Try To Be Less White, You Racists

Try To Be Less White, You Racists

May as well start with theology. Who, exactly, is disrespected or respected in this image, and why?

With that warm-up exercise out of the way, let’s discuss the plague of “white supremacy” we are said to be experiencing.

So. Just what is a “white supremacist”? Surely we can answer that simple question, since “white supremacists” are supposed to be endemic, the biggest threat to humanity there is, says our own government, and even, as we’ll see, says the UN.

Near as I can figure, since there is no official definition, a white supremacist is a white not in the ruling elite. If that’s right, and there’s every indication it is, there are, as they tell us, a huge number of white supremacists wandering the streets.

What are they up to?

A black guy, as blacks are at least eight times more wont to do than other races, killed an Asian guy in Frisco. The usual malcontents took to the streets in California and New York, to protest this murder.

In NYC, the march was called “Unite Against White Nationalism“.

In California, fliers were issued saying “BIPOC”—bi-sexual pieces of chit maybe?—“solidarity is the only way we can target the root cause of these attacks: WHITE SUPREMACY.”

It’s not clear how white supremacists make blacks kill so many people, but it must be admitted it is a pretty cool super power. Just wait until white supremacists learn how to make blacks kill those in the ruling elite.

We also see that a large rock from space will come very near earth, and possibly even hit it. This is surely due to white supremacists, or possibly global warming. But since white supremacy causes global warming, it’s the same.

It’s plain to even those who think Joe Biden is a good man that if white supremacists can cause giant rocks to crash to the earth, then something must be done about these dangerous creatures.

Suspicions about white supremacist occult power is likely why white supremacy was condemned as a “transnational threat” “which grows more dangerous by the day” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

The UN’s boss appears to be white himself, but since he is in the ruling elite, he’s not, by our definition, a white supremacist.

Guterres said white supremacists are “extremist” and “represent the number one internal security threat in several countries”.

Again, this is true if blacks can be trained, via white supremacy magic, to kill in a non-random manner, and rocks can be made to crash to earth.

Others are condemning “black” and “Jewish nationalism”, saying groups which demand their own countries and the right to rule themselves, like Zimbabwe and Israel, are a “virus”.

Wait. No. White nationalism.

Well, close enough. Nationalism based on race and religion of any kind is just wrong and must be condemned by all right-thinking people, right?


Coke, the sugar-beverage maker, came out against whites the other day. It was their training materials that supplied the post image.

Seems they bought some expensive “educational” package to tell workers to “Try to be less white.” Why? Because of the theological point posed at the top of this post.

There’s only one way whites can be less white, which I’m sure you know: dig themselves a grave and hop into it. Which is fine and all, but it would deprive Coke of their profits. So maybe a government mandate to fill said graves with pop. Stuff rots bodies pretty fast, so no embalming will be needed.

We’ve already seen the guy they installed in the White House say he’ll go after “white supremacy”. Merrick Garland will be installed as the regime’s Attorney General. He came out against “white supremacists”. Says he’ll prosecute them. We can only suppose the evidence against them will be a color chart: any person lighter than a certain shade of brown equates to guilt.

Well, we could go on, but you have the point. Our ruling elite is going to make life tough to non-existent for “white supremacists.”

Which is not a bad thing, if you, like the ruling elite, are against white things. Like Shakespeare. A group of teachers want the best writer that ever lived to be dumped, because of his “whiteness.”

We saw earlier that the ability to prove mathematical theorems was also reviled as “white supremacist.” Coke said the same thing about being objective and showing up to work on time.

Stay away from accomplishments if you don’t want to be a white supremacist.

Also, if you are not white, to avoid cultural appropriation, please do not use a cellphone or computer. These were invented by white supremacists.

Bonus The song we’ll be learning in the camps.

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  1. The “white supremacy” the Left (formerly known as communists) is fighting so hard against is Western Civilization, formerly known as Christendom.

