More Anomalies In Late Vote Additions In Pennsylvania

More Anomalies In Late Vote Additions In Pennsylvania

Thanks to all the people who responded to yesterday’s post. It’s been a busy few days, and getting busier, so I’ll be slow in answering emails and requests.

It’s been said several times already, but it’s such a hilarious joke that it bears retelling. We went from four years of the media, the left, the Big Con, and the neoconmen insisting Russia, mysteriously and in an occult way as yet unidentified, tampered with the 2016 vote and stole the election from Hillary. And now these same opportunists are insisting, just as stridently, that tampering with Presidential elections is impossible and that only the conspiracy minded could believe it.

This is the same group of people, incidentally, forever lecturing us on how intelligent they are.

Anyway, yesterday’s demonstration that three separate counties removed about 10,000 votes from Trump Wednesday evening, and the late Friday addition of about 27,000 votes for Biden, after a point at which it was plain about this many would be needed to push Biden ahead, is in my mind the best indication something untoward happened in PA. At the very least, the removal of Trump’s votes needs to be answered.

Today I’ll show you some other data that shows how difficult it can be to spot anomalies. A reminder, we’re looking only at county-level voting data additions that occurred after election day through Saturday night.

Now we know huge additions were made to Biden on Wednesday morning. These additions, we are told, contain a large dose of coronadoom-panic inspired mail-in ballots. But I don’t have the breakdown of which are mail-on and which “native” or other votes.

Again, throughout the days after the election, votes were added to both candidate totals at various times. You’d expect that sometimes the additions would favor Trump, sometimes Biden. The split wouldn’t be 50-50, of course, but would reflect the true underlying vote.

Here’s a picture showing the indexed, low to high, vote additions for each time they happened: there were over 200 of these additions. For instance, at one point (the right-most line) about 45,000 votes were added for Biden; and at the same time about 16,500 for Trump. Those cases where Biden got more votes than Trump are blue. When Trump got more the lines are red.

Trump did come out ahead in the vote additions sometimes, but every single one of the competitions was trivial. They were on the order of 1 vote for Trump, 0 for Biden, or 20 for Trump and 7 for Biden. On the other hand, Biden votes additions were almost always large compared to Trump’s. There aren’t any large times where Biden’s were the only votes added, though. Meaning no caches of Biden-only votes.

Still, the huge early additions to Biden are curious.

We do know where the additions come from and when. Here are the Biden-Trump additions as they occurred, for six counties which for other reasons appear suspicious. Chester and Cumberland had predominately registered Republicans, but where Biden supposedly beat Obama (in either term) in vote totals by 20-40%! The county names appear the peak of the differences.

That peak for Philly on the 6th is the one that pushed Biden ahead, and the one noted yesterday. You can see in these large counties only one time where more Trump than Biden votes were added, and a trivial amount.

In other words, as might be expected in a machine town saturated in a history of vote tampering, investigators should concentrate the mail-on ballot investigation on Philly.

In order to really discover something about the mail-in ballots, we need to examine each one, and compare them to in-person ballots. The distribution of patterns of votes need to be compared. For instance, a large number of supposed mail-ins are only marked for President and none of the other races would be almost definitive proof of cheating, especially considering real people who mailed ballots in had all the time in the world to consider their choices. Thus it was necessary and good to separate these late-addition ballots from the regular ones.

Much is being made of Benford’s Law. I critiqued it yesterday. One thing that must be remembered is that expecting small to moderate datasets to fit a Benford curve exactly is wrong. The smaller the sample, the larger the variance, and the more it is likely the data will diverge from the Benford curve, even with no cheating.

Here it is for all the vote additions for both candidates, for the leading digit of those vote additions.

Trump had 217 non-0 vote additions and Biden 216. Biden’s “1” sticks out more than theory supposes, but so does Trump’s. Biden’s “6” stick Trump’s “7” sticks up more. But you mustn’t think that this means somebody was giving more votes to Trump. Leading 7s can come about by, say, somebody seeing a total of 100 and subtracting 30 to get 70.

