The Fallen King: What To Do? — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Fallen King: What To Do? — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Possession is the only word that accurately and fully describes what we are witnessing today. There is nothing rational on the horizon. Anywhere. There is no attempt by the Evil Ones to justify anything. There is only the raw exercise of power. That is the root of rebellion. That is what always leads to possession. Wherein, the individual, in the attempt to grasp illicit power, loses power over himself.

When one’s hand slips from the glove, another hand will enter. And so, it has. Joe is anxiously awaiting his enthronement. El Diablo assures him it will happen. But he hasn’t told Joe what comes next.

It doesn’t take an expert to detect this. But as long as we, the Nation’s remnant, insist on seeing things through human (political) eyes, we fail to discern it. And the result, for us the faithful, is paralysis, as we witness a scene too horrific to rationally ingest.

And so, here we are. We are frozen for lack of command. A command that either directs us forward in advance, or back in retreat. For we are not in command. We must await the word, which never yet comes.

For to advance, we the people must have three things certain.

First, to physically engage the enemy, there must be a judgment that the effort is just. In order for a war to be judged just, it must first be predicated on serious crimes. We are way beyond that point. Second, it must then be thought to be reasonably winnable. That too is true, assuming it is fought smartly.

But the third and last element has yet to come. Open resistance must be sanctioned by proper authority.

Only two sources for this exist. One is the High Priests of the nation. Think of the priestly family of the Maccabees brothers rebelling against the Greeks who profaned the Temple. The High Priests can release the people of their allegiance to illicit governance. We can count that out, with no explanation needed. The current regime is not illicit. It is the usurpers that are such. Besides, the High Priests (of all sects) are busy dining with Herod, watching as Salome dances.

The other authority is the King, in his role of protector of the people. All who threaten the people (and thus, the State), all those usurpers, must be resisted. But the King has spoken, and he said NO. So, we are frozen, in place and time. And time is nearly gone.

Even if, in God’s providential judgment, Donald is not to be the Clovis of our time, he is certainly John the Baptist. The one who unmasked Herod, and paid for it with his life. And for this we must be eternally grateful to Donald. He has risked all, with no earthly reason. Certainly no one has paid more for his resistance. Say what you want, none of us could have imagined not just the depth of the Evil State, but the breathtaking breadth of it. God bless you, Melania, for standing strong with Donald. Who else has a spouse like this?

While time runs short, it has been instructive, even in these last few hours, to see the continual apocalypse, the excruciating unveiling, of the hearts of men in power. We will have no excuse, as we go forward into the Gulag (if that is His providential Will) in believing that there is anything salvific in the attempt to reach Heaven through earthly (political) means. For those means can almost always be bought. For Mammon never sells. El Diablo only buys. Whatever the earthly price, he will pay it. And then possess it.

I wish to say this to all my brothers of our Nation, who still reflexively recoil in the face of open Evil. ‘Fear not’ sayeth The Lord. America the Nation may be gone on January 20th, 2021. And America the Empire may briefly prevail. But that too shall all pass away.

We have only one command we must always keep. It came from our Eternal King. And we’ve already heard it. Even if we don’t hear any further command from our Earthly King, we have only one eternal task. Keep the Faith.


Editor’s Note Because the FBI is suggesting there will be “armed attacks” in each state, and at the Capitol, stay home, stay away. Do not get involved in anything. Keep your peace. They are looking for an excuse to crack down. Do not give it to them.

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  1. John B()


    Short and sweet

    Besides, the High Priests (of all sects) are busy dining with Herod, watching as Salome dances.

    I guess they feel their heads are more important than ours.

    Please take Ianto’s words and the Editor’s Note to heart

  2. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    This piece is blasphemous in its failed attempt to draw a positive parallel between Biblical Characters and the American egoist, Donald Trump.

    This is a man who publicly called his daughter a piece of ass and said he would date her if she were not his daughter.

    He is publicly in support of so-called Gay Marriage and he had one of his minions, Ric Grennel, telling America’s allies they must support sodomy or risk losing America’s support.

