Do Not Buy The Manufactured Second-Wave Panic: Coronavirus Update XXXIX

Do Not Buy The Manufactured Second-Wave Panic: Coronavirus Update XXXIX


The Price of Panic: How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic into a Catastrophe

It is with no pleasure that I announce we told you so. The panic, juiced by the media and embraced with vigor by our uniparty elites, succeeded. Mail-in ballots went out in tremendous number, and were delightedly received by our rulers to do with what they would. The election is imbrogiled and the oligarchs have grown bold.

The Great Reset which these fine people desire is now underway, leveraging the panic. They say this in their own words. Since the virus, like all viruses, is ebbing into the background to join the collection of bugs that forever besiege us, and there therefore being no need to fret, the Reseters have to discover a way to keep the panic hot.

They are doing this by falsely reporting “surges” in “cases”. And by screaming about deaths with no context what the numbers mean. The proof of all this is below.

Since we have a lot of new visitors, I’m just doing the numbers this week, so folks don’t get lost.


Sources: daily tests, CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). All current as of Monday night.

Daily tests:

This is the number of daily coronadoom tests. The date of the media’s (COVID Tracking Project) peak attributed deaths is noted: attributed deaths have been steadily declining since then (they will never go to 0). This will be demonstrated below, using the more reliable CDC numbers.

These testing levels are in no way justified. We have long ago breached absurdity, with only insanity in front of us.

The coronadoom test has at least a 1-4% false positive rate (see previous updates for links, discussion). Math exercise: given a 1-5% prevalence rate, with this false positive rate, how many false positive tests will be reported in 1.6 million tests? Every single day?

The test also picks up asymptomatic and minor infections. None of these positive test indications are “cases”. The media and politicians call them “cases”, which is false. It is not true. It is wrong. It is a harmful misleading lie. This cannot be overemphasized.

A case is a person with a genuine infection who seeks and requires treatment. Most people who get the doom do not need treatment.

The ridiculous levels of testing allow the media to trumpet “surges” in “cases”, news which frightens people. They use the testing level to claim the infection is spreading like mad, which isn’t true. Further, excepting useless idiot reporters, the people in power know this.

Reports of “surges” in “cases” are being used as a political tool. Don’t believe it? Here’s the latest headline “US hits 100,000 new COVID cases in a single day“. We now see this is a gross criminal exaggeration.

Here is the proof. CDC weekly attributed coronadoom deaths:

First, these are attributed deaths, which include all those dying with or dying from the coronadoom. These are not the same. There are roughly 3-4,000 attributed deaths of any kind, and falling. But see the warning about flu below.

Second, the CDC always lags in collecting data, so the rapid fall off at the end is an artifact of late reporting. They say it takes up to eight weeks for full data collection, but most counts are in by three.

In any case, there is no longer any crisis, except one manufactured by media and politicians. You cannot expect zero deaths: this will never happen. This virus, like all other similar viruses (flu etc.), will be with us forever. If you are waiting for zero deaths to cease panicking, you will therefore wait forever.

Here’s the proof of that claim. The CDC weekly ALL CAUSE death counts. Same warning about late counting applies.

Believe it or not, many, many, many people die of causes other than the doom. The black line is all deaths, including the doom. The dashed is all minus attributed doom, and the red, for perspective, is the doom. A lot smaller, no? (Again, the drop off is late counts.) The blue line, about the same order as the doom, is flu+pneumonia (it’s the pneumonia that kills most flu patients).

The CDC stopped reporting separate flu and pneumonia deaths in 2020, but I estimate them by subtracting COVID deaths from those “involving” their word pneumonia or flu or COVID. That’s the dashed blue line.

Some 50 to 60 thousand people die every week in the States, with the number swelling during flu season. A smaller and decreasing number, 3 to 4 thousand, die with or of the coroandoom. Yes, deaths were high in April, just as they were because of flu in 2018. But there is no reason anymore to worry about the doom, anymore than you’d worry about flu.

(Notice, too, the gradual upward course of the line, due to population increase, which you have to keep in mind when comparing years.)

Here’s the proof why there is no need to panic. The CDC official population mortality rates for the all causes other than the doom, and the doom (with and of).

No matter what age you are, you have about 10 times or more greater chance of dying from something other than the doom. And this chance is decreasing at the coronavirus fades into the background. The worst that can be said is that very old people die more often than young.

Young (< 65) healthy people are not being killed by the doom—or much of anything else. Yet it is this demographic most panicked and most influential. We all have more to worry about with flu. That is, we usually do. But there is a problem with the flu: it seems to have disappeared, an impossibility.

