Last Word On The Election (For Now) — With Bonus Podcast!

Last Word On The Election (For Now) — With Bonus Podcast!

Joe Biden won the election. Donald Trump may have won more votes in more states, and he was surely cheated out of votes in several others. But he lost. And Biden won.

We know Biden won because it will be he that is sworn in next week and not Trump. It’s tough to swallow, but that’s how the system works.

If a party cheats, and is in charge of investigating accusations of cheating, and if the media calls the cheating a conspiracy theory, and if the rulers move to expel those who question the cheating, as has already happened, then that party will win by virtue of its power.

This is the way power works.

We have a long tradition of cheating in elections. Some cities, like Chicago and Philadelphia, to name only two of many, are notorious for it. It got so bad in Philly that even Democrats were once worried they had gone too far. Chicago under Boss Daley, some historians say, was responsible for flipping the 1960 election from Nixon to JFK. About that, more in a moment.

Everybody involved in running elections knows how endemic cheating is, or should know. Especially this year with the dramatic increase in absentee and mail-in balloting—an increase signaled well in advance because of the coronadoom panic.

Meaning the Republicans who were supposed to be watching out for their candidate’s interest should have seen what happened coming, and prepared against it.

That election night turned into a grade D French farce—Trump well ahead in crucial states at sundown, his lead collapsing when the lights went off—is a reasonable indication the party professing support for Trump was not exactly in earnest.

There is much evidence the election was stolen. I took part in creating some of it (here, here are the biggest), along with a slew of others you’ve heard about, and some you might not have.

Not every theory of the steal put forward as conclusive was as strong as was touted, but that was to be expected given the nature of the effort. It was necessarily done at top speed, not as well coordinated as we could have wished, and in a hostile environment against an enemy determined to ignore, belittle, and delay. Time was not our friend.

I suppose we could rehash all the details, which are at least useful as an archive to historians, and to teach future election watchers how cheating can occur. However, these facts don’t now matter. Not at this moment. Biden will be enthroned regardless, and he won’t be going anywhere. Until Kamala finds a way. But that’s a whole another story.

Still, the election was hijacked. Nancy Pelosi herself said so. Yes, the very word she used was hijacked.

True, she said it back in 2017 about the election of 2016. But she meant it.

Remember? Our political elite were convinced Vladimir Putin, in mufti, sneaked across the border and applied Soviet mind-altering technology to cause people to vote for Trump instead of Hillary.

The “Russian collusion” story began as a diversionary lie, as a way to explain the unexplainable, to excuse Hillary’s poor performance. How could anybody have voted for Trump? The bad news was that the lie was so effective that those telling it were soon convinced of its truth because the great mass of our betters began repeating it endlessly. The left fell victim to their own propaganda. It was a remarkable thing to see.

There were years of protests, cry ins, charges of theft, of mysterious foreigners and secret “white supremacist” cabals juicing elections. Until this year, when doubting election integrity became anathema.

We won’t even discuss the contrast between the welcoming of and active participation in by our elites in the riots, lootings, and mayhem of the summer, and their instant switch to pretended “outrage” over the Capitol protest last week. The hypocrisy of the debased is so routine it’s not much worth remarking on.

Except to say that they get away with it because they are in power.

Edward Luttwak, who knows more about coups than anybody, tweeted after the protest “In 1960 there was evidence that Kennedy had won because of electoral fraud in Cook county but Nixon refused legal remedies or any protest to preserve public harmony. Twelve years later he was elected President. Trump had that option”.

It was his opinion (here and elsewhere) Trump should also have ignored the fraud and bowed out gracefully for the good of the country. I disagree.

The USA of 1960 barely resembles the one we have now. There was still hope in 1960 that elections could regain integrity. That hope is now a wisp. Trump helped us understand that.

Bonus 1 This dropped after the original post at the Stream.

Update Welp, the video is already gone. Shock. The featured image is a still from it, which contains my favorite line from the whole election, “I hope he don’t watching.”

Bonus 2 I was on the Point of View radio show with Kerby Anderson on the 14th discussing the election (and for a couple of minutes the coronadoom). My segment begins at about 1 hour 45 minutes in.