  2. Joe

    Are Portuguese white?

  3. Michael Dowd

    Surely, all Christians must be “white supremacists”. Perhaps that’s the point. It’s hard to know what the point is but surely, what it is it can be solved with more money.

  4. Darren R. Cole

    I love this argument. I am of American Indian (yes we prefer this description since anyone born in American is a Native American) ancestry but when it is convenient I am just another white person. Most white people do not look at me as white especially in the middle of winter when they are pale as cauliflower. At that time I of course look the exact same as I do all year long. My perpetual color annoys some of them but most realize that it just means that I am not just like them. I have European ancestry as well but the American Indian is much more recent with my great grandmothers on my mom’s side of the family being 100% Indian. The problem again is when it is convenient for some I get lumped right in with the whites. That is just great when my ancestors were nearly hunted into extinction just so the white man could take our lands because they liked them and wanted to just take them. Go ahead and tell me how we were all just savages when all we were doing was trying to keep the land that we had cared for thousands of years. We are marginalized and forgotten mostly because we are just expected to accept our defeat and to assimilate into their culture.

  5. Ganderson

    It is an offense against the laws of good taste to post photos like that. I’m eating breakfast here, damnit!

  6. Ganderson

    Darren- I grew up in the Twin Cities, where, as you may know there’s a substantial population of Indians of the non dot variety. Every Indian I ever knew used the term ‘Indian’; or sometimes they would refer to themselves as Lakota, or Ojibwe.

    When I taught high school I would use the term Indian, and when a kid said “Mr. A don’t you mean Native America?” I’d say something like “ Hey, I was born in Midway Hospital, St Paul, MN. That makes me a native American.

  7. Win Dermere

    Joe, the right question is “Are Portuguese Latinx?”

  8. Sheri

    Darren: Still bitter over a lost war, are you? Childish and stupid. Wars all have winners and losers. Your group lost. Now, grow up and get over it. It was a well-fought war. Someone had to lose. You could have been living under the violent Spanish or French. That would have been so much better, huh? You’d all be dead and no problem. (You are a possible member of the “First People”–there are NO natives to America)
    Now I need eye bleach again. I hate you, Briggs.

    Race has ZERO place in religion except that of Satan worship. Race is made up by politicians and Satan (okay, same thing mostly).

    “Just wait until white supremacists learn how to make blacks kill those in the ruling elite.” The white supremacist ELITES do this to themselves. That’s how it ends.

    I thought blacks had all the occult power. That’s the way the blacks told it to me.

    I have a relative that is WHITE by looks, but actually only 3/4 white. So is said relative a white supremacist? MUST BE, because looks are what we go by. And yes, child is WHITE and looks Scandinavian, blue eyes and all. Parent is very dark black.

    Zimbabwe IS a virus. Always has been.

    Coke also came out with “New Coke” so we already know they are idiots.

    Yes, all blacks are losers or we wouldn’t need to protect them. Any “winners”, like Kamala, are simply dragged there by the old white guys. She’s a loser, definitely.

    Whites CAN stop this but don’t, so as usual, they deserve whatever they get. Stupid has consequences, even if they seem to take forever. I really want to go back to where stupid people were hit by buses at age ten, but don’t know how to get there……


  9. Sheri

    Joe: ANYONE is white if the ruling tyrants say so. Get a lobby if you want to be a “protected loser group”. That’s how it works. Technically, there may be NO races at all, but science was stabbed to death years ago….(I’m serious, Joe, definitions are made by lobbyists and anti-American activists. There is NO SUCH RACE AS HISPANIC but the illegals have a great lobby.)

  10. Leo

    “… shake off the dust from your feet.” (Mt 10:14, also Mk 6:11, Lk 9:5).

    We have made argument in good faith about the dangers of this and other things such as H.R. 5 (Equality Act).

