The Big Slide: A Short History of the Decline and Fall of the USA — Guest Post by Uncle Mike

The Big Slide: A Short History of the Decline and Fall of the USA — Guest Post  by Uncle Mike

The American Experiment peaked in the two decades following WWII and has been in decline ever since. Here’s the story in a nutshell.

When World War II ended, the USA was the lone superpower on Earth. We had the Bomb and had used it. Our military was victorious and unsurpassed. Our economy rose from the Great Depression and began to fire on all cylinders. We fed the world and pulled war-torn countries from oblivion.

Our might and hubris was tested in the ensuing Cold War. The hot wars never really stopped, and by 1965 we got mired in Vietnam. The Greatest Generation who fought and won WWII were succeeded by their children, the Baby Boomers. Those children did not feel the same desperate nationalism as their parents, and resisted the new war. The Generation Gap arose, and a Cultural Revolution ensued. Traditional values were rejected, and post-post-modern nihilism was accepted.

The Old Left, a holdover from the Great Depression, was supplanted by the New Left, radicalized by the Vietnam War. The transition was evident in 1972 with the Chicago riots, and the crushing defeat of George McGovern.

The Old Right also disintegrated with the resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974. Ford and Carter were bumblers, creating a vacuum of leadership. The Bureaucratic State responded, and became capable of running the country without a strong President or Congress. The citizenry became more disaffected, and yet more powerless to control the State. Runaway inflation threatened to crash the economy. The US lone superpower status dissipated with the loss of the Vietnam War to China and Russia and the subsequent collapse of our economic machinery.

Although Carter might be considered the first New Left President, he was weak and feckless. The growing New Left movement simmered in low echelon positions but began to infiltrate the bureaucracy. The USA lost it’s position as leader of the global community and various other countries gained leverage. The Cultural Revolution became ingrained, and the traditional moral backbone of the nation atrophied.

In 1980 a backlash of sorts occurred. The New Right gained favor with voters who elected an outsider, a Hollywood actor, Ronald Reagan. Reagan was the first Trump. He lambasted the Bureaucratic State and was scorned by New Left. Despite the inflamed rhetoric on both sides, or perhaps because of it, the Bureaucratic State amassed even more power and grew via deficit spending, mortgaging the future of the country. The economy recovered, but was now more dependent on government than ever before. Reagan’s promises were dashed.

Following the miserable failures of Bush I, the New Left got their first significant victory with the election of Clinton, a Baby Boomer and Cultural Revolutionary. Clinton’s lack of moral integrity and embrace of New Left policies sped the decline. He appointed deviants and grafters, and the already over amped Bureaucratic State was taken over by New Leftists. Like pigs in the corn patch, they rooted and ripped. Congress, too, was swarmed by New Leftists. Although Clinton ended his Presidency in disgrace, the damage done was permanent. The Cultural Revolution engulfed the Bureaucratic State, and drove the country’s moral underpinnings into full retreat. Universities, as well, became fully captured by the New Left.

The Digital Age also began during the Clinton years. This revived the US economy, but trade deficits drained much of America’s wealth to foreign powers. A new global oligarchy arose, and US influence as a military and economic power declined. The concentration of wealth into the pockets of a few was matched by the growing impoverishment of large segments of both rural and urban populations. Manufacturing jobs went overseas.

Bush II, who was elected by the thinnest of margins, was a throwback Old Rightist (like his father) and a Bureaucratic State lackey. He embroiled the country in foreign wars, reprising Vietnam. The Bureaucratic State, by then captured by the New Left, grew in power. Bush II did nothing to circumvent or oppose them. He became a caretaker, a fiddler, and an appeaser. The economy was bolstered by deficit spending, but the foundations were crumbling. The US lost another war, and our superpower status diminished even further. As a final injury, Bush II drove the economy into the New Depression.

