Visual Proof Our Coronadoom Rulers Are Idiots

Visual Proof Our Coronadoom Rulers Are Idiots

Restaurants in New York City are forbidden to have guests. That is, guests who wish to sit. Restaurants are allowed to have any number of guests stand in line, cheek by jowl, for take out.

Bureaucrats and scientists back this regulation because of THE science of the coronadoom. These eminences have decided restaurants—only in NYC! not elsewhere!—will kill any who range inside one.

I emphasize inside because while restaurants are barred from serving sitting customers inside, they are allowed to have outside seating. The outsidedness of the seating, THE science assures us, makes it impossible for anybody to catch the coronadoom.

Now New Yorkers know what I show you below, and I had thought people outside the metropolis knew this, too. But I have been led to gather this is not so. Thus, today you receive your education on city life.

I took a short stroll on the Upper East Side taking pictures of outside seating. Since these are all outside, and not the dreaded inside, they are allowed. And safe and healthy!

A word of caution: Professional photographers have classed my picture-taking skill as “Almost Dismal”, so you will have to squint to see that many of these outside structures are packed with happy diners.

Have a look. I’ll see you below.

I could have shown many, many, many more, but I grew bored of the task and only took these few pictures, all within a few blocks of one another. Some areas of the city look like army encampments with structures taking up most of the street.

Nobody thinks anything of this anymore. When seated in one of these outside non-restaurants, there is no fear.

I mean this quite seriously. I walk around without a mask, and have been yelled at, called a monster and murderer (yes, really), but mostly I am met with angry or fearful eyes. People back away from me, and any not wearing a mask.

Unless the maskless person is smoking. Or drinking something. Then the fear people have in the maskless evaporates. You can see it happen in real time.

The same frightened class, who step into the street to avoid the maskless, will happily sit outside and eat with strangers, though.

So it is not just experts, but people too. I know of no other way to describe this except to say this is the Time Of Great Insanity.

Here, for fun, is one final picture, the attributed coronadoom deaths in NYC, according to the CDC.

Incidentally, mask compliance since about June for walkers—not outside sitters—-is about 98%.

Some say people masking up accounts for why the deaths dropped in summer. But then they have no explanation for why deaths increased, as they always do, in winter. And while they’ll certainly decrease again with the coming warmth.

Oh, incidentally, restaurants were open in the summer (part of it).

QED: Our coronadoom rulers are idiots.

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  1. RT

    I have always wondered why these outdoor dining establishments, closed-in and protected from the weather as evidenced everywhere, are not considered indoor dining. Restauranteurs are scared to point out the obvious for fear of more shutdowns, health inspections, regulations, etc. Figured there must be monies going to cities and towns for new permits, fees, and taxes…so it was profitable for governments. Thank you for the photographs. This will add to a great “coffee table” book in the future.

  2. Sheri

    I have read a great deal of money was spent for the outside structures, so yeah, it’s the money. Then some cities shut the restaurants down and bankrupt the owners. It’s torture, though none dare call it so.

    Briggs–you take snapshots. That’s all you really need to show the structures. Only if you’re going for “art” in the photos does the fancy stuff matter. You get your point across.

    Now, to play devil’s advocate here, what is an “outside structure”? The house I lived in during part of high school had a screened porch. It was still a porch, not a room. But we could have had storm windows on it in the winter and it would still have been a porch. A porch is not a room, even when enclosed. It’s generally considered an “outside” structure. Is the cute litte window your fluffy cat sits in to “be outside” really outside or not? I don’t know what the definitions are, but they were never realistic nor consistent.

    We already knew our leaders were insane before Covid. This was just the most showy attire the insanity has worn.

  3. Our rulers are not idiots. They are power crazed, evil, would-be kings. Communists, in other words.

  4. Zundfolge

    It was never about killing the disease, it was always about killing independent small business.

  5. The Wild Geese Howard

    Visual proof that Beer Flu is more intelligent than any AI.

    All quantum-computing AI research should be dropped and the resources plowed into Beer Flu-based AIs.

