Not Speaking Out Against “Racism” Will Now Get You Canned

Not Speaking Out Against “Racism” Will Now Get You Canned

Georgetown Adjunct Law Professor—stop me if you’ve heard this one before—Sandra Sellers, was on a “Zoom” call with another prof, one David Batson, when she said her black students were “plain at bottom of her class almost every semester”.

Now this is a common occurrence at law schools across these once united States, so common that it doesn’t seem worth remarking on. Sellers remarked on it. Which itself is fine.

But her remarks were caught on camera and displayed on the university’s—paging Captain Foresight—Panopto database. That was not fine.

The usual suspects found her hate facts and, as you already know, simulated “outrage”. The Black Law Student Association, presumably taking time away from their study sessions, called for “Sellers’ resignation and an apology from Batson.”

They got more than that, as we’ll see.

They also said, “These racist statements reveal not only Sellers’ beliefs about Black students in her classes, but also how her racist thoughts have translated to racist actions” and “Professor Sellers’ bias has impacted the grades of Black students in her classes historically, in her own words.”

Since racist means, among other things, saying negative things about non-whites, even true negative things, Sellers’s comments were racist. This isn’t quite yet a capital offense, but it is a life-destroying offense.

Sellers tried to apologize, remarking, “I should have said that blacks were always at the top of my class, and when they aren’t, it’s the fault of systemic white supremacy.”


She instead wrote “I would never do anything to intentionally hurt my students or Georgetown Law and wish I could take back my words.”

I bet both sentiments are true.

Funny thing was, she wrote this in a resignation letter, but the Grand Inquisitor of the Law School fired her first.

I take that back. What Dean William Treanor did to Sellers, and Batson as we’ll see, was worse than what any inquisitor would have done. An inquisitor would have allowed repentance from a sincere confession. An inquisitor would have cared about Sellers’s soul. An inquisitor would have sought Truth.

Terrible Treanor, like many “leaders” these days, cared only about his own sorry skin. He tossed Sellers outside the gate and rubbed hyperbolic salt into her wounds, saying Sellers speaking hate facts was “reprehensible” and “abhorrent”. No one need remind you why lawyers have such sorry reputations.

You can bet no one will hire Sellers again in any teaching capacity. She’ll be lucky if they let her chase ambulances.

So much is the part of the story you could have guessed from hearing only that an adjunct spoke a hate fact.

What happened next you might not have seen coming, but should have, if you’ve been paying attention to the culture.

Terrible Treanor placed silent Batson on administrative leave.

Batson was innocent of speaking any hate facts. He was charged of having, in Terrible Treanor’s oozing words, with neglecting his “bystander responsibility.”

Yes, Batson did not instantly, loudly, and vociferously pretend to be as shocked and appalled as Terrible Treanor did. Therefore he has to go.

According to the Daily Mail,

Batson will remain on leave until the investigation by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Affirmative Action is complete.

‘Until the completion of the investigation, Professor Batson will have no further involvement with the course in which the incident arose,’ Treanor [sic] said.

The sic is for the paper leaving out the Terrible.

Doubtless, all sorts of sops and appeasements and other forms of official pandering will be doled out to the aggrieved students who were shocked to hear of their low standing—did they never look at their report cards?

If I had to guess the form these affirmative actions will take, and I do, it will lead to some form of non-grading. This is because, as I’ve said many times, mandatory quotas always, absolutely always, lead to a removal of standards. If speaking of grade ranks is racist, then out go the rankings or the grades.

On the other hand, the real-life solution to these faux outrages, given law “degree” are seen as a necessity (they weren’t always), is to eliminate entry quotas.

Kidding again! It will never happen.

No. The real story is the escalation in the culture war. Silence is no longer an option. You must applaud, and not be the first to stop.

Stop me if you’ve heard that one before, too.

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  1. JR Ewing

    I read somewhere that it’s common practice in most law schools – presumably Georgetown does too – to grade tests blindly via some kind of random number mechanism. No names on tests. Basically, the teacher doesn’t know whose test it is until after it’s graded and he/she goes and looks up the name associated with the number.