A sample size of 217 is just not that large, and this analysis by itself is inconclusive. Higher counts can be looked at, say over 1,000 or whatever, or for only certain counties, but this further shrinks the sample size.

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  1. Sheri

    Come on, Briggs. People are STUPID enough to believe a truck loaded with explosives parked in crowded building was just a lyft driver who got lost. People are complete imbeciles. I have not seen this level of stupid in my over 60 years. It’s like brain-eating aliens attacked and missed only 1% of the population. Appealing to rational thought is a waste–it’s gone. Only nature will sort it out in a bloody, nasty fashion. Reality is not kind. It’s probably okay to try and preserve what little thought remains, as long as you are not deluded enough to think it matters now. A century from now, people might dig up the information and find it interesting, but for now, zip. (Honestly, those of us with half a brain and a some statistics training already know this is a stolen election and that IT WAS STOLEN WITH THE FULL AGREEMENT OF THE PEOPLE. Announcing the results and method days ahead and then no one stops it…..EVERYONE AGREED WITH THE DEMS STEALING THE ELECTION. Failure to act is agreement. Just like knowing a bank will be robbed, having the planning on video and then everyone just watches and lets the thieves take the money. That is how stupid humans have become.)

    By the way, George II (son of George I, president) should be called President Al Gore and the history books rewritten. After all, the George the Imbecile says we can’t question elections so by his own rules, AL GORE WON in 2000. I want to see that rewriting start IMMEDIATELY (it’s only fair George II) and the vile name of Bush scrubbed from the 2000 election. Make George II a happy man and correct history.

  2. John Mauer

    Why use the leading digit for Benford’s law on a biased number field, i.e. county vote totals, rather than the second digit without that bias?

  3. The simple fact that the Democrats were willing and prepared to cheat this blatantly at the Presidential election means that there is no longer any such thing as the rule of law. “There is no law, only Zuul.”

    It is now pointless to pretend that we are one people in a united country. The Democrats have fired upon Fort Ballot Box, and we are at war.

  4. awildgoose

    Anyone else sick of the smartest people in the room suddenly flip-flopping from 4+ years of spewing vile hatred to calls for unity and healing?

    Apparently half the population are merely lizard people in skinsuits LARP-ing as Americans.

  5. Joy

    It’s clear that there’s some shady business but for me, the entire concept of a mail in vote is wrong.
    We had the same issues over here. Farage spoke about it loads before the ellection. The various ways the vote wold be set up to ensure a win for the establishment.
    That the CNN John King, who seemed affable enough, kept going on about the sample and that mail in votes go (by default) to biden overwhelmingly. It reveals that there’s a circular logic in the thinking of that kind of “proof”.
    If the numbers are already baked in, of course “Just counting votes” won’t prove anything, one way or the other.

    I disagree with Sheri thatpeople are that stupid and utterly so. They are easily swayed but it doesn’t take long before people spot the pattern and with the help of social media, word gets round for the good as well as the bad.

    Check out how far back the enormous stationary order was placed by these towns!
    December 2019?
    January? when they first had the idea to take advantage of lockdown?
    I can think of about ten different ways mail in voting could be manipulated before any counting takes place.
    Got in a muddle trying to write them out.

    So if I can see it, anybody can see it, that includes the average voter.

    Interestingly, for me, it was often the younger remainers over here or non plussed voters who began to take umbrage over the outrageous bias. Not everybody that votes actually cares that much. They just want to be involved. Wait to see if any Democrats start saying something’s rotten in the state of Georgia or the other one!.

    People do have a sense of “fair play”, which can be woken if the original outcome didn’t matter all that much to them.
    I contend that Tump supporters cared more. Biden never set the world alight, to put it mildly. Biden votes were ‘hate’ votes, which was a small proportion, and I’d say the rest were “augmented”.

    Thank you Sir Dr Proffessor Sgt, William Brigs for the sample explanation!
    I’ve noticed the same thing happening, I think, on John’s Hopkin’s offerings regarding case fatality rate.

