Fathers, Covid & The Woke Tyranny — Guest Post by Jim Fedako

Fathers, Covid & The Woke Tyranny — Guest Post by Jim Fedako

Wokeness didn’t rise out of a miasmic ether in 2020. No, the vile, virulent ideology was birthed in Marxism 150 years ago, slowly morphing and marching for decades through social institutions. One of the institutions infected and sickened by this intellectual virus is the family, especially the role of the father. To watch mainstream media and other forms of progressive entertainment, or spy the latest slogans zoomed from classrooms, is to witness the father indicted and his role diminished. Since this attack has occurred over time, the gross changes each decade are hidden by the net changes each year. Nevertheless, the overall transformation has been dramatic and is easily evident today. Consider the MASK. Yes, the COVID mask.

As an aside, I am making a nuanced argument here. I am not commenting on the use of masks where required, though I have strong opinions on that as well. Instead, I am writing about masks worn in other situations, such as hiking a trial or driving a car. And when those masks are worn by healthy young males, it is because fathers have acquiesced to woke fatherhood and thoroughly shirked their vital role of raising men.


Maybe your son wears a mask hiking because he is fearful. But fearful of what? A virus that is less risky than the least of all trail-related activities? If that is the case, and your son cowers in fear, you need to tell him that it is the role of males to face their fears. Tell him to stand up and, frankly, be a man. No one else can do so with authority – that is the role of the father.


Maybe you son wears a mask in the parking lot because he believes doing so saves lives — as if he is that significant. But he is not. And he needs to hear that from you, his father. His mask is saving no one — even Fauci, in an unpoliticized moment, admitted as much. So wearing a mask while fumbling for car keys it is not an act of self-sacrifice, where your son suffers, bravely protecting others. Not even close. And it is your role as the father to correct your son when he views himself in such an inflated manner.


OK, you got me here. Yes, your son and his mask are important, but only because an intrusive and overreaching state needs unvarying and persistent tangible displays of submission. The mask is now the most obvious symbol of obedience, and when worn by young adults and children, it is akin to the red badges worn by members of the various Young Pioneers organizations in communist countries. So, if your son removed his mask, as he should, he would challenge the state and reaffirm his dignity as an acting individual. Isn’t that what you, the father, want for him? Or would you rather he spends his life signally to others his subservience to the state?

You, the father

Wokeness in its various strains has slowly and continuously subverted the role of the father. Today, fathers believe they have little to say with regard to their sons — as if their words have no value. This is because for a generation or so, when social movements, the media, or government schools championed a cause, though that cause was against the values of the father, the father was told he must remain silent — most did. And now that father’s son is a father himself, even further removed from the institution of fatherhood.

Fathers, help your sons become men. However, in order to do so, you must also remove your mask as defined above. You are also a son, and this article applies to you in that role as well. Together, we can all stand tall, fathers and sons, and denounce wokeness and reclaim liberty and agency in our lives. It is something we all admit, at least privately, we truly want to do.

The article originally ran at LewRockwell.com and is used here with permission.

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  1. Sheri

    There are sperm donors, not fathers. Over half the sluts out there do not ever marry. I have a relative who calls her child’s sperm donor’s kids “stepchildren” WHEN THEY ARE NOT RELATED TO HER IN ANY WAY. Legally, they are strangers in her home. Nothing more. It’s all PRETEND and lies and misrepresentations.

    How can your son hear it from his father when the promiscuous mother has no freaking idea who fathered the brat and does not care? Seriously, what planet do you live on?

    First, men would have to stop shacking up and impregnating multiple women, an unlikely change. Why bother? Women are basically prostitutes, handing out sex to whomever in between watching Cardi B twerk and the View on man-hating. Women are worthless and men reinforce this. It began in the Garden of Eden and it won’t stop until God destroys the earth. It will only increase unless there is a natural disaster that kills millions and necessitates men and women learning to behave as something besides horny gerbils. Maybe that volcano in Iceland?

    Nope, I don’t believe men or women care in the least about the future of the brats they created. There’s zero evidence thereof.

    (I will note that I live in the heartland amongst the poorer peoples. It seems most writers live in gated communities and don’t know people with kids from six different fathers, a woman on her fourth shack-up, or have families where marriage is considered a communist idea that would require WORK and COMMITMENT, neither of which these lazy animals are going to engage in. First, humans would have to be above gerbils, and they are not.)

  2. Deplorable D

    The pervasiveness of our society’s failure to remember what American Freedom means is stunning to me. My son goes to a private university. He was recently kicked out of the dorms for… having a study group in his room and no one was wearing their masks. That is two violations of the rules. This university is not a liberal arts college where you can earn a degree in Women’s Intersectionality or Black Grievance Causes. The university is a science and engineering school. My son’s electives are Theoretical Algebra or Classical Mechanics (physics). The university is in a state that has no mask mandates and is open. So you would think such a college, that is focused on physics, chemistry, and engineering would be open to the science.