Then came Obama, our first Black Muslim President. A Communist and an Alinsky-ite, Obama appointed New Left radicals, true anti-American seditionists, to power positions at every level of government. The US teetered and all but collapsed. The decline was in full swing culturally, politically, economically, and militarily. China became the new superpower. Global oligarchs gained unprecedented wealth and power. Schools, jobs, and churches failed nationally. The Bureaucratic State became dictatorial and oppressive — the Nanny State became a child abuser. Every institution, public and private, was overwhelmed by New Left insanity designed to weaken, degrade, and debase America.

Then Trump was elected, again by the thinnest of margins. Ostensibly a “populist”, he was not New Right but a sort of reformed liberal. His one strength was a clear vision of the dangers of the Bureaucratic State. Despite his many efforts and small victories, the now infamous Deep State overthrew him in their third coup attempt, with the aid of the New Left Media and a corrupt Congress.

The New Left has now assumed totalitarian power, using a Made in China “pandemic” to usurp the last remaining human rights (which the country was originally founded to secure). The economy, propped up by runaway deficits, is gasping for air. Large (global) oligarch interests are succeeding while small and medium-sized business are failing. Unemployment has risen to Great Depression levels. The citizenry are mired in shock and anger.

The dissolution of the USA is nearly complete. We have now been transformed into a puppet state of the new superpower, China. Feeble Joe Biden, the illegitimate New Left President, senile and corrupt, is a mandarin. The Deep State is intoxicated with power and has forced the population into house arrest. Schools have become online propaganda centers, and education in the truest sense has been curtailed. A new generation of illiterate serfs is being trained for servitude. Religion, what’s left of it, has gone underground, and moral depravity is the new ideal. Oppressions increase daily. Freedoms and rights, once the pride of the USA, are lost.

There is little hope for the USA today. We are going through the motions, enclaves here and there are hanging on to traditional self-rule, self-reliance, and moral life, but the writing is scrawled on the wall. Little can be done to right this ship — we have gone full Titanic. The future is uncertain, but we will never recover what has been lost. America as founded is over.

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  1. Michael Dowd

    Excellent short summary Uncle Mike. Also, not to be forgotten is the role of the Catholic Church when it gave into the zeitgeist at Vatican II and became a Communist toady under the guise of Social Justice.

    For Traditional Catholics, aware of Our Lady’s warnings, none of this should come as a surprise. We are, it would certainly appear, at the beginning of the Great Chastisement.

    What better time than this to prepare ourselves for eternal life, especially when there is little we can do to improve this one.

  2. Pk

    American power, including the willingness to use it, certainly peaked in WWII and the few years following the war. The peak of American freedom and independent spirit occurred about a half century earlier. Woodrow Wilson, the income tax, and the 17th amendment, then WWI set us on the steep downward slide. Every change since then has been a matter of degree, not of kind. You could also argues the inflection point happened with the War of Northern Aggression. It takes time for the slippery slope to ice over.

  3. I know a California Central Valley farmer who committed suicide during the drought a few years ago after spending his last $20,000 on drilling a dry well. He would have been better off building an ark, for the next year the deluge came. This post rehashes our most tired, well known, and depressive narratives. As Eisenhower famously said, pessimism wins no battles. I recommend this individual read Ridley’s Rational Optimist, Rosling’s Factfulness, and Pinker’s Enlightenment Now. Whining about our troubles will get us nowhere. All we can do is be productive in what time is granted to us.

    And is this author truly so afraid that he cannot use his own name?

  4. Dick Meehan

    This bleak essay is quite close to the way I have been privately inclined to seen things over my adult life 1961-2021. But I think that the concluding “America as founded is over” needs to be considered and debated because even my admittedly shallow understanding of 18th century America (the musical Hamilton, recent bio of Franklin, memories of a Latin School history curriculum that emphasized Brit over American history) suggests to me that the American revolution was far more chaotic and morally divisive than some idealists — perhaps Mr. Briggs too? — assume. The Black history perspective is one narrow and over-promoted reconstructive effort but how about say the views of British Loyalists? Or the aggressive German settlers of western Pennsylvania, invading Philadelphia with no less belligerence than the recent Capital rioters? If people don’t have the patience for books, films like Terence Malik’s “The New World” or Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” or “Roma” offer balance and wisdom. As always the artists are the best teachers in the end.