  6. JC

    Seems like it’s the big city folk – you who are most distanced from nature – who take greatest offense at non-maskers. Simple people accept that an excess of complexities is usually a sure sign of bullshit, and turn their nose. You don’t see these kinds of pictures from the rural Midwest. I need more data, but my experience suggests distance from nature tends to be positively correlated to mask adherence. Maybe anti-naturalism isn’t the determinant variable, but close. iPhone users? Netflix subscribers? Proximity to a university?

  7. Jerry

    Our rulers are indeed idiots, as well as power crazed, evil, would be kings. But it’s not a stupid idiocy – they know what works, and they know that most of the population just craves someone in charge who will promise to keep them safe.

    This is the time that will be looked back on (I hope) as a time when all the hidden evil was brought out for open display. There’s little subterfuge anymore, it’s all “in-your-face because I can and you are wrong and I have the power to say so”.

  8. “The same frightened class, who step into the street to avoid the maskless, will happily sit outside and eat with strangers”

    Can everyone see the logical and statistical errors at play here?

    There is a reasonable chance the author, himself, knows what he’s doing. But he’s hoping you don’t see it.

  9. The Wild Geese Howard


    Totally agree.

    The rulers know that emotional shaming rhetoric works to short-circuit most people’s minds and shut down open debate and rational discussion.

    They also know they can condition most people into a state of learned helplessness via moving goalposts.

    The most obvious example of moving goalposts are the abuse cycle of, “Just two more weeks, promise! Oh no, cases are spiking because people didn’t wear masks, must extend lockdowns!” that our rulers use as their standard gaslighting play.

  10. Nate

    When many people sit at tables next to each other in a restaurant, they are ‘eating with strangers’. But those same people cower in fear when walking down the street next to those same strangers from the table next to them should those people not have a piece of an old t-shirt over their face.

  11. JC


    No. Please explain.

  12. Dean Ericson

    So if you sit inside a restaurant you get the doom but if you sit inside a restaurant that’s in the street you can’t get it. It’s in-your-face nonsense and yet people swallow it without a thought. The people are mindless. And these flimsy eateries set in the street are exposed to car and truck traffic that regularly plows into pedestrians but the mindless haven’t a care.

    Hiking in Harriman State Park, a vast, rugged area north of NYC: 9 in 10 hikers are wearing masks. Healthy young people out in the fresh cold air miles away from the teeming infectious masses are dutifully wearing their masks. They even wear their masks when no other hikers are around. I have seen single hikers, off at a distance, with no one near, wearing their mask. Couples who live together, families with children, all hike around wearing their masks even when no other hikers are around. No doubt there are people wearing their masks inside their homes and even sleeping in them. It’s crazy. And creepy. Men have lost their minds and become zombies following insane, destructive orders.

  13. Simon Platt

    No, Lee. I don’t see it. I need your help.

  14. Zundfolge

    I’ve long said (and probably here as well) that the single most desired human emotion is not love, or happiness, or any of that sentimental hogwash, but is Righteous Anger (with self-righteous indignation being an acceptable substitute).

    The haranguing of “Karens” (by other “Karens”) over masks and virtue signaling about how #scienceisreal when they get their vaccine injection (usually at the expense of someone that really needs it more than they do) plays into this psychological need extremely well. In fact even better than driving a Prius to fight Climate Change does.

    These people are truly our “moral superiors” and people of high nobility and virtue … and they’ll grind anyone under their heel that dare disagree.

  15. JC:

    We can all agree:

    There are some people who object to the maskless on the street;
    There are some people happy eat next to the maskless.

    The author leads the reader into the idea that this implies widespread contradictory behavior.
    But this is only so if these are the same individual people. No doubt there are some, and their behavior is inconsistent. But observing two different sets of people whos actions are inconsistent with each other doesn’t mean that many, or even one, person is behaving inconsistently.

    The people eating next to the maskless are not part of the same population as the people on the street. They have already been selected from the population of people who are not afraid to sit next to the maskess. Of course their behaviors will differ from a “random” sample of New Yorkers, that one encounters on ones walks.