  6. Mathman

    Benford is constraint-sensitive. One needs to carefully select limits.

    See Dr. Nigrini’s extensive work:

    Whatever the case, the sudden injection of highly-skewed ballots providing just enough nudge to drag him over the finish line is highly questionable.

    Coupled with the PA AG’s pre-election comment of “when all the votes are counted, Joe Biden will win” and the rubber-stamping PA Supreme Court, it will probably go to SCOTUS. (from Nov 3rd!)

    Also note that a very close battle in Allegheny County for a Representative was tipped in favor of the Democrat (Lamb) thanks to late votes.

    Every close Congressional race should be examined.

  7. Mathman

    Ideally the mail-in ballots need scrapped save for the case of Armed Forces serving overseas. Everyone else should go with the Iraq-style purple finger I voted with some form of highly secure & auditable ballot or machine on one day with all polls closing at the same time (for their time zone) and absolutely no releases of vote totals until the last polls close. It’s crazy that the most advanced country in history is flailing about with this current patchwork disaster. It’s criminal that media outlets “call” elections before they are closed. Any tampering with the process should warrant mandatory prison time* and permanent loss of voting rights and any future involvement.

    *1 year for each tampered ballot. No limit. No parole.

    We’ll accept a fair loss. A rigged victory undermines the system completely.

  8. Jerry

    We are fighting an enemy that firmly believes that the end justifies any means necessary. This isn’t politics anymore, it’s religion.

    We were the naive ones, thinking they would ever accept another Trump term, under any circumstance.

  9. Joy

    Stationery order…

  10. Anon

    Apparently “unity” means “preparing a list of your enemies.” Is Merriam-Webster updating the definition?

  11. The data you seem to be working with is adequate to raise suspicion but not, I think, adequate to proving anything either way. I hope I’m wrong. but..

    On the plus side I expect the supremes will rule on the law and so give PA to Trump.

    Now, however, if you really want to show cheating.. do a random draw of about 900 or so people listed as having voted. Then have police officers do in-person interviews with ALL of them and compare the results to election averages. My bet? Nationally Mr. Trump got between 56 and 62% of the vote – and the interview process will turn up lots of people who didn’t vote and an average that differs markedly from reported results.

  12. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    St Augustine : “There is no justice save in that commonwealth whose founder and ruler is Christ” and “Kingdoms without justice are but criminal gangs”.

    Thus, any country (like our American Empire) that legislates contrary to the commandments of Jesus Christ, King of Heaven and Earth, is aught but a criminal gang but we are supposed to worry about voting?

    America, the Evil Empire, is the biggest baddest ass alpha dog gang ever, compared to which the Crips and the Bloods are aught but crippled blood hound puppies.

    So what sentient Catholic Traditionalist wants to vote for the Political Crips, the Stupid Party (Republicans) or vote for the Political Bloods, the Evil Party (Democrats) and continue to validate the baddest ass gang ever?

    Gangs are violent, lawless, vicious, and always striving to conquer the territory of other gangs.

    And Amateur Brain Surgeon did not vote for a gang.

    Don’t vote in national elections
    Reasons to Quit Voting

    There are four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance and all four sins are the positive public policy of this Evil Empire, America, and all four sins are the favored objects of positive law in this Evil Empire, America.

    Willful Murder (Abortion, Unjust Wars, Drones, Assassinations)

    The Sin of Sodom (So-called Gay marriage, the acceptance of sodomy as permissible and even praise worthy)

    Oppression of the Poor (Usury, which is state-sponsored theft of labor).

    Defrauding Laborers of their Wages (Mass immigration which undermines the wage scale, closing manufacturing in America and relocating it overseas to be done by slaves)

    So, go ahead, keep voting.

    Tell your own self you are discharging you civic duty because you are. As a subject of an Evil Empire, it is your duty to vote to legitimise these institutionalised evils which call to Heaven for God to destroy this Evil Empire.