  5. George O'Har

    @RobertYoho, I don’t see Uncle Mike as whining. He’s stating the case, as he sees it. His overall summary is accurate. Sure, you could break down each sentence and if you were a specialist, write a book about it. And maybe his points of emphasis and some of his conclusions aren’t exactly as I would see them. But the essential claim, America peaked in the two decades following World War II and since then we have deliberately, with terrible self-destructive policies, frittered away the Republic, seems indisputable.

    You are correct about the dangers of pessimism. We live brief lives. We can’t be moaning about distant events we can’t, not really, do very much about. Live life fully and productively. That’s what most Americans do and have done. Further, I have great confidence in human, especially American, ingenuity. A free people, whose freedoms are protected by law and tradition, can accomplish miracles.

    Those protections are now being curtailed–or annihilated (look at H.R. 1 & H.R. 127).

    But say you wanted to stop the leftist scourge, put the breaks on. What would you do? The left controls every single institution in this country. There are no exceptions. You can’t argue with them; they are irrational. How do you convince people they are wrong when they believe in a hallucination? Even the courts are in their control. Thugs on their side walk, “rioters” on our side get the book thrown at them.

    I would say one of the most important elements would be to take back the schools. Bring back free inquiry, open-mindedness. How? The left has a choke hold on the schools. And schools provide an endless supply of idiotized administrators. Even the medical profession, as you doubtless well know, hasn’t escaped. The last time I had to fill out a form at a hospital I was asked, “What gender were you assigned at birth?”

    We need to believe we can fix things. But we also have to accept the reality we have inherited.

  6. With the trifecta of congress, senate, and the executive now in a “progressive” possessed mind-state, The Evil Partnership has the final goal at hand. Their prize — the Nasty New World Order (aka Great Reset or Build Back Better). Concerning the Supreme Court, it is not-so-hot now with an easy fix not far off with the progressive packing tactic. The Evil Partnership’s pièce de resistance; the Caustic Cancel Culture Pogrom (CCCP). To see the corporate technocrats shut down dissenting views (what freedom of speech) lockstep with the dictates of our leaders (cough, cough) is a breathtaking display of this Newtopia. But none of this really matters as the Illuminati have the perfect storm in their quiver — hyperinflation.

  7. Sheri

    Pk: The War of Northern Aggression! That is what my mother called it!

    Robert Yoho: I thought Uncle Mike was merely enumerating how things happened. There is no optimism because it’s over. The dark times are here. Only fools are optimist then.

    Haven’t seen “illuminati” in a long time. I miss Icke. (No, as far as I know he’s not dead, just became a carnival barker hawing merchandise, a hollow creature.)

    This all began when parents stopped loving their kids (the 60’s), the kids were placated with material goods and treated like soulless pets, then came the intoxication with electronic media, AKA SOMA. Cowardice is now rewarded, as seen in the representatives of this country bawling like infants because they were frightened by a riot. We have become a disgusting, cowardly, weak and pretty much useless society that is nothing but fodder for the strong. AND WE CHOSE TO LIVE LIKE THIS. We threw out our morals, our children, our souls.

  8. Jerry

    A pretty succinct historical summary of our country to date, but inasmuch as we should not underestimate the stupidity of Americans, neither should we underestimate our ability to fight back.

    Every movement has a shelf life, the current leftist movement is not immune. The truth always comes out, and a culture built on lies can never succeed.

    Hold the line, folks – this ain’t over yet.

  9. Dr. Bruce A. Wineman

    That was “Yesterday” but tomorrow is not written, yet. We need a leader. Are all “True Americans” (those that believe in the Constitution) willing to throw their hands in the are and give in to the likes of BLM and Antifa? I sure hope not. I am old and the only regret I may have is that the “Correction” will not occur in time for me to participate. The “Propaganda System” is designed to destroy Hope and create distance between those 74 million (at least) that voted for Donald Trump. Divide and Conquer is still a valid military strategy. We currently lack a LEADER! No one wishes to be standing outside the John Muir Bldg but many would do what Uncle Mike describes relative to WWII and the Citizens of the USofA. A LEADER! We need a real LEADER!

