Support Those Who Contested The Election

Support Those Who Contested The Election

It won’t surprise you to hear that the bad guys at Dominion are coming after Sidney Powell to the tune of $1.3 billion. That’s a B, friends.

Sane, sane. They may as well have used a T. Did Dominion think that Powell was as rich as their oligarchic cheerleaders?

The intent of the suit is not, as they said, to recover their reputation, which is if anything even solider with our rulers. Would any ruler want to go into a hotly contested election without the benefit of electronic voting anymore?

If anything, Dominion ought to pay Powell for the free advertising.

Powell will be broken. That is, the ruling class will try to destroy her to the best of their abilities. Which are rather weak. But what they lack in intelligence, they gain in numbers and infinite resources. Pray for her, and if comes to her asking for monetary support, please give if you can.

The election has already broken some of us. Poor Lin Wood cracked under the strain. I doubt they’ll go after him, because he’s doing a better job on himself than they ever could, and they’ll use him to say the rest of us are just like him, or worse. Pray for him, too.

Now my name is in every (I think every: maybe it’s only most) suit Sidney Powell filed, and so I’ll also be wading into some deep kimchi. This is fine, because I like kimchi, having developed a fondness for it while living in my Uncle Sam’s house in Okinawa, many years ago.

The most hilarious thing that happened (so far) was that the Dean of Research at Cornell Medical School, where I was once a professor of biostatistics, emailed to say I had better not dare to use a Cornell affiliation!

I told him that I would be horrified to have anybody think I had any ties to Cornell, and that he should write anybody who thought so, copying me, so that I could endorse his repudiation.

He hasn’t written back since.

The worst that will happen to me, I’m guessing, will be me overhearing on the phone people in the distance saying “Tell him I’m not here.” This is to my advantage, because I am lazy and didn’t like working anyway.

On the other hand, there are many other names, higher up than mine, who were involved in the suits, who are feeling pain already, and you know what rolls downhill. I don’t want to give any details, but jobs have already been lost, and worse.

People have been asked to publicly repudiate Trump, and admit the error of their ways. Some will hold strong, but we are a weak culture—we wouldn’t be having this conversation if were strong—and they will cave.

This is why times of great difficulty bring out good. We will soon see who our true friends are, and what people are made of.

The Trump years, and the election, are going to cost a lot of us. The ruling class is out for revenge. Not for anything we did, or Trump did, not per se, but for not allowing them to be seen to be in charge.

The debased are, and have been, even during Trump’s tenure, everywhere in charge: the left is everywhere triumphant. There is no major organization they do not control.

Yet they must pretend to be beset by occult powerful forces, who are only moments away from seizing control. Do you recall the FBI saying the most horrible threat to the country is from “white supremacists”?

The left is driven by fear and lust for revenge. Hence things like this:

I responded (here, but it dies in 7 days), “Put me on your list, you pansy assholes.”

A bunch of bloated soy-faced effeminates (and worse) trying to sound tough. I don’t mean that their list won’t have an effect, and that people on the list won’t be hurt. I mean that each of these squishy little freaks is a coward, hiding behind a bully (the State), who will be judged and found wanting.

Fear and lust are also responsible for headlines like this: “Cori Bush introduces legislation to sanction, remove all House members who supported election challenges“. Because we all know criticizing government is un-American and must be outlawed. Big Tech agrees.

So. What can you do? Support those on the based right. The best way to do that is to keep in touch, to read what they write, and heed what they say. Pray for all of us.

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Also considering subscribing in the old-fashioned sense, using the link right below this. Why, just imagine. If everybody in the world subscribed at $1 a month, I’d have $7.6 billion in thirty short days, and I could pay all Sidney’s legal bills.

Anyway, $1 a month—or more!—might not sound like a lot, but it will come in very handy to keep this site, and me in my upcoming enforced leisure, going.

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We’re sick of the election, so this will be the penultimate thing I say about it, unless forced.

I am also at Gab @TheFamedCelebrity and Parler @FamedCelebrity (if that site ever comes back). I prefer Gab.


