It Becomes President Kamala Because…

It Becomes President Kamala Because…

I was going to take the day off, but since this tweet had such a good response, I thought it be fun for all of us to have a guess:

(The tweet is now gone, so rely on the screenshot.)

Here’s a screenshot as of 7 PM, since all my tweets die sadly of coronadoom after seven days. And because of the Big Purge Friday my account might be whacked by the time you see this.

My number one son made a good point, and says it has to be the coronadoom, since that would allow them to triple down on lockdowns, punishments, mandates, and so on.

My favorite, however, is Mysterious Disappearance. It will be reported that somebody resembling Biden—old man with hair plugs and a botched face lift, vacant look, muttering to himself—in his pajamas was seen wandering around the White House lawn in the wee hours of some morning. Then conflicting reports of the same man seen in Georgetown Dunkin’ Donuts arguing with the clerk over the change given, and one of the man seen in Centreville on the highway heading west.

Then nothing.

What say you?

Bonus Joke

(The tweet is now gone, too, but said “Who will be the first recipient of America’s glorious Biden bombs on January 21st?”)

Twitter throttling

Twitter purged Trump. Apple and Google followed suit, purging Parler.

Twitter has been removing my (and many other accounts’) followers at a fairly even pace. I’m down 10% in 24 hours.

We’ll do more of this later, but recall one of Biden’s campaign promises was “Death is coming”.

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  1. Q: It becomes President Kamala because…
    A: Pelosi already set up the “25th amendment committee” to replace the president.

    Q: Who will be the first recipient of America’s glorious Biden bombs on January 21st?
    A: America.

  2. Nate

    I think “tragic accident”. Perhaps the dog will cause a fall down the stairs.

  3. Dean Ericson

    “Who will be the first recipient of America’s glorious Biden bombs on January 21st?”

    As John McCain sang, to that Beach Boys tune —

    Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran,
    Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran,
    Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb-ba bomb Iran!

  4. Dean Ericson

    Or maybe Mar-a-lago, with Trump inside.

  5. Dean Ericson

    Bombs away, boys, let’s get this skat-show on the road!

  6. Dean Ericson

    Hey Briggs, maybe the bomb’s coming for you.

    And me.

    “Ask not for whom the bomb booms, it booms for thee.”

  7. Kenan Meyer

    Disappearance is patented by and reserved for the chinese commies, isn’t it?!

  8. Sheri

    Biden will just wonder off and the Secret Service will be unable to find him.

    It will be Afghanistan or Syria that are bombed. The trolls in government lied about troop numbers, so there’s plenty of ground reinforcements there after the bombs drop.

    Sorry, but any idiot still on Twitter deserves whatever they get. Worse yet, apparently the morons that set up Parlar need an app to find it. Conservatives are morons. You dance with wolverines and are shocked when attacked and shredded. No self-respecting American should have been on ANY social media since 2016, if at all. Consider it your contribution to the death of this country that you stayed with the devil and now are paying for it.

  9. Exring

    I know this is all in good fun and would have submitted that he will either be declared, Unfit for Medical Reasons or will be assassinated (and that blamed on one or a group of the 73,000,000+ that voted for the “still POTUS). That said, can anyone tell me if Kamal Toe is capable of being made POTUS because (I am told) she is NOT a Natural born citizen of the USofA (however, judging from the issues that surrounded B.O. that may not be necessary)? Do any of the Illuminaries that write to Prof. Briggs Blog know?

  10. Sander van der Wal

    … in the Multiverse anything that can happen, will happen, in another Universe.

  11. Jerry

    Coronadoom. It will be traced back to a doorknob that was missed during the transition.

  12. Ann Cherry

    Rush Limbaugh just cancelled his Twitter account, in response to the ban on our POTUS. I barely look at Twitter but will cancel mine as well.

    Pres. Trump got around the personal ban by using the White House account to condemn Twitter and announce that he plans to build a new platform in the near future:–nSVdQ1g95LLw9CtQIqifUah7qA1kJWUx990vm3FpaUTMAfOJ47ysBzdEPklKKA8x6dN1wZRP5-1Kd7YoxNm5cAHmfxg&utm_content=non_insiders&utm_source=housefile

    Why are patriots still supporting these corrupt totalitarian Pravda-like organizations? Only a small percentage of people even use Twitter anyway. It is especially popular with lazy “journalists”, who instead of doing actual investigative journalism, simply cut and paste Tweets.