    As for ABS, he ain’t ever again voting in national elections. He’ll stay home and not participate in these evil elections. He’ll stay home, drink some quality cabernet and listen to Mozart, Vivaldi, and Beethoven.

    Can even one reader of this excellent Blog explain how a vote for Trump would have resulted in America abandoning even one of its four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance?

    Vote fraud is not even visible when compared with the positive evil of America’s support for the four sins and yet a majority of those who think Trump for screwed in the vote is what really matters.

    As to the thought that voting, which has resulted in America’s sick and evil ways, is to be considered somehow a sacred act of democracy illustrates just how stupid and evil democracy is.

  13. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear McChuck. Mr. Theodore Beale (Vox Popoli owner) is an Arian who thinks the Trinity Doctrine is heresy and he predicted a “Trumpslide” and he calls Trump the God-Emperor and he is an immigrant to Italy yet demands all immigrants must be sent back and so maybe he is not so much engaged in discovery of voter fraud but an unreliable person who is trying to account for his failed predictions – “I wasn’t wrong because…”

    One doesn’t expect a You know, I was WAY off in my predictions from a person who is always trumpeting his extremely high IQ while describing the Doctrine of the Trinity as a heresy.

    He can’t ever be wrong…

  14. Kathleen

    Have you seen this:

    Hopefully the link doesn’t break your message system. If it does do a search on:

    Facebook and Twitter Suspend Accounts That Posted on Benford’s Law

    And select the Gateway Pundit article.

    It appears that Math Geeks are the greatest threat to the forces of darkness!

    Buhahaha! Go! Go!

    Our teeny tiny little pro life twitter account got swept up in the dragnet.

  15. Dennis

    This is what the weaponization of coronadoom for political purposes was all about – use it as the excuse to introduce the least secure, most easily defrauded voting system in the world to make sure Trump gets ousted. Biden even said the quite part loud at one point and admitted they had in place the biggest voter fraud operation in history (no wonder he didn’t bother campaigning most of the time). And they knew they’d have the media on their side, ignoring all evidence of the fraud, refusing to do any in depth reporting, pretending it’s just conspiracy theories (even though there is far more evidence than there ever was for their claims that Russia “hacked” the 2016 election and stole it from Hilary), and insisting that Biden is “President-Elect” because they say so, hoping if they say it enough people will start to believe it and just accept the mass fraud perpetrated upon the nation. The media and the Dems would do well to remember “Presidents-Elect” Dewey and Gore.

    Fortunately some legislators in these states are preparing to take action as well (I even saw where AGs of some other states are taking action to challenge votes in some other states – not sure of the legal argument there though). States legislatures can simply declare the results irrevocably tainted and elected a Trump slate of electors to the EC, since state legislatures and not courts have the final say when it comes to choosing electors to the EC. This may be the way to go, because we can’t trust justice to prevail in the court system any more than we can trust the media to do any serious investigative reporting.

    Funny how as recently as the 2009 bi-partisan commission into mail-in voting headed by Jimmy Carter and Jim Baker, and in 2012, most Dems and media like the NYT were against mail-in voting – which they then perceived as favoring the GOP – saying it was too prone to fraud, etc. The trend toward early voting is also a disaster. Too many ballots floating around for too long before actual election day present too many fraud opportunities and potential for chain of custody issues. Too great a reliance on computerized system like the Dominion program also raise issues of proper paper trail and reliance on the code (The old saw used to be that its not the votes but who counts them that matter, now it might be who codes the machine that matters). All early and mail-in voting (except traditional absentee ballots for limited circumstances) should be banned. One election day, in-person, with ID proof, immediate count that day once polls close. Even countries like Brazil manage this. It’s a disgrace that the US can’t conduct a reasonable, orderly, and reliable national election (of course, for years the Dems have gamed the rules to develop the most lax, easily manipulated system because it favors them and enables fraud, all the while accusing others of “suppressing votes,” opposing “voter rights,” etc. for wanting to have a system with any integrity). If what’s happening here were happening in South America, Russia or elsewhere in eastern Europe, no doubt US politicians and media would be denouncing the election, calling it farce, calling for sanctions and international intervention, etc. What a sick joke this country has become.

