Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom Are Worse Than Wrong: Coronavirus Update XLIV

Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom Are Worse Than Wrong: Coronavirus Update XLIV


The Godmother closed restaurants again. Not because of any new evidence. Not because of any evidence at all. Because he could. Because there’s nothing you can, or will, do about it. Obey.

One reporter on the story, bless him, said “The state’s own data at Friday’s press conference revealed that indoor dining accounted for a scant 1.4?percent of infection spread– which might be less risky than crossing the street.”

Evidence from Day One was that lockdowns killed, lockdowns destroyed. We’ll below that our annual voluntary lockdowns account for the winter peak in deaths. Evidence never mattered to Cuomo, or to the other tyrants. Evidence can never matter when confronting The Science.

On the same day the Godmother dictated the closing of restaurants, he announced this:

Restaurants for me, but not for thee. Whatcha gonna do about it.

Nothing. You are still allowed by law to seethe. Enjoy that while you can. Tyrants hate disagreement above all things. When they are fully in charge, they will remove the seething loophole.

It was your fear, your panic that caused this.

It was your quacking that emboldened tyrants like Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, Angela Merkel (who also just canceled Christmas), and all the other progressive Governors and rulers.

Who (besides regular readers, who follow these matters) guessed tyranny would be so easy? All governments had to say was “Stay inside, close your business”, and there was no recourse, no way to disobey.

Your fear taught them a valuable lesson. They will not forget it.

Oligarchs never lock down.


This is flu, and we’ll do the COVID vaccine more later. For now, this asinine headline, from a university determined to embarrass itself: Cornell offers ‘person of color’ exemption for flu vaccine requirement.

Persons of no color will still have to follow orders and obey.


The book is still sold out! The Price of Panic.

E-book and audio book versions are still available. New books will be in stock in about a week.

Five-star review.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


Sources: daily tests, CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday night.

Daily tests:

This is the number of daily tests. The date of the CDC’s peak attributed deaths is noted. This is to show testing has little to nothing to do with outcomes.

We seem to have settled on a level about 2 million tests a day. We’ve in the middle of Panic 2.0, which is causing more tests but also frightening people away from hospitals. Balance achieved!

Each positive test in the media is counted as a new “case”. These are almost all not cases, but merely positive tests, which indicate past infections, current by mild infections, asymptomatic infections, and even no infections at all. False positives.

Here are CDC the weekly attributed coronavirus deaths:

These are attributed deaths, which include all those dying with or dying from the coronavirus. The CDC says deaths “involving” COVID.

Attributed COVID deaths peaked early in the year, and then as it spread to the south, it re-peaked. It is now joining the great chorus of bugs that circulate every winter.

Be ready for this! It will peak again in winter, and subside again in spring. This year’s totals will be higher than next year’s, and there always be fluctuation, just like with flu.

Here’s the CDC weekly ALL CAUSE death counts, or the Perspective Plot. The late drop off is late counting, which takes up to eight weeks to get all, but most are in by three. We need to look at all cause deaths because we can’t quite trust the COVID numbers.

The black line is all deaths, including COVID. The dashed is all deaths minus attributed COVID, and the red, for perspective, is COVID. (Again, the drop off is late counts.) The blue line, about the same order as the doom, is flu+pneumonia (it’s the pneumonia that kills most flu patients).


Do you see the January peak every year? It is caused when we enter our voluntary lockdowns in winter, spreading bugs. This is also the “solution” governments hit upon to stop the spread of bugs. Lockdowns kill.

The CDC (important!) stopped reporting separate flu and pneumonia deaths midway through 2020, but I estimate them after by subtracting deaths “involving” COVID from those “involving” (their word) pneumonia or flu or COVID. That’s the dashed blue line.

This is finally be noticed, even by people on the left:

Here is another way to look at the same data, week of the year all cause deaths, along with a model (black line) of what deaths would look like without COVID.

CDC has their own “excess” death model with which I do not agree. I’ve explained that in other posts; briefly, the black line is my model, based only on extrapolating population increase. That allows us to produce this figure, which is the cumulative estimate of the 2020 total “excess” deaths.

Ignore the last three points or so, which are due to late counts. We’re at about 250,000 excess deaths for the year. Which is about the proportionally as we saw in the ’57-’58 Asian flu.