    I predict they’ll keep Biden in until the 2022 election, and then after Dominion on-line “tabulating” software and other cheating mechanisms deliver the Democrat-Communists a larger majority, he’ll plead ill health and step aside.

    This will happen only when Heels-Up Harris, the most far-left Senator and last in the Democrat primary, but hand-picked by the Great Reset cartel, can be assured of two full terms after China Joe steps down.

    As for Briggs’ second question, who will he bomb first? Whoever Xi Ping tells him to bomb, or someplace that won’t damage China’s global takeover. Otherwise, Xi Ping will be releasing certain information about the criminal cartel of Biden family and many others, that our corrupt intelligence agencies have kept hidden from We the People.

  13. Dean Ericson

    Exring: “…can anyone tell me if Kamal Toe is capable of being made POTUS because (I am told) she is NOT a Natural born citizen of the USofA?”

    Laws only apply to deplorables. The Overlords are a law unto themselves.

  14. spaceranger

    As long as he can appear on Zoom, he’ll remain president while the oligarchs and politburo run the show. The late 45’th discussion is an end run to move Nan up a notch.

  15. Sheri

    Exring: She was born in the US. Her parents were not. Anchor baby? Her parents were reportedly here on student visas and she moved to Canada, land of the socialist, as a teenager. Nothing says she has to have lived her all the time.

    I checked on Parler. Seems lazy people need an app. My $15.00 smartphone (Android) can access the website easily without an app. Since one can easily access the web (after turning on wifi and enabling a browser, of course) one can access Parler. Since one is typing on Parler, finding the site via the web should not be tricky. It is possible your $900 iPhone won’t let you on, but a Tracfone will, so you can always pitch that nasty censoring phone and go cheap.

  16. Yancey Ward

    Straight up assassination, and there is at least a 10% chance it will be done by an authentic pro-Trump assassin.

  17. Yancey Ward

    On Parler:

    You don’t need an app to access it, obviously, but the banks and other businesses will cut off their access to financing and all the other sundry services any business in the US needs in order to operate.

  18. Dean Ericson

    Fake elections
    State religion
    Executive orders
    Hate speech
    Diversity training
    One Party Rule

    Because in order to preserve Liberal Democracy, it must be destroyed.

  19. Uncle Bob

    Tragic accident, tripped on his dog due to Parkinson’s disease balance problems.
    Swiftly taken to an undisclosed convalescent hospital in New York for “treatment “
    Cdoom not far behind?
    Dr. J. Biden in charge.

  20. Sheri

    Yancy Ward: Okay, that makes sense. Now, am I to believe the Right owns no banks and has no money? It seems that way. How did a political party fail to own any money sources? Are there no billionaires on the Right who didn’t immediately sell their souls to Satan? It’s all very confusing how the Right can be so smart and yet so incredibly stupid. Also, if the bank thing is true, we’re definitely living under the Brown Shirts in hell now. I appreciate the answer but I guess I am horrified that the Right was so stupid and blind as it would seem they are.

  21. Brad Tittle

    @Sheri — my $200 iPhone6s (which I learned later was actually a $20 * 24 + $200 iPhone, I was dumbfounded when my phone bill dropped $40/month 2 years later… ) gets to twitter and Parler directly.

    Facebook tried early on to just do the phone connection without the app, then they ran into problems. There are problems. They are problems that most people don’t want to talk about. Getting banned from the App Store is not the end of the world, but it is a big kick to the balls.

    My iPhone is connected to my 6 other apple devices. Most of the devices are more than 6 years old and still doodling. along without any problems. I like my apple devices. But right now, I don’t know if they are Trump or Biden.

  22. brad.tittle

    @Sheri The bankers and the payment streams are faced with a conundrum. It shouldn’t be that hard. But there are many many stories running out there about banks that funneled money to “evil” people. They don’t want to appear to funnel money to evil people anymore. I have been internally on the side of the “anti-evil” folks from time to time. Suddenly I realize that they were programming me to make me see it as bad…

    That way, I wouldn’t freak out when they made sure “evil” people couldn’t make money.