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  1. DAV

    Didn’t take long for that video to disappear.

  2. John Dawson

    Bonus 1 link says the video has been removed “for violating our terms of service”.

    Funny that……

  3. I’ve been saying for years that Trump will be the final Republican President of the United States. The Democrats won’t allow We the People to make that mistake ever again. And then the United States will no longer be.

    There is no law, only Zuul.

  4. Michael Dowd

    Trump should stay in the White House under military protection until the 2020 election results are fully vetted in the Supreme Court. Postponing the inauguration for 6 months should not be too much to ask to preserve government legitimacy.

  5. John W. Garrett

    Don’t forget the most egregious election fraud ever committed.

    Robert Caro’s monumental biography of the liar, cheat, thief, philanderer, extortionist and crook Lyndon Baines Johnson puts forth the colossal, bald-faced fraud of Johnson’s 1948 Texas Democratic Senate primary election in excruciating detail. Caro’s thorough documentation and quotation of both participants and eyewitnesses is stark and disturbing.

    Johnson cheated in every single election he ever participated in, starting all the way back to his election as student president at Southwest State Teacher’s College.

    LBJ was the acme of slime.

  6. Jb

    Your audio starts more around the hour and 45 mark!

  7. Briggs

    Thanks, Jb. There’s only so much of me I can take, and didn’t even notice cutting me short, which is probably for the best.

  8. Sheri

    As I commented yesterday:
    Best quote about the election:
    Here’s what Michael Burkes, who goes by “Trump’s Black Grandson” on Twitter had to say: “If you need 10,000 Armed Soldiers to protect your inauguration from The People then you probably weren’t elected by The People.” Says it all.
    People who “win” elections don’t need protection. Biden is up to over 25,000 troups last I read. Obviously, he “won” not by votes but by theft.

    People mention Kennedy stealing the election. Great example–remember how that turned out? Didn’t fair much better for Nixon.

    “For the good of the country” is either a coward, as in Nixon’s case, or a future tyrant training the sheep. It is almost never the country benefits, but rather the elites and those who want to destroy the country. Yet idiots fall for it all the time, then wake up in communist hell. Speaking of, Biden wants Gretchen the Witch as chair of the DNC. Woke up in hell, didn’t you?

  9. Cloudbuster

    I’ve been saying for years that Trump will be the final Republican President of the United States.

    Oh, I wouldn’t be surprised if they allow the occasional controlled opposition RINO like Marco or Jeb just to keep the opposition pacified.

  10. RT

    And,…the Democrats will still be permitted to do whatever they want on social media. Here is an article showing six clips (presumably there are more but I have never had FB, Twitter, Instagram,… accounts) of Democrats calling for violence. Remember Pelosi’s comment: “I just came from mass, but nonetheless, when you’re in the arena, you have to be ready to take a punch & throw a punch.” She was praised by her party for being a tough.

    Washington Examiner January 11, 2020

    From the Nancy Pelosi cover story in Time, September 6, 2018:

    “In the meantime, Pelosi has used her scant power in Congress to considerable effect. Despite controlling all three branches of government, Republicans have proved unable to enact most of their promises, including their signature vow to repeal Obamacare. Pelosi and her Senate counterpart, Chuck Schumer, have repeatedly outmaneuvered the President.”

    We can only hope that Democrats, basking in the afterglow now, will have the same misfortune. Remember their primary debates? It comes under the stupidity of politics.

  11. Don B

    Garrett beat me to it – talking about Democrat LBJ stealing the Texas senate election in 1948.
    In the previous senatorial election – a special election – LBJ had the election stolen from him by another Democrat!

    I don’t know that Republicans are evil enough to out-steal Democrats.

  12. Sheri

    Republicans will not steal an election. They say it’s on ethical grounds. Truth is, they are too lazy to do so. It takes work. Republicans do not work.

    Biden “won” the election the same way “trans” males win the girls competitions. They lie and redefine terms. In the case of trans, if the lazy *** girls would STAY HOME. there would be no game. But again, that takes work. I’m sorry, but Republicans and conservatives are just the laziest creatures on earth. They could own the earth, but again, takes work. They just whine a lot.