Understand: these “excess” are not just COVID, but all the deaths caused by the “solution” to COVID, caused by the lockdowns, missed diagnoses, suicides, iatrogenic deaths, and on and on. Panic kills.

CDC says “Flu activity is unusually low at this time but may increase in the coming months.” They only found one pediatric death for flu this year. One.

Flu has gone missing. Flu + pneumonia kill about 200,000 each and every year in the US. Not anymore. That is, we don’t know any more, because nobody is bothering to check.

Here is the WHO’s global flu tracker, showing the same thing:

These, like the CDC flu picture are not deaths or illnesses, but counts of positive tests made. Testing has disappeared, because all tests are COVID tests now. Panic destroys thought.

If we focus only on COVID deaths, we lose all perspective. We can see above that deaths peak every January, because of our self-enforced wintertime lockdowns, when we all hunker down inside and spread bugs among ourselves. You may recall that this is also the “solution” many governments hit up to stop the spread of bugs.

Here is the CDC official population mortality rates for the all causes other than COVID, and “involving” COVID (with and of).

Here are the same population fatality rates in tabular form:

                 Age     COVID OtherCause
1       Under 1 year 0.0000077    0.00400
2          1–4 years 0.0000011    0.00018
3         5–14 years 0.0000011    0.00011
4        15–24 years 0.0000110    0.00067
5        25–34 years 0.0000420    0.00130
6        35–44 years 0.0001200    0.00190
7        45–54 years 0.0003200    0.00340
8        55–64 years 0.0007500    0.00760
9        65–74 years 0.0018000    0.01500
10       75–84 years 0.0044000    0.03700
11 85 years and over 0.0120000    0.11000

No matter what age, there is at least about a 10 times or larger chance of dying from something else then COVID.

About masks in depth, see this article and this one.

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  1. Michael Dowd

    “OPEN TYRANNY The Godmother closed restaurants again.” And the Republican Michigan legislature won’t do anything about it.

  2. If 2020 has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that facts don’t matter. Reality is whatever the government (being the Left) says it is.
    O’Brien was looking down at him speculatively. More than ever he had the air of a teacher taking pains with a wayward but promising child.

    ‘There is a Party slogan dealing with the control of the past,’ he said. ‘Repeat it, if you please.’

    ‘”Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past,”‘ repeated Winston obediently.

    ‘”Who controls the present controls the past,”‘ said O’Brien, nodding his head with slow approval. ‘Is it your opinion, Winston, that the past has real existence?’

  3. Sheri

    “IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND DEATHS ALWAYS INCREASE RIGHT AT THIS TIME OF YEAR, PEAKING IN JANUARY. DO NOT BE ALARMED. PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON!” Absolutely. Scream it from the street corners. Humans are such fools, they will believe anything if you scream it loud enough. It’s time for the non-crazy people to up the volume. Especially since a human being will accept a diagnosis of death as correct and just give up. Telling them they are not dying and the diagnosis was wrong takes a great deal more effort to convince them. You’re going to have to scream this.

    Lockdowns were to kill people and demoralize. Only a flaming idiot believes otherwise. Our health department is trying the “Just for now. Not forever” LIE about masks. I’m getting a picture of the TV screen, making a poster and shoving it down their lying throats (figuratively, probably). I guess being one of the “old people” has its advantages. I know when the lying scum are trying to fool the stupid. WEAK, clueless sheep in the population. And I’m too old to care in the least what people think of me (Okay, I NEVER did, but it sounds good to say age had something to do with it.)

    I read on the net that ZERO prescriptions for Tamiflu were written in one doctor’s office and that Tamiflu sales are at near zero. Good news!!!! Covid wipe out flu!!!! CELEBRATE!!! Not more flu shots or flu drugs!!

    As for the tyrants, there is only one solution and the sheep will not use it. They will simply move to the center of the flock and watch the other sheep slaughtered by the wolves until it’s their turn. I DESPISE sheep. Especially two-legged ones.

    I do love your “how to lie with statistice” columns.

  4. Dr Briggs:

    Your graphs are great for visualizing the data. However…the sudden drop in the lines in the last three weeks is confusing if you just glance at the visual. Yes, you always include a “late counts” caveat in the text.

    The impact of the visual is lost by showing the irrelevant sudden drop.

    Maybe another way to present the data would be to eliminate the last 3 weeks, only showing finalized data. The visually presented line would then be a better reflection of reality.

