Jokes Against The Regime Now A Crime: Douglass Mackey, A.K.A. Ricky Vaughn, Convicted

My dear friends and despised enemies, in spite of the day this is not a joke. I wouldn’t joke. Not anymore. I don’t want to go to jail.

Jokes which the Regime finds harmful to it are now illegal. You will be tossed into the hole if you’re funny enough to sting Regime candidates.

Douglass Mackey, a.k.a. Ricky Vaughn, has been convicted for telling jokes. Or I should say, good jokes.

His “crime” was to tease Hillary Clinton, and Hillary voters. Which he did with verve and wit and great cleverness. We wrote about him here and here.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why is Briggs so upset? It sounds like there should be something more here.” Alas, there is not. He posted jokes and memes that ridiculed the left, and now he will pay for this political crime.

He was convicted after almost three days of jury deliberation. Three days. In a New York court. Though Mackey lives in and joked from Florida. You can follow his Twitter accounts for details (give him monetary support here), which are scant at the moment I write this, which is shortly after the unconscionable verdict was handed out. His lawyer is confident of the verdict being overturned. But he has to be.

Here is what the official Regime spokescreature said:

“Mackey has been found guilty by a jury of his peers of attempting to deprive individuals from exercising their sacred right to vote for the candidate of their choice in the 2016 Presidential Election,” stated United States Attorney Peace.

“Today’s verdict proves that the defendant’s fraudulent actions crossed a line into criminality and flatly rejects his cynical attempt to use the constitutional right of free speech as a shield for his scheme to subvert the ballot box and suppress the vote.” – U.S. Attorney Peace

Open vicious preposterous lies, and worse, obvious lies, all married to idiot hyperbole. “Sacred right”. Good grief. I hope he at least blushed when he said that. Or maybe he was rubbing his hands for what he sees as his gold future. Gold, not golden.

How flimsiest was the pretense for this prosecution? (Read this whole thread, please.) He was hauled up from Florida to New York to be prosecuted by a government only slightly less corrupt than New Jersey’s because the internet cable lines upon which his jokes rode passed through that state. How hard is to fix a jury in New York? About as hard as falling down drunk onto the subway tracks.

You read that right. I can’t wait for the Regime’s foot soldiers, i.e. the media, to explain how this makes sense. This will be proof that at last the Regime will still be allowed to make jokes.

In any case, the lawless immoral Regime is moving faster than we had thought. They also, as you have heard, indicted Trump for charges every lawyer I’ve read said they can’t make stick. I, of course, have not read them all, and am not a lawyer, but making charges stick no longer has much to do with the written law. So who knows.

Most won’t care about Trump because most dislike or hate him. They figure whatever Trump gets, he has coming. Remember to say the same thing when they come for you, like they did for Mackey. The Regime is now arresting enemies for political crimes.

I don’t mean to stress the “law”, because the law means, and always has meant, and always will mean, what those in power want it to. Power is always used to reward friends and punish enemies. There is no point whimpering about this. It is the Way Things Are. The difference is that in prior years Regime rulers still felt some loyalty to the country and its people. This is only rarely true now. That is the big change.

As proof, here is Enemy. vs. Friend in this very case. The Friend on the right posted the same jokes as the Enemy on the left. The same. She will not be prosecuted.

Her tweets went through the same NY cables. Yet she walks free.

If you do not see how important this is, well, you soon will. Low intelligence propagandists—well, they are chosen for that trait, are already celebrating.

Speaking of friends and enemies, here’s a sober reminder from Z-man: “Note that Musk did not come to the defense of Mackey nor did Peter Thiel. Keep that in mind whenever you are tempted to slobber over one of these “based” oligarchs.”

Almost nobody in power supported Mackey, not even Trump. Or maybe it was nobody. Cowards all. Or worse.

Most will not hear of this, or care. They will believe the lies the Regime tells about the case, and move on. They will never notice, history suggests, until it’s too late.

But some of us know. Somebody on Twitter asked me, “Mr Briggs, how does one not despair.”

By becoming very angry.

