Japan Surrenders To Globohomo

Japan Surrenders To Globohomo

Japan has fallen. Weep for her!

Yes, “Japan court finds same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional“.

What is sad is not just that Japan fell, but the manner of her descent was brutal, matching ours in the States. Which, as we’ll see, is no coincidence.

Japan’s constitution defines marriage as one between “both sexes”.

But a Sapporo court ruled that this denied the couples constitutionally-guaranteed equality, in what is seen as a symbolic victory for LGBTQ activists.

Japan is the only country in the G7 group of developed nations that does not allow same-sex marriage.

Many had hoped all Asian countries would remain based, retaining threads of the natural order, at least because of their inclination to dislike the United States and having not fallen prey to Western Enlightenment puritanism. But this hope has been dashed.

Even China, for instance, long ago stopped listing desire for sodomy as a mental illness. They haven’t bent to the winds as Japan has done. Perhaps they will see the debilitating effects of globohomo and reject new western “advances” along these lines given they are much bolder in disagreeing with the US.

We still haven’t got to the specific way Japan fell, which I don’t want to bury, but the American and Western cultural influence is an important part of this, even its direct cause.

The nearest analog to Japan is Taiwan, another Asian country that was, at one time anyway, influenced (a nice word) by Japan, and is still, like Japan, under the “protection” of the US military. When China growling, neither country can afford to ignore US desires. Ahem.

A few years back, the Taiwan government called a vote asking whether gmarriage should be allowed, and whether globohomo should be taught in schools. The public overwhelming rejected these ideas, with more then two-thirds voting against them.

The government, then as now led by a confirmed bachelorette, examined the results and said, “We’re doing it anyway.” Doubtless Taiwan’s close ties to the US, and it’s official policy of advancing globohomo, had something to do with rejecting the will of its own people. Indeed, the US Military is now tasked with promoting (and enforcing?) worldwide perversion.

Some of you will remember Japan’s constitution was largely the creation of Americans, written over a hasty week after Japan’s first post-war attempt at rewriting its constitution was rejected by MacArthur. MacArthur’s loyal staff shared their chief’s political views, or at least knew how to take orders.

It was MacArthur’s idea to “empower” women, give them “rights”, and encourage them to participate in politics. The reason he did this was to soften the militaristic mindset of the country, to curtail the Japanese desire for conquest. In this, it has to be admitted, he succeeded far beyond his desires.

In his favor, MacArthur was able to forestall and even block the State Department’s wilder forays into enlightenment. It’s my counterfactual guess that if MacArthur could see what he wrought, he would have been more careful. This was one of those moments in history which we can only look back on and sigh.

Ignore all that. Here is the legal argument used to kill Reality.

The Japanese constitution specifies, in cold hard writing, that marriage shall be based in “mutual consent between both sexes”. This was put there not because MacArthur foresaw globohomo, but because he was against the sort of arranged marriages in which the weaker of the two sexes had no say. You’ll note, if not in a hurry, this also specifies marriage as only two, and not more, or even one.

The government, defending Reality—how earnestly I don’t know; perhaps a Japanese reader can inform us—said that the two-sexes clause meant that gmarriage wasn’t “foreseen”, and is therefore impossible. In English, this is pathetic and weak. The real argument is that gmarriage is an impossibility, well recognized by the constitution. Whether this comes across in the Japanese, again, I don’t know.

Sodomy supporters countered with the Jesus-didn’t-say-it-therefore-go-for-it argument, which as you know is popular with the debased. They said “there is nothing in the constitution that explicitly prohibits gay marriage.” Therefore, the rights of the based will be removed. They will now be forced to join in the lie, or pay the price.

Plus, there is something in the constitution that says no to gmarriage. It says “mutual consent between both sexes”.

Allowing the argument “It doesn’t specifically say no” opens the possibility for endless progressive horrors. The constitution didn’t specifically kids couldn’t be taken from their parents. The constitution didn’t specifically say the government could torture those who disagree.

And so on.

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  1. Whitney

    They’re demographics are killing them anyway. Globohomo it’s coming due for a Global chastisement. Be afraid

  2. M. A. Stadson

    Theoretically this should take care of itself in time right? They can’t reproduce so they should just stop being but it keeps growing somehow. It is as if they have found someway to reproduce after all.

  3. Jan Van Betsuni

    Changing marriage registration procedures in Japan to allow same sex couples ~ sure. I see it happening by 2221.

  4. Leo

    But they always caught up with our progress, and presently word would come
    That a tribe had been wiped off its icefield, or the lights had gone out in Rome.

    From Kipling’s Gods of the copybook headings.

  5. Sheri

    WEEP for her?? I hope she lives in abject hell for decades for selling her now damned soul. I don’t weep for sissy babies who sell their souls. They got what they wanted—hell on earth and 15 minutes of fame. Souls sell cheap now—supply and demand. Too many souls for sale.