    You could include the caveat about late counts in an asterisk at the final data point: “*data confirmed with a three week delay.”

    The sudden drop in the line pretty much throws off the impact of the visual communication. And the “delayed data reporting” caveat in the text is likely lost on many readers. (I know it took me a while to figure it out). Or maybe it’s just me….!


  5. Cuomo’s birthday and holiday reception is online. It says right there at the top: “virtual”. Maybe I need to explain this: COVID is not transmitted through Zoom.

  6. Ann Cherry

    Surgeon General Jerome Adams says we’ll have to wear masks and practice social distancing even AFTER we get the vaccine, because, “it doesn’t prevent infection, just severe illness”:

    Yes, Doctor Adams, another Trump administration doozy, has just spilled the beans: Mask-wearing and social distancing will be a permanent exercise in obedience, to always remind us who’s in charge. We’ll always be told it’s because of “cases” or “positive tests” of [fill in the doom].

    Maybe Biden will keep Doctor Adams on as Surgeon General, he’s the right skin color and will fit in philosophically.

    On the other hand, Whoopi Goldberg, doing her best imitation of a dust mop and/or a British barrister, recently posited, in all seriousness, that “Doctor” Jill Biden, (a white woman of privilege), should be our next Surgeon General:

    Biden has suggested that we need to continue wearing our masks, as an act of patriotism, for the next “100 days” which is as meaningless as “two weeks to stop the spread.”

    Unless and until the majority of people simply REFUSE to wear a mask, the beatings will continue. This probably means, the beatings will continue, and the generation coming up will be fully compliant, never having known freedom (or, possibly, education). We’re all Chinese now, we just don’t know it yet. When is the last time you heard about protests in Hong Kong? They’re masked up, too! One Thousand Years, to Stop the Spread! Ah-so, Suckers!

    In honor of the great Alex Trebek, here’s some Jeopardy:

    Ans: “At least $one billion dollars.” Question: “How much personal protective equipment did Gov. Cuomo ‘buy’ from China, using NY taxpayer money, that was never received?”

    Ans: “Over 400 million dollars.” Question: “In 2016, how much PPE did the federal gov’t offer to sell the State of NY, which Cuomo refused in order to spend the money on a solar energy scheme that soon went bankrupt?”

    [Gov. Cuomo will not be Biden’s Attorney General because he’s corrupt and they don’t want that to come out. Instead, they’ll use the numerous credible accusations that he’s a sexual harasser.]

  7. Dean Ericson

    ”Because there’s nothing you can, or will, do about it. Obey.

    For anyone who would like to see a MAN who will not Obey, here you go:

    That’s Ian Smith who runs Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey. That’s a man of courage and integrity doing the right thing. I must have watched it twenty times, a tonic for the heart, a cure for suffering an overdose of frightened ninnies in their pathetic masks. More:

  8. awildgoose


    It should be clear to thinking people that China is using Covid to remake the world as she wants it to be.

  9. Hun

    Briggs, it’s a virtual reception.

  10. John B()


    Briggs knows

    Wait for Update XLVII or XLVIII (you understand what’s coming)

  11. Dennis

    I thought people would wake up after a few months of this nonsense. Nearly 10 months in, I’ve given up. Most people are simply mindless sheep. All one can do is cultivate one’s own garden and prepare for the end, since there is nothing left to hope for in this clown world but endless technocratic tyranny, which will only get worse if GlobalReset/CCP puppet Biden is installed in January.

    That inane Cornell vaccine exemption for “people of color” will not survive legal challenge even from most liberal judges. If I were a student, I would claim exemption on grounds that everyone is a “person of color,” though some colors are just lighter than others (after all, white or pinkish is a color too! Or does their exemption specify the precise shades of skin color that the exemption applies to? Perhaps they have little color swatches like paint samples that they hold up to everyone’s skin?), and then sue them into oblivion.

