Lindell Comes Up Short In His Absolute Proof

Lindell Comes Up Short In His Absolute Proof

Mike Lindell, like Time magazine, questioned 2020’s election results. Lindell says the election was shifted from Trump to Biden, which he decried.

Time used the brand new euphemism fortified to describe how rulers leveraged coronadoom, BLM, Antifa, and their power to redefine the law on the fly to shift the election to Biden.

The difference is that Time was celebrated. Lindell was canceled.

Pillow Smothered

Lindell was booted off social media, had stores dump his products (a noble sacrifice, given how well they sell), and all but called an enemy of the state.

This official opprobrium didn’t stop Lindell. Indeed, it impelled him to make his claims in a louder way. He created the video “Absolute Proof: Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic“. Watch it here.

Shy Of The Limit

It has to be admitted that the video is a bit of a disappointment. And I say this as somebody involved in Lindell’s side of the fight.

His “absolute” proof turns out to be amorphous, and somewhat mysterious. About that, more in a minute. Let’s first focus on the video’s strongest points.

Machine Politics

Lindell says electronic voting machines (whoever thought that was a great idea?) “were used to steal our election by other countries, including China”. He says he has proof that the “machines broke, overwhelmed by too many Trump votes.”

He brings in various people to make the point. One was Colonel Phil Waldron, who echoed Lindell’s charge, and who said “people inside our own DOJ were shutting down investigations” over the matter. This is believable and very likely true. The FBI did not, after all, do a swell job investigating its own spying on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Other Elections

Russ Ramsland, of Allied Security Operations Group, detailed how similar electronic fraud happened in 2018. He says his team saw “people getting into the system and changing votes…coming from remote locations”.

These weren’t Dominion machines, which were in wide use in 2020, but from another company called Election Systems & Software. Ramsland said after he made the vote-changing known to authorities they weren’t interested.

He said that, then as now, votes are “stored” on “overseas” servers, and that “twenty seven states use” a similar system for “election night reporting, and those servers are overseas.”

Ramsland was involved in highlighting the Antrim County, Michigan vote shifting, the only instance that was reluctantly admitted to by the press. Authorities say it was an honest mistake. Ramsland disagrees.

Tell It To The Judge

He also detailed the unusual numbers of votes going to adjudication, which is when an election official gets to decide what a ballot “really” says. “Eighty two-percent of the vote in Antrim” went going to adjudication in this election, he says. The normal total is less than one percent.

The Grand Finale

There were a number of other talking heads, including the bouncy Mellissa Carone, who became something of a celebrity in the Michigan Giuliani hearings.

Yet Lindell, like a good showman, waited until the end for his “100% proof we had the biggest cyber attack on this country.”

This was provided by Mary Fanning, billed as a “national intelligence researcher and author”.

She claimed “cyber security experts…collected terabytes of information that documented” the election fraud, “the foreign intrusion into our election. This was collected in 2,995 counties in the United States. This was collected in real time.”

She showed a purported spreadsheet of hack attempts, some successful some not, in which votes were stolen from Trump and given to Biden. “Over sixty six-percent of the intrusions in the election came from China,” she said.

Similar data, she said, was shown to James Comey “by a whistle-blower” in 2015. She never said what became of that revelation, who the whistle-blower was, or what Comey did with the information.

Funny thing is, she never said where her data came from, either, how it was gathered, or who gave it to her. Lindell never asks her. This is most odd, because Lindell’s entire case hinges on this data.

If real, it is, as Lindell claims, absolute proof the election was stolen by a network of hackers all around the globe in a massive coordinated, and flawless, attack.

If Ifs & Buts Were Candy & Nuts

If, I say, it is real. Is it?

One thing is certain, if it was known to be false, we’d never hear the end of if from our rulers’ paid propagandists. Closest they came to saying it was false was to say Fanning’s claims “were debunked”. But they never say how they were debunked. An ancient journalistic trick.

Similar datasets to Fanning’s can be found on-line, also without provenance.