    You and I and most people who visit this site are evil now. Lysenkoism has worked. Lysenkoism and Peter principle that is..

  23. Max Rockatansky

    Uncanny. Just read that the reparations bill is already waiting for preezy of the steezy Kamal the fierce warrior wonder wymyns.
    Russia 1917-1918 is in the forecast.

  24. Milton Hathaway

    There’s no need to get rid of Dopey Joe, he’s a very useful figurehead to the real string-pullers. Joe has been bought-and-paid-for since early in his career, he presents no danger to them. The problem might actually be keeping him upright and smiling. And Kamala presents no danger either, she’s totally owned, and readily blackmailable should she get any “uppity” ideas (which, of course, is why she was chosen by the racists).

    And I’ll go one step further. Jill Biden is clearly the sociopathic driver behind the Biden Crime Family, so getting rid of Gropey Joe means going through her. But does she have any real power outside of her family? In hindsight she must, or how else does one explain Foggy Joe getting the nomination?

    Too conspiratorial for you? Before you dismiss, check out a couple relevant chapters in “Profiles in Corruption” by Peter Schweizer.

  25. Uncle Mike

    Who will be the first recipient of America’s glorious Biden bombs?

    FYI, the Deep State has been bombing our watersheds for 15 years. They call it “aerial ignition”:

    AI is typically done by helicopter, but they’re transitioning to drones:

    This is on top of the 30 year-old program of Let It Burn which has incinerated over 50,000,000 acres. Then there is the latest craze of Antifa arson which was responsible for burning 3,000,000 acres last summer in OR and CA, as well as numerous urban centers nationwide.

    You don’t need “bombs” to incinerate America. There are plenty of other methods, tried and true. It’s an ongoing thing. Nothing new to see here.

  26. Joe resigns citing hunter’s legal troubles..

    What to do?

    General Strike.

    Until congress commits to a full and fair investigation of the 2020 elections.

  27. Sheri

    Brad: Thank you for the information. I love it when people have “non-current” tech! I have very old equipment and this morning had such fun putting in a new router! My computer equipment is Apple except the phones. I do not use my phone as an internet device, which did require the tech support guy to get creative in how to activate my router. Fortunately, he had worked with iPhones, so Apple was not foreign to him. Nothing more fun than mismatched computers and phones, etc. They keep you sharp, I know that! I do agree many people would not go to so much trouble to get to websites, but that’s part of the problem. Many people love those little icons that magically do all the work. Now those icons will imprison them. Sad.

  28. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Unity Joe will likely have an incapacitating stroke and then be sent to Walter Reed for eternal convalescence but he has done his level best for his handlers every time they let him out of the basement.

    Kamal has many positives in her favor to be the POTUS for our new country:

    Jewish spouse
    A subjective morality consistent with the mutating ideology of The Cultural Marxists.

    Dear Briggs. You will prolly be silenced owing to your effective work in exposing the election fraud so ABS wants to take this opportunity to thank you for this great Blog, all of the work that you do, and he wishes you a long, happy and productive life.

    Pax tecum

  29. Whitney

    Pinterest just canceled Trump. Pinterest? Is that even an issue? Is Trump into decorating and knick-knacks?

  30. Wilmington Resident

    “Mysterious disappearance” scenario sounds a lot like what happened to Jack Wheeler in Wilmington, DE, on New Year’s Eve about a decade ago. Disappearance never solved.

  31. C-Marie

    These are exciting, dangerous, treacherous times … what if JB really has it all together and he has just been playing a part so that the re-sets would put him in and then he could use the power of the presidency as he chooses!! Never can tell at this point. We will see soon enough!

    So glad that President Trump, who won in an unacknowledged landslide by Congress, has said he will keep on working TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. As these troubles are mostly spiritual, and a political solution will not help much, prayer for hearts to open to Jesus Christ and to do God’s will, is among the most powerful of the weapons that we have.

    Pray for those Democrats and Republicans who are snowed by the left, to hear God and to do His will.

