Do We Want To Save Women’s Sports From Men Pretending To Be Women?

Do We Want To Save Women’s Sports From Men Pretending To Be Women?
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Query: Why do women’s sports exist? Answer: Because everybody, including those professing not to know, knows women are different than men.

The New York Times is lamenting that twenty states are considering or have passed bills that would ban men from competing in women’s sports. It is a signal that something has gone very, very wrong with a culture that such bills are considered necessary. They are written to protect the majority from the insanity of a minority.

I do not mean just the men who are deluded into believing they are, or who are pretending to be, women. I mean the largely lunatic population of those who support these men, trying to foist them on everybody and insisting that these men be called women. These people get a thrill out of making others accept the lie that they live by. For them, it is about control, power, and nothing else.

Obviously, nobody cares about the women pretending to be men wanting to join men’s sports, well recognizing that these frail creatures, further weakened by quack procedures, cannot compete athletically against anybody, even other women.

It is only the troubled men we discuss. Incidentally, never say “biological male” or “biological men”. It is a redundancy. There are only males and females. Prefixing “biological” is to aid the enemy and acknowledge there are such beings as “non-biological males”, which by definition are an impossibility. Adding “biological” is to admit defeat. Never use the enemy’s language.

Even the NYT understands this proscription, in its dim way. For they frame their lamentation over the male-banning bills as “saving women’s sports.”

Former President Donald Trump embraced female athletes in February, declaring at the Conservative Political Action Conference that it was “so important” to “protect women’s sports.” The former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley wrote an essay for National Review titled “We Must Protect Women’s Sports.”

This is common. I haven’t read every bill, but the ones I’ve seen all put their case in terms of “saving” women’s sports.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn about women’s sports, finding them boring beyond comprehension. And males sports are rapidly degrading into politics and bad music, so I don’t care much for them, either. It wouldn’t bother me if every professional (including the collegiate versions which lie about not being professional) sporting franchise dries up tomorrow, since most of the fun has been sucked out of them, and it doesn’t appear it will return.

No. These unfortunate bills are necessary to save our sanity. We cannot allow the idea that people are who they say they are, that they get to define themselves by whim, as if they are separate creatures because they desire non-procreative sex. And that we, by the point of a gun, must agree with them.

That battle is largely lost, though. Almost everybody believes there are such beings as “gays” and “lesbians”, that there are “homosexuals” and “heterosexuals”, and many others besides. None of this is true. There are males and females and that’s it. Desire does not create ontology.

Because of Neil Gorsuch’s monumental idiocy, the war is over. I doubt any of these bills will survive his discovering the hidden “right” in the Constitution to be called your “sexual orientation”, and to insist that you cannot be “discriminated” against for your feelings.

Feelings rule. The only requirement for becoming a woman, if you are man, is to feel it. And then announce it. None can dispute it. That would be “discrimination”.

Don’t think so? How to tell a “genuine” transsexual from one who’s faking it?

Since Gorsuch’s Folly will corrode any efforts to bar men from women’s sports, and because of the absurd belief in Equality, the only solution is eliminate all distinctions by sex. We must no longer have women’s sports and men’s sports, we must have sports, no modifiers.

The NYT agrees:

But all this new passion has made me wonder, what if all these people claiming to be fighting for the future of women’s sports would really fight for the future of women’s sports? What if they suddenly said, “We demand women’s sports get equal resources, equal media coverage, and equal pay”? What if these new activists embraced women’s sports and invested in female athletes, instead of using us as their excuse for transphobia?

Having sports without sexual segregation obviates all this. Women, men pretending to be women, and men can all compete without barrier. Anybody who manages to make the team would get equal pay, equal coverage, equal everything.

There is no reason to be against this idea if you truly believe in Equality and in “trans” “rights”. To say this solution is unfair is to acknowledge there are differences between the sexes. This violates Equality. To say that the separation should exist but men pretending to be women can play with the ladies is prove “trans” theory false, for these men know what women are and that they are different than women, which is proof that all know these men are not women.