  10. awildgoose

    Outstanding guest post.

    I just wish it wasn’t so accurate.

  11. Tim O.

    The “Greatest Generation” was NOT interested in anything after the war other than partying, smoking and drinking for the rest of their lives because “We saved the world!” This all too prevalent attitude neglected good child rearing and, they let their kids run wild for sex, drugs and rock and roll…and leftist, destructive politics. It’s been all downhill from there.

  12. The Left owns soft power, absolutely. The Right owns hard power, to about 80-90%.
    We need to go with our strengths, while we still can.
    The USA is over. Long live America!

  13. Pk

    Sheri – your Mom was surely a wise soul. I am an immigrant from long ago and live in Yankee territory. In my earliest recollection learning about American history I wondered why it was great for the colonists to break from England, but not so for the South to break away.

    I don’t believe the Left used the opportunity of the China pandemic to take control. The Left created the fake pandemic proactively to take more control. They are now building more and more variants to keep the panic alive and the hope dead.

  14. John W. Garrett

    A not wholly inaccurate summary by Uncle Mike. That is, of course, saying in a roundabout manner that it’s generally accurate.

    Bush I wasn’t as bad as Uncle Mike states.

    As so thoroughly documented and related in Robert Caro’s magnificent four-volume biography, Lyndon Baines Johnson was a liar, a cheat, a thief, an extortionist, and a serial philanderer. He earned and deserves some of Uncle Mike’s righteous wrath.

  15. Whitney

    It’s been going on longer than that. It was a complete lie that got us into a World War 1 and that’s also when you saw the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is privately owned in case anyone doesn’t know that and the income tax which is illegal.

  16. Fredo

    The ‘Greatest Generation” you mean the one that crawled into bed with Stalin and threw half
    of Europe under the bus? What Trumpery hasn’t figured out is that it’s but the latest iteration
    of Kulaks. History repeats itself because nobody remembers it.

  17. Paul Kempff

    In all this as well as anything else: Education is KEY!
    A Fundamental Solution helps the individual when he/she is shown HOW to study.
    With this Basic Knowledge one can study Anything successfully, moreover find what Works and what is False.
    To start?
    Find: “How to Study Effectively” and do that course…
    Something Can Be Done About It.
    Paul K – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  18. Paul K

    In all this as well as anything else: Education is KEY!
    A Fundamental Solution helps the individual when he/she is shown HOW to study.
    With this Basic Knowledge one can study Anything successfully, moreover find what Works and what is False.
    To start?
    Find: “How to Study Effectively” and do that course…
    Something Can Be Done About It.
    Paul K – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  19. Kevin L Walker

    Well I agree with Dr. Yoho that Uncle Mike’s essay is too pessimistic. As Arnold’s terminator character put it to John Connor when he was feeling hopeless, ‘anger is more useful than despair.’

  20. All emotions can be channeled into productive action. Anger is the most powerful. Michael Jordan ran on it. But grief, disgust, fear, and yes, even depression should be used as fuel by the thinking adult. My point was that the post was trite. We all knew every word.

    Looking back is a losers game. We don’t want to be turned into a pillar of salt. Our community can choose to get discouraged and disaster-monger, or we can search for solutions. The darkest narratives seductively suck in the myriad readers who are looking for confirmation of their private dreams of apocalypse. Pandering to this grows our number with people who are programming themselves not to act.

    Briggs has put his hand further into the fire than the rest of us and he’s tired. But he’s also the strongest among us.

    Yes a leader will arise. They always do.

  21. Dean Ericson

    A provocative summary. Should pen my own, but busy snowshoeing. Would note structural flaws revolution, quote correspondence Jefferson and Adams, highlight the War of Southern Cheap Labor Greed, Stupidity, and Miscalculation, paving way for American Imperial State. Money Power triumphs. Jesus some poor Bronze Age do-gooder. Mahan sea-power Imperialism. We’re big, we’re huge, take over failed Spanish Empire properties, beat our chests. Hubris. Wilson combining the worst aspects of the Protestors, the Academy, and the Dopes. Hands over America to the Esquimeaux. Revolution. Roosevelt war for Power. We’re big, we’re huge, we run the world, for Money and Stupid Power. Drives Ship of State into gutter. Men are not gods. Same old story. Some details to be fleshed out. Snowshoeing conditions really great.