  16. Dennis

    “Can even one reader of this excellent Blog explain how a vote for Trump would have resulted in America abandoning even one of its four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance?”

    No doubt you are right ABS (I’ve long abstained from elections as well – to participate in the system is to perpetuate it. I’d love to see an election with 0% turnout as a big FU and vote of no-confidence in the system), but certainly Biden will be far worse on each of the issues you mention (especially abortion) compared to Trump. I’ve never been particularly great fan of Trump, and realize as well that he has been, and would be in a second term, far from ideal on many issues…but he has been and would be be far better than Biden on countless issues as well. The neo-con perpetual warmongers (reports of Biden even getting advice from Cheney!) and the abortion-loving Moloch worshipers at Planned Parenthood are already salivating at the thought of Biden getting in.

  17. Kathleen

    STATISTICIANS and now the TOP topic on Parler!

    You go!

  18. Jerry

    ABS, an interesting viewpoint. On some days I might even agree with you. Not today. In practical terms it is, sorry to say, hogwash.

    We live in this Evil Empire and that is reality. Do what you can, even if it appears useless, to fight the gang that you are against the most. The “Most Evil” gang. They would prefer you not to vote, which is the best reason to do so.

  19. Rudolph Harrier


    I will agree with your assessments of Vox Day’s personal defects. However, is the data that he cites incorrect?

    Here is the original link:

    Honestly I don’t know if this is evidence of fraud, because I don’t know how consistent the ratio of mail in voting is. So for instance I don’t know if the PA data, where there is more of a smooth increase, is anomalous or not. But the WI and MI data, where there are sudden spikes followed by consistent ratios between spikes, does seem fishy to me.

  20. Fredo

    RH: That looks pretty compelling to me and for damn sure this ain’t over. Ironic
    that the party that accused Trump of using Russia to win the election resorts to
    out right fraud by ballot stuffing. I like the bit where because the mail in ballots
    show a distinct pattern in all other states you can clearly spot the fraud in the late
    counters. Hoisted by their own petard.

  21. Hi Matt,
    Thank you for this paper.
    My situation analysis follows.
    Best, Allan

    It’s ALL a Democrat scam – the enviro false scare including the climate and green-energy nonsense, the full-Gulag lockdown for Covid-19, paid-and-planned protests by Antifa and BLM, AND NOW the mail-in ballot election fraud – it’s all false.

    We published that the Climate-and-Green-Energy scare was a false narrative in 2002, and by 2009 I wrote that there was a covert agenda, Now the radical greens are admitting that “Global Warming aka Climate Change and Green Energy” was false propaganda, a smokescreen for their Marxist objectives.

    I called Covid-19 correctly on 21March2020 – NO LOCKDOWN! Covid-19 was a relatively mild flu except for the very elderly and infirm. Covid-19 is less dangerous to the general public than seasonal flu’s of recent decades that nobody remembers – the full-Gulag lockdown was not just a huge over-reaction, it was a scam to steal the election.

    Sweden correctly did not impose the full-Gulag lockdown and had low death rates and has now achieved herd immunity – forget vaccines, all flu’s die because herd immunity is reached.

    The Covid-19 lockdown was used to enable the huge mail-in vote, where the Dems were able to produce hundreds of thousands of false ballots. All the pieces of the puzzle are now in place.

    The radical green objective is to destroy prosperity and move the USA into a planned economy – with a few rich at the top looking down on the many poor peasants – that now describes most countries, and the USA is next if Biden wins.

    We stand at the abyss. If Biden wins, it will be one man, one vote, once – the end of freedom. Europe and Canada have already fallen far down that “road to Venezuela”. If America falls, there will be nowhere left to run to.

  22. Erich Schwarz

    Mr. Briggs,

    Dare I hope that your analyses are going to end up in the hands of Trump’s legal team?