    Though, of course, the bigger problem is trying to make an experimental mRNA vaccine with unknown long-term side effects mandatory for anyone in the first place for an alleged virus that is no deadlier than flu and that 99.9% of people survive contact with (and the IFR is even lower for college age students or younger – they probably have a greater chance of dying in a car crash on the way to or from school, but funny no one ever proposed we close schools because it is too risky for student to travel back and forth to school). Any school or workplace demanding mandatory vaccination should be sued on grounds that such forced imposition of an experimental medical procedure for a routine flu-like virus with such a low IFR violates countless basic human and constitutional rights (I’ll need to do more analysis on how precisely to frame it legally. The simplest solution would be legislative action to simply make it clear no school or business has the right to demand Covid vaccines as a requirement of schooling, employment, or entry to stores, restaurants, concert halls, etc. – but most legislators themselves seem to be in the grip of Covid induced paranoid psychosis – after all, how many state legislatures and individual legislators have really stood up to tyranny by emergency gubernatorial decree? – so I don’t expect much hope from them either nationally or in the states).

  12. Dennis

    “Surgeon General Jerome Adams says we’ll have to wear masks and practice social distancing even AFTER we get the vaccine, because, “it doesn’t prevent infection, just severe illness”

    In all the hoopla about these supposed astonishing success rates of these rushed vaccines, 90%+ etc, how many people see those numbers and think it means the virus prevents infection (even that shrill pipsqueak Ben Shapiro has been pushing the canard that Pfizer’s vaccine is 95% effective in preventing transmission. Perhaps he’s getting paid to regurgitate their press releases). I suspect most people think that’s what it means, and not what the Surgeon General admitted – all they do is help lessen symptoms and reduce severity in those who do get it (but since the IFR is so low and most people exposed to the virus never even have symptoms, what is the point exactly of this obsessesion with a vaccine? I’ll take some vitamin D & C, and Zinc, and trust my immune system over an experimental mRNA vaccine, thanks.).

    The bigger problem by far continues to be the assumption that Covid is something extremely grave to panic over or worry about getting, and that society can never be normal so long as anyone anywhere might get Covid (which simply means we can never have normal reasonable lives ever again – which is exactly what the oligarchs and scum in charge want). It we just stopped mass testing, told people to get on with life, and basically ignored Covid for a month, it would disappear and people would see that it was all over-hyped and that everyone is not dying in the streets and hospitals are not flooded any more than usual during flu season. It’s all PCR test-induced pseudo-pandemic and media/politician hype and paranoia at this point. It won’t end because the scum in charge won’t let it end, and the people just mindlessly obey and let them get away with it.

  13. Yawrate

    Masks don’t work…at least the way most of us use them. So why wear them?

    Lock downs might slow the spread but then the cure is worse than the disease. So why lock anything down?

    We can’t even keep it out of nursing homes with our current measures.

    Therefore, it’s either a complete lock down with everyone wearing N95 masks (and attendant mask protocol) when doing only the most essential things OR do nothing and let CV19 sweep through in the manner of respiratory viruses and be done with it.

    Let’s stop ruining the lives of our children.

  14. Sheri

    awildgoose: Proof Covid is a POLITICAL movement and not a virus. And it is sick.

    Dean: There are always those brave souls who fight back. Just never enough of them by this point.

    Dennis: I’m not sure how long locking people in their homes and ruining their lives takes to trigger riots, but I do know that most communist countries had enough sense not to test the length. How stupid are we? Considering I’m allergic to most of the planet, I’m hoping for a pass, rather than an armed showdown concerning the “vaccine”. (We need a new term for what is being claimed to be a vaccine. It’s not.)

    Yawrate: Being told to wear an N95 mask all the time—I’m going nuclear. I HATE those masks.

  15. While waiting for a colonoscopy today (which I had to delay twice this year) one couldn’t help notice how empty the hospital was. I was reading “Uncertainty”, too; which reminded me how badly the MSM “informs” people. Yes, most folk obey. We are a “law-abiding” people, mostly. Tyrants will always take advantage of that; as well as physically disarming people in addition to mentally disarming them. They had the (to me) silly covid questionnaire. Do you really expect everyone to be honest? I do try to be honest at all times, but I am human; and thus fallen, saved by grace. On the other hand, nosocomial and/or iatrogenic spread of infections is a thing.

  16. PaulH

    I heard a plea from a member of the mainstream media to be sure we do what the doctors tell us. He explained that the WuFlu is extremely contagious, like chickenpox, and even with a 1% fatality rate that would mean 10,000 dead in a city of 1,000,000. OMG! So, unless we do what we’re told, everyone will get it and thousands will die. I shake my head. This is what fear causes.

  17. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Cuomo’s birthday and holiday reception is online. It says right there at the top: “virtual”. Maybe I need to explain this: COVID is not transmitted through Zoom.

