Separate Red & Blue? They’d Never Let Us Go

Separate Red & Blue? They’d Never Let Us Go

“Rebecca”, perhaps a descendant of Abraham Lincoln, took quill in hand to write “The Separation” at the American Mind. It’s one of a spate of musings on the feasibility and consequences considering the people of the gods go one way, and the people of God go another.

It will never happen. The people of the gods would never let us go, for the gods of those people are themselves, and they are jealous gods. More on that later.

Rebecca (a man, I presume) points us to these graphs from Pew of “Political Polarization“. They make nice pictures for what all of us, on either side, already know.

Given the last survey was three years ago, when the woke were still waking, one imagines the actual overlap is now small and on its way to evaporating. I say “actual” because those pictures are parties, not people. Republicans, as a group, are largely no different than Democrats in belief, only in pace.

The problem we face is agreed to by both parties. Rebecca says

Consent-based political systems require shared, fundamental “ends.” In his 1957 study of democracy, Anthony Downs wrote: “A two-party democracy cannot provide stable and effective government unless there is a large measure of ideological consensus among its citizens.” The “means” may sustain dispute, but foundational assumptions must be shared.

We don’t need a study for this. People who disagree on an increasing number of foundational questions cannot survive together, unless one side converts the other. The people of the gods have done well at this, and they promise to do more.

The people of the gods see themselves progressing toward some Great Future in which there is perfect diversity and equality—by which they mean utter conformity and uniformity, where disbelief and apostasy is impossible, forbidden by law.

These people say morality is a matter of time, changeable and subject to vote and, paradoxically, individual interpretation. Life can be started or ended on whim. Human nature is not fixed, but a matter of belief. Nature is worshiped as both a lesser and higher god depending on what the woke want from it.

What is spoken by the people of the gods comes into existence. Not in a real way, but in a way that they insist people must admit is real. Thus a man can say he is married to another man, and all are forbidden to disagree to the obvious contradiction.

Amusingly, the people of the gods are led by unbelievers, wealthy men who are happy to preach woke religion for the riches it brings them, but who do not have to suffer any of the consequences of the religion. Yet.

The people of God are the opposite. They contain their own share of unbelievers in the one true God, but they see morality as fixed, beauty as objective, Nature as part of and not separate from themselves. Suffering is accepted as part of life, and not always some other person’s fault.

What is spoken by God comes into existence, and into Reality. Life is best when Reality is admitted, and the law is conformal to Nature.

Of course, there are all sorts of variations, degrees of belief, ranges of ardency, crossings back and forth, and on and on. Anyway, everybody knows the basic lines. There are puritans on both sides, but the people of the gods have the most, because it is themselves they believe in most. They demand conversions, both from the people of God, and from the people of the gods, because what was right to believe last year has been changed to what is right to believe this year.

America is like an old married couple. The kids are gone. In a long, imperceptible process, we have grown apart. We do different things, like different things, and have become different people. Habit, inertia and memories of our past obscure the implications. Clear eyes see what we do not—a separation is as sad as it is inevitable. The hard question is not, “how do these two Americas live together?” They don’t. The hard question, the right question, is: “how do they live apart?”

Rebecca’s “separation” is a shelter-in-place separation in name only, where everybody keeps where they are and what they are doing, but where we all look to a New & Improved Constitution which will protect the people of God from the people of the gods’s deprivations.

The old Constitution insistence, for instance, “freedom of association”. How’d that work out? It is now illegal. How can any of it work when the people of the gods control all the avenues in which the document is interpreted?

Possibly physical separation might work—people have hours of fun redrawing red and blue maps—but how would you get the people of the gods to agree with it? They could not bear their loss of influence.

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  1. The coming unpleasantness will be winner take all. Mountains of skulls, rivers of blood, oceans of tears. An entire WWII fought inside our own boundaries. And it will only be this good if we win.