    If this is true, then some of these remarks from the haters, especially the dean, are even more cynical and despicable, because they would *know* she can’t do it on purpose… not to mention the fact that she is *lamenting* the truth, not bragging about it. She’s upset that the black students aren’t doing better, not reveling in it.

  2. BrianH

    Cancel culture is anti-Christ in nature, for there is no forgiveness in it.

  3. Sheri

    Some of the Hollywood automatons have awoken to the reality of what is happening. Bill Maher has spoken out, as, terrifyingly enough, has Sara Silverman, concerning the blantant insanity of all this. Suddenly, these people realize they are one breath away from cancellation by the mob. Interesting.

    Why do the professors and lawyers not get together and start their own law groups and schools. Skip accreditation if you possibly can. Convince the non-zombie employers and schools that they DO NOT NEED THAT CRAP. Fight back. Stop whining and FIGHT BACK. Or crawl off in a hole and let the zombies win. Honestly, this is pathethic. Somehow Briggs, you manage and stay in the fight. Imagine if all those wronged by the zombie league fought. I’m just tired of sad, pathethic whiney people complaining they are losing. Of course they are. Whiners always lose.

    If there was not such a surplus of professors and lawyers, this would not work. Oh, and by the way, if plumbers and electricians were suddenly “booked for months” when the woke zombie has a clogged toilet and sewer filled basement, well….FIGHT BACK, DAMN IT, FIGHT BACK. (For those who don’t like being public targets, sneaky is completely acceptable and even recommended.)

  4. Believe it or not, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
    “Jawohl, Herr Kommissar!”

  5. Ray

    Yale law school has had a quota system since the 1960s. Don’t go to a black lawyer or doctor. Remember what Michel Jackson’s black doctor did?

  6. Bill_R

    @Sheri. Why? Federal funds, publications, etc. Teaching is not the reason.

  7. Jan Van Betsuni

    In my high school days a red-haired-boy named Vincent was the smartest kid in our class (by far). At barely 16 he took the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test for College Admissions) and achieved perfect scores in both Math and English. He later attended The University of Chicago where he graduated with a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics at 19. When he was only 8, Vincent (eldest of 4 children) was volunteered by his parents to attend a public elementary school in the District of Columbia – because the school itself (although all black up until that time) – was just one block from their home. So in 1967 Vincent was able to walk to and from school instead of taking a bus. After his first full year The District of Columbia School Board recommended that Vincent attend elsewhere. Apparently, although he had made a great many friends, the fact that Vincent always received perfect grades was raising suspicions that he might be getting special consideration from teachers on the basis of his European ethnicity. Some harsher cynics even rumored of a devious underhanded white plot against plans for school desegregation and mandatory busing. Vincent’s father, a sharp penciled Dutch CPA,was much bemused by America’s education system. [Rates for passing the State Bar Exams reflect the point for which the Georgetown Professor was forced to resign]

  8. John Kundrat

    When I read about this story I sent this to Dean Treanor and a copy to fired professor Sellers–both are examples of Deans & Professors without chests.

    To: Dean of Georgetown Law Bill Treanor

    Dear Dean Spineless,

    Thanks to cowardly eunuchs such as you with your kangaroo court firing of Adjunct Professor Sandra Sellers, who apparently cared about her students, we are closer to Hard Times. My guess is that she is as much of a mindless progressive as you are given her groveling.

    Affirmative action hurts everyone as it is unjust and a lie in the face of reality. Here is a concrete example involving medical education, politics, and the legal profession that exploded on the national scene in 1978 (Bakke decision US Supreme Court) and had its denouement thirty-four years later with the death of the less qualified but Black graduate, Patrick Chavis:.

    Soft men such as you are rushing the Nation toward perdition.

  9. Ray

    [Rates for passing the State Bar Exams reflect the point for which the Georgetown Professor was forced to resign]
    The bar exam in DC is one of the easyest to pass. Wonder why? Let me explain. The average black score on an IQ test is 85 points. That means 5/6 of blacks score less than 100 points on an IQ test.