  23. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Back in the day, Christians refused to offer a pinch of incense to the Emperor-God but the Christians of today not only do that -its called voting- but complain their some of their incense was stolen or that the other worshippers had their incense missed with fake incense.

    Isn’t an Evil Empire legitimised by Christians when they vote for leaders, all of whom support and propagate the Four Sins crying to heaven for vengeance?

    Trump was busy helping to spread acceptance of sodomy in foreign countries, he is in favor of abortion on demand, like all modern POTUS he chooses moral monsters from Goldman Sachs as Sec of Treasury, he ended not one war although promising to end them all, he not only did not stop illegal immigration (Covid) he RARELY spoke about it during the election season etc etc.

    The lesser of evils is still quite evil but ABS knows he is like the cheese when it comes to voting

  24. Bryce

    Ok, the stats suggest fraud but tests need to be applied to samples of ballots to confirm:
    1. samples of ballots need to be back-traced to those who filled them out. “Is this your signature?” Did you fill out this ballot. The rate of dead voters and fradulent voters will need to be confirmed county-by-county in swing states. All the while, poll workers will figure out how to throw out more Trump ballots and sneak-in more Biden ballots, like the 2000 election.
    2. Voting machines themselves will have to be tested against sample stacks of hand-counted ballots. This is likely how they discovered fraud in MI.
    3. Vote aggregation software will have to be tested.
    4. He should’ve set up some sort of sting and legal team beforehand. It looks like he left this to Jared, and Jared didn’t pull-through.

    Dems have been refining their tradecraft for decades while the GOPe did nothing. Now the GOPe won’t fight for Trump because he’s 1) not an establishmentatarian and 2) had a chaotic, self-isolating administration and 3) he is Donald Trump, not St. Augustine 4) he doesn’t have a legal plan and 5) judges and state assemblymen might not care if he did (4).

    The best thing we can hope for is that he exposes as much fraud as possible to further topple this great kingdom which, divided against itself, cannot stand.

    Also, what ABS said. Our sins are very grave and have reached the ears of the Almighty.

  25. Margy

    Great article. Wish everyone in America had access to this information. Will we ever have a fair election in America? This is sickening,

  26. Bobcat

    Yep, you’ve hit it on the nail there Briggs as well as other persons here. It would be great to see the lamestream media like CNN, NPR, etc. and Silicon Valley like Google, Facebook, get sued a big crap load of money for how they cover the news and censor information. But that probably won’t happen unfortunately.

    Indeed, there is no republic ordered under law and fairness when people cheat on the votes. Trump and others should stick to this fight.

  27. Robbie

    Thank you for compiling all of this data. You are doing incredible work and it is making a difference in making sure that our elections are fair and honest

  28. Not important

    want to simplify your work? That is easy, the behind the scene people want the Republican out ! Why ! What did republican do ? They changed the rule of the game ! For now it’s not permanent ! And they want to change igback before it become permanent ! You know paper money right? USA currency run everything in the world how much is everything ! LITERALLY EVERYTHING ! It is so if that the people behind the scene went and bought Fox News to make it Democrat ! Yep that big ! So what did republican do ! They created a way to prevent an easy way to buy a juge, à nuclear weapon from USA if say you are an enemy of USA , etc etc etc etc! We talk SKIDS OF CASH HERE! Imagine train of cash ! Yep ! Republicans likely unknowingly found a way to shut down corruption of anything ! can’t buy the assassin because it is done with paper money ! Can’t,cant, can’t ! I was thinking ,come on , it’s just paper money ! Yep , but almost all the world favor usa money , do you know how much usa paper money is required in China alone ? Just for illegal shit ? if china was to go digital ? It would fix all their problem ! Yep it is that big ! The sad news is that digital is also being attacked ! Anyway! Now you know what you possibly did not know ! There is another portion but that one I ll let you find it ! since vast majority isn’t aware of it !only people with vast sum of money would be aware of it ! Nice system hey ?

  29. Keith

    Did you run the “Late Vote” additions logic for some other states? If so, can you share?

    I’d love to see if that pattern we’re all supposed to be believing about unreal mail-in ballot behavior towards Biden holds up against control states.