  22. Rob Morrison

    Thanks Uncle Mike for your article and thank you Mr Briggs for posting it.

    Righteousness exalts a nation and sin is a reproach to any people. A quote from the wise old and long since dead, who still speaks, once King of Israel in its glory days, Solomon. The fact that we should learn from history has already been noted in others comments and it is so true. The bible is a historical book. The old testament is full of the repeated history of the Jewish nation over and over again. And the quote from Solomon tells all. One can see it in all the nations and their history’s as well. Sir John Bagot Glubb’s essay titled “THE FATE OF EMPIRES and SEARCH FOR SURVIVAL” could teach us all a little history and how long super powers typically stick around for and why they collapse.

    I am a believer in the God of the bible. Because of that I also believe that the Apostle Paul had a little bit to say about any society and its rise and fall in his letter to the churches in Rome, specifically in the first chapter starting at the 18th verse. I would recommend reading it from the beginning but if you want to cut to the chase start at verse 18 and read at least to the end of the chapter, verse 32

    God has already given us up by what Paul outlines for us. What Uncle Mike has written and others have expanded upon with their comments just proves the point. And history has proven this point over and over again. The only answer to help our nation is in turning from our sin’s as a nation and as individuals and turning to the God of the Bible and his son the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God and who created the world and all things. But for that to happen there needs to be a revival like so many others that have happened in history. With our own nation the most prominent were the first and second great awakenings in the 18th and 19th centuries. There were others too.

    So some have said that Uncle Mikes article was too negative and that we should not give up hope. I would agree that we should not give up hope but the only hope I see is in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, who again is one of those historical figures who was real, and who was executed and then rose from the dead by his own power on the third day with hundreds of witnesses. The answer is to preach the law and the fact that we have broken it and the only answer and only hope we have regarding our sin in breaking God’s law (the ten commandments) is in Jesus Christ and his gospel. For this to happen the true church needs to preach the true gospel. Read the whole of Paul’s letter to the churches in Rome! Read the reality of human nature in chapter 3. That is what we are dealing with. God has given us up and we are under his judgment. All that so many have commented upon regarding our educational system etc is all so true but the question is why? Again Paul’s letter tells us why. So many think that we can change it by changing our education system etc…. I tell you look at history, we are repeating it and all of our self helps etc… History shows that it will not happen.
    That is where your hope in doing things like that is futile. The answer again is for the gospel to be preached. But I am a realist, this world will never change from the curse that was put upon it by Adam’s transgression.
    For the believer this is not our ultimate home. We will never see a utopia in this present world! Again history teaches us that over and over again. if you think so you are blinded by your sin. Paul talks about that in his letter to Rome.

    Not only does history continually repeat itself but everyone continues to die. As I get older I continually seem to attend more and more funeral services just like probably most of us do that follow Brigg’s blogg. Remember each of us is growing older each day and soon we will take our last breath and then comes the judgment. That just happened to my aunts third husband on this past Monday! Her first two have been dead for many years.
    When that happens what side will you be standing on then, on Christ’s right side or his left side.

    I look forward to his second coming and when this old world will be burned up and fully renewed and his reign will be for ever and those whom he chose to save before the foundation of the world will be with him for eternity! I truly believe Uncle Mike has it right in what has happened and is happening to our nation. but it will only continue to happen with every nation until Christ’s second coming.

    As this happens to our nation it will become much more difficult for those of us who believe in truth unless we fall to, and obey the ways of the wicked society. Native fallen human nature has a way of doing that. History again tells us all. However, nothing that can happen to us here, in terms of how difficult it will become for many of us, can even remotely compare to what hell will be like for all eternity. It is better to be right with God, even as our freedoms are being taken away and our nation is being destroyed. Oh come Lord Jesus come quickly!

