Book Friend. She was probably in her 70s and scared spitless of the DOOM.

    Prior to the DOOM, I remember seeing crap about Portland with Antifa and/or BLM “directing” traffic and pushing around little old ladies in walkers.

    To coin a phrase Amerika – What a country!

  35. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    There are not a few men who think If we can only get this into court review but they do not consider that any judge or circuit court of judges hearing arguments will be harassed and threatened by BLM and ANTIFA with their lasers, drums and bullhorns If you make the wrong decision we will kill and eat your pets, sodomise your children, burn your house and kill your spouse.

    Who expects Justice from any American Court?

    The political class is above the law and Joe and Jolene Lunchbox are beneath the law.

    Its over and, once again, Briggs is aright.

  36. Dennis

    ABS: That’s why they need to make a push to get the GOP majority state legislature in those states to do the right thing and elect a Trump slate of EC electors and simply go over the heads of what biased and corrupt election officials and their claimed counts. Perfectly Constitutional, and as the evidence continues to mount of widespread fraud, it will be hard to oppose those electors being accepted. Worst case, election then gets thrown to the House of Representatives, which also favors Trump because of the way votes are allocated by state delegation.

  37. Bobcat

    “I’ve quoted Parkinson so often on how democracies end that I know we’re tired of hearing it. Historically, every one of them ended in one of two ways: oligarchy or dictatorship.”

    Oh, we’re already at the stages of an oligarchy and have for a long time. Basically when the supreme court gets an issue they can legislate some bogus law into our land without actually following their role in properly interpreting the constitution. And technically we’re supposed to be a republic and not a pure democracy where the majority always rules on every decision. But I guess you already know that Briggs.

    “The FBI et al will be more aggressive in going after “white supremacy”. President Kamala has already been tweeting about how Equality is not enough and we need Equity, which is to say, equality of outcome.”

    Yeah they’ll be trying to fabricate white supremist racist stories along with the lamestream media as the media generally does as such. Of course, the left won’t ever address where racism might actually (still) exist with planned parenthood targeting African Americans with abortion. Of course, PP does alot of other bad things as well. At any rate, the democrat party is, as far as I’m concerned, still in touch with its white supremist roots with its support for planned parenthood.

    “I predicted that unless there was wholesale cheating Trump would win.

    There was, is, wholesale cheating. ”

    Yeah, I guess we’ve all could have all predicted and expected this kind of bull. I’ll be glad when this election is over with and hopefully Trump ends up as the re-elected president. You have a good day Briggs.

  38. DAV

    Can’t help but notice the one on the Left is laughing the most

  39. C-Marie

    Faith in Christ, no matter what, is the only way to go. I know that I have been saying here that President Trump will win, but best to admit maybe he will not win. Our daughter said the other day that even if Biden wins, God is still in charge, and a couple of others have said the same, so, I join them with full trust in God however the election turns out. True peace in Jesus now and prayer for honesty and truth to win out no matter who is elected. Still hoping for President Trump’s re-election.

    God bless, C-Marie

  40. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Dennis. ABS heard the toe-sucker Dick
    Morris give that advice on Newsmax.

    It won’t materialise because GOP is old English for cowards

    One good to come out of this is that most men will now boycott the national elections and really concentrate on trying to save their own states

    In Florida the men of reality own the Governorship and Legislature even though the first thing Ron DeSantis did upon his election was to take a bunch of his losers to Jerusalem for a cabinet meeting

  41. Audrey A

    I wonder if corporations will realize they’ve massively screwed up. What is the point of a Home Depot when private property ownership is taxed out of existence? Who will buy a Ford under the Green New Deal? Who can afford a smart phone without a job, and who in their right mind will open a business or hire anyone? Right now in my state they are planning to kick over 6000 developmentally disabled adults to the curb by stopping payments to care givers because the state is facing a massive deficit, yet the ruler (governor) is planning more disasterous shut-downs, despite what it does to the state coffers. When the economy crashes in the US, maybe then corporations will realize they made a deal with the Devil and now there is Hell to pay.

  42. Dennis

    Yes, the GOP establishment are basically cowards and cucks, so I doubt it will happen. Toomey in PA has already massively stabbed Trump in the back, and other major GOP “leaders” like my Senator McConnell, are basically silent. Anyone saying there is “no evidence” of widespread fraud is either willfully blind or just lying. It’s far more blatant than even 1060 in Chicago when Daley stole it for JFK.