    There is an alternative future. In that one, we surrender, or meekly refuse to fight because doing so is against the law. We then get marched off to the camps, to be liquidated for the good of the “progressive” future. Not merely those who resist. Not merely those who complain. Not merely some of us. All of us.

  2. Huerfano

    They’ll never let the people of God go because they are the only productive ones left. They’ll have no problem making us all slaves and labour camp residents, though.

  3. trigger warning

    Those images remind me of signal detection theory. Apparently detectability of the conservative signal is improving, despite the noise. Should lower the false alarm rate emanating from Fox News and the Lincoln Project.

  4. Russ O

    As a side note, I have rejected to this day the symbolic depiction of the “right wing” of politics being represented by the color red. I believe it started with one or two of the broadcast networks displaying the Electoral Map on election nights colorized. Initially, red was correctly associated with the dems and blue with the Reps. Then, “innocently” or deliberately, it was in due time switched. I have read that at least one network person said they thought red was too prejudicial for the left with it correctly being associated with socialism and communism, but then the truth often is.

    Accepting that change in symbolism has in some small part I believe allowed the left to slink carefully into the inherently evil direction the extreme version of their ideology without the stain it so clearly ought to come with. Things like that, and referring to the US as a democracy rather than a Republic, have in a way dulled the the clear way the country and politics should be perceived.

    On with your day!

  5. Dean Ericson

    ”Possibly physical separation might work—people have hours of fun redrawing red and blue maps—but how would you get the people of the gods to agree with it? They could not bear their loss of influence.”

    Quite agree; separation and peaceful coexistence not possible. Destroying/enslaving the people of God is the main objective of the Overlords. All the nations of Christendom are under attack. They would never let us go in peace. Not as long as it was in their power to destroy/enslave us. We stop them or they stop us.

  6. JohnM

    In the UK and here on France the colour red ALWAYS is the representative colour of the left without fail. The “progressives”, the Socialists and the Communists carry their red banners. Here the right are blue.

  7. Ann Cherry

    “America is like an old married couple. The kids leave, and old married couples develop different interests and grow apart.” Sorry Rebecca, but I disagree with the comparison.

    We should start by being suspicious of writers who don’t give their real names. Someone should tell Rebecca, whose pronoun is “it” (until it tells us otherwise), that most “old married couples” have mostly gotten there by developing certain skill sets, foremost being a sense of humor, the ability to compromise, and importantly, a shared history.

    Us “right-wingers” are the traditional old married couple: First, we have a sense of humor: we still laugh at jokes, we still like clean stand-up comedy, we have the very best memes, no contest. Comedy is funny when it’s true, and we have the advantage of being able to ridicule the left while remaining accurate. We don’t have to photoshop their evil clown-faces, the left wears them proudly.

    We also have the skill of compromise, but unfortunately, we’ve been compromising with Satan’s sock-puppets, and as a result have lost ground for decades. Evil may be incremental, but it never compromises; as AOC recently noted, they need to take the U.S. Senate so they won’t have to debate or compromise with us, hopefully ever again.

    This doesn’t sound at all like “an old married couple” but rather, like an abusive relationship. Which makes us to wonder if “Rebecca” has a healthy view of marriage.

    Another quality that unites “old married couples” is a shared history. The leftists who now make up the Democrat (Communist) Party, and many so-called Republicans (in name only), seek to destroy our shared history (witness the destruction of monuments and the removal of accurate history courses in schools and universities), and impose their own totalitarian vision.

    What is happening here, began in the Garden of Eden. “You can be like gods, knowing good from evil.” God calls out, “where are you?” But we discover we’re naked, and hide away from God, all the while blaming others for our miseries, and slaughtering our brothers. Gods with small g’s, are very small indeed.

    Rinse and repeat, as they say in the laundering business. To those who’ve studied history, or even paused to look around, all of this feels about as old as sin.

    Never forget, it is we who are the Patriots, who stand with our forefathers (and mothers), who stood and died for freedom from tyranny. What we face today, is a tyranny far greater, but it flows from the same poisonous tree that grew in Eden. Let them do the leaving, we aren’t going anywhere.