    I am at the point where I no longer want much to do with those promoting these scandals. See Mt 18:15-17. Those in charge, and their servants in the media, are lying, and likewise I no longer want to listen to them.

    The progressives, politicians, oligarchs, and my woke neighbors want me to obey and take my substance. The challenge now is how to avoid them and live a good life. No point in standing if front of a charging herd of Gadarene swine.

  11. Tim O.

    Let’s cut to the chase. Leftists want, more than anything else, a massive genocide against their labeled targets.

  12. Jerry

    I am embarrassed for our country.

    Sweet Mother of…… I can’t unsee the first picture. I can’t unhear the willfully ignorant lil white racist “singing”.

    SMOD, come!

  13. Fredo

    Reform and tolerance did in the Russian Empire and the more things change the
    more they stay the same. Exactly the same methodology was used now updated with
    color coding.

  14. Sheri

    Jerry: Yep, eye bleach required for that photo. You can never unsee it.

  15. Dennis

    What an absolute cesspit of a country and culture this is. The only allowable prejudice now is anti-white hatred (and too many cucked, self-hating whites have internalized that hate and are among the worst practitioners of it). Everything the oligarchs and political left doesn’t like gets blamed on whitey and “white nationalism.” Black kids kill, rape or murder Asians (did anyone see the story yesterday about those black kids who filmed themselves raping and murdering an Asian woman, then sent the video to their friends, not one of whom reported it – they were only caught when one of their moms found the video – absolute animals?) Oh, “white supremacy” must be to blame. It’s just insane.

    Until about the day before yesterday “fascist” and “Nazi” were the go-to catch-all terms for anything the woke left doesn’t like, however preposterous, no it appears to be “white nationalism.” Doesn’t matter that it doesn’t really exist as a coherent movement, or that it had nothing to do with election fraud, Jan 6, riots destroying cities for months, everyday crime and murder rates, etc. Jan 6 was nothing but a fed-op to serve as the Left’s Reichstag Fire to be used to eliminate political opponents. And now they are also using it to pressure cable TV companies to not carry certain networks, etc. Everything they claimed Trump was doing that was “fascist” or “Nazi” is what they in fact are doing – it was pure projection all along.

    And why is it every group, race, or culture, except whites is allowed to have dedicated, entho-centric movements, groups, etc. dedicated their interests, but anyone standing up for whites, Western/European culture, etc. is immediately denounced and vilified and cancelled? Since the Left seems to want it so badly, I hope a mass movement of whites defending themselves, their culture, and their interests does rise up and re-take the West and crush the infamy of Leftism in all its forms.

  16. Sander van der Wal

    You are also less white when you are slimmer. Less surface area, and if the surfaceis white, that’s a way to be less white.

    Maybe Coke was trying to get their customers to be less fat. By not drinking Coke, one presumes. Always a good idea.

  17. Dennis

    No Sander…you’re “less white” not when you are slimmer, but when you drink lots of junk food and carbonated sugar water and balloon-up to Jabba the Hut-like proportions resembling race-hustling grifters like “AshleighTheLion” (Shouldn’t that be lioness? I’m not sure in its case…and besides, caring about grammar or spelling is probably “too white.”)

  18. John B()

    Speaking of Lily White

    Coke’s mission at one time was to teach people to sing (I know I’m dating myself)

    The Hillside Singers turned into the Hillside Stranglers?

    I remember a line : “… and snow-white turtle doves”

    … Snow-white polar bears … snow white and the Seven Dwarves … STOP >>> let me off…


  19. Forbes

    The allegations of ‘white supremacy’ and all the other anti-white antics are, like fads and fashions that come and go, just the latest diversion the Deep State and so-called elites invoke via propaganda so ‘normies’ (or ‘based,’ as Briggs calls us) are distracted from the legislative machinations and executive actions occurring ‘under the radar.’