  16. Briggs

    Lee’s example doesn’t work. He missed the part where the frightened will relax if they see the maskless is smoking or drinking on the street.

    And it’s only his assumption the populations would differ anyway, offered with no proof. I live here and assure you it’s all one.

  17. Dr. Briggs wants us to believe that he regularly encounters people who are intially horrified at encountering a maskless person, but then relax when they notice that person is smoking or drinking. Of course anyone who wants to is free to believe such contrived tales. I find it hard to imagine this happening even once.

    It’s not an “assumption” that the populations differ. One has already been preselected based on a particular behavior. I know many people refuse to eat in restaurants because of the pandemic; we all do. So of course the populations differ. No “proof” is required; it’s self-evident.

  18. RT

    And… political hacks unnecessarily frighten people. Fired COVID data manager, Rebekah Jones, 31, tried to manipulate the news through illegal access of the FL health records.

    “Developing news in FL: Rebekah Jones turned herself in to the Leon County Detention Facility and is facing charges after authorities say she allegedly sent an anonymous message sent through the Florida Health Department’s system, encouraging people to speak out against the way COVID data was being handled by the state.”{campaign_id}%26utm_medium%3D{site_id}

  19. This technique of setting up a false equivilancy between sets with a small or no intersectiois common in disingenuous political arguments. For example, I saw an ACLU lawyer tweet this (

    “It’s unsurprising—but still noteworthy—how smoothly 2A extremists shifted from fantasies of self defense against a tyrannical government to fantasies of assisting police in using force against other civilians.”

    I challenged him to name just one such “extremist” who made such a shift, and, of course, he could not.

    Dr. Briggs is using the same faulty reasoning as the ACLU lawyer. And, in both cases, they know what they’re doing.

  20. “I live here and assure you it’s all one.”

    Hard to know what to make of this. The guy who regularly assures us of the behavioral differences inherent to racial groupings now tells us that everyone is the same; that someone’s background, parentage, and experiences have no influence on the likelihoods of various behaviors.

    Actually, I retract what I said. It’s perfectly easy to know what to make of this.

  21. Dean Ericson

    Any which way you want to try and split that hair, Lee, the people are still acting nuts.

  22. Ann Cherry

    The inconsistency, is the Rulers telling people they must wear a mask while walking down the street, but not while seated at an outdoor table, crowded together with other diners.

    The consistency, is people doing what the Rulers tell them to do, regardless of logic, reason, or TheScience™.

  23. Dennis

    Amazing how there were so many companies ready to sprout pop-up “outdoor” restaurants all over. I’d love to see conflicts reports of their relations to political figures.

    This country is run by absolute idiots, and evil scum. That’s all there is to it.

  24. Jerry

    Lee Phillips: “Can everyone see the logical and statistical errors at play here?”

    No Lee, we looking at outright stupidity on full display. I have no idea what you are seeing, but suffice it to say I think you are quite delusional in your thinking.

    You are, however, very useful to the idiots in charge. They do count on sustained delusional thinking among the masses.

  25. Rudolph Harrier

    When I got sick of getting glares and shouts for not wearing a mask, I just started carrying a water bottle around. Most of the time you don’t even have to be actively drinking from it for people to accept that it is a valid reason to not wear a mask.

  26. bryan

    what’s even more disturbing are the hoards who will defend this insanity because, well, something is better than nothing.

  27. Zundfolge

    I’m in Kansas (so I’m surrounded by mostly reasonable people and despite the local news, nobody here is all that afraid of the koof … outside of the few leftist enclaves) so I haven’t had that many dirty looks or comments when I don’t wear my mask (Except at Chipotle and there the young, tattoo covered progressive children that work there were openly hostile and told me to use the drive through if I didn’t want to wear a mask).

    It sucks too because I keep waiting for someone to accost me with “*GASP* Where is your mask!?” because I’m so looking forward to telling them “I left it at your mom’s house.”