    Trump is four square in support of usury and throughout his time in office he routinely abandoned his supporters and even his putative friends – just remember how many of his friends he fired, from Lewandowski to Flynn.

    He gave way too much power to Jared and Ivanka whose qualifications to wield political power were, what?

    One thing can be said about Trump, his existence and actions have revealed what is in the hearts of many and what is in the hearts of many is idolatry.

  3. Sheri

    ABS–Yep, you are definately an egotist.

    Best quote about the election:
    Here’s what Michael Burkes, who goes by “Trump’s Black Grandson” on Twitter had to say: “If you need 10,000 Armed Soldiers to protect your inauguration from The People then you probably weren’t elected by The People.” Says it all.

  4. This piece is blasphemous in its failed attempt to draw a positive parallel between Biblical Characters and the American egoist, Donald Trump.

    That isn’t what blasphemy means. Donald Trump is a flawed person as many biblical figures were but it is perfectly reasonable to draw parallels between him and biblical figures if appropriate, as it is in this case.

  5. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Malcolm. Yes, it is blasphemous. See Modern Catholic Dictionary, Father John Hardon S.J.

    Trump is akin to Herod whom John The Baptist chastised for adultery. Trump has been married three times – even more than Herod.

    One would have to identify a biblical character who is an atheist if one wants to compare them with Trump.

    Trump has no faith, he is a former Piskie who has said he has never done committed a sin he has had to repent of or asked forgiveness for and he uses the Bible the way Clinton did, as a prop.

  6. Jerry

    Ianto, your writing is always a treat for me to read. It reaffirms my hope.

    No, I never in my wildest nightmares would have believed the scope of the Evil State. But it’s out now, preening for us like the self-serving jackal it is.

  7. Michael Dowd

    Thanks Ianto. We have Christ as our king. And we know He has a plan and the time for its execution may be nigh.

    We should be thanking God to be living at the present moment as it significantly heightens our appetite for the things not of this devil possessed world.

  8. Tom Welsh

    Rather than the King or the High Priest(s), what if the supreme authority were the free individual’s sovereign intelligence?

  9. Amateur Brain Surgeon


    Favorably comparing a three time adulterer with St John The Baptist, who castigated Herod for adultery, is blasphemy.

    Favorably comparing Trump with The Priest of the Maccabees is blasphemy.

    Calling Trump a king is blasphemy, especially given that Jesus is King of all and, also, because America seceded from the King

    It is one thing to be patriotic and exhibit love of the country into which you were born it is quite another to do what you are doin here, Mr. Ianto

  10. Briggs


    It’s a good thing he didn’t mention King David.

  11. John B()

    ABS – Your TDS is fogging your reading and comprehension

    He did NOT compare Trump with the High Priests of Maccabees time
    The point of the Maccabees was that THEIR say so would give us the right to revolt
    Ianto said whoever the Maaccabee Priests equivalents are; are not giving it their blessing
    BECAUSE the current regime is not illicit (Trump in his day or Biden now or to come. )

    Ianto could have not used Capital-K “King” but I understood and replaced it with the lower-case.

    As Sheri said “Egotist”. You and Donald were probably side-by-side in that line

    God bless the both of you

  12. “They are looking for an excuse to crack down. Do not give it to them.”
    They will find an excuse, if they have to make it up themselves.

    Just like a “gun free zone”, the Constitution only works if We, the People enforce it ourselves. Otherwise, it is nothing more than words on paper.

  13. Rex Mottram

    These over-reaching accusations of blasphemy are painfully unbased.
    I liked the insight of the article. Thanks for the post, Ianto.

  14. Briggs

    McChuck, Is that you on Gab?

  15. Sheri

    McChuck: Agreed. The second amendment is useless in a society of sheep, which is what we look like at the moment. And yes, they will keep pushing until they get the results they want. Doesn’t matter if we back off or not.