    But, it is not virtual. Read the entire announcement. There will be liberals (perhaps even people too) physically present at the event

  18. Dennis

    “He explained that the WuFlu is extremely contagious, like chickenpox, and even with a 1% fatality rate that would mean 10,000 dead in a city of 1,000,000. ”

    And it’s not even 1%. More like true IFR around .1-.2% (and that’s including all age groups – take out the over 70s and it plummets rapidly to near zero for kids under 18), and most of those who die from it are, frankly, those who are either extremely ill or aged, with multiple co-morbidities, who would have been vulnerable even to ordinary flu and likely would’ve died within the year anyway. If you look at annual total US deaths for the last 10 years, there is no real increase in mortality attributable to Covid. Had there never been such nonstop media and political panic over “Covid,” no one would’ve noticed anything other than maybe a slightly stronger than usual flu/respiratory virus season, but that’s about it. I never even noticed or recalled, until someone here mentioned it a while back, that 2017 was supposed to have been a particularly bad flu year as well (I barely even remember 2009 H1N1 either, and it certainly made no impact on going about daily life. Just as my mom says she barely remembers any impact from Hong Kong Flu in 1969 – and no one would’ve dared suggest Woodstock or other such events be cancelled because of a flu bug going around).

    And now the British politicians and media (it will come here soon too, surely) are really hyping “mutations” (there may be such, as there are with flu every year – so what?). But “Covid mutations” will be used as an excuse for endless or increased lockdowns/shutdowns, more reason to push forced vaccinations – gotta have an endless series of boosters for “mutations” to keep Big Pharma’s river of $ flowing! – and face muzzle wearing forevermore (though I’ve managed to avoid wearing a face muzzle at all – once for about an hour in a paranoid client’s home a few months ago – it is increasingly annoying to have to order everything online or get curbside pickup at the grocery – no random leisurely browsing anywhere, and haven’t been to a bookstore for 9 months. Can’t remember a time in my life when I went more than a week or two without stepping foot in a bookstore!).

    There really seems to be no hope of escape from the most grim totalitarian technocratic-medicalized future, with Covid as its central organizing principle and state religion.

  19. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    From $ 1K to $10K to yuck it up and sing while publicly honoring Grandma Killer. What could be more apt for the Holy Days?

  20. Dennis

    “But, it is not virtual. Read the entire announcement. There will be liberals (perhaps even people too) physically present at the event”

    Well, it does say “Virtual Birthday & Reception” at the top. But I find the whole flyer confusing. Who is where and what does a “virtual” reception actually mean? He and the sycophantic clowns listed (DeNiro, Whoopi, etc.) pop into your Zoom room to say hi for a minute or two and pretend to interact and care about you personally? Or is the “Main Reception” actually in person for special invitees, while peons in the general public can pay a grand to “join” from Zoom and watch their fave libtard celebs enjoy themselves and pat each other on the back?

    I can’t believe anyone would waste time or money on such nonsense, or defend Cuomo and his Covid record (or buy his arrogant ghostwritten book on “leadership lessons from Covid”). He’s arguably personally responsible for more deaths because of his policies than an other politician, yet media and Hollywood leftists act as if he’s been some great heroic leader. Puke.

  21. Uncle Mike

    The total absence of regular flu is a miracle, or at least a very strange occurrence, or a fraud. It possibly could be a conspiracy in which the entire Medical Professional Establishment of the World are co-conspirators, but that seems unlikely.

    And if they are not complicit in a fraud, why aren’t they trumpeting this miracle, or at least mentioning it casually in vaunted Medical Journals and Newsletters? Is it of no interest to doctors that a disease which previously infected millions every year has completely disappeared?

    Why is this amazing miracle of public health not touched on, briefly in passing, by our Dedicated Watchdog Media? Why is this earth-shattering disappearance of an utterly common, sometimes deadly, human sickness revealed solely in an obscure statistical blog?

    Hello, Doctors of Earth — what gives?

  22. I did read the whole announcement. It is clearly a virtual event. Even the part you’re talking about mentions “log in identifier”s.

    I mean, I have no particular interest in defending Cuomo and his friends. But this is some combination of stupid and dishonest. The Briggs m.o.

  23. Dean Ericson

    ”But this is some combination of stupid and dishonest. The Briggs m.o.

    And yet, you love it here, Lee. We understand, because we love it, too. And, what the hell, we even love you.