    As a father, I wrote the university president and asked why a science-focused university was ignoring the science and punishing children. [Aside: Before we sent my son back to school this semester we were assured classes would be back to in-person and the school would open up to normal practices.] I presented the statistics, from the CDC and WHO, that argue the Coronadoom* is not any more severe than a bad flu season and not a risk for 18-24 year old students. I provided him citations of 105 studies on masks that all conclude masks do not mitigate the spread of viruses. I provided nearly 3 dozen citations concluding lockdowns do not mitigate the spread of viruses. I asked why he is keeping his university on lockdown when the state is open.

    The president told me he has a different opinion on the virus. I asked him, since he is a scientist, to provide the citations of the science that refutes anything I had presented. Since he told me keeping the university closed was based on science, I asked him to please help me understand. Perhaps my science was not well-informed and he could help me out. He has not answered my request.

    So even a science-based university with a student body and faculty that is over 92% conservative will subjugate science, and freedom, to the progressive woke agenda. This is a university full of physicists, engineers, chemists, and mathematicians, but the president seems incapable of looking at science and numbers apart from politics. Is it any wonder we have not been back to the moon? Is it any wonder it is corporations and private investment that will beat us to space?

  3. Yancey Ward

    During most of the past year, I have done a lot of walking outdoors just for the exercise and the sunlight. Part of my walk I do on the local high school track because it is relief to my feet due to the rubberized surface. After school lets out, the track team has the track, so I leave, but it is disheartening to see them all wearing masks (no, they don’t when they are running, but they are required to wear them to the track and to wear them while stretching). Not a single one of them is in any danger of dying from a respiratory illness of any kind.

    If I were in high school today, they would have to expel me since I would flat out refuse to wear a mask all day long. Where is the courage today? I see precious little of it in anyone.

  4. Jan Van Betsuni

    The guest author is correct. A great many modern ‘Fathers’ have miserably failed their children (their sons) and families. But, it has always been true – that ideologically corrupted states emasculate or trivialize primary biological role models in order to assume their mantle of unquestioned authority. Killing the fathers (literally or figuratively) creates that formless social vacuum into which self-imagined-father-figures surreptitiously implant themselves as lordly overseers. This eternal truth can be understood (and learned well) through Homer’s epic parable THE ODYSSEY. The eventual return of our hero(s) ~ OUR OWN NATIVE ULYSSES ~ is our only hope. Meanwhile our fraying defenses rest on Penelope’s inborn fidelity ~ and whatever trust which was placed in those children now coming of age behind voiceless masks. The vile usurpers must be challenged – by duels if necessary; their evil plans for perpetual domination vanquished. OR ~ by that alternative rainbow-feministic ODYSSEY which Sheri outlines above ~ Penelope simply spreads her legs to all and sundry.

    … Come, my friends,
    ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.
    Push off, and sitting well in order smite
    The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
    To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
    Of all the western stars, until I die.
    It may be that the gulfs will wash us down;
    It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,
    And see the great Achilles, whom we knew. (56–64)

    Alfred, Lord Tennyson
    Ulysses (1842)

  5. spudjr60

    To Deplorable D
    How old is this University President?
    Will this be the last job he ever has?
    Will all the faculty remain at this University until retirement?

    What am I getting at?
    An extremely tiny segment of Americans are willing to risk their careers and publicly declare themselves on the side of TRUTH. Upholding your integrity and defying Big Government, Big Business, Big Media, Big Academia and their exalted experts will disqualify you from getting a job with them.

    I heard once and it took me a while to realize the accuracy of this military unwritten rule.
    “I have very high confidence that my fellow officers will give their life to save mine, but no confidence that any one of them would sacrifice his career to back me even if they knew for sure that I was wrongly accused.”

  6. Rudolph Harrier

    We’ve finally reached the 1 year mark of COVID-19 in Minnesota, so let’s compare the models to reality:


    From slide 24:
    -Expected number of deaths (from scenario 5 which was closest to reality): 29,030
    -Lowest predicted number of deaths according to this scenario (actually from the edge of a confidence interval, but the modelers certainly treated it as a minimum so we will too): 15,726
    -Absolute lowest prediction (following a scenario that did not meet what happened in reality): 12,903

    Real number of deaths?


    6,782. About half of what we were told was the minimum if we did the absolute perfect job in responding, including having a longer lockdown.

    Keep in mind too that the number of deaths is consistent with the number that died from the flu in 2017-2018:


    and that the flu has effectively vanished in the state (as with the rest of the world).

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