  1. Michael Dowd

    I think we are near the time when God will give us a hand with all of this evil. It really behooves Him to act as His Church is part of the problem. It’s one thing to have a bad government but a sell-out Church is a step too far.

  2. Briggs


    Regarding your last comment. Please do not watch the news today. It won’t put you in a good mood.

  3. Next time you should keep Cornell guessing…knowing a trifle administrator is tossing, turning and losing sleep is rewarding.

  4. john

    Support local businesses, remove Big Tech from your life as much as possible…buy used tech…your wallet will thank you …and starve the beast!

  5. PrivacyNow

    Also, folks, operational security is critical now for those who are still somewhat/mostly anon.

    It doesn’t take much to switch to the Brave browser, Signal for IRL messaging, Session for web-messaging with internet frends, a privacy friendly paid email like ProtonMail, and a VPN like ProtonVPN or NordVPN for general web surfing. Surf with Tor for the critical things you wish to protect (the Secure Core option on some VPNs helps some as well).

    All of these are supported both on computers and Android/iOS.

    It does take more to de-windowsfy/applefy your life, as you need Linux on the desktop, and smartphones still don’t *really* have a privacy respecting option.

    Opsec also involves maybe keeping some of your activity ‘normal’ – browse to your bank, utility companies, streaming services, etc with normal browsing habits and no VPN, so that you don’t ‘stand out’ too much.

    Web Browsing

    Real-Life Messaging (with phone number):

    Frend / Anon Messaging:



    Tor for strong anonymity:

  6. Jason Eggleston

    Yup betrayed by the filthy Republican Congress members. We stormed the beachhead and those cowards abandoned us . F them .

  7. Mike

    As many have alluded in recent days, it would be salutary to read about the Reichstag fire before that bit of history disappears down the memory hole.

  8. Sheri

    Lin Wood was cracked to start with, by all available evidence. As for Sidney, she stood on a mountain and screamed out she would take on the establishment. There was no Kraken and it was all bluff. Being loud and showy has its down side. Don’t do it if you can’t afford it.

    Truly, no one with any sense thought that Trump could win without the Turnip cheating. No one with any sense thought that could be fixed after the election was over. The fact that so many “smart” people are still saying “wait till 2022” indicates just how insane the right is too.

    Great response to Cornell! That’s the way it’s done.

    Again, cowards get smacked down. Americans did not do a damn thing to stop this and they KNEW FOR YEARS it was going on. Letting your world be destroyed by putting your head in the sand gets your backside kicked. Standing up, you may get knocked down, but maybe, just maybe if there were not so many cowards, we’d still have a country. Some stood up, at the wrong time. Timing is everything.

    Jason: We ran from the beachhead like sissies. We would have lost WWI if this was how we fought. This is cowardice of the American people. How many died on D-Day????? Two died in Washington. Nope, not bravery, but it does explain a lot.

  9. Pistol Pete

    Seems each time there is a global conflict – its armageddon, people freeze up waiting for the Lord to come save them. Yes things are beyond strange but we must continue living fruitful lives. We men need to step up, the militia have done little thus far. The only time positive visible action was taken – the Bundys were taking on the fed’s, They had organized militia – good guys. We’ve needed militia numerous times since that day but if you scan the news articles it’s us – small business owners, single mom’s, hungry families. We are the ones standing up, We are the ones taking action in the streets, taking heat in the courts, paying heavy fines and penalties. Muzzled, isolated waiting to be vaxxed – sterilized or euthanized. Trump put out a call – come to dc, big things happening. So the people put the last of the money into a journey to the capitol, with hope of T-man imparting wisdom leadership and direction, a way out of this nightmare.

    He was suppose to have had a plan, instead it was empty,..a farce. After spending the last of the discretionary money and traveling for days sleeping in the truck, the multitude were told “go home now”?!? Thousands of families were used to stage a false overrun of the capitol. americans died there. What is everyone suppose to do now? Be happy with 600.00?! Go home, wait for dotgov to determine who is “essential”, who is allowed to feed their family, to keep their home or business. Where are the militia?! What does it take to get you on the field. You bad boys can critique and criticize us all day but at least WE are doing something. You don’t like what we are doing? Step up and give some leadership, organization. There is an army of starving, unemployed misfits waiting to be cobbled together. GA 5:1 for my Brothers. American families need help today. Today – Today – Today

  10. Sheri

    Mike: Using Wiki???????