Here it the proof of that. The CDC flu tracking results (pulled Monday night). The different colors represent different virus strains—yes, the flu still exists, even though we have had a vaccine for half a century.

October is the usual start of the flu+pneumonia season. Yet the samples checking for flu have dropped into the gutter. This seems to imply flu has disappeared.

It hasn’t. Testing for it has (the same is true at a global level: see past updates on this site for comments about the WHO’s global flu tracking). Perhaps everybody is concentrating on the coronadoom tests, ignoring flu tests.

The concern is that some flu+pneumonia deaths will be added to the “dying with coronadoom” column. The proof of that is that CDC no longer lists separate flu deaths. They used to. They used to release a weekly file which had flu and also pneumonia deaths. They still release the file, but those columns are now empty (here’s an older one to compare). In the latest surveillance report, they do not list separate flu and pneumonia deaths, and instead conflate them with coronadoom (please check this yourself if you doubt).

The exception is pediatric deaths. They say: “One influenza-associated pediatric death occurring during the 2019-20 season was reported to CDC, bringing the total for that season to 195. No deaths occurring during the 2020-21 season were reported.” This is odd since flu is a big pediatric killer.

About masks (don’t bother with them) and all the rest, please see the other updates.

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  1. Sheri

    Proof is irrelevant in a society of dolts.

  2. John B()

    As a man once famously said: “What is truth?” … and then didn’t wait for the answer

  3. JC

    John B(), then as now, the answer stood in front of him.

  4. Michael Dowd

    Covid is essentially a political control mechanism for the New World Order reset to achieve population reduction and other goals. Continuation of the Covid “crisis” provides development time and build support for a vaccine which will get population reduction plan, etc. in full operation. Our “season of hell” is upon us.

  5. Nate

    Matt, the statistical evidence is overwhelming. You caused the Coronadoom to drive traffic to your blog, sell books, and put you into the spotlight! I have wee-p values that prove this.

  6. Two Buddhist priests and a Zen master, all friends, were walking through the gardens, discussing philosophy. They came upon a boulder that the path split around. The two priests debated, and determined that the boulder could not possibly exist, as it disturbed the harmony of the path. The Zen master merely shook his head, patted the boulder, and walked away.

  7. Sheri

    I understand that rational people think a rational explanation is appropriate. But using logic and statistics about Covid is like pulling out the family budget and explaining to your three-year-old who is having a tantrum that he can’t have a new computer tablet because there’s no money in the budget. He does not care about your stupid budget, numbers or anything except he’s not getting the tablet. Some things are a total waste of time.

    Some out there will read this to reassure themselves they are right, a purpose it is appropriate for. As is simply learning more about statistics and how they work. However, as with the three-year-old, hoping for understanding or even caring by more than a few…..Not happening.

  8. Dean Ericson

    Briggs is cultivating here a disease-resistant strain of American, immune to the viral leftism burning civilization down around us. When the smoke clears we few survivors will go out among the ruins and rebuild a sober, serious, and sane civilization, under God. We just have to get through this ravaging Blue Death with our spirits and sanity intact.

  9. awildgoose

    A long time ago, Ronald Reagan gave a speech about a time for choosing…

    …I believe we are at such a critical juncture in human history.

  10. A Cabral

    In government affairs, never attribute to incompetence to what can be ascribed to malice…

  11. Rudolph Harrier

    Governor Walz is ramping up concerns about the high spread of the disease in 18-35 year olds, i.e. precisely the demographic to not have any worries about the disease. There have been 13 attributed deaths in that range in MN, as compared to 2,675 deaths in total. Or to do another comparison, in comparison to about 56,000 “cases.” So a .02% case death rate.

    Indeed 18-35 year olds are the demographic of least concern since while 0-18 year olds are even more resistant to the disease, you can at least argue that they are in constant contact with older relatives. But 18-35 year olds are much more likely to live alone or with others of the same age (or perhaps with young children that aren’t at risk). It’s also a demographic which has been pushed hardest to do testing, both by the department of health and as a condition for education/employment.

    We are expected to get an announcement about the closure of bars and outlawing of wedding parties as a result of this. The theory is that this will make 18-35 year olds stay home and do nothing, though as I’ve previously observed that didn’t happen even in the height of our general lockdown. There has been an announcement that we will have even more free testing opportunities, these specifically aimed at asymptotic individuals. For comparison there have been over 3 million tests of over 2 million separate individuals, in a state of about 5.7 million people. We’re to the point where over 1 and 3 people have already been tested. But according tot he department of health, there’s still not enough testing. We will unironically hit a testing level higher than the population of the state before this is all over.