  24. Dennis

    Yes, log-in identifiers for those who drop a grand or more to join on zoom. Still doesn’t really explain how the “main reception” differs from the supposedly special event before, if all is “virtual” – whether Cuomo et al. are gathered for some live event being broadcast or all just zooming-in from remote locations, or why virtual receptions should have limited capacity, etc.

    In any case, a stupid event to raise money for, and lavish unearned praise upon, a genuinely vile human being and bureaucratic killer à la Eichmann endorsed by a who’s who of the Hollywood useful idiot left.

    Anyone tempted to throw away upwards of $10k on this sickening event should think about his victims and donate that money instead to those whose lives and businesses his policies have destroyed – so perhaps at least they and their children can have a nice meal and few gifts for the Christmas Cuomo and his ilk would prefer to cancel.

  25. Chad Jessup

    From the above mentioned CDC release, “The percentage of deaths due to PIC has been increasing since the beginning of October and has exceeded the percentage of deaths due to PIC observed during the summer peak.”

    Wow! What a surprise! I can see the NYT headlines screaming, “FLU INCREASES DURING WINTER – WE’RE F*CKED”

  26. Uncle Mike

    What flu? Where? Haven’t you heard? The flu has been totally eradicated. It’s all COVID. It’s COVID-like illness (CLI) or pneumonia, influenza and COVID-19 (PIC), which are exactly the same. A quote from the CDC:

    …influenza-like illness (ILI; fever plus cough and/or sore throat) … and COVID-like illness (CLI; fever plus cough and/or shortness of breath or difficulty breathing).

    No difference. Do Covid sufferers never get a sore throat? Do flu sufferers never have shortness of breath? Of course they do. Another quote, this time from Wikipedia:

    A distinction without a difference is a type of logical fallacy where an author or speaker attempts to describe a distinction between two things where no discernible difference exists. It is particularly used when a word or phrase has connotations associated with it that one party to an argument prefers to avoid.

    Logical fallacy. Is that the problem? Another quote from the CDC:

    Syndromic data, including CLI and ILI, should be interpreted with caution and should be evaluated in combination with other sources of surveillance data, especially laboratory testing results, to obtain a complete and accurate picture of respiratory illness.

    So the CDC calls for tests. Good. The test results for flu are zero. Double good. The flu is gone. Ta ta, bye bye, nice knowing you, that’s all she wrote, the end. It’s a miracle, or as they say in Italian, miracolo. Somebody should tell the Pope.

  27. spudjr60

    What are we to do?

    Fortuitously, I was reminded of the momentous event in Warsaw Poland, June 2 1979.
    During the homily of Pope John Paul II. the crowd that filled Victory Square began chanting “We Want God” and continued for over ten minutes.

    If Joe Biden is sworn in as President on Jan-20-2021, perhaps we go to our state capitols, town squares, and churches and do the same during his speech.

  28. Stephen J.

    “All governments had to say was “Stay inside, close your business”, and there was no recourse, no way to disobey.”

    That’s because they exploited most people’s basic decency. If this had been backed up with the threat “– or we’ll kill you,” it would have provoked mass unrest. But it wasn’t. It was backed up with the plea “– or you’ll kill us.” Because nobody wants to be the Bad Guy, and very few are OK with being made to look like a Bad Guy in public.

    Even the weaker version of that, “– or you might kill us“, is enough that most people immediately back off from taking the chance.

  29. Dennis

    This amalgamation of different things into blanket categories such as ILI, CLI, PIC, etc. really destroys any credibility any figures we’re given by CDC and other “official” sources, media reports and analysis of same, etc,

    All basically an accounting fraud now. They were cooking the books on Covid from the beginning (not only with the way they count “Covid deaths,” but especially with the creation of millions of “cases” through a fraudulent mass PCR testing regime), but it’s just more nefarious and blatant now to justify endless social and political tyranny.

  30. Dennis

    “…any credibility OF any figures…” that should say above. Wish there as an edit function on comments here sometimes!

  31. Rudolph Harrier

    Today Walz revealed his ever so gracious “easing” of restrictions on restaurants: they can have people dine there, but only outside. In Minnesota. In December.

    There’s a lot of bars in my area that have closed temporarily because they can’t afford to pay their staff on take-out alone. Somehow I don’t think that outdoor dining is going to save them.

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