  23. This is the beginning of an essay I’m working on:

    “God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.”
    ? Otto von Bismarck, 1849

    But, what if God no longer has America’s back? I believe it has become obvious that, along with Nixon/Ford/Carter, the worst thing to happen to America since slavery was Roe v Wade. It was the beginning of the end.

    When we gruesomely destroy His handiwork, why would we expect his Divine Providence.

  24. C-Marie

    Thank you, Uncle Mike!

    Here is a bit more as to why our country is in this horrific decline.

    “Those children did not feel the same desperate nationalism as their parents, and resisted the new war.”

    They did not feel the same nationalism for the Vietnam war as there was no real threat to our nation as the attack at Pearl Harbor was for the Americans who lived through World War II.

    “The Cultural Revolution became ingrained, and the traditional moral backbone of the nation atrophied.”

    The use of drugs grew along with the advent of birth control ease and the legalization of the murder of “products” of casual sex, the murder of the unborn babies, God’s children whom He created, by their mothers, was the greatest part of the atrophy of the traditional moral backbone. But why were the citizens so ready to accept all of this???

    “The New Right gained favor with voters who elected an outsider, a Hollywood actor, Ronald Reagan. Reagan was the first Trump.” See the following for President Reagan’s prolife activities.

    Bush II was pro life for unborn babies … but even so, abortion was taking its moral toll within America.

    “His (President Trump) one strength was a clear vision of the dangers of the Bureaucratic State.”

    Actually, ever so many voters were tremendously pleased that President Trump was for the preservation of life for the unborn babies and that was a main reason as to why he was elected.

    And now the rise of unacceptance of God’s creation of human sexuality and gender in both the nation and in many of the ordained of the Church is well on its way to infecting the innocent children and adolescents whom Jesus watches over.

    “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” Hebrews 10: 31.

    “America as founded is over.” Yes, that is so, unless a miracle of repentance unto God takes place in the hearts and minds of all Americans.

    And once this judgment for our sins both of Church and State is over, God will establish His purpose once again here. Belong to Jesus in every facet of your life, and He will see you through.

    God bless, C-Marie

  25. Chaeremon

    after WWII (the duration aware to me), colored parents raised their children deliberately to get better opportunities, but the only thing they got were the opportunities of blanks (see e.g. Michael Jackson). this is typical of organized irresponsibility, as the youngsters faced more problems (their specific + the general mimicry) than they could handle.

  26. Sherry Miller

    This was depressing, and with such a depressive past year, it was really depressing. There are depressing things happening in the Catholic church, how can my fellow Catholic sisters and brothers be for abortion, and how could they vote for Biden who married men? How can Catholic universities be so liberal? Just more and more depressing things, BUT, then, something comes along and there is hope, I know God is in control. I heard this just the other day and think thank you God for the few men brave enough to do a homily as Fr. Billy did, will this be taken off? Liberal catholic must hate him. Catholic Priest Unloads on Pro-Abortion Catholics –

  27. John B()

    Serenity Prayer – Full Version (composed in 1940s)
    God grant me the serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change;
    Courage to change the things I can;
    And wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time;
    Enjoying one moment at a time;
    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
    Taking, as He did, this sinful world

    As it is, not as I would have it;
    Trusting that He will make all things right
    If I surrender to His Will;
    So that I may be reasonably happy in this life

    And supremely happy with Him
    Forever and ever in the next.

  28. V

    Some facts, and a lot of breathiness.

    Stay the course – be scrappy, frugal, and gritty. Aim small, miss small.

    This is not over. Remember the 3%, and 10 righteous.

  29. HanSolo

    Amen Robert and V. We need fighters and faith. America is facing challenges and threats within and without, but we still surround them. Lift where you stand…we can do this.

  30. Ann Cherry

    Depressingly accurate essay, Uncle Mike, but I take exception with your portrayal of “Trump’s victories” (on our behalf, against incredible odds, and in one term) as “small.”

