Ricky Vaughn Chased Down By FBI, Arrested For Thoughtcrime Of Posting Satirical Memes

Ricky Vaughn Chased Down By FBI, Arrested For Thoughtcrime Of Posting Satirical Memes

This is the line over which, once crossed, there is no going back. Our glorious oligarchic Biden government has arrested their first notable political prisoner, Rickey Vaughn. (Remember when two weeks ago I warned about something like this? He has a real name, which I refuse to print.)

If you were there in 2016, you will remember Vaughn. He had one of the funniest accounts on Twitter—before he was banned for being too effective. The elite hate most of all, well, losing the money they feel (not think) belongs to them.

But after that, they hate most being teased—especially accurate stinging critical public teasing. Vaughn dished it out better than most.

Here is one of the “crimes” with which Vaughn is being charged (the first brackets are mine; the rest our dear rulers’):

…on Nov. 1, 2016, [Vaughn] allegedly tweeted an image that featured an African American woman standing in front of an “African Americans for [the Candidate]” sign. The image included the following text: “Avoid the Line. Vote from Home. Text ‘[Candidate’s first name]’ to 59925[.] Vote for [the Candidate] and be a part of history.” The fine print at the bottom of the image stated: “Must be 18 or older to vote. One vote per person. Must be a legal citizen of the United States. Voting by text not available in Guam, Puerto Rico, Alaska or Hawaii. Paid for by [Candidate] for President 2016.”

Anybody with an intelligence greater than pine sap knew Vaughn’s tweets, like this one, were jokes.

Which is why the government sent the pine-sap brigade, a.k.a. the FBI—yes, the ever-diligent feds—to chase Vaughn down and arrest him for posting illegal memes.

Did somebody say FBI?


What other crimes do they say Vaughn committed? Well, Vaughn “and his co-conspirators used Twitter’s messaging functions to discuss and refine memes”.

Weapons-grade memes?

The botches of nature looking for notches in their legal belts for this political prosecution are Meagan Rees, Special (I’m doubting they mean the word in the old public school sense) Agent for the FBI, Judge Ramon E. Reyes, Jr, who signed the arrest warrant, and the shiftless operators like Seth D. DuCharme, at the US District Court, Eastern District of New York.

DuCharme, the French prefix means bereft of, said:

“There is no place in public discourse for lies and misinformation to defraud citizens of their right to vote,” said Seth D. DuCharme, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. “With Mackey’s arrest, we serve notice that those who would subvert the democratic process in this manner cannot rely on the cloak of Internet anonymity to evade responsibility for their crimes. They will be investigated, caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

This is ultra-processed supreme grade-A bullshit, of the kind only a soulless mush-mind could say. For if it were true, we’d have to shut down all of journalism.

Can DuCharme himself be sued, or at least given the business, for incorrectly, and maliciously, using the word defraud? The question is rhetorical, friends, we know the answer.

The Ricky Vaughn arrest warrant uses as “evidence” that he was banned by Twitter as proof of his criminality. Not only that, these brilliant prosecutors used as “evidence” that Vaughn called his Twitter ban “petty” (I kid you not).

They accused him of posting a “Deceptive Image” in Spanish. In another “Deceptive Image” he wrote “heh”. Vaughn, on several dates, said “LOL” in reply to jokes about voting. The horror. He also wrote that “WE ARE THE MEMES WERE WAITING FOR”.

All of which are crimes. They must be. They, and pages and pages of similar “charges”, were deemed sufficiently criminal by the judge to issue an arrest warrant. Read through them all. You must, to see what the oligarchs can do.

It’s obvious Vaughn did nothing wrong: he committed no crime. So (I was asked this on Twitter), the process is the punishment for Vaughn. Having to hire a lawyer to fight off vampiric undead of NY’s courts will be enough—to quash Vaughn.

Vaughn is a political prisoner, and his arrest is meant as much for us as for him. DO NOT CHALLENGE THE OLIGARCHS OR YOU WILL BE NEXT.

Of course, I could be wrong. They could convict him for being “hatefully” funny, because it depends on interpreting the law. As was quoted in the more-than-ever relevant They Live: “Remember the golden rule: he who has the gold makes the rules.”

It is particularly rich that our rulers are going after Vaughn for election fraud. Doubtless this doubles the joke for them.