The only solid information on Fanning appears to be her own articles and videos, where she repeats her claims, but never provides any details.

If Lindell doesn’t want to go the way of Lin Wood, he’s going to have to come up with absolute proof of his Absolute Proof.

This article first appeared in edited form at The Stream.

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  1. Marguerite

    Thanks for the clarity! I miss journalism.

  2. DAV

    If Lindell doesn’t way to go the way of Lin Wood

    He probably doesn’t want to go that way either.

  3. S S Young

    The apparent fact that the machines send many ballots to adjudication where there appears to be no oversight, there appears to be no chain of custody, and there appears to be no change record control inspires no confidence. At one point in Rome, citizens were lined up on a field and counted. Maybe we should start there.

  4. Mike Twain

    Forget sneaky ballot, vote, and election fraud. The Texas lawsuit, properly considered, would have overturned the result.

    Correct the lawlessness in PA, GA, MI, and WI and Trump wins.

  5. spaceranger

    The government doesn’t have rights. The people do. Agents of the government, such as secretaries of state and election officials, are not entitled to a presumption of innocence as far as their job is concerned. It is up to them to prove to the citizenry that the election was honest. So far all we’ve gotten is willful ignorance.
    It’s possible that Biden did not steal the election. But the things we have to believe in order for that to be true require a lot of mental gymnastics.

  6. John B()

    Complaining about election results, processes and Dominion Voting Machines doesn’t get everyone cancelled

    Politico will cover some peoples’ grievances without negative comment

    From Politico ::

    Still, Brindisi called Tenney just hours after the state certified the election at noon on Monday. He said he would drop his legal appeals and end his call for a hand recount of the more than 300,000 ballots cast. His team said the campaign does not anticipate taking any further action, despite describing the process as flawed.

    “Unfortunately, this election and counting process was riddled with errors, inconsistencies and systematic violations of state and federal election laws. My one disappointment is that the Court did not see fit to grant us a recount,” he said. “Sadly, we may never know how many legal voters were turned away at the polls or ballots not counted due to the ineptitude of the Boards of Election, especially in Oneida County. My hope is some authority steps in and investigates the massive disenfranchisement of voters that took place during this election.”

  7. awildgoose

    All the math and server logs are great, but that doesn’t convince normies.

    Normies are convinced by obvious smoking guns and cheap emotional rhetoric.

  8. c matt

    In a very real sense it doesn’t matter. The proof could be 100% absolute and our government ruling class will just ignore it. The proof could be 100% fake, but by our ruing class ignoring it, it gives more credence to the proof (they have something to hide!). Either way, the integrity of the system is destroyed. The ONLY way to have saved the integrity of the system was a full and fair investigation, which TPTB refused to do. Honestly, I expected them to perform at least a show investigation, but they are so confident of their absolute power (and not without reason) they di not even deign to do so.

  9. Jerry

    I’ll defer my intended comment and simply say I agree fully with “c matt” above. If Lindell, or anyone else for that matter, had absolute proof – so what? The government/ruling class/lizard people/you name it will simply ignore it.
    Heck they just about confessed to the whole thing in Time magazine anyway, which was to brag and rub our faces in it – both intentions accomplished.
    I too expected at the very least a show/sham investigation, just to go through the motions for the ones who thought it was a steal but hoped it wasn’t and need a bone thrown to them.
    Wasn’t necessary! Why bother?

    Going forward, the Republicans have high hopes for 2022 – 2024, as they logically should if there was a hint of propriety in our elections – but I sit here and wonder what on earth makes them think the Ones In Charge will allow that?

  10. awildgoose

    Repubs have high hopes for 2022 and 2024 because they need to maintain kayfabe for us marks in the audience.

  11. Sylvain Allard

    To claim that the machines switched vote from Trump to Biden requires that there were no paper trails.

    But, the dominion machine do provide such a paper trail, that requires the in person voter to give the print out to clerk.

    Georgia recounted their ballots at least 3 times and at least 1 time by hand. With a 99% accuracy between the hand recount and the machine.

