Diversity Is Our Weakness: Special Forces Edition

Diversity Is Our Weakness: Special Forces Edition

For those that can’t see the tweet from the “Official Twitter account for the U.S. Special Operations Command”, it reads “‘Diversity and inclusion requires action. It requires decisions and it requires leaders that must put themselves out there and must make purposeful decisions,’ Gen. Richard Clarke, commander, USSOCOM speaking at Tampa ROCKS, Inc. over the weekend. Diversity strengthens #SOF.”

A contest guessing what “SOF” might mean would be a good distraction. Maybe—and this will be a bit naughty, so the sensitive should avert their eyes—Signaling Of Fouledupess. Only it wouldn’t be pronounced that way.

Don’t cry. You were warned, and this is the military where such language is not only not unusual, but expected.

Maybe you saw that picture that circulated a year or so back of the “most diverse”, or whatever, set of academy graduates. It was of a uniformed crowd of mostly obese and unfit black women, who, if asked to use the sabers they could barely heft, would very quickly learn the true importance of the next-of-kin papers they were asked to sign.

Before you think of the obvious joke, no. Such soldiers aren’t even useful as cannon fodder, because it takes too much effort to feed them, move them into place, and keep them from interfering with useful work.

And this goes just as strongly for women of no color. Including women for the sake of sex quotas is insane, because women should not be soldiers. We don’t need “data” or experiments to tell us this: knowledge of human nature, which is unchanging, is sufficient.

Women think they can be soldiers, though, because of a relentless stream of propaganda which includes movies where scrawny chopstick-armed 120-pound females kick the crap out of four or five 200-pound burly men using grrrrl power. In Reality, you could hit one of these men over the head with one of these women and the men would shrug it off. Computer graphics can make anything seem real.

The thing about this propaganda, is that when it began everybody creating it knew if for what it was. But as it continued and became part of the official religion of government, it became difficult even for its creators to remember it was all pretend. They gaslit themselves.

Clarke says pushing Diversity and Inclusion “requires decisions and it requires leaders that must put themselves out there and must make purposeful decisions”.

Out there? Out where? Out in the field with the rest of our woke, and pretend-woke, rulers?

Progressives and puritans of all kinds must pretend to have enemies. Thus a man who is in charge of everything and faces no opposition suggests he is battling against dark forces in his noble quest to see fewer white men on base. His mirror must be broken.

He also indulges in obligatory self-congratulation. In this case for “making decisions.” No commander made decisions before, especially decisions as bold as mandating race and sex quotas to make himself look better.

It isn’t only the military, naturally. It’s everywhere it shouldn’t be. Longtime reader and contributor Kent Clizbe sent us this call for papers from the Journal of Intelligence and Counter-intelligence.


Special Issue:
Looking for Diversity in Intelligence: Organizations, Processes, and People

Guest Editors: Ruben Arcos, Irena Chiru, Cristina Ivan

Intelligence as a field of study and practice holds several inherent obstacles to diversity and inclusion that are intrinsic to its development. Let us remember that organizational cultures of intelligence are based on an essentialized set of norms and values that are not to be questioned. Hence, boundaries become in their turn difficult to interrogate. Nevertheless, in the last two decades, the practice of intelligence has expanded from the traditional, in-silos practice of governmental organizations to a fluid framework that brings together various state, non-state and private actors and their continuous changing performances. A tension is hence set between various communities of practitioners, reflecting diversity, but making all the more difficult communication and interaction between them…

It is a poor comedian who takes the easy path of contrasting intelligence and the desire to see diversity, so I won’t do it.

I will say that every place Diversity is enforced becomes weaker. It does so because standards are lowered to accommodate and maintain the quotas. It does so while denying the standards will be lowered, and then, after they are lowered, claiming they were never needed.

We may therefore suppose that Diversity is a foreign psyop.

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  1. Sheri

    Are we sure the military speaks that way? Remember, the crybaby women and soyboys will have their teeny tiny feelings hurt. I doubt it’s allowed any more.

    Think of diversity as “evolution in action” removing those who hide from reality from the population. (Yes, it takes some innocents, but evolution is not choosy).

    Historically, women who wanted to be soldiers were soldiers, not by crying and bawling until “diversity” but by dressing like men, cutting their hair short and lowering their voices. They became for all practical purposes male soldiers. They were not “special” and they were not “diverse”, they were soldiers. PT standards allowed this women garbage. Proper testing is tossing you out of a plane in Death Valley in midsummer with a 150 lbs pack and coming back a week later to pick you up. Having snipers with hi-impact paint balls hunting you during this time. If you live and don’t require a month’s hospitalization, you qualify. We drop you ALONE so no cheating. Now, let women line up to sign up.