  12. Dennis

    And it will only get worse if Biden, the most compromised and corrupt tool of the Deep State, is installed on Jan 20. It’s certainly no coincidence that his “transition” website address is the Great Reset and Agenda21 slogan “Build Back Better” Covid-19 (and perhaps soon Coivd-21) has all along been nothing but to socio-political tool for getting rid of Trump and re-ordering the world.

    Archbishop Viganò’s latest on our current predicament, released today:

  13. Dennis

    And there’s this today ( from some clown Joe Biden is promoting among his prospective “Covid Advisory Board” members:

    “The Biden adviser said the ‘darkest months’ are ahead when it comes to Covid-19, due to the winter driving people indoors, and fatigue and disaffection affecting their willingness to adhere to health guidelines. ‘Get ready. We’re going to be hitting 200,000 or more cases a day, and we have to get prepared in our hospitals,’ he told MSNBC’s Morning Joe program on Monday.

    These people are utterly sick and evil. Anything to keep the fear and parnaoia going endlessly to promote their agenda. Never mind Dark Winter if Biden is installed on Jan 20. It will be an endless Dark Future for all. And that’s what they want.

  14. Dennis

    should be an end ” after Monday above.

  15. Brad Tittle

    @Sheri — A friend of mine once told me that less than 1 in 50 of the people he taught at Nuclear Power School ever “Got It”. That didn’t mean that only 1 in 50 were worthwhile to the Navy. It just meant that only 1 in 50 managed to leap from the rote response to “understanding”.

    I went into a house my sister staged for sale. Staging has a purpose. It helps to get rid of things that cause people to walk away. It does not “sell” the house. As i walked through the house, I appreciated the staging. It let me see what would have been an empty house configured as a livable house. But she did something magical. She laid out a little black dress on a chair in the master bedroom. I looked at that LBD and said “that is a goddam brilliant accent”. The man selling the house was there and he nodded his head in agreement with me.

    I have shared that observation with others recently and they think I am nuts for thinking a LBD was brilliant. “WHAT? You think that sold the house?”

    Nope. I think it was a way to use sex to sell without most people realizing it was happening. How many advertisements in the world use sex to sell overtly? This LBD was the most subtle thing. Sex toys in a drawer might offend someone. A neglige on the floor would do the same. Even a skirt would be too much and cause more people to leave than stay. Everyone overlooks the LBD. But it is there and it does affect at least half of the people walking through the house. Not much. I didn’t buy the house. Most of the people who walked through the house didn’t buy the house.

    I walked through a more Professionally staged house. (My sister now has a certification that makes her an ‘expert’). Design wise it looks lovely. I can’t argue with much in the way of design decisions. Colors match and are up to date. The LBD is gone though. Instead there is an artfully arranged lacy thing on the end of the bed and throw pillows perfectly placed.

    And the expert lost the purpose of staging a house. (There are piles of black stones in the sink. LBD –> sex. Little black stones –> #()#$#$, to clean the sink, I have to take those @)@#$@(#$ stones out… )

    There are people here who understand what I wrote. There are people here saying “WHAT THE F is he talking about, this has nothing to do with statistics!”

    The right answer is to back slowly away from such people and go somewhere else.

    Because sales is nothing if it is not statistics in action that has nothing to do with statistics.

  16. Rudolph Harrier

    I’ve been keeping track of the IHME numbers for a while, to see how their predictions flatten over time. Started on Labor Day, when their “current projection” was 420,000 deaths in the US by January 1 (now it’s down to just over 320,000; 100,000 lives saved!)

    But they’ve simply stopped updated their model. Deaths from the last month have not been updated, they are still projections about what they thought must happen a month ago. As such, their predictions for the end of the year do not change either. It was always the case that the most recent information was just projected, since their is a reporting delay, but they used to use actual reports for the stuff a week or so ago. No longer.

    It’s getting to the point where I wonder if they will update their model at all between now and 2021, and if they will declare the “official” death toll on January 1 to be what their model says, i.e. the exact same prediction used today.

  17. brad tittle

    On a different and also completely unrelated but completely connected note.

    I watched my son sell popcorn. I hate selling popcorn. My son doesn’t really like it that much either. He managed to sell $25,000 of popcorn over 3 years of selling during the popcorn season. (Boy Scouts). Watching him sell taught me a lot. Talking with him about it made me realize that he understood more than he knew he understood. His technique is beyond simple.