    Wisconsin had recounts if not states wide at least in the biggest district.

    And all results were confirmed.

  12. Jerry

    Sylvain, what’s your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid? Is it “fortified”?

    They walk among us…………….

  13. DMA

    My question to Briggs is: Do your calculations and involvement in the analysis of the election results convince you 100% of adequate fraud to change the final results?

  14. Sylvain Allard


    I see that you have no counter argument other than ad hominem attack.

    When you don’t like reality attack the messengers

  15. Jan Van Betsuni

    Bunk Debunk Undebunkable
    Bunk Debunk Undebunkable
    Bunk Debunk ….B$!unBkeded
    *system error loop *engage ballot
    replicate.sys *command_prompt
    _accessCODE _ _ _ _/dvs/1

  16. GW

    The methods used to steal the election were likely not scary foreign servers, but rather domestic party apparatuses in some of America’s most corrupt (and blackest) cities. The primary evidence is that the vote counts were stopped, simultaneously, in swing states where Trump enjoyed comfortable leads late on November 3rd and when we all woke up on the 4th had become very narrow or in Biden’s favor. Ballot stuffing, forced adjudication, and algorithmic vote shifting were likely the methods employed.

    Either way, Trump pussed out by not sending the military in to seize the machines and forcing an audit on live TV. We should be searching for the next candidate who has a plan on how to stop fraud the next go round.

  17. DAV

    But, the dominion machine do provide such a paper trail, that requires the in person voter to give the print out to clerk.

    How does that work with mail in votes? What was being scanned by the thousands by just a few persons in the Georgia and other videos?

  18. Milton Hathaway

    The various forms of one-sided poll-watcher interference, edicts from Dem officials not to match signatures, late ballot dumps, abandonment of ballot provenance procedures, implausible spikes in votes counts for only one candidate, etc, etc, etc., probably did cost Trump the election, by changing the outcome in those few swing states. The media and corporate tech anti-Trumpers keep saying “there is no evidence . . .”. This brings up the obvious question – where lies the burden of proof?

    Clearly the deep state and their enablers believe that the burden of proof lies with those claiming election fraud. But why should that be the case? No one seems to be interested in providing to the 75 million Trump voters any reasonable explanations for the election oddities; the message is clear, “you are a kook, a conspiracy theorist immune from facts, there’s no point in engaging with you, we are right and you are wrong, so shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, . . . .

    But we have to be honest with ourselves. The only reason the Dems were able to pull off the steal is that election was so dang close. Trump’s high approval rating, record of success, and a weak and corrupt opposition candidate would have guaranteed him a landslide victory in any ‘normal’ election cycle. The absolutely astounding number of 75 million votes for him leaves no doubt about this.

    Living in a state with 100% mail-in voting, after observing a number of election cycles here, it’s perfectly clear to me that mail-in voting results in landslide margins for Dems. The principle of “one person one vote” doesn’t apply here. A large number of ballots are signed by one person and voted by another. In my mind, this is still election fraud, even when it’s a spouse’s ballot, or a dependent, old or young. My anecdotal evidence is that this occurs in the majority of households, where one dominant emotionally invested family member will take charge of the ‘family vote’. Before mail-in voting, this dominant family member would harangue family members to vote, and even create voting instructions to take into the voting booth, but this was largely unsuccessful, since it took some effort on the part of the totally unmotivated. But signing a ballot presented with a pen takes five seconds of effort, and immediately stops the harassment.

    While many would agree that mail-in voting breaks the one-person one-vote concept, some would say that it balances out between candidates. This assumes that principled integrity is evenly distributed. My experience is that the Dem party is dominated by two groups, the entitled “I deserve more” people and the guilt-ridden “I have more than I deserve” people, both easily manipulated by Dem propaganda.

    The founders tried to thread the needle between the tyranny of kings and the tyranny of the majority. The Dems seem determined to break that delicate balance, and their latest weapon is 100% mail-in voting.