  16. Dean Ericson

    Americans: ”Something’s wrong in Washington, let’s send Donald Trump to fix it.”

    Washington: ”You scum dare challenge my terrible power?! — FEAR ME AND OBEY!

    Americans: ”But we own the country!”

    Washington: ”I stole it from you.”

    Americans: ”But that’s not fair!”


  17. I clicked on your link defining blasphemy.

    I’m nor sure why you think that helps since it confirms you are, indeed, wrong and this post isn’t blasphemy.

    Calling something you dissgree with blasphemy is in fact itself a sin.

  18. Dennis

    Trump had a chance perhaps to be an American Caesar, or to use examples nearer in time, a new American Franco or Pinochet. Instead he will go down in history as the American General Boulanger (will he also end a suicide in exile?).

    Perhaps things must get even worse, and full decline and collapse must come before something new may arise on this soil to replace the rotten regime of the USA as it is now. So we await the new American Caesar, Franco, or Pinochet.

    How long will it take? Who knows. But that the regime is floundering should be obvious to all. A strong and confident regime would not need so hysterically to exaggerate out of all proportion the ultimately minor and insignificant events of Jan 6, or require a massive influx of military troops to “protect” the Capitol and the inauguration of its new figurehead.

  19. Skarlet Pike

    This post is very well thought-through, and I think it makes great post. This is the exact position we are in. We wait and trust God, and yes, I am very thankful for the role that Trump and Melania had played in exposing the evil of Washington so far. I do believe he has been a God-send.

  20. Uncle Mike

    Much flaming rhetoric with no substance, as per usual with Mr. Watt.

    Unfounded paranoia about “armed attacks”. The Antifa army is small and weak. Their only strength comes from debased government “leaders” who are themselves weak. And the fawning debased Media.

    Armed attacks in capitols would pale in comparison to what has already happened in every major city all summer long. The response to those was negligible. The cities survived.

    If Antifa stages riots in state capitols, they will gain nothing. They won’t be successful in falsely blaming the Right, any more than they have been successful in pinning the blame for the DC incident on the Right. It was clearly Antifa who attacked Congress, pretending to be Trumpists. Nobody is fooled despite the caterwauling lies of the propagandist Media.

    There will be no door-to-door rousting or gun confiscation. Americans are not pathetic pushovers, and the debased Overlords know it. They dare not poke the bear, or perhaps in their stupidity and narcissism they do dare, but it would be their undoing.

    Avoiding violence is a good idea. The best organized proponents of non-violence are churches. If this struggled is to be won, Christians have to do it with our values on full display.

  21. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Briggs. King David specialised in expressing repentance and God described him as one after his own heart. That can not be said of Trump who has publicly said he has never done anything that made him think he had to be forgiven; he said he has never asked for forgiveness.

    Asked by Cal Thomas who Jesus is, Trump descends into gibberish. Trump said Jesus is somebody he thinks about for security and confidence, someone he can revere in terms if bravery and courage, somebody he can totally rely on in his own mind:

    That is, for Trump, Jesus is about Trump. Trump said not one word about Jesus as His Creator, Redeemer, and Saviour, The King of All.

    If you don’t think he saw the Jan 6th arrival of scores of thousands in Washington as a form of celebration (worship) of him you do not understand Trump.

    Dear Malcolm, Both The Modern Catholic Dictionary and Aquinas describe as blasphemy what was done in this post, to compare righteous men of the Bible with this unrepentant narcissistic egoist for whom everything is about him.

    Reply to Objection 2. Even as God is praised in His saints, in so far as praise is given to the works which God does in His saints, so doesblasphemy against the saints, redound, as a consequence, against God.

    Dear Briggs. Thank you for your patience. There is no more to be added other than the wish the Trump’s supporters would seek to reestablish contact with reality and stop venerating him.

  22. Dennis

    We all knew that was coming, Don. The whole Coivd regime and lockdowns in the US have been about defeating Trump, not a virus.