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  1. Understand the trial was in Jew York Shitty. What else would you expect.
    I have no doubt that President Trump will receive a fair trial there as well. Do you not agree?

  2. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. When the folks like Mr. Mackey and the pitiful souls still incarcerated from the January 6th protests realize the true, evil nature of government at all levels, they will forsake public outbursts and plan other activities. Since the stolen election of 2020, we have been in a civil war. Make no mistake, the Marxist-Infanticide Party and their minions in the MSM want Christian, heterosexual Americans dead or in prison. The sheeple, normalcy-bias fools and “conservative cuckolds” will end up going the way of the Dodo, if they do not wake up. Bleib ubrig.

  3. Douglass Mackey lived and worked in New York in 2016. He moved to Florida after being doxxed.

    He moved to a rehab facility called the Hanley Center dba Caron Renaissance, a luxe addition center. Joe Biden’s niece Caroline Biden avoided jail time by attending Caron Renaissance which provides private bedrooms in two manor style residences that mirror a five-star hotel, Caron touts its clientele as “individuals of influence and affluence,” where treatment costs $35,000 the first month and $18,000 for monthly afterward.

    So…all those who gave to his legal defense funds were duped.

  4. This case will be overturned upon appeal, even if it takes getting all the way to the Supreme Court to get it done. The Marxist opposition is using one of its standard legal tactics: To keep pushing and breaking legal precedent, purely to advance political objectives.

    Set aside personal feelings about race and religion. Marxists use those heated issues as provocations, to divide us into separate factions. This works against all of us.

  5. The left’s defense of Kristina Wong (the “lady on the right”) is a good demonstration of how they operate. The defense is really that she’s on the left and therefore should not be prosecuted, but Douglass Mackey opposed the left and therefore must be prosecuted. But they can’t come out and say that, so they find another reason. In this case they say the problem is that Wong didn’t leave a number to text and therefore couldn’t have mislead anyone. But she did say repeatedly that Trump supporters should vote on the day after the election, which meets the standard of “misleading voters” as much as anything Mackey did. Yet when that is pointed out leftists will say that it is an obvious joke and therefore not against the law, but including a number to text ISN’T. You see, the standard is that if you include a number, then its a crime!

    This is of course absurd. There’s no law that says “it is legal to post memes joking about misleading your opponents, except in the exact case where a number to text message is included, in which case you shall be imprisoned for 10 years.” But here’s the leftist mode of operation: They decide Mackey is guilty and Wong is not, but know they need to pretend that there is some standard being applied beyond “our enemies should suffer.” So they look at both posts and notice that while Wong joked about the wrong date and texting a vote, she did not include a number to text to. They then take that difference and pretend as if that was the standard the whole time. That is, they find the difference in the action between their friends and foes and then create an ad hoc standard which puts their foes on the wrong side. If they had been asked why Mackey should be jailed before Wong’s tweet was pointed out, they would only have talked about “spreading voting disinformation” without mentioning a number to text to. And if someone finds a tweet of a leftist saying Trumpers should text a message to vote to, they will find another ad hoc distinction (my prediction would be that if the tweet came after Mackey’s, but before polls closed, they will claim that it was too late to have a significant effect on the election. If it came BEFORE Mackey’s they will claim that it was early enough that the disinformation could have been cleared up before anyone was prevented from voting.)

    Of course, the leftist judges, DAs, etc. operate under the same framework. When they prosecute you and sentence you they will claim that they are just following the letter of the law, and at the same time they will make up standards that appear nowhere in the law but just happen to screw you specifically over (while letting antifa thugs and the like go free.)

  6. Text in your vote? That reminds me of the guy who made the video showing how to retrofit an earphone jack onto your brand new iPhone by drilling a hole in the case (

    Trump claims to have plans to create a ballot-harvesting organization, and, where legal, beat the D’s at their own game. Here’s another plan, one you can do yourself at home using simple off-the-shelf computer equipment. When you receive your unrequested ballot in the mail, scan it into your computer, leave all voting ovals in the same spot, but swap all the D’s and R’s names on the ballot. Then print off a few thousand copies, and leave the improved ballots in bunches in strategic locations, ideally in places where paid ballot harvesters will find them. This solves the problem of idiots and cheaters, who shouldn’t be voting voting anyway, voting for the wrong candidate. And if the improved ballots are discovered and reported in the media, even the D’s will finally have to admit that mailing out ballots unrequested to every “registered” voter may not be such a great idea. If R’s were inclined to bend election integrity safeguards to the breaking point like the D’s are, suddenly the D’s would be the biggest advocates of ID-verified in-person voting.