    The list, in four short years, includes drawing down troops and wars while defeating ISIS, historic peace agreements (Arab/Israel, Bosnia/Serbia), beefing up NATO funding from partners, historic and favorable bilateral and multi-lateral trade agreements, across the board tax cuts, “peace thru strength” military build-up amidst clear warnings about China, NK, and Iran.

    Before the plandemic, we had record unemployment levels, the start of a high-paying manuf. jobs renaissance, net-exporter of energy for the first time in history, and not least, strong pro-life policies, with promises for his second term, such as ending late-term abortion, and education vouchers/school choice.

    We’ve seen (based on data, incl. rally attendance) a large crossover of Democrats and non-political people, especially working class, if not by affiliation then by vote, to “Trump’s Republican Party”, a far cry from the big-business-as-usual “neo-con” party of Bush and company. In 2020, Trump received a higher percentage of votes, from all races, then any Republican in US history, because of his America First agenda.

    Then our enemies, the Democrat-Communists, stole the most consequential election in U.S. history, by *turning* just five cities, in five battleground states, in many and varied ways. Election cheating did what Kruschev promised, buried us without firing a shot. Let’s not kid ourselves in these matters. The same thing happened in Venezuela, first with Chavez, then Maduro, using the same online “vote tabulating” machines. How stupid are we, anyway?

    Joseph Stolen is the cardboard president now, as creepy as those cardboard people in the stands at the Super-bowl. Propping up Uncle Joe and writing his executive orders, are Obama 2.0, the CCP, the Soroses, Bezos, the Gates, the Davos crowd, and some we’ve never heard of; they’ve told us what’s in store for us. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

    Gates was quoted saying 90% of the human population (ie you and me, not him) need to die off, for the sake of the planet. The Davos crowd says we’ll own nothing, and be happy about it. Their featured speakers this year were Xi Ping and Putin. It’s all in the open, now.

    They want open borders for us, and high walls and security fencing for them. They want to “defund” the police, take away our defensive firearms, and make Antifa and BLM (Inc.) our new Community Enforcers.

    They are setting the precedent for mandatory, highly profitable “vaccinations” of experimental biological agents, for us and for our children. They can now shut down our schools and businesses on whim, and we’ll go right along or face heavy penalties, and we’ll double-mask our pie-holes to “keep us safe”, and some, enough, will turn in their neighbors for any infraction.

    Meanwhile, Joseph Stolen has signed over 50 executive orders, designed to crush We the People. He expanded taxpayer-funded abortions, here and abroad. He raised our drug prices to the highest in the world, by repealing Trump’s executive order that finally gave us favored nation status for purchasing pharmaceuticals.

    He destroyed the Keystone Pipeline project, destroyed our oil and gas industry, and gave Communist China access to our power grid, and to our public universities and institutions, by repealing Trump’s orders aimed at preventing same.

    In a time of depression-level unemployment, record drug overdoses (80K in 2020) and record crime, Uncle Joe’s stopped border wall construction and forced ICE to release criminal illegal aliens onto our streets, and they’re outlawing civilian militias; as an added bonus, the House just voted to double the federal minimum wage, costing millions more jobs and crushing more small businesses, at the worst possible time.

    We’ve seen this level of insanity in other uprisings of forced collectivism. We the people are now we the prey.

    Meanwhile, in TEXAS, of all places…the land of Black Gold and Texas Tea (oil, that is), of all places…they’re facing rolling power outages, because of …frozen wind turbines!

    How stupid are we, anyway? How low can we go? I guess we’re about to find out.

  31. Zbi Zu

    Don’t forget the rest of the world is not static and falls down fast, too. Since everything is relative, look at the differentials.

  32. Frank

    Great summary. A moral theologian whom I respect has argued that the decline actually began immediately after WW2, for it was that generation who failed to educate their children properly, and it was those children who began burning bras, dropping acid, and running around naked at Woodstock in the 60s. And, of course, ignorance begets ignorance, so the downhill slope became even steeper from that point on.