  23. The source of human evil in the world is not hard to find. It is not some 4th dimension spell. It is Child abuse. Abused children are angry. All the time.

    Addiction is a symptom of PTSD. Says Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Eric Kandel. Dr. Lonny Shavelson found that 70% of female heroin addicts were sexually abused in childhood.

    The origin of leftism is anger. The Democrat Party thrives on anger. And who is more angry than an abused child? The god of abused children is Satan (anger leads to the dark side). The politics of abused children is Communism. Stop child abuse.

    In other words Leftism is God’s curse for not protecting children better and then punishing them for pain relief.

  24. Dear ABS,

    This isn’t a letter, no need to start with “Dear”.

    All you did was point out that blasphemy against the Saints is bad.


    This was not that. I know you really really want this to be blasphemy, but no matter how much you feeeeeeeeeeel like it’s blasphemy you are committing libel by saying so – which is something I can prove.

    Here’s a hint: One can be analogous to something in several important ways without actually being recognized as an equal in holiness.

    Are you able to grasp this?

  25. Dean Ericson

    Dear Malcolm,
    I take ABS’ use of “dear”, as a charming endorsement of our traditional courtesies, in the lines of concluding a communique with “sincerely”, or, “your most obedient servant.” A point of civility and proper manners. As to his critique of Trump, it is not unreasonable. We invested much in Trump, as he was our only champion. Charlemagne was not available. So we deceived ourselves, in hopes of an outcome outside the actual possibilities. Trump was the last American president, and he was true to the founding principle of liberalism. That principle is now descending into its logical conclusion of tyranny.

    ABS, you magnificent bastard, I salut you — [clink!] (A dash of Old Grand Dad in tawny port)

  26. Dean,

    Manners are contextual. We’re on an internet comments section, and he is not acting the chsrming gentlemen but committing public libel – very rude indeed.

    His point about Trump is compmetely unreasonable in that he is accusing the writer of this article of blasphemy, a serious chsrge of a serious sin. He has not and cannot support such a charge; it is false. And shame on you for defending him, frankly.

    Using dear in a context it doesn’t belong doesn’t make you a gentleman. It makes you the weird guy committing libel who starts internet comments with “Dear”.

  27. Dean Ericson

    Dear Malcolm,
    Spell check, sir.
    Your most obedient servant,

  28. Dean,

    I’m glad you agree with me that spelling is the only issue with my comment, and so also condemn ABS’s libel.

    Oh, that isn’t what you meant? That’s all you said, so I just figured it must have been the only part of my comment you took issue with.

  29. Johnno

    “Open resistance must be sanctioned by proper authority.”

    Well, my guess it that it will be the Pope that finally consecrates Russia.

    But until then, perhaps our American friends should consider that they’re probably going to have to seek ‘Proper Authority’ that is outside of the U.S.A.

    Don’t feel bad about it. Revolutionaries and insurgencies the world over have been armed and supplied by the U.S.A. to make civil war for decades now.

    Just ask the Syrians, the South Americans, the Palestinians and so on…

    Maybe Russia will help if you ask nicely. I mean, at this point, they’re already blaming them for helping you guys and Trump out to take over the country, so what have they got to lose? I mean… aside from Nuclear retaliation? But at this point they’re probably worried about whether they’d prefer to have the Democrat crazies control the nukes or you. There’s a lot of white-skinned people in Russia, and they know from experience that the American establishment isn’t shy of propping up insurgents and colour revolutions around their borders. For example see the Ukraine and Crimea as to how nicely your alphabet agencies can run a show!

  30. Dean Ericson

    Malcolm, you may well be right to criticize the term blasphemy as inappropriate. I took it (blasphemy) as a piece of combox hyperbole, but I understand your taking it seriously and defending Mr. Watt. I only meant to defend ABS’ criticism of Trump.

  31. C-Marie

    Having read this article and the comments, how many of us realize that the problem for America is a spiritual one and not a political one, and therefore, the solution is spiritual, and the solution is repentance unto God by all, for the rejection of His Son and for the murders of Hs unborn and just born children, and more.