No, we must do as I say. No sexual segregation whatsoever. Anywhere.

Come now, progressive reader, write in the comments your agreement with this.

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  1. Pk

    One reason to be against the idea is the greater evil of mandating that there can be no distinction between male and female in sports, thus preventing the formation of sex-separate teams. The real solution is to eliminate all government subsidies and funding for any sport for any reason and getting the government out of the discrimination biz.

    I’m not sure the NYT quote agrees with you. It only cites equal pay and resources for women – I read that as more pay for women, not dropping men’s pay to the women’s level, which would also be equal. The real goal of the NYT is to destroy men’s sports.

  2. Darren Cole

    Yes ban all serotypes and just have sports. Let me play in the women’s soccer league because today I choose to call myself female. I happen to live in Elmira, NY where a young woman named Elizabeth Kocia?ski when to our local Notre Dame High School and loved wrestling so you know what she did? She began wrestling on the Notre Dame High School scholastic wrestling team. She was the first female varsity wrestler in the school’s history. She became the North-East freestyle women’s champion in 1999, and also won at the New York State Fair Tournament the same year. At the time, she was also a member of USA Wrestling. If you know much about WWE wrestling you might have heard of her Beth Phoenix – 1 Time WWE Divas Champion – 3 Time WWE Women’s Champion – 2017 WWE Hall of Famer.

  3. RussO

    I have long advocated for the elimination of segregation in sports along gender lines. Apart from the inherently cruel discrimination, there’s actually a compelling argument to support this position via the climate “catastrophe” (or whatever it’s called today). What could be more wasteful and harmful to the ecology than maintaining multiple athletic teams at the professional, collegiate and secondary school levels? Seriously, think of all the power wasted and the needless almost double “carbon footprint” created, in the name of men’s and women’s sports. Eliminating gendered sports not only ends hurtful segregation, it will help save the planet, too!!

  4. Sheri

    No, we want lazy women to save their own freaking sports or do without.

  5. Jan Van Betsuni

    Since the equivalency fantasy is now an ideological tenet it cannot be caricatured comrades.

  6. BDavi52

    Our agreement with this?
    Heck, given that we’re all absolutely equal in all ways, always, of course we agree. If we disagreed we’d not be equal AND we wouldn’t have Unity! (And Unity is definitely the thing to have these days!)

    Megan Rapinoe says she’s been disrespected and dismissed because she’s not earning as much as …. wait for it…. people who earn more, doing something different. Me, too! (You, too, also I suspect).

    Of course, rationally, it does make sense that people get paid differently according to what they do…how well they do it, where they do it, when they do it, and for whom all that’s done. But never mind all that. If Megan can dismiss those differences then so can we.

    So heck yes, Megan should get paid the same as Tom Brady (it’s all football isn’t it?) ….and I should get paid the same as Megan. We’re all equal aren’t we! And wouldn’t it be, like, ultra-discriminatory, to say Megan (or Tom) should get more just because they’re better and more highly valued at doing something that we, too have done, sort of, sometime? Isn’t that just another word for BIAS and DISCRIMINATION…MISANDRY and HATRED!


    Of course we are? Of course it is.

    So yes, absolutely, we all agree. We’re all made out of ticky-tacky and we all look just the same! (And should be paid and valued absolutely equally always!)

  7. Cloudbuster

    Obviously, nobody cares about the women pretending to be men wanting to join men’s sports, well recognizing that these frail creatures, further weakened by quack procedures, cannot compete athletically against anybody, even other women.

    There was a case, in Texas I think where a young high school woman who thinks she is a man was still wrestling on the girl’s team, and, loaded up on testosterone, was beating all the girls who weren’t allowed to take performance-enhancing drugs — because they’re not suffering from major mental delusions.