    When someone enters the store, he greets them politely. When they exit the store he asks “Would you like to buy some popcorn to support Boy Scouts”. When they say “NO”, he responds “Thank you, have a nice day!”

    Simple bloody script. Give that script to 50 different scouts and you will get 100 different implementations. Some will be successful and others will manage to drive people further away. Watching the people respond to him was interesting. He got some other scouts sales. He did this by having his “Have a nice day” be sincere every single time he said it.

    He could go a couple hours without a sale and still remain sincere. Part of this is is because he had managed to do it consistently several times. Part of this may be because he was lucky the first few tries. Or he managed to forget the failures. Because he remained optimistic on the surface, he rarely didn’t meet his target.

    But all of that had more to do with reality than any covid case.

  18. Dennis

    Latest from Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF and author of “The Great Reset” (

    “Due to mandatory social restrictions, single people are finding it more difficult than ever to meet each other…As the global population is currently not #sustainable and birth rates need to fall, this can be viewed as a very positive outcome of the #Covid_19 pandemic”

    Like the Gates family, this man’s real goal is massive population reduction. Covid is just one aspect of the overall plan (I think they erred, though, in picking the wrong virus…turned out not to be the new Black Death they were hoping for to cull the population in the massive numbers they desire).

    And get a load of his Twitter avatar pic: Looks like some cross between Dr. Evil and a wannabee Star-Trek commander on a distant planet.

  19. Dennis

    My God it’s even worse than I thought: Now he claims Xmas has been banned due to Covid! Scrolling through his timeline, it is clear Schwab is utterly evil (

    “Even though Xmas will be officially banned this year, due to #COVID19 restrictions, it is still permissible to buy someone a present….May I suggest a wonderful, #sustainable book, for those that can read?
    Merry Winterville
    [followed by link to Amazon listing of his Great Reset book]

  20. awildgoose

    Schwab may have been born in 1938, but it’s clear that he absorbed the Naxi worldview thoroughly.

    It’s also clear adrenochrome works.

  21. John B()

    @brad tittle :: “A friend of mine once told me that less than 1 in 50 of the people he taught at Nuclear Power School ever “Got It”.”

    I wonder which 50 Jimmy Carter fell in … (I’m sure he worked hard at it!)

  22. Jerry

    If you live in Texas, at least in the DFW area, and haven’t been tested – you are actively resisting it. Which I am. You can’t even pick up your meds at a CVS drive-thru window anymore, that is reserved for testing.

    BTW, Sheri hit the nail on the head about rational explanations. They don’t want to hear it. It is literally blasphemy. Keep them coming though, Sgt. Briggs – I do appreciate them.

  23. Dean Ericson

    Dennis, thanks for that link to Archbishop Viganò’s latest. Top drawer stuff.

    I can’t imagine why my Lutheran leadership hasn’t anything to say of comparable substance. I check their websites, but it’s only non-racist jello dessert recipes. So odd. Where’s Martin Luther when you need him?

  24. Dean Ericson

    Dennis: ”And get a load of his Twitter avatar pic: Looks like some cross between Dr. Evil and a wannabee Star-Trek commander on a distant planet.”

    Ha!, you’re so right, get a load of his getup; a cool, gray-black silk embroidered Fu Manchu winged dressing gown over black silk pajama top with a sinister scarab brooch at the neck. An hilarious over-the-top Bond villain costume ordered from Central Casting. I wonder if you can get that on Amazon? So scary. Picture him manning the control box of the Great And Powerful Oz. And we are all supposed to bow down, wearing our masks, before His Eminence, The Great And Ridiculous Schwabo. Fun times.

  25. Dean Ericson

    Dennis, is that a parody Klaus Schwab Twitter account, or a real one? Either way it’s pretty funny.

  26. Dean Ericson

    Brad Tittle: ”On a different and also completely unrelated but completely connected note.”

    Years ago a I read a newspaper story about a real estate agent who had just sold the Pan Am Building, in New York City. Putting his success in perspective, he told how he had worked on something like ninety-nine real estate deals that fell through before finally achieving a great success like selling the Pan Am Building. A lesson there.

  27. Dennis

    Actually, Dean, now that you mention it, I’m not sure. I didn’t see any “parody” disclaimers, and I couldn’t find any other accounts in his name that are verified. Perhaps it is fake, but if so I’m surprised he hasn’t had it shut down, due to the lack of disclaimers potentially misleading people. The pic with the Dr. Evil-esque outfit is definitely him and not photoshopped, and it sounds like the kind of bizarro things he’d say. Hmmm…I’ll try to check out more.

