Equality Will Lead Us To Our Doom

Equality Will Lead Us To Our Doom

The Snake said, “God knows well that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods.”

Eve desired Equality.

She got it.

It’s been downhill ever since.

Update As expected, the House passed the bill, which now moves to the land of the Turtle and Gimp. Once they pass it, Biden will sign. And being sane will be illegal.

Joe Biden is pushing the Equality Act, the legislation that, if enacted, will—and I say this without hyperbole—doom us all.

Whoever writes the tweets for Biden said, “The Equality Act provides long overdue federal civil rights protections for LGBTQ+ Americans”.

How magical those letters are! They arise because of the sincere believe that reality can be remade in our own image with just a word. We are equal to God and can create our own natures. We can become our sexual desire. Just say that you are “transsexual” and, abracadabra, you are! No other proof is needed, or can be required.

This is the curse of Eve.

Bye, Bye Freedom

I’ve said it many times, but what’s wrong with the transgender movement is not that some guy wants to flounce around in a dress—who cares?—but that we will be forced to say that the man is a woman. Because of “equality”. Equality will make liars out of all of us.

This passed for a joke during the gmarriage (government-defined marriage) debate a few years back: Don’t like same-sex marriage? Then don’t have one. Ha!

The jokes is on us. Again, if two men want to pretend to enter into matrimony, big deal. But we are now forced, under penalty of law, to say the pair really are “married.” It is illegal to deny gmarriage if we run, or are in, any kind of business.

This is why the canard that “equal rights doesn’t mean you get fewer rights, it just means everyone gets the same rights” is false. Those on the side of Reality and God get fewer rights—and more restrictions.

What happened to our right to say “That delusional man who thinks he’s a woman should not be playing sports against women, nor should he be in the showers with them”? That right is gone, or soon will be. We won’t even be allowed to call the man “he”.

Want to say that it’s nuts that three men who paid a woman to give birth to a child they each simultaneously adopted are a “throuple“, which is to say, a “family” of three dads? You cannot. That’s “discrimination”.

Who Can Count That High?

At last count there were 112 “genders”, all of which fit into Biden’s “+”. All of them, save male and female, are inexpressibly stupid.

Take “axigender”, which is “when a person experiences two genders that sit on opposite ends of an axis; one being agender and the other being any other gender; these genders are experienced one at a time with no overlapping and with very short transition time.”

Infantile rot. An opinion that will become illegal once the Equality Act passes. If you are a business, or are in one.

Telling somebody they can’t magically make a new gender, and become it by speaking it, is “discrimination”. And creates inequalities, which we cannot abide.

It is also hurtful to the delusional to inform them of their delusion. Being hurtful is anathema to our effeminate society. What of the hurt inflicted on the based who don’t want to lie? That hurt doesn’t count.

Gorsuch’s Folly

It won’t really matter if the Equality Act passes. Our doom will only take a little longer. This is because, thanks to Neil Gorsuch, we already have approximate legal “gender equality” now.

Recall it was Gorsuch who discovered the latest new right “hidden” in the Constitution. He said that when the Civil Rights act said no “discrimination by sex”, it really meant “no discrimination by sexual orientation”.

It takes real genius to make that kind of connection. And to blind oneself to its consequences. Just think of all the desires that will be newly classified as “orientations”—that can no longer be “discriminated” against.

Woke Corporations

Gorsuch’s folly came late in the game. It was making “discrimination” illegal in 1964 that started our slide into doom. This is why corporations and large organizations became woke. To avoid lawsuits based on statistical “discrimination” claims.

This is when it is noticed “not enough” of a favored group are around, and concluding it can only be because of “discrimination”.

McDonald’s, for instance, just announced mandatory quotas to usher in equality, because of the fear of “discrimination” lawsuits.

With quotas always come a lessening of standards and quality, and, perversely, a greater desire for equality. Any remaining inequalities become intolerable. This system acts as a negative feedback loop, hence the cries for the Equality Act.

This post first appeared in edited form at The Stream.

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  1. Sheri

    We ARE AT OUR DOOM. Equality and immorality already killed us. WAKE UP. Pay attention and stop with the unicorn teenage hopes for salvation from bad behavior. It’s not coming.

    Yes, it was Eve’s fault and women have been killing society ever since, the greedy, nasty sluts. Men keep allowing it and promoting it, so they are hellbound too.

    The Courts will play volleyball with the Act for decades. Nothing will change unless the cowardly, sniveling creatures that were once Americans grow a damn spine. STUPID girls need to GO HOME and stop participating. Never go to stores or public buildings, do not work for Amazon or any “woke” company that lets men RAPE women in the bathrooms. Their motto is “BE EVIL”. Go HOME. Stop participating as much as possible. BUY NOTHING YOU DO NOT NEED. No new cars, NOTHING. Starve the beast. (Which will not happen because Americans worship electronics and money. Those are their GODS and they will be dragged into the killing fields and die rather than give them up.)

    The act allows mutilation of children that would probably horrify Mengele. We are now that evil.