  11. Michael Dowd

    Briggs–Good advice. I stopped watching the news several months ago. But I’m sure to hear about whatever unhappy thing that happens on one of the blogs I follow.

  12. Ryan Curtis

    Was reading Nehemiah and this verse rang true. Why give business to companies that are completely opposed to God? I’ll be cancelling a few things this week.

    And if the peoples of the land bring in goods or any grain on the Sabbath day to sell, we will not buy from them on the Sabbath or on a holy day. And we will forego the crops of the seventh year and the exaction of every debt.
    Nehemiah 10:31 ESV

  13. Dean Ericson

    “The ruling class is out for revenge.”

    They’ve been out for revenge for the last 2000 years.

  14. steve black

    The problem with Powell’s claims about Dominion (and, presumably, the basis for any legal case) is that many of them are wild conspiracist ideas (association with Smartmatic, Chavez, foreign servers etc.) and some appear not to understand how voting audits work. I don’t know whether US law needs to prove she knew these were nonsense to demonstrate defamation but most of the claims are demonstrably nonsense.

    I’ve not yet heard how electronic miscounting of votes survives the hand counting of paper ballots. Even those votes done on a Dominion machine electronically in person have paper printouts than can be checked by the voter and recounted by hand. But she repeatedly alleged that electronic counts were manipulated. And added the conspiracist idea that this was fomented by Chavez or other agents. If she based this on claims without adequately checking, this is surely a problem.

    And claims about Dominion’s ownership or association with other firms are checkable and conspiracist allegations are entirely without merit if those checks have been omitted. I’ve seen no sense-checking by the Powell team (correct me if they exist). But those allegations were repeatedly promulgated by them.

    If she has concrete evidence otherwise, she can defend the claim and win the case. If not, she is guilty of defaming Dominion and might deservedly lose.

  15. JohnK

    Speaking of rolling downhill… My dear, dear friend, Matt, whom I actually never knew and have never communicated with, honest, if you would just kindly delete any reference to me at your site, I’ll… give you a dollar — no, that’s traceable — er… I’ll disavow any knowledge… I’ll…

    God bless you, Matt, and may He keep you and your family safe. Whatever happens now.

  16. George Christiansen

    Suing Powell gives here the opportunity of sifting through Dominion’s info in Discovery. I doubt they want that.

    I suspect that this suit is simply a gag tactic.

  17. Jerry

    I was thinking about all the recent events yesterday, and it occurred to me that I have never seen a more perpetually angry, unhappy group as the Raging Left.
    They have just outright stolen a Presidential election with zero legal repercussions, have the entire mainstream media and social media giants under their full control, have virtual full control of the US Government, and control Hollywood and all professional sports, as well as the NCAA (did I miss anyone? Go ahead and fill in the blanks – whatever it is, they control it).
    And yet….you would think they have lost everything and are under siege. They quake in terror at the mention of the name “Trump”.
    So friends, they have won it all but in their minds, they still have nothing.
    Just a warm fuzzy thought for the hard years ahead.

  18. Hun

    Jerry, most of the leftist “rage” is just histrionics. The ones among them who actually matter know that they hold all the power.

  19. Mike

    Sheri: I know, right? Start at Wiki but don’t stop there; investigate the bibliographies and references it cites.
    There are few histories of the Nazi era that are not overwrought in one direction or another, but careful sifting by the diligent reader will start to fill in the gaps.

  20. DAV

    Twitter et al just proved they are more powerful than the president of the US.

    @George Christiansen, agreed. They don’t want discovery. There’s already plenty of evidence showing showing how insecure their machines are as it is.

  21. c matt

    Well, if she is being sued by Dominion, that means (in a fair and just society) Dominion has to open their kimono. But we do not live in a fair and just society.