  28. C. P. Benischek

    Vigil Martinmas


    Ericson: i. Where’s Luther? In Hell. Although he’s more Catholic than Bergoglio.

    ii. Re Viganò, don’t feel bad over Lutheran episcopacy (such as it is). There’s not a Catholic bishop to stand w Carlo Maria (except the indefatigible Rene Henry Gracida, WWII tailgunner and 97 years young).

    Funny how Three Big Lies are so interrelated. I mean Corona; Biden Won; and Bergoglio’s (a) Catholic and (b) pope.

  29. Sylvain Allard

    Well I guess that state like Utah, North Dakota just filled their hospital bed with tourists.

  30. Dennis

    If you scroll down to the section “Mass Testing by the Army Turns Out to be a Good Thing” on the latest update, there is some interesting info there on the rollout of a new test in Liverpool. Using a “lateral flow” test instead of the usual PCR test lead to just 162 positives after testing 23,170 people, which is only 0.7%. Effectively the virus is gone form Liverpool. Yet the UK government is still in insane “lockdown” mode even worse than the US (though we will catch up if Dementia Joe is installed in January).

    Apparently this test is more reliable and has less false positives than the PCR, so why aren’t more places using it and being more honest about the unreliability of PCR test upon which most of the “case” mania has been predicated? What we have now is an insane test driven “casedemic” and it won’t stop until the testing obsession stops or a more reliable test proves that the virus and pandemic have basically been over for a while now. But I’m not sure the powers that be actually want it to be over…they love the power of rule by decree under cover of a claimed “health emergency” and don’t want to give it up (and the oligarchs love increasing wealth concentration and the destruction of small business).

  31. Rudolph Harrier


    Stop lying. You can only get to a situation where all North Dakota beds are filled by assuming that every COVID-19 “case” is a hospitalized case which requires the use of a hospital bed. According to the North Dakota department of health there are currently about 254 hospitalized due to COVID-19, in a state with about 2,000 hospital beds. And about 9% of those beds are open, when considering all uses of them (not just COVID-19). Number of hospitalized would have to nearly double before beds would be “full.”

    So stop lying.

  32. Sylvain Allard


    How often in its history did North Dakota hospital reach 100% capacity or above?

  33. John B()

    Technically it’s not a second wave it’s actually a third wave

    The 2017/2018 flu had a hospitalization crisis here and there – how’d ND fare then?

  34. Rudolph Harrier


    I had forget that you posted semi-regularly in the past. Enough to show that you are a liar who will not acknowledge when you have lied, as you demonstrate once again here.

  35. Dennis

    Report today that CIA operative Luciana Borio, who Biden has named to his hypothetical “Covid Task Force,” recommends linking food security, rent assistance, and other rights and benefits to taking the experimental Covid “vaccine” being rushed to market (not anything like a traditional inoculation, but one which messes with your RNA). These people are sick. Biden must be prevented form taking office by any means necessary. Full on mass tyranny, with “Covid” as the permanent excuse for permanent “Dark Winter” (another prospective Biden appintee had hand in that false flag op in 2001 with Anthrax) is just around the corner if Biden-Harris are installed. They’d be the most corrupt and compromised Deep State tools ever to occupy the White House.

  36. The Ghost of Ken Earle

    I agree with you that to panic is absurd. But I disagree that the pandemic is over, and that this is nothing but increased testing. This is a second wave, and entirely fits what we would generally expect from this sort of virus. Having said that….most of what we *claim* to know about all pandemics is really a basket of educated guesses based on very noisy data and lots of assumptions. Still….it is entirely reasonable to presume COVID-19 would have a seasonal pattern, and we are in the correct time for a seasonal spike. Of course, with flu and other viruses, seasonality varies geographically (flu is much more seasonal in the northeast than in FL, say), so you can’t make one statement that applies for all of the USA. But here in NJ – and I’m a physician practicing here – we are most definitely in a fall/winter surge. The good news is, it doesn’t seem to have the same velocity as what we had in March/April. People here are preparing for a rerun of March April, but are quite optimistic we won’t see it. In our lab, the positive test rate has increased around a half a point a day quite steadily over about 4 weeks, and our hospital went from one inpatient to about 50 over that time, so this is real. Death rate is significantly down, however, and we expect this is a combination of better management of patients, and that a significant number of the most vulnerable already succumbed in the spring. Time will tell.