    Note: This may not be strictly legal in your jurisdiction.

  7. My empathies for the victims of political persecution, but DWEEZIL nails it. You A not getting your old smokehouse back. You can build another one, even on the site of the old one, but you ain’t getting the old one back.

  8. Milton:

    Nice, but as you say, not strictly legal for conservatives to do.

    Want something legal for us? look at

  9. I assume that “Ricky’s” defense team will appeal this decision to a Court that has heard of the 1st Amendment…Note also that the “Judge” threatened the hung jury with sitting indefinitely if they didn’t come in with a verdict…definite trial error

  10. Douglass Mackey was found guilty of a federal crime and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, after he was charged by the DOJ for falsely claiming that one could vote by text and therefore potentially depriving people of their votes, which probably would not have mattered anyway due to fraudulent voting.
    Many journolists and other government employees, as well as a large proportion of the medical profession and its regulators publicly claimed, both in speech and in writing that hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were dangerous and ineffective, actually leading to the deaths of many people, due to deprivation of these treatments.
    Most of these propagandists also falsely claimed that the supposed vaccines were both safe and effective, thereby definitely depriving many more people of their health or causing their deaths.
    Since the government can prosecute and incarcerate someone for speech which potentially deprives others of the right to vote, then surely the government must now prosecute and incarcerate all those whose speech deprived people of their health or their lives and in the case of parents of children, induced them to endanger the lives and health of their children.
    Doubtless, a massive army of lawyers is preparing to initiate a lot of prosecutions for these much more serious crimes.

  11. Ah… the disinformation was not from Russians but Mackey. lol.

    Is it a joke?

    I look forward to having this case accepted by SCOTUS. I’d like to know where the Justices stand and what their reasonings are.

    Many thanks to Ms. Google for digging up this. Briggs, good news, you seem to be on the same side as Justices Kennedy, Roberts, Ginsburg, and Sotomayor.

  12. Lady Justice is blind and, as noted by Legal scholar Bill Clinton, she has a nice natural rack, and she is famous for saying democrats are innocent with no need to be charged with any crime whereas as legal scholar Nancy Pelosi (is there more plastic in her face than chest?) Trump will have the chance to prove his innocence.

    There is no way we vote our way out of this.

  13. So sharing memes is election interference, but arresting a political party’s lead political opponent, on bogus charges, is not.

    “Bogus charges, you say? Hah! ….we have a convicted liar who says otherwise!”

    Bill Clinton (and his several victims) must be thinking, “Dang, they can now indict a former president for paying off women they had sex with?!”

    Speaking of the Clintons, didn’t the “Hillary Campaign”, pay a paltry $8K fine, or thereabouts, for creating and funding the “Russia Hoax” against Trump? No “election interference” there?

    About this time last year, the Hillary Clinton Campaign was fined $8K, and the DNC was Fined $105K, for falsifying the ‘Steele Dossier’ expense on their disclosure forms.

    Isn’t that something? Mrs. Clinton, or rather her “campaign” pays a paltry money fine for using bought-and-paid-for Russian disinformation against a political opponent in a presidential election, in order to (irony of ironies) accuse him of “colluding with Russia”, all aided and abetted by the deep state.

    Since “Banana Republic” refers to the tropical location of said Republic, let’s just call ourselves a “Republic of Fruits and Vegetables.” That is more more Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable, not to mention more accurate.

  14. JH

    Get real, yes, it was a joke … caveat emptor

    Christina’s was a joke … caveat emptor

    If this case goes to SCOTUS, the country is toast

    As far as the claiming a medal not received …

    There is an absolute right to lie unless it involves fraud

    Again, caveat emptor, but making claiming on an official document or contract has consequences

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