    But when walking around Walmart sans mask, most people don’t act like they notice. A rare snowflake will glare at me vaguely but most of the time the only acknowledgement I get is a quick sheepish look at the floor from someone who obviously wishes they were “brave” enough not to wear a mask too.

  28. Liberty Mike

    Obedience to the authority of the Church of Covid is debased; it is only based individualism that has dared to defy such authority.

  29. Kathleen

    Magic SHEDS!


    So you can’t eat in a heated, properly constructed, sanitary structure that meets fire codes.

    But you can fill your streets with all kinds of third world sheds and shanties and eat inside them.

    Who cares about proper sanitation, fire, and vermin!

  30. Dennis

    “It sucks too because I keep waiting for someone to accost me with “*GASP* Where is your mask!?”

    This – not wanting to have to get into an escalating confrontation with pyschos accosting me for going without a mask and ending up having to punch someone in the face – is the main reason I just don’t bother to go inside anywhere any longer, except the Chinese takeout down the street that has no drive-thru. The owners don’t care (though they and the others who work there wear masks – I’m sure because the totalitarian state would try to shut them down completely, not because they really fear the Wuhan Fru. Their young son, about 10, who likes to help with orders and greet people – usually goes without though!). Though most other customers getting takeout have been wearing masks for a while now, I’ve never been bothered by anyone, but I keep waiting for it to happen. The other day they were busier than usual at the time I went, and I had to stand in line and wait longer than normal, the only maskless person surrounded by about 6 other customers all muzzled up. I started feeling a bit anxious, even my heart beating faster, lest someone accost me. Such is the state we have come to in this mad world, where one feels fearful and threatened by simply going out and about in public breathing open air like a normal, sane person.

    I’m sure I’ll have to miss my middle niece’s Confirmation and my eldest niece’s high school graduation as well, because at this point I don’t expect the ongoing insanity of the Mask Cult to be over even by May. What a sick world. Every politician responsible for all this continuing insanity nearly a year on ought to be thrown in dungeon to rot forever for crimes against humanity.

  31. As an old USA Southerner, Sheri, the outside screened porch *was* outside. Air flow was minimally impeded; unlike inside was. Now those areas shown in the pictures above would *not* be considered outside, here in the old USA South. Air flow seems to be *very* impeded. I will not wear a mask outside, unless it is *cold*, like it has been for the last 6 weeks or so. Let it warm up above 50F/10C, the mask comes off; unless there is high wind (which negates much of the little effect a mask would have on invisible (under 0.1mm) droplets/aerosols). You do see a few folk here, relatively speaking, wearing them outside or in their automobiles; but I attribute much of that to laziness.

  32. Mr. Einstein

    Lee Phillips:
    “Dr. Briggs wants us to believe that he regularly encounters people who are intially horrified at encountering a maskless person, but then relax when they notice that person is smoking or drinking. Of course anyone who wants to is free to believe such contrived tales. I find it hard to imagine this happening even once.”

    Here in Virginia, indoor dining is permitted – but, you have to wear a mask to enter the restaurant and walk to your table. Then you can take the mask off and talk and drink and order food and eat. The same regulations are in effect in Florida. (These are the two states where I’ve eaten in restaurants.)

    This observation completely refutes Lee’s contention that there are no mask wearing people who relax when they see others eating. All the restaurant patrons in Virginia and Florida relax when they and others are eating, and then they all tighten up with a mask to walk out of the restaurant.

    Furthermore, there is no selection bias in the observed population. These are statewide populations from all walks of life who simply need to stop and eat in a restaurant. They all display self-contradictory behavior.

    The people who follow this rule believe that the virus can get ya while you’re walking through the restaurant, but once you’re sitting at your table you’re safe.

    The only different between NYC and Virginia and Florida is that NYC builds fake indoor restaurants on the street, and the entrance to the dining table is along the sidewalk.

    I’ve had dinner with relatives who got very upset with me when I pointed out the staggering stupidity of these regulations. When I told them that masks don’t work, mother and daughter quietly retreated to the bromide that “even if it saves one life it’s worth it.”