Listen: as part of the “evidence” used against Vaughn were Direct Messages (DMs) on Twitter. Meaning Big Brother is always watching. You knew this, but maybe forgot. Do not trust Big Tech in anything.

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  1. A chilling description of chilling behavior. Literally chilling behavior.
    I’m not sure I understand substituting Vaughn for Mackey when it’s been all over the news.

  2. Anon

    @Ed – agreed, especially since Mackey’s name is mentioned in the DuCharme quote

  3. Sheri

    NO NO NO, it’s not for satire. It’s because the voters fall for this stuff. Come on. We text to donate money, we text to vote in polls. Why not to vote? We can MAIL IN VOTES. Don’t make it into what it is not. It’s no different than putting up a sign that says “Vote Here” and passing out fake ballots. The right complains the left cheats, yet here you are defending a guy who basically created FAKE poll place. You really want to defend that kind of behaviour????? Seriously? That’s hill you’re willing to die on? FAKE POLLING PLACE?

  4. He has not been arrested for the “Thoughtcrime Of Posting Satirical Memes”. I looked up the memes in question. They are obvious attempts to illegally interfere with an election, and are not intended to be funny or satirical. They are intended to deceive voters. The intent is supported by the accused’s chats on the internet, where he explicitly describes his intention to deceive voters.

    The new crowd in the White House is already, and surely will continue to do, terrible things which should be called out. Why demolish what little remains of your credibility by making things up, and squander the opportunity to fight the real abuses of the Biden administration?

  5. DAV

    And in the following election, the party of “The Candidate” so impressed by the stupidity if the voters came up with “Avoid the line; Stay at home; We”ll vote for you”

  6. Jan Van Betsuni

    “Dominion Votes For You”

    WARNING: Improper use of this meme may constitute an act of criminal voter suppression under revised Federal election laws. Please contact the DHS for additional information.

  7. Briggs


    When reading comments, remember the dumb as pine sap criterion for those who think they see crimes in jokes.

  8. Pk

    The NYT article claims that thousands of phone numbers responded to the text request. How will the Pine Saps distinguish between responders just going along with the joke and those earnest Dems that voted via text and then went and voted by mail and in person? Seems some of the voters could be indicted too.

  9. Darren R. Cole

    Let’s all look at the simple fact. This individual is not a member of his local election board, state election board, or federal election board so why should anyone be defrauded by anything that he may post. I am not defending his actions toward an obviously gullible public but you should only take any voting direction from your local, state, or federal election board. The charges are draconian plain and simple. No one should have been taking anything that he had said seriously because he had no authority.

  10. awildgoose

    Xiden is off to a great start for his boss Xitler, with Obamao performing as the local DC handler.

  11. Everything not forbidden is compulsory —The once and future king.

  12. JC

    Time to infiltrate the LEO community and right the ship a la Helmut Kleinicke.

    “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” – Daffy Duck

  13. spudjr60

    So, Maegan Rees, Special Agent of the FBI got a GW Bush appointed magistrate, Ramon E Reyes, Jr. to issue an arrest warrant on Jan-22-2021 for things that happened in Oct and Nov of 2016.

    Why did she wait so long?

  14. Darren R. Cole:

    Everything you say is correct, but also beside the point. He’s already confessed to the crime of attempting to deceive voters and interfere in the election. He did not intend the meme to be a joke, no matter how many times Briggs describes it at such. So he crossed one of the lines where speech becomes a criminal act. If you are a company, you can say your product is great, even if it’s not. But if you say it’s made out of wood when it’s really plastic, that’s a crime. You can advertise that Hillary is a wannabe dictator who smells bad, and nobody can touch you. But if you advertise that the voting day has been changed to Wednesday, and are overheard telling your friends that you are doing so in order to prevent a certain number of gullible citizens from voting, that’s a felony.

  15. Dean Ericson

    Deceiving voters is not a crime — it is the entire point of elections.

  16. Jerry

    Welcome to the Democratic Republic of North America.

    Who knew would be so simple. Who knew the citizenry would be so easy to control? I’m sure ‘they’ are wondering why they waited so long.

  17. Darren R. Cole

    Sadly they seem content on following the coup no questions asked. I am reading about the German Civil War and at least they fought the Reds constantly even thought it led to Adolph.
    Welcome to the One World Government Stage 1!