    God bless, C-Marie

  32. Johnno

    Q: It becomes President Kamala because…
    A: Assassination by some guy they’ll claim is a Trumper, or an actual Trumper patsy who gets conveniently too close through all the bestest security in the world using the help of people on Parler. Biden will be hailed as a Kennedy darling. Hunter Biden and the rest of the family will be let off the hook because it would be very mean to investigate them now.

    Q: Who will be the first recipient of America’s glorious Biden bombs on January 21st?
    A: Biden. See above. And this they’ll say is why Trump stayed away from the inauguration, so he becomes suspect #1. They will also find miniature Russian flags amongst the shrapnel and also a banner message that floated down that says, “Congratulations Joe! Love – Vladimir Putin.”

  33. MSmith

    Dying of the Rona, after getting the vaccine, would certainly throw a wrench into their plans

  34. Pouncer

    Iran has just volunteered a formerly hidden bunker to be first bombed. Biden will be nominated for a Nobel for bombing Syria instead.

  35. C-Marie

    And, the word PARLER is the french word which means to speak …. but is odd that the founder of Parler, pronounces it Parlour. Have not seen nor heard this said nor mentioned anywhere.

    God bless, C-Marie

  36. Sheri

    Parler screwed up and used the commie Google to host and is dead in the water right now. The Conservative Treehouse set up it’s own service when booted from WordPress. Not sure exactly how and they have not released details as of yet. GAB, on the other hand, is up 750% and has it’s own phone–and it’s own servers. They are the only right wing group that were not flaming idiots. The right LOVES to be housed and cared for by the wolves. How abjectly idiotic and stupid can one be? I’m sure the Right will continue to provide examples. And yes, these actions take money and people CAN GET MONEY if they are aren’t so lazy they won’t find new ways (I understand it’s not easy, but who said being in the right was easy????) I find the Right incredibly lazy and worthless most of the time. They are indeed part of the Uniparty, because it pays the same to sit on your *** as it does to actually work. We need REAL thinkers and patriots and even then, we are living among so many wolves, we’re probably all wolf food. I still don’t think Americans are worth freedom.

  37. Yancey Ward

    Yes, Sheri, conservatives should have their own communication services, their own web hosting services, their own banks, their own payroll services, their own server producers, their own hospitals, their own grocery stores, their own buses, their own water fountains……

  38. Milton Hathaway

    Ah, the left is overreaching badly, and sooner than I thought. So why exactly are they still so miserably unhappy?

    I think it was Rush Limbaugh who said if you stop and listen carefully to the left, they will tell you exactly who they really are and what they fear (and perhaps how to defeat them?). The hypocritical over-reaction to the pro-Trump “mostly-peaceful protest” in Washington, and the liberal hyperventilating since, tells me that they are scared to death of us. If you look at it from their point of view, their news sources told them for months that Trump was going to be defeated in an historic landslide, and not only did that not happen, they have to deal with this gnawing realization that it took an historic level of election fraud to even make it close.

    With their lock-downs and escalating attacks on our individual freedoms and the very concept of private property, the left has pushed the country to the brink of civil war. What’s seem to be lost on them is that conservatives view free-speech in particular as so fundamentally important that any effort destructive to that right is viewed as an act of violence, as surely as a physical attack.

    I think the left is so unhappy because they have all this power now, but no mandate to use it. Indeed, their base is listless and uninspired, and their opposition is fired up and mad as hell.

  39. Rudolph Harrier


    You say that facetiously, but that’s where this is going. Especially when it comes to online services if you can build your own infrastructure you should, since the tech overlords are going to remove it from you at some point if you use theirs.

    And yeah, at some point that’s going to come down even grocery stores. There are people who seriously would like places like grocery stores to permanently deny service to people who showed up to the Washington DC rally. Is it right that people be denied services in this way? Of course not, but if it’s going to happen, you should be prepared.

    That being said, building everything from scratch obviously isn’t feasible at this point for most conservatives, so it is okay to use enemy services if you are forced. Better than not doing anything. But if you do you should have plans for transitioning away as you get more resources.

  40. Veronica

    This is slightly off topic, but I predict federal legalization of marijuana within a year-ish. Got to keep the population doped up and complacent.

  41. Yancey Ward

    Believe me, Rudolph, I wasn’t really being facetious. 🙂

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