    We’re doomed.

  33. Mr. Einstein:

    Not even a little. You just told us about some dumb and inconsistent rules, nothing more.

  34. JC

    Lee, thank you for that explanation. I agree that sometimes these can be exclusive behaviors (to an unknown extent), however, Briggs’s past posts and previous pictures suggests that by wearing a mask at all, he lumps people who just comply absentmindedly with those jumping into the street because they are both ridiculous behaviors. Because they are not normal (i.e. complying to some extent) they are bucketed. So I see no problem in the assumption as such, and actually observe this behavior in the wild often, when friends at school will scoff at shaking my hand but will sit at the cramped table and speak over coffee or a beer, then don PPE to walk to the bathroom and probably not wash their hands. It’s degrees of the same insanity.

  35. Dennis

    “You just told us about some dumb and inconsistent rules, nothing more.”

    Ah well, that’s fine then. It’s ok that “dumb and inconsistent rules” (they are worse than that) are destroying the world and making life miserable for everyone, so long as some officious busybodies and brain-dead politicians can claim to be “saving even one life” (which is utter nonsense) from a banal and routine flu bug.

    I saw some stats the other day comparing Covid with the 1957-58 Asian Flu, which killed between 1 and 4 million (not the difficulty of accurate numbers with flu-like illness, such a range) at a time when world population was about one-third of now (so comparable deaths today would be 3-12 million). No lockdowns, no forced muzzles, no mass hysteria destroying all social life, businesses, travel, etc. Covid only just officially (surely over-stated in reality) passed about 2 million deaths worldwide (at the low end of the comparable ’50s Asian Flu), and it’s been nothing but endless hysteria now for nearly a year, with no end in sight. We live in the stupidest era ever. There is no such things as progress, but regress – morally, spiritually, politically, culturally – is very real, and is destroying the world.

  36. ‘Ah well, that’s fine then. It’s ok that “dumb and inconsistent rules” (they are worse than that) are destroying the world and making life miserable for everyone’

    No, it’s not. But that was not part of the discussion that you seem to be trying to reply to.

  37. Dennis

    Well, you’ve often seemed fine with all this and very denigratory toward Briggs’ and others’ efforts to expose the madness, and refute the justifications for it, or complain about it – as if the complainants were more wrong in your eyes than the “dumb and inconsistent” rules themselves.

  38. “you’ve often seemed fine with all this”

    In your imagination, maybe. Unless you can quote me?

    “very denigratory toward Briggs’ and others’ efforts”

    Bad logic, bad math, and bad science are still bad, even if the bumbler sometimes stumbles on a correct conclusion.

  39. Tmatsci

    This regulation is to ensure that the economy recovers from the need for construction of outdoor structures. Similar to the security guard lead recoveries after 9/11. Huge numbers of useless jobs needed!!

  40. Watcher

    Lee the point you labor to make would make sense if the percentage of masked New Yorkers was close to say, 50/50, but when 95% plus of New Yorkers are walking around outside with face diapers yet restaurants are apparently still doing decent volume, the overlap between diaper-wearing urbanite and restaurant-goer has to be significant. Only a fool would deny this.

    What’s left unsaid is that most people a) privately don’t buy the propaganda surrounding the alleged health detriments of the WuFlu and b) will still publicly comply with inane regulations due to targeted social pressures. The inconsistency isn’t something to hand-wave away; its a real reason why a determined coalition of health bureaucrats, liberal activists, and propagandists can wield undue social influence over a reserved and pacified majority.

  41. Dean Ericson

    Lee, you just like to argue and be contrarian. Nothing wrong with that — it’s why we come to Briggs’ joint. You’re wrong, of course, but nothing wrong with that either. I was wrong once myself, but it was long ago.
    Now I’m always Right. That’s a joke, son.

  42. Dean Ericson

    ”Then, God kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden, and they saw they were naked, so they sewed themselves masks of fig leaves, and started acting like ridiculous jackasses…”

    It’s Biblical, people.