    Like the hoax of Russian collusion that was rammed down our throats for three years, or the Biden Crime Family corruption and election fraud that was blacked-out, the NYT and WaPo need stories to fill their ‘pages.’ Orange Man Bad no longer suffices, so white supremacy serves as a placeholder until a new patsy is ‘found.’

    All media is entertainment. Your actual enjoyment may vary…

  20. C-Marie

    Everywhere in the world, land has been taken by the have nots from the haves, in very unfair and often in muderous ways. The history of every country has true history of wars and all that entails.

    It is not fair, but it is how people are, for if they were not unjust, but were wholly just, there would be no need for a Saviour. But since God Himself became man, just so Father and child relationship could fully exist, then it is perhaps a help to recognize that He has given the greatest gift, His life for us, for eternal life with Him, for us.

    All war is unfair, and the results are horrendous, and people can and do unspeakable things to others, like the thousands of murders a day of the unborn boys and girls. We can unlegislate the current legal murders, if we will. But the wars of the past are over.

    New war and wars are on the horizon, governments of countries desirous of invading the United States and taking what is not theirs to take. Am Trusting Jesus to see us through.

    St. Paul turned in Christians to be killed. He regretted it tremendously. He called himself the worst sinner ever. He utterly repented and finished the “race” in Christ. So are we to do.

    We can go forwards in Christ and live in Him as sister and brother, helping to meet each other’s needs, recognizing that God has given to us our skin color, and also recognize that there are differences in our ways. People termed white are actually of many colors, as are most people nowadays. It has been long since there were any “pure” colors.

    God bless, C-Marie

  21. Uncle Mike

    To avoid cultural appropriation non-Whites should also not do math or science, not vote, not speak English, not drive cars or buses, not fly, not take trains or bicycles, not play sports (especially basketball), not go to school, not use indoor plumbing, etc. etc.

    Those are White cultural artifacts, belong to Whites, and are no longer to be shared with the inferior races, except Asians, who are not White but are not Black, either. Latinx are also banned from all the above, until they learn how to spell. Indians are exempt to the extent they wish to be, because we like them. Politicians of all races are also banned from all the above for life, whether they wish it or not.

  22. Dean Ericson

    If you’re white, you’re racist. And a homophobe. And sexist. And bigoted. And transphobe. And anit-Schokklegruber. And really bad. You need to die, whitey. That’s what our friends tell us. Well, maybe they’re not really our friends. Maybe they are our enemies. But it’s not nice to notice.

  23. Johnno

    They are simply making shit up or inventing things to be outraged over, making completely normal behaviour seem like dangerous kookery, or expanding the definition of things so that they will always be employed.

    Just as carbon dioxide is everywhere and plotting our downfall, and the COVID is everywhere hiding with a knife, the white supremacy is everywhere keeping your wages low and from living the life of a millionaire superstar.

    It’s time to cut the BS and come down to this –

    The Elites are putting all their chips on 00, and they’re spinning that wheel, and they’re going to make as sure as possible that the ball will land on the green. That means eliminating as many of the other roulette colours as possible. Problem is they’ll need half of them to make it work as they need labourers, so they’re keeping the blacks and killing all the reds. The better the odds that way.

    Your opposition are those who stand in your way, which in this case means the majority of the locals who are a threat against you.

    It’s simply war.

    But it’s also hate.

    Pick ANY culture, anywhere on Earth, and if you want to discover who they actually hate the most, it’s always their own kind.

    Asian people hate other Asian people.

    African people hate other African people.

    Indian people hate other Indian people.

    Balkans hate other Balkans.

    Muslims hate other Muslims.

    And the fact of the matter is that Whites HATE other Whites – more than they would some other ‘colour.’

    Conservatives hate Libs, and the Northerners hate the hillbilly rednecks down south, and so on and so forth.

    It’s a war of whites against other classes of whites. The POCs are just the excuse to go to town on one another.

  24. LS5

    The left are right in they are supreme. That is they are supreme as identity-supremacists.

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