  13. “I took part in creating some of it”

    That’s what they call “saying the quiet part out loud”.

  14. Thank you for posting a link to you Stream article which I had missed.
    And you self-deprecation to Jb is wrong, you are an excellent radio guest and many think so.

  15. Michael Dowd

    Let us review what Bishop Sheen had to about our times:

    “Why is it that so few realize the seriousness of our present crisis? Partly because men do not want to believe their own times are wicked, partly because it involves too much self-accusation and principally because they have no standards outside of themselves to measure their times. Only those who live by faith really know what is happening in the world. Well may Our Savior say to us what He said to the Saducees and Pharisees in His time: “When it is evening,you say: It will be fair weather, for the sky is red. And in the morning: Today there will be a storm, for the sky is red and lowering. You know then how to discern the face of the sky: and can you not know the signs of the times?”.

    Do we know the signs of our times? They point to two inescapable truths, the first of which is that we have come to the end of the post – Renaissance Chapter of history which made man the measure of all things. The three basic dogmas of the modern world are dissolving before our very eyes. First, we are witnessing the liquidation of the economic man, or the assumption that man who is a highly developed animal has no other function in life than to produce and acquire wealth, and then like the cattle in the pastures, be filled with years and die. Secondly, we are witnessing the liquidation of the idea of the natural goodness of man who has no need of a God to give Him rights, or a Redeemer to salvage him from guilt, because progress is automatic thanks to science, education, and evolution, which will one day make man a kind of a god. We are witnessing also the liquidation of rationalism, or the idea that the purpose of human reason is not to discover the meaning and goal of life, namely the salvation of a soul, but to devise new technical advances to make on this earth a city of man to displace the city of God. It may very well be that Historical Liberalism is only a transitional era in history between a civilization which once was Christian and one which will be definitely anti-Christian. The second great truth to which the signs of the times portend is that we are definitely at the end of a non-religious era of civilization, by that I mean one which regarded religion as an addendum to life, a pious extra, a morale-builder for the individual but of no social relevance, and God is a silent partner whose name was used by the firm to give respectability but who had nothing to say about how the business should be run. In the new era into which we are entering is what might be called the religious phase of human history. Do not misunderstand me; by religious we do not mean that men will turn to God, but rather that the indifference to the absolute which characterized the liberal phase of civilization will be succeeded by a passion for an absolute. From now on the struggle will be not for the colonies and national rights, but for the souls of men. The battle lines are being clearly drawn and the basic issues are no longer in doubt. From now on men will divide themselves into two religions understood again as surrender to an absolute. The conflict of the future is between an absolute who is the God-Man and an absolute which is the man-god; between the God Who became man and the man who makes himself god; between brothers in Christ and comrades in anti-Christ.