    The fact that GOP poll watchers and attorneys have been systematically denied access to counting in several states is itself evidence that should give rise to a presumption of fraud. There is no other reason to explain such basic unfairness except trying to hid fraud. And inordinate counting delays are also suspect. NC announced, with 99% in, that it would release no new numbers until Nov 12. That last 1% really difficult to count, eh? Need plenty of time to manufacture batches of Biden votes! Funny that by 9 or 10 PM election night, Trump seemed on a clear path to victory, betting markets switched massively to Trump 80-90% or so (and unlike pollsters, Vegas oddsmakers have real money riding on their odds), on international markets the Yuan crashed…then Fox declares AZ belongs to Biden, Midwest returns in swing states suddenly stop coming in, only to pick up again in the wee hours with huge tranches of Biden votes all at once. Yeah, nothing to see hear folks!

    Hopefully the SCOTUS will act, but it is troubling they took a pass on the ballot deadline issue in PA last week. The Constitution (and SCOTUS precedent) are clear that state legislatures have plenary authority to decide the time, place, and manner of elections, and can re-assert their right to choose electors as they see fit at any time (ie.e nullify popular election results if they deem them compromised). The law adopted by the legislature said ballots must be received by 8PM election day, it is clear and unambiguous. The PA supreme court then took it upon itself to re-write this as meaning “postmarked” by election day and received within 9 days (and btw, in a footnote said that even without a postmark ballots should be presumed to have been sent on time!). This is not a court interpreting a statute that could be deemed ambiguous is certain respects, it is wholesale re-writing and legislating from the bench. There is no doubt that any ballots received after election day in PA should be thrown out – it is a simple matter to decide and no reason Barret needed more time. SO the fact that they took a pass has me worried that they will do the right thing when it comes time to make a post-election ruling on the merits.

    As Bobcat says, we basically have an oligarchy in this country anyway. I’d call it more a hybrid of plutocracy and ochlocracy. If nothing else this farce lays bare for all to see the fundamental illegitimacy and fraudulent nature of the system of rule we live under. I sense people are no longer in a mood to just sit back and take it anymore – especially since the economic and social devastation wrought by the Covid response means people can’t just laugh at corruption and go back to easy bourgeois lives and laugh at the political soap opera. Even my 72 year-old mom who used not to be very politically engaged is pissed as hell and calls Biden and Harris devils! It’s no laughing matter any more, and the I shudder at the horror to come under Biden-Harris if they are installed – no section 230 reform, more censorship of anyone on the right, killing of religious freedom in the name of LGBT and abortion, endless “Covid emergency” rule by decree, more foreign wars, greater concentration of power and wealth in the hands of the oligarchs on Wall Street and Silicon Valley, the NatSec surveillance state more empowered than ever by having the most compromised President ever as their puppet, etc. etc. I’ve never been more terrified at the thought of any two people occupying the White House.

    If the GOP had any guts, if Biden-Harris are installed, they would boycott any inaugural, and the Senate should refuse to confirm any Biden nominees to any positions at all.

  43. Zundfolge

    Dennis said: “…I sense people are no longer in a mood to just sit back and take it anymore…”

    I really want to believe that, but I have no faith in my fellow Americans at this point (myself included). Those that are ready willing and able to shift to the proverbial “fourth box of liberty” will still probably sit on their hands (because nobody wants to go first and get cut down … and probably not backed up anyway) as I said before, I count myself among that last group.

    Dennis also said: “If the GOP had any guts, if Biden-Harris are installed, they would boycott any inaugural, and the Senate should refuse to confirm any Biden nominees to any positions at all.”

    If the GOP ever had any guts, Clinton would not have survived his presidency.

  44. Dennis

    Well yes…I was assuming GOP control. But they are already cucked – McConnell and Backstabbing Toomey and others seem happy to be rid of Trump and play along with Biden and pretend he won fairly, so there is little chance they would have the guts to go full out in wholly crippling a Biden admin as I would (but at least there might be less extreme left nominees sent). But if they lose control then all is well and truly lost because we will get the most extreme left cabinet in history, and no check on the evil to be wrought by a Biden-Harris admin.

    This country is finished. Only thing left to do is find a way out – preferably above ground, but there may be no option.

  45. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Walter Sobchak, Michigan Ballot Harvester. Dude, you need 300,00 votes? I can get there here by 3:00p.m. Its easy

  46. Zundfolge

    Audrey, the one solace I have in all this is that I have read history and have seen what happens to the quislings, collaborators and useful idiots when the monsters they help put in power turn on them in purge after purge.