  22. billrla

    High above Cayuga’s waters,
    There’s an awful smell.
    Some say it’s Cayhuga’s waters
    Others say Cornell.

  23. Mike

    And to double down on Wiki, look up Stasi while you’re over there.

  24. V

    If we all throw $10 to Briggs every month, we’d enable him to do a lot of good work.

    I just setup my recurring donation a moment ago ($10/mo).

    Time to pony up folks. Seriously.

    (Briggs did not ask me to write this. )

  25. Frank

    I don’t know if it’s already happening, but I think patriotic Americans should stop volunteering for the US Armed Forces. Think of what this will do. Think back during the Vietnam War when they started drafting the Democrat War.

    There’s not much need now for volunteers, but with Biden this may change. Less volunteers will stop such action. When there is a real need for volunteers they will show up if the country is worth it.

    I’m was drafted in 1969 and served two tours as a combat infantry soldier.

  26. Uncle Mike

    The long knives are out. The Left has always preferred violence. Their policies may waver, but their violence is steadfast. Now they are doing seek-and-destroy. Biden was prescient — it will be a long, dark winter.

    Patriots of free America going underground. We have no other choice, really. We will be silenced, but we are not going away. As ye sow so shall ye reap. Rage is smouldering. The Days of Wrath are coming.

  27. Gail Finke

    Michael Dowd: It doesnt’ work that way. Remember the psalm —

    “All day long our boast was in God,
    and we will praise your name forever.
    Yet now you have rejected us, disgraced us;
    you no longer go forth with our armies.
    You make us retreat from the foe;
    those who hate us plunder us at will.
    You make us like sheep for the slaughter,
    and scatter us among the nations.
    You sell your own people for nothing,
    and make no profit by the sale.
    You make us the taunt of our neighbors,
    the mockery and scorn of those around us.
    Among the nations you make us a byword;
    among the peoples they shake their heads.
    All day long my disgrace is before me;
    my face is covered with shame
    at the voice of the taunter, the scoffer,
    at the sight of the foe and avenger.
    This befell us though we had not forgotten you;
    we were not false to your covenant.
    We had not withdrawn our hearts;
    our feet had not strayed from your path.
    Yet you have crushed us in a haunt of jackals,
    and covered us with the shadow of death.”

    (44 — this is the Grail translation). God rarely rescues nations from their own stupidity or temporal lack of power, even when they haven’t broken his commandments. The blood of 50 million dead innocents says we have, and that’s only one of our many sins. Not that “we deserve it” (as many like to say). But we’re not innocent and if He doesn’t save the innocent who follow Him, why should be expect help?

  28. Gail Finke

    Jerry wrote: “they have won it all but in their minds, they still have nothing.”

    Was just discussing this with a coworker this morning. When you have a demonic greed, the more you have the more you want what you still don’t have. Just knowing anything isn’t yours is enough to make you miserable and mad with rage.


    YOU CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT THE ELECTION AND THE RAMPANT FRAUD. We are all tired BUT the Left is counting on informational fatigue to make all of us drop the subject, walk away and allow the issue to die!

    We — you, me and all of your readers — absolutely MUST stay in this fight!

  30. Dodgy Geezer

    “…..The debased are, and have been, even during Trump’s tenure, everywhere in charge: the left is everywhere triumphant. There is no major organization they do not control……”

    Dr Dimble (responding to a suggestion that the press do not necessarily say what the government wants)

    “….What nonsense is this? Do you suppose I don’t know that you have control of every paper in the country except one? And that one has not appeared this morning,”…

    C S Lewis: That Hoideous Strength. 1945

  31. Michael Dowd

    Gail Finke– Our Lady said a Great Chastisement was on the way unless we changed our ways especially the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Instead things got much worse. We are overdue for intervention

  32. GamecockJerry

    Even those votes done on a Dominion machine electronically in person have paper printouts than can be checked by the voter and recounted by hand.

    It prints a bar code. Can you read bar code. I can’t. I had no clue whether my scanned printout had what i selected.

    Trump still has a few days to release the Classified info and do a few more pardons to really have it hit the fan.