    But, the anti-Christ will not be so called, otherwise he would have no followers. He will wear no red tights, nor vomit sulphur, nor carry a spear nor wave an arrowed tail as the Mephistopheles in Faust. Nowhere in Sacred Scripture do we find warrant for the popular myth of the devil as a buffoon who is dressed like the first “red.” Rather, is he described as a fallen angel, as “the Prince of this world” whose business it is to tell us that there is no other world. His logic is simple: if there is no heaven there is no hell; if there is no hell, there is no sin; if there is no sin, there is no judge, and if there is no judgement then evil is good and good is evil. But above all these descriptions, Our Lord tells us that he will be so much like Himself, that he would deceive even the elect – and certainly no devil we have ever seen in picture books could deceive the elect. How will he come in this new age to win followers to his religion? He will come disguised as the Great Humanitarian; he will talk peace, prosperity and plenty not as means to lead us to God, but as ends in themselves. He will write books on the new idea of God to suit the way people live; induce faith in astrology so as to make not the will but the stars responsible for our sins; he will explain guilt away psychologically as repressed sex, make men shrink in shame if their fellowmen say they are not broadminded and liberal; he will identify tolerance with indifference to right and wrong; he will foster more divorces under the disguise that another partner is “vital”; he will increase love for love and decrease love for person; he will invoke religion to destroy religion; he will even speak of Christ and say that he was the greatest man who ever lived; his mission he will say will be to liberate men from the servitude of superstition and Fascism: which he will never define. But, in the midst of all his seeming love for humanity and his glib talk of freedom and equality, he will have one great secret which he will tell to no one; he will not believe in God. Because his religion will be brotherhood without the fatherhood of God, he will deceive even the elect. He will set up a counter Church which will be the ape of the Church because, he the devil, is the ape of God. It will be the mystical body of the anti-Christ that will in all externals resemble the church as the mystical body of Christ. In desperate need for God, he will induce modern man in his loneliness and frustration to hunger more and more for membership in his community that will give man enlargement of purpose without any need of personal amendment and without the admission of personal guilt. These are days in which the devil has been given a particularly long rope. (missing audio: For we must never forget that Our Lord said to Judas and his band: “This is your hour.” God has His day, but evil has its) hour when the shepherd shall be struck and the sheep dispersed. Has the Church made the preparations for just such a dark night in the decree of the Holy Father outlining the conditions on which a Papal Election may now be held outside of the city of Rome? Men who know history have seen these dark days coming. As far back as 1842, 105 years ago, Heine the German poet wrote: “Communism, though little discussed now and loitering in hidden garrets on miserable straw pallets, is the dark hero destined for a great, if temporary, role in the modern tragedy…Wild, gloomy times are roaring toward us, and the prophet wishing to write a new apocalypse would have to invent entirely new beasts – beasts so terrible that St. John’s older animals would be like gentle doves and cupids in comparison. The gods are veiling their faces in pity on the children of men, their long-time charges. The future smells of Russian leather, blood, godlessness, and many whippings. And, I should advise our grandchildren to be born with very thick skins on their backs.” That in 1842.

    Well indeed may we be warned. For the first time in history our age has witnessed the persecution of the Old Testament by the Nazis and the persecution of the New Testament by the Communists. Anyone who has anything to do with God is hated today, whether his vocation was to announce His Divine Son, Jesus Christ, as did the Jew, or to follow Him as the Christian. Because the signs of our times point to a struggle between absolutes we may expect the future to be a time of trial for two reasons:

    Firstly, to stop disintegration. Godlessness would go on and on and on if there were no catastrophes. What death is to an individual, that catastrophe is to an evil civilization: the interruption life and for the civilization the interruption of its Godlessness. Why did God station an angel with a flaming sword at the Garden of Paradise after the Fall, if it was not to prevent our first parents from entering again and eating of the Tree of Life, which, if they ate they would have immortalized their guilt. And, God will not allow unrighteousness to become eternal. He permits revolution disintegration, chaos, to come as reminders that our thinking has been wrong, our dreams have been unholy. Moral truth is vindicated by the ruin that follows when it has been repudiated. The chaos of our times is the strongest negative argument that could ever be advanced for Christianity. Catastrophe reveals the evil is self-defeating and that we cannot turn from God as we have without hurting ourselves.

    The second reason why a crisis must come is in order to prevent a false identification of the Church and the world. Our Lord intended that those who were His followers should be different in spirit from those who were not. But, this line of demarcation has been blotted out. Instead of black and white, there is only a blur. Mediocrity and compromise characterize the lives of many Christians. They read the same novels as modern pagans, educate their children in the same godless way, listen to the same commentators who have no other standard than judging today by yesterday, and tomorrow by today, allow pagan practices to creep into family life, such as divorce and remarriage; there are not wanting, so-called Catholic labor leaders recommending Communists for Congress, or Catholic writers who accept presidencies in Communist front organizations to instill totalitarian ideas into movies. There’s no longer the conflict and opposition which ought to characterize us. We are influencing the world less than the world influences us. There is no apartness. We who were sent out to establish a center of health have caught the disease, and therefore have lost the power to heal. And, since the gold is mixed with an alloy, the entirety must be thrust into the furnace that the dross may be burned away. The value of the trial will be to set us apart. Evil catastrophe must come to reject us, to despise us, to hate us, to persecute us, and then, then we shall we define our loyalties, affirm our fidelity and state on whose side we stand. Our quantity indeed will decrease, but our quality will increase. It is not for the Church that we fear, but for the world. We tremble not that God may be dethroned but that barbarism may reign.