    GRRRL power is the government and haters way of killing women. Sadly, women are that stupid. They force women into these positions by shaming them. Again, Darwin wins.

    It’s like the stupid female goal kicker in the NFL—put her under 4 or 5 linebackers, and she’s a grease spot. So we let her do what thousands of women can do and kick a ball through goal posts. Big whoop. But you can say you have a “female” on your team. Or you could just get one of those linebackers to wear a dress and identify as female.

    Pushing Diversity and Inclusion is COWARDLY. There is no other term for it. YOU ARE A COWARD IF YOU PUSH THIS.

  2. Dean Ericson

    ”We may therefore suppose that Diversity is a foreign psyop.”

    Psychological warfare attacks by a foreign enemy. A foreign enemy. Not American. Not white. Not Christian. A foreign enemy that hates us, is out for vengeance, and considers us subhuman, fit only for plundering, debauching, enslaving, and destroying. An insidious, unseen enemy that infiltrates, subverts, and takes over everything and turns people into zombies who work for their own destruction. That would make a great Hollywood movie.

  3. George Christiansen

    Weak men are to blame here…again. Not just in the sense of allowing women into these positions (starting with giving them the vote), but by being so weak that more women are actually stronger than them.

    “As our mutual friend Mark Rippetoe wrote about a decade ago: “The strongest 30% of women are stronger than the weakest 30% of men.”, but I suspect that the current crop of young men has skewed the numbers in favor of even more women being stronger than men.

  4. ”We may therefore suppose that Diversity is a foreign psyop.”

    It is. It always has been. Jews and Communists (but I repeat myself) have never been, are not, and will never be American. They merely live here and rule over us goyim peasants.

    Remember Yuri Bezmenov. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1EA2ohrt5Q

  5. @George – The 30% numbers are already skewed. Twenty years ago, it was the top 10% of women were stronger than the bottom 10% of men.

  6. bob sykes

    If there is to be a resistance, then everything that weakens the US military should be supported.

  7. Jerry

    The Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Marines, Coast Guard….and all of us peasants…..are marching dutifully off of the cliff. We see it, we have folks pointing out the edge of the cliff, maps that show it down to the GPS coordinates, and spotlights on it at night.

    But we keep marching. Beats anything I’ve ever seen.

  8. awildgoose

    The USSR used exploit the diversity angle against the US constantly. I’m sure the CCP and its friends are doing the same.

    Engaging Russia or China in open warfare would be foolhardy at this point.

  9. Cloudbuster

    “In Reality, you could hit one of these men over the head with one of these women and the men would shrug it off.”

    Oh, I dunno. If swung by the ankles, I think the skull of a 120 lb. girl would make an effective, though very temporary, bludgeon.

  10. Cloudbuster

    ““As our mutual friend Mark Rippetoe wrote about a decade ago: ‘The strongest 30% of women are stronger than the weakest 30% of men.'”

    Rippetoe was wrong. Before being memory-holed, army fitness test results showed a much more vast gap. I don’t have the data in front of me so I won’t guess at the numbers, but only a tiny minority of women could keep up with even the worst men.

  11. awildgoose


    There is a great chart comparing the grip strength of men and women by age.

    The chart shows the average 80-year old man has a stronger grip than something like 99.9% of women.

  12. Yawrate

    I don’t much care if women are in the military. After all, there are plenty of administrative jobs that need to be filled. Just keep them out of combat units. What rankles me is the lowering of standards for special forces, including the Marine Corp. These units are the tip of spear, so to speak, and must be made up the fittest men possible. Women not only cannot keep up they present a serious problem for unit cohesion when inevitable “special” relationships develop.

  13. Dennis

    Looking at DuckDuckGo’s results for possible meanings of the acronym SOF, I believe it is supposed to stand for Special Operations Forces…but among the other options is Ship of Fools, which more accurately reflects the current state of military leadership, so I’m going with the latter.

    “Diversity is Our Strength” is yet another of those shibboleths trotted-out these days with religious fervor by everyone (or at least the supposed “elite” in media, politics, and corporate “leaders”) without thinking what it is supposed to actually mean, whether it is true only partially or at all, or whether it makes sense in any specific context. Just like “Masks Work” or “Trans Women are Women,” “Some Men Have a Uterus,” “Trust the Science,” or “Love is Love,” etc., “Diversity is Our Strength” is just another of the mind-deadening mantras of modernity.