  43. Dean Ericson

    Italians telling the covid nazis to stuff it:

    “Today – Friday 15th January – over 50,000 restaurants are planning to open, an act of mass civil disobedience against “anti-Covid” lockdown measures which have massively hurt the restaurant business, especially small family-owned businesses.

    Spreading through social media under the hashtag #IoOpro (“I am opening”), the movement is largest country-wide act of civil disobedience since lockdowns began.”

    Would that New Yorkers could find their balls, too.

  44. Aderivaldo Cabral Dias Filho

    Lee is a troll. Beware.

  45. Uncle Mike

    From Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s Jan 14, 2021 essay:

    “… no contact is permitted with so-called ‘deniers’ — a new category of sinners to be avoided — who must be punished as heretics by the health inquisition and media excommunication so as to be made a warning to the flock.”

    A new Inquisition is brewing. It will be brutal. The American Decline is accelerating, led by the new atheist Dominicans whose abuse of human rights will be (is) openly hostile to freedom, liberty, and life. The witch hunts are going national. The pograms will be aimed at Christians this time, as well as at all who dare dissent.

  46. Milton Hathaway

    Re: “Where is your mask!?” -> “I left it at your mom’s house.”

    “You are supposed to be wearing a mask!” -> “Yeah, I’m supposed to be wearing underwear, too, yet here we are.”

    It is interesting how you get used to stuff. The other day, I glanced at a woman just as her mask slipped, and I felt like a voyeur. I see people with odd-shaped masks, and I envision that their snouts are shaped that way underneath. I know people who look markedly more attractive now. I’m trying to learn how to smile with my eyebrows.

    I always enjoyed Twilight Zone as a kid, but I never imagined that one day it would be a documentary.

  47. Rogelio García

    Dean Ericson: It is always good to hear about Covid-related public disobedience, and I am very glad that´s been the case. The problem is they are fighting under crooked rules. Bars/restaurants/pubs are being blamed on most infections for a simple reason, which is authorities being afraid to recognize that masks don´t work, so they have to blame it on the only situations where you can be in public without a mask.

    A month ago there was a minor protest in my city, with people from the hotel/catering sector standing in front of the City Council building. I spoke with one of its association´s speakers, and I warned them that they´re missing the point completely, because they´re following the narrative of PCR´s being 100 % reliable, of infections meaning diseases, of medical authorities being honest when they say that 85 % of infections happen in bars or restaurants, and so on. So I reminded him that if they publicly accept those premises, the only argument remaining for them is something like “yes, all that is true, but if we have to choose between losing our businesses or keep them open and allowing people to get infected within their stores, we´ll choose the second option”, and that won´t get them social support of any kind.

    I tried to make him understand that they have to fight a different war, which is speak out loudly about the impossibility of very high cycle threshold PCR´s being accurate, or of authorities being able to know that you can travel “safely” on the subway like a million fishes in a bowl, then work in a crowded space, because you wear a fucking mask, and then get infected because you drink a beer (hopefully maskless!) in the corner of an almost empty bar.
    He really talked to me like he had no interest whatsoever in what I was saying, so they will keep digging their own graves.

  48. Dennis

    “A new Inquisition is brewing. It will be brutal…”

    True in a sense – and it will be far worse because it is effectively a secular perversion of the real Inquisition and is not devoted to Truth – but we need to come up with a different name and analogy. It always irks me when people call something a new “Inquisition” or “Crusade,” etc. as a criticism, etc. because it implicitly accepts the Black Legends of the last 500 years which have been as a cudgel to bash the Church.