  30. Dennis

    DAV: He accidentally spoke the quiet part loud. But because he’s also a dementia-addled fool, they get away with just brushing it off as “misspeaking” (and they knew the media will never ever press him on anything throughout his astroturf campaign).

  31. Giovanni Santostasi

    1) The media and many official organizations pointed to Russia interference in the 2016 election not via tampering of the votes (they tried) but in particular via social media misinformation and hacking of privileged informaton of the DNC party. That was the big deal that most medica focused about. This is been proven many times and many ways that it happened and it had a huge effect on the 2016 election.
    Almost nobody said that the voting system itself was compromised.

    2) “Again, throughout the days after the election, votes were added to both candidate totals at various times. You’d expect that sometimes the additions would favor Trump, sometimes Biden. The split wouldn’t be 50-50, of course, but would reflect the true underlying vote”.

    No, because as you said the COVID fearing and clever people (based on reality and science not your bs statistical garbage analysis) voted for Biden and not Trump.
    Not sure what is difficult to understand about that.

  32. DAV

    “The split wouldn’t be 50-50, of course, but would reflect the true underlying vote”.

    No, because as you said the COVID fearing and clever people (based on reality and science not your bs statistical garbage analysis) voted for Biden and not Trump.
    Not sure what is difficult to understand about that.

    So you are saying the split was 100-0 favoring Biden? That any randomly selected batch of votes would have NONE for Trump? All because: COVID? Yet COVID must have been handily defeated a few days after the election — just in time the Biden celebrations — otherwise all of those COVID-fearing people wouldn’t have gathered like that.

  33. Dennis

    “No, because as you said the COVID fearing and clever people (based on reality and science not your bs statistical garbage analysis) voted for Biden and not Trump.”

    Ah yes, the “clever” people voted for more Covid fearmongering and paranoia, “Dark Winter,” more lockdowns, and face diapers mushed in their faces forever.

  34. Ernie

    Mr Briggs, Just heard you on Rush 11/12/20 What a bunch of hogwash. I am the only Dem in my family and we received mail in voter regies. Now please note my family are GOPers So are you telling me that their forms made it ok but 100s of thousands in other states in the country did not go out to Republicans??????
    My family today is completely embarrassed by Trump as you also should be.
    I am a registered Dem but I vote as an Independent. I am NOT afraid to cross party lines.
    To finish when all the results in this election is officially verified will you then admit that this was an honest election? No matter of course who the winner is. Which I believe you already know the answer to that outcome. I mean it is all statistics.
    (no need to reply to my comments)

  35. Layor Nala

    Whenever statistics are used to support a situation I recall my statistics professor’s first statement in the first lecture – “statistics is a mathematicians prostitute. It can be twisted and turned to do what you want!”

    In my humble opinion, it is difficult to see how the ‘normal’ laws can be applied to the election results. The mail-in votes are from a separate and distinct population. It was always forecast that the mail-in votes would favour the Democrats. The arguments here do not appeal to me.

  36. DeCosta Clarke

    Amazing how history and facts overrule conspiracy and miseducation. The only conspiracy here is the one that is taking advantage of people’s emotions and unwillingness to ready an entire article. You are all being played, and it doesn’t matter to which party you falsely believe you belong (because parties do not maintain their belief and value systems over time).

    The true sheep are those who don’t read his last 2 lines and understand what they mean.

    “A sample size of 217 is just not that large, and this analysis by itself is inconclusive. Higher counts can be looked at, say over 1,000 or whatever, or for only certain counties, but this further shrinks the sample size.”

    This means he made the sample sizes to further his argument “and this analysis by itself is inconclusive”, not taking a complete holistic country wide view of the statistics and applying the same methodology. He broadly admits that Trump also had some anomalies in the voting, but surely it was much more for Biden in these particular counties, because that’s the only place I looked at these numbers, so that’s what I picked out for you.

    So what he is really saying that it is possible that if he looked elsewhere he could find the same anomalies, if he really looked…

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