    And three practical suggestions then for the times as Christians realize that a moment of crisis is not a time of despair, but of opportunity. We were born in crisis, in defeat – the Crucifixion. And, once we recognize that we are under Divine Wrath, we become eligible for Divine Mercy. The very disciplines of God create hope. The thief on the right came to God by a crucifixion. And secondly Catholics ought to stir up their Faith, hang a crucifix in their home, remind them that they have a cross to carry; gather your family together every night to recite the rosary; go to daily Mass; make the Holy Hour daily in the Presence of our Eucharistic Lord and particularly in parishes where pastors are conscious of the world’s need and therefore conduct services of reparation. And, finally, Jews, Protestants, Catholics, Americans, all of us, must realize that the world is summoning us to heroic efforts at spiritualization. It is not a unity of religion we plead for that is impossible when purchased at the cost of the unity of truth, but a unity of religious people, wherein each marches separately according to the light of his conscience, but strikes together for the moral betterment of the world. The forces of evil are united; the forces of good are divided. We may not be able to meet in the same pew – would to God we did – but we can meet on our knees. You may be sure that no sordid compromises nor carrying of waters on both shoulders will see you through. Those who have the faith had better keep in the state of grace and those who have neither had better find out what they mean, for in the coming age there will be only one way to stop your trembling knees, and that will be to get down on them and pray.

    Pray to Michael, Michael the Prince of the morning, who conquered Lucifer who would make himself a god. When the world once cracked because of a sneer in heaven, he rose up and dragged down from the seven heavens the pride that would look down on the Most High.

  16. awildgoose

    For a real-estate guy, you’d think Trump would understand possession is 9/10s of the law.

    You’d also think that he’d understand that getting painted as a sore loser by the media is a bad look that won’t win people to your cause.

  17. awildgoose. Getting painted as a wuss who rolls over won’t keep people in you cause.

  18. awildgoose


    Also a valid point, though I feel mine pre-empts it.

    At this time, I can only hope Trump is following Sun Tzu’s maxim to appear weak when one is strong.

    Quality of life in a Biden administration will decay rapidly.

  19. Uncle Mike

    Michael Dowd:

    Best comment ever. Very well said. I agree with you 1,000%.

    The world is not coming to end. Mankind is entering a dark tunnel, but we will emerge again someday. Keep seeking the light.

  20. DMA

    What would happen if we initiated a movement to disprove all the “lies and misinformation of election fraud”. We could list all the points of evidence that were submitted to different states and courts and demand that each be refuted soundly so those on the right that are willing to view reality with reason will finally accept that the vote was fair and square thus healing the divide that is so apparent.

  21. Sheri

    awildgoose: You do not seem to understand principle and actually standing up for what is right. It’s all about power and money and position to some people, no matter the ethics or who gets damaged. Bare minimum, some “just go along” because that’s so much easier—for now. I would bet Trump knew exactly what would happen and planned for it. If not, it’s his choice. If he wants to stand on principles, so much the better. We have enough weasels and skunks out there. Yes, quality of life will decay rapidly under the Turnip in the Basement (aka Obama’s third term) and hiding in the basement like the Turnip will not work. At least Trump tried. Some do not a thing and then complain about the outcome.
    I agree with those who say it’s not the end of the world. It seems it’s a dark period, of which there have been many. It may be a very dark period, but those happen too. Humans are very bad at doing what is best and good. They excel at worst and bad.

  22. Michael Dowd

    Uncle Mike–Thanks for the thumbs-up but the credit belongs to Ven. Bishop Sheen who could see the Satanic trends of a world that placed Man over God.

  23. C-Marie

    President Trump did win by a landslide. Biden was declared the winner due to fraud.

    Thank you, Michael Dowd! Bishop Sheen was so of God that he:

    All the following from Wikipedia: “Prior to Life Is Worth Living, Sheen had appeared on the radio program The Catholic Hour from 1928 to 1952.[4] With his hypnotic gaze, disarming smile, and dramatic delivery, Sheen was deemed a natural for television. Airing opposite NBC’s highly popular Milton Berle show on Tuesday nights, Sheen was the only person to be competitive with Berle. Sheen drew as many as 10 million viewers each week.”