  8. amirlach

    Canada is going through the same kind of separation. Canada has always been unfairly setup to drain wealth from the midwest into Central Canada. Alberta (population 4.5 million) has had over half a Billion dollars stolen from it to buy votes in the east. In return, our oil and gas exports, which are the largest portion of Canada’s trade surplus has been landlocked by neighbouring provinces and the Federal Government.

    The takers will not let us go easily, but there is a process laid out which allows a province to separate. It was laid out in the Clarity Act when Quebec bluffed us into getting more of the wests money.

    Keith Wilson, Q.C.
    Feb 21
    Replying to

    and 3 others
    Corey, what the CBC got wrong legally is ignoring the SCC 1998 Ref Case which trumps the Clarity Act. SCC imposes legal duty on CAN, Provs & FNs to enter into good faith negotiations re terms of separation. No one gets a veto. A good read here:

    A poll from Nov. 2019 puts support for independence. Alberta 56%, Sask-a-bush 53%, BC 44%, Manitoba 35%.
    The two most important things are the trend lines and the fact that young people are now as much in favor as old. The age of supporters is the biggest sea change as historically it was always the older generations in favor.

    You can find the graph and question asked on page 27 of this report.—report-1/confederation-of-tomorrow-survey-2019—report-1-pulling-together-or-drifting-apart—final-report.pdf?sfvrsn=9abc2e3e_2

    So I humbly suggest the borders of North America be redrawn North to South as opposed to East to West. We really do have more in common with the Provinces and States directly North and south of the Border than we do those to the East and West.

    I once read an article which would now be 20-30 plus years old stating a strip from Texas to Alaska could be carved out as a like minded Nation. Carving off the largely ill-liberal coasts. Leaving them to die a slow, well deserved death like Detroit or Chicago.

  9. trigger warning

    Ann Cherry…

    Beautifully put. My compliments.

  10. Cloudbuster

    “They’d Never Let Us Go”

    Thus the importance of removing questions of “let” from the issue.

  11. Sheri

    A divorce rarely works if both parties remain in the same house. So “separating in place” doesn’t seem possible.

    I’m not sure the Left will object. They think they ARE gods. California believes it’s bigger than the USA and more productive. The dictators in blue states would gladly separate if it meant permanent power. The only question is which states go where, and do we force people to move if they live in the “wrong” area? It’s either civil war or we divide into two countries. We waited far, far too long to act without a war being the only way to keep part of America free.

  12. awildgoose

    Speaking of the color red, recall that China used the, “Three Red Banners,” concept in the 1950s to encourage its people to build a socialist state:

    Now go look at Biden’s 2020 campaign logo again.

    They’re not even trying to hide it.

  13. Whitney g

    Has anyone seen George Lucas’s first movie THX 1138? I just saw it a couple weeks ago. It’s pretty good very very different from Star Wars. It’s the future that the ‘lower case g people’ are looking for

  14. Uncle Mike

    Separate into two countries? Okay, but please realize 95% of the land base voted for Trump. The only places Traitor Joe won were a handful of big cities and metropolitan counties. We need to wall those off with electric fences and presto! concentration camps for the Libtards. All the electricity is generated outside of the LibZones so it should be simple to do. We split into CHAZ America and Normal America, and they can do their thing and we can do ours. Easy peezie.

  15. Uncle Mike

    Normal America not only produces all the electricity, we also produce all the food and fiber, all the oil, gas, coal, and other energy, all the minerals, and everything else necessary to sustain civilization. CHAZ America produces riots and crime, which we don’t need or want, and little else. We’ll get by fine without them. CHAZ America, on the other hand, will freeze and starve to death without Normal America. So it’s win-win.

  16. Fredo

    There’ll be no war it will be quick and surgical 72 hours at most, the left will get
    what they’ve been dreaming about Tsar Trump.

  17. Milton Hathaway

    Separate? Nah, the geography is not conducive. No need to bring religion into it.