  14. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    No women in the military. Period (Ok, that’s not funny )

    Women are ok if they stick to politics. Consider Mayor Pete whom Biden has tapped for Transportation Secretary

    Mrs. Pete Buttigieg -Chasten (Mr Chasten is the chubby hubby) is already paying dividends. Although Petey’s slyly-smiling image will be on all the new “Parking in the rear” signs at Federal Parking Facilities, he is going to shorten the name of the department so as to save money on printing all of the new and silly demands he plans to make.

    Mrs. Buttigieg will simply refer to his own self and cabinet position as Trans. Sec.

  15. BDavi52

    So sad, so pathetic, and so extraordinarily dangerous. Our enemies grin and wait.

    This — the thin red line. This — the point of the spear. This is what separates us from the Abyss.

    And we? Our Admin Generals and Politicians and Pundit Class? We dither and prance — squirt seltzer down our pants. Play these reindeer games of pretend that Commander Sally and Colonel Sue are indeed destined to be our next Patton and Nimitz.

    [Well, first we have to make sure they encounter no sexual harassment anywhere along the way. It’s very traumatic don’t you know. PTSD, and all that. Politeness at all times is key!]

    But really we must ask, would they agree: “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” Would they be first to say, “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fool with me, I’ll kill you all.’

    I dunno. Now that we review, both those seem just a tad confrontational, don’t they? I’m sure the Committee could come up with something more appropriate and less good-ole-boy paternalistic.

    I can hardly wait.

  16. Rudolph Harrier

    At our university, in response to the George Floyd incident, there is now a policy that all future changes to policy, classes, etc. must be demonstrated to improve “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” (with the handy acronym DIE). Want to strengthen anti-cheating policies in response to the massive increase in cheating in online classes? How is that going to improve DIE? Want to add a Calculus course as a prerequisite for your calculus based physics class? How is that going to improve DIE? Hell, even want to offer a course on Mondays and Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays and Fridays? How is that going to improve DIE?

  17. Once again, the language is being twisted against us.
    Of course, diverse viewpoints in strategic planning makes sense.
    But having a lack of group coherence in battle is a prerequisite for defeat.

  18. Dennis

    “Women are ok if they stick to politics. Consider Mayor Pete whom Biden has tapped for Transportation Secretary.”


    Lawrence Tribe, a well-known left-wing law professor, actually said on Twitter the other day that “Mayor Pete” makes the job of Transportation Secretary “sexy.” Just embarrassing the way people like Tribe and their leftist fellow-travelers in media fawn and slobber all over every prospective Biden appointee for even the most banal and unexciting bureaucratic managerial posts imaginable.

  19. brad tittle

    A friend of mine was teaching at the Basic School. He gave the following advice to the women who were in the group. “Do 21 pull-ups”.

    Maybe it was a different number. The women worked and out did many of the men on the physicals without using the “different metrics”. It solved a big problem for the women. They weren’t being held to a different standard and a certain amount of tension was lifted.

    I would have failed. I didn’t understand that nature of most of the “bullying” that happens. Some bullying goes sideways. A lot of it though is just part of the process. The Marines apparently used to have a ceremony that involved striping. They had to get rid of it. But they had to put something as arduous in its place. If I understood what I heard, the striping ceremony was changed to a memorization task with presentation in front of peers.

    Balance. Upset the balance without finding a new balance and you will dump everything.

  20. Johnno

    They only want ‘diversity’ at the top.

    Women and transatlantics are just as good at sitting behind a desk, banging their hands, yelling and tweeting, and signing papers to send the boys out to die in some hell-hole while they cash a cheque from Lockheed Martin, and screaming about Russia on a teevee channel.

    In other words, they want to be the (bad) decision makers and profiteers. Not the guys in the trenches in the front lines coming home with their limbs blown off and PTSD. But they’ll occasionally sacrifice a token or two of their own for appearances sake.

  21. deb

    Diversity for the sake of diversity, especially in the military could prove deadly. Except, as per hill it is no longer ‘no man/woman/xe left behind.’ As long as our buff soldiers can leave baggage behind when the rough gets rougher, I guess WE can have pansies and truffles as diverse as you like.

  22. Jim Washington

    There should be a single standard and the very few women who are able to pass that standard should have any MOS for which they qualify on that single standard. The problem is that the ignorant woke culture starts with that and then wants “equity” which means a percentage greater than the very small demographic who can truly qualify.

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