  19. Johnno

    Yeah well, about that Georgia “recount”… little wonder that the results still added up when you are essentially just recounting the same batches of fraudulent votes without bothering to investigate the actual issue, which was scrutinizing the legitimacy of all those suspiciously pristine ballots instead of the strawman that the machines counting was faulty. No, the machines can count fraudulent ballots just fine!

  20. Sylvain Allard


    I guess you have a brain freeze.

    You realize that mail in vote are on paper.

    You can count them by hand.

    I’m not sure you can.

  21. Sylvain Allard


    Were there more vote than registered voter?

    Answer: no

    Were there more ballots counted than the number of voters?

    Answer: no

    The State vote was administered by people who voted for Trump.

    Georgia is one of the state where there are the most voter suppression measures.

    Signatures are matched at the arrival of the ballots at the counting location. Only when the match is confirmed thosethe ballots is separated from the envelope.

    Trump lawyer never argued fraud in court. For the simple reason that such a claim could have them disbarred.

  22. Jan Van Betsuni


    {“Signatures are matched at the arrival of the ballots at the counting location. Only when the match is confirmed those the ballots is separated from the envelope.”} [Et les enveloppes, ils sont tous jetés pourquoi? // And then those envelopes, they were all discarded – why is that?]

    If the ultimate validity of mail-in-ballots hinges on a valid signature match, and the signature in question appears only on the envelope, then a mail-in-ballot stripped of its envelope is per se invalidated. All ballots must be preserved (intact). If they are not properly preserved they are spoiled. Spoiled ballots (by definition) cannot be cured by an adjudication process. Tossing the mail-in-ballot envelopes was done at the direction of someone in authority. Such persons should be held to account for violation of election laws by the state courts. If they acted with a judicially established intent to impact the election results – this is also fraud (a separate element of chargeable criminal acts). Jan

  23. DAV

    You realize that mail in vote are on paper.

    Until you scan them into a voting machine to count them.
    No one was checking to see if they matched the ballot.

    Georgia is one of the state where there are the most voter suppression measures.

    Suppression in what way?

    Trump lawyer never argued fraud in court. For the simple reason that such a claim could have them disbarred

    So you are a mind reader? Only he knows why he chose to not argue fraud.

    As for disbarment, maybe.

    Many states are trying to do just that for merely representing Trump.
    It’s one of the reasons Trump had to use a B-team in the latest Impeachment Scam.
    Good thing it was a slam dunk.

    States that allowed voting administrators and judges to unconstitutionally change the voting system which is a type of fraud. The courts avoided hearing any cases charging fraud on technical grounds. For instance, the PA Supreme Court used a Catch-22 laches for dismissal. SCOTUS bizarrely used lack of standing on a constitutional question without explanation. Even if the charges could never have been proven had they been heard on merit, they were far from frivolous which would be the only reason for disbarment for presenting them.

    Fortune ran an article on disbarring Giuliani any way.

  24. Johnno

    Sylvain, you have anything more substantive to show other than your personal word for it, or your feelings about how you think things are operating in Georgia versus the sworn testimonies of those who were actually there?

    Also your “nuh-uh”s don’t actually answer anything. Dead people and non residents and non-existent people can be registered and vote every year. And even existent people can be registered more than once. So little wonder then that the ballots would match up to the numbers registered.

    Again like usual, the moods are good at answering questions no one is asking and avoiding the questions that are be asked.

    Just because a State vored Trump doesn’t mean the fix against Trump wasn’t in. I mean, where else are you going to bother rigging the vote? States that voted Democrat?

  25. task

    In Wayne County MI, in the bluest districts, 15% of registered voters had voted which is usual for those districts. Then, after the the counting shutdown and the resumption of counting, 173,000 votes appeared out of nowhere in those very bluest of districts. In the surrounding districts there was no bump in the voting. The 173,000 voters were not previously registered to vote. Their names were not on file. In fact if every registered voter voted 130% would have had to vote to provide 173,000 votes. But it did not matter because those votes were counted anyway.