  18. Briggs


    I think that’s Lee!

  19. RL: why do you say that? It was posted when polls were still open, so appears to be illegal election interference.

    Briggs: still sticking to the high road, I see.

  20. BDavi52

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Martin Niemoller

  21. Briggs


    Are you denying the person in the video engaged in a criminal act (one she should be arrested for, as you say) is not in fact you? If you say it isn’t, I, as a gentleman, will of course take your word for it.

  22. john b()

    Briggs: Lee said it was an illegal act

  23. Briggs: I guess this is some desperate attempt at humor, or deflection. Have fun.

  24. Johnno

    Guys… guys… Lee over here said… “>>>I guess<<<… this is some desperate attempt at humor, or deflection."

    As we've been saying all along. The lefties can't distinguish humor any more. Lee, LITERALLY, can't tell!!! He admits it! Take a screengrab of his comment right now and file it for future reference! Who knows? We may need to use it as evidence to help the F.B.I. in case they come for him for a criminal lack of humor.

    It's one of the things of the soul God robs from them. This is why EVERYTHING is offensive! And you must be wrong, evil, racist and must be shut down and prevented from unethically voting!

    I'm prepared to write the scientific paper. But I'm waiting for a grant. Simply text money to me the old fashioned way by sticking physical cash money in an envelope and send it to me. PM me for details.

    Don't worry, I don't need any fancy degrees. I am in possession of strong feelings. And I feel in the right direction!

  25. john b()

    FROM THE COMPLAINT: According to iVisionMobile, the company that owned the Text Code listed in the two Deceptive Images distributed by MACKEY, at least 4,900 unique telephone numbers texted “[Candidate’s first name]” or some derivative to the Text Code on or about and before Election Day, including many belonging to individuals located in Eastern Division of New York.
    [IT CONTINUES IN THE NEXT SENTENCE] Of the approximately 4,900 numbers that corresponded with the Text Code approximately 4,850, or 99%, sent their texts after MACKEY first tweeted a Deceptive Image from MACKEY Account 2.

    MY QUESTION: So FBI person, since MACKEY’s DeceptIcon FIRST appeared Nov 2 {AND REMOVED BY TWITTER] (6 days before election), that means 4,900 unique telephone numbers texted NOT on or about Election Day but BEFORE Election Day. Did anybody contact those 4,900 unique numbers to find out what their intent was?

    Good catch Johnno

  26. Rudolph Harrier

    And yet if the Republicans get back in power they will be hesitant to even prosecute leftists for destroying property or causing injury in actual riots. Same thing with impeaching officials for blatantly ignoring the constitution, hitting tech corporations for collusion in the service of the left, investigating non-profits that are no more than money laundering schemes for the DNC, etc. etc. etc. And the reasoning they will use is “if we start using the law for political purposes, the left might start doing the same in the future.”

  27. General rules of thumb:

    If nobody is laughing at your jokes, it could be that they lack a sense of humor. Or maybe you’re just not funny.¹

    If your only response to an argument is childish insults and lame jokes, everyone will see that you know you’re outclassed.

    If someone disagrees with you, that doesn’t mean he’s a part of some warring faction. Describing someone as a “lefty” who in fact has contempt for the “left” makes your comments, and your wordview, irrelevant. And it shows everyone that you’re not equipped to take on the issue.

    ¹I got a good laugh out of the Kraken lawsuits. It’s an additional problem if your best jokes are unintentional.

  28. john b():

    I don’t think you parsed Briggs’ sentence the way he intended. The writing is awkward, but I’m pretty sure he meant “Are you denying the person [in the video] is not you?” I’m fairly sure he’s making a joke out of pretending that he thought the person in the video was me, although he knows otherwise. I don’t get it. I don’t have a problem with people making jokes at my expense—I do it myself, all the time. But there is no joke here that I can find. And I don’t know what would have to happen to a person to get to the point where he thought this was funny. But if I don’t attack Briggs personally, as he does to me, it’s because his jibes just bounce off, they already don’t make him look good, and I don’t enjoy punching down.

  29. Dennis

    The tyranny in this country grows stronger every day. What’s really sickening is that this prosecutor was just appointed by Trump last summer. Yet another of his atrocious choices among various nominees and personnel (and he never did near enough to get rid of various Obama holdovers in many admin department either – many of whom actively worked to thwart Trump policies or years).