  47. Good to see your use of The Critical Drinker.
    Also, some people are using Benford’s Law (anomalous numbers) to point out that election returns were stable except for . . . Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, etc. The paper hasn’t been published, but the people doing it have noted it as a way in audits that fraud is found. Someone on FB posted it from a mathematician’s FB page. I can post the chart from it if you wish (though only later tonight).

  48. Dennis

    Even Rod Blagojavich in Newsmax interview today said he has no doubt massive fraud occurring in MI, Wi, and PA. And Blago knows Dem big city machine corruption from the inside (and did time for it).

  49. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    Hey, Sherri. Well, you expect more… Maybe men don’t always are at the height that should be expected, but you always expect more. You read statements like “now, the US is a third world shithole” or “now the US is Mexico-Central America”… blablabla, so disappointing, for real. You have to be very ignorant and out of touch: could you even acknowledge the historical role played by the United States in the social problems of Mexico and Central America? Have you heard about the Cristeros? The Mexican people used to be, arguably, the most admirable people in the world, but they had the misfortune of having the United States as a neighbor… It’s such a shame, so much ignorance, so much historical miopia… “Third world”? What’s wrong with you? That’s not even a real category, in fact, it’s a term invented to subvert us, as was that “banana republic”, invented by Eddie Bernays. One would expect that, in all this mess, you would gain some insight… but you can’t ask the walnut tree for pears, as we say in spanish… Have you seen the number of barbarians, savages, actually, roaming around the US streets? I wouldn’t trade them for anything… and you still have the nerve to say there are barbarians in Central America?!!!! You have to be cheating me!!!!! Get real!!!!!!!!

  50. Carlos

    Hey, Sherri. Well, you expect more… Maybe men don’t always are at the height that should be expected, but you always expect more. You read statements like “now, the US is a third world shithole” or “now the US is Mexico-Central America”… blablabla, so disappointing, for real. You have to be very ignorant and out of touch: could you even acknowledge the historical role played by the United States in the social problems of Mexico and Central America? Have you heard about the Cristeros? The Mexican people used to be, arguably, the most admirable people in the world, but they had the misfortune of having the United States as a neighbor… It’s such a shame, so much ignorance, so much historical miopia… “Third world”? What’s wrong with you? That’s not even a real category, in fact, it’s a term invented to subvert us, as was that “banana republic”, invented by Eddie Bernays. One would expect that, in all this mess, you would gain some insight… but you can’t ask the walnut tree for pears, as we say in spanish… Have you seen the number of barbarians, savages, actually, roaming around the US streets? I wouldn’t trade them for anything… and you still have the nerve to say there are barbarians in Central America?!!!! You have to be cheating me!!!!! Get real!!!!!!!!

  51. Joy

    What Uncle Mike said is absolutely spot on.

    You’ve got them surrounded,
    You have to be prepared for a long haul. The UK has been fighting for Brexit for decades.

    It’s never over and you’ll never be done with the left.
    Just like the rabbits are never done with the foxes and vice versa.

    Take a philosophical approach and. A long term view, that’s what I do.
    I am one of Trump’s biggest fans. Never watched him on TV, though, isn’t like the programme.

    Trump couldn’t have happened to a better country.

    Which ever way it goes, Trump will be just as poised to set about himself, as we say.

    We know how you feel and Uncle Mike is quite right.
    Doom IS temporary, even when it seems incessant, take a longer perspective and keep going!

  52. Matt

    Zundfolge…I share your pessimism
    Joy: I appreciate your perspective here and I think I’ll try to take it with me…even though I concede that Zundfolge is also right!
    Gary: hey, I’m a fan of the Critical Drinker too! Can you provide any more info on the Benford law analysis?

  53. DAV

    Strange things are afoot.
    Isn’t it odd how:

    *) All the swing states stopping counting at the same time Wednesday morning almost to the minute?

    *) that ALL of them are controlled by Dems?

    *) Wisconsin had more votes than registered voters?

    *) Michigan overnight found 138,000 votes all for Biden

    *) Biden got more votes than Obama. In fact, more than any candidate in history, yet his rallies had fewer than 1000 while Trump rallies numbered in the 10s of thousands?

    *) there was an 80+% turnout — the largest in history?

    *) Biden got all of those votes but the Republicans picked up house seats and kept the senate?

    *) Dems are blaming house losses on Green New Deal that Biden supported but he gets more votes than any other candidate EVER?

    *) nearly all of the votes arriving AFTER Tuesday are for Biden and little to NONE for Trump but there were more for Trump on Tuesday?