  33. GamecockJerry

    The only answer is to starve the Beast. No Great Leader can do this. Way too much entrenched establishment. Everyone needs to reduce the taxes they pay and stop using their Corporate overlords. Pay with cash at small businesses and restaurants. Grow as much food as you can yourself. Dump Bank of America and go to credit union. Until these institutions are stripped of money and power, they will continue to smother our freedoms and lives.

  34. C-Marie

    Pay with cash!! Great point!!!
    God bless, C-Marie

  35. C-Marie

    Disagree with Frank. Parents did educate their children properly and made great sacrifices to send them the Catholic schools. Churches were full in the late forties and the fifties.

    Birth control pills were made legal June 23, 1960 with the propaganda lies of womens’ health.
    LSD was made illegal around 1966. Woodstock was in 1969.

    Vatican II was from 1962 to 1965 and afterwards was the dissemination of Vatican II’s conclusions. There was slipping and sliding prior to Vatican II behind the scenes in the Church, else Vatican II would not have done with Islam as it did.

    A very interesting article here regarding the confusion of Catholics and Islam:

    Catholicism via Vatican II, announced that it recognized Islam as one of the three great monotheistic religions with Judaism and Catholicism the other two. Giving any credence to Islam, in which religion there is no salvation ….. Judaism is God’s and He declared at the end of Leviticus that He will never break His covenant with them.

    Via Vatican II, Catholicism recognized Islam’s claim that it expressed the faith of Abraham, when in fact Abraham’s faith was in the Living Triune God, which God Islam does not recognize, nor does Islam accept Jesus Christ and ever so much more.

    Vatican II changed the Mass, named it a Celebration rather than a Sacrifice, which pained many of the faithful, and more. Vatican II appears to have worked to make Catholicism more responsive to the world instead of being the cause of the world to become responsive to Jesus Christ.

    Lots of confusion for the Catholics all round.

    Two goods from Vatican II, though are that the Mass is celebrated in the vernacular and the priest faces the faithful as I expect Jesus did when He first instituted the Holy Eucharist.

    So as worldliness gained stronger footholds in Catholicism, difficulties in living one’s faith life increased, and now we have Francis. Help us all, Lord Jesus!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  36. patrick healy

    As an old fart with a heavy heart which bleed for America and the old Christian civilisation i penned the following:


    RIP America
    It is sad to see you go
    The way of past great empires
    For to you a debt we owe;
    A light in the great darkness
    You kept satan in his place,
    A bastion of freedom
    Guardian of the human race.

    But while you were distracted
    The deceiver took your youth,
    They were indoctrinated
    Contradicting Christian truth;
    Now they have taken over
    As the teachers had conspired,
    The Marxists coup completed
    Without any bullet fired.

    We get to twenty twenty
    With the great election fraud,
    Many dead ones voted twice
    More imported from abroad;
    Total votes do not matter
    Just ignore your vast mount,
    We’ve decided on the winner
    We manipulate the count.

    Old Joe”Bama’s senile
    He is just an avatar,
    It’s Harris they have chosen
    As the Chinese rising star;
    When ailing Joe is sectioned
    Into his shoes she’s poised to jump,
    The coup de grace accomplished
    They’ve got rid of Donald Trump.

    This gloomy outlook from the Marxist gulag of Scotland.
    However I do believe in Gods wisdom, and that pendulums always MUST swing back when they reach the end of their travel.

  37. Mike

    I believe our rebuilding Europe and Japan and fostering China with our money created our demise. We could afford unions and regulations when we were the only economic power. But when we had to compete, those who were addicted obscene profits simply moved to the countries we rebuilt.

    I think this is the most important factor. Even with a rabid left wing, we lost because of our inherent goodness (rebuilding and fighting for others).

  38. Forbes

    >”The transition was evident in 1972 with the Chicago riots, and the crushing defeat of George McGovern.”

    Well, the Chicago riots were in 1968, while McGovern was crushed in 1972. If that’s a transition that was evident, it’s only evident in the passage of time. The evidence might be the election of Reagan in 1980. That is, eight years hence, suggesting hindsight, not the definition of evident as easily perceived or understood; obvious.

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