    The real Inquisition was in fact a good thing, was devoted to finding truth, and was a progenitor of many legal procedural safeguards and rules many legal systems have now. In its time it was a huge leap forward and had a leavening effect on the often brutal and arbitrary secular legal systems and procedures of the time. At a time when heresy was considered a state matter and a matter of deep concern for social order (they are actually), conviction rates in secular courts were far greater than in Inquisitional tribunals setup to deal with matters of heresy because of the greater theological training and mercy shown by Inquisitors as a whole (were there some abuses here and there? – of course, as in any human justice system, but on the whole, the Inquisition was not motivated by desire to punish or “witch hunts” – mostly a 16th-17th Protestant thing actually – but by a desire for justice and to lead people to repentance and Truth). In fact ordinary criminals would at times deliberately make heretical statements or manufacture heretical motives in order to try to get their cases transferred to the Inquisition, where they knew they could expect more leniency and a greater chance of acquittal than they would before secular courts.

    Far more people would have been executed for heresy in the Middle Ages had the matter been left to secular courts and often corrupt judges who were poorly trained to adjudicate heresy, rather than having those cases taken over by the Inquisition, where the vast majority of people brought to trial were actually acquitted or received very light sentences often no greater than the penance given by a priest in confession. Just to give a comparative idea of some numbers: Over the entire course of the Inquisition across several centuries at its peak (even including the more notorious Spanish Inquisition – victim of even greater Black Legends), there were less total convictions and executions of defendants than there were in about 3 average days during the height of the Great Terror in Stalin’s USSR in the late 1930s, when some 1800 people per day were shot for political “crimes.”

  49. Rogelio García Loi

    By the way, you are going to love this:

    In my country, where masks are extremely mandatory, you are allowed to not wear one if you are jogging…that is, if you go spreading your breath, aerosols and saliva at high distance, high speed, and covering a wider surface than walking. So this, mmm, let´s call it “logic”, takes you to an infinite set of possibilities, all of them fitting very well the crazy era we´re living. Imagine, for example, that you see a policeman and you have no mask on. Well, you have two choices, the first one being you getting fined for walking without a mask, the second one being to start running and waving the same policeman goodbye, to which he only could…wave you back, because as you are exceeding the average walking speed, things are just fine. Covid does not mess with joggers.

    So I literally live in a country where if every citizen decided to jog at the same time, we all would be backed by the Covid laws when we decided to go outdoors without a mask. Now, all the Trump stuff does not seem too bad in comparison, right? 😉

  50. Dennis

    Rogelio: You should organize this National Covid Jog Protest. Imagine the hilarity of a whole country of everyone jogging up and down their streets simultaneously!

  51. Rogelio García

    Dennis: When you open the door to madness, the possibilities are huge. That National Covid Jog Protest is a must, as should be, for example, buying in outdoors street markets while running maskless around the stalls, or driving the guy with the phone who is ready to call the police nuts, with sudden increases and decreases in my speed, unable to tell if I am a killer or a respectable citizen.

    This era gives so many opportunities for what I call “sad fun”, not only for Covid reasons. For example, the other day I had to fill a form where I was asked to choose my “gender identity” between several ones, incluiding “gender fluid”. And I imagined a situation where a full bearded guy applies for the state aids you can receive if you open a new business here in Spain, up until a certain age if you are a man, and something like 5 years older if you are a woman. Now imagine the full bearded guy saying “I am 35”, and the public worker telling him that he´s too old for the “men aids”, and the guy answers something like “well, I am not a man. Certainly I was this morning, but now I feel more like a woman. And although I do not discard to feel like a man when I am out of here, right now I identify with a gender fluid woman”. And the craziest part is that he MIGHT have a legal case going on! You see? Sad/fun times.

  52. Kathleen

    >> The real Inquisition was in fact a good thing, was devoted to finding truth


    What IS literally happening before our eyes is the launching of the new Red Guard.

    Take a gander at the promo/recruiting flick by Don Winslow

    It is in the best interests of Catholics to stop allowing ourselves to be duped into buying the narrative promoted by the enemies of the Church.