    When “legality” became the argument, the world went straight to hell. Lawyers and politicians are majority demons and if no one cares about their children nor their lives nor what kind of crap they willing to be subjected to, well, who am I to tell people not to go to hell if that’s where they want to go. (Indeed, the job site, just flushed straight to hell with a notice they “care” about fricking Asians. Really? I don’t care about ANY minority or majority or Americans. They are nothing but horrible Brown Shirts serving an evil master. They will die getting exactly what they deserve.)

    MA Stadsen: Modern science allows reproduction by surrogate. No need for that nasty straight s*x thing. Keep up. It’s “Brave New World” all the way.

  6. Dean Ericson

    “Japan Surrenders To Globohomo”

    Yay! V-G Day! USA! USA! We’re Number One! You’re Number Two! All nations of the world must surrender to Globohomoschlomosodomo. We have money, we have power, we’re big, we’re huge, we stride the world like Titanic Colossii, sucking up money and brains and spitting out sodomized zombies on the endless road to Utopia. Oh yes there’s some unpleasantness along the way, but you can’t make a revolution without getting a little poop on your penis. Now shut up and strap on your mask you deplorables, and get with the program. OR ELSE.

  7. Dennis

    This is a District Court ruling (the second lowest of Japan’s four-tiered judicial system), so it does not mean it is the “law of the land” and could itself be overturned on appeal either by one of the regional High Courts or Supreme Court (and perhaps even by political action to re-affirm or further amend the Constitution).

    Still disturbing that some District Court judge feels he has the right to impose his political preferences, in the face of clear Constitutional language to the contrary, in the name of an abstract appeal to ‘equality’. But this has been the game plan nearly everywhere in the West as well: have left-wing activists capture the judiciary and then impose their will by fiat over the majority or Constitutions, and with complete disregard for legal or moral traditions and foundations of society.

    It’d be interesting to see some data on Japanese public support for this. According to the article, such support is “lukewarm at best.”

  8. Rudolph Harrier

    “Constitution declared unconstitutional.”

  9. Rudolph Harrier

    The relevant line from the constitution is:


    My Japanese is maybe N4 so I’m by no means fluent, but I’ll try to work through this. There are two terms in this sentence that refer to marriage being of both sentences: ?? (both sexes, literally ? both ? sex) and ?? (husband and wife, literally ? husband ? wife). Now everything that I can find on ?? says that it does really mean husband and wife though I guess someone could try to argue that it could just mean “married couple” just as how ?? means “brother” (literally ? older brother ? younger brother) but is often used in the general neutral context of “sibling” (there is actually a term for that, ????, but it is very rarely used). However I don’t think that ?? is actually used that way. And there are more commonly used terms that are gender neutral in marriage, such as ??? (basically spouse-couple-person) or ???? (literally “marriage partner”).

    Again ?? is very clearly “both sexes.” But the argument being made here is that the meaning is unintended because the clause it is present in is focusing on something else. Specifically in ?????????????? the term ?? means “consent”, ?? means “only” ??? means “based on” and ??? means something like “coming into existence.” Factor in how Japanese grammar forces a different order to terms than English, how there is no clear distinction between present and future tense, and how the earlier ??? established that we are talking about marriage and you get something like “Marriage shall only be established based on the consent of both sexes.” The argument is that the primary purpose of this clause is to talk about the requirement for consent, not the requirement to have two different sexes. But it does explicitly talk about two different sexes. (The rest of the sentence is talking about how this is due to the equal rights of husband and wife, which again does explicitly refer to husband and wife.)

    Here is the NHK story on the issue:


    At my level it would take me three or four hours to read through this whole thing so I’m not going to attempt it.

  10. Rudolph Harrier

    Unfortunately the Japanese characters that I used didn’t go through in my last post and instead are displayed only as ????. So it will be harder to follow my analysis. However, the following is a link to the Japanese constitution:


    The relevant article is number 24 (though unfortunately the number is written in Kanji. I’d write it here, but it would only come through as ??? which wouldn’t help.)

  11. Joy

    That person in the picture is wearing “it cosmetics CC cream”
    maybe Mally”no tea no shades” around the eye.
    When they start looking waxy you know it’s a mask.
    Fun though. The drag queens are now teaching the girls how to do their make-up and the girls are buying it.
    I remember a man in Sax telling me,
    “Oh no your lips are way too blue” with a really strong accent.
    I thought I looked alright! He put me straight, anyway.
    Even the straight men have started wearing makeup. Not nice.
    Erm, anything else about make-up.
    Oh yes I saw Briggs in his famous Talk at the climate conference about
    “The need to believe in global warming’
    I recon he’s wearing laura Geller balance and brighten. Lots of guy do.

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