    There are a lot of complaints lately that overtaxed and scared liberals are fleeing their failing cities and settling in conservative climes, and bringing their nasty dysfunctional liberalism with them. I’m of the opinion that it will be these transplanted liberals that will be changed by their new environment, and not so much the other way around.

    There’s an interesting follow-up to the “Seattle is Dying” documentary, “The Fight for the Soul of Seattle”:

    This time solutions are proposed, but they seem way too little, way too late, and, of course, there’s zero chance of anything remotely remedial actually happening anyway. The clueless politicians that caused the mess continue to get reelected by hefty margins, so clearly the ultimate blame lies with the citizens of Seattle. They made this cesspool, and they have only begun to squirm in it. Which only seems fair, right?

  18. deb

    As the Bible predicted, good becomes evil and evil becomes not good but thought of as right. It is wrong to disparage anyone for any reason. They had an abortion after birth, who cares, no problem, it was ‘their choice’. Someone lives in marriage with the same sex who cares, no problem, except the ‘one GOD’ says so. I did not mind having a homosexual poet for a friend. He was wonderful, except for he fought amongst himself. Having been raised Christian, he occasionally would go celibate and then fall off the wagon as he called it and splurge. Not being a family member, I was not privy to why he suddenly died, I can presume aides. He withdrew within himself, would see and speak to near anyone and one day, I heard he was no more. He never resented being raised Christian, he just could not live up to it. Our nation will never wholly accept good as evil, the elders and those youth raised right will likely be conflicted and our youth not raised right will accept the evil as good. The majority of those who are in power is IF the good win or the evil that have people believing they are good.

  19. Georgiaboy61

    @ Milton Hathaway

    “The clueless politicians that caused the mess continue to get reelected by hefty margins, so clearly the ultimate blame lies with the citizens of Seattle. They made this cesspool, and they have only begun to squirm in it. Which only seems fair, right?”

    I am as conservative and traditional as they come, but I am going to show just the tiniest bit of mercy for our counterparts in places like Seattle. Bear in mind that what happened there, and in other places as well, was not at all spontaneous, but the result of an enormous effort by the globalist ruling elites. The rioting, chaos, violence and turmoil – the civil unrest which is occurring – is designed to look spontaneous, but in reality these so-called demonstrations have been planned with the efficiency and expertise of a military operation.

    Antifa-BLM-RevCon (RevCon = revolutionary communism) are lavishly-funded by people like George Soros, Warren Buffett and other globalist billionaires, albeit through intermediaries and cutouts (front companies, NGOs, etc.) designed to provide them with deniability. A spontaneously arising riot or mass demonstration would not display the degree of organization, coordination or leadership these groups have displayed, i.e., everything from messengers on bikes and motorcycles to encrypted communications to a leadership/command and control apparatus, to pre-sited and staged palates of bricks in strategic locations, waiting to be picked up and thrown. These groups are also beta-testing their TTPs, tactics, techniques and procedures – and evolving them to increase their effectiveness as their movement goes forward.

    To pick just one example, who’s paying for all of those bricks? Well, an investigator managed to follow the trail back to its origin, a masonry firm owned by – you guessed it – Soros and Buffett.

    Having developed and perfected it abroad over the last thirty or so years, the globalists are now bringing their “color revolutions” roadshow back to the good old USA.

    While there are undoubtedly some hardcore true believers up in Seattle, I am pretty sure that more than a fair number of folks have no idea of what is really transpiring in front of them. The big-shots have done an admirable job of placing intermediaries – bought-and-paid-for politicians, DAs and other functionaries – in local governments and firms, people who will enforce their vision of things without too many of their finger prints being left behind.

    The dupes and mid-level apparachiks are complicit in all of this, to be sure, but they aren’t the big fish. The ones driving this whole movement.

  20. Forbes

    Ann Cherry–Here’s your answer regarding Rebecca and a healthy view of marriage: “holds multiple Ivy League degrees.”

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