    I knew next to nothing about President Trump when he announced that he was running for office, but I did know by the Holy Spirit, that God would have him be our President to show America just what our country could be. And God did just that by way of His Love and mercies towards us through President Trump and through those He appointed to work with him.. The following is a Word from God given in April 2016, before President Trump was elected president.

    April 2016 … “Trump will win and will rule for a time and half a time, but America will refuse him for sin is deep and judgment is come. It will all be there for eyes to see and for ears to hear and the world will be watching and wondering “Why!” do not the Americans recover their own country to what it could be.

    But no, sin has the upper hand. Judgment is come. There is no stopping it now. Prayer was called for. Prayer was denied. “No need”, cried the people. “We are not so awful.

    No eyes wanted to see, no ears wanted to hear, and now they sow and reap what they have earned while I keep mine own and all who turn to Me. The sheep and the goats, many I will save. Few will be chosen becuase they refuse the cost of turning to My Son
    and of receiving Him as their Lord, their God, their Saviour.” Father God.

    “Be at peace Mine own. You who have answered the call to pray all of these years ….. (Here Jesus has me “see” Gethsemane in my mind – dark the night of His agony …. and now ours is coming.) I AM am keeping you and I will keep you. Stay with Me for the hour of great suffering is near. Do not sleep, but pray with Me”, saith Jesus, the Christ, the Anointed One of God.”

    The word “rule” caught my eye, as we do not think of our Presidents ruling us, but the ways in which President Trump ran this term of his presidency, in some ways he did “rule” as opposed to going along with popular opinion as so many presidents have done.

    No idea if he will run again.

    God bless, C-Marie

  32. vssc

    The Dems have taken DC at the price of losing the country, unless the sheeple remain sheep.

    No you shouldn’t go the Capitol.
    You might consider it is essential only to itself, it is no Rome, no London, no Paris. You might consider everything else. Yes DC is crawling with Troops- from the provinces. DC cannot use the tens of thousands of active regular federal troops, nor the DC guard, nor trust the Capitol Police. They cannot trust…anyone but a handful of Democratic governors to send their National Guardsmen. Who know like the others if they shoot they’ll be betrayed. This is why the regime has no power to hold America.!

    This is not a Deep State, it is a desperate one. Remain inert and inertia carries …

    Or perchance…

  33. Rogelio García

    Don B: That paper you mention is one more attempt (I hope not the last one) from Battacharya and Ioannidis, who have been swiming against the tide since day one (in February Ioannidis started his fight, showing several studies on the lack of positive effect of lockdowns and on the lies regarding the Infection Fatality Rates shown in the media). These guys are truly risking their careers, and their efforts, as those from Michael Levitt and others, should be remembered when (if) the global possession ends some day.

    BTW: As many times, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad, Switzerland has shown the world they are one of their kind: Following his historical tradition of legally binding public consultations, they are going to submit the Covid restrictions to a referendum. Bravo!

  34. @Briggs – Yes, I am on Gab as McChuck (nearly since the founding). I follow you there, as well, and posted a lot of links to your site earlier during the plandemic. Of course, Gab isn’t readily available just now, due to being overwhelmed with new people.

  35. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Malcolm. A comparison cuts both ways. If you blaspheme by claiming that Trump is like Saint John The Baptist you are also claiming that St. John the Baptist is like Trump.

    Like Saint Peter and Jesus, John The Baptist began his ministry by calling for repentance.

    Several times publicly, including one of the 2016 debates, Trump said he has never asked for forgiveness because he said I am good and had done nothing to ask forgiveness for and he also said publicly that when it comes to things he has done and in consideration of what he has done he does not bring God into the picture.

    Now, Malcolm, you can certainly claim that Trump is like the righteous men of the Bible because you have free will but such blasphemous claims make you look like Malcolm the malcontent of Faith.

  36. deb

    What they really want, is an excuse to take away our defenses/our guns

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