  33. Dennis

    There is a coup underway alright, but not by Trump. The Capitol police being undermanned and then clearly told to stand aside, inviting people in, opening gates and doors, so the Left could then spin people larking about taking selfies and “violent insurrection,” “domestic terrorism” (for the fighting of which the Dems in Congress had a 20,000 page bill ready to go within 24 hours! Amazing! One Dem also floated on Twitter a copy of a motion to eject GOP members of Congress for “supporting violence” – dated Jan 5, a day before the alleged “insurrection”! How prescient of her!), etc., is all part of the Left’s ongoing coup ever since their refusal to accept the outcome of the 2016 election (as is the ongoing politicized weaponization of Covid, including its use to institute the most insecure election system in history and engage mass voter fraud).

    If Trump has an ounce of courage left, and isn’t effectively already under arrest and unable to actin accordance with his Constitutional rights as President, he should issue blanket pardons to everyone for any alleged federal offenses arising out of the events of Jan. 6, and just to piss off media and Deep State (in addition to it being the right thing to do and something he should have done ages ago) he needs to finally pardon Assange and Snowden. And go further in declassifying anything and everything related to the Russia Collusion hoax (he should have fired Haspel for her intransigence and insubordination months ago – but she is covering for the CIA, since she and Agency payed a part in building the hoax).

    And now the mass deplatforming on a scale never before seen. People on the right (and the few remaining on the left who actually do support free speech) have raised alarms for years, but Trump and the GOP never did anything about it (Except tweet tough guy talk and hold a few toothless hearings), and now they’ve come for him, and many more, and again no one seems to care. “It’s a private company…build your own platform!,” they said. Parler did, and now they’ve been deplatformed in toto as well, even website not just app (Do they have to build their own phones too?). Completely down because they refused to implement speech codes dictated by Apple and Amazon (though why they didn’t setup their own server system rather than using Amazon Web Services to host is inexplicable under the current regime).

    Whether people are allowed to exercise free speech in the public square is now apparently up to Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter. If this isn’t collusion and violation of antitrust laws, then nothing is. Break them up, smash them all to pieces. Even EU liberals who generally support “hate speech” codes that would never pass muster under the First Amendment in the US are raising alarms and voicing outrage at the actions of Twitter and others, esp. with regard to Trump being deplatformed. It’d be ironic if we in the alleged “home of the free” had to depend on the EU to reign-in out of control deplatforming and censorship by Big Tech! Since we certainly can’t hope for any help from a US govt controlled by Democrats (or the spineless GOP controlled opposition), since they are fine with censorship that favors their side and can never be relied upon to stand on free speech principles any longer, hoping that the EU takes strong action against these companies may be the best bet left.

    What a sick and disgusting future lies ahead. This vile culture and corrupt regime under which we suffer will only get worse and worse every single day – and Biden hasn’t even been sworn in yet!

  34. Shecky R

    Relax Mattie, nobody really cares about all your bogus, massaged stats; worry more about being placed, deservedly, on a no-fly list.

  35. Dean Ericson

    “This vile culture and corrupt regime under which we suffer…”

    Dennis, recall that when the Big Guy condescended to put in an appearance here as a man, we 86’d Him. This world is a poop show, and has been since we got the boot from Eden. And yet, we are to live here, and be of good cheer, and even love our enemies. Despair comes from the enemy. Pitch in, and stand for the truth, with humility. And meanwhile, the sun rises every day, in the most lovely display. A toast to you, pal [clink!].

  36. Dean Ericson

    Shecky Green, ha! you’re so funny, keep it up!

  37. Dennis

    Be of good cheer?

    The most corrupt election in US history, followed on its heels by political-ideological purges that are only just beginning, with free speech and thought being flushed down the toilet by big tech oligarchs with the collusion of mainstream media and the political left now in power through fraud. It may be starting with big name people on social media, but the left is moving fast toward a Chinese-style social credit system in which all activity by everyone will be monitored and used to enforce ideological conformity, or you’ll be subjected to limitations on travel, jobs, banking, healthcare, even food and shelter, etc, etc.