    The SCOTUS never heard the Texas case which was based on equality issues and also on Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution. Amazing! That was exactly how the SCOTUS in 2000, GORE v Bush, assured the outcome for Bush. The high court reminding the Florida Court to get out of the way and allow the legislature to determine how, when and where votes should be counted because they are the only authority the Federal government recognizes to certify the votes. The legislature has plenary authority and no judge, attorney, election official, secretary of state or candidate has any authority at all.

    On February 5, the PA Secretary of State felt compelled to leave office after admitting that she failed to follow the law. According to reports, Boockvar bungled the handling of a constitutional amendment related to sexual abuse victims and their ability to sue alleged abusers. That was was the exact law she also failed to follow when it came to election law. She had to put the amendment in two newspapers for 3 months, in 67 counties and the legislature had to vote on it twice, followed by a vote by the people. I assume she did not want to go to court on the sexual abuse victims lest it bring attention to the same failure when it came to changing election law. What PA did was illegal based upon their own Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. All of the other 5 questionable states, along with other states, violated the U.S. Constitution by bypassing their legislatures to create illega law. There are reports that Trump won VA and several other States as well based on counting only legal votes as defined by the existing law.

  26. Sylvain Allard


    “Until you scan them into a voting machine to count them.
    No one was checking to see if they matched the ballot.”

    You can also count them by hand which was done in Georgia and the result still did not change. This means there is no problem with the machine.

    “Many states are trying to do just that for merely representing Trump.
    It’s one of the reasons Trump had to use a B-team in the latest Impeachment Scam.
    Good thing it was a slam dunk.”

    Actually, they are in line to be disbarred because their own conduct put them at risk.

    Even the most conservative judge named by Trump stated how ridiculous were the case presented by Trump.

    Trump won in 2016, because many black voter stayed home because they had an unfavorable view of Clinton. After all what did they have to lose.

    in 2020, and after a summer of being beaten by Trump thug in mostly peaceful protest. Black voter had every reason to register and vote, which they did.

  27. Sylvain Allard


    ”Sylvain, you have anything more substantive to show other than your personal word for it, or your feelings about how you think things are operating in Georgia versus the sworn testimonies of those who were actually there?”

    Really people were actually there, saw real irregularities and were not believed by judges. Or those people we just idiot like that women in Michigan who testified like a drunk and Giuliani farted.

    Most of those affidavit were found to be misunderstanding on the part of the ”witness” but really uneducated idiot.

    Trump lost because he motivated the people to put the effort to vote. BTW Trump got 100% of dead voters vote. Still only 66% of all eligible voters voted. Another 75,000,000 people could have voted in a legitimately.

    The idea that people voted illegally is ridiculous since it is much easier to get someone who can vote than trying to vote for someone who can.

  28. DAV


    Yeah, sure, whatever you say. Yet more of your rambling, pointless posts. Still the same after all these years. Foolish of me to think otherwise.

  29. Sylvain Allard


    It seems more that you lack argument which is not new from you.

  30. DAV

    Yeah, sure, whatever you say.

  31. Robert O'Donnell

    Every data packet transferred from point A to point B, has the source IP and each intervening IP address added to the packet at each node along which the packet travels. Every data packet that arrives at point B has a list of the origin and each intervening address along the way from point A. That data is stored in logs that are cycled over time on each intervening node and the destination node. Therefore a list of source address can be determined from any forwarding unit along the route. Long time since I studied this stuff. But the overall idea is still relevant. The data paths and origins can be traced from logs.

  32. Jerry

    Sylvain, you have no argument. My best reply would be to simply laugh at you, you do not warrant anything else.

    Stop being the messenger and start thinking critically.

  33. @Robert,
    A catch is that IP numbers can be spoofed (at least I know this for IP v4) at some cost. Spy services run by any nation have many incentives to do this. Criminal crackers also have the same incentives. (I despise the general term ‘hacker’ for this, though I know that’s the common usage these days.) Running down the IP chains to determine spoofing takes time and money. Our PTB did everything they could, it seems, to prevent that from happening prior to Congress meeting January 6th. That Time magazine article basically admitted it.

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