  37. Joy

    3907486 Active cases
    1117 died today testing positive or recorded as dying from covid.
    18821 are classed as serious or critical.
    By my definition, that means those individuals are at least requiring oxygen and one on one nursing. Not just those admitted for observation having tested positive who are able to be sent home. Not just on a ward, even.
    On the intensive treatment unit or intensive care which ever you want to call it/ high dependancy/

    Those numbers aren’t being made up. Or is someone suggesting that they are?
    So why does it matter that some think it’s just like flu?
    Hospitals have a winter pressure season every year. They always will, unless hospitals want to work like the military, with excess capacity more most of the year. Systems need to be flexible and nimble.
    One can expect that many infectious diseases will diminish, while there is social distancing in place. If and when there is not, so the diseases will spread.
    Flu is relatively easy to control by comparison with Covid.
    What the numbers “tell you” is irrelevant to what is actually true.
    If it’s a good outcome you want then you need good information.
    If people don’t agree own what is a good outcome IS? then they’re not even in command of where they’re going! They’re going to feel insecure and angry, afraid or in a spin of some kind. Take no notice. It is not as bad as you think.
    Covid is deadly though. Not long to wait now.
    As the Irish man said,

    If I was going there? I wouldn’t start form here!

    Only the worst informed think a “case” listed without definition or justification means anything beyond the definition.

    As for accuracy. Testing is improving all the time and the best people can do is find the quality tests if they are going to undergo a test. As said, tests are checked, in the real world, ass opposed to the theoretical world of media and the mind.

  38. Joy

    “How often in its history did North Dakota hospital reach 100% capacity or above?”
    If it’s never happened it would be remarkable.

    Don’t let that get in the way of the argument though.

    So much chatter and talk/hot air on this is born out of nothing unusual being dressed up as something strange. Both sides of the extremes of this argument are doing this, incidentally.

    It still does not imply a conspiracy and a hoax about the disease’s nature.

    What’s happening is the left is taking advantage as they always do. The far right is mirroring and over controvers’ing, to create a scene. That’s what the media wants.

  39. Joy

    If people don’t agree on what a good outcome IS? Then they’re not even in command of where they’re going

    …Not long to wait now, for vaccination and improved detection from rapid testing and detection of those without symptoms who may be spreading the disease.

    Re masks? Use your common sense and listen to those you trust. If you feel better, wear a mask.
    You’re doing the right thing if your’e inside this winter for any period of time with people coughing and spluttering. More so than in the summer. Don’t tempt fate because you think you’re going to look cool to your political ‘friends’. They won’t be anywhere when you’re sick, or you loved ones are sick because you got cocky to make a point. That row is over.

  40. Dale

    Is this the first virus in history to rage through Spring and Summer ? Or …

  41. Joy

    “Is this the first virus in history to rage through Spring and Summer? Or…”

    Or is the flu and pneumonia comparison a misleading one for that, amongst many other reasons? It’s missing a lot of other information. Information absent in those assumptions that class them all in the same group; despite what is known many a long year by those dealing with microbes both under a microscope and in a clinic or even a kitchen.

    There’s a preponderance of asymptomatic spread,
    It’s a new virus to humans who havre no natural heard immunity, by definition,
    It IS showing a seasonal pattern of force of spread in common with other respiratory air born diseases.

    (Human behaviour, movement and ventilation being one reason; human immunity being the other large factor, which is still a new field of study.)

    “Is this the first virus in history to rage through Spring and Summer?”
    No and it won’t be the last. So

  42. Dale

    Mine was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Aren’t viruses predictably seasonal ? Don’t they thrive in cold and dry and recede in warm and humid ? Denis Rancourt has done a lot of work in that regard.

  43. Joy

    Dale, yes, it’s the force of transmission that changes with the seasonal effects on:
    human behaviour
    human immune system seasonal fluctuations,
    the virus itself.
    Biden and pilowsee don’t get a say.

  44. Richie 5 Angels

    The virus doesn’t exist…anyone care to wager on that.. Joy, put your money where your mouth is, ok,?

  45. Joy

    Rather be one of Charlie’s, he only had three.

  46. John B()

    Don’t look now … just based on weekend’s WoM, we’ve got at least another two weeks of “this wave” with deaths approaching 2K by December. Is it going to get worse? We’ll see.

  47. Dale

    Richie 5 Angels – supposing you’re right, what is your theory about why we had massive excess deaths mid-March to mid-April ?

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