    Lack of a spine and not giving a damn has ramifications that are not good. However, I maintain people WANT this stupidity or they would stop it. They want little girls raped in bathrooms, pedophilia everywhere, mutilated toddlers. It’s who we are and want to be. Evil as they come and proud of it. Long live living in hell.

    As noted before, you cannot tell people there are not giant silver spiders from space living in their house. Psychology is OVER. All that was insane is sane. Pack it in, psychologists. You’re toast.

    I have told the morons that say we have to vote “R” because “Supreme Court nominees” that the demons we now have were put there by “R’s” so they can shove that idea. It’s WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Vote for the least evil, if you are stupid enough to think voting will ever save this country. Enjoy hell if you believe that nonsense about voting your way out.

    Equality cannot possibly lower standards anymore than the schools child-hating parents who can’t be bothered raising their brats send their kids to. Not possible. Until parents give a crap about their brats, we are doomed. A society such as ours that HATES its children is a dead society. (Retarded, horrible parents let their kids be zipped into plastic bags for band at school. Dear God, we are past Sodom and Gomorrah into the most evil territory yet. HATRED of our children is incredibly evil and WE ARE THERE.)

  2. Sheri

    Oh, be sure to turn in all the liberal businesses that don’t followe this rule. Too many women working there is one of my favorites for turning a business in. Make sure there are fake men AND fake women (equality) there and if not, inquire as to why not. Whatever you do, don’t do business with the place. It’s dangerous. But rat them out, by all means.

  3. Gail Finke

    My morning Spoonful of Doom from Briggs… today, even doomier! There is so much to despair about now I have almost gotten to the point where I stop despairing, but not quite. I even manage for hours and half-days at a time, then I plunge back down. But soon, I think, I will reach a new state where there is so much to despair about it will just be a turgid vortex of doom that becomes laughable 24/7. I’m trying to laugh now but can’t always manage. Laughing at it is key, though. As many great saints have said, in so many words, you have to be right with God and you’ll be at peace no matter what craziness explodes around you. And the explosions are coming fast and furious.

  4. Hun

    The baby being held by the “throuple” looks like the face from Munch’s Scream.

  5. RT

    If we were all “equal,” wouldn’t it be easier to be robots? We would agree about everything, do everything the same way, have access to everything, earn the same amount of monies regardless of employment or lack thereof, live in the same structures, operate the same vehicles, wear the same clothing, read the same literature, etc., etc., ….

    Thus, the 85 year old should be able to do the same work as the 25 year old. Health is the “same” due to “equal” medical care and manufactured replacement parts. But wait, ages shouldn’t matter either. Everyone is 0 before born (or created in a test tube so that every gender can give birth). Then once “alive” (this needs definition also), they count as 1. No need to add more years. 1 implies existence.

    Isn’t that the utopian society dreamed about in the 1516 writings by Sir Thomas More?

    Didn’t the Puritans discover that “equal” plots of land and food did not “equal” the same effort by all?

    Didn’t the Shakers desire it also? There were two Shakers living at last count.

    Maybe that is the desired outcome for our society. Dwindle away all norms so the planet can survive, the animals can thrive, and the humans can become extinct.

    Or, maybe it is really dystopia, utopia gone wrong?

    60 Dystopian reads:

    p.s. Thank you for the links in the blog. Reviewed them all. It was “eye-opening.”

  6. Nothing this Congress passes or that this President signs is valid. They are usurpers.

    On the other hand, “The man sitting on the throne, wearing the crown, is the King.”

  7. Simon Platt

    Positive feedback loop. Not negative. Unfortunately.

  8. Ginseng

    I will know they are serious when college and professional basketball and football are diversified. When there are lady/men on the court, when the teams must have all races and sexes according to at least the population demographics. The final scores may go down, but the games would at least be “fair.”

  9. Cloudbuster

    The execrable Sandra Day O’Connor said 23 years ago that we’d no longer need affirmative action in 25 years. Instead the trend is moving to quotas everywhere, for everything, forever. I spit on her grave.

  10. Cloudbuster

    ^Oops, that was only 18 years ago. Time drags.

  11. Ernest Judd

    When humans get lost in their abstractions,
    their abstractions become hubris.

  12. Uncle Mike

    Yep. It’s the invasion of the Black tranny Satan-worshipping meth-head abortionist Commie-Fascist anti-family anti-American street punk revolutionary debased sick twitch irrational immoral ignorant howling zombie Ludacrits. Arm yourself. Arm your children. Batten down the hatches because here they come. Your country, your family, your very life hang in the balance.

  13. Johnno

    Since the letters L, G, B and somewhat T all imply ‘binaryism’ (wat bigots!), I’m surprised they haven’t just dropped all the letters, including the Q, and just go with the ‘+’ sign.

    It’s all ‘+’ now.

    It’s their cross. They’ll emblazon it on the walls, and that’ll help further displace Christianity. To avoid confusion the government will make all Churches and schools remove the Crucifix and all depictions of it, so that only the ‘+’ will remain. China’s already ahead of us on this. Since they like China so much, it’s only a matter of time until they copy that too.

  14. BDavi52

    The death spiral which is terminal mediocrity.

    It is hard enough to find, hire and promote ‘the very best’ when that is exactly what you’re trying to do.