  10. Rudolph Harrier

    At my institution black students have effectively had their mathematics general education requirements waived, due to the high rate that many of them were failing even remedial classes. (To be fair, it wasn’t entirely an issue of black students only, but also certain types of international students. White students from poor areas have a similar problem, but no one in the administration cares at all about that).

    So far we’ve been able to maintain the prerequisites of math courses in the math program itself as well as science and engineering. So students are only able to avoid math in other disciplines. But you can be sure that there is a great deal of pressure to remove prerequisites even in these areas, and probably they’ve already been removed in some other institutions.

  11. Johnno

    The courts in these days of the great covidian lockdown, are the last bastion people look to to spare them from the degenerative laws.

    With trends like these it won’t be long until the courts are filled with ‘experts’ too!

    Then what?

  12. Uncle Mike

    How many non-Blacks are the Georgetown basketball team? Seems like Racism to me. Fire the coach and Athletic Director immediately!

    btw, what color is Dean William Treanor? Obviously he is a Privileged White Supremacist on the basis of his skin color alone. His little charade doesn’t erase that fact. Fire him, too, out of a cannon.

  13. Susan

    I can’t help but be reminded of the courtroom scene in Idiocracy. What was once hilarious because it was so preposterous is daily becoming uncomfortably close to reality.

  14. Ray

    Haven’t you heard that math is racist? Let me tell you about this racist math. One summer I signed up for a course in “partial differental equations”. Alas, only three of us students were there and the professor was going to cancel the course. We begged and whined and the professor asked if we would teach the course. The professor showed how he wanted it done by going thru the first section of the book at the blackboard. He asked if we could do that and we said yes. Well, then he said, no notes. So, you had to stand in front of the class for over an hour explaining partial differential equations. The prefessor would sit in the audience and ask you questions. Back then if the professor didn’t want to teach the course, the students were expected to do it.

  15. Milton Hathaway

    I’m really getting fed up with the phrase “the soft bigotry of low expectations” – there is nothing soft about it. There may be no surer way to destroy a man’s future than to give him an excuse to fail. If whites have an advantage in this country, it that they are deemed responsible for their own failings, and any attempt to shift the blame elsewhere is simply not tolerated.

    I think Susan hits describes the situation perfectly by comparison to Idiocracy. What struck me most about that movie was the complete disassociation of cause and effect. That describes today’s liberals perfectly. Watching them apply the same idiotic remedies over and over again as the problems steadily worsen, I’m really starting to think liberalism is simply a mental disorder, a disconnection from reality.

    Or maybe they are just idiots, like in the movie.

  16. MACK

    If you are not allowed to talk about a problem, you can’t fix it. These people are Not Very Bright.

  17. Cyclonesteve

    I so wish in her “resignation” letter she would have recounted how the dean consoled her that while what she said was “wrong” it was understandable since the university consistently admitted lower quality minority students to make their quota.

    Obviously he wouldn’t say that, but can you imagine the blowup if she had put it in her letter! >:-)

  18. Forbes

    Briggs writes: “The real story is the escalation in the culture war. Silence is no longer an option. You must applaud, and not be the first to stop.”

    Ah yes. We reached the point where you’re expected to champion certain conduct or causes by your active participation in fostering fictions, lies, and disinformation. How long before, that in order to prove your LGBTQWERTY bona fides, you’ll be expected to engage in homosexual relations? Otherwise you’re a bigot…

    How far off is that–given the trend toward insanity? Marxism has really taken hold of the body politic.

  19. Thank you, Dr. Briggs. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough, else it would look like a paid advertisement. Your principled clarity delivered with flair makes my day and actually inspires me to trudge ahead. I’m in my own CRT battle right now, coming to a head tomorrow, feeling very alone, frankly, but your nonstop support for our worldview is an amazing help.

  20. Briggs


    Many thanks for your kind words. Prayers to you and yours as you battle the evil. Let us know if we can help in any other way.

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