First Right Podcast with Yours Truly

First Right Podcast with Yours Truly

Before events erupted Thursday, I was on early with the First Right Podcast.

“Restoration PAC presents the First Right Podcast. A weekly conservative political podcast hosted by Doug Truax, Founder and President of Restoration PAC and Restoration Action. Each week Doug talks with the political world’s most informed advocates, experts and pundits, to illuminate the state of conservative America.”

Those anxious to cure themselves of watching videos, may also watch the video.

We discuss the statistics of how the election was stolen, and then onto details of the coronadoom. The most important (now) part of the discussion is how midwit experts, once ensconced in government, become magically infallible and unquestionable, about how offering evidence which directly contradicts their dictates becomes “denial”. We’ll have much more to say about this in the coming, well, years.


You’ll pardon me for not writing more about which you can listen to. I’m also taking tomorrow off.

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  1. Sheri

    Yes, the Right takes a hike… it. I suggest the “duck and cover” move from the Cold War. It will make you feel better.

  2. JohM

    I’m sorry, but I switched off after the first 10 seconds of noise.

  3. awildgoose

    A commenter on another site probably got it about right on life in a Biden presidency-

    Standard neocon foreign war policy, full-court press culture war at home.

  4. Dale

    While I cannot discount the possibility of massive fraud, is it so hard to believe that 81 million Americans were thoroughly shot-through with hatred for Trump ? Is there any basis for this faith in the collective judgement of Americans ?

  5. Eric

    @Dale – Given the MSM’s 4 year legacy of lies, it’s not surprising that 75 million Americans voted for Biden. What is at issue is that in one county in each of four battleground states, a small group of Democratic insiders decided to manufacture votes for Biden.

    I know lots of people who trust the MSM. I used to trust the MSM. But then I started checking the original sources, and time after time after time, the MSM consistently misrepresented or outright lied about the facts.

    It’s a hard road to follow. One way to start is to web search “Gell Mann amnesia”.

  6. Jerry

    Dale: See JohnM above.


  7. Dale

    Jerry, I take your point.

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