    Now imagine the odds of finding that ‘best person’ if DIVERSITY and EQUITY become the primary hiring criteria. Imagine where Quality ranks when your aim is Social Justice.

    Consider Ted or Betty. Betty’s track record is good, but not great. Her recommendations are fine, but not stellar. Ted’s are superior in every single way (better academic record, better work history, outstanding references, and he aced all the interviews). Now tell me: who do you hire?

    Oh wait; did I mention Betty was (fill in the non-White color)? Did I mention that your own performance rating, and year-end bonus are both tied to your ability to increase your department’s diversity ratio?

    So when does Betty start?

    And 5 years hence the ‘good-but-not-great’ Betty is in management (hey, they need diversity at that next level too!). She thinks she got there because of her work quality (which is exceedingly average); because of her insights and analytic ability (which is actually poor). So who does Betty hire when the opportunities arise?

    We already know the answer. Mediocrity breeds mediocrity. (C’mon, who really wants to find themselves pushed and challenged by some young and uppity noobie who’s smarter and works harder?!) . The department becomes steadily weaker, less capable, less responsive, and more frequently just flat-out wrong.

    Wait 10 years and the whole organization drops back a notch or two.

    But no one notices because what is celebrated as layoffs happen and markets collapse….is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice. What else?

    It’d be pathetic if it weren’t so tragic. Funny if it weren’t so deadly.

    “Confidence is the prize given to the mediocre” (Robert Hughes) And by God they sure as hell are confident.

  15. C-Marie

    All Hell is being allowed to break loose to a certain degree for a certain length of time in our nation, allowed by God, so that the nation and the Church will see in actuality how horrid it is to live under the devil’s thumb, literally, and so to instead choose to live in and through and with Jesus Christ, God’s only Begotten Son.

    At a point in time, the terribleness of this will be over, but not until our nation is nearly gone.

    In the meantime, be in Jesus, stay in Jesus, and pray for the graces of repentance for all of us concerning the murders of the unborn and for all of the sins of our nation, which nation is wholly failing before our very eyes.

    God bless, C-Marie

  16. Your Neighbor

    If you stand up and raise the middle finger to the establishment at this time, you will be squashed. You may be honest and morally correct, but honesty and moral correctness buys you zero groceries and will not pay your rent. If these mouth farting butt nuggets want all these genders, give it to them. Claim to be a whatever you prefer, preferably, the weirder, the better.. Send a memo to the HR/EEO office thanking them for being proactive and so non-discriminatory that you finally feel comfortable fully expressing yourself as to who you truly are. Your companies’ HR/EEO office knows if they discipline you after you “come out”, you will sue their socks off and retire. Change genders on a regular basis to keep them off balance. If some minority laughs, report them for discrimination. Let them see how it feels to walk on eggshells as we have done since the 1964 civil rights act. Game the system to your advantage. Stay in character and DARE them to prove otherwise. If they want a clown show, make it your business to be the best clown you can be.

  17. Free Mars

    They’re planning big moves against gun rights, and you spend your time and energy tilting at the LGBT windmill.

    You’re letting the enemy choose the field of battle. Don’t be a moron.

  18. @ Free Mars –
    We’ve given up every hill in the entire country except the dunes next to the sea. Which hill shall we finally die on?

    The battle is everywhere, every day. Don’t give them another inch. Take back the miles. We’ve got a long way to go, people.

  19. Historic Mittens Czar

    Dat’s wayciss!

  20. Hi William,

    This article and most of the comments have logical straw-man errors, and selection bias, that seem to vastly inflate any real world dangers, wrongly assuming they are beyond the reach of existing standard criminal law enforcement measures.

    1. ‘T” people are less than 0.5% of global population.

    2. India has a long history of third gender i.e. ‘T’ people – Hijras were well-respected and revered in ancient India, as they were by Native American cultures for thousands of years. And since 2014 legally recognised in India without causing its society to implode into doom.

    3. Do you have data on what percentage of ‘T’ people you could spot as they walked past you in the street or anyone else, in whatever context / country?

    4. In the absence of such data, perhaps most ‘T’ people (in both directions, but the focus is always one way, why?) may not even be visible at all? How would you know?

    5. Some people are criminals / sexual predators.

    6. Some people are ‘T’.

    7. Some people are both 5. & 6. (above), but in the absence of data, let assume the occurrence of sexual predators / rapists / murderers in the ‘T’ population is the same as in the rest of the population (US close to global average: rape 27 / 100,000; homicide 6 / 100,000) – i.e. ‘T’ is 0.5% of all sexual predators / rapists / murderers, i.e. about 0.0000017% of global population.

    8. Conclusion: ‘T’ = wow! Such naked power! 0.0000017% of global population can ensure DOOM drowns civilisation once and for all.

    9. Perhaps the ancient Hindus were right all along – I know, if only about 1 in 200 of all sexual predators / rapists / murderers are ‘T’ then lets drag the other 99.5% of ‘T’ people into focus, force them to accept co-responsibility and blame for causing hysterical alarm in rest rooms, showers, at work, on the subway, at the mall, everywhere and lets scream at them ALL -;) or how else to treat all criminals and rapists the same?

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