    Someone on Twitter re-Tweeted by BAP had a detailed analysis of why under the statutes claimed as a basis for the charges nothing Vaughn did could reasonably be called a crime and likely this will get tossed on a motion to dismiss – but it will still cost Vaughn a ton. A purely political persecution designed not to actually win a court case or prove real crime, but to serve as a warning and have a chilling effect on future speech (and to give Big Tech cover to be even more aggressive in politically motivated de-platforming).

  30. John B()


    Meagan Rees, Special Agent for the FBI, made it a joke in the last paragraph of the complaint where she basically lied. I’ll be interested to see what viva frei or Robert Barnes have to say … the complaint is pure unadulterated crap

  31. John B():

    The last paragraph is:

    “Assistant U.S. Attorneys Erik Paulsen and Nathan Reilly of the Eastern District of New York, and Trial Attorney James Mann of the Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section are prosecuting the case.”

    Am I looking at the right thing?

  32. John B()

    FROM THE COMPLAINT: According to iVisionMobile, the company that owned the Text Code listed in the two Deceptive Images distributed by MACKEY, at least 4,900 unique telephone numbers texted “[Candidate’s first name]” or some derivative to the Text Code on or about and before Election Day, including many belonging to individuals located in Eastern Division of New York.
    [IT CONTINUES IN THE NEXT SENTENCE] Of the approximately 4,900 numbers that corresponded with the Text Code approximately 4,850, or 99%, sent their texts after MACKEY first tweeted a Deceptive Image from MACKEY Account 2.

    What you quoted is not really the “complaint” but rather the “Close”

    This is punishment by process

  33. Uncle Mike

    The obvious and only solution to rampant erection disinformation on Twitter is to shut Twitter down, arrest their officers, employees, and stockholders, and sentence them to 10 years in an approved re-education camp, preferably in Siberia or Uighurtown, Red China.

    If they (The Deeply Demented Mis-Administration) let Twitter off the hook for these crimes, there is no stopping them from offending again and again. And again.

  34. Sheri

    They will never believe, Lee.

  35. John B()


    I was on the fence

    MACKEY showed that he was a turd but
    the FBI singling out his stupidity with their own stupidity rankles
    There are turds all over twitter that should be scraped into the manure pit, but
    THIS is the Russia collusion hoax, the second impeachment BS all over

  36. Dennis

    If promoting election “disinformation” over Twitter is a crime, then the entire Democrat party pushing the Russia collusion hoax for the last 4 heads ought to be in prison, starting with Nancy Pelosi and her still undeleted June 2017 tweet claiming the 2016 election was stolen.

  37. Kathleen

    the FBI singling out his stupidity with their own stupidity rankles
    There are turds all over twitter that should be scraped into the manure pit, but
    THIS is the Russia collusion hoax, the second impeachment BS all over
    [/END QUOTE]

    That sums it up and saves wasting time wading through pompous drivel and screeching.

  38. Milton Hathaway

    At first glance, deceiving stupid people into not voting sounds like a glorious endeavor, especially when the deceived are prone to thoughtlessly doing what they are told to do, because you can be sure that they also thoughtlessly vote the way they are told to vote. But on further reflection, I doubt many of those 4900 people were going to vote anyway, they are too busy wasting time on social media.

    Something more effective is needed to counter the cheating, especially if mass mailing of ballots to all registered voters continues. Some form of civil disobedience seems like the only recourse left, as all the legal avenues clearly don’t work, and our freedoms are under assault. For example, if election officials in a state refuse to match signatures, print a bunch of counterfeit ballots and flood the system with them, causing chaos. Fight fire with fire. Every scheme they have to cheat can be abused by the other side, right. Illegal? No, it’s patriotic civil disobedience!

  39. Ann Cherry

    Here’s an article by Patrick Byrne—former CEO at overstock, about white hat hackers, and all the articles written in the 4 years before the election about how terrifyingly easy it is to hack voting machines. Articles in all the same publications who now tell us that there’s no way the election was stolen, because “shut up”.


  40. commandant of treblinka

    everyone who thinks arresting this man was ok must be gassed and turned into ash immediately.

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