  8. Cloudbuster

    Regarding Rapinoe, if we are going to take her logic seriously, why don’t we apply it to other professions? Not all software engineers get paid the same. How come some are making mid six figures why others only earn $60k? Same with lawyers? How come all lawyers don’t get paid the same? And so on, for nearly every profession you can think of.

  9. Dennis

    I love how the NYT pretends to hold carrot out to conservatives with this nonsense (since they know it’s a non-starter), pretending there’s room for “common ground”: “What if they suddenly said, ‘We demand women’s sports get equal resources, equal media coverage, and equal pay?’ What if these new activists embraced women’s sports and invested in female athletes, instead of using us as their excuse for transphobia?”

    As if they still wouldn’t complain about the “trans” issue 24/7 if “conservatives” did do that!

    And ah yes, mandate “equal media coverage” – no matter if anyone is interested men’s and women’s sports in equal measure! Why not mandate that long distance running or horse racing (I am from KY after all!), for example, get “equal media coverage” with football or basketball?…would make about as much sense.

    Same goes for the “equal pay for equal work” canard…as if men’s sports salaries and prize money are just some arbitrary misogynist discrimination rather than simply driven by what the market will bear in terms of fan interest, viewers, sponsor investment, etc…

    Unlike Briggs I do enjoy some women’s sports…tennis (except the noxious Serena), Olympic figure skating, swimming, and diving every 4 years (I have no idea what those sports do in the off years!), some gymnastics (though that’s long become more “butch” and roided-up seeming as well), golf occasionally…basically the sports where women can still be feminine…I don’t understand how anyone could enjoy stuff like women’s boxing or MMA – combat sports are basically just a crime against femininity and beauty (though even for men I think that MMA cage fighting stuff is just redneck trash).

    Briggs is right about even men’s sports largely being uninteresting, and just plain no fun any more too – especially the major US leagues, which have long been overtaken by the woke SJW crowd. For a long time I’ve basically only paid attention to golf and tennis (and in the past year little of that because of the Covid posturing since they’ve been back playing – nothing makes me want to throw things at the tv more than when I see tennis players play for a couple hours with no masks, then act afraid to shake hands at the end, and also sit down on their benches after a match and immediately reach into their bags and pull out face muzzles…) And, of course, almost every announcer for most sports these days is woke as hell too, and a fully paid up Branch Covidian and mask cultist as well (If I hear one more paean to how wonderfully safe, cautious, and responsible some tournament director is, or to how beautifully coordinated with her tennis outfit some player’s mask is, I’m gonna puke – so it just makes watching anything unendurable these days).

  10. Dennis

    Cloudbuster: “Same with lawyers? How come all lawyers don’t get paid the same?”

    As an attorney, I endorse this proposal. 🙂

  11. The belief that someone can change his or her sex merely by declaration is one of what I call “the four fallacies of postmodernism:”

    “Fallacy #4: if you want it to be true, then it is. This fallacy (the existentialist fallacy) assumes that reality is whatever you want it to be. It is suggested by the philosophy of existentialism, which argues that people must define the meaning of their own lives. It’s also a kind of ‘get out of jail free’ card to justify the other fallacies. For example, it enables 52-year-old men to claim they are six-year-old girls and make everyone else pretend to believe it.”

  12. Cloudbuster

    Dennis: “As an attorney, I endorse this proposal. ?”

    Okay. Wage cap legislation for lawyers. No lawyer is allowed to earn more than $20/hour. I’ll get right on that!

  13. Rudolph Harrier

    What makes it even harder to distinguish “genuine” transsexuals from the others is that many of the “genuine” ones aren’t really genuine.

    What I mean is this: the idea of a “genuine transsexual” is someone who firmly believes that he was “born in the wrong body,”, naturally reacts like a member of the opposite sex, and so feels discomfort by being his actual sex. However back when psychologists were allowed to question transsexuals studies suggested that this type of transsexual was not the majority. In particular many were motivated by the fetishistic desires, similar to what motivate cross-dressers. Look up “autogynephilia”. And then afterwards examine as much of the current “transgendered community” as you can stomach. You will find many examples of male to female transsexuals who fit the idea of an autogynephile to a T, and are often quite open about their fetishes.