    *) observers were kept from watching the counting? MI even blocked the windows. Philly kept the observers 30 feet away and kicked out one who tried to video the process. He claims there were large garbage bags in the room that no one would explain. Democrats are contesting the court ruling allowing observers. What are they hiding?

    The best way to counter charges of cheating is to be as open as possible yet they insist on secrecy.

    A recount is in order but pointless if votes were manufactured.

  54. Dennis

    All computer “glitches” that are uncovered just amazingly happen to have favored Biden. What a coincidence…so amusing, what are the odds? In the VA-7 house race a Dem incumbent and former CIA operative (but are they ever really “former”?) who was losing surged ahead after “misplaced” ballot results were “found” on a thumb drive. Amazing luck she has, eh?

    Oh, and the “Dominion” election software system that had a “glitch” (or is it a feature?) that turned 6000 Trump votes to Biden in that MI county (with 47 more to be investigated) and is used in various places in over 30 states, happens to be 60% owned by Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband’s investment firm. Yeah, nothing suspicious at all I’m sure. So many amusing coincidences in our delightful system.

    Our Presidential elections are such a joke anymore that we should just abolish elections for the Presidency. They’re not actually required by the Constitution, which gives plenary authority to state legislatures to specify the time, place, and manner of choosing their electors to send to the Electoral College (by convention they all have all adopted popular elections within their states and generally abide by popular election result to chose state electors, but state legislatures can override elections and re-assert authority at any time, especially if they deem election results to be irredeemably tainted. That is what the state legislatures should do here in places where there is evidence of mass fraud. No need to even rely on SCOTUS to do anything. Just assert Article II authority, choose electors, and be done with it). The state legislatures should just meet in their respective states every fours years in early December, choose their electors and to hell with farcical elections (which will only become worse if the mail-in and early voting fads continue to be a permanent feature). It might also help encourage more federalism (like we are supposed to have, instead of a system highly concentrated on DC and national politics) and closer attention to state and local elections as well.

    Also we should break up. It’s been a good run for the most part for a couple centuries, but this relationship just isn’t working out and has no positive future. The West Coast and Northeast (and whichever stragglers want to join) should split and form a new WSA – Woke States of America. I nominate AOC as their new President. Good luck and good riddance to them.

  55. Dennis

    P.S. on total accumulated popular vote: I do wish people would stop acting as if it means anything that some candidate or other got more than Obama, or whoever (actual Trump and Biden both got more than Obama in 2008 and are the first two to ever top 70 million), as if it means anything. Population is higher, so of course there are more total votes. Trump and Biden also each got about 27 million more total votes than Reagan in 1980 and 15 million more than in 1984 – so what? Doesn’t mean anything. And would anyone argue that either of them is more popular or a better candidate than Reagan in ‘80 or ‘84?

    Now turnout percentage is a legitimate issue. It beggars belief to think that substantially higher percentages of the electorate in inner city Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, or Atlanta (but not in inner cities across the country generally, where turnout and Dem % was down from 2016, never mind 2008) were secretly more enthusiastic vote for Sleepy Joe than they were for Obama!

  56. DAV

    Population growth could account for total vote cast but one would think that all or most of those voting for a Democrat President would not then choose to elect more Republicans to the House and vote to retain Republicans in the Senate. Seems a bit awry.

    Biden’s supporters seemed quite apathetic. It also doesn’t make sense that a Biden rally attendance was far lower than any Trump rally attendance yet record numbers to vote for him.

  57. Dennis

    “ Population growth could account for total vote cast but one would think that all or most of those voting for a Democrat President would not then choose to elect more Republicans to the House and vote to retain Republicans in the Senate. Seems a bit awry…Biden’s supporters seemed quite apathetic. It also doesn’t make sense that a Biden rally attendance was far lower than any Trump rally attendance yet record numbers to vote for him.”

    Well yes, but again the issue isn’t so much the raw total numbers but relative turnout, enthusiasm gap, etc. Biden would, I believe, be the first ever elected who was on the losing side of the enthusiasm gap (unless one spins that as just another way in the polls were we’re wrong – though as you point out, one would also have to ignore the visual evidence of massive rally turnout for Trump, the Trump Trains everywhere, etc.). Trump’s enthusiasm gap was so large it would be utterly unprecedented historically to lose (Yet another of the many oddities in various metrics that just doesn’t make sense, and which calls into question the alleged results in a number of states).