    Endless Covid-based tyranny preventing any semblance of reasonable and sane life for nearly a g*damn year now with no end in sight, such that I’ve been unable to go anywhere but the park since July (and barely anywhere before that since March) because I refuse to abase myself like some brainless f-ing moronic sheep and wrap a diaper around my face in order to be allowed to go anywhere else, and now that it’s too cold to spend the day at the park, haven’t left the house except take daily walks around the block for nearly two months.

    And I’m supposed to be of good cheer and love the scum who are creating this insufferably evil and intolerable world, than which death would be preferable? No thanks. I hope for all of those scum to have every conceivable personal horror inflicted upon them, to feel maximum pain and suffering for the remainder of their lives, and in the life to come may they rot in hell forever for the evil they do, starting with Biden-Harris-Pelosi triumvirate (and they’re just the tip of the iceberg, and arguably not even the very worst of the lot of evil scum empowered in this world).

  38. Dean Ericson

    “Be of good cheer?”

    Right. It has nothing to do with worldly circumstance.

    It’s something else.

  39. Ganderson

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran an editorial calling for the removal of Ron Johnson and two WI congressmen for questioning the electoral certifications. Not an op-ed, but a “ paper’s official position” editorial. Astonishing.

  40. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Briggs. Yes, they are coming for you.

    A man named Alexander Macris (Obviously the alter ego of Theodore Beale, aka Vox Day of Vox Popoli) had several posts at a place called substack and they have been blowed-up, proving his warnings are accurate.

    Here is the text Mr. Beale is referring to.

    Marcuse is the man whose revolutionary ideology is the Gospel of the new left which controls discourse in America – and much/most of the west.

    Most men who have large followings of conservatives – Limbaugh, Carlson, Beck, Hannity, Levin – spend much of their time complaining of a double standard and seem to think that if they point that out to their enemies (The Left) then perhaps their enemies will moderate or even change their behavior and not apply a double standard to them and deny them their Constitutional rights.

    Do not make the same mistake.

    Marcuse teaches his faithful devotees that Conservatives and Christians are evil and must only be silenced but have punitive programs applied to them.

    If it comes to the point of the new left thinking that as a Conservative or a Christian you must be killed, they have a righteous conviction that that would be a good thing and serve humanity.

    Mr. Beale is about the only man identifying the intellectual content behind the coming persecutions.

    If you are a Catholic, now is a good time to prepare and contact your local priest and have contingency plans to secure a safe house where Mass can be celebrated because the left is coming for you Catholics especially.

    There is a reason why the shutdowns began before Easter and then Christmas.

  41. Dean Ericson

    ABS — yes, just checked, Macris’ Substack location has been 86’d. I subscribe to his posts, the Marcuse one is quite good. But exposing Frankfurt School termites now forbidden.

    We are the new Soviet Union, and the Bolshevik Termites are riding high.

    When the Soviet Union finally collapsed in 1991, its lifeblood drained almost to the last drop, the vampire fastened to its throat released its bloody fangs and looked about for a fresh victim, then flew here, where they had had a large franchise operation for years, and now we are the new headquarters for Global Revolution. The good ol’ USA is now the Evil Empire.

  42. deb

    I have been saying, since Social Security was reported to have run out of money, that the easiest solution, as births had still continued, would be euthanasia. It solves so many of their concerns. Population, abortion not culling enough, take them out at the other end to; free stuff, hard to pay for it, well rob inheritances, let the families keep some of it, then they will go along to get, and the gov gets most of it, less people on SS means the Ponzi scheme can function longer

  43. Ann Cherry

    This excellent, not-too-long article by Jack Cashill in American Thinker, reviews some of the tremendous achievements under the Trump presidency, many which have already been forgotten in the heat of current events. He finishes with this:

    “Although events this past week did not appear to work out as we might have liked, appearances can be deceiving. There were lessons learned, eyes opened. It seems somehow providential that the people’s protest at the “People’s House” occurred on the Epiphany.”

  44. Jerry

    Ann Cherry, that was an excellent article – thanks for posting it.

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