    But the official line is now that these perverts are also “genuine” transsexuals. The only real holdouts for the term are hardline feminists who are insulted by the fact that men who act like a parody of women for their sexual gratification are being called “actual women.”

    But beyond that it’s clear that many younger transsexuals are motivated by social pressures, particularly among the younger female to male transsexuals. But they are still considered “actual” transsexuals. Even if it was caused by something as simple as “I’m a girl who is athletic, but boys are more often athletic, so I must be a boy even if I don’t feel like one.”

    There’s another class of people who use it as a blatant way to achieve a clean slate. “That was the old me, don’t deadname me, I’m now a beautiful woman.”

    And of course the whole thing is muddied further by people claiming to be “non-binary” or “genderqueer” or a million other terms, often shifting from one identity to the next on a moment’s notice.

    Put all this together and there’s really very little that “actual” transsexuals (in the official narrative) need to do to not be “fake.” In fact it’s almost beyond parody. Even if you only said “I am now a woman” and then did your best to act as little as possible like someone who believed he was a woman would act, you would probably still have people defending you as genuine.

  14. Dennis

    Rudolph: I think some of what you’re getting at about “genuine transsexuals” is also why I view the recently deceased travel writer, Jan Morris, (who, of course, “transitioned” back in the early ’70s before “trans” became all the rage as the new cultural obsession – and who didn’t make a constant “identity politics” thing of it in her books) somewhat differently than Dr. Richard/Rachel Levine – who is just a disturbed and broken man in drag for whom the proper name is transvestite (even that does a disservice to transvestites who do it for show, cabaret style – RuPaul, the legendary “Mr. Pussy” from Mr. Pussy’s Cafe de Luxe in Dublin back in the ’80s and ’90s, etc. – but who don’t pretend, or expect others to pretend, that they are in fact now genuine women).

  15. Our host Dr. Briggs is the statistician, but I had three semesters of statistics and I applied them to the “transgender” question. Unfortunately, I didn’t get an answer because the question is moral instead of factual:

    “Of the 0.3 percent [+/- 3SD], half are either very masculine males or very feminine females. That leaves 0.15 percent who are the transgender people. Their psychological makeup is almost entirely like that of the opposite sex. In a population of 100 million, you would have about 150,000 transgender people and 99.85 million who are not transgender. Should the 99.85 million change their sexual concepts to accommodate the 150,000?”

  16. Dennis

    It was a joke…and I had intended “get paid the same” to be interpreted in the same manner as when people like Rapinoe compare themselves to male players…not a race to the bottom where all get paid nothing, but all get as much as a Wall Street firm partner 😉

  17. John B()

    Dennis and Rudolf

    Genuine Transsexual

    There was also the story of Angela Morley (Walter Stott) composer and arranger who “disappeared” after transitioning in 1972. She was eventually tracked down and persuaded to take over the scoring for the animated movie “Watership Down (1978)” (they were in serious trouble after the guy originally hired abandoned the project). The Watership Down DVD special discussed the sequence of events. BBC 4 had planned a production in 2015 …

  18. Cloudbuster

    Dennis: As a lawyer, you should have spotted the obvious loophole in “get paid the same.” Especially since a race to the bottom is always the result of mandated equality. 😉

  19. Ryan

    In my head the correct response to someone who wants to let boys compete in girls sports is to ask them how that’s good for girls.

  20. Dennis

    “In my head the correct response to someone who wants to let boys compete in girls sports is to ask them how that’s good for girls.”

    But their perverse ideology contends that people who identify as “trans” are in fact girls/women if they say they are, and are no different from actual biological women (something they deny actually exists). That’s the crux of the problem – everyone is being asked to ratify and indulge the mental delusions of people with gender dysphoria rather than getting them the psychological help they need.

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