  53. Dennis

    Quite right Kathleen. I’ve been calling the “track and trace” regime CovidStasi from the start, but the Red Guard and Cultural Revolution are good analogues for what we are going through. The sheer hysteria of people, not just with the Covid Cult, but with so many other new cultural dogmas regarding “transgender,” homosexual “marriage,” abortion, election fraud (just saw some retailers are now banning “MyPillow” from stores because their CEO refuses to kowtow to Biden and treat him as fairly elected), etc., that are now grounds for cancellation and ostracization if one doesn’t go along. Obama’s and Clinton’s official positions (always phony, I thought, but still telling that they felt the need publicly to take that position) on homoesexual “marriage” less than 10 years ago would now get them cancelled and deemed hateful bigots unfit for office. Our culture has gone utterly bonkers.

  54. Amy Joy

    Well i was going back and forth in my head “should i mention it or not?” Then i saw Dean’s last comment and…

    I just came home from a stop at the local pot shop; legal here in the mitt. I have gone there to pick up an eighth every week or two since they had their grand opening last Friday, March 13th. Remember that day folks? Of course you do, it will go down in infamy as the day the WHO announced the pandemic officially. That first day we old folks chatted with the young hipsters standing beside us on the day we had set out to make historical because we could cop bag ligitimately and with dignity in a really attractively built shop. Cool!

    The company literally went curbside by the 16th. Today their sign announced “curbside closed come indoors”(traffic slowed due to competition) I went into this huge and nice bud bar. The i.d. checked nicely asked me to wear a mask. I told her i dont have one but id cover with my scarf – a big voluminous fashion one made of a sheer crepe. She was cool with it. Next check-in person was all “you gotta wear… we have some here..” im just, “no, sorry, im not going to ratify the lie. Ill cover with this..”

    The three staff in the otherwise empty lobby with me were personally sympathetic, i could sense, but then the coolest “host” went into the bar where the goods are purchased. She passed me when she came out with a concerned look on her face and went into the little office and the 25 y.o. manager came out nd said i had to put one on.

    “Ill pass. There are others happy to take my money.”
    “We can help you curbside”
    “Sign says curbside is closed.” Of course i couldnt leave it at that and had to tell them they needed to be brave like the Italians! That didnt convince him.
    “Ill send someone right out, maam.”

    I refuse to wear the mask. When i must grocery shop – less than ever and saving more than i would have guessed!- i pray pray pray before entering. I have be treated very kindly by the staff. No strangers have ever approached me but i have had a few strange things happen.

  55. Dennis

    Just warming up indeed. At the same time the Briggs update email came through, got an email for Glenn Greenwald’s (one of the few honest liberals around still) latest: “The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming” And I don’t think I need to explain to anyone here that he doesn’t mean a war on real terrorists, but a war by the radical Left on internal political enemies declared “domestic terrorists” for refusing to fall in line and bow to Biden, Pelosi, et al.

    Perhaps the most disgusting thing I saw today was Biden nominating that Pennsylvania health secretary to be Assistant Secretary of Health (since when is that even cabinet dept? – never even heard of it, or is new since Covid?). That shemale has one of the absolute worst records of any state official when it comes to dealing with Covid, deliberately took decisions, like Cuomo, that ensured many more deaths in nursing homes. But you can bet the GOP Senators will not voice any real opposition for fear of being declared “anti-trans,”etc,. so this clearly unqualified, mentally deranged person will now be working with Fauci and helping set national health policy! This country is truly doomed. And Biden nominated another raging anti-white racist for a post yesterday as well. He’s going out of his way to be as extreme left and in-your-face as possible with anti-white and trans hysterics, all while claiming he’s for “unity” etc.

  56. Ann Cherry

    Dennis, don’t forget the PA “health” secretary’s Covid Orgy Rules:

    “Wear a face mask, avoid kissing, and wash hands often.” Doktor Fauci would approve, as he gave a similar nod to Tinder hook-ups during this plandemic.

    These “health” officials really have our best interests at heart, and for that we must be grateful. Emph. on “must”.

  57. Harry H Schubert

    i agre with you.

  58. Patty Dozier

    Our leaders hate small businesses because they employ people and pay taxes. They don’t like it when people are employed and paying taxes so they shut it all down.
    Trust the Plan because we need to stop Soros and his cronies from enslaving society for our children’s blood.

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