    And: “The charismatic Sheen became one of early television’s most unlikely stars, winning an Emmy Award for “Most Outstanding Television Personality” in 1952.”

    And: “Life is Worth Living is an inspirational American television series which ran on the DuMont Television Network from February 12, 1952, to April 26, 1955,[1] then on ABC until April 8, 1957, featuring the archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Similar series, also featuring Sheen, followed in 1958–1961 and 1961–1968.”

    Plus, there are two free apps of Bishop Sheen recordings at the Apple App Store, mentioned in case anyone wants to hear him speak “live”. Plus, there ever so many videos of Bishop Sheen’s television program on youtube.

    God bless, C-Marie

  24. Sylvain Allard

    “If a party cheats, and is in charge of investigating accusations of cheating, and if the media calls the cheating a conspiracy theory, and if the rulers move to expel those who question the cheating, as has already happened, then that party will win by virtue of its power.”

    A few questions:

    1-) if a party cheat for the Presidency why not cheat for congress where they lost seats in the house and won 2-4 in the Senate.

    The 2 senate seat of Georgia are gift from Trump to the Democrat.

    Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, legislature are all under republicans but for the governor.

    Arizona and Georgia are red at all levels.

    Even brown noser Barr stated that there were no proof of any meaningful voter fraud. It is hard to find a more loyalist Trump around.

  25. Uncle Mike

    Thank you, Mr. Dowd. I found the entire text (you left some parts out) here:

    Note then Monsignor Sheen’s prayer that concluded his January 26, 1947 radio sermon:

    “To the second, Our Lady, pray:

    ‘It was to Thee as the Woman that was given the power to crush the head of the serpent who lied to men that they would be as gods. May thou who didst find Christ when He was lost for three days,find Him again for our world has lost Him. Give to the senile incontinence of our verbiage the Word. As Thou didst form the Word made flesh in Thy womb, form Him in our hearts. Be in our midst as tongues of fire descend upon our cold hearts and if this be night, then come O Lady of the Blue of Heaven, show us once again the Light of the World in the heart of a day.’

    God love you!”

  26. Johnno

    “1-) if a party cheat for the Presidency why not cheat for congress where they lost seats in the house and won 2-4 in the Senate.”

    Because the people coming out en force to vote for Trump are not “Republicans” and don’t care about the rank’n’file.

    If you’re still labouring under the delusion that there are 2 Parties, then naturally you will be unable to figure out reality and whatever the ‘Famous Man’ on the TeeVee tells you to pacify yourself is good enough.

  27. Sylvain Allard


    Your comment lack in logic.

    Briggs data analysis is based on republicans voting and after election polls.

    Now you are claiming that those who voted for him were not republicans??????

    The biggest support for trump in polls are from people identifying themselves as republicans.

    Also, if the absentee ballot could have been processed before the election, like it was the case in Florida, the winner of the election would have been known the same day.

  28. “Chicago under Boss Daley, some historians say, was responsible for flipping the 1960 election from Nixon to JFK.”

    I listed to it live on WGN radio. Ballot boxes lost – ballot boxes found. The announcers announcing everything with a verbal smirk.

  29. The question isn’t whether the election was stolen, the question is what to do now.

    I believe that the right answer is a co-ordinated general strike. Pick a date on and after which nobody goes to work until there is a full and fair investigation of election fraud.

    However, there is an conceivable (as in very unlikely but possible) hail Mary option: have a GOP member of the house move to excuse all democrats who were previously elected to any office for which they swore to uphold the constitution on the grounds that they hold their seats due to election fraud and are therefore ineligible to continue. This is arguable under the 14th amendment (section 3), would almost certainly not be accepted in the house, but would seriously “skunk up” the people charged because keeping the majority in either or both houses would require them to vote for themselves – as clear a conflict of interest as is possible.

    It’s stupid, of course, but we only need about 20 democratics to cross the isle or quit to save the country.

  30. DAV

    Your comment lack in logic.

    Savoring the irony in that statement.