  58. DAV

    “issue isn’t so much the raw total number”

    As I said the issue is not the large total number. It’s who they voted for:
    1) Democrat for President
    2) Republicans for Congress
    Makes you wonder.
    Doesn’t make sense unless every one of them was happy with the way things were but hated Trump for it.

  59. Dennis

    Down ballot state elections are odd too. It appears Republicans have flipped some state houses and gained in many of those they already held (which really upsets Dems as re-districting looms after the census). Yet, apparently millions of people who voted for GOP for US House and Senate, and for state legislatures, decided also to vote to Biden-Harris at the top! Amazing!

  60. Bob

    Fraction Magic plus ballot stuffing is plausible as a reason it turned out as it has. Democrats are world famous for ballot stuffing, and Hacking votes with fraction Magic is a real thing, I guess. You predetermine what percent your guy gets, and when the votes come in, those votes are diced up and put in your column. Of course the software shows votes in rounded off whole numbers. Look up Bennie Smith /Bev Harris you tube doc dated 2016.

  61. Ruinhayes

    Excellent read and…spot on. I have studied this for years and you hit every mark on every page of notes. I believe Americans are at ready to stand against this tyranny like never before. 70 million Americans will make it rain for these criminals or die in the many ways outlined by your article-

  62. There is little doubt in my mind that this (Democrat created) fiasco will wind up in armed conflict . The BIG question is : Will our military opt to support our Constitution and the rule of law and order in the face of the massive evidence uncovered , that the Democrats have indeed attempted to steal the election .
    I cannot believe that the men and women who have bravely fought (and died) for this country would blindly follow anyone that claims a fraudulent victory !

  63. Dennis

    “I cannot believe that the men and women who have bravely fought (and died) for this country would blindly follow anyone that claims a fraudulent victory !”

    Well, just look how blindly and meekly people are following the mindless, irrational, tyrannical diktats of various governors and mayors over Covid…and there seems no end in sight, and it will only get worse with Biden-Harris pushing endless Covid paranoia and giving governors and mayors cover to get even more extreme with various mandates.

    And just as most polls show many people had no idea of Hunter Biden’s laptop evidence of his and Joe’s corrupt business deals and various connections that raise national security and blackmail issues, or that they were under FBI investigation, because the mainstream media just gaslighted it, the mainstream media so many seem still to mindlessly rely on is also gaslighting election fraud. Most people probably have no idea of the real extent of what has gone on with the election. “Land of the free and home of the brave?” More like land of the mindless and home of sheeple.

  64. Zundfolge

    I have zero hope that the people will rise up and throw off the coming chains.

    Americans are fat and lazy and will bitch and moan on the internet for a few weeks and then knuckle under to whatever BS the left demands of us. There will be no boog (other than a couple “Ruby Ridge” or “Waco” type events sprinkled out in the countryside) the military isn’t going to turn and bite the hand that feeds it and the armed patriots are too busy coming up with “boating accidents” to actually invoke a Second Amendment Solution.

    No, if we don’t win in the rigged game that is this Texas law suit and the Georgia runoffs we don’t win.

  65. I think you may have forgotten the people who put President Trump into office . Back in 2016 “The Silent Majority” was for the most part ignored and in a lot of instances ridiculed . There are still millions of us who WILL NOT just stand around and hand this country over to Liberal, Progressive, America Haters. As an ex-Green Beret I haven’t forgotten the devastation and suffering that always follows these greedy self serving despots. I can honestly guarantee there are still a formidable number of “AMERICANS” that are of the same mindset.

    Our inspiration proclaimed a long time ago by another true American (Patrick Henry) “Give me Liberty or give me Death” has not faded !

  66. Zundfolge

    Edward, honest to God I have never wanted to be more wrong about anything than I do about this … but there is a HUGE difference between going down to the local polling place and voting and kicking in a Democrat politician’s door and dumping a Pmag into their face in front of their family.

    At this point I still think its in God’s hands, so maybe he has some pleasant surprised in store for us. I have a lot of faith in God, I have little faith in my fellow Americans.

  67. On this one point I readily default to you, I too am a firm believer in God. Nothing would please me more than all Americans coming together and doing the honest and righteous thing.
    One thing that we simply cannot ignore is : it would appear that the “play callers” for the Democratic party seem to be taking orders and are pretty much controlled by “GODLESS” powers , and as the saying goes : “Those who choose to lie with dogs usually get fleas”.

    What is being proposed by the “New Order” is totally new and unacceptable to me . They want to control every aspect of my (and my families) lives. If I have to make a choice, I think I would prefer death over enslavement .
    May God bless and keep America.

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