    There’s a difference between being Republican and registering as one. A concept you clearly can’t grasp. Calling yourself a Republican or running as one doesn’t mean you really are one (lookup “RINO”). It’s basically assumed if someone registered as Republican then said person will likely vote FOR a Republican. In most states, registering as Republican or Democrat allows voting in the primaries. So it’s best to choose a party even if you don’t really agree with either. One can do this without subscribing to the general party line. It may simply be that one party fits better than the other. I’m a registered Republican but I would vote for someone like Tulsi Gabbard depending on her opponent.

  31. DAV

    «The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history.»

    The potential for fraud and its actuality were clearly builtin securely.

  32. Shecky R

    and nevertheless, Matt persisted…..

  33. Milton Hathaway

    “. . . the Republicans who were supposed to be watching out for their candidate’s interest should have seen what happened coming, and prepared against it”

    I disagree that preparation by Republicans was insufficient, or that more preparation would have made any practical difference. The vast majority of the cheating that occurred, 26.5 million votes worth, was undetectable after the fact, because the vast majority of these ‘dirty’ ballots were, by all appearances, properly voted and signed.

    Where’s the evidence of that? All circumstantial, of course. In the last four US presidential elections (2008, 2012, 2016, 2020), the total popular vote was 131.1M, 128.8M, 135.7M, and 158.4M. The 2020 popular vote was 20.1% higher than the average popular vote of the previous three presidential elections, 26.5 million votes more. What could possibly explain that? We all know, of course – mail-in voting.

    Absentee voting doesn’t explain the increase, as it was available in the previous elections. What was different in 2020? Again we all know, it was the practice of sending out mail-in ballots to every registered voter, unrequested. For whatever reason, a huge number of registered voters historically just don’t show up at the polls. What all these no-show voters have in common is lack of motivation.

    So a registered but unmotivated voter goes out to their mailbox, and lo and behold, there is a mail-in ballot. What to do with it? Throw it in the trash? Seems so wasteful. Just sign it and hand it to your spouse. Would you consider that voter fraud? I had to think on it. On one hand, you could look at it as voting as a household, sorta like paying income taxes as a household. On the other hand, we have this principle of “one man, one vote”, and no matter how you look at it, voting someone else’s ballot is voter fraud, plain and simple.

    There are many communities in the US with extended families. I would expect that in many cases, signed ballots were collected and handed off to a trusted central figure for disposition. It wouldn’t surprise me if some communities set up collection points for pre-signed mail-in ballots.

    And then one must recognize that like everything in life, money plays a not insignificant role. We saw the stories about homeless shelters registering hundreds or even thousands of voters using the address of the shelter. Sounds noble, right? The local news reported it that way. But most of these people are addicted and/or mentally ill, seemingly a very poor target demographic for a voter registration effort. You can guess what surely must have happened when the mail-in ballots showed up at the shelter. Too cynical? Then why wasn’t registering homeless people a big thing before mail-in ballots?

    I live in a state that has had 100% mail-in voting for years, and it is hopelessly liberal Democrat. The writing is on the wall in huge neon letters now, the Democrats will push for expansion of mail-in ballots like never before, along with more and more “noble” efforts like motor-voter registration, electric-bill-voter registration, bus-pass-voter registration, needle-exchange voter registration, etc, etc, etc. Register everybody! Send them all mail-in ballots!! Those wascally Republicans will never win another election that matters!

    Our great Republic absolutely cannot survive the noble idea that we need more people voting. A majority of people in the US would not vote if left to their own devices. It’s time we admit that is a good thing, and just leave them the hell alone. Let them live their lives of politically-unmotivated bliss, with their expired voter registration cards in their wallets and purses.

  34. Walt


    The back-of-the-envelope calculations are the most-compelling. There was not a 20% increase in voters since 2016 nor was there a 50% increase in voter turnout. Voter turnout has been around 50% for decades. It did not jump to 100% this year. Likely, tens of millions of votes were fraudulently cast for Biden.

    California has already passed a law making mail-in voting permanent. Voting does not matter anymore unless we have outside observers and a huge political